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2791071What happened to Maryse's chest?[View]
2791058Reminder no one superstar is to blame for the ratings: Not the Shield, not Balor, nobody. The whole …[View]
2789514He's going to be wrestling again by the end of next year he'll basically have the HBK 2nd …[View]
2792262ITT: Tag teams we didnt deserve[View]
2789450bullying angle when?[View]
2792033ITT: Best unused themes. I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8HC0THV3m4[View]
2792120Omg so hot: yumy now he should be in his Calvin kleins only yeah[View]
2787950Neville will win the Royal Rumble Screen cap this[View]
2791240What's the deal with his new finisher bros? He hasn't used it since he symbolically droppe…[View]
2791404Now residing in their head, How does he do it?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbJFEHikwLU https://…[View]
2790449Did any heel before Corporate Rock do the 'sit in on commentary during your own match' thing? It…[View]
2790951ITT: wrestling commentators you hope suffer a career-ending and potentially life threatening injury[View]
2788552Is there a better woman on the mic?[View]
2789309/newjack/: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
2789205The day wrestling died. Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't[View]
2788982tfw the queen's reign is over[View]
2784548who's hype for round 2?[View]
2791495The Greatest Of All Time: >GOAT >Rich as fuck >Famous >6'2 >Big dick >Fucked …[View]
2791477Is there a more iconic duo?[View]
2790086Cody Rhodes interview: >'I don't want to sound negative but being part of history right now …[View]
2789473>SIZE MATTERZ to such an extent that even the biggest proponent of vanilla midgets has the warped…[View]
2790195So can we all agree that Vince is senile?[View]
2791798when is he gonna get his moment lads? i really really think hes the GOAT worker and performer.[View]
2790814Why is Wrestling so obsessed with judging what's best on what makes the most money? No other fo…[View]
2788468Reminder that this fragile midget injured himself by simply making his way to the ring.[View]
2790569>hardly ever watch 205 Live, but was bored so put it on in the background >wife, who doesn…[View]
2788974Why aren't they posted anywhere? Has /asp/ turned on them?[View]
2791506NXT Women's Championship run when?[View]
2788387>mention Enzo tweeting to Conor Mcgregor twice on RAW >*cricket noises* both times…[View]
2791373why did he go to the trouble of sneak attacks on enzo and fake an attack on himself? what exactly wa…[View]
2784937>tfw on a whim I decide to go on the network and put on an old Smackdown from 2001 >Didn'…[View]
2788913impact isn't cool anymo..[View]
2785403ITT: Storylines that were ahead of its time.[View]
2789173is he retarded?[View]
2790972Mr. Pogo has died: https://twitter.com/onitafire123/status/878118702813659136 One of the greatest ha…[View]
2788732Who was the biggest draw here Best worker best promo[View]
27909424 more days. Reminder your board leader Deanmark will be organizing an event to celebrate the 7th an…[View]
2789766Hello I am charlyasmr let me asmr you[View]
2788278ITT: Wrestling merch you can actually wear in public[View]
2788345Cut a promo /asp/[View]
2789523>p-p-please c-come back Mauro-kun, we know our commentary is shit without you Based Big Money Mau…[View]
2791161so tonight is the night Cody 'the ratings nightmare' Rhodes will become a world champion. will you …[View]
2789532What did Reby mean by this tweet?[View]
2785832NWO angle never drew a dime without Hogan: >Dave opens the issue by talking about how PPV numbers…[View]
2789549>Joshua vs Klitschko broke records >Is Jinder vs Baron the match to put WWE back on the map? …[View]
2789564>Invades Smackdown >Helps Carmella win MITB >Boot Ellsworth >Take MITB to RAW and hold …[View]
2788127Bayley's summerslam plans: http://www.inquisitr.com/4308025/bayley-wwe-summerslam/ >There i…[View]
2791022*makes wrestling mainstream again*[View]
2790583When will he be finished with Roman?[View]
2784430Was it time?[View]
2790610So is Kenny a heel? It seems like the New Japan fans pretty much love the guy. I watched Dominion on…[View]
2788696LMAO kenny gaymega was future endeavoured from wwe developmental: >wwe developmental hahahahahaha…[View]
2790374>THE ICON IS STALKING THE BEAST INCARNATE This is an actual line said by this asshole during Lesn…[View]
2782631ITT: Wrestlers LITERALLY only you like: and wrestlers who deserved better.[View]
2789508Goodbye mommy: >As seen on RAW this past Monday night, WWE appears to be splitting The Miz and Ma…[View]
2781631What's up with WWE booking?: Seriously, what's up with how they book faces and heels? All …[View]
2791089>friends talking about njpw[View]
2788908Kenny omega was fired from wwe developmental: For all these years njpw shills have lied about how he…[View]
2789396ITT times wrestlers worked themselves into a shoot[View]
2790979Wrestlecircus douche owners hot wife: Dummy got trolled but how hot Is his wife! How long till she g…[View]
2788275What are your guys honest Opinions About him[View]
2788322found Kenny OmeGOAT[View]
2785646Has there ever been a championship belt that started off as a joke/irrelevant but ended up acquiring…[View]
2791002Why do all wrestlers speak with the exact same cadence in their voices?[View]
2789657Why do we need women wrestlers?: 1) the only hot women now are Maryse and *maybe* Dana if she'd…[View]
2790960Look in my eyyyeeeesss what do you see?[View]
2790937So 'its not paranoia' and the Big Cass turn are my candidates for Promo of the Year. WWE is not abou…[View]
2790413>Vince hates what wwe has become: a haven for uninspiring indiefag vanilla midgets who don't…[View]
2788664>3 time WWE Champion >1 time WHC >2 time US Champion >2 time Tag Champion >Won 2010…[View]
27897292018 WILL BE A VERY IMPORTANT YEAR FOR THE FUTURE OF PRO-WRESTLING - according to le Meltz. >on t…[View]
2790761OHH MYY[View]
2789314ITT: Wrestlers that will never be over[View]
2789515Apollo Crews welcomes first child: http://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/article/apollo-crews-first-child-bor…[View]
2790654Post ideas too creative 4 WWE Creative: >Have Kassius Ohno, Kevin Owens and Kenny Omega team up …[View]
2787557The Problem with the women's MITB match booking: I personally found what Ellsworth did to be fu…[View]
2790032>2017 wrestling debut IT'S THE GREATEST (GREATEST) LOVE I'VE EVER KNOWN…[View]
2788881>GOAT babyface >GOAT theme >good promo >Longest undefeated streak in WWE history >…[View]
2788305HEY ANON![View]
2790663He's back with WWE already: Do you think the retarded wrestling journalists will apologize for …[View]
2790362You guys told me that AJ Styles is a good Christian boy devoted only to his wife. Why are adult film…[View]
2790458>The Big Hog owns Japan >James Ellsworth is more mainstream than Omeme and Stainmaker >New …[View]
2788753ITT: wrestling journalists you hope suffer a career-ending and potentially life threatening injury[View]
2788101Botchamania = Trash: If you still watching this shite you're a stupid fucking faggot NEET, just…[View]
2786397Size queens BTFO: Biggest draws iin the world: Floyd Mayweather Jr Conor McGregor Ronda Rousey Nate …[View]
2790462name a better physique in the history of wwe. pro tip - you literally can not.[View]
2789084What wrestlers today would JBL have bullied the fuck out of in his prime bullying days? >Nakamura…[View]
2789814*too sweets your path*[View]
2790220literally who[View]
2789915Most based power couple ever?[View]
2786211Smackdown sold out again guys!![View]
2789186IMPACT INDIA 3: >Bobby Lashley and E Singh 3 vs Alberto and James Storm >Knockouts:Rosemary vs…[View]
2790172>Jinder being WWE Champion means he won't have the lowest overall in WWE2k18 Absolutely base…[View]
2790247GOAT couple: These 2 are by far the best promos in the WWE right now. Prove me wrong. pro tip ya can…[View]
2787828cfo$ does it again https://youtu.be/D_FGO1UGrls[View]
2790268>He took her name[View]
2789890>yfw you realize TNA has survived longer than WCW did[View]
2789379Ending The Promotion War: Alright you fags, enough of the shitposting. Let's settle this once a…[View]
2785199BASED Big Hog working the fattie.[View]
2784913Who is your sexiest female wrestler?: For me it HAS to be Nia Jax. Her bravery showing off her body …[View]
2789678For a small fee, do you think WWE would profit from VR by having a live feed in the front seat? Or …[View]
2787455>great babyface >great heel >great theme >good promo >10/10 look >tons of charisma…[View]
2788171>“James arrived at The Q before the wrestler and his posse, and claimed not to know he was out th…[View]
2789331Vince Russo is the most entertaining person in wrestling /russo/ Who else finds Vinny Ru comfy and …[View]
2778923Happy Anniversary, IMPACT Wrestling!: It has been fifteen exciting, action-packed years since the bi…[View]
2760460/bex/ - Becky Lynch General: Becky Got Bank Edition Highlights/Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
2787507You fucking stupid smarks Vince worked you People will cheer super cena when he breaks the record at…[View]
2789485Your WWE2K18 cover star.: >This guy is the cover star instead of guys like fucking Styles or Roma…[View]
2789772why do you like fat mastadons but not based KO[View]
2789185*grabs mic*[View]
2789734So why did the G.O.A.T.S have taker all to themselves for 4 years? and how did H take the undertaker…[View]
2789620How do I become good body builder?[View]
2789593>queering doesn't make the world work What did he mean by this?[View]
2789611>2015: PUSH AMBROSE >2017: FUCK AMBROSE >This is why nobody listens to you dumb smarks. E…[View]
2789516DAMMIT TOZAWA[View]
2785255>because at the end of the day... >i am just that intelligent... >the fact of the matter is…[View]
2788931Is there a better man on the mic?[View]
2787372*draws pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars, 2 dollars, 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 50 …[View]
2789219>I think that is the - look I'll go a step further and say all sports is entertainment, the …[View]
2786844ITT: WWE wrestlers who are genuinely over[View]
2789094ITT: Brainwashed WWE Drones: > Doesn't question WWE decisions > Can't think for them…[View]
2787318/tew/ - Total Extreme Wrestling General: How's your territory doing?[View]
2786647GOAT segments Vince Russo scripted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcmXoSKBnYA[View]
2789038>2017 >not watching Shin Nihon Puroresu Explain yourselves you baka gaijin.…[View]
2785778Anyone know how feasible it would be to fill sparring/training mats with sand and how would I go abo…[View]
2786267so couple of months ago they started hinting at changing the IC belt. after Deano and Miz moved down…[View]
2786095ITT times a meme entrance got a good talent over.[View]
2785224What do you think Benoit's wife Nancy said to him to send him into a seething murderous rage?[View]
2786884*Triple H music hits*: YOU KNOW... THE MORE I COME AROUND HERE[View]
2788899Where was this Muslim Canadian during the terror attack in Michigan? http://abcnews.go.com/Internati…[View]
2788850>Damn Kenny is awesome. That was an awesome clip. I felt my smark levels invigorated as his sooth…[View]
2785426Remember this face?[View]
2788827>yfw Brock - Braun - Joe - Roman main events summerslam[View]
2786886GRAND DADDY OF THEM ALL: And the lights dim for the biggest moment ever! Moments when you absolutely…[View]
2787893How the fuck can we get him back lads? AJ is always good but this AJ was based as fuck and almost as…[View]
2788752Did you ever notice how smarks always whine about the winners of fake wrestling matches? That's…[View]
2787603Former E Drone here..: I have come to accept our new Japanese overlords. WWE is shit and I just canc…[View]
2787530https://twitter.com/JumpinJimG69/status/877693961476943872 BASED[View]
2785535*spends 10 seconds to remember line* YOU MAY THINK THE ROCK IS BOXING WITH GOD *thinks hard on next …[View]
2788662>Thanks @Cannes_Lions for letting @StephanieMcMahon & I talk about the passion and connection…[View]
2784686Matches you have no memory of: >the main event of wrestle mania 23 was Shawn Michaels vs John Cen…[View]
2787481Skateboarding thread: talk about it[View]
2787666>COLT - 'hello guys welcome to my downfall, thanks for tuning in' What did he mean by this?…[View]
2788557Manlets never drew a dim-[View]
2786591Wtf? Is Goldberg coming back for more shekels already? https://youtube.com/watch?v=VxyXf_jZ5g4 https…[View]
2787219ITT: We ruin current NXT stars like WWE creative: >debuts on RAW to help Samoa Joe >Roman mak…[View]
2787549>Jinder Mahal is in the ring >Cutting a promo after retaining his WWE Championship >Starts …[View]
2786305Man, Styles used to look so THICC, what happened?[View]
2788349Seth Rollins is a wannabe CM Punk (5 Days Remaining): >I didn't sell out, I bought in Remind…[View]
2787522Has anyone ever noticed on the second Nitro of 1997, when DDP rejects the nWo, as the show goes to b…[View]
2785348Is he /ourGOAT/?[View]
2788326>party's over gramba[View]
2787718ITT: We post god-tier enhancement talent: I'll start[View]
2786908Fix the WWE: We all know the brand is stale as fuck, and for a while it seems like watching the show…[View]
2788256THE THING IS SEFF[View]
2786754Favorite non-WWE theme.: Sup, /asp/. What's your favorite non-WWE (could be NJPW, ROH, Lucha, T…[View]
2787826I spent the last hour in bed thinking to myself what the fuck am I to do with my life. I grew up wat…[View]
2786536To all of you NJPW autists who keep spamming the crowd from yesterday's smackdown, these pics a…[View]
2788093Was this a Sami Zayne or Nakamura impersonation?[View]
2788072What is the highest rating Raw ever got?[View]
2788149Wrestlecircus: Is all indy wrestling this bad? >matches are for laughs >crowd is full of smark…[View]
2786514How good of a heel gimmick would this be?: Name: Chad Thunder Entrance theme: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
2787171what went wrong?[View]
2787049>Watching WWE[View]
2786561>Invades Smackdown >Boots Ellsworth >Takes his bitch back >Hold the MITB contract host…[View]
2787435What did he mean by this?[View]
2786394SMACKDOWN RATINGS SKYROCKET: http://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/wwe-smackdown-live-viewership-for-6201…[View]
2786941Is he the best active wrestler left from wcw?[View]
2781388How come this nigga doesn't generate huge pops? last night he was getting timid reactions, whil…[View]
2785696Kenny Omega vs Kota Ibushi.: So with both Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi in the G1 tournament this year…[View]
2787606Is he the biggest could-have-been of the modern era? I can't think of any other man who had mor…[View]
2787017nxt game thread 1: /cumfy/ edition[View]
2785397>tfw 4+* main event every single week >tfw great booking and characters >tfw long, thought-…[View]
2788015JR mentioning Benoit in njpw thinking it's edgy while getting those 'remember him for talent no…[View]
2785817You know what you stupid indie fucks, who cares about ratings? who cares about match quality? only s…[View]
2787940>How y'all live...the diamonds, the furs, the movie business. What's the deal here? Is …[View]
2787367Only one man can save the WWE now. Why won't they bring him back?[View]
2782414Martial arts with knee injury?: 6'4', 220lbs, around 18% bf So I have a partially torn meniscus…[View]
2787558Dave Meltzer's Money in the Bank Star Ratings: >Hype Bros vs. Colons: 2 >Women's Mon…[View]
2787768> This will main event over the universal title match at GBOF because muh yard…[View]
2784416Dream matches that will never happen: >AJ Styles vs Eddie Guerrero…[View]
2786752Thoughts on Dan Severn?[View]
2786878We imagine our WWE return if were Superstars: >get injured during gauntlet match with seth rollin…[View]
2767703Starting a Podcast: I know it's cringe but I am going to start doing a wrestling podcast, would…[View]
2787772Best NXT theme.[View]
2787520What did he mean by this?[View]
2786152Find me a superstar or a move that got louder reactions than pic related in the last 15 years(exclud…[View]
2786604>ROH Best in the world >Cody beats Daniels after a 2 and a half star match that is forgettable…[View]
2786541Marty Jannetty = Absolutely Based: I know this board likes to trash talk the very successful and fam…[View]
2784917Leave pro wrestling to us.[View]
2787121Welp, /asp/ies, it looks like it's happening in New Orleans next year. Should we already prepar…[View]
2786473She looks pure and innocent but you do have to wonder how many times she Cucked macho man behind his…[View]
2787415What went right?[View]
2785677>'we're strong, independent women!' >'we don't need no man!' >'we're just as…[View]
2787307The Wrestlemania 34 plans have changed. John Cena is retiring next year from full time. The main eve…[View]
2787337>spouts bullshit 24/7 >retards like (You) take it for the truth name a better worker in the i…[View]
2785500Fuck this company.: >There are no detailed plans for Enzo There you have it folks. Being tall is …[View]
2787112If /asp/ ran wwe: Say /asp/ was boiled down into one guy, and was put in charge of the wwe, and the …[View]
2782301What has this faggot done since he's come back from injury? The most logical thing they could…[View]
2786428FREAKING edition when?[View]
2786987How would the promo between these two go?[View]
2785637It sucked. You know why? Because it didn't make sense. Brock failed for the same tactic AGAIN B…[View]
2786098>bad promos >boring in ring >shitty body >only plus is that he's tall Why couldn…[View]
2785625Is he right?[View]
2786867idk what you guys see in Renee...: woof.[View]
2786717I'm back and better than ever: Daily reminder that only one person can save the E, and it'…[View]
2775070What a fucking mark[View]
2786380Worked catering this past RAW in Indiana and Seth Rollins was a terror. He's fucking retarded a…[View]
2786715What did he mean by this?[View]
2786804NXT Gamethread 1: Aleister Black dressed like a HxCx fag Edition Tonight: Ohno vs Black Will Alieste…[View]
2786457Relive the Russo era: So there are people on this board who unironically believe that Russo doesn…[View]
2784716This cross-eyed homo faggot never drew a dime. Prove me wrong, /asp/[View]
2780689Find me a main event for a weekly pro wrestling show with more star power(both in the ring and on co…[View]
2786381This year Smackdown gets a show on July 4th. Will they go lower than RAW did last year?[View]
2780356>certified g bonafide release and they will release that what did he mean by this?…[View]
2786310https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg9Trr40ptA Everyone gets a bigger pop than the entire roster right …[View]
2786392>The entrance is over >Not the wrestler When will they stop this? Will WWE ever be able to pro…[View]
2784493Zero Dimes Live: Kek[View]
2784590>K-kids love Roman!!! Another smoking gun of Roman megapush failure. He can't even at the ve…[View]
2781229*grabs mic*[View]
2784566MY NAME IS ENZO AMORE: and I am alone[View]
2786133>tfw you're an NJPWchad now >tfw no matter how shit WWE is and how it makes you SEETHE on…[View]
2786104Is ROH gonna put the belt on this guy or what?[View]
2785170ITT Wrestlers that should be sent packing to TNA. I'll start.[View]
2785998Long Live Vince Russo: Nibbling on fast food, acting like a damn fool All of these wrestlers are cov…[View]
2784121He cucked Roman again. Daily reminder that when asked who they wanted on the cover, WWE certainly re…[View]
2785874Son, let me give you a little tip and life lesson. I don't mean to embarrass you; it's not…[View]
2785908based: INTERNET DARRRRLING[View]
27856016 days of Punk: >gets Texas to turn on HBK >over as fuck >goes off script and works the cro…[View]
2785122You've died and gone to hell for your years of shitposting. Satan allows you trial by combat to…[View]
2784200Make the switch to NJPW.: >b-b-b-but New Japanetty doesn't dr-draw crowds >b-b-bingo hall…[View]
2784737Today's the day. The release date is going to be announced soon.[View]
2782402Is Roman Reigns THE most ANNOYING character there's ever been in WWE? I seriously got worked on…[View]
2785636Baron Corbin ain't ready to be Champion. Feel it would make for a way better story if he someho…[View]
2785589Does /asp/ cimapost?: Because if you didn't, you do now![View]
2785483why can't they just do what they used to do?: >shitting corporate buzzwords 'wwe universe' …[View]
2785566Do you bakas know any place from where I can download digital copies of Joshi photobooks and playboy…[View]
2781519>A year of enduring Sasha go on about a women's revolution >A year of enduring the compan…[View]
2785104Steen needs to drop his gut it's been 2 fucking years[View]
2785565This Man Could Save Wrestling: Cowboys are real popular right now. Push Y2_Cowboy to the Championshi…[View]
2779454YO, ENZO. YOU'RE DONEZO.[View]
2785455>works daryl into a shoot[View]
2776449James Ellsworth Appreciation: This is a James Ellsworth thread. Post about James Ellsworth.[View]
2782425god tier wrestling albums[View]
2779761Which one of you pinheads did this[View]
2782346Is anyone going to stop this absolute madman?[View]
2781603Anti-Draw Punk does it again: “8/29 RAW - CM Punk said the Kliq is back, & click is the sound of…[View]
2785413Is Ibushi the most sought after man right now?: > Turns down a WWE contract > High-Fived Vinc…[View]
2784472Birdie Joe btfo by based James Elsworth!!!!: >hippy vegan baby Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…[View]
2784911>unironically thinks that ROH Championship is more prestigious than IWGP championship and WWE Cha…[View]
27853956 Days The /asp/ schedule: 6 Days GET HYPED Last year's celebration was a success can /asp/ rec…[View]
2785363>muh whomega >muh tanawhoshi >muh ishiit >muh NEETwho >muh Ricwhochet >muh nakawho…[View]
2785309TIL Kevin Nash has his own branded beer: Big Sexxxxy True Brew[View]
2785264Size Matters[View]
2782352Kevin Nash Soda: Let me know when terrorist Sami, flabby Owens, faggots Balor and Seth, cringe Amrbo…[View]
2785281>'If you think you're man enough, then I'll see you at Great Balls of Fire PPV™.' What …[View]
2781975RAW RATINGS SKYROCKET: http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-top-150-monday-cable-ori…[View]
2782430Can we talk about how this whole fucking angle made no sense from the beginning? Basically just a wa…[View]
2782080X-pac heat[View]
2785141*castrates the marks*[View]
2783805Did he?[View]
2782891>that god-tier promo BTFOing internet marks and smarks Holy shit, will /asp/ EVER recover?…[View]
2780765How bad will the spam be in 7 days? It's the pipebomb anniversary on 27th[View]
2784351Perfect 10's: ITT: We post perfect 10's I'll start..[View]
2784939Anyone else feel he secretly meant every word of that promo?[View]
2784429Would you say he's done a good job with the WWE?[View]
2784547G1 Climax 2017 Entry Fighters. (WWE is boring edition) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXGh9aiOkAE…[View]
2780747>This woman could save wresting: give her a Queen of the South gimmick Sexy, young, drug cartel q…[View]
2782036Bryan is Working on a Return to the Ring: 'I'm working on it. Wrestling is more of a creative o…[View]
2784050ITT: /ourguys/[View]
2784759What was going through his mind as he watched Baron Corbin raise the briefcase?[View]
2782380*saves wrestling*[View]
2784099ITT: Wrestling's pleb filters[View]
2784094BASED HHH shoot destroying Sami Zayn: https://streamable.com/07b2c[View]
2784640Chris Benoit did nothing wrong: All he did was purify his family from western cuckery and jewish pro…[View]
2782719When is going to make his WWE debut?[View]
2784852Who has the worst theme and why is it Asuka? https://youtu.be/Us__Go30_kk[View]
2783250>the floor is TNA[View]
2784822>Has her dad win 14 of her title matches for her >No one cares at all >Ellsworth wins one m…[View]
2782437J U S T[View]
2782242My leg![View]
2779941*massive silence*[View]
2784598>Jim johnson retires >these two are his replacements do you trust them to get your new talent …[View]
2784046Looks like he's never coming back lads[View]
2784603Wrestlemania plans have changed: The Wrestlemania 34 plans have changed. John Cena is retiring next …[View]
2782221*static sounds*[View]
2784770Finally got around to watching this, and holy shit. I'm officially a convert. How anyone can co…[View]
2784332Favorite midcarders: I know there's gonna be a lot of shitposting about who's a midcarder …[View]
2784713There's a point where every babyface on the roster looks like a complete moron for not just imm…[View]
2782318So what happens if they strip Carmella of this? Isn't that equally as idiotic as having Elswort…[View]
2784221Triple H visits London police officer wounded in London Bridge attack.[View]
2784192/comfy/ Night Wrestling: Get in here /asp/[View]
2784574Why is the Undertaker such a cringey human being?[View]
2784649Is SD ever portrayed as the heel in brand vs brand storylines?[View]
2780278/NJPW/ New Japan Pro Wrestling general.: In this thread we discuss the superior wrestling product on…[View]
2780952Holy FUCKING YUM BOYS[View]
2784434Fuck Triple H: don't like Paul? get in here[View]
2784377We fix the rating crisis: >Ratings in free fall >Smackdown getting smacked down >Raw gettin…[View]
2780303Pegasus Kid >Legendary wrestler in njpw >Mysterious technical highflyer hard hitting fighter …[View]
2784563What a fucking jobber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le8ce80adFE[View]
2780098>Divas segment >entire Divas division comes out one by one and all of the faces brawl with al…[View]
2784489ITT: PEOPLE WHO SAVED WRESTLING: I'll start with an easy one[View]
2784507Is he big bro?[View]
2784154ITT we book Alexa Bliss WrestleMania 34 match: As we all know the big dog is winning the universal c…[View]
2782493HEY. PERKINS[View]
2784092Which one is the best tag team?[View]
2783788Smackdown Grounded Thread 4: No WWE for 200 Months[View]
2784384So guys.. Are you prepared for AJ Styles retirement match thats going to be main eventing Wrestleman…[View]
2782715Why does /asp/ hate Becky so much?[View]
2784210Eve, Maryse, and Kelly Kelly on Table for 3: Dick is diamonds[View]
2781054will it be happening ?[View]
2784422WWE is shit lol[View]
2781816So he's losing at GBOF, obviously is Roman is somehow number one contender even though he'…[View]
2784311>trapped in the mid-card >doesn't even have his pyro anymore yeah, I'm thinking he…[View]
2784360Ok guys, time to throw all of the bitches in the same segment and match again! We can't keep wa…[View]
2783681>rematch of MITB because of 'muh women's revolution'[View]
2783989I guess I got worked into a shoot[View]
2776863HEY SHINSKE[View]
278332199% of his moveset is knee strikes. Awful wrestler.[View]
2783871Darth Bray[View]
2780906You're in a bingo hall in South Gloucestershire and this guy hits a standing corkscrew somersau…[View]
2784016/asp/ Predicts... Money in the Bank 2017 CASH-IN: So, how about we try to do a medium-term predictio…[View]
2782374Baron Corbin? Ha, more like Baron Fatbin[View]
2783445Smackdown Game Thread #3: WHERE'S RURU?[View]
2783680>RAW won AGAIN[View]
2776647Maria Appreciation thread: She's back[View]
2783043Smackdown Game Thread #2: Based Big Crickets Carmella edition[View]
2783434What is Omar Isuf doing in the WWE?[View]
2781445i think i might have alcohol poisoning[View]
2782178So, when do we get the Nia Jax nudes, lads?[View]
2782234>Jew wanna war Chico? Well Jew got one[View]
2782622Smackdown Game Thread #1: Will Ellsworth cash in on Naomi or Jinder tonight? What will Daniel Bryan …[View]
2782466Becky fans on suicide watch[View]
2782567Should fat neckbeards ever be allowed to wrestle?[View]
2782799Bullet Club Movie: The Bullet Clubs Paid Advertisement for G1 Specials in the USA https://youtu.be/K…[View]
2781807HOLY FUCKING BASED.: #AliveAndBetterThanEver Ladies and gentlemen, the saviors of Professional Wrest…[View]
2781751Wrestling Observer Bryan and Vinny MITB Raw: kiwi6.com/file/ooysio9jwt >Roman Reigns just straigh…[View]
2782601i-i recently met Maz & i have to say she gave me the impression that she is horny 24/7 ps. her p…[View]
2782542Is it too early to declare /smack/ victory over Ram for another week?[View]
2782463Idea: Cody should rename himself Cody Dusty and have a finisher called 'Another one bites the dusty'…[View]
2775409B A S E D[View]
2782067>great look >great body >enormous heat >literal best character in the company >makes …[View]
2777283>this is the main event picture of Smackdown HAHAHAHAHA[View]
2782517Is this just part of Vince's master plan to acquire the TNA tape library?[View]
2782170>zero dimes What did Enzoetty Aboregay mean by this?[View]
2782150Game Changers: Posts pics of legit game changers and by that I mean guys who have took the wrestling…[View]
2782278ITT: Post wrestlers without saying their names: I'll start[View]
2777261Free Agent Cena Wins 17th World Title at SS and defends it on both shows: >Defeats anti-America P…[View]
2782052ITT: Moments that made you realize: 'I really shouldn't be watching this crap anymore' pic-rela…[View]
2781842Hurricane return when?[View]
2782229> july 25 2011 cult of personality debuts as a theme for CM Punk >standard contracts for licen…[View]
2781910Are there any promo packages like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYmwfkpqKMY[View]
2777597SMACKDOWN LIVE CELEBRATION THREAD: I know Raw just started but fuck it we won. Get in here![View]
2782093Does it say more about how awesome WWF was or how awful WWE is that this entrance happened in 2017? …[View]
2779228>Indians are the reason tna is still around >how tna is still around is fucking insane >HQ …[View]
2780362I swear to fucking god if they turn this into a cuck angle I'm going to SEETHE harder than befo…[View]
2782066So the next PPV for Smackdown is Battleground near the end of July, and then it's one month awa…[View]
2782044>I would shake the hand of the man who attacked Enzo.[View]
2781781Hey guys, I'm coming back soon! I know you missed me in the booth.[View]
2781655G1 CLIMAX 27 Squad Player announcement: http://njpwworld.com/p/o_original_0086_01#googtrans(en) ■『G1…[View]
2781287http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/other-sports/wrestling/hes-true-hero-triple-h-10652851 cringe…[View]
2781662Anti-Draw Punk manhandled by Based Nash: “Kevin Nash was joking to his friends about Punk, making fu…[View]
2781127Bo Dallas: Is it push time yet? He seems to have lost the comedy relief gimmick almost entirely and …[View]
2781912WCW & WWF head booker/writer during Monday Night War meet: Taskmaster vs. Vic Venom https://www.…[View]
2781902Don't touch my popcorn[View]

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