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File: Haru_Angry_Cut-in_2.png (234 KB, 872x632)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
>Old Thread: >>174126847
Haru Edition


>Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom characters trailer

>Ys VIII for PS4 Japanese web commercial

>NieR: Automata ‘One Million Shipments Commemoration’ live stream set for April 17

>Omega Labyrinth Z debut trailer

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I am assuming there is no current way to remote play to a non Sony tablet or phone?
I have been looking for apks to work on my Samsung phone and tablet but they are all out of date.
Doesn't the Playstation app do remote play?

File: Satele_Marr.png (2.49 MB, 1225x993)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
Worthless traitors edition.

/swgg/ is not your personal tech/customer support forum. Google search before posting.

>For General SWTOR info and finding people to play with:

Referral system is broken, ask politely in thread if you need a link.

>How do I setup Battlefront II?

>/swgg/ Guilds
Legio XVI Coruscantia - Tomb of Freedon Nadd (Imperial)

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eh, maybe the Relaxed sets too? for females they have a strap across the breasts but males are just bare
File: Rogue One ending.webm (2.97 MB, 1140x480)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB WEBM
When are we getting a Star Wars game like in the style of Republic Commando or Halo ODST where we play as the grunts and not space wizards. The contrast of soldiers who are the best of their faction standing next to someone who completely outclasses them is fun. Stormtroopers were the elite of Empire but when Vader was with them they seemed like privates and it'd be interesting to play that, to sometimes be the grunt that needs to be helped and not always be the almighty super saiyan.
Never because Disney audience and murricans love dem HEROES yo

File: 1479722162228.png (569 KB, 500x712)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
What's you type Edition

>Latest Patch

>Current Event

>Server Transfer Information

>Equipment Path Changes

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no your dumb lmoa
Oh ur right this one is for the shit game rofl my bad
Good night shitposter, I hope you reach your quota of (you)'s. Elsewhere though, mind you.

File: Undead Ambush.gif (122 KB, 333x333)
122 KB
122 KB GIF
you feel uneasy edition
Previous thread >>174281987

>Download the basic game here. Current version is Dwarf Fortress 0.43.05

>Official forums:

>Find a bug? Don't tell us! Tell Toady! Complaining in the thread will accomplish nothing.

>Have a question? Check the wiki first:

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File: ike no like.jpg (14 KB, 204x229)
14 KB
Derped, it should be BLOODSUCKER, not BLOODDRINKER.
bamp my man

File: csa7z.jpg (42 KB, 600x800)
42 KB
Last thread: >>174453240

/hbg/ Wiki: http://homebrew-general.wikia.com

3DS: 11.3
Wii U: 5.5.1
Vita: 3.60
PS4: 4.05 (Userland)
PS3: 3.55

3DS: http://pastebin.com/TQwDsWh9
a9lh + CFW: https://3ds.guide/
Wii U: http://pastebin.com/8u0WAyJC

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>PS3 sprites
vomiting madotsuki.jpg
Are there any other 3DS games with gameplay like the 3D Zeldas? I've already played those, of course, which is why I'm asking if there's more.
not really like zelda but third person are xenoblade kid icarus mgs3d and kingdom hearts

File: mutiny.png (84 KB, 965x1019)
84 KB
Fratricide Edition

Previous Thread

>Links to purchasables
FNAF 1 - SL: http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/1729/
FNAF BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Five-Nights-Freddys-Silver-Eyes/dp/133813437X
FNAF WORLD: http://gamejolt.com/games/fnaf-world/124921

Official Site: http://scottgames.com
Asset Rips: http://s.rtag.me/freddy
IRC: #FNAF on Rizon

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anon no that's to scary
Too scary for my sons. How about we just give Toy Bonnie a jumpscare and call it a day?

File: 56523260_p0.jpg (621 KB, 800x1200)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
EO Guides, References, Music, Art Books, etc.
>EO V Information


>EO V Skill Simulator
https://jii.moe/EkvsTrdY-.html# (Class Skills)
https://jii.moe/VyvBiy6dW.html# (Race Skills)

>EO V item and quest translation list
http://pastebin.com/c4uzKptj (Item list)

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Am I sexy, anon?
>quest reward: nectar ii
Another one for the pile.
It's my third time through and I have yet to use any of them.
By the time it feels right to use them the difference between 20HP and 200Hp doesn't really matter - if your freshly arrived character gets attacked they are dead anyways.
So might as well use the cheaper consumable...
So if I want to use a Medic in EO2U (because I overused War Magus to hell and back) and want them to contribute some damage is a Link Order Grimoire the best way to go? Or would some other skill deal more?

File: ArchangelArmor.jpg (238 KB, 1600x1200)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Archangel Armor is going to return right? RIGHT?! Edition

Previous Mission >>174027597

1)Julian Gallop Phoenix Point AMA

2)Jake spoke at PAX East on March 10th on the growing pains of rebooting XCOM

3)LONG WAR 2.1 is OUT

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can happen but it gets dampened becasue in the lower difficulties the game starts stacking the odds in your favor each time you miss/get hit many times in a row
no, easiest gives you stupid amounts of aim bonuses.
iirc you always get minimum 95% chance to hit on flanks
try difficulty 2 first, and if it's too hard then consider going down to 1
Ok, thanks for the advice.

File: 25.jpg (811 KB, 1920x1080)
811 KB
811 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>174570216

>Future Improvements: Chat UI and Trade Policies/Auto Match, EXP Tomes and More

>Plans for Combat System Changes (the great rework coming early summer according to IMC)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okFGAS_Y6Is [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhJP5wJPa0o [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF-h4Qo3RTM [Embed]

>Combat rework spreadsheet (informations from kTest)

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Well, It's great time to do that now. There is an event for new accounts with a bunch of exp tomes and dungeon resets.
Hey guys, i am making a QS3>Wugu3 because its fun to kill early bosses only using AA, but i dont know how viably this build is in end-game, the author of the build said that is pretty shitty.
My question is: If i use Didel Grand cross (+2 to skills QS) + 2 gem to boost Running & shooting my DPS will still be good for end game?
>but i dont know how viably this build is in end-game, the author of the build said that is pretty shitty.
On boss everythiny would outdps you and ypu would do fuck nothing in ET
You can solo farm and Saalus/290 comfy with it though
>My question is: If i use Didel Grand cross (+2 to skills QS) + 2 gem to boost Running & shooting my DPS will still be good for end game?
Your DPS would be better but still pretty shit in any party content

File: RJ187587.jpg (105 KB, 727x673)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
What Is This Expression Trying To Convey Edition

Previous thread: >>174532905

2D Hentai games (Hentai RPG, Violated Heroine, H-Action Games) General /hgg2d/
For searching purposes: /vhg/
Please check the catalog first to see if your game has a general already existing before posting about it.



>Recommended Games: (Outdated)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yeah. Remembering Act 4, I shudder to think about bosses of A5-10.
File: 1492904471937.png (470 KB, 540x540)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
Anyone have a save file for RJ163060?
My prediction is that Act 5 will be dramatically harder than Act 4, then Acts 6-9 will be easy as hell, then top it off with Act 10's boss being more difficult than the Shaper.

File: 2017-04-22_445417242.png (1.66 MB, 1280x768)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
>What is BDO?
Black Desert Online is an Korean MMORPG by Pearl Abyss. It features action-oriented combat, open world PvP territory control, player housing, unlimited levels, life skills, and more.

>Latest Patch Notes

>Mod Info

>Guides, guilds, Olvia Channel FAQ, and other info

>EnHANCEMENT it's fucking >ENHANCEMENT< Guide

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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So is there actual PVP happening now? Sieges and what not? I got the game at launch and quit 3 months in when valencia dropped and there was still no proper PVP.

How have things developed on this front?
Ranger, every 40 minutes of grinding it seems like my secondary gives out.
File: just shitposting.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1080)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB PNG

File: 1491759424265.png (249 KB, 751x865)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
Don't forget to use spoiler tags (Ctrl+S)!
Previous thread >>174705201

>/drg/ OP pastebin (just copy it and paste previous thread link)

>DRV3 news pastebin - *Updated 21/4/2017*

>New to DR
http://pastebin.com/mnduF4qj - Spoiler free guide to enjoy Danganronpa
http://pastebin.com/MUdQJedT - Indepth gameplay mechanics and infomation

>Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Steam Page:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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And everyone pretty much just ignored it, yes?
Yes, I can still see a shitton of Ouma posting
File: 62250990_p0.jpg (329 KB, 414x600)
329 KB
329 KB JPG

Comp #204 is a leprechaun monster in PosChengBand. Your power scales with the size of your wallet, so set off on a quest to pilfer 10 million gold! (and also kill a serpent or something i guess)

>FAQ and What to Play
FAQ: http://pastebin.com/Q7K91Q34
What to Play?: http://pastebin.com/yfUKx35f

>Individual Game Pastas

>/rlg/'s shared DCSS online account
User: rlgrobin
Password: ownfault (or "robin" on Xtahua)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You can cast that and wraithform, just like a rune knight.
>it casts dispel magic
>it magically summons shamblers!
File: 00000381.jpg (201 KB, 650x578)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
The fact anon has a 115% liferate right now tells you a lot.
You take halved damage from breaths just by being in a wall if I remember correctly, plus Dg have a 50% chance to resist with One With Magic.

File: LA Noirenam.png (1.51 MB, 1280x1002)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Burned and abandoned by men: >>174729115

>A google doc with basic information. If you're new to Bloodborne and /bbg/ READ THIS FIRST BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS

>Accessing the DLC
Note: If the eye isn't showing up, go to: Settings > Playstation Network/Account Management > Restore Licenses

>Co-Op & PvP

/bbg/ Fight Club:
Pthumeru - n6rc9jh8
Loran - jjpkdcgd

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
18 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I think most people just think it's a boring weapon.

Which desu it is. It's not flashy at all. Even the Threaded cane has more swag. Also pretty sure saif is the R1spam fag of Bloodborne.
>I think most people just think it's a boring weapon.
It's pretty funny to think that even the most base and boring weapon in Bloodborne is leagues above the "best" weapons in Souls save maybe for the DS3 DLC weapons.

Fucking Christ, Souls game with DeS weapon selection + Bloodborne moveset detail when?
>seventy weapons with the effort that went into fifteen when?

File: DOOM.png (472 KB, 620x387)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
DOOM Edition

NOTE: You will be playing against bots in casual queue until you reach account level 5.

>Official pages
Website: https://www.paladins.com/
Forums: http://forums.paladins.com/
Server status: http://status.hirezstudios.com/

>FAQ, useful links etc.

>Patch notes (OB48)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1471490143771.jpg (106 KB, 1000x800)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>enemy team has makoa and seris
>our team is 3 dmg 2 flank
>win anyway because I'm bomb king

what a balanced game lol
File: jbl.gif (1.89 MB, 260x264)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB GIF
>playing healer
>bomb king flanks us all game
>stun him but my team still doesn't kill him
>getting flanked by a bomb king
>1000 more damage than the opponents drogoz when you have 4 more deaths worth of uptime
Wow, you're pretty shit.

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