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File: 1511603258506.jpg (139 KB, 1350x1563)
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139 KB JPG
I started my /d/ career as the average every day futa lover but over the last year I have discovered my interest in straight traps. I dunno why this all changed recently but it is women and feminine men that I like. My absolute favorite is a hung trap and a dominate woman embarrassing the trap by turning him on. I don't mind a futa on a trap at all though. Anyone else want to tell their /d/ adventures to the world?
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File: 1829.jpg (126 KB, 1050x1516)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Are you me?

Every day I'm despairing how 90% of sissy material goes hard gay.

I just want to fap to Straight Sissy fantasies, is that so much to ask?
File: 710.jpg (468 KB, 1200x849)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
File: 1477780865335.jpg (970 KB, 1193x2000)
970 KB
970 KB JPG
Yup, I'm clearly your doppleganger and will now attempt to assume direct control of your life.

But only if its better than mine.
That body is 100% masculine. You like dudes, dude.

File: sexspherekonachang_32.jpg (511 KB, 1052x1500)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
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that's a doujin where different artists drew different pages
if you search for it on panda by tags, you'll find it
File: kantore_s_013.jpg (660 KB, 1093x1541)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
File: 61.jpg (516 KB, 974x1400)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
File: p_010.png (2.27 MB, 2114x3002)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
this seems depraved enough, would appreciate some posts


File: NAC-367478-Lani 1.png (589 KB, 1182x1372)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
RPG edition

Previous Thread: >>7738720
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File: image.png (1.7 MB, 1536x1920)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
Please stop shilling your shitty discord, you literal autist
File: Heidi_copy.jpg (134 KB, 496x706)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
File: Boku-427321-Dog girl vore.png (2.03 MB, 1652x2256)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG

File: mouse_2.jpg (377 KB, 760x1023)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
Bigbois go here
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Make sure you are only copying the URL, and not the chapter number as well.

It's a little shorter, but I wanted to get something out since I've been lazy writing it.

Here's Ch. 4.

Was there a full version of that doujin?
>The countries of the world immediately opted to unleash their nuclear arsenals the moment the planet sized catboy had stood to his full height, but every control seemed locked in place; every failsafe fruitless as if held in place by magical compulsion. They couldn't have prepared for the counterspells that Fumi had upon himself- the kind of cantrips most mages his level used to avoid some casual jab from another novice.

That and its implications are the best thing I've read in awhile. All the little bits of setting work really pull this whole thing together superbly. The worldbuilding dweeb in me can't help but want to know more, but that'd probably ruin the charm.

Keep up the good work man.
I love this, probably my favourite chapter. You've done an incredible job at showing the difference in scale/power between Fumi and humanity, like the part where a slight twitch from his dick while sleeping wipes out a massive air wing, followed with great lines like "As humanity lost the air war against Fumi's unconscious erection..." really express just how pathetic they are to him.
Also just gonna agree 100% with >>7762633 , that was also one of my favourite lines for the same reason.

File: 66073628_p7_master1200.jpg (261 KB, 1200x846)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Been a while, been on break, some new stuffs got in, and some more been worked on.

Gonna try to keep it alive for the whole month now XD
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File: 63136252_p0.jpg (582 KB, 1000x1200)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
File: 64193117_p0_master1200.jpg (558 KB, 900x1175)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
File: 64193117_p1_master1200.jpg (509 KB, 900x1175)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
File: 64193117_p2_master1200.jpg (503 KB, 900x1175)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
File: 64193117_p3_master1200.jpg (501 KB, 900x1175)
501 KB
501 KB JPG

File: 1506021935306.jpg (2.33 MB, 2400x2063)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
I wish I had more pics, I just realized this fetish. Help me fill the folder?
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I could see monster dads being like a mama gator. Mean as hell but don't touch their babies.

I assume fathers would have to take care of their children since the mothers are predisposed like tied down so they can't escape or they want nothing to do with their little abomination or ran away or died from birth.
I bought it, I thought it was worth it.The fact that the MC is so eager to fuck all the monsters she can find helped a lot.
File: FL_morningdew orc7.png (1.64 MB, 1200x1225)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
Artist for >>7705743 is called Vaniller. I had this commissed by him

Here's an alternative version
jeeesus fuck, numeko draws some good shit. too bad his pixiv's been cleared. Hate it when artists do that, or when they're forced to. This is why we can't have nice things.

File: 1490928888498.jpg (191 KB, 696x880)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
There's not a lot of this stuff out there. Tags also make them pretty hard to find. Post all that you got!
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File: 1512922023838.jpg (303 KB, 1323x1500)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
File: 1490149390314.jpg (102 KB, 672x800)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
File: 1484295378109.png (647 KB, 800x1000)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
looks like that's been removed, got an artist name so I can find it elsewhere?
i think the backward in time teleport only affects her body, so the nut just disintegrates

Post what you've got of people getting filled right up.

Bonus points for non-water liquids
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What was that like? Please elaborate on the process
I've got a thing for bigger bellies
Well, we had an enema bag, and I'd fill it with water (and occasionally a small amount of lemon juice just to make it harsher on her insides). She'd lay on her side on the floor, or sometimes with her rear up in the air, and I'd insert the nozzle and slowly get her full.

She couldn't ever take a full bag, but that was fine, mostly because I was just into watching her squirm and dance around in panic as she tried holding it in.

I'd occasionally give her store bought saline enemas too, which she was almost never able to hold for anything longer than 2 minutes, most of which time was spent with her legs quivering and her hands alternating between clutching her stomach and clasping them over her buttocks.

Much to my astonishment she'd say some hentai ass dialogue too: "I can't hold it anymore!" or "I-it's c-coming out".

I could tell some stories too, if there was interest.
continue the narrative
File: 1448092901036.jpg (65 KB, 800x600)
65 KB

File: 15950816_p0.jpg (658 KB, 857x1000)
658 KB
658 KB JPG
Women in cow print, literal human cows, milked lactating women, hardcore, vanilla, etc, etc.
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File: 1444172282559.jpg (200 KB, 1500x2000)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
File: 1388286566701.png (618 KB, 691x931)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
File: 1496953228572.jpg (202 KB, 1800x2200)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
File: 1360938729193.jpg (1018 KB, 1000x1000)
1018 KB
1018 KB JPG
File: 1497550674324.jpg (488 KB, 1000x800)
488 KB
488 KB JPG

File: 1403920736733.jpg (285 KB, 830x910)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
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Eh, I might be into that more if artists like incase didn't cover both the men in a thick layer of hair to make them look like a fucking sasquatch.
You could always pay them and ask for versions with less hair. If you look at archives of the work, they will do 4 or more versions of the same piece with things like cocks, hair, and cum varying.
am a closet bisexual, confirmed
Is that cock on backwards?
File: 1436157371096.jpg (1.45 MB, 1000x1417)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG

File: 1369803420333.jpg (125 KB, 800x600)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Need more of this in my life. Send me female, male, trap, or futa.
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File: 1467768396771.jpg (537 KB, 1200x1676)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
English version?
File: 1467768504604.jpg (354 KB, 1200x1600)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
File: throwaway.jpg (344 KB, 1223x877)
344 KB
344 KB JPG

needs more posters edition
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File: 1480097301966.jpg (506 KB, 1068x1503)
506 KB
506 KB JPG
Would anyone in this thread be into some anal stretching fiction? I'm taking commissions, but this would be fun to write about for free, as it's one of my fetishes.
lay it on us, herr namefag! stretch out our mind-assholes
File: 0188_1094_Sparrow_366148.jpg (683 KB, 1200x1347)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
File: 1468481816191.png (644 KB, 850x850)
644 KB
644 KB PNG

File: drkHq.jpg (204 KB, 760x1000)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Pictures of succubuses and demons submitting and raping human beings.
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File: 1499629432169.jpg (84 KB, 410x550)
84 KB
File: 1499444118221.jpg (391 KB, 869x1228)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
File: 1486704013910.jpg (1.55 MB, 1386x1398)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
File: 1427956170489.jpg (135 KB, 1200x675)
135 KB
135 KB JPG

File: 1412801807357.gif (2.23 MB, 348x262)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB GIF
Gags with dildo inside

Breathplay is a plus
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the plug is a dildo
No, it's actually not. That's just a plug.

its phallic and it goes in the mouth and its held in place when its inserted
>its phallic
What did he mean by this

>it goes in the mouth
Yeah, I eat dildos all the time too.

>and its held in place when its inserted
Has nothing to do with whether or not that's a dildo.

Come on man, that's just a mouth plug. It's not a dildo.

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