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File: 1507265864285.jpg (91 KB, 626x885)
91 KB
post some cuties
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where can i find more of this artist?
I've always wanted to write something fluffy and warm and cuddly, but I don't know enough what warm cuddles feel like.
File: 1540064679209.jpg (170 KB, 1433x2022)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
fuck off pedophiles
File: 2QU3RPR.jpg (243 KB, 1600x1131)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
I'm sure you can do it anon. Focus on the emotions of the characters. 'Safe', 'secure' are big ones.
hollewdz on patreon/twitter, MistletoesGT on deviantart

I don't usually read much smut, but took a chance on this one considering I love this thread.

This was really fantastic, thanks anon.

Petplay/bitchsuits/piddlefours thread
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File: 1483840530214.jpg (80 KB, 600x416)
80 KB
Don't get me wrong I love me a bitchsuited kitty girl but there's a certain charm to see a guy all bitchsuited up too.
File: 1300424842279.jpg (281 KB, 1200x1000)
281 KB
281 KB JPG

There's a bit in Nana to Kaoru too.

SFW ofc, but they are acting as dogs in it.
File: 1485332279566.jpg (74 KB, 600x450)
74 KB

File: 1544649905121.jpg (722 KB, 1280x1838)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
Old thread: >>8291011
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I mean the goats would fuck anything with a pulse so I don't know if they count
and I don't know if just any willing benis could do it, since darling apparently naturally secretes liminal pheromones and is the reincarnation of the author of the lost monster spinoff of the kamasutra
realistically though I know crabman wouldn't write them out of the dating pool permanently, it is a harem after all
File: 1522566150695.jpg (107 KB, 819x579)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
oh and yes, barnyard ass to face would be a nice afternoon
File: 1528985561812.jpg (964 KB, 1260x788)
964 KB
964 KB JPG
>move to farm
>throw out couch
>BECOME the couch
File: 1484255482931.png (415 KB, 1104x1600)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Funnily enough my favorites are actually the sheep and goat girls.
I wanna lick their bellies

File: 1423410107833.jpg (110 KB, 1200x897)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Looking for huge male cocks, preferably being played with or admired by women.

Let's see what you got.
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File: jUeXrXx.png (483 KB, 1180x1700)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
File: 0MZzPUO.jpg (299 KB, 1200x828)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
File: 5AZytKi.jpg (879 KB, 1200x1200)
879 KB
879 KB JPG
holy shit, source??
looking for a manga where a giantess grew a guy's dick enough to satisfy her.

File: file (1).jpg (658 KB, 3271x2124)
658 KB
658 KB JPG
nintendo character transformed or transformation into nintendo character
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Is there a guy in here from /trash/ who goes by Lotto Anon?
wow that's modeseven?! thought he only drew noseless dicknipple monstrocities

File: 1.jpg (613 KB, 1200x1697)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
Any sort of stretchy clothes or just regular panties etc inserted/used as a condom
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you sure on that title?
The title’s actually “19 years ago”
mangak nyanko batake does this pretty often
murasaki nyaa/nyanko batake is my go to mangaka for this kind of stuff, he satisfies my fetish for this and high cut swimsuits getting fucked into pussies to the max
source on OP?

File: Dt-OP_LVsAEaGPj.jpg (45 KB, 456x713)
45 KB
Previous Thread: >>8245166

How to quickly get the sauce for images from Pixiv:
>Take the ID part of the filename (Numbers before the _px)
>Add that ID to the end of this: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=

For images from Twitter, give this site a try: http://www.ascii2d.net/
It will often, but not always, find the source.
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File: DucjJdaUwAQ5MEY.jpg (901 KB, 2508x3541)
901 KB
901 KB JPG
File: o5CCh4v3Su7VRZAGlSSc0HF1.png (894 KB, 1413x2000)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
File: DugzAFCUYAA3-ad.jpg:orig.jpg (544 KB, 1371x1918)
544 KB
544 KB JPG

File: 000.jpg (463 KB, 1280x1816)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
I cant believe it's over edition.

Post your thoughts on the best corruption doujin of 2018
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i'd like to see a doujin where the protagonist is effectively corrupted but has their master or evil corrupting force taken out and now has to deal with reintegrating into society and with their corrupted nature
>Redemption arc when?
I would prefer to never see this. The finality of their corrupted state is part of what is so erotic to me.
I'll agree it's not very corrupt if the girl is just in it for more cock, but redemption seems unnecessary. I'd be more interested in arcs where the former heroine overthrows the evil overlord and takes over, only she does a better job because she understands the good guys more (and because the overlord did too good a job corrupting her and she's willing to sink to immoral lows even he wouldn't).
Have you read Erona
i have now but utlimatley i was looking more for a heroine was already corrupted and now she has to live life with her corrupted urge on a day to day basis sort of a dark comedy aspect sort of thing

File: 1538704994624.jpg (265 KB, 675x1000)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
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File: 18c.jpg (258 KB, 527x800)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
is it just me or has homare gotten worse?
like his art has always been kind of shitty but there is a real appeal to this older stuff, you feel?
his current stuff is just bleh
his doujins seem to have more effort put it, at least. those are nice.
I think a lot of it is context. His older stuff was mostly r34, his newer stuff seems to be mostly OCs.
File: 55297013_p8.jpg (309 KB, 1002x1280)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Actually yes
File: 55297013_p9.jpg (426 KB, 1024x1280)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
Anyone care to translate?

File: QE-futa300-dc.png (3.67 MB, 2220x3106)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB PNG
Had a nice thread like this not too long ago. You usually just see the same curvy body type with huge boobs in futa art, so post smaller girls with big dicks.
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File: 72097148_p0.png (1.04 MB, 1804x1232)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
File: ldteraro.png (1.85 MB, 868x1228)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
File: wl01ms.png (1.02 MB, 1174x1656)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
>every futa drawing ever
File: ribbon_b.jpg (1.32 MB, 3000x2195)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG

File: dgg.jpg (170 KB, 900x1011)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>8291378

Discuss lewd games, share your projects, and have others critique them.

Post pictures (/d/ related, preferably) to inspire devs and keep the thread alive.
Check the archives before posting requests: https://desuarchive.org/d/

>/dgg/ Game Catalog: http://pastebin.com/Su7gb2iq

>Orificial Discord https://discord.gg/CZ67xZt

>New OP Guide: https://ghostbin.com/paste/troh5
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Complete change of topic: Does anybody have the latest version of The Company?

I'm looking to make a text based h-game incorporating basic base-building on a grid and I'd like the GUI to not look like shit, I've only done scripting in the past (BASH, Python, C++) so I'll be using this as a means of getting to grips properly with how to structure a program using OOP

Are any of the twine/renpy/etc game maker tools likely to be capable of providing enough flexibility for this or should I just make it in something else like Java
twine is capable of doing that, but you'll probably hate yourself and every other human being in the universe by the time you get it working.

Ren'py on the other hand is a lot easier to work with and might even have pre-existing stuff you can screw around with to achieve what you want. Ren'Py is also just a lot more flexible. But it's a little harder to work with when doing basic stuff. Basically if you just want to write babby's first VN twine is way better, if you want to make a game with VN elements Ren'Py is probably better, but in the end neither are really made for a complex game.

Honestly, getting text to draw on a screen is easy as shit. It's the game engine part that's hard. I don't get why people like the Free Cities dev start with Twine and then hack in all the game parts themselves. You might as well use an actual game engine and hack the text part in instead.
good start, obviously this is still super alpha but the biggest thing to me seems to be that the game doesn't track some states or however you wish to call them. stepmom on the phone with dr. valentine about Chasity after you're already in it etc. is the tf gamestite forums the best place to give more in depth feedback?
>>play text based game
>>complain about reading

As someone who likes reading, I also found TiTS to be unbearably wordy. The problem isn't that it's a lot of reading, it's that you aren't doing anything. You choose an option, then read a page and a half of mediocre prose. Often, things get rolling and there's nothing you can do to influence the event, so you just keep clicking past stuff until it goes away and you can do another thing.

And if you want to do something particular, well, good luck. You've got to get through the intro then find the thing you want to do. The best option is to look at spoilers, but then it won't be as fun as if you discovered it.

TrapQuest on the other hand, definitely not perfect, but there's a lot more to the mechanics underlying the game, so you actually have some choices to engage with and things can shape up differently.

any of you guys got any good zelda BotW
material? Cant find anything good or new.
Depends on what you think is good. I have a fair amount of botw trap link stuff.

Post pictures of Futas/Shemales/Fembois/Traps etc outsizing other schlongs with their own meaty member.
206 replies and 168 images omitted. Click here to view.
Tenshi Kawaii Totsuka no Dekamara de Mesu ni Sareru Hachiman no Hon. _ Cute Angel Totsuka Turns Hachiman into His Bitch with His Elephant Cock
Is on nhentai etc. Its male on male btw, it isn't a futa and not really a feminine trap either.
File: compare.jpg (242 KB, 700x700)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
Possibly the first non-trap male/male picture ITT
Ew fuck. Just repress that shit like the rest of us
File: 20180922_091837.jpg (435 KB, 1247x1820)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Is there an english translation of this?

I knew something was missing!
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File: 1372501460942.jpg (81 KB, 1280x947)
81 KB
Is there more to this, or is it just a one off on pixiv?
File: DuOiiawU4AAqA-5.png (144 KB, 676x1022)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Is nagasden still doing art?

File: cboyscissoredit.png (1.1 MB, 1000x761)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
no western art edition
because the mods went on a rampage last time.
I'll post what I got, and if you want me to make some edits, say so and I'll start an edit thread in /trash/
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File: lack.jpg (292 KB, 454x803)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Sounds like they know twat they want
File: lack10.jpg (86 KB, 434x561)
86 KB
File: happy merchant 2.jpg (10 KB, 201x232)
10 KB
>star of David

Go back to /pol/
What did you do that to Kira Yoshikage? Even for a serial killer, he deserves better.

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