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File: sf5.jpg (602 KB, 1920x1080)
602 KB
602 KB JPG

good job with the lewd OPs
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it's funny how bison went from being a high damage high pressure character with no escape options in ST to a low damage character with a billion escape otpions in SF4
File: 2015-03-01_00001.jpg (497 KB, 1920x1080)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
Is white the cutest color for furry Cammy?

Also, check my plinks.

File: clanmikunyan.png (386 KB, 715x573)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
Clan Whispy Tom Cat Edition

MechWarrior Online:

Heavy Gear Assault:

M.A.V. (Now with more Chromehound legal rights!)

February MWO Roadmap:

New Player's Guide to MWO:

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File: ScreenShot0880.jpg (868 KB, 1920x1080)
868 KB
868 KB JPG
File: 1417802960665.gif (2.42 MB, 174x174)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB GIF
How does tonnage work in the lore of BT? Are you seriously expected to believe these giant bipedal chunks of metal only weigh 25 to 100 tons? We already have tanks with exceed that tonnage, and they're tiny compared to mechs.

These things should weigh in the 1000's of tons at the very least
File: ScreenShot0668.jpg (620 KB, 1680x1050)
620 KB
620 KB JPG

File: 233_FalseProphets.jpg (2.53 MB, 2560x1440)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB JPG
False Prophets Edition

Thread Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rDVb8q8KWw

>Thread Archives, FAQ, Downloads, Videos, FanFic, and more

>Elizabeth Image Collection

>/BSG/ Community
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/bsgeneral
DeviantArt Group: http://bioshockgeneral.deviantart.com/
/BSG/ Map: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=990220&add=1#mappage

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Shit tip based on a flawed understanding of brain chemistry.
Smiling didn't save me from attempting suicide
Maybe it saved you from succeeding?

I'm glad you're alright.

File: elastigirl.jpg (13 KB, 250x278)
13 KB
Incredibles edition

Bitch Trainer + Iris mod:

This is a modded version of Princess Trainer and Witch Trainer, combined into one game. Additional changes have been made by SPSG such as including 'cheat buttons', which allow for extra gold, manipulation of your slave's emotional state etc. Pastebin also includes the standalone games if you want that for some contrived reason.

Russian Mod now in English:
It turns out feelings of disgust regarding WT's unfinished state are not exclusive to enlgish-speaking countries
Send errors to san2674@yandex.ru

Custom Request Directory:
A mod built on top of bitch trainer, which adds the ability to tack on custom scenarios. Pastebin contains the tools for adding custom request and a collection of existing requests.

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Currently working on adding these to the Generator, will then upload the newest version to the mod library
Should I include the red(crap) hair?
It will come with some small changes I've made too.
Most of them are just black fancy hair eyes and a few mouths (very little else)
File: Spoiler Image (79 KB, 505x600)
79 KB
They're really not ready for that.
Especially the dancer outfit.
I'd rather you didn't add that one to the generator (at least not as a wide release).
If they were finished then that's a different story.

You can add this to the generator though.

File: Load of Affection.webm (2.91 MB, 1026x766)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
Alpha Mode Edition


How to uncensor the Steam version: http://steamcommunity.com/app/339800/discussions/0/616198900649668367/
Steam forums: http://steamcommunity.com/app/339800/discussions/0/616198900649668367/

HuniePop Digital Art Pack:
Sprites, CG, etc (rip): https://mega.co.nz/#!uApyVaoI!Oi5eMjynfWMR9KPIDOemJBzvM0HJYPS1wGCoWFW5XHw
Other resources (rip): https://mega.co.nz/#!bdI0HCpS!sfQe-zfK3aPsCC_OXCiHfCvrvKpXxaWzASart3g1GT4
Music (rip): https://mega.co.nz/#!fYgmTCaS!C1gDq_ZFDJ3nZLESOHCHBMx6mUebnSyRN2-TvSgvI68
Trainer (32bit only): http://www.ggmania.com/cheat.php3?cheat=20433
100% savegame: https://mega.co.nz/#!fll0UBxA!HjRgJlfr0VaU-tDgSKA_ayNJ6qgxc0Ag38o2NH6RJbE
CG screenshot rips: https://mega.co.nz/#!3NYiGZpY!v_WPyHnympma18stfZy2WqTG-g-w1yRn-9uDbzx9_OE

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File: No Humanity.png (86 KB, 351x371)
86 KB
>Gotta eat big to get big, c'mon!
It's deadlift day and my oats are cooking right now.

Thanks, Marie.
Don't worry about lifting too much anon, you're still never gonna get laid.
That's not why I do it.

File: 1419740409949.gif (493 KB, 960x640)
493 KB
493 KB GIF
Relevant links: http://pastebin.com/6bJUxTBN

FE14 trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz2LJ-4DDWU

Previous thread:
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I've been busy playing Fire Emblem. That and eating.
File: Hal not aligned.png (6 KB, 129x205)
6 KB
Nope, see how your mouth is still slightly off?
Busy with uni stuff, but soon I'll be back to my FE6 ranked run.

File: smug tank.jpg (68 KB, 500x500)
68 KB
Smug Edition

Check out the /vg/ channel in game and platoon with fellow unicums!



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One thing at a time.
Are you trying to ruse me?

WN8 should turn you blue somewhere around 1900

1600 is barely above greenish-yellow
File: since when.png (29 KB, 423x322)
29 KB

File: 48581932_p0.jpg (426 KB, 1050x1050)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>95751951

>Stuff to do right now

>Latest Scratches

>Event Schedule

>PSO2 JP's Weekly Maintenance:
Tuesdays @ 9:00 PM ~ 3:00 AM EST
Wednesday @ 04:00 ~ 10:00 GMT+2

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is the magatsu nerf on the 18th?
Giant Scissors or Ninja Tits
I wish I had some ninja tits to play with

File: Hiro and Anael.png (663 KB, 1000x775)
663 KB
663 KB PNG
Mobage General #125 - /mbgg/

Lazy Sunday Editon

This general is for discussing the less popular mobage (Mobile Games). Games whose /vg/ generals wouldn't last a day or two on their own and games that are not popular enough for their own general.

List of games and useful links for said games:


When playing Japanese Games: http://pastebin.com/Nsg98EEf (embed)

Friend ID/Name list: http://ofo.jp/j/nO0A

Link to previous thread: >>95865246
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i think cthulu, liveia and mayuhojo are the strongest of the "big chance" units because of the nature of their party ability, but once again i can't be sure.
Enthia's neck is really weird.
I wouldn't.

Stupid Sexy Aphrodite Edition

Latest Patch Notes
>Bellona, Ymir Remodel (BATTLE FROST) (2/25)

>FAQ for all game-related questions

>Clans are [SmGen] and [GenSm]; post or contact Nayrix (NA) or HardyMcWilly (EU) for invite, respectively.
>LATAM clan is NoFunAllowed

>Weekly custom games are scheduled to start Thursdays at around 8-9pm EST. Both regions are allowed to participate, with a level 30 account the only requirement.

Previous thread: >>95707229
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Not really, her lore is a bit confusing but for the sake of argument, her earliest concepts are of her just being a demon slayer, sort of. Shes a variation of Devi, who is far from evil. Kali basically has good intentions but her anger makes her crazy. Though shes often paired with Shiva who suppresses her anger. So if you married her, she'd be loyal and protective to you. Not really anyone else though.

Because of that reason exactly. Artemis's virginity is all shes got going for her. Shes not gonna give it up and would probably get someone to off you so she could take your shit and move on.

I updated it bro
>Implying Artemis wouldn't just kill you herself.
File: 1394471965613.jpg (391 KB, 1000x750)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
Lace, wizard staff, and summoning the fucking pillars of Heaven didn't make sense whatsoever. Chinese players themselves had no idea who she was supposed to be at first glance, which is completely understandable. New design is much better from a lore perspective, and the "white" race of her isn't that far off from history despite common misconception, as there were red-headed white people who lived in China during ancient times. RIP Oldwa dialogue and booty tho.

File: 49021217_p2_master1200.jpg (383 KB, 680x946)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
Old thread >>95848696

> Persona 5 newest trailer translated: http://youtu.be/dEBVA-i90jM
> Persona 5 Info dump: pastebin.com/5M1rpQeH
> Persona 4:Dancing all night info: pastebin.com/LqjjLd9Z
> P4D Yu Trailer translated: http://youtu.be/7RpplrQdOE0
> Midsummer Knight's Dream BD releases March 11th, 2015, Falling Down in theaters April 4th, 2015
> P4U2 confirmed to appear at EVO 2015
> P4U2 2.0 released in arcades on January 15th, 2015, console release date unconfirmed
> P4U2 Manga confirmed for Spring 2015
> P4DAN release date 6.25.2015 in Japan, NA TBA, First print copies come with exclusive Persona 5 footage
> P5 still scheduled for 2015 in both Japan and NA, simultaneous release for the PS3/PS4 versions, not the regions


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Have you listened to any of his music outside of P3?

Its terrible
didn't even knew he had other stuff recorded.
File: cover.jpg (60 KB, 500x500)
60 KB
an album in 06, and 2012

File: 40333615_p0.jpg (250 KB, 1449x1000)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
>[KTERA] Barona's Nexus | 15v15 Deathmatch BG | New Fashion Shop

>[KTERA] New Class - Engineer | Zerker Tank

>Endgame Guides/Info

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Does anyone bother with defiance seeing as its vastly inferior to renegade?
I don't mind people posting revealing pictures too much as long as it's kept in check but when it's 3-4 people replying to each other constantly it gets stale.

I'd report it but they're not really breaking any board rules.
I want to pull you out of your armor and hug you


Dead at 700 edition

Last thread:

>For new players getting started

>1.3 Spoilers

>Terraria: Otherworld

>Terraria Servers

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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why do i never hear anyone mention the chain gun? i can kill 3 ice queens solo with that shit
Because you get that weapon after the Frost Moon as a random drop from Santa NK-1. It won't do much good for anyone who hasn't been able to finish it yet, unless they have an inventory editor.
Use Ichor Potions and use flairon/ paladin's hammer to do damage and use knives when you need health.

File: 1424730708014.png (532 KB, 1932x342)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.

Please come back asteroidanon edition

>Note: the general consensus at /kspg/ is that you should torrent the game, rather than purchasing it. The developer, Squad, is incompetent, extremely mismanaged, and is very resistant to all feedback or criticism. Furthermore, despite being poorly made, lacking a proper development team, years of unfixed bugs, and being in need of a serious physics and optimization overhaul, Squad has gone ahead and decided that they're just adding several new features, and jumping straight to version 1.0, without proper balancing and bugfixing, just to boost sales. With their performance to date, it's clear they do not deserve your shekels.

>Understand that we here at /kspg/ don't hate KSP. We've simply grown bitter over the way Squad has dragged such a promising title into the mud, and hope that our input might help to keep this sinking ship afloat a bit longer. However, we cannot in good conscience recommend buying this game to anyone.
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Why not?
They're safer than the girls you're going after
Not going to cut your dick off, not going to cry rape, not going to "accidentally" get pregnant, not going to divorce you and take half your money, not going to break up and tell everyone you have a small penis, etc
eh she's on stabler ground than before. I'm very much not worried about any of those things happening. I'm just worried about her banging her ex behind my back but there's no evidence.

oh also kerbal is a crying shame (gotta stay on topic)
Another thing, dogs wouldn't cheat on you

File: kaile.jpg (58 KB, 739x605)
58 KB
EVE Online General /eog/: Special Agent Kaile

>Can I make enough isk to PLEX during the trial?
If you have to ask, you can't do it.
>I just started, what should I do?
Do the tutorials, they give you isk, ships, skillbooks and teach you the basics. No really, do them. Do the career agents after that for an even deeper look at the game.
Talk to players and try to find a corp. The game is only as boring as you are.
>Is it too late to start playing EVE

Read the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/dVy50hyT
EVE Uni Turret Guide : http://imgur.com/a/OIYsh#0
< 2s align myths debunked: http://imgur.com/oTk4KEn.png (embed)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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that's abusive anon, it's like you're LITERALLY raping me by putting a bounty on my head.
>Plays eve
>doesn't handle basic physics

Just. Please. Biomass IRL.

Why isn't Oruze on this list of elite wormhole pvp corps?

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