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2410870NA/EU Indie Women's Wrestling General: Who is your favorite woman wrestling in the west not fea…[View]
2415797You know whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?[View]
2416081>WM 33 >Loses >Nikki proposes post match >'NO!' *Drops Mic* >'YOU CANT SEE ME…[View]
2414898You all keep making fun of short women. Forget about this insignificant board. I'm a 5'1 f…[View]
2415827Hello asp, I was wondering what some of your all time favorite matches are , as I will be able to wa…[View]
2413644X-Pac come back IC title/Tag Title run????[View]
2415921>'WHO IS THE KING OF ME?'[View]
2413849The climax of Wrestling[View]
2414306tfw you work nights and can only post on asp from wednesday to sunday to avoid getting spoiled[View]
2411337https://twitter.com/BotchISLife/status/845495874587365376 Kevin Owens broke out in tears after Sami …[View]
2415829What was his problem?[View]
2412103What went wrong?[View]
2414071cut a promo, /asp/ bonus points if u get romanetty over[View]
2342086/spiteful/ - Alexa Bliss General: 2 Times edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oadLGKp9qE Previo…[View]
2415692Heel Turn: The Wrestlemania >Sasha Banks heel turn >Roman Reigns heel turn (officially) >Jo…[View]
2415295Who was Sunny talking about here?: >Several former WWE Superstars have been hacked since the leak…[View]
2415254Calling it now. Undercarder is so done at this point and beaten to shit Roman will beat him in les…[View]
2411038Been watching Lucha Underground on Netflix How the hell has vince not scooped up pic related? Man i…[View]
2412092Who was in the wrong here?[View]
2414937Bullet Club in WWE: the Gooks are now the one invading. members: Nakameme Asuka Hideo manager: Tajir…[View]
2411683Who was in the wrong here?[View]
2415494/r/ing thay Bray Wyatt-style rambling about the Paige sex tape[View]
2415245Is WCW 2000 true patrician wrestling?[View]
2413234Time to laugh at the emo clown: >Hypocrite >Whiner >Coward >Manlet >Doesn't lift…[View]
2415359Is this the greatest friendship in WWE history?[View]
2415416Is HOF free to watch or do you have to pay for the network?[View]
2415304I haven't watched wrestling for a year, and am watching last week's 205 Live. Is TJ Perkin…[View]
2415159Man dies at wwe event: My question is what was the first match was so terrible that cause this man t…[View]
2415337What's his best match?[View]
2414101let's cut a promo /asp/: YOU SEE SEFF[View]
2407912If HHH is so high on small indie guys and diversifying the roster, why did he and Punk apparently ha…[View]
2409488/empress/ - Asuka General: post everything on the GOAT[View]
2415240how comes my names on this[View]
2413348I haven't watched wrestling in 3 years. How did Triple H's new generation of main eventers…[View]
2414944guys who don't get injured: pic obviously related What are these guys doing that keeps them off…[View]
2410795Who has the worst theme in WWE today? Pic related. I don't hate Ziggler as much as most people,…[View]
2415191>RAW after Wrestlemania >Goldberg asks 'who's next?' >This hits https://www.youtube.co…[View]
2413086Is JBL responsible for Mauro's absence?: Bas Rutten on Twitter basically said he wants to kick …[View]
2414669Who is Tammy talking about?: >>>/b/726908133 >>>/b/726908133 >>>/b/726908…[View]
2415120*whistles away*[View]
2412611>you spend countless times wrestling against a man that eventually becomes your friend >your g…[View]
2413823Reminder: This will be match of the weekend[View]
2413639>fake tough guy[View]
2406056Pure Divas Thread: You can only post PURE divas ITT. If your Divafu is not PURE you may not post he…[View]
2407468The sexiest guy in wrestling, who is it?[View]
2415077When will smarks learn Vanilla Midgets can't draw?[View]
2414381Bliss isn't pure?: What did Google mean by this?[View]
2414978The day wrestling died[View]
2409968honest thoughts (no meme please) about this guy being the (one of the) main event at wrestlemania? d…[View]
2414732Fucking undercarder has been looking like shit since 2012.[View]
2414857ITT: wrestlers who deserve one (or one more) world title run Pic related[View]
2413276>Fans will hate Roman if he goes over Undertaker Do people honestly care about Taker so much tha…[View]
2414803Why is Vince refusing to push people in the current roster to Top Tier (Undertaker, Goldberg, HHH an…[View]
2413345Fav 5 Non-WWE: Okay, /asp/ies. Gimmie your FAV 5 guys not in WWE 1. Tetsuya Naito 2. Pentagon Jr. 3.…[View]
2414379>Calaway reportedly told Vince McMahon that he would not be willing to put Shane McMahon over at …[View]
2414763ITT:Historical wrestling photos[View]
2413209HHH on The Miz >I'll be surprised if he wasn't WWE champion by the end of this year Lo…[View]
2414766>Great look >young >over >amazing theme Why the fuck did Carder bury him in 2003? Maven …[View]
2414751MFW I just learned Brian Pillman and Raven aren't the same person.[View]
2409211Who is the hottest of the four horsewomen?[View]
2414572Wrestling themed songs: Post your favorites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQnM1aIRh9E[View]
2413257Fantasy Booking: I'll go first. Pic Related.[View]
2410854Wrestlers who share our same zodiac sign[View]
2411453is he, dare I say it, /our guy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwajwu9X1JI[View]
2414222Vs Taker WM33 Vs Rock WM34 Vs Cena WM35[View]
2413741Name one **** Rock match.[View]
2413529Do people unironically watch outlaw wrestling? I thought it was just a meme.[View]
2414212How do indie wrestling shows make money when less than 50 people show up?[View]
2414235What did Hoganetty mean by this?[View]
2414203/bigdog/: WITH ALL DUE RESPECT[View]
2412158Seems like Undercarder is done! The Big Dog likely to retire him at WM!: Source: PWInsider Elite …[View]
2413410What is/was your favorite wrestling move to perform on your younger siblings, /asp/?[View]
2414073Greatest of all time?[View]
2410741How do I watch wrestling?[View]
2413913Youre a writer for WWE and its your honor to retire both your favorite Attitude and PG era wrestlers…[View]
2413934Why the fuck did I just watch the WWE Jetson's movie. And why the fuck was it so fun to watch.[View]
2413822You have 10 seconds to name a better theme song than this is in modern WWE. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
2407911This team is seriously the only thing keeping NXT afloat.[View]
2411573Which one drew the most dimes?[View]
2412767what is the worst, most cancerous chant? >WE ARE AWESOME is really bad, along with CM Punk/Rand…[View]
2410348Post them: 1 Favorite wrestler ever 2 Courrent favorite wrestler[View]
2412307Does she have hydrocephalus (Water On The Brain)?[View]
2413197Worst Mania of All Time: >mania 9 >mania 32 Pick one.…[View]
2413737Chris Benoit defeats Paige in second match at WM 1: What did they mean by this? http://www.profightd…[View]
2413693>Kassius Ohno is too fat to wrest-[View]
2413545>Vince, Raw is doing really bad compared to Smackdown, we really need to improve the quality of f…[View]
2410839Vince Appreciation Thread: Come on in and share your favorite Vince moment or simply pay your respec…[View]
2413642>Kassius Ohno is too fat to wrest-[View]
2412383Was watching Cornettey clips on youtube about bad promo guys and he says Chris Jerigoat fucking suck…[View]
2412907ITT: Overrated wrestlers[View]
2412674Why the fuck is this company filled with so many crybaby pussies? Sami Zzzzzzzzzayn makes Obesity Ep…[View]
2405438>2 years in the US and still can't pronounce something as basic as 'fate' J U S T …[View]
2410213Is she, date I say it, /ourgirl/?[View]
2413243ITT: people you wish were dead[View]
2407891Name my band /b/[View]
2413475>we'll never him and taker fight Fuck wwe. I know they're both old and the match wouldn…[View]
2413331BASED ICONIC LIFE PARTNERS!!! xD: What did Xe mean by this, /asp/?[View]
2412797YOU JUST KNOW there's a sextape of em in a threesome. And guess who's recording?[View]
2413376Giga Nigga set under construction for WM33: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/wrestlemania-33/2140441-wr…[View]
2412006Let's all congratulate the Big Dog Roman Reigns on his breakout movie role. https://www.youtube…[View]
2413128Promo of the year?[View]
2410842Can we just take a fucking second to acknowledge what a fucking professional this man is https://www…[View]
2413201>each consecutive Shieldetty reign drew a new record low rating J U S T…[View]
2413337>Smark Logic: >'Man it pisses me off that old part timers show up just for Wrestlemania and bu…[View]
2413275Is Vince McMahon genuinely autistic? pic related[View]
2412988Has the Women's match started already?: Womens wrestling always has and will always be the piss…[View]
2408704Pix like this. GO![View]
2412901Name a bigger draw in WWE right now.[View]
2413219was there any time in wrestling history where rob van dam did not get a huge pop?[View]
2410848I miss him more and more every day bros ;_;[View]
2410990Fuck Goldberg for ending Bret's career. We could have had the Bret vs Shawn rematch, Bret vs HH…[View]
2413031Is Chett a good man?[View]
2403668ITT : You hear it you lose: LAY IT DOWN MY FRIEND[View]
2411746who is the worst promo in the company today other than HHH[View]
2412679Is he /ourguy/?[View]
2410098Is this the peak of Professional Wrestling?[View]
2412637Does anybody even watch this horse shit any more? I don't mean any of us here on /asp/, because…[View]
2409380WWE /co/mics: >Following his near career-ending knee injury, Seth Rollins is at his lowest. Rathe…[View]
2412604Who's your daddy /asp/!?[View]
2412880Why is it that his 3 week title reign was so much better than Seth's entire reign?[View]
2412969Why is incest so popular in the pro wrestling industry? https://youtu.be/Hyh-wJeN-UQ[View]
2412519Fellow wrestling fans and /asp/ies .... have you in any way used Pro wrestling (E or other brands) t…[View]
2412785IT'S MY TIME.[View]
2412921What's next for his career?[View]
2412814So is this madman really going to go over clean at Mania? On a scale of 1-10 how assblasted will sma…[View]
2412367/205/ - Cruiserweight Division and 205 Live General #42: Ali vs. Neville was good. fatal 5 way was b…[View]
2412739>YFW noted drug addict Lawrence Taylor main-evented more Wrestlemanias than CM Punk…[View]
2408578How will Hogan fans justify cheering for this man at Wrestlemania?[View]
2412778Undercarder's End: Like most of you, I'm not thrilled with possibly the last Undertaker ma…[View]
2412098Gaitch Wm matches, which ones he should have won/lost vs Ultimate Warrior. Lost, fine. vs Kane. Lost…[View]
2408888>Did a thousand suicide dives >Never once killed himself Is there a bigger fraud in all of wre…[View]
2404837How do we go from this...[View]
2410148>'Women's wrestling'. Fuck sake that's a load of crap, that's the worst …[View]
2412205>Shinsuka Nakamura fan >you're straight Chose one…[View]
2407248Deathmatch Wrestling is the only real wrestling.[View]
2412539https://youtu.be/wd0Y2T6xeMk Reminder that people wanted to push him before this promo[View]
2407430Now that we can acknowledge the reigns project has failed, who should replace him as the future face…[View]
2411944Women have surpassed men in Pro Wrestling & MMA. You won't be able to accept it and will hi…[View]
2410807You now realize he would probably be a face in this virtue signaling era[View]
2411464HEY DEAN[View]
2412434Malenko >We're the No Dimeacalz - and our mission is to not draw any viewership ratings in t…[View]
2411530YOU MAKE ME SICK[View]
2412378So, why did he let Shawn fuck his gf?[View]
2412349Batista was shooting here: He tried to warn us https://youtu.be/oi1W_j3gd6A[View]
2408721Not including Austin and Rock who was the most important for the success the attitude era had?[View]
2411569>Is called 'MVP' >Never drew a dime What did he mean by this?…[View]
2411652Kenta Kobashi appreciation thread: post your favorite Kenta Kobashi moments here! /Kobashi/[View]
2411503Reminder that this is rated higher than Summer of Punk and the Yes Movement[View]
2412030How can we fix him?[View]
2409006>Collision in Korea is not on the Network What WWEtty mean by this?[View]
2412077'Only neckbeards enjoy New Japan': wewbabbys BTFO[View]
2412146his gimmick is just 'i'm a redditor guys'[View]
2411389daily reminder that this happened[View]
2412089Press F to pay respects when the Big Dog retires him[View]
2405988does anyone on /asp/ have aspirations to, or is currently training to be a pro wrestler? if so, what…[View]
2410119/miz/ general: BASED Can Main Event Miz win Money in the Bank this year, lads?[View]
2409700How can you not love Aliyah's Arab Booty[View]
2411512Nikketty, Becketty and Blissetty BTFO[View]
2410013ITT: Favorite WWE PPV themes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJPjAUPs40k[View]
2411792ITT: BAMF's[View]
2402137ITT: The exact moment a wrestler's career died.[View]
2411630Is he the only one that can save wwe?[View]
2411618WrestleMania Card: If you had the active Roster from the Royal Rumble (no Finn, no Seth), how would …[View]
2411552.: Reminder that Magnus is still GFW World Champion[View]
2411561>Never in my life have I felt an energy in the building like I did when Nakamura walked out at th…[View]
2410501Is it just me or are contemporary Divas more fake than any other generation of Diva? Today's Di…[View]
2411319Favorite wrestlers that never wrestled in WWE[View]
2408955Lets take a minute and laugh at short women: Tall women always drew in wrestling. Look at how stupid…[View]
2411222Who was the Calgary Kid? WHO?![View]
2411473Okay, so say there was no Hall of Fame. The WWE have only started to do it this year and have come t…[View]
2410531ITT - We pick /asp/ 'our guy' No more perfect fit Fat Complete troll Knows nothing about wrestling[View]
2411448This guy has had more wrestling expierence than ill ever have yet when i heae his shoots i get the v…[View]
2410822>That period where smackdown aired at 12:00 am and your parents would let you stay up that late …[View]
2411286>billed height: 6'1 I know he has the body but he is most likely under 6 feet tall, a litera…[View]
2411195https://streamable.com/6r8nh >Sami 'allahuakbar' Zayn vs Kevin 'eat owens eat' Owens main event …[View]
2408188>And hard times are when a man has worked at a job for thirty years, thirty years, and they give …[View]
2410171Why can't they ever have a good match against each other?[View]
2410829Anyone else situation? down this just by let whole Paige her will part love something direction of f…[View]
2403942good night sweet prince: F[View]
2407647muh PR: We know this is coming, because she's so obsessed with phony PR and branding shit, and …[View]
2401736Record low for RAW this Monday; Roman/Strowman are literally confirmed anti-draws: http://www.f4wonl…[View]
2406044The OFFICIAL WWEDRONE thread: Takaaki Kidani Saves Pro Wrestling Edition: >Shitty 50-50 booking t…[View]
2409525When will WWE realize hiring chinese anti-draws like this is bad for business?[View]
2410678Is she, dare I say it, /ourgirl/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAOxToCFqKk[View]
2407571Is he /OurGuy/?[View]
2410826>Implying Jericho didn't draw Jericho wrote his autobiography, A Lion's Tale: Around th…[View]
2403603Press F[View]
2410887apology for poor English when were you when Southpaw wrestling dies? i was sat at home eating KFC Go…[View]
2410931Woooooo crispy![View]
2408281BASED BIG BUTT MARIA HEADING BACK TO WWE: >Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter >'Maria Kanel…[View]
2410668He was bigger than Austin.[View]
2410662Is he defending his title at Wrestlemania?[View]
2410578So this is going to be his last WM, right? He's going to put BBD over CLEAN and then walk away,…[View]
2410605Why wont Woods come out and shoot on Paige? Wouldnt it better to address it already?[View]
2410746ITT: Wrestlers you wish were married to or the son of Chris Benoit >pic related…[View]
2409600Off the top of your heads, what are some of the greatest moments in pro wrestling history?[View]
2410694Do you have any favorite segments or matches you like to watch whenever you're feeling depresse…[View]
2410737Name my tag team[View]
2410698Am I bitch if I don't train a combat sport?: I played contact sports for 10 years. I read on t…[View]
2410408>Cameron wasn't a dr-[View]
2410363https://youtu.be/jQcQItxieo8 >Locker room manlets on crisis alert[View]
2410380guys can i finna get an invite to the discord?[View]
2408815Who has arguably cut the WOAT promo? Hard mode: No Carder/Reigns Nightmare mode: No Seth Metaknight…[View]
2410145>people take pro-wrestling so seriously that they boo and attack a man who is just doing his job …[View]
2409256explain this weebos do six star matches not equal money?[View]
2410466Death is inevitable so please pay no attention to me.[View]
2410570ITT : Wrestling Legends: >tfw so much cool shit has happened off camera/on lost media >can onl…[View]
2410384>the SHIELD wasn't a dra-[View]
2408886What's your favorite smackdown vs raw game and why? >pic related >inb4 where's 2010/…[View]
2410472Well? How Are you gonna help Kojima?[View]
2408596Why is she orange?[View]
2407210Roman on getting booed: 'Sometimes [I get booed], yeah. I think any fan would agree that it's a…[View]
2410093Malenko >We're the No Dimeacalz - and our mission is to not draw any viewership ratings in t…[View]
2410135I used to work at a Whataburger in Dallas. During the Wrestlemania week, Sasha, Charlotte, Big E, an…[View]
2410248>grown straight men approved this segment[View]
2404716F: Meltzer said Mauro was absent from the last two Smackdowns because he's suffering from depre…[View]
2409068>FUCK! OFF! BALOR! What did he mean by this?[View]
2409906THE BIG DOG IS GONNA HUNT: Now that the dust has settled, was this Michael Cole's greatest ever…[View]
2409902/fella/: Based Sheamus confirmed for the biggest WWE draw[View]
2404210What the fuck is this in my NXT? Why is it so ugly?[View]
2410186Who is hot wrestler now??[View]
2403539Are they the worst tag team of all time?[View]
2408368ryback wwe champion: why did this never happen?[View]
2408629>Literally the whole area, kids, men and women chanting Undertaker >Nobody chanting for Roman …[View]
2407208Why do people still get excited for his yearly wrestlemania match. Its honestly embarrassing as fuck…[View]
2409081Nice. They even got her ass right.[View]
2409668If a wrestler got a sex change would they have to change division?[View]
2407427Once there was an ugly 'wrestler'. She was so ugly that everyone died. The end.[View]
2406010What went wrong, Maggle?[View]
2409264You think there's still any animosity between the both of them? It seems like they've comp…[View]
2409469Is he a draw?[View]
2407271Oh God, she's gonna become a neckbeard martyr like Punk isn't she...[View]
2409412how can you tell when a gimmick is over, but not the wrestler?[View]
2407075/lu/ - General: i'm still hurt edition[View]
2408939Wrestlers that voted for Trump: >For those about to rock, suck my cock >For those about to ju…[View]
2406667>ask for #womensrevolution >call women ugly what did wwe fans mean by this?…[View]
2404744Press F To Pay Respects: >On Tuesday, WWE Hall-of-Famer and wrestling legend Jim Ross shared that…[View]
2407695Post crossdressing wrestlers.[View]
2407975Brock fucks up Randall: I came back to watching WWE after the brand split, but not to /asp/ until th…[View]
2406815HHH Extremely high on many NXT stars, including Asuka and Cien https://youtu.be/mdZSl9tUhZM[View]
2408041eternal team iconic thread #2: old one 404'd post your uncommon and rare billies n peypeys here…[View]
2407381Fake tough guy.[View]
2409507Houseshow tickets best sellers: Q1: Dean Ambrose Q2: Seth Rollins Q3: Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn Q4:…[View]
2407042Why the fuck was this skit so controversial? I just watched it and it's pretty mundane in terms…[View]
2408085ITT : match types that only happened once[View]
2405596What to do in the ring? I'm a trainee at a local wrestling school and I have a pretty good grip…[View]
2405628The following male wrestlers are the only ones who have never obtained a WWE championship. I'm …[View]
2408416This was better than Flair/Race: Prove me wrong.[View]
2402717Do you think the rock and stone cold stood their ground against the Klik or did they kiss their ass …[View]
2409015>KANE RUNNING FOR MAYOR position: http://www.wcyb.com/news/tennessee/glenn-jacobs-aka-kane-runnin…[View]
2405175Fake tough guy[View]
2406184HBK says he turned down AJ Styles match at Wrestlemania: >AJ Styles is scheduled to face off agai…[View]
2408969>AJ Styles deserves better than wrestling Shane at Wrestlemania! why do people forget that Shane …[View]
2408912Why isn't WWE trying to sign Alex Jones? >great on the mic >can cut a promo >would be…[View]
2409091>short women[View]
2408858Would she save womens wrestling goy?[View]
2409040I think we can all agree...: Meltzer and the pro wrestling purists are the only true fans remaining …[View]
2408528JOG: Jimmy Ocean General Post rare Jimmys[View]
2407209Wrestlers that ruined shows/promotions for you This culero ruined lucha underground for me[View]
2409003FUCKING BASED https://twitter.com/TexasFootball/status/845024445790142465 https://twitter.com/TexasF…[View]
2408841YOU SEE YUGI[View]
2405317Triple H shits on the idea of Kurt coming back to the ring because he's jealous: > On the su…[View]
2408702Reminder to Ban Texas IPs[View]
2405975Bex: Name a more perfect girl. You cannot.[View]
2407562Do you think Sunny ever feels guilty?[View]
2408172/KAG/ - Karl Anderson General: Post your rare Karl's.[View]
2407515Body marks BTFO by Based Haitch: >muh 6'4' >muh roid body Looks like the company is good …[View]
2408468A+ Players in the Wrestling business only thread Post 'em I'll start with one half of the …[View]
2408616Overrated!: Holy shit is this guy overrated! He had nothing on Hogan ever...[View]
2371964/eternal skateboarding general/-mongo destruction edition: Basic brand info for beginners http://pas…[View]
2407059what is asp's opinion on steve blackman?[View]
2407258ITT: Wrestlers that should have kicked out at 2: >had to sedate HHH with morphine to stop him kic…[View]
2404432...And remember, our tomorrows are never guaranteed.[View]
2408577ou know they say that all bikes are created equal, but you look at me and you look at Jane Ross and …[View]
2404154NXT Champions thread.[View]
2406325ITT: wrestlers who probably fucked Paige.[View]
2408540>WHOS YOUR DADDY MONTREAL? Greatest babyface promo of all time.[View]
2408317>mfw jr talks about paige sex leak after his wife dies[View]
2408423Anyone else just let down by this whole situation? I mean... I love wrestling. I love wrestlers. I k…[View]
2408386>It has been seven years since Shawn Michaels last wrestled. His WrestleMania 26 match with The U…[View]
2407183Who /bestkeptsecret/ here?[View]
2401674ITT: Only the best wrestling themes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yybmyv_f24[View]
2408290If he can teleport, why doesn't he teleport away when he's being attacked? Do the lights t…[View]
2408189Anyone here have any dreams about Wrestling?: >be at shitty indie show in dream >boring women…[View]
2407866ITT we post a wrestler and anons tell us their best matches[View]
2407045You guys ready for the hulkster to return at mania and save the business for the hundredth time?[View]
2400087IIT WE POST THE BEST PRE MATCH PPV PROMOS: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMGD8QHRBbQ[View]
2407875Lets Get to know you Senpai 35 married from new jersey, lifelong wrestling fan, grew up going to sho…[View]
2407643>FRUSTRATED ISN'T THE GOD DAMN WORD FOR IT! THIS IS BULLSHIT! Is this the greatest promo in …[View]
2407947>buy full edition of this game at bestbuy >give goldberg nothing but superkicks >lower bret…[View]
2406887God damn it Scott.[View]
2407549Vince McMahon losing his edge?: I feel like at one point in time Vince would jump at the chance to p…[View]
2407860The wrestler you like is bad. The wrestler you don't like is good. Give me replies.[View]
2407854What's his endgame?[View]
2406788Is he the solution to RAW's sinking ratings? There is still time to get Cass into the Wrestlema…[View]
2407669>Why havent we had a storyline where Sheamus gets a fake tan yet? >Why havent we had a storyli…[View]
2404104UNDERRATED ENTRANCE SONGS: McIntyre's was GOAT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY0PxoilxzM…[View]
2407802https://youtu.be/8sEmx_MREYA Why is Cody getting buried? The kid is getting booked like a total geek…[View]
2406999What she mean[View]
2407625>Wrestlemania >Nikki and John defeat Miz and Maryse in a squash >John and Nikki are celebr…[View]
2407682is paige's dad pregnant with xavier woods' son?[View]
2407004All memes aside wrestling is really retarded.[View]
2401925ITT wrestlers who got themselves over without being forced[View]
2400099What kind of GM were you? >tfw too poor to afford real PPVs >would make my own and instead of …[View]
2407543Is there a discord for /asp/?[View]
2404156Hey, /asp/. You're a bunch of dumb contrarian marks. Does that mean you like Ryback?[View]
2407332C U C K[View]
2406348Impact Owl Wrestling: >Watch Impact Wrestling tonight at 5pm PST / 8pm EST in https://cy.tu.be/r/…[View]
2405106Women of wrestling you think legitimately might be MtF transgender. Not just 'they have a manface', …[View]
2407398https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=6109&page=4&gimmick=Jimmy+Ocean GOAT[View]
2407229Anyone know any good Jimmy ocean matches[View]
2407382>Anno Domini MMXVII >there are people who willingly watch THREE (3) hours of RAM every Monday…[View]
2407329>based big dog will never be your daddy Why live? https://youtu.be/4G9FcjzjoEI…[View]
2403635WWE trying to buy out ROH: >be vince >offer hardys a contract to take them out of ROH >they…[View]
2404593*suicide dives towards you*[View]
2407199Slow-firing pyro: Why doesn't WWE bring back slow-firing pyro? https://vimeo.com/121332427#t=1m…[View]
2354016/joshi/ General #11: Bon Voyage Edition: Any and all things joshi are welcome. http://www.stardom-wo…[View]
2406188How do we fix this?[View]
2407293Ahh.. yessir[View]
2407174Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind But I just want penis up in my behind And I fucking pro…[View]
2405849Why is Cena with Nikki Bella ?: I don't understand this at all. Cena could have almost any wome…[View]
2407093What is this shit meme? Why is WWE recognising title reigns as different lengths?[View]
2406586SUICIDE WATCH: Former WWE champion Alberto El Patron has pulled out of Wrestlecon in Orlando, Florid…[View]
2406283>Wrestlers in the 80s and 90s were snorting coke and fucking hookers >Wrestlers today would ra…[View]
2405498Who is more ratings cancer? I say Steph because she never gets whats coming to her and it's fru…[View]
2406930Why do old smarks love him so much?: Watching old Starrcades >ehhh,,, emm, uhhh He sounds like a…[View]
2406583Is anyone actually excited for this? The build up has been some of the most boring WWE TV in years[View]
2406992remember when Jericho did the network podcasts?[View]
2403993>AYO UCE WE GOT THE HALL PASS.HALL PASS NIGGA YOU HEAR? How can one team be so based? The Usos ar…[View]
2406910Who /BigDog/ here?[View]
2404512reminder how to save WWE[View]
2406517Post pictures of wrestlers you hate getting rekt in Deviant art OC[View]
2406803Any good wrestling related Discord lads? Does /asp/ have a discord? Post it Bros.[View]
2405335TNA adds trademarks to every single Hardy reference on their Youtube: jesus[View]
2406646Who did the Scotsman better?[View]
2406688trips conference call: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdZSl9tUhZM >UK and CWs stuck on axxess JU…[View]
2395589Honest question, would we even WATCH hardcore wrestling if it was allowed on tv? Even if the promoti…[View]
2405570Fucking cringe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHTfiXrUaRc[View]
2406601ITT: things that you wish were a shoot: I'll start[View]
2405816kevin owens fan club[View]

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