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File: Spoiler Image (29 KB, 315x435)
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so this is how it ends...........

File: NightsOfAzure2-1.jpg (280 KB, 905x1280)
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280 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>180825668

>Vitagen Website (News, Translations, Guides, Wikis and more)


>NA PS Store Midyear Sale

>God Wars: Future Past sales top 100,000

>Nights of Azure 2 gameplay and event scene videos

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I caught that shit a few months ago. Sony is a bunch of fucking kikes.
When you sign up for PS+, it changes your account settings to auto-renew. It's in the fine print if you actually read that page.
Whenever you sign up for it, uncheck auto-renew, and uncheck auto "add funds to wallet" so you don't get charged for it again once it expires.

If you call them up they'll probably refund you.
File: no refunds.jpg (22 KB, 232x238)
22 KB

File: PAK-FA.png (1.38 MB, 1274x720)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
Aircraft you find most attractive edition

Previous thread: >>180323431

>DCS: Do not buy mirage and newer modules from steam, because you can't use them in stand-alone.<


>Steam group


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I have a saitek x52 and using the rudder is a nightmare. Rudder pedals seems fucking expensives tho. Is the difference real ?

File: kristin geary.jpg (217 KB, 1280x748)
217 KB
217 KB JPG

All of the chapters in the ARG are now unlocked.


Tell me what weapons you're using and why you like them together.
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Please tell me Hayden Montag comes back and is a re occurring character i love Jeffrey Combs and his voice acting is just the best.
KSR-Whatever? It has innate special that makes your grenades instantly cooked, but you always start at 3 seconds in grenade timer.
If you instantly fire the grenade and have luck enough to get another grenade, the global grenade cooldown timer is longer

File: vittorio veneto 3.jpg (70 KB, 1176x806)
70 KB
Regia Marina Edition

****NEW TO THE GAME?*****
Tell us your server and get a referral code from a fellow /wowsg/ to get extra bonus credits/flags/XP and two free premium ships (one instantly, one after you research a T6 ship).

>Newbie guide

>0.6.6 LIVE

>0.6.7 PTS

>NA vs. EU showmatch, place bets here (must be submitted by 11:30AM PDT)

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DDs are my favorite class to play, but I never play them because they are horrible for my winrate.

Why is this game so cruel?
Well then just give every CA in the japanese line sanshiki shells like they had historically. That'd even give Mogami players a reason to use her 8inch layout.
File: 1466188712479.gif (1.42 MB, 500x281)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB GIF
>Freddy is a bismarck with much better armor and much better guns

File: kissy.png (155 KB, 600x600)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Suave Bears Edition

Previous Thread

>Links to purchasables
FNAF 1 - SL: http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/1729/
FNAF BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Five-Nights-Freddys-Silver-Eyes/dp/133813437X
FNAF WORLD: http://gamejolt.com/games/fnaf-world/124921

Official Site: http://scottgames.com
Asset Rips: http://s.rtag.me/freddy
Fan Booru: http://5naf.booru.org

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I want /b/ to rise from its grave and bury /pol/ in its place.
File: The war is never over.jpg (143 KB, 900x626)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
>back to the grave the rest of the internet buried it in.
We never died. Some of use are still out there, scattered, but still fighting on.
>I like how you wrote it in third person
My preferred method for writing these types of stories is third person semi-omniscient. I think I wrote one or two stories in second person, and kept catching myself switching back and fourth between "you" and "he." My favorite method to write in is actually first person narration, since I can basically just tell the story to myself in my head and then write that down. It doesn't lend itself too well to lewds, but I wrote a pretty okay horror story like that once, way way back in the day.
>You had a character arc here with Mike, so that was neat, and unexpected
Don't get me wrong, I really dig the simple "and then they fucked" stories as long as the writing is solid and I like the scenario, but I always try to add a bit of depth into my fics when I can. Plus this is Roommates, and it just wouldn't feel right if someone wasn't reminding Mike to stop projecting his hangups onto everything around him.

File: asanagi.jpg (89 KB, 500x763)
89 KB
great job you meme loving fucks

Nova RO 25x 25x 10x (Renewal)
Guild: Nice Meme
Location: Stationed near north portal of Lighthalzen, slightly southwest
Ask anyone for an invite and state that you're from /vg/ or /rog/

iRO Classic
Get your character to level 80 and post a pic and we'll contact you for induction into the secret club.

>The Nova RO wiki has a shit ton of guides as well. Also has an in-dept introduction for new players and players who have not experienced renewal yet.

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new server in our country. which is better than the 2? mage>wizard or aco>priest?

I like both gameplay. I'll just be playing casually. which one is easier to gear?
are you people just grabbing random shitholes off rms now
Judging by the OP, yes.

File deleted.
Worst waifu/Turboslut edition

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Janna or Sona.

File: cosmowright.jpg (68 KB, 660x372)
68 KB
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get em to tone it down atleast
why you people so shitty to each other?
people became consumed by memes and lost sense of who they once were to others

File: Lt. Belica Paragon Thumb.jpg (238 KB, 1920x1080)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
We've done it edition

/parag/ FAQ
https://pastebin.com/0S9SiFtH (embed)

Latest News and Patch notes
New Hero Wraith June 27th
[YouTube] Paragon - Wraith Announce (Available June 27) (embed)
Phase Rev and Mori changes coming patch v41

Latest Released Hero - Wukong
[YouTube] Paragon - Wukong Overview (embed)

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Also he doesn't need wards, so you have an extra slot open for damage cards.
>picture of man screaming in anguish while holding his hands to his face DOT jpg
File: 1468134058138.png (301 KB, 500x377)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
>Also he doesn't need wards
>Wraith's "wards" only last for like, 15 seconds each

File: 02467467732.jpg (289 KB, 1280x720)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Dead Edition

No new game yet, just post waifus/husbandos

>Everything EO (References, Music, Art Books, etc.)



EOV releases in the west in Fall 2017, yes, Europe as well

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File: 1498102731342.jpg (21 KB, 240x240)
21 KB
Very cute!
File: 1492911197645.jpg (374 KB, 2010x2541)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
>tfw got into EO too late

File: Fallout_4_cover_art.jpg (34 KB, 238x293)
34 KB
Hello, my friend has just finished Skyrim and Shadow of Mordor. This nigger refuses to try out the fallout series cause he is a nigger. Convince him otherwise, please.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

^^^^^^ - The Nigger
OP the underage

File: unnamed.png (32 KB, 300x300)
32 KB
>FAQ and What to Play:

>Individual Game Pastas

Angband 4.1.0 has been released:
URR (non-)update:

>/rlg/'s shared DCSS online account
User: rlgrobin

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How do you survive wander spawns
File: orc enthusiam.png (424 KB, 1087x495)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
That's a lot of high-level orcs, orc-sama.
Just buy a plantation worker and have him scout for mines.

Protip: mines only explode once.

File: 1380478424579.png (762 KB, 1000x684)
762 KB
762 KB PNG
Last thread >>180584650

For all newcomers, Armored Core and all JP mecha discussion here. You are welcome to shill western stuff with JP influence.


AC pastebin: http://pastebin.com/z1bJS9gF
Read that if you have any questions. If the pastebin doesn't answer whatever question you may have feel free to ask us in the thread.

/acg/'s partially complete recommendation pastebin:


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Get out he is mine
>this busta wants an MT instead of an AC
AC grand strategy when?
You start off making MTs, progress to Normals, then at the end you can pop out a couple of NEXTs.

File: HAK HAK HAK.png (75 KB, 340x256)
75 KB
Preemptive HAK HAK HAK edition

> Official and Unofficial Wiki
> Community Hub
> Planets Stats
> Ships Stats
> Horatio splicing guide

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Insult the AE and immediatly join the federation.
>99/0: Reroll
>0: Reroll
Are you genuinely retarded my dude?
Even when I'm getting like 20 a turn, it's not enough to fight a war the way I would like. I'm forced to make ships that use generic weapons.

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