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File: op.jpg (197 KB, 928x721)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
H-Games General #1076

zzz edition

Welcome, this general is for the discussion of 2D/3D H-Games, Eroge, and Nukige. Some popular games like Rance/Alicesoft (>>>/vg/haniho), Monster Girl Quest (>>>/vg/mggg), Honey Select (>>>/h/select), Custom Maid (>>>/h/cm3d2), and Artificial Academy 2 (>>>/vg/aa2g) have their own generals already, so please post about them there instead! Likewise, consider taking discussion of RPGs and ACTs to >>>/vg/hgg2d/. However, all Western Porn Game discussion must be taken to >>>/aco/weg/!


Use web OCR to get kanji of error messages:

Please pay your respects to our matron saint, Julie d'Aubigny.

>If you have to ask, it's not translated.

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>tfw /v/ is having both livelier and better quality discussion on eroge than we are
Eh, /v/'s porn and handheld games discussion are always more than decent. Problem is they're pretty rare.
>EOPs children
good one

File: orig[1].jpg (107 KB, 700x600)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Let's Have Rice Balls Edition.
Somehow Still Alive Sub-Edition.

Previous: >>230357546

>Come Back Digimon Play Festival roundup

>Digimon Thanksgiving roundup

>English guide for Hacker's Memory

>Japanese guide for Hacker's Memory

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File: 60488826_p0.jpg (1.93 MB, 2083x2945)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
Hey, it was one dude, from across an entire battlefield. Gotta compliment him on his sniping at least.
Why are MetalGarurumon, Angewomon, Wargreymon and Angemon skyscraper sized? Or is this based on Our War Game/Diablomons Counterattack?

File: dakimania.png (2.8 MB, 1920x1811)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB PNG
Katawa Shoujo General #3557

"What are we going to do on the bed?" Edition

Previous thread: >>231284772

Official website: http://www.katawa-shoujo.com/ (KS is free)
Summer's Clover (Suriko's Miki Route): https://pastebin.com/j5tFNnqt
KS alpha: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/KSPreAlpha/discussions/0/1291816880498430072/
Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/Wp8y08x2
Writebin: http://pastebin.com/PpGnE3nc
KSG FAQ: https://pastebin.com/6Z28iW1x

Shimmie: http://shimmie.katawa-shoujo.com/

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It's called double penetration
"Cute Anime Girl Magic", I assume, would apply for every individual. So for everyone whose waifu is Suzu they would get their own Suzu
Very unanimous.

File: 1539468991532.jpg (241 KB, 1280x853)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Ace Combat General #474

Eurocanards Edition

Thread Theme:

Previous Mission:

<< AC4/5/0 Emulation Guide >>

<< AC3 (JP) Emulation Resources >>

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>Transparent aluminum is real
How long until its aircraft grade and we get literal invisible planes?
>*heavy breathing*
You can't make the entire plane out of aluminium so I feel it would just be Wonder Woman's jet with a pilot and some guts of the plane visible flying about.

Admittedly I was not thinking realistically in space combat terms.

Fair enough, might as well make a cloud of fast moving stuff in front of the target. But I feel like that would waste a big chunk of it that just goes in the other direction. Unless you manage to make the entire thing shoot in one direction rather than spray bits everywhere.

File: 1539483143820.png (2.49 MB, 2000x1064)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
Night in the Woods Edition

>Recommended SL Viewers

>Second Life Grid Status:

> /vg/ Group:
> /vg/ Land:

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What are some good non rip sci find places
nice autocorrect nerd

most sims on sl have at least one game rip
most sims on sl also tend to suck
good luck

File: best moms.jpg (92 KB, 965x965)
92 KB
Alicesoft/Rance General #889

Last Thread: >>230944606

NEET Hannies edition

FAQ: https://pastebin.com/rBedXy1Q
Previous Version of FAQ:
Read the FAQ before you ask questions.
Suggested Changes: http://piratepad.net/YwogqyaUro

>Useful Links
Wiki: http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/AliceSoftWiki:Main_Page
Alicesoft Image Booru: http://haniho.booru.org/
Rance Game Translation Chart:

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He only "prefers" it because unlike in 99% other eroge, anal this series is treated fairy seriously and Rance realizes that unprepared anal sex would be literally shit experience.
However, when for example in Rance Quest you get Rizna, Rance's first thought back in the castle is "finally, someone I can do anal with".
File: Tsumamigui_-_Kanae.jpg (18 KB, 225x300)
18 KB
Best Alicesoft girl right here lads. She's even playable in Sengoku.
File: Daiakuji_-_Morita_Ai.jpg (9 KB, 182x300)
9 KB
Ai is the superior cameo girl.

It has been far too long - Edition

Gallery Tag:
#ts4vg (Enable Custom Content in left panel)

>Links, FAQ, Sims, Mods:

>Mods and Custom Content:
http://pastebin.com/wS3a2En9 - Maxis Match for Sims 4
http://pastebin.com/TBqj7S7b - Sims 4 and 3
http://pastebin.com/eYZvWXYs - Sims 2

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Could you give tray files only to me? Last time one of you Simlets gave me merged packages as well and it replaced my hug animation with a pose and I can't seem to find the right file to delete after un-merge, I therefore only need tray files.
File: 1539877157940.png (200 KB, 400x400)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Are there any mods that smile lines like pic related?
The base game ones are fucking awful and only designed for fat or old people.
I find it suspicious that Rhyth is absent from the ghosts list

File: 1528254394556.jpg (481 KB, 2000x1400)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
Previous timeline: >>231008669


Spoilers ahead, proceed at your own Frisk.

-The Game

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Post bunny girl
File: snowdin bun buns.png (297 KB, 573x569)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
Which one?

File: 2018-10-13-1411-14.webm (1.37 MB, 704x700)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB WEBM

Read the General problems FAQ before asking questions. If you still need help, post your specs (speccy screenshot), OS, emulator version number and details of what's wrong.

Please contribute to the wiki if you discover any inaccuracies or have relevant information to append.

>Where do I get games
>What is the best emulator for...

Check out the wiki for the emulator you're using if you run into trouble, there may be a solution there too, often including recommendations for optimal game settings.

Previous thread: >>230990913
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>Considering Dolphin is much better than pcsx2 then there are no reasons to play PS2 multiplats at all, right?
Dolphin has its own set of problems and sometimes the ps2 version is better. Like in Tales of Symphonia, the camera view is better for multiplayer in the ps2 version.
File: SP.png (85 KB, 1118x828)
85 KB
>he fell for the retroshit meme
look guys we got another one

File: DexY0N9VMAAvQZk.jpg (146 KB, 1200x1119)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Previous thread >>231176937
Don't forget to use spoiler tags (Ctrl+S)!

>/drg/ OP pastebin (just copy it and paste previous thread link)

>Danganronpa News, Interviews and Articles Updated: 10/08/18
https://pastebin.com/n83HpxJC Famitsu Article for Death March Club on October 3rd, 2018

>Danganronpa Guides
http://pastebin.com/mnduF4qj Spoiler free guide *MUST READ IF YOU ARE NEW*
http://pastebin.com/MUdQJedT In-depth gameplay mechanics and information
https://pastebin.com/M1sg5ftn V3 TALENT DEVELOPMENT PLAN/MONOKUMA'S TRIAL GUIDE <-contains spoilers

>Danganronpa 1&2

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I really shouldn't like this but I do.
Shuichi big bimbofication!
this except I'm Shuichi

File: 1523747649857.png (33 KB, 530x537)
33 KB
Everything Etrian Odyssey (References, Music, Art Books, etc.)

>Etrian Odyssey Nexus / X
English Release: February 5th 2019 (US/EU), Japanese voices only

https://imgur.com/a/q1Wb76X Guild QR Codes
https://www.atlus.co.jp/news/9091/ Beginner QR Gear

>Etrian Odyssey NEXT STAGE
[YouTube] SQ、胎動。

>EOX Skill Sim

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>the adventurer can assume a new class with bonus stats and Skill Points

Why is it worded like this? I thought class changing in all of these games was literally just that. They're making it sound like it's the same as retiring.
because thats just for story mode because retireing means a whole new character and new portrait and blah blah stuff i think
Class changing in EOU actually did work similar to retiring
Untold 2 was full of mistakes like this

File: 1453991416051.jpg (46 KB, 440x398)
46 KB
Americans can't be arsed to bump the thread Edition

>What is EFT?
Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features. The players will have to experience living in the skin of one of the mercenaries who survived the initial stage of the Tarkov conflict.
>What is EFT like? Should I get EFT?
>Barebones /eftg/ pastebin:

>Where can I buy it? Is it on steam?
No steam yet

>I just started, what should I do?
Try the basic tutorial.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thoughts /eftg/?
Did they finally make IR worth it?
I don't think they changed it. It's always been good. It's just usually not worth the price unless you're bad at spotting people normally.
Stupidity all around

Previous thread: >>230173627

>Troubleshooting FAQ (must-read if you are new)

300 Day Anniversary!
1/2 Stamina cost missions
October 6th 0:00 ~ October 25th 13:59

Chapter 7 available

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1527186889979.jpg (179 KB, 1920x1080)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
They were always cozy
35 posts for a new thread!

File: 1539276507218[1].jpg (974 KB, 1920x1080)
974 KB
974 KB JPG
Dumb sexy poultry edition.

>What is this?
A Japanese mobile RPG that lets you collect and fight using characters from the Toji no Miko series.
Features of the game include 3D turn based combat, character dress-up, visual novel segments, and of course-- (((Gacha)))


>Current Events
October Login Bonus (10/1 04:00 - 11/1 03:59 JST)
Operation Halloween Prank (10/11 18:00 - 10/21 23:59 JST)
Trick or Treat Halloween Night Limited Pick-up Gacha (10/1 00:00 - 10/14 23:59 JST)
Trick or Treat Halloween Night Limited Step-up Gacha (10/1 00:00 - 10/14 23:59 JST)
Trick or Treat Halloween Night Limited Pick-up Gacha Part 2 (10/11 18:00 - 10/21 23:59 JST)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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They'd die from sucking her blood.
I want to be sex friends with bird
plaes maek thred

File: WoWScrnShot_091518_151741.jpg (393 KB, 1680x1050)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
745 replies and 231 images omitted. Click here to view.
ok 1.7er, enjoy being cucked by the CLASSICbulls
Steve Danuser

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