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File: image.jpg (134 KB, 716x1011)
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134 KB JPG
I don't know if there already is one and I'm too lazy to look past page 3. Post all your amputees. I like total limbless like pic related but post whatever you've got.
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Hey Guys!

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I posted a link to my series "Limbless and Exposed" here a while back.

Just wanted to drop by to share that I've finished the series with a third book. If you wanna check it out its here:


There will be a bundle with all three later next week if you haven't read the first two and can wait. Cheers!

This image was used on the BACK SIDE of the cover art for "Songs about Fucking Steve Albini", an album by the noted electronic musician "Kid 606". As you might guess from the album title, this album's cover art and overall layout is an homage to that of the album "Songs about Fucking", by Albini's old band "Big Black". Both album covers are lime-green and feature hentai.

There probably isn't any special reason why this particular image was used apart from its "edgy-hentai" look, which is in keeping with the design of the Big Black album.

Awww shit you are A+
The image is actually a panel from the manga Violence Jack. The two depicted are the human pets of the cruel and evil Slum King. It is edgy and full of violence and nudity, but it is not hentai.

Cheers lad

File: image.jpg (158 KB, 848x1200)
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158 KB JPG
Haven't seen one in a while so I'll dump what I have.
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File: 42081853_big_p0.jpg (281 KB, 1125x1500)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
File: FrankenFran_v3_cover.jpg (525 KB, 938x1200)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
No love for Adorea?
File: miabackground.png (1.46 MB, 1232x2068)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Does this count?
File: 47971976_p7.jpg (66 KB, 437x640)
66 KB

spooky enough for me

File: 1446161735503.png (2.39 MB, 1200x1200)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
Previous thread >>6671162

Missing edition

Discuss lewd games, share your projects and have others critique them.
Post pictures (/d/ related preferably) to keep the thread alive.

Lose hope of making games here, and collaborate with others to not make games:


>/d/ Catalog:

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I want to be a nekomimi catgirl, what can you suggest?
It's too late, it already knows.
A while ago I played the first chapter of a game where you play as a man dressing as a female to attend a hen party. I can't find it anymore. Any help?
>to attend a hen party
Bestiality is not allowed on /d/.
So I know that a few people have been lurking around for a long time here hoping someone would explain what mods to get for a /d/ Skyrim experience.

While I cannot deliver myself I recently stumbled upon a deviantart user who seems to make a BDSM mod list called skygaggedrim and posts some screenshots of his modded games over there.

File: folderthread1.png (911 KB, 655x1000)
911 KB
911 KB PNG
Never saw a thread like this, so I thought it'd be a great idea.
Just get a link to any of your shared folders, whether it be Google Drive or Dropbox, and post it here! It could be categorized or just general /d/ material.
For now I'll share my futa folder, and start the thread by dumping some pictures.
I'll get links to other folders of mine too.

So go ahead, share your folders!

Futa: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5BYRP_sWmzZQU9rTEZ3ZS1lU0U&usp=sharing
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File: 1439224590612.jpg (73 KB, 692x1000)
73 KB
File: 1417628531583.jpg (204 KB, 850x1172)
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204 KB JPG
File: 1359873071480.jpg (437 KB, 861x1002)
437 KB
437 KB JPG

I am shutting down the sync, using Google Drive is a much better choice for both speed and convenience. Refer to the posts below:

This position.
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File: 00_18.jpg (270 KB, 628x900)
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270 KB JPG
File: 1446907968622.jpg (407 KB, 960x1280)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
File: 1418701377988.jpg (346 KB, 619x900)
346 KB
346 KB JPG

File: 1452891905510.jpg (694 KB, 1067x1200)
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694 KB JPG
Massive Facials thread, posting all I could find
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File: 1454755830330.jpg (321 KB, 900x506)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
File: 1455064475391.jpg (106 KB, 850x867)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
facial captions very welcome too
File: 1455070546880.jpg (485 KB, 850x1145)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
all i could find, please post more, especially on the receiving end
File: NETPARTY0009.jpg (1.68 MB, 1488x2100)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
File: 44. Natalie-Facial.jpg (188 KB, 1000x1504)
188 KB
188 KB JPG

File: .jpg (980 KB, 1600x1200)
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980 KB JPG
/why isn't there one constantly
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The internet always asks the important questions.
File: 1452672872.lordaku_woot.jpg (233 KB, 1014x1280)
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233 KB JPG
File: 1424172345283.png (192 KB, 798x804)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
I think the reason they had "teasers" in the manga though was because the females were being more attracted to humans than other centaurs, so it made sense in universe.
>take a moment out of your fapping
>blonde with pregnant bellies
Anon, please

File: 1454718113425.gif (1023 KB, 500x357)
1023 KB
1023 KB GIF
Drawfags and writtefags welcomed.

TG thread on /aco/
>>>/aco/343854 #
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File: 53410627_p0_master1200.jpg (253 KB, 676x864)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Yes yes, I was thinking of that cap (and even that character, she's the perfect fit for it), I actually had the idea from ages before though. I was thinking, like, he watches some anime he liked as a guy, and although he still likes it now, he can't help but watch it through the same goggles any average fangirl would, thoughts of shipping creeps in (maybe even between his real life friends too) despite him trying to resist, searching for new genre tags on the sadpanda because the old ones aren't doing it for him, etc.

It's a bit of a different dynamic than liking guys outright or a total sexuality change (not that that couldn't happen too), but still has the whole "No wait this is so gay I'm a guy I can't think of other guys like that, shit man, no homo no homo" anxiety. It's also a niche interest/hobby that is almost exclusively done by females, so there's that association too, it's undeniably feminine, although not conventionally so since there's a bit of the "nerdy/gamer girl" type thing going on too. Him changing into a totally normal girl but also with that little 'fujo tweak' would be funny too, or any more female-owned fetish.

Also, with the maternity changes that was mentioned before, it'd be funny to see a guy who, let's say, totally wants a daughter and naturally thinks girls are cuter, changed to a woman who thinks the total opposite. Stuff like that is neat I think.

It's so annoying with this board split, having to do this stuff. it's like some annoying imaginary wall dividing a thread that's pretty much the same anyways.

Man, you put a lot of work into this, I can tell you get really into your current ideas, like you did with that vacation friends one from a while ago. I think I like the change in that photography life goal the best, it's that small augmentation rather than total change.
Well i'm op of the thread, /aco/ really doesnt give a shit anyway, plus its a western artist. Just stop bitching about it no one cares this divide is just shit.
Why don't you stick to trolling in your thread filled with shitty disgusting western art instead of spamming this thread???
Nigga, almost half of this thread is western :^)
Kek western art is fine so is eastern I visit both threads i'm not trying to be a dick about it. I just hate the new divide

File: image.gif (352 KB, 577x397)
352 KB
352 KB GIF
Not enough or just can find
>futa is fine
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File: 1410796477141.png (1.99 MB, 1115x1383)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
Hentai foundry. Like most of his stuf.

I'd kill to have a third episode of that if it had another birth scene like the intro of the second. Goddamn, that part was great.

works fine for me.

Its been over a week
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File: 1401146601577.jpg (113 KB, 496x675)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Full bellies are truly the best.
File: 1454118155830.jpg (302 KB, 639x1200)
302 KB
302 KB JPG

Only high level of drawing, don't post vanilla "zero-chan" shit, or beginner's drawings...
And of course, tentacles. Women or futanari, rape or not, but no blood or shit.
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File: 1444684679030.jpg (80 KB, 600x775)
80 KB
File: 1447319549679.png (188 KB, 400x280)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
File: 1454465552158.jpg (943 KB, 850x1202)
943 KB
943 KB JPG
File: 1447362328497.jpg (125 KB, 800x800)
125 KB
125 KB JPG

File: felii.png (1.31 MB, 1000x1500)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Using the same anchor as last time edition!

All Editors Welcome!
- Respect /d/ and global rules.
- Request in moderation
- Do not request edits of real people.
- Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and repost your reference. You'll have to repost your full request after the thread 404's anyway, so please conserve post count.
- Do not "bump", "re-request", "second", "third" etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.
- Be patient, not all requests will be fulfilled, it all comes down to plain dumb luck.
- Take it easy and please be nice to the artists! Remember, they do these for fun.
- Artists, don't hold back! if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.
- Remember to use the Anchor for deliveries!
- If you would like to make the new color/edit thread, please be sure to wait until at least page 10 so that our awesome Booru-master doesn't get swamped!
- Have fun and enjoy the lewd drawings that come from this!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Requesting that sample be removed from the pic
I take it that editing requests for western content are strictly forbidden here?
http://imgur.com/a/qnWLe can someone edit pussy to dick :3
File: image.png (33 KB, 800x600)
33 KB
Can someone edit her to be nude and a dick in her ass? Would appreciate it.
File: 1453678411118.jpg (1.97 MB, 1697x2400)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
can someone change it into vaginal penetration?

separated pictures + similar looking pictures with vaginal penetration that may help:


They keep going, but fear not! I shall keep them coming and you cumming!
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Vendant needs to draw more.
Tricky Earbuds 4 by Mangrowing just came out.
Why would you post this but not share? That's just cruel.
isn't this just that mega that used to get passed around all the time
File: duikride small.webm (2.97 MB, 720x404)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB WEBM

File: 1443603762748.jpg (1.24 MB, 1800x1350)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
God I love me some succubi! Also, been gone for a while, whats going on the caption threads? I've seen a couple pop up but they disappear pretty quick.
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File: color2z.jpg (222 KB, 477x671)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
just for you
>Tails strong enough to pick you up or hold you down
It's hard to find images with this in it along with mouth tails.

File: 1448878895864.jpg (337 KB, 700x963)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
Post pregnant. No futa.
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File: image[1].jpg (222 KB, 800x600)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
File: Unknown - c3cbae12.jpg (51 KB, 600x823)
51 KB
>The whole lot of it

Even not knowing a thing about the source material, that sounds very interesting, the kind of story that's got something for the naughty and nice and everyone in between. It's also kind of neat to see from this and other posted outlines how certain segments seem to come into focus much more easily than others, heh. I'm still trying to put down even the basic events for >>6679456 but now I'm also conjuring up more and more of the secondary and tertiary scenes and background bits that tie things together for effect and further flesh out characters and their actual relationships and mindsets (like how the main couple's isn't so much a typical sub-dom relationship as it is an obsession with pursuing certain points and knowing which fights to pick, or frank discussion of the kind of work they're in in a world of normalized fetishism, or the increasingly-violent clashes of thought the husband suffers from as the week progresses and he's pushed further and further into the kinky grinder).

Was by someone called On'nego/おんねご on Pixiv, but the account got wiped and the only hit through GIS was a dodgy-ass porn blog with no further info (though it did have a few pics on there worth snagging, albeit a mix of preg/tentacle/insect stuff so be warned).


How does that even work? It's not like the admin was posting that filth himself. Why would he be arrested and not the faggot spammers who are doing it for god knows what reason?

a similar imageboard was taken down by their hosting via a really dedicated CP spam attack IIRC as they couldn't remove it faster than it was being posting

that was one of the concerns of the CP spam is the hosting noticing it and ending the hosting.

it's fucking weird but that's just how the cookie crumbles.
File: 39688237_p1_master1200.jpg (539 KB, 762x1200)
539 KB
539 KB JPG

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