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File: 1401048007690.jpg (952 KB, 900x2218)
952 KB
952 KB JPG
Lets get a CTF thread going (cock transform)
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File: unnamed.png (271 KB, 1100x850)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
does this count
I swear, if I wasn't so turned on by dicknecks...
Any source on these? That's some good shit.
Found it here.
Would you mind pointing me to where this artist posts their work? I can't find anything searching for "Bullydog17"

Futas are also permitted

I'll start
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is there a translation of this one?
File: chun.jpg (315 KB, 634x797)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
File: 1472508024517.jpg (111 KB, 800x1200)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
File: 15.jpg (261 KB, 850x1259)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
no muscle girl garbage

Hey guys, anyone else got some solid pictures of traps with huge plump rears? I'll post a few from my folder.
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File: 330_Sep18.png (140 KB, 540x455)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
And if you troll for threads just to say that, you're a faggot. You, and the rest of the bundles of sticks.
File: 97_Apr23.png (111 KB, 780x570)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
post more trap feet please
File: 1479459002902.png (746 KB, 1280x1399)
746 KB
746 KB PNG

Previous thread: >>7213202

Share your slavery fantasies. Whether it be world building or just your personal dream of owning/being a slave. Don't forget to post images along with the walls of text.

Pastebine achieve: http://pastebin.com/ir1QM5sr
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File: IMG_2988.jpg (458 KB, 1920x2270)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
The implication there is Criminal behavior would be dealt with as proscribed by law.

Because it's likely a murder or something involving more than my own household.

Picture unrelated.
File: 1313976086257.jpg (121 KB, 800x600)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I'd use shame/humiliation in combination with light physical punishment. The point of the punishment is not to hurt the slave, but to humble her. To illustrate how powerless she really is.

For instance spanking would be common, but the actual spanking itself would only be part of the punishment. Afterwards I might leave her bound for a time in a bent over position, with her ass and pussy on display in my living room. If I owned other slaves, they would be encouraged to give the punished girl and extra slap or two whenever they walk past her.

Alternatively I might send her back to her chores with the back of her skirt pinned up, keeping her reddened ass exposed. Perhaps send her out on errands like that. With everyone she passes able to see that she was recently spanked.
File: IMG_3003.jpg (1.06 MB, 3200x4400)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Damn that's mean.

Like not actually cruel or anything, just kind of devious. Best hope she isn't a masochist.
What are those pasties on her tits?
Purple Heart shaped ones most likely.

File: 8f5ffd41.jpg (49 KB, 640x360)
49 KB
It's been a while. Let's have a lift and carry thread! Other feats of female strength are also appreciated.

>What is Lift and Carry?
Lift and Carry fetish is about when a guy gets sexual pleasure, when he sees a female lifting and carrying a male or another female in various ways like piggyback, shoulder ride, fireman's carry, etv.
There are many sub-categories of lift and carry as well like "younger lifting older","bigge lifting smaller", etc.
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would a guy getting a blowjob while sitting on a girls shoulders count for this or we going purely for non-sexual stuff?
Between this thread, the romanic thread and the femdom threads I have enough material to occupy the hole in my heat for months.
go ahead
Got any more?

File: lillieonchicken.jpg (504 KB, 1200x800)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
No actual dicks in the shot, but are still implied to be there.
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File: 1473509331995.png (292 KB, 630x890)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
File: 1486469629655.jpg (141 KB, 750x500)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
File: 1473278438697.jpg (116 KB, 575x823)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
File: 1476551097442.png (811 KB, 961x1397)
811 KB
811 KB PNG

>implying there aren't

File: 1418929406253.jpg (83 KB, 900x600)
83 KB
For pregnancy content on the more enormous end of the scale.
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Does this have a source, or is it a one off thing?
It's a ZDemian pic from behind his Paetron that I grabbed in an earlier version of this thread. So, I can't help you beyond that.
if you applied the concept of conservation of energy to this image, assuming it was a closed system.

How long do you think they could breastfeed each other before requiring outside energy to be put into the system, before it collapses into cannibalism?
Episode 6 of Himekishi Lilia (aka. Princess Knight Lilia)
File: SBXS2.png (397 KB, 825x577)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
Shut up and leak stuff :v

File: Sweet-Alien_v01_p010.png (362 KB, 976x1400)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
Mamalien edition

Old thread >>7196641

Galleries to get you started:



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I really really enjoy multiple masking of a single person, especially if the reveal is unexpected or gradual A recent well done example of this is your "Double D" story, Lyrissa! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Also any general unnatural modifications that are concealed to look natural. Examples like concealed penis made to look like a dildo or your detachable breast implants for Dee Dee. Or a combination of both elements, e.g a man masked as a woman and pretending to be a futa by attaching a fake tool to "her" fake snatch. I find that so hot.
I used to have a story about a male and female mercenary who used suits for assassination work
Guy wearing living girlsuits that don't want to be worn, impersonation/"wolf in sheep's clothing", smut. the suit feeling like a 2nd body (i.e. the wearer feels the suit squeezing him, but he can also feel what the suit is feeling - he can feel male and female pleasure simultaneously), girls turning back with no memory of what happened.

The "Elastic Girl" story FranBranc and I wrote (in our amateurish enthusiasm) pretty much includes all of the stuff I like.
i haven't read all of your stories, but i must've missed the ones where your characters really experience different lives or roleplaying

I figured that intrugue of mine out when i found out about the episode where the Doctor's companiion gets into a dalek suit, and for all intents and purposes becomes a dalek in duisguise, and it fascinated me. I could be mistaken but I cant remember any stories of you truely dealing with impersonation and such.

Keep up the good work though!

I'll admit I do not think I've written something that includes such elements, but it is something I find interesting - maybe I should fix that and actually write something featuring it...

And yeah, I haven't been very big on writing impersonation either - I haven't really come up with any good ways to include it in a story yet, and I'm unfortunately very picky with how I write these things

Oh, and thank you!

File: 1475460758075.gif (2.83 MB, 414x408)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB GIF
Pixel arts gifs thread

also, I'm looking for a specific gif where a small (floating?) monster randomly appears in front of some sort of girl with some warrior gear and begins to forcibly finger her? I think it pulls her panties down first though

I think the small monster grabs her breasts as well, or her to herself, she's embarrassed at first but then succumbs to an orgasm
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I don't think that is standard issue playground equipment.
File: ChrTRd.gif (29 KB, 192x192)
29 KB
Is there an ideal high resolution drawing scale if I want a character to be around 48x96 at final...Or I'm stuck to draw it at original size...?
File: plant.gif (7 KB, 160x124)
7 KB

The redhead in the pillory is from Tobihime

File: weird4.jpg (1.08 MB, 1984x2806)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
bit of a different thread.

I'm into feminization and got it into my head that I would make my own hentai as I was running out of quality stuff.

after a lot of time and effort i was left with this lifeless pic and a new appreciation for artists.

post your own failed attempts at hentai

File: 001.jpg (165 KB, 996x1400)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
my fetish is moms who have penises. the situation that arises when their son find out, sees it, has some fun with it, etc. doesnt specifically have to me a genetic mom, it could be a mother-figure. male insertion is ok, as long as it isnt hard gay. at least one of the people involved must have tits.

this comic is a great example https://e-hentai.org/g/599877/8525798970/
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You're onto something, because it's my first time seeing porn of this manga.
Kids these days. Don't even know what they're fapping to.
His more recent stuff can be found on http://nobodyinparticularnsfw.blogspot.com/
Weirdly the site isn't letting me access these despite having an account and clearing my cache.
>countless threads where women are raped and tortured on /d/ right now
>this is too much
Dude I...

Pregnancy, stuffing, inflation: if they've got a dick and a distended tummy post 'em here
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File: 48329943_p2.jpg (101 KB, 934x982)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
File: 59420718_p0.png (721 KB, 910x1170)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
File: 1451860538366.png (923 KB, 1000x1104)
923 KB
923 KB PNG
File: 1456716632812.jpg (479 KB, 1224x767)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
File: 1485529564613.png (475 KB, 1280x1508)
475 KB
475 KB PNG

File: 1466931058782.jpg (2.28 MB, 2500x2473)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
Anyone know any good futa or gender bender manga/hentai.
Also the second part to this image would be nice I cant seem to find it anywhere.
Most of this is male to futa, but there's also some female to futa and regular gender bending in here as well.

>Behind Moon

>horihone saizou

>[Katou Jun] Avatar Trans! 1-10 [English] [Risette+SaHa+XCX Scans]

>[Ruuen Rouga] Tamashii no Kusari | Soul Chain

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1.jpg (3.99 MB, 3000x3025)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB JPG
I'll post the two I have, the first is probably identical to OP
File: 2.jpg (3.88 MB, 3000x3025)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB JPG
And this is part 2
Hell yeah, I would fap to sad pandas everyday

There you go.

File: IMG_2729.jpg (228 KB, 480x678)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
By f of tsf
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>It could sort of work if the character the story follows very heavily interacts with the TGed character

That's what I've been doing so far. You raise a good point, though, in that it presents challenges if the interaction isn't strong enough.

>you'd have to describe too many of the same events with the same dialogue

To clarify, the books follow in direct chronological order rather than overlap. The second book is set shortly after the transformation, capturing the victim's thoughts after the initial shock has worn away.
Good to hear

Guess I still got a ways to go before I am a household tg name
I didn't saw you had your name, I'm just a dumb-arse. I liked your art from what I've seen of it.
File: devilangel023.jpg (480 KB, 1000x558)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
>Nothing that isn't already on Fictionmania

Not what I see:

It has original comics & illustrated stories unavailable elsewhere.

Perhaps you mean theme-wise?
Anyone got any surgery-based TG that isn't sissy, shemale or cuck shit?

The Previous episode: >>7238236

Ya knows the jist: Post monster girls, talk about monster girls, shit about them.

Post monster girl related art and media. Would Witchers consider Monster Girls a menace???

Have fun with the setting of cutey and alluring monster girls raping young defenseless men.
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This, this, thiiis
File: 1484632029386.jpg (441 KB, 754x900)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
This one look kinda cute
>light scratches
unf, god that is so hot
>almost like furfags latching onto monster girls
lol, too bad everyone on the outside thinks people who like monster girls are just closet furries

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