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2305630Sick of hauling your love around Want to run my train alone But the engine tracks straight through y…[View]
2305388outlaw wrestlers are bottom guy outlaw wrestlers couldnt even jannety in the wwe top tier talent eve…[View]
2303419Based big dick Nash workin' the braindead WWE office marks with his '''injury'''[View]
2304066>'Sting isn't a dra-'[View]
2303321YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8alwL79BhuU[View]
2304771What if he came out gay[View]
2305049What went wrong? Legitimate question[View]
2304670>According to ShowBuzzDaily, this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling episode, featuring the wedding of B…[View]
2301747SMACKDOWN RATINGS MAJOR INCREASE: >Last week: 2.62 >This week: 2.79 BASED A SHOW http://www.sh…[View]
2303548CRyan Ryan btfo by /our/ guy Big money Joe Cronin https://youtu.be/dLLWCd_G3dU[View]
2305101Good night /asp/[View]
2305199Stop watching outlaw '''wrestling'''[View]
2305238Sick of hauling your love around Want to run my train alone But the engine tracks straight through y…[View]
2305237>Shane O'Mac vs Taker was the biggest drawing match at WM 32 >the main attraction was the…[View]
2304972Is he, dare is say it, god forgive me, /ourguy/?[View]
2272993/joshi/ General #9: GOAT Trio Edition: The greatest triplet of our generation welcomes you to anothe…[View]
2304766>I'M A NICE MAN >YEAH I'M A NICE MAN >YEAAAAAAAH What was his gimmick exactly? Be…[View]
2301712Most iconic images in pro-wrestling. Post most iconic images. I'll start with a recent classic:[View]
2304913So aging power levels aren't kayfabe right?[View]
2298555I wanna start watching Misawa's work - Where should I start? What are the highlights?[View]
2304364SIGNS THREAD: Post the ones you have[View]
2304560Is Sasha the biggest draw since Stone Cold?[View]
2304858Create a Wrestler: What Would be your name, gimmick and theme song for me Name: Brian Bourne Gimmick…[View]
2304879First Blood match. Who bleeds first?[View]
2304126Guys please tell me how gauntlet blitz works. Who The fuck do I put in each categorize? I put my bes…[View]
2304537Why was he so over?[View]
2301949was it a work or a shoot?[View]
2302589post rumors that are BIG IF TRUE[View]
2301734What do you think the 30 character roster (15 current and 15 retired) of WWE All-Stars 2 would be li…[View]
2290539>naomi will never sit on your face why even live[View]
2304165/asp/ opinions about this one?[View]
2303037The day WWF:Attitude was born also,what's Haitch thinking here?[View]
2304504Hardy Boyz? More like the dime drawers right?[View]
2304295So, do you guys want to hang out with >>>/v/ ?[View]
2304449ITT: wrestlers who cut the same promo everytime pic-related[View]
2303827What's his draw status?[View]
2303963What could have been...: Per the latest episode of Something To Wrestle With it was revealed that Pa…[View]
2304298it's friday: you know what that means[View]
2302282>Raw in the late 90s was aweso-[View]
2304306Had dime but didn't draw it Then I went ahead and I lost All these dimes that I'm giving a…[View]
2303859https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hfWSXFofK8 >4 Records Roman Reigns Owns Based Big Dog working th…[View]
2304270All you grandmas need to leave this place. It's for us young people only who aren't senile…[View]
2303856>100k views in an hour Damn...[View]
2303400Is he on the 'count on two hands' list of GOAT yet?[View]
2303355>Vince Russo >A happily married man with multiple kids and believes in god >Saved the busin…[View]
2303536now that the dust has settled.... were they a mistake?[View]
2302251>where did you think you could go? >cuz everyone already knows, >it's 20 to 1 >yeah…[View]
2304053/CorbinClub/ General #88: End of Asylum Edition: W W @ ? Previous Thread: >>2261202 Report and…[View]
2304150How many dimes did this draw?[View]
2302642How accurate is this?[View]
2303727Hulk Hogan >hugely protective of his character >politicked all the time and refused jobs >f…[View]
2303245These bitches are dyking, right?[View]
2303824Tell me more about his chair fetish[View]
2295736Here's a recent picture of Rey Mysterio[View]
2302622Is Seth going to make it to Wrestlemania?[View]
2303899They squandered Ezekiel Jackson[View]
2303271ITT: Depression: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjawNT3wjZI[View]
2303641Would you let your children watch wrestling or introduce them to something Alpha like MMA?[View]
2301441Have you started your path to greatness, starting by being a vegan?[View]
2303725>drew dimes >revolutionised the business >started the attitude era >jannettied hogan …[View]
2302749WWE fucking sucks nowadays I wish they would get rid of the big hog[View]
2302202>given a gimmick >doesn't use it >given a belt >doesn't defend it >given a…[View]
2303680Try and post a photo with bigger draws the the previous poster. I'll start.[View]
2302920Uggo World Order[View]
2302887>The Undercarder isn't a dr-[View]
2302663What wrestlers post on /asp/?[View]
2303515Sick of hauling your love around Want to run my train alone But the engine tracks straight through y…[View]
2303256Now that the dust has settled...: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
2300990Will it ever return as a full blown ppv? The shows were usually memorable and created new stars ove…[View]
2301888Alexa Bliss My Daughter is a WWE Superstar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldc_B2GD4ig After this h…[View]
2303259https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw3QgNPPJuE >Austcuck beat Debra because she wouldn't have s…[View]
2300244Why do people hate this guy much?[View]
2303272Remember when a bunch of no talent, no drawing midgets invaded the WWF?[View]
2303125Rikishi will never sit on your face. Why even live?[View]
2302725I am buying a hoola hoop for a friend, what are some good companies for a profesionall hoop?[View]
2303251Cuck Cold Shit Austin: Stunnered thousands of people, never drew a damn dime.[View]
2303249Why didn't he want people to piss him off?[View]
2301947impact?: anybody want to watch impact tonight? There's a wedding and the Hardyz are claiming an…[View]
2302372did we ever figure out who this was?[View]
2303066caption this photo. now.[View]
2300039Is there a single person on the roster who can outsmart The Man with a Plan?[View]
2303185https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DTuUvIytoY itt post the greatest wrestler themes of all time[View]
2302249God tier matches[View]
2302412Really makes you think[View]
2294090Michael Shawn Hickenbottom was the Janetty the whole time. Never drew a dime. Netted the WWE its lo…[View]
2296227>Vince and Haitch let Rock's contract expire because they thought his Hollywood career would…[View]
2302869>Ryback leaves >ratings plummet RMYT[View]
2298930should time limits make a comback?[View]
2298021Can someone please explain to me why they would put the title back on Alexa Bliss? She's not ov…[View]
2302870Why won't they sell?[View]
2289044Could he beat Roman Reigns?[View]
2302394>Never in my life have I felt an energy in the building like I did when Nakamura walked out at th…[View]
2302487write the inevitable wrestlemania storyline[View]
2297883It's clearly the better brand, but anyone else thinking their half of the Mania card is looking…[View]
2299919>Invents a fuckton of moves himself >Top tier on the ground, air, grapple, and selling work …[View]
2302004Undertaker confirmed draw[View]
2302705Why is Vince still relying on run-ins to protect a face when he loses?[View]
2302344How about that.[View]
2302484>constant references to ratings >'this wrestlemania will be X-RATED!' >edgy bleeped words t…[View]
2299761https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwrW7bNUmpQ BASED BASED BASED BASED BASED BASED[View]
2302616How many sweaty fat SJW neckbeard marks is Based Big Draw Hogan gonna trigger when he makes his gran…[View]
2302625Roman was the draw. Not carder, not shane, not Paul '''''triple h ''''' levesque[View]
2302586Ultimately, was Nash the bigger draw of the two? I would say yes.[View]
2300353I wrote a song about Roman Reigns. Here's link. Credits to Anon for coming up with 'one versus'…[View]
2300057J U S T[View]
2302379the undertaker has never drawn a di-[View]
2302127The GOAT Tag Team champions[View]
2302377ANTI-DRAW >the sound of TVs turning off >dimes fall on the floor…[View]
2302357what are you looking forward to on THE A SHOW in the coming weeks and months?[View]
2302296>Most popular wrestler of all time >Cultural Icon >First thing people of when they hear 'wr…[View]
2300214>wymyn wrestling is meme that needs to stop when are we going to go back to proper BRAP & Pan…[View]
2301212What are the plans for his main roster debut[View]
2296257what went right[View]
2301211>Hey AJ do you wanna talk about how you think the earth is flat?[View]
2302312I'm pretty sure these were the GOAT tag team.[View]
2302325I love shinsuke Nakamura[View]
2302307was this the GOAT tag team?[View]
2298470Ric Flair on Bret Hart: >“I feel sorry for Bret Hart. He is a legend in his own mind. He lives in…[View]
2302238The day wrestling was saved.[View]
2299839Was this the night Cody and Damien's career died?[View]
2302195>tfw too alpha to care about all the haters I aspire to be like him :')…[View]
2299955>no wrestling experience prior to WWE >improves at a faster rate than any of these indie darli…[View]
2302211HYPE things in wrestling: >from the FIVE FIVE NINE![View]
2299636I know this is vidya related but since it's a martial arts question I figure I'd ask it he…[View]
2301022Sorry This shit is embarrasing[View]
2300333Why do we give a shit if 'it was my dream'[View]
2301807The difference between Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Picture 1: Dean Ambrose immediately chases aft…[View]
2302059why did Bo Dallas change his name?[View]
2301891Raw vs. Smackdown: Ok people, let's settle this shit. Which show is best? http://www.strawpoll.…[View]
2301846Big Dick Dave[View]
2301381Did we ever find out who Mr. America is?[View]
2298952Talking Smack: >Hey AJ do you want to talk about how you think the Earth is flat? What did Daniel…[View]
2301823On this edition of Filthy Four Daily's 'Geek of the Week' segment Tom Lawlor wanted to name Rom…[View]
2301787Why does his theme have so many views compared to other wrestlers? Is it all Pajeets?[View]
2301506>The journey to WWE for Alexa Bliss was not an easy one Yeah right, should she not look good she …[View]
2300130>referee starts counting a wrestler out >crowd: TEN! TEN! TEN! TEN! When did this fucking can…[View]
2301553Does anyone here aspire to be a Wrestler? do you train? lift? are you in a wrestling school?[View]
2301678>undercarder Last positioned on his own turf, Rusev higher than him[View]
2301658ITT: Matches that actually happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_7qdbZS7yw[View]
2300560A few months ago some schmuck posted on here saying that he wrestled for WWE and that he was primed …[View]
2300623/heavy machinery/ general #2 theme edition: there's a theme now listen to it here: https://www.…[View]
2300401Why did WCW carry so many Mexican wrestlers? Meanwhile, WWF couldn't give a shit about them?[View]
2301483About Naomi's condition.: >'Naomi hurt her left knee when she did The Moonsault that won the…[View]
2299075What did Finn mean by this?[View]
2299487ITT: Cringe: >'This isn't CM Punk, talking to Triple H. This is Phil Brooks talking to Paul …[View]
2299732>The Rock-n-Roll Express walked in on Jimmy Valiant, laying under a glass table, pleasuring himse…[View]
2299189Big Based Pep Nips: Forget The Rock Forget Big Dave Forget BMJ Cesaro is an award winner[View]
2299533What is this /asp/[View]
2299153You have the opportunity to start a steady relationship with Lugey or bang any of the WWE divas for …[View]
2295506I'm only going to say this once. Daniel Bryan would never have been over had it not been for th…[View]
2297440>JOHN CENA SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS >JOHN CENA SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS is this the new 'you suck' chant?…[View]
2301375ONE VERSUS ALL[View]
2300208The Wyatt Bowl: Name a better possible matchup than Braun 'The Mountain' Strowman vs. Luke 'The Houn…[View]
230132438 days until the Undertaker is retired by the Big Dog[View]
2299361And this is supposed to be the G rated era.[View]
2299480name my card: Hey guys, can you name my pro-wrestling card, thanks![View]
2301203/asp/ 's most hated: Does anyone here actually like Josh? Why is he still employed?[View]
2300656BASED Big Dick Meltzer working the bayley marks[View]
2300487How does she wear underwear with this?[View]
2297115Anyone else hear Nikki call the match? kinda sad the camera crew is so bad they caught her saying th…[View]
2298758Who was the top star of the Golden Era after Hogan? Warrior? Savage? Andre? I want to say Savage but…[View]
2300852>Vince:'I think you have to develop an attitude. From the severity that I experienced, taking num…[View]
2301097Pirate this DDP Yoga advert or The Wrestler? What will make me feel more?[View]
2300773>outlaw wrestling[View]
2301021ITT: Underrated themes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEhudWevBAo[View]
2300154Why is he so uncomfortable on Talking Smack?[View]
2300344BASED EMBER KILLS BILLIE KAY'S NECK: >Ember Moon defeated Billie Kay (with Peyton Royce) in …[View]
2301004So is this thread just Wrestling or Alternative Sports, cuz if it really is /asp/ i could dump some …[View]
2300978Vince called Austin 'The greatest of all time' when he inducted him to the HOF Can we end this 'GOAT…[View]
2296229Does CM Punk have any chance of redeeming himself in the octagon?[View]
2300803>Wrestlers get into a plane crash >All of them survive >Musicians get into a plane crash …[View]
2291241Street Fight Thread: Post street fight videos, webm, and/or gifs. either that, or tell us your first…[View]
2295701A Friendly Reminder: If you think the WWE is the only game in town, you need to BTFO[View]
2297999Well /asp/?: What do you think of your champions?[View]
2296138Post Underrated Babyface Runs[View]
2300527Caption this pic[View]
2299222>Chanting 'botchamania' during a match Name something more cringey[View]
2300499What's his endgame?[View]
2298804d-did they?[View]
2298734/gook/ - New Japan/Gook General: Get in here outlaw bros, lets do it right this time Big NJ events c…[View]
2298989Foosball General: So what's your favorite tactic in winning a game of foosball? what kind of ta…[View]
2300598We know Cena exposed The Rock and BTFO him their feud, but could Cena hang with Hogan? Say prime Cen…[View]
2299699Heard xavier was helping make a new wrestling game. Seems like something he'd word on.[View]
2300508>watching early Shawn Michaels matches from 1993-onward >The Superkick was a transitional move…[View]
2287977Chinese Checkers General.: So lets talk about the honerable sport of chinese checkers. Whats's …[View]
2294089Hottest WWE girl confirmed.[View]
2300491This is the SummerSlam Main Event Dimes?[View]
2300506UNDERCARDER BTFO: >Never the guy >Never drew a dime >Never had a good match before 2006 and…[View]
2300297Is this the most underrated Wrestlemania of all time? I never see it discussed or put on anyones lis…[View]
2300323has anyone's career been hurt more JUST because of a bad look?[View]
2300406what would you do to her?[View]
2295397Referee General: Let's talk about most dominant sport that dominates all sports.[View]
2300393This music video is what actually killed the WWE: The 'WWF Desire - Lonely Road of Faith' video. Thi…[View]
2299964>$6 million a year to turn your head against the camera and wrestle 5 matches What a sweet deal…[View]
2299856ITT: wrestlers you hope suffer a career-ending and potentially life threatening injury[View]
2298846YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy What does she mean by this?[View]
2300065How did I do, /asp/?[View]
2300315pokerstars: anyone here play on pokerstars? Got a quick question: do you trust them with your ssn?…[View]
2300286You now remember that The Undertaker and Kane actually had a feud over this guy at one point.[View]
2298596ITT: GOAT femheels. Pic related. >inb4 'vagoo cannot into wrasslin!'[View]
2299288Is this the most forgettable WWE title run in recent history?[View]
2300107>Randy Orton will be remembered as a member of the Wyatt Family Imagine if Steve Austin had joine…[View]
2300243Trash Talk General: Alright you fuckers, in this this we talk shit to one another, to prove which on…[View]
2299696What exactly were they thinking when they did this? Was it supposed to draw dimes?[View]
2295810Have you been to a wrestling match irl /asp/? How was it? Any stories?[View]
2298609>WWE tries to push women on Raw as being a major part of the show >They only get half the atte…[View]
2300180Hey /asp/ies, need some help finding a clip. It was from some interview Roddy Piper did, and he talk…[View]
2299747RAW RATINGS SKYROCKET: http://www.topropepress.com/news/42788/wwe-raw-ratings-viewership-22017/ >…[View]
2299939Electric Football General: Let's share strats and stats. Spinning around in a circle? Pro bases…[View]
2299700Puroresu episode: In Akiba's trip GOAT anime in this season. All the stuff incorporated This is…[View]
2291375Checkers general.: I'm really mad that there's a CHING CHONG Checkers thread in this board…[View]
2293353Backgammon General: Discuss the worlds oldest and greatest board game. Reminder: if you don't u…[View]
2299253Wrestling WEBM/GIF Thread: Post what you got[View]
2300007skateboarding: JVC mini DV camcorder fisheye: im looking for a fisheye for a JVC GR-D340EK mini DV c…[View]
2299615What models of hoverboard do you lads have? Any tips for improving my epic skills?[View]
2299389Thank god I don't have to watch this cringe fest on RAW anymore.[View]
2299331THE REAL GOAT >Hall of Famer >faced off 1 on 1 with Prime Kane and lived >eliminated The Ha…[View]
2299778Steve Austin on Debra: >'I made sure that dumb bitch was begging for mercy by the end of it. I…[View]
2294763What's his gimmick supposed to be?[View]
2297833>AJ clearly touched the ground first >ref 1: NO AJ WON REEEEEE what did they mean by this?…[View]
2298413Revisiting Royal Rumble 1999 -SCSA opens at n.1 getting a huge pop, Vince McMahon himself enters at …[View]
2298607Why do girls pretend to like wrestling? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUmCnZPOCq8[View]
2299621What did he mean by this?[View]
2299558Based https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ0vjKJFNAi/?taken-by=therock >tfw you like a fatty more than …[View]
2299011who goes over?[View]
2298784Who wins?[View]
2295335Air Hockey General: Yooo! what up bromios? i just got done drinking a six pack of of ranch, and i ju…[View]
2298868I don't usually come here. What does /asp/ think of SCA?[View]
2297417GOAT: Reminder that Charlotte has only spent 10 weeks total without a title since September of 2015.…[View]
2299042Jeff hardy: The Anime?[View]
2298891Alicia Fawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…[View]
2298830>Smackdown can get guys that were considered a joke a year ago like Miz and Luke Harper over >…[View]
2298654Who is the best at working anti-smarks ? Hard mode: No Daniel Bryan[View]
2294558Where would he be in WWE today?[View]
2294239Kenny Omega watches RAM How will NJPW babbies and Smacklads ever recover?[View]
2298705Who was the Janetty?[View]
2295372rock-em sock-em robots General: What's your favorite robot? red robot or blue robot? how do you…[View]
2295426Belt thread: Best titles? Triple Crown belt looks prestigious as fuck[View]
2297885>Bray is the world champion >Harper is loved by fans >Braun is the based big guy for Raw …[View]
2295351Ping Pong General: Wiki:http://www.wikihow.com/Play-Ping-Pong-(Table-Tennis) When to take up Ping Po…[View]
2295099APOLOGISE: >three years since he sacrificed himself so the fans could have a better product >5…[View]
2296722>wreck flair literally carrying hogans bags kek cant make this shit up[View]
2298561>BOTCHDOWN embarrassing[View]
2282227>Failed university >Cried at Unstoppable >Cried at Brooklyn >Cried at the Rumble >Cri…[View]
2295745Was he a draw?[View]
2290841Fav wrestler?: Doesn't have to be the best. someone you will always mark out when he/she does s…[View]

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