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3024735How come there's no more backstage back stabbing or politicking in the WWE anymore?[View]
3024501Let's say Austin vs Punk happened at WM 29 Should it main event over the second Rock vs Cena ma…[View]
3021112Enzo Annihilated: >'I swing the sword. If I put the sentence down then I lay it down. If you have…[View]
3023602What did Haitch do to Chyna to the point that she could never let go of him?[View]
3024176'I promise you that at the Ten Day Tussle pay-per-view, Weasel Butterfield will slip right past John…[View]
3024395Post YFW WWmemee draws the worst weekend in summerslam history, goes out of business in 2018 and Bry…[View]
3021798The absolute state of the WWE: It's amazing how watching them play video games reflects so hard…[View]
3024503>Johnny Impact[View]
3022034CIMA: CIMA[View]
3016586Give me the rundown on Rovert. I've heard conflicting things about him. Is he really an insider…[View]
3023263/asp/: looking at the catalog, is this just a board for wrestling or what? I see a grand total of th…[View]
3018183Asuka, your time is up. My time is now.[View]
3023937>reminder that you're sitting at home on a Friday night while THE BOARD~! is out being socia…[View]
3022384Damn. NXT house shows look like THAT?[View]
3022406what are some comfy 90s WWF review/retrospective videos?: I've already watched all the OSW vide…[View]
3024363Did they?[View]
3023882Post webms and gifs of wrestling girls getting choked and submitted. Go![View]
3024260How bad would Vince be SEETHING, if he bought a front row ticket and called out Brock, thus cucking …[View]
3022147Who the fuck are his carnies?[View]
3024145What does it mean[View]
3022412When is she coming back? Spoiler: [spoiler]SUMMERslam[/spoiler][View]
3021663>WWE can't have a six star matc-[View]
3023799TITLE RUN WHEN?[View]
3020581Low Ki: What the fuck is his problem[View]
30203921 day: Time is almost up for fatsuka[View]
3023742>Only a matter of time before my NOAH contract is up. Where shall I go?…[View]
3022505*single handedly destroys WWE*[View]
3021570>I'm hungry What did she mean by this?[View]
3023868What's his problem?[View]
3023865Smarks seething: Just came back from wrestling show where chase Owens of the bullet club won a tourn…[View]
3021660Did they?[View]
3023796AJetty: 'AJ Styles is a dr---'[View]
3022818>post 'lots of mandrama incoming this weekend' on Facebook >dad sends me a text asking me if I…[View]
3020977What if they're the ones that attacked Breezango?! They've done nothing recently, they…[View]
3023806Pretty much[View]
3021962Is there an /asp/ essential viewing guide for this? I'm getting the network back and want to st…[View]
3021967Exclusive: CM Punk Subpoena Request To WWE Could Cost Him $120,000: http://www.fightful.com/exclusiv…[View]
3021149What made him so over? He didn't really have much of a gimmick or anything.[View]
3021445Being an Emma fan is suffering. She's clearly better than any of the 4 HORSE women, and fuck it…[View]
3007772Pre-order when?[View]
3020043*works the sjw*[View]
3023062So is this tour being streamed/televised? SANADA is supposed to challenging CAWdy for the ROH Title.[View]
3022762predict Cornette's reaction[View]
3023396>Raw and SmackDown have a promotion right on their tail pushing them to do more. And it's no…[View]
3022748NXT BAY BAY![View]
3022382Punk should have gone over.[View]
3023494Did they?[View]
3023266WTF I love Minoru now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oS6OpRGXVo[View]
3022569I miss her already[View]
3023455>works /asp/ to TEARS[View]
3020161His gimmick is that he destroys his manlet partner.: Just put the fucking strap on him, already.…[View]
3023451who was the Jannetty?[View]
3022779hes going to live another 10 years, isnt he?[View]
3019304Was he ever really good or were you just convinced he was cause people kept parroting it?[View]
3019602Shinsuke Nakamura > Kazuchika Okada > Tomohiro Ishii > Kenny Omega > Hiroshi Tanahashi …[View]
3021166Every WWE Superstar Ranked from Best to Worst: TOP TEN Kevin Owens AJ Styles Cesaro The Brian Kendri…[View]
3022732If you're Gedo, who do you book to kill Bryan? Shibata is the obvious answer, but that doesn…[View]
3023331>said shit about Jeff Jarrett in a shoot >10 years later he goes begging Jeff for a job >Je…[View]
3014470Lesnar married THAT?[View]
3020818I had literally already forgotten he was champion[View]
3023240I hope Asuka buries everyone else in this picture[View]
3023017don't you find it odd that the wrestlers who draw the most dimes can't produce a son? Huh,…[View]
3022830Summerslam odds revealed: >Nakamura (-400) favored to win >Lesnar (-335) favored to retain UT.…[View]
3023151stop wrestling stuffed cats[View]
3019032Why don't Vince just fire his ass already?[View]
3020649Boys Thread: Claim your boys here. The rules as follows. > No WWE, IWGP, or TNA World Title Runs …[View]
3023130No wonder Vince cancelled this holy shit https://youtu.be/l3miK-gJtCU[View]
3019031I'm going to save this division, Asuka. You have to go.[View]
3018781LETHAL LEAP YEAR WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wcpqaUKoT0&t=0s…[View]
3021852She's back. praise jesus[View]
3022908Looks like the stench of the WAW is even on Cornette[View]
3019261How does it make you feel /asp/ that because of the 'Women's Revolution' she didn't get to…[View]
3019028Was Mike Tyson a mark? Does he think wrestling is real?[View]
3022578Their channel won't survive 2017, all they do is shitpost now.[View]
3022800OH TESTIFY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgLjpU36sVg[View]
3022764WHAT A MATCHUP![View]
3020290>checks comments of a wrestling video on youtube >a bunch of autists and faggots roleplaying a…[View]
3022647And the Benoit story repeats itself...[View]
3017097Wrestling Observer Radio 8/17/2017: https://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/307vfv7ipt/081617wo.mp3…[View]
3022450WWE is starting to bore me and I'm close to dropping it altogether. Is NJPW really as fun as e…[View]
3017530What is asp's opinion of Batista?[View]
3022502Paintball thread! post here for all you paintball related shitposting needs![View]
3022326If /asp/ was around long ago, which wrestler who got a massive push that failed would have been an /…[View]
3021469Triple H On Who WWE's Biggest Competitor Is, If NJPW Is Forcing Them To Evolve: >>Which c…[View]
3020722Cornette joining impact is best for business. Every company he was a part of did the best when he wa…[View]
3022162According to Meltzer the truly great drawing cards in U.S. wrestling were Bill Longson, Jim Londos, …[View]
3022223Can you score 70 points or more on the exam?[View]
3021854Why aren't you watching 205 Live, /asp/? It's literally everything you people want Raw and…[View]
3021993/BMJ/ general #1: Here we praise the one saving grace of the WWE, Big Match John. Post all BMJ relat…[View]
3022076GRANNY GRANNY[View]
3021552GOAT: GOAT[View]
3022026stroman's dad looked like THAT?[View]
3021974Who was the Jannetty?[View]
3021753NXT Revolution when?: As many of you may know, Triple H is very pissed off with Vince McMahon, for o…[View]
3020901Quick recommend me some really good matches on the Network. Any era any fed. I've already watch…[View]
3019173Updated SummerSlam card: Pre-Show: >Tozawa vs. Neville - zzz >The New Day vs. The Usos - seen …[View]
3021423How much did moments like this contribute to the current decline of WWE?[View]
3021289>WWE still hasn't replaced her drawing power. It's been over a year and no-one has step…[View]
3021471Fill in the blanks /asp/[View]
3021368>its a solo Mike Sempervive episode[View]
3021574BASED RYBACK: >I swing the sword. If I put the sentence down then I lay it down. If you have heat…[View]
3018255Asuka, I must break you.[View]
3020321FORMER WWE IC CHAMPION SIGNS TO RETURN TO WWE: >Former WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team champion…[View]
3021450The most respected man in wrestling Your favorite wrestler loves The Undertaker[View]
3017833Do you think wrestlers care much are star ratings: or do they pay them no heed? It's a form of …[View]
3019410We were this close to the end of the Omega spam. https://streamable.com/s9zjb[View]
3018842is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RItDdWXh8d0[View]
3020978Remember when Dwayne said he was never going to leave again? What happened with that, Dwayne?[View]
3018058*proceeds to bury own career*[View]
3017782Superstar of the year. Okada or Omega?: http://www.strawpoll.me/13726376 Alright, /asp/. Let's …[View]
2992799/bex/ - Becky Lynch General: Break It Down Edition Highlights/Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
3018553Andre the Giant: I've literally never seen him discussed on /asp/. This is despite him arguably…[View]
3009507SmackDown Gamethread #1[View]
3019691UNDERCARDER BTFO: >Never the guy >Never drew a dime >Never had a good match before 2006 and…[View]
3019214http://www.tmz.com/2017/08/17/wwe-legend-ric-flair-dead-at-68/ F[View]
3018492What do they see in this guy? Since he came to the main roster two years ago: 1 time Universal Champ…[View]
3014833The perfect women 'wrestler' doesn't exi-[View]
3019656Start liking GFW.[View]
3018463Who is in the wrong here?[View]
3018465ITT: Wrestlers with more 5 star matches than Daniel Bryan[View]
3014678>yfw Jinder kicks out of the Kinshasa and pins that gook clean[View]
3021026Is this the coolest entrance of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e53_yKUFMVM[View]
3021162When Melzter retires, will Bryan inherit all his sources?[View]
3018484The great debate[View]
3021119Cage must be SEETHIN[View]
3018219The match that killed the WWE.: Per Dave Meltzer: 'He's going to wrestle, if he can get cleare…[View]
3019530>“Does Juice really believe that he can get this belt? I’m the one who main evented Tokyo Dome, O…[View]
3015258Is NJPW the greatest wrestling promotion of all time?: Discuss[View]
3018453WWE anti-draws killing the company: Meltzer: Summerslam, NXT TakeOver, RAW, and Smackdown have faile…[View]
30187654 years difference What did he mean by this?[View]
3014065ITT: meaningless criticism of a wrestler: 'doesn't love the business'[View]
3020918What did Asuka mean by this?[View]
3015794/boss/- Sasha Banks General: Image limit reached Old thread: >>3004200 https://www.youtube.com…[View]
3018890GO ACE![View]
3018850>'C...c'mon Eric y..you're time to sh..shine.' >'Everyone has been waiting for my re…[View]
3018785Southpaw Regional Wrestling Season 2 Confirmed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wcpqaUKoT0 What doe…[View]
3017068G O A T: 5 Star Match (2013) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi on April 7 5 Star Match (2013) vs. Hiroshi Tanaha…[View]
3018805>Street Profits >their gimmick is 'black guys with an empty plastic cup'…[View]
3017513WWE© is more progressive than New Japan. WWE© is more diverse than New Japan. New Japan doesn't…[View]
3019948why do wrestlers always have wet hair?[View]
3016594Meltzer's ratings for the final 3 G1 Climax dates: >Naito vs Tanahashi: 5 >Omega vs Okada…[View]
3020673Just remember, there was more at Barclay's Center for a fucking Press Confrence than will be th…[View]
3020742Stop watching japanese wrestling.[View]
3020774Getting the minute-to-minute reports sounds like a really good idea. Why didn't anyone else do …[View]
3020684>Asuka has called herself the Sun >Total solar eclipse on Monday >Ember Moon's finishe…[View]
3020537AJ GOAT: > Loyal to TNA for years, in spite of awful booking > Knew when to pack his bags and …[View]
3018780GFW Impact Destination-X Thread: >Watch Impact! at 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT >Where PopTV The FightNe…[View]
3015631>A violent incident involving Rush, Pierroth and Vangellys two years ago was revealed in the pres…[View]
3020595why is it taking so long for him to die? its so annoying. am i bering worked?[View]
3017955How ya doin' /asp/? It's nice and sunny out here![View]
3020580>Why yes, Roman Reigns is my favourite wrestler.[View]
3020234Is he going to be the one to put refs in the HOF when he croaks?[View]
3019506/ourguys/: >wanting the shield to reunite gay 3MB reunion when??…[View]
3019278Fuck marry kill?[View]
3019829JUSTy Mundo[View]
3020048>not following any of The Total Divas Snapchats tonight[View]
3020514Wrestling gifs[View]
3020356What the fuck is wrong with this company?[View]
3020087I'm speechless Just 3 matches in and i'm sold that this is easily the greatest rivalry in …[View]
3019040Who's your current favorite heel, /asp/?[View]
3017270*throws out credibility to appease weeaboos*[View]
3017658Credibility.: >D-D-Dave l-lost all his cr-credibility >His ratin-ratings this ye-year have bee…[View]
3019818My friend sings that awful Alistair Black theme song and he's performing it live at NXT this we…[View]
3013819/anal/ - Lana General[View]
3018039OPINIONS ON WWF/E FIVE-STAR MATCHES?: Razor Ramon VS Shawn Michaels, WrestleMania X Bret Hart VS Owe…[View]
3020276What kind of autism does she have?[View]
3020084>watching Raw 192 from January 1997, commercial break happens >Pat 'Sexual Deviant'…[View]
3020214Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIZgkjGBeYc[View]
3019885Who's ready?[View]
3018942Biopic when?[View]
3020185whos getting future endeavoured next week?[View]
3019744>Nazi Aryan Master Race gimmick when?[View]
3019798>corbin insults some rando on twrando >gets his ass roasted by said rando >rando on twitter…[View]
3019977>BECAUSE YOU'RE A FAGGOT lmao[View]
3019495>Hawkins has a match against Mojo Rawley after being ridiculed >Zack is in Rawley's corne…[View]
3018845ITT: Wrestlers who could legit fight in the UFC: Kevin Owens >Top athlete >Very athletic for h…[View]
3019264Who is this?[View]
3015558Why is this board so fucking slow?: Has all of the NJPW vs WWE console war bait scared off everyone?…[View]
3019627How much would Vince seethe if New Japan get Stone Cold to be a special ref for the main event of Wr…[View]
3015622Why does everyone behind the scenes hate Enzo?[View]
3018031Damn. Totoro looks like THAT?[View]
3019768>rock bottoms self glad this furry geek is gonna get de-pushed[View]
30117003 days: Time is almost up for fatsuka[View]
30161302 days: Time is almost up for fatsuka[View]
3018776How do oldfags enjoy 80s and 90s puroresu when there were no ikemen studs, and just burly old men?[View]
3016533was Candice working Kelly into a shoot by making her legit wet here?[View]
3016514WOR on the Baron Corbin cash in: From Bryan: >Corbin has monumental back stage heat, mainly due t…[View]
3018645>best thing on Raw since the brand split >will job to the Shieldettys, two guys who flopped de…[View]
3019406It is estimated that there are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the universe; yet this amo…[View]
3019154Is there anything more cringe-inducing in wrestling than an in-ring wedding segment?[View]
3019487Ok. He might not be the best worker in the biz. He might not have the best promos. But they want to …[View]
3019545>workrate matters the most in professional wrestling >Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler…[View]
3019522Looks like you really can't teach how to be 7' tall.[View]
3016242If you could go back in time What would you tell Them?[View]
3017728What would happen if you pissed him off?[View]
3018594Where should he go for his excursion? His big powerhouse look makes me think somewhere in the U.S. b…[View]
3019325Is he a draw?[View]
3013420Mayu Iwatani.[View]
3019124Guys, this match made Charlotte work my dick into a shoot.[View]
3019153>grow up watching wrestling with brother >find out brothers having a kid >find out he…[View]
3017379GFW Looking to Bring in Jim Cornette: According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there have bee…[View]
3019087In the list of problems with his push, how close to the top does his music rate?[View]
3018660So I got around to watching NJPW for the first time, and holy shit it was fucking fantastic to watch…[View]
3018672Your 6+ hr Summerslam card: There is enough Smackdown talent on this show to literally make another …[View]
3017640Summerslam, NXT Brooklyn, and both Post-SS Raw/SDL are STILL not sold out.: From WON >Unlike the …[View]
3018093This was the most over main event in Wrestlemania history. prove me wrong[View]
301574020 years later and they still own the wrestling business.[View]
3018416Rights and the wrongs in professional wrestling: What's wrong in the world of professional wres…[View]
3018572Summerslam Hype Thread: We're in for a long night of wrestling this Sunday, are you excited? Th…[View]
3018818who's jobbing and who's winning? who have you got and why, lads?[View]
3017013settle a argument between friends /asp: My friend says The Rock was the most important wrestler / nu…[View]
3017452>used to have actual angles and characters >debuts felt big as they were hyped in advance >…[View]
3014211Ric Flair is going to die within the week: http://www.fightful.com/ric-flair-s-fiancee-wendy-barlow-…[View]
3014799Let's take a second to examine this. >Cena hits Jinder with the Super AA. >Corbin hits Ce…[View]
3017125Tell me about Jinder. Why does he wear the mask?[View]
3018638J U S T[View]
3017881They're getting to me boys I always wrote them off as.. well I don't know I just didn…[View]
3018548VEHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~!!!: >VEHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~!!![View]
3018582>Takeover >Asuka blatantly cheats to retain. Not ambiguous/borderline but straight-up outrageo…[View]
3018596got worked into a shoot again by a NJPW fan[View]
3018082He did it again: Wait what, What the fuck? Are you kidding me? How the fuck. He fucking did it again…[View]
3018617So, watched the G1 finals. Pretty good. The crowd is really into it and just chants the names, unlik…[View]
3017202ITT: Meme promotions you were to intelligent to fall for[View]
3017575>Taps out clean to a heel multiple times is there a bigger Jannetty on the roster than Becktetty?…[View]
3018325>Bryan returning to wrestling, ROH makes most sense due to his family, the crossover with NJPW an…[View]
3018261>Couldn't even get a 5-star match out of Okada, Naito, Nakamura and Tanahashi What did AJ me…[View]
3017785Vince unlocked his locker and Shawn walked past him and did the same. Vince slipped out of his suit …[View]
3016480>tfw even my immediate family bought it[View]
3015607Will he be remembered as the man who ended the Manlet Era (2012-2016) in WWE?[View]
3018296>Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter wrote that the show had a 'very different feel…[View]
3018384*single handedly destroys WWE*[View]
3015722NJPW Owner Kidani isn't happy with WWE: He just retweeted a fan's displeasure with the WWE…[View]
3017613LESNAR TO RETAIN TITLE: >The main event remains Brock Lesnar defending the European title against…[View]
3017367GOAT: After watching his ROH stuff there is no fucking doubt anymore. He's the best wrestler of…[View]
3015273Why not book him as Canadian?[View]
3018163He'll be fine[View]
3017119>works the camarks >uses his career earnings to buy out your favourite promotion and sells it …[View]
3015836>'If WWE doesn't allow it then go somewhere else'' >Brie wants Bryan to wrestle his …[View]
3014962You just know[View]
3017696Trip to Japan: How did I do boys? This was the second year in a jow that I've flown to Japan to…[View]
3017104NJPW DRAWING AND GROWING: Since 2015, NJPW has experienced a major grow in both popularity and money…[View]
3018047Hurry up and die already![View]
3017018Kairi Hojo looks like THAT??: Muh dick[View]
3017718*saves WWE*[View]
3017733APPOLOGIZE: these 2 had more 5-Star matches in 48 hours than Kurt Angle, Daniel Bryan & Krispen …[View]
3017949ITT: Post only the greatest at their respective sports[View]
3017941Why are WWEdrones so low IQ?[View]
3017556This Was Fucking Sad To Watch: I don't even watch NJPW regularly but I've always liked Shi…[View]
3015852Arthas looks like HHH.[View]
3017680POP QUIZ /asp/: >only 2 men have had 3 5-Star rated singles matches with 3 different opponents in…[View]
3014344All the jobbers you don't care about are in the game!: >http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/08/…[View]
3017746I'm standing here with my YAMATO spirit!!: Also /YAMATO/ general for our DG friends here on /as…[View]
3017482So many NJPW & outlaw wrestling threads. Did we get taken over by wewtists?[View]
3016441Repackage him /asp/.[View]
3017480>hey Dave, why did Naito/Omega get *****3/4 and not ****** ?[View]
3017602Why did she touch his nipple?[View]
3016723INOKI FAGS BTFO: Per WON: >The last three nights were all sellouts, but with selling two to a sum…[View]
3016772>Average New Japan fans[View]
3017384why don't Vince sign Jason?[View]
3013899Holy shit. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. So dying WWMEME decided to bring back two of their '''''legends''''' f…[View]
3015783which era was best and why is it current era ?[View]
3016259ITT: Writers you hope suffer a career threatening and/or potentially life threatening injury.[View]
3017421GFW Reportedly Signs Kiera Hogan & Hania: Square Circle Sirens reports that GFW has signed Kiera…[View]
3013598ITT: Wrestlers you hope suffer a career threatening and/or potentially life threatening injury.[View]
3017347Was he a draw?[View]
3016673DAMN, HHHs daughter looks like *THAT*!?[View]
3015177Moments that worked you as a kid and you're STILL angry about[View]
3016377So does anyone got pics of Rock getting BTFO for his Baywatch movie senpai I didn't get em last…[View]
3016745>5 Star Match (2016) vs. Tetsuya Naito on August 13 >6 Star Match (2017) vs. Kazuchika Okada o…[View]
3015283They just did the goldberg style Asuka chant with the stomps and all I think I'm done lads[View]
2993931Based Big Sexy headlined indie show outdraws NJPW: Kenny Omega, Young Cucks, Kazuchika Okada, Hirosh…[View]
3015455I fucking hate these cunts[View]
3015509>you american assholes literally booed the fucking indian national anthem Literally what is wron…[View]
3015204Damn. Kyuuri looks like THAT?[View]
3014189Cringe shit wrestlers say or do ITT >BURN IT DOWN[View]
3004200/boss/- Sasha Banks General: Going to summerslam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=700U3-Jiwdw…[View]
2998097>'ahhh I didn't know this was a shoot! M-Mickey please stop!!!' What did Phil mean by this?…[View]
3015464>Reminder that Big Dick Dave Meltzer is universally regarded as one of the best sportswriters ali…[View]
3009093Dana Warrior jerkoff general: Post sexiest MILF pics of this little minx[View]
3002210*single handedly saves WWE*[View]
3012475This is the match the wresting business should be trying to make happen right now. But it isn't…[View]
3006502Bro.: Stop watching wrestling for the fake fights.[View]
3009447Joi when?[View]
3014213Hiromu and Taguchi.[View]
3016624Check it out, lads! Bob Holly![View]
3012968TFW ASP isn't a WWMEME exclusive board anymore!: Thank you based Inoki, GFW, lucha, New Japan, …[View]
3013940It's time for some good old-fashioned /dfg/ thread: Only good stuff[View]
3016615Asp is now a no fly zone: I'm not lying no high flying[View]
3014838>Be professional wrestler on the side >Be a 5'10 manlet >6'0 with boots >Bille…[View]
3016602>two weeks into the preseason >still hasn't been signed When the fuck is he just gonna gi…[View]
3013793Press F to pay respects[View]
3014679btfo: Nu Japanettys SEETHING >m-muh attendance >m-muh buled glub shirts Literal outlaw shit.…[View]
3016210Sami Callihan To NJPW: #ICalledThatShit >YFW People Honestly Thought Pretty Boy Dolph Would Have …[View]
3014284Did they?[View]
3009327No fucking way: He really is a cuck. Holy shit.[View]
3014282Hug Me[View]
3015644Thoughts on Cathy 'Feet' Kelley? Do you think she should have a bigger role with the company?[View]
3010503Smackdown Game Thread #3: Lana using her cunning cunny edition[View]
3016574which one of you is responsible for this?[View]
3016410> Goes over HHH at WM > Horrible 'MUH LEG' Injury gimmick > Gets buried by BBD > Gets bu…[View]
3014976Todd: what the fuck happened to fartlad? does he still post here?[View]
3015556>Asuka-san, I am MOON[View]
3005380Monday Night Ram thread #6: Bra and panties match when? Edition[View]
3010829>never drew a dime[View]
3011754Unlikely Friendship: >Vince McMahon asked Dave Meltzer to talk to Steve (stone cold) when he left…[View]
3013919Why did she leave?[View]
3016455Not as a kid but probably the only moment that worked me in wrestling. Fucking Vince faggot retard k…[View]
3016115Book his in-ring death >promotion >opponent >finishing spot…[View]
3014547Joey Mercury Was Let Go From The WWE: From what it appears, Mercury is now out of the WWE and is now…[View]
3015133>'Dean one more question before we go, its gonna get a little personal. Where in the hell do you …[View]
3015986What does Vince see in him that he's never seen in a gook that worked for him before?[View]
3015061Angaartv: What happened to their channel?[View]
3000320Why the fuck can't we have this on this board?[View]
3015115Who do you think is gonna win this /asp/ies I hope Nakamura but as to who I am thinking is gonna win…[View]
3014005Now that wooo is dead where do you guys get dave's podcast from? >inb4 www.f4wonline.com…[View]
3006517You have 6 seconds to name a better wrestler. Go.[View]
3014870How can WWE get away with their shitty wellness policy that is obviously a work?[View]
3015608Was this is a shoot? I was shocked when Triple H didn't kick out and then beat him down with th…[View]
3014373>calls himself a snark >gets worked by YouTube aliases…[View]
3014510How come there are no actually popular pro-wrestling magazines that keep kayfabe in America? None of…[View]
3014797CUCKDOWN RATINGS PLUMMET: >Last week: 2.58 >This week: 2.53 Based Poo and Big Match John worki…[View]
3015748HOLY FUCKING YUM ![View]
3016309ITT Wrestlers who would've been GOAT bros but chose to be enemies instead[View]
3016174Sami Callihan to NJPW confirmed?: Watch this for context: https://youtube.com/watch?v=8dCNzgM8F3Q…[View]
3016048>his gimmick is that he's cringe[View]
3014013Studcast: Any of y'all niggas listen to Ron Fuller (Welch)'s Tennessee studcast? It's…[View]
3016171Damn, I want some Funyuns now[View]
3011781The New Japan Problem: What is the appeal of the Junior Heavyweight 2.0 style that New Japan pushes …[View]
3015995>We are entering a phase where you are either with WWE or against them >WWE have a lot of weak…[View]
30160891. Seth Brokens 2. Kofi Princeton 3. Johnny Pluto This is what Corbin wished he could be.[View]
3016079Is Zack Ryder the most buried wrestler of all time?[View]
3012073Damn Bray is fucking THAT?[View]
3014103>I'M THE EATER OF FOODS[View]
3015941Time bomb: Unification time particles.[View]
3011830if The Autist were to win the WWE title this Sunday, would that cement him as the greatest jap wrest…[View]
3015782>Charlotte was in China when he was admitted to the hospital. >She didn't make it back be…[View]
3015084Charlotte Appreciation Thread[View]
3011961Friendly Reminder: That if Antonio Inoki had stayed in New Japan, Josh Barnett would be in Kenny Ome…[View]
3011998Well, shit[View]
3015736What's with all the disrespect Ric flair is a fucking legend >Mutiple 5 star matches >Mad…[View]
3015691PWG Pushing Forward Back 2017: >Watch PWG Pushing Forward Back tonight at 8pm PDT - 11pm EDT foll…[View]
3015638https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn2UL8KP-z0 >this was smackdown 6 months ago How the fuck did it …[View]
3014633III > II prove me wrong[View]
3013878Uh, raw looks kinda empty this week[View]
3014087Anyone else feel like Shawn Michaels actually did like Marty Jannetty a lot and was just disappointe…[View]
3015574>Piss off. Asuka screaming in Japanese is awesome as fuck.[View]
3015568Whens he coming back?[View]
3014546How come nobody bothered this fat unathletic untalented cuck overrated stunt man that he isnt physic…[View]
2991425Post your favorite wrestling botches.[View]
3015295He's coming back boys! 'And I told Bryan, ‘You do have a daughter, so always remember that. But…[View]
3015391How do all of you NJPW lads feel about Nakamura in WWE so far? Do you want to see him have a run wit…[View]
3014115Which match will steal the weekend?[View]
3015381Post your favorite jobber. Mine is Dean-FUCKING-Malenko[View]
3015059/lu/ - General: semifinals edition[View]
3013267Who's the Janetty?[View]
3014969/lu/ - is this still even a general anymore edition: post about lucha underground topics itt catch L…[View]
3014913Who win?[View]
3013448Name a wrestler more based than the G.O.A.T. You can't.[View]
3013648He's a better talker than Brock. He has a better look than Joe. He's better in the ring th…[View]
3014786Why is there little to no actual wrestling on the WWE wrestling shows?: I use to watch a ton of wres…[View]
3014513Which of these three is most likely to be WWE champ /asp/?[View]
3008832>'It takes two to tango, man. Roman is a good worker.' >'Look Goldberg, I can carry you and ma…[View]
3013876Whats her greatest asset?[View]
3010691can we get a mickie james thread going??[View]
3013832The King of Jannetties: >Chyna's Jannetty >Shawn's Jannetty >Rock's Jannetty…[View]
3014760I hate Vince, I stopped watching 2 years ago because I was fucking tired of how he forces his wrestl…[View]
3012854ok /asp bros looks like I might be done with wwe: today I got worked into a shoot, the fact that the…[View]
3014329BASED PHIL[View]
3014368Fuck one Marry one Kill one Rape one[View]
3014276So it's probably a safe bet that he's the guy to dethrone Okada and it'll be in the d…[View]
3014312Seeing that the summerslam card is a clusterfuck and the main event is the only match worth watching…[View]
3013155ASP's Thoughts on Dragon Gate: Do you like the promotion?[View]
3014563hey e-drone how do you feel when GFW got better wrestling than you? Even the pajeet is better[View]
3014387*Takes Rollins' Theme and makes it 10x better*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDnTwib-Q9E Can…[View]
3014474The Dangerous Alliance: >Who was the Shawn Michaels of the group? >Who was the Marty Jannetty …[View]
3013130NJPW's expansion into the United States: Would this work?: There's no denying the year tha…[View]
3013379It time to get rid of it: Can we please retire this shitty excuse for lazy writing?[View]
3014174According to r*ddit, some guy read a dirt sheet where they said Tozawa tortured a monkey while at Dr…[View]
3013510This is still the most brutal bump in all of pro wrestling, right? (Retarded deathmatch shit does no…[View]
30130982K18 1st Round of Roster Reveals: What do you think his overall will be?[View]
3013687Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
3012710Did cena pulled the plug on Corbin?: Everything was going well until he started feuding with cena, f…[View]
3013583I mean, come on.[View]
3010843Great Wrestling Photos: Post 'em[View]
3010274What the hell was this even about? I vageuly remember them spamming it, like Tout, for a few weeks a…[View]
3007574A C C U R A T E[View]
3012784>Burn Down the Ratings[View]
3013253>'muh military' faggotry killed Corbin's push kek[View]
3012286Post underrated themes ITT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQlipeLS4IU[View]
3009209A or B[View]
3014006Reminder that Vince wanted Steve Austin to come out of retirement for one more match to face The Coa…[View]
3013658Anyone else hyped as fuck for this match?[View]

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