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File: 310811.jpg (608 KB, 916x950)
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608 KB JPG
general incest thread. mom/daughter father/son uncle/niece, whatever you feel like posting
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File: Violet Cum Comic.jpg (298 KB, 827x1600)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
File: 357319.jpg (458 KB, 1200x1000)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
thaaaaank youuu

Its where guy is supposed to check on his mother, and finds herself playing sports in the nude with 3 other milfs, and she goes to change, they jump em, then she joins, and etc, Ends with them meeting back in the same place again. Vhentai, Do not know the name, but Gl
Who does these?

File: 1433301660870.jpg (1.98 MB, 3247x3694)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
no colon after edition edition, because i'm not an illiterate idiot. eat shit, old op
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Now there are more videos
There is no Abbie. There's an Amanda, and the one you posted is a commission of someone else
File: Ene.jpg (226 KB, 850x1202)
226 KB
226 KB JPG

inb4 sick portal meme bro.

File: 1436248979178.png (716 KB, 841x754)
716 KB
716 KB PNG
Rule 34 Homestuck come on /d/
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File: 1435641829112.png (379 KB, 762x700)
379 KB
379 KB PNG

File: 3116221086.jpg (200 KB, 799x723)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Anything serpent related species that has coils is welcome.
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dealing with people we otherwise like is difficult. good for you.

not sure about lesbians but I know several girls still nuts about mermaids. other than the only other girls I know in to such things are furries, so... well... full retard
Dammit I go to /d/ just to check out what's going on there and now I have a new fetish thanks a lot anon
someone needs /r/outoftheloop
File: Small snake.png (1.24 MB, 980x1500)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Translation anyone?

File: 1.jpg (385 KB, 920x1160)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
Time to give something back to /d/

Does anyone has similar stuff?
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File: Page_46.jpg (629 KB, 960x1200)
629 KB
629 KB JPG

Hope you enjoyed- Anyone has some similar stuff?

I got this series from likera.com ,dude there also has no clue where it's from. Link from the last panel doesn't exist anymore, I suggest to not visit the URL.
who drew that?
I haven't understood what I just read...

Probably not my fetish.

File: 80s futa bulge.jpg (415 KB, 655x1171)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
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File: Alicia.jpg (193 KB, 655x1000)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
/r/ the pic where futa cop wearing condom fucking on a car
"Little preview of picture im working on right now. Done with flat colors, going to start shading tomorrow how to finish in few days. One of the more complex pics i done in a while. Ill update site with character profile for Sam tomorrow to tie you over until next update."
this looks interesting.

File: QCURxfM.jpg (39 KB, 500x632)
39 KB
Trap/Sissy thread
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Much better. Thanks a lot for that.
Thanks! Good to know my efforts are appreciated.
the bottom of this one is all jacked up
File: 1417611766090.jpg (162 KB, 768x1024)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Looks okay on my screen. You sure?
What are those tiny bras called?

I saw many Oviposition threads but they aren't enough. i need something like this
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What's IIRC?
Where can i find Catue's Bonus Disc? i wanna see
this may caused by
>Pain Turned into pleasure
>Already Stretched canal
>the woman breaks
one question out of pure curiosity
Women Shat when Birthing?
Yep, it's common for women to end up taking a shit during birthing because, unlike anime waifus, human beings have internal organs and a baby ends up squashing and displacing them to the point where bladder and bowel control is super fucked up in the latter stages of pregnancy.there's like 0 room for the colon.
Does anyone have the comic or a page from it where this ninja girl would fire a baby or 2 out of her box and the baby would help her fight monsters then go back inside as needed?
*If I recall correctly

>Catue Bonus Disc
Streaming is 3E2216F

Torrent is

No one has translated it though, so it's just raws.

If you want more birthing anime, there's a database of fetishes compiled by DocWatson

But he stopped editing it around 2012, so recent stuff's not in there.

File: 25687926_p0.png (728 KB, 1000x1000)
728 KB
728 KB PNG
Because the last on hit image limit.

More robots? More robots.

Old Thread:

Also re-posting this here because it's important.

>Here's a tip for if you want image sauce and I'm not around; If you see an image with a filename along the lines of 'xxxxxxxx_px' or 'xxxxxxxx_px_master1200' (where x are numbers) that means the image was saved from pixiv.net. Save the image and upload it to saucenao.com and you're almost always guaranteed to get results.
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File: masuchan.jpg (147 KB, 639x699)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
File: 1237643955765.png (17 KB, 400x500)
17 KB
Right, well guys, I think I've had enough of this for now. It's been fun, but the thread's in your hands now. Cya.

And don't forget to confess your sins.
Thanks anon for awesome pics.
File: 11268310_p0.jpg (405 KB, 527x800)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
>blew my mind

File: THARJASS.jpg (160 KB, 900x1165)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Someone had to do it.
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I don't know if anyone is looking for paid stories, but Maxwell Avoi has some pretty good tg work up on amazon and the iBooks store. He used to have all his stuff on fictionmania, but he removed them all. I may have some of his stuff saved, but I gotta look for it
Which meme?
File: 1407705287025.jpg (476 KB, 3368x792)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
Oh, are you the artist? Nice work!
She was transformed into a boy once tho, but this is not what most people on /d/ are into.

By the way, I love your work.
File: d.jpg (221 KB, 1200x900)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Can someone link me to the rest of this comic? I couldn't find it.

Previous thread:
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File: pixiv51283535.jpg (920 KB, 1239x1476)
920 KB
920 KB JPG
What kills me about complaints like "same face" is that while probably true, 95% of the time it can apply to the artist they think is "better."

Considering this board loves eastern art, I'm gonna bump that up to 99%.
this guy gets it
Who's the artist for this?
Looks like it might be very old doomcomic.

File: sora.jpg (308 KB, 930x841)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
How do you like them?
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File: 1364304269932.jpg (331 KB, 914x587)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
File: 1339228280497.jpg (135 KB, 752x973)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>nigga so stupid he thinks a Disney game is complicated
I'm talking about the story retard. It's too complex for a fucking kid's game.
Then why do kids have no problem understanding the story? And the only people that say its too complex are /v/-tards that only played KH1 and 2?

File: succubus game.jpg (107 KB, 634x475)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I love the sprite work of this game "Succubus" by Libra Heart, what other /d/ sprite porn game would you recommend?
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OP, (and everyone else intersted), try Kurovadis, probably one of the better spite-animation side-scroller /h/ games.

Extemely smooth, nothing game-breaking or ugly, and has an intersting RPG element built in. You feel like you're playing a lewd version of Megaman Z almost-


And for those wanting a little more, even more shameless linkage to more /d/ games for those interested:


Comment if you feel like making changes/additions/updates to broken links, etc.
Anybody got a guide to the Marionette game? It really is a maze of a game.
Is there a translated version? want to play it but having a hard time since I can't read anything.
Red girl a best. Here's the google doc from /hgg2d/, has a list of all the breeding combinations and which spawns are best. Lamias are OP as hell. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IbORovolviS-GABQnxo99LTLCBpT0gPq6OgrZQxacDo/edit?pli=1#gid=0
File: game.jpg (91 KB, 651x505)
91 KB
I downloaded this game a couple of days ago (OP), nice sprite work but the boss under the house is hard because she has like infinite hp and I couldn't see the damage I was trying to inflict on her so I think I have to level up else were but now in the old areas I visited there are much more enemies on screen and they are tougher to kill and it's harder to dodge everything.

Original one 404'd.
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File: 133723121045.jpg (64 KB, 800x600)
64 KB
You're a little late to the party, kiddo.
I'm still not convinced that's a load of crap but the images posted on there are pretty good.
File: 1425938042508.jpg (149 KB, 561x800)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
source please?

Small creatures taking advantage of the situation. Preferrably on girls or women, with the numbers on their side.
12 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Anybody ever see the reverse scenario, like a bunch of shortstack girls going all Lilliput on some regular/giant dude's pole?
What genre/tag is this anyways?
>All the king's horses and all the king's men could not find her fucking clit.

If you can't find someone's clit, you have to be the most incompetent person at sex ever.
like this kind of stuff alot

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