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01/26/15News Post: In Memoriam
01/23/15moot's final 4chan Q&A has been posted here.
01/21/15News Post: The Next Chapter, aka moot's retirement
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NEWS POST: The Next Chapter, aka moot's retirement

moot's final 4chan Q&A—which lasted 8 straight hours—is embedded below. See the /qa/ archive for the question threads.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYUKJBZuUig

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File: 13298-26067-27523.jpg (129 KB, 672x1500)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>Tekken 7 is scheduled for a release during 2015 on PS4, Xbox One and arcade.

>Tekken 7 Trailer

>ATP's Tekken 7 Location Test Chat Summary

>Tekken 7 Highlights from the Location Test

>Tekken Notation

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>webms now have sound enabled
bil giggling like a schoolgirl.webm when?
There are only enable for two boards at the moment

Alternatively: [ded] [ded] [ded] edition


Combos to get you started: http://skullgirls.com/forums/index.php?threads/general-bnb-compendium.4072/
New to Fighting Games: http://pastebin.com/hnvQMbXz
Skullgirls Info: http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Skullgirls
Steam Guides: http://steamcommunity.com/app/245170/guides/

FAQ: http://skullgirls.com/forums/index.php?threads/skullgirls-faq-updated-to-not-be-ancient.386/
Steam Chart: http://steamcharts.com/app/245170
/sgg/ album: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9b02vpj9vvot9x2/sgg+album.zip

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i'd rather have umbrella than minette
I dont understand minette fans

File: ro32grpd_fp.jpg (36 KB, 504x348)
36 KB
StarCraft II General

>Want to Try SC2?

>Battle.net Channel:

>SC2 Blog:

>1v1 Improvement Resources:
(General Guide to improving) http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/sc2-strategy/284255-sc2-strategy-recommended-threads-read-second
(FilterSC - Bronze to Masters guide) https://www.youtube.com/user/filtersc
(Day9 Daily) http://day9.tv/archives/?q=daily

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oh sick Bisu playing next. something nice to watch while i eat :D http://www.azubu.tv/hungryapptv
ajubu does BW now?

Old Thread: >>92993520

Recommended games list:

Current FAQ. Generally the simplest questions have answers in here, so check it out.
http://pastebin.com/TpptMfNa (embed)

Upcoming games list:
http://pastebin.com/rbsRyU8B (embed)
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Maybe because it was made by Level 5?
Are you not playing it any more?
>Are you not playing it any more?
nope, kind of got bored of it after maxing a few of the jobs and finding out they were pretty much all the same thing.
> they were pretty much all the same thing
Ah, it's a shame you see it that way. It's true that you could put them into categories of Battle or Making or Collecting, but I still see the difference in each Life and how they help each other out. The Angler Life is especially different to the others. And I'm interested in the story and characters that come with each Life.
I'm also good at handling repetition. If not I wouldn't be going through this again, lol.
But if you don't enjoy that then I respect your opinion.

File: 1404327544286.jpg (227 KB, 1280x720)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Last thread: >>93044075

Hyperdimension Neptunia Downloads (Skins, Artbooks, Manga, Guides, Soundtracks, etc.): http://pastebin.com/sbYrWg5t

Disturbingly sexualized discussion go~

V-II Gameplay Info

Here's all the translations of VII till now. Except that interview from when it was first revealed.

Japanese V-II release date: 4/23
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File: 2015-01-31_00042.jpg (151 KB, 1280x720)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Vista yup. Guess I might be fucked till another patch comes around huh?
I need to get off of this shitty OS, but I need to invest in a new HDD honestly before fiddling with cracked OS's or somehow getting my hands on a legit 7 disk.
Does that mean no Durarara characters in Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker when it comes to the West?

Also, didn't Steins;Gate come out on Steam?
>Reef Entertainment is
a google search took me to their site, seem they did something with that recent really shitty Rambo game.

It'll be an overweight self-entitled person who complains whens others have things she doesn't have. She will also not be cute.

File: 1421626836920.gif (885 KB, 430x330)
885 KB
885 KB GIF
Hail Durin edition.

Tibia is a fantasy MMORPG forged in the fires of the late 90s and whose fire still burns brightly today, against all odds. It has a top down perspective and real time combat and even some dorfs.

Tibia: https://secure.tibia.com/mmorpg/free-multiplayer-online-role-playing-game.php
FAQ: http://pastebin.com/2C1vdQvM
Beginner Guide: http://pastebin.com/ppWS1kt6
/tbg/'s wikia (plz update): http://tibiag.wikia.com/wiki/Tibia_General_Wiki
Useful Links: http://pastebin.com/WK8cm3wm
Reducing latency & movement delay: http://pastebin.com/a2xdNygU
Winter update fun: http://pastebin.com/DSY4u4Vq
HK rebinding is A OKAY: https://twitter.com/Crabans_Beak/status/551441525654450176
More persistent image dump with tags: http://tibiagen.booru.org

Apart from the odd lurker and wanderer we play on Secura which is a server located in Europe, but Americans don't need to fret - you can just use a tunneling program to solve any latency woes.

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>who else?

>after 3 days of tests and no sleeping finally weekend starts
>log in
>get back to town
>isp completely shits itself for 12h
File: shiet.jpg (120 KB, 752x490)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
I didn't know it would be like this, but it do.
The voucher or wat?

File: azmodan2_frame.jpg (205 KB, 1168x690)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Azmodan hidden OP edition

>What is Heroes of the Storm?
An upcoming MOBA being developed by Blizzard. It aims to tweak the genre a bit, having more focus on multiple PvE objectives and critical team fights.

>How do I get in?
https://us.battle.net/shop/en/product/heroes-of-the-storm-founders-pack or hope for an invite

>What makes Heroes of the Storm different from other already known and popular MOBAs?
Several things differentiate Heroes from other MOBAs. No gold, no items, no last-hitting, and important map objectives are all features that give Heroes a different approach to the genre.

>Why is my tag/stream not on the pastebin?
Either I have not updated it yet, or you have not specified which server you are playing under. In either case, feel free to repost your info, and I will try to get to it ASAP.

>How do I join our official channel in-game?

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Thank you!
>from a game store

File: New Thread.jpg (264 KB, 1920x1080)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Previous: >>p92698348

>Pastebin containing relevant info:

>PES 2014 info:


Something to read regarding the cup (>implying anyone here can read): http://www.mediafire.com/download/llbttrcv57qluc9/PointsofImprovement1.0.pdf

Stuff for managers:

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Will /qa/ have a team for spring?
/wsg/ and /gif/ have webms with sound now.

I'm not sure why I'm posting this here.
It's kind of interesting.

File: jhojho.png (1.09 MB, 953x720)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
>Great news!
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate launches Feb. 13, alongside a special edition New 3DS XL.


>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, but in-browser.

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Brachy's Theme always give me a Stiffy. Especially the monhun Swing ver.
>All of the armor in the demo gives Autotracker, Health+50, Evade Extender, and the map skill. That's it.
>I main Lance and Gunlance
No fucking wonder I was having a hell of a time.
Don't sweat it if you see people boasting 10 min local gore videos/pics. Being able to down him that quick 1 out of 20 fights is just dumb luck. Being able to do it consistently is being an awesome Hunter.

File: tsg_OP_064.png (1.61 MB, 1200x1200)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
>FAQ/Crack DL links:

>Lastest Patch Torrent Magnet Link (Pools, Ghosts, all of it)

>A Pirate's Shanty for getting Outdoor Retreat, arr

>Official Update / Patch Notes:

>/tsg/ Sims 3 & 4 gdrives:

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File: 01-31-15_12-22 PM-2.png (1.15 MB, 1366x720)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
I think she is happy with her life
If she wants to become a renowed trouvère, she has to eat first!
File: 01-22-15_2-21 AM.png (558 KB, 1904x1012)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
Love it. Moar.
Mastercontoller from nraas can hide stuff and also compact stuff in cas to help loading.

Also cas hider mods from modthesims.

Schumacher edition

Official World: 42
Official FC: "grindanfc"
Unofficial Warband FC: "grindanpk"
Clan: GrindanScape (For an invite, go into the FC and ask for one. No requirements.)

>I've been inactive, what did I miss over the past x years

>But I haven't played since 483 BC

>Latest Patch Notes

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what are the best traits for a captain?
File: phsss5yfxgcg.jpg (60 KB, 604x453)
60 KB
It literally is just a stupid fucking meme. Every single thing they say is a stupid fucking meme. Nint doesn't even talk in the chat 99% of the time, it's just when one of them starts saying something they all just parrot it in the fc for the next 6 months. I can't remember the last time II was in the fc without seeing a wall of EPIN IRONIC WINDAHNEO MAYMAY :^)

It's seriously fucking impossible to hold an actual conversation in the fc with anyone. This has been going on for ages now, it's honestly so fucking annoying and is the main reason I almost never bother interacting with the fc and instead just pm whoever I want to.
git out den :vvv))))))

File: Mamatoto CG.jpg (127 KB, 638x402)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Alicesoft/Rance General #365
Last thread: >>92653893
Soon Edition
FAQ: http://p.pomf.se/5023
password: haniho

Alicesoft Image Booru: http://haniho.booru.org/

Read the FAQ before you ask questions.

Remember to use spoilertags when discussing and posting images of plot elements, especially those of untranslated Rance games. Ignore and report any blatant shitposting, including nameshit, and unspoilered porn.
276 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
Aru reveals that he is actually Moogy-heika-dono-sama
About one year from when he started is the rough ETA Arunaru set.

I thought that was Rance 5D, which had a curse put on it by TADA that makes it unable to be translated.
All of them are cursed.
Especially Quest.

Hopefully Arunaru will deliver.

File deleted.
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Why air though? I think water fits her fine.
because she's fucking obese
sorry bout that but we can't go back now

File: wow.jpg (769 KB, 1920x1080)
769 KB
769 KB JPG
/wpsg/ guilds:

/wpsg/ FAQ:
>Where can I get clients?

>Where can I get clients?

>How do I connect to [server]?
1. Register on a private server that hosts the same game client you have
2. Copy their realmlist URL. This can usually be found on the main page of the website or on their registration page.
3. Look for a realmlist.wtf file in the WoW folder. This may either be in the root folder, or inside Wow/Data/enUS/
4. Open the realmlist.wtf file in a text editor such as Notepad and paste in the realmlist settings of the server. Make sure it starts with 'set realmlist' followed by the realmlist URL.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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its true how impressively bad some of the guilds from here are sometimes
he's thinking of valind or whoever that guy was from tasty beverage
Why do so many people add "bg" at the end of their name? I see this all the time on GD.

File: 1422307489764.gif (150 KB, 600x338)
150 KB
150 KB GIF
The Hype Was Real Edition

>>93030231 → #

NEW 5N@F3 TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdHlIy0W4uU [Embed] [Embed]

>Game links
THE FIRST GAME FOR $5: http://store.steampowered.com/app/319510
THE SECOND GAME FOR $8: http://store.steampowered.com/app/332800/

>The Asset Rips for both games

>Other items

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1420670541789.gif (1.62 MB, 416x318)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB GIF
This shouldn't have made me laugh as much as I am now.
Goodnight, friends.

Well, it is 2015. Now all we need are the flying cars, self-lacing shoes, and hilariously massive numbers of Jaws sequels.
Reposting for new thread, the future of child entertainment: http://picosong.com/LLKY

Also reposting because it got missed last time I think:

>If you're around is there previous build up to this?
I was asleep, sorry. Previous build up of sorts would be this:

>That drop
Fuckin' glorious. You've really gotten into that Ornifexish style for him. It's really good, even if you may not explore the character much further.

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