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2589492Hey Faggots, My name is Jim, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-li…[View]
2590415Favorite Album > Favorite fast food Go[View]
2589862His push will be worse than the big dog's Prove me wrong Pro tip: you cant[View]
2590042What was his best match? inb4 handicap match with nancy and daniel[View]
2590326>RAW ppv >Both SmackDown championships will be defended i dun get this booking…[View]
2590018>Finn vs Brock >Brocky beating the shit outta Finn >hes got him in a 4th F5 >Gets speare…[View]
2586700NXT Gamethread #1 Nikki Edition Drew McIntyre vs Cien tonight UK Championship tonight as well[View]
2587911>says his dream was to wrestle in Japan >never did it even though it was completely in his rea…[View]
2586360name a more retarded color commentator[View]
2588590BBD > Okada, Because Meltz Says So!!!: Since the beginning of 2016, these are the average match r…[View]
2590242>Honma injured >Shibata injured >NOAH relationship soured so no Nakajima >NOAH relati…[View]
2590202Since the role of a lifetime, I've been 'busy.'[View]
2587234What will happen to WWE when Vince dies?[View]
2589261what's the difference?[View]
2589619Okay, so since there's no real weight classes in wrestling, using this helpful diagram how woul…[View]
2590118>we don't live in the alternate universe where Vince parlayed his hammy acting into a succes…[View]
2589828Notes from PANDEMONIUM Vince movie script: •movie begins in 1969 with Vince in his early 20's a…[View]
2588296Why do smarks love to pretend NXMeme is good? It's a fucking boring developmental show filled w…[View]
2589267Are wrestling fans truly the DUMBEST fans in existence?: Because MMA shits on you all LMFAO[View]
2589938Jinder mahal[View]
2587570Big stars metlz vs meme underground: What did he mean by this[View]
2589164Looks good on him, doesn't it?[View]
2589716Which one is the Jannetty?[View]
2586930how many people IRL know that you follow wrestling? i've been dating a girl for 4 months now an…[View]
2586064Rate each others top 10 favorite wrestlers of all time: Chris Jericho CM Punk Stone Cold Steve Austi…[View]
2589823I like to pop gas station dick pills, drink Four Loko and fuck strippers[View]
2588909BRUCE BLITZ IS DA MAN: I get my WWE commentary from no one else. He speaks his mind, doesn't ex…[View]
2589213Global Force Wrestling: What went wrong?[View]
2589372What moment made you realize you love wrestling?[View]
2589270Wrestlers who have always either been a Heel or a face. I'll start[View]
2589660new kalisto theme: guess he's going to 205 live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67UaDQmZqbI you…[View]
2589103Both guys in their prime, who was better? And if both were 28 y/o who would you want as the top guy?[View]
2589674NJPW can do no wro-[View]
2589470>worked >SEETHING >18+ >have sex >gain height >get a clue >get a job >lose …[View]
2589519Georgia Gold: Woo! Crispy! Woo! Tangy![View]
2588978ITT: wrestlers you hope suffer a career-ending and potentially life threatening injury[View]
2588444/MiSu/ General: >Also your NEW NEVER Openweight Champion[View]
2589532TITUS O'NEIL: I WAS CONCEIVED WHEN MY 11-YEAR-OLD MOM WAS RAPED: http://uproxx.com/prowrestling…[View]
2588665What were they all thinking?[View]
2589522What was his problem?[View]
2587679>mfw the MITB main event will be Rusev vs Jinder finishing their feud for the WWE title…[View]
2588087BASED ANDRADE[View]
2586880Too old?: PADI Rescue diver here. Am I too old at 35 to make the following courses & pursue a c…[View]
2588564hmm, really makes you wet[View]
2588199WWE should expand the cruiserweight division to include a Mixed Tag Championship. Sometime after the…[View]
2589203Hey guys, StraightEdgeShooter here[View]
2589231Wrestling Review Podcasts and Youtubes: Seem these people are making many dimes just by talking abou…[View]
2586694What was the highest power level ever attained within a single match?[View]
2588960ECW originals that are still relevant: Pic related[View]
2588031Why is NXT so obsessed with skinnyfat edgelords like Asuka, Shinsuke and Aleister Black?[View]
2589060Itt: things that actually happened[View]
2589064Why do New Japan struggle to fill half the arena for their Wrestlemania? Tokyo is one of the most de…[View]
2584354Would /asp/ be interested in a '/asp/ watches' gimmick. Like, every Friday we rewatch a classic ppv?…[View]
2586925>RAW review releases on Podcastone >It's entertaining as fuck >Announce a Smackdown re…[View]
2588623what is this move called? https://twitter.com/EzrasMoon/status/857390308325183489[View]
2586816ITT: shit that happened for no reason that everyone has forgotten about by now: https://www.youtube.…[View]
2588886Big Dave appreciation thread: Because if it weren't for him, EVERYONE will be mindless E DRONES…[View]
2587641She browse here?[View]
2587814*shits in your gym bag*[View]
2588308Is she nattie?[View]
2588249Is he natty? Also how does he pass the wellness test if ya can literally see the roids leaking out …[View]
2586808Who would win in a fight: you or Brock Lesnar Also Brock Lesnar has a gun Also your hands and legs …[View]
2585545Mach's WCW Run: I missed pretty much all of it. Can I get a synopsis and opinions on what it/he…[View]
2588657PPVs only remembered for one match[View]
2588519Don't you think it's about time we have a second Becky Lynch general? Maybe with a differe…[View]
2588528This is the GOAT feud right? It was drew so many dimes it allowed WWF to go public.[View]
2586706holy fucking YUM![View]
2588417What did she mean by this?[View]
2583036You think with a bit of hard work Roman could one day get here?[View]
2587072GET HYPE[View]
2587359>OMAE WA MO SHIN DE IRU[View]
2588478Randy de Manlet showing how to attack the enemy[View]
2588062NJPW Road to Wrestling Dontaku 2017 - Day 5 Live thread: Road to Wrestling Dontaku is starting soon.…[View]
2587422>Drew Macintyre >Drew But he never drew anything though?…[View]
2588314Are the stories true?[View]
2588414Reminder Americans Manchester is not upper class: lol this guy is more of a fake meme than anyone el…[View]
2588134>man with most desired opinion in wrestling >never had a match or booked a show in his entire …[View]
2588290>ywn give Becky huge facial[View]
2588236>it's a cruiserweight match >it's a women's ''wrestling'' match >it's a…[View]
2586961Gets fired from WWE for drugs and goes to TNA. Gets fired from TNA for drugs and goes to the WAW. Wh…[View]
2587823to all the idiots saying wrestling will die in your life time, it already has[View]
2585633Why aren't WWE hiring more Eastern Europeans?: They look more threatning than the Asian guys th…[View]
2587602Stone Cold revelas the stunt that almost killed him: https://www.sportskeeda.com/wwe/wwe-news-stone-…[View]
2587845Styles > Omega Eat your heart out, indiefags. WWE is the end all be all for wrestling. If you mea…[View]
2588026redpill me on the refs. sorry for the /pol/ meme but i want to know the secrets of the refs. i start…[View]
2587568>that hand placement do you think they still do?[View]
2587706How based is Based James Ellsworth? -Debut against future HOF'er Braun Strowman -Get over with …[View]
2585908ITT: Reddit's favorite wrestlers[View]
2587296What went wrong?[View]
2586394How would you book his return[View]
2587708would you watch? would it be able to compete?[View]
2581598RAM Ratings Plummet: RAM did 3.007 million viewers overall. Last week's show did 3.350 million …[View]
2587465Post >yfw Jinder Janettied Rusev[View]
2587075this chad is not even 20 years old yet but he still probably gets more slag poon on the daily than y…[View]
2587163You get matched with this on tinder, what do you do?[View]
2583746>currently have the most talented roster ever the history of wrestling >record low ratings …[View]
2587697BASED CALL CENTER MAHARAJAH WORKING THE FATTYS and using the customer support team as bodyguards Bas…[View]
2587600Remember when TNA made him Romantic Joe? Do you think WWE will bring it back?[View]
2587630>jobber Jinder being the #1 contender to the WWE title > a gook that can't speak english …[View]
2585337where is this piece of shit?[View]
2587569not one dime[View]
2584339Does anyone actually like this geek anymore?[View]
2587143REMINDER: >14 time world champion, will probably win the universal title sometime this year >c…[View]
2586019*neck shatters*[View]
2581194How does a wrestler announce the name of his moves to fans?do they do it in an interview or the anno…[View]
2587126Has Big Dave gone too far?[View]
2584074Based Hulkster knew that NJPW > WWF: >Based Hulkster knew 24 years ago that New Japan shits on…[View]
2587263>MMA guy does pro-wrestling commentary >bullied and leaves like a pussy >Pro-wrestling guy …[View]
2582026ITT: Little known facts about WWE wrestlers: Shawn Michaels actually refereed a match in FMW between…[View]
2587053>supposed to be a bad ass >needs police escorts Pathetic…[View]
2586149Renee Young reveals how she and Dean Ambrose got hitched: >'We were going to bed! We were going t…[View]
2584322Did you enjoy the show tonight?[View]
2587031Why are they buried deeper than Jimmy Hoffa? They have a cool look, great theme, Viktor is extremely…[View]
2584543Wrestling Vidya: Which version of this game is better? PS2 or 360?[View]
2581804Shoot interviews from this gen will be the WOAT: They don't drink, don't rib each other be…[View]
2584393*reaches for brass ring*[View]
2586740Total Divas Gamethread: Insert random title edition because SO RANDUM XD[View]
2586939Holy shit. Just try to defend this[View]
2586967https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzRLiwq-Pdo >corbin is actually a chill dude FUCKING D R O P P E …[View]
2581879Were these perfection?[View]
2586593Wrestlers that really make you go DANG[View]
2585665How come midcard belts are more important than the main belts now?[View]
2586471>face is doing his whole entrance shtick >intermittent shots of children in the audience marki…[View]
2585817>nakamemes a dr-[View]
2584844Adolph Ziegler: Is he WWE's most racist superstar? >Made R-Truth dress up as R-Niggler >s…[View]
2586639> The Master of Ring Psychology What do they mean by this?[View]
2585325So, who was the Jannetty?[View]
2586108>Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome The Artist Known as Shinsuke Nakamura!…[View]
2586674We agree that SvR 2007 has the GOAT soundtrack, right?[View]
2585681Faces of /asp/: I'll start > pic related[View]
2586786nikki bella is a slut: Yes this ho likes seth[View]
2586696*blocks your path*[View]
2586753Post PPV match card graphics that you enjoyed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoMQocMetww[View]
2586749Nipple H[View]
2586737seth and finn hotness thread[View]
2586249>His theme and entrance are more over than he is[View]
2584916According to Cageside Seats, the following stars will be joining WWE in the next few months. -Indepe…[View]
2584892Rusev at Money in the Bank: The best thing that happened on Smackdown was Rusev announcing his first…[View]
2585864Kelly kelly in action: Post Hq match stills of the real diva. >no Google images…[View]
2586689roman the big dog: lol[View]
2586538Who did it better?[View]
2585632>there are people who actually think he will win at payback[View]
2575085Only the best Titantrons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hlO_1JGTww[View]
2586541Has things gotten better for him since leaving WWE?[View]
2586557Was HBK better as a heel or a face?[View]
2586283So whats the main event going to be since theres no Universal title on the line? It's going to …[View]
2584410WICKED CHAIR SHOTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsJRHGhm7cI[View]
2586147Why are the intros so shit now? This was the last good intro they had that actually got you pumped u…[View]
2582098do big guys dancing draw dimes? why does vince keep doing this? what outfit will braun be wearing wh…[View]
2584228Has Big Dave gone too far?[View]
2586435Kevin Nash came to me in a dream once. I was going through a rough patch in my life, I was 5'6,…[View]
2585820>not even a properly 1:1 scaled version of him Why did Ryback JUST himself this much?…[View]
2584712Dolph Ziggrer: What's his probrem?[View]
2584003Who's the most disgusting, evil foreign heel to ever invade the WWE?[View]
2583880Is Bret Hart autistic?[View]
2584172is he retarded?[View]
2586363Do it.[View]
2585134>join BJJ 2 years ago >socially awkward >lack confidence >but people are still friendly …[View]
2586225Holy shit, gooks are literally retarded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7weWzBzWtQ&t[View]
2584953Is Vince trying to intentionally sabotage him? Is he mad that Nakamura is more over than Romanetty e…[View]
2586169Are they being rewarded for that humiliating job they had to do for Jhon and Nichole?[View]
2581767The absolute state of e-drones: >http://sports.yahoo.com/news/new-love-rocks-big-e-marries-two-ha…[View]
2586140hey lads i'm new here. is there an /asp/ starter pack? pic unrelated...i think[View]
2585944You now remember Doug Dillinger[View]
2582876How good of a wrestler was he? How was his in ring performance? Was he good on the mic? What do you …[View]
2586096Gimmick and Name Ideas: SuperTurk The Deepwater Jew Mustachio 'Endless' Mike Hellstrom Lord Aaron Aa…[View]
2581520what would happen if the word 'janetty', and all the ones ending with 'tty' got baned from /asp/?, w…[View]
2581684Don't mind me just posting the best video package this decade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
2583984ITT: best PPVs hard mode: no wrestlemania[View]
2586048Is Dean autistic?: >We were going to bed and he like busted out the ring and we were like, '…[View]
2559488/bex/ - Becky Lynch General: Do It For Her Edition Highlights/Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
2585540Have any of you ever heard of a Las Vegas Match before? It's apparently going to be in Fire Pro…[View]
2584939WWE Network's 'Ride Along' Discussion: I think this is the great show. The Cruiser Control with…[View]
2585330ITT: Titles you forgot existed[View]
2585102ITT: Things that you just 'know': you know?[View]
2585909>start a general thread >add 'nerd phrase or caption' edition. REEEEEEE why do posters do thi…[View]
2581978could e-drones be anymore cucked?[View]
2584620They're going to do the Mero/Sable Knox/Kelly gimmick of the over face women and the jealous he…[View]
2585792When you realize He banged Nikki bella[View]
2585260>this board is filled with tripfags like Broken Anonymous and Gay Incognito Why? Take off the tri…[View]
2581150who's a bigger mark for themselves: Bret Hart or CM Punk[View]
2584679>It was a great promo. Shinsuke did these language barrier promos on NXT too and his charisma has…[View]
2585690Who is the jannetty?[View]
2581215CM Punk is going to be on an MTV Reality Show Competition called 'The Challenge: Champs vs Pros' whe…[View]
2582105Holy fuck Meltz BTFOing Flopsuka. Is he /ourguy/ again?[View]
2585240We are in a timeline...: ..where Bushiroad buys out what's left of the WWE. What happens next?…[View]
2585470ITT, save the WWE with one turn of events: >night of the Shield's debut >a time-traveler …[View]
2585499The Autist[View]
2585699What's /asp/'s discord: thx tbqhfam[View]
2585659ALIEN DAY: Get in here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Xbyl6Djzfk[View]
2580048How useful is fencing in a real sword fight?[View]
2585388ITT: Cagekino https://youtu.be/OxfDI3-FhVs[View]
2580337Describe his character.[View]
2584815you will never hoverhand your coworker & then play it off for a photo. why live?[View]
2585561What are PythonRaw's?: What do they mean by this? Snek?[View]
2585371Good morning babes[View]
2584463>AJ will go to RAW >Club will go to Smack Down >Sasha will go to Smack Down >AJ will feu…[View]
2585070*blocks your path*[View]
2581019HOLY SHIT SMARKS REKT xD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuhXwMi51S8 I HAVE NEVER seen this video. …[View]
2585124make a counter move for the based RKO pro tip: you literally can't[View]
2585119>“I don’t know Jinder.” Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE’s executive vice president of talent, live …[View]
2584809What did he mean by this?[View]
2581468Predict tonight's King Jinder promo:[View]
2582186ITT: We post booking ideas and rate eachothers: >Make Big Poppa Poo WWE champion untill summersla…[View]
2584819JBL on Talking Smack: >Maybe it's you. Maybe if everybody attacks you, maybe it's you. …[View]
2585274The Kliq conspiracy >form around 1990s >The kliq mission want to takeover all wrestling compan…[View]
2582210Who was the Ambrose?[View]
2585193what went wrong ?[View]
2584580Natty is the Rollins Carm is the Ambrose Tamina is the Reigns James is the Jannetty[View]
2581199Rate my recent purchases from WWE shop. Also post yours if u want.[View]
2585092uuuuu wanaa knoo hooooo I aaam: What did he mean by this?[View]
2585146Serious question. How do WWE fans defend this hot garbage?: You E DRONES are worse than Apple fans. …[View]
2585055>CFO$ Same electro shit, rips off mainstream artists, uses the same 'crowd must sing along' formu…[View]
2584699How could you save pic related?[View]
2581538Book this match, being careful to make it as spooky as possible[View]
2581455I thought Vince buried this faggot? Why is being showcased as the top guy on RAM right now? He hasn…[View]
2584771*incoherent mumbles*[View]
2584931kek desu: >On April 26, Bram was suspended by Pro Wrestling Noah for inappropriate behavior in pu…[View]
2582401>The Autist Known As_____ DEAD ON ARRIVAL O A[View]
2584978Fucc vince mcmahon[View]
2584201He's not wrong...[View]
2577080Anyone else not really give a shit about Raw tonight because Jinder is on the other show?[View]
2584710Who would win in a fight?: you or Kevin Nash also Kevin Nash has a gun[View]
2584778Vince Mcmahon getting his own biopic: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/vince-mcmahon-wwe-biopic…[View]
2584859Holy fucking based!!!: https://youtu.be/hImofL_MgWc[View]
2584858FILM ON VINCE MCMAHON'S LIFE IN THE WORKS: http://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/film-vince-mcmahon…[View]
2584838Commentators Thread: Only post the GOATs[View]
2584353>Hey fags. My name is Jim and I hate every one of you motherfuckers. If you think Vince Russo…[View]
2584668do you need a certain level of autism to enjoy wrestling?[View]
2581547>when bray carried a feud with just a mic[View]
2584618BOOOOOOOOOOO: Booman lames SUCKS. He has no talent, can't wrestle, no charisma, NOTHING. Sami Z…[View]
2584738Less known, decent wwe matches I'll start, Jericho Vs Evan Bourne, fatal 4 way 2010.[View]
2582250Big Poppa Poo Appreciation: Show some love for your new number 1 contender the great big poppa poo!!…[View]
2579847Super Wrestlers: A Super Wrestler is a man who excels in all styles of wrestling and exhibits incred…[View]
2582873What's his best WrestleMania match? Even his match with AJ at WM32 was a dud.[View]
2584423>autistic Dave Meltzer tries to kill his career >he is not fired >Mauro removed >now hos…[View]
2584533Titles don't matter anymore[View]
2584432Thoughts On shinsukes new nickname?[View]
2584484ITT: deviantART Cringe http://ratedvickie.deviantart.com/art/Aleena-Jannetty-Bio-253563456[View]
2581534ITT: Give wrestlers/personalities a new theme song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_8KR-n2fBQ for …[View]
2584462>I hear voices in my head, they talk to me, they-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I haven't given less of a s…[View]
2584194Who is hotter?: Both are hot asf tought yummy[View]
2581655You know it's only a matter of time before she starts wrestling, right?[View]
2583847Smackdown new Stable?: Natalya + Tamina + Carmela w/Ellsworth = nWo (New Women Order)[View]
2583872What the fuck was that? Is he autistic?[View]
2584303How come Brock vs Batista never happened?[View]
2583978Another one[View]
2560809/asg/ - Airsoft General: Comfysoft Edition Last Thread: >>2516177 Keep strictly real-steel top…[View]
2584294Does anyone actually like this geek anymore?[View]
2571730WOAT ring attire[View]
2582277ITT: GOAT Tag Teams[View]
2578455ITT: we trigger /asp/.[View]
2583063smAckdown gAmethread #3: Snek time. Que feo ser un Rawtista.[View]
2584101Who was the Ambrose?[View]
2580122MANLET M A N L E T >this is considered a 'superstar' in 2017 wwe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
2576898Big Bully Bradshaw appreciation thread. Let's discuss this unsung hero who has single handedly …[View]
2584133>tfw WWE creative writes a segment[View]
2581764Alright /asp/. Draw some of these. Now.[View]
2583710Smackdown is just a lower budget RAM now. Quality wise, they're pretty much indistinguishable. …[View]
2584056Best timeline ?[View]
2583366>Hire someone that got popular due to his great matches >Have him on shitty promos nonstop aft…[View]
2581710>Oh my god, he rolled of a 12 inch platform. He is slightly inconvenienced in there. Stop the dam…[View]
2583961Can't wait until Jinder and Mustafa are the main event of Wrestlemania[View]
2583839*Gives you a ticket*[View]
2583794Remember this RAWtists As long as we have them, we will always be the A show. Remember this when you…[View]
2580388'Every match I have might be my last match. That's how I wrestle every time. I don't want …[View]
2583706So hot[View]
2581214>this board is just one guy talking to himself >resorts to even arguing with himself It's…[View]
2581348/cc/ - Charlotte Circlejerk General[View]
2580900>The entire PAYBACK card minus Neville vs Aries[View]
2583224haha hate me cause i'm a foreigner xD[View]
2583061SmA+ck Gamethread #3 Big Red's Comfy theme edition[View]
2581933Rate my latest purchase lads[View]
2582570BASED ADOLPH ZIGGLER: >BTFOs Nip language >BTFOs Micheal Jackson posthumously Is he /ourguy/?…[View]
2582616smAckdown gAmethread #2: Already winning as always. A ver donde están mis /Smack/ hermanos?[View]
2580186Daily reminder that this cuck lost his wife to Jeff freaking Jarrett.[View]
2579432is he a joke now?[View]
2582127What went wrong?[View]
2582322Seth is so hot.: Yummy[View]
2581239send wwe gifs jpgs and webms: says it all[View]
2582004SmAckdown Gamethread #0: LGTSS[View]
2573044Need to cum: Please help, brothers. Need something worth to unload for[View]
2582376Smackdown is already better than Raw this week[View]
2582457Where is my finn appreciation thread: I think it got delete it why can't think maybe you are no…[View]
2575656Is WWE 2K17 worth getting?: Asking the real wrestling fans here. I'd ask on /v/ but god knows t…[View]
2582086ITT: wrestlers that actually drew dimes Bushwackers are mostly remembered today as a comedy tag team…[View]
2581927AJ Mendez Brooks: When did her and Phil start a family? I was hoping she'd leave him and come b…[View]
2581543since we know Bekcy is the Jannetty, we're now confronted with the question of: which one'…[View]
2574906Bayley Thread?[View]
2581955Hi im back: Seth is the best.[View]
2581537Wrestling Observer Radio- Its a Go Home Show: http://kiwi6.com/file/eeig4ze1ba >Matt Hardy defeat…[View]
2581094How hard are Meltzer and Alvarez seething right now? The ''''''''irrelevant''''''''' Vince Russo is …[View]
2581276With Roman gone for a bit I hope and pray that they debut a new look and theme song this Sunday don…[View]
2581138Transgender wrestlers: Your opinion on trannies in the wrestling world...should former men be allowe…[View]
2579539Based Big Butt Maria Thread: I need some fap material[View]
2581836Is he hated just by neckbeards and virgins ?[View]
2580640which one is the Jannetty (AND) which one is the Ambrose ?[View]
2581603ITT: The moment you knew WWE was doomed[View]
2580243>v-vince, give me one more match[View]
2572036Carmella thread?[View]
2581619NXT Releases: Andrea D'Marco The Yetay Josh Some nobody got released F for Andrea Don't gi…[View]
2581580>not even their at the fucking show >got the biggest pop and reaction from crowd all night …[View]
2581558405 Live: How Hyped would you be for this shit?![View]
2581551*sandbags you*[View]
2580592>dad walks in[View]
2579893Where were you when you learned that Jushin Liger was a pencil neck geek? >2017 >naming yourse…[View]
2580075>I-I know I'm s-sexy...[View]
2581332ITT: Older wrestlers that need to let it go and cut their damn hair already[View]
2581261ITT: Wrestlers who are their own biggest mark[View]
2581448>striker finisher from a non striker You're not Tajiri, you're not RVD, you're not…[View]
2581333>Dave, I think this is building up to her [Bayley] kissing a boy >... >UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD …[View]
2576829What were the biggest mistakes WWE made with Roman Reigns? I'll start: Keeping his vest and the…[View]
2580876Conway pop[View]
2580447Be honest, /asp/. Do you miss him? Would you turn back time to see him happy and healthy again?[View]
2581322Will based Big Poppa Poo do us all a favour and bury Blandy Snoreton?[View]
2575870Is this a part of Kidani's Grand Master Plan?: Also, wait for the Bas Rutten podcast to come ou…[View]
2580515>Seth Rollins and Luke Gallows weren't laying down next to each other near the corner >Fi…[View]
2580153ITT: things that were works and everyone knows it[View]
2581097learning pro wrestling: is there any way to self-teach different aspects of professional wrestling? …[View]
2581142post any post-invasion era racism in wrestling[View]
2580943Poo in the Loo Pro Wrestling PLPW World Heavyweight Champion >Roman Reigns PLPW India Champion …[View]
2579132WHITE APOLLO CREWS: *Crowd dies*[View]
2578289Hey E Drones how do you defend...: >50 50 booking? No wonder your shit company will be going out …[View]
2581020'Here comes Gentleman Jack Gallagher!'[View]
2579146Is Bayley the new Eugene?[View]
2581010Post a theme song and you're reaction to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzDFOxkW40A…[View]
2578227>2017 >watching RAW Literally why? Give me ONE good reason why you take 3 hours of your life p…[View]
2580342>heel attacks a fellow heel why is this allowed? Isn't there a written rule somewhere that …[View]
2580465revised RAM intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHzIqkscsYg[View]
2580789I'm going back to watching wrestling via torrents/streams on a weekend afternoon in 10 minutes …[View]
2579152ITT: E DRONES[View]
2580389Post opinions that may be unpopular but you stick to: Miz is a good wrestler, the meme about him bei…[View]
2580708The Big Guy SHOOTS On Jinder Mahal's 'Physique': >On Feeling Mahal Has Gynecomastia (the swe…[View]
2580865Jim Ross calling PG garbage: BAH-GAWD, STROWMAN YOU SON OF A BITCH! KALISTO! ... KALISTO! HE'S …[View]
2580888Ultimate Frisbee: What are your guys thoughts on ultimate frisbee and professional frisbee as a spor…[View]
2580844Anyone else like to bust out the La Parka in the club to get the ladies?[View]
2580239Alright /asp/ fill me in I havent watched since Wrestlemania, fill me in on the important shit so I …[View]
2580755Did Sheamus really botch his way into his first world title? The events surrounding his tables match…[View]
2580289Why was the Drifter so hated on NXT? He seems pretty based on RAW without having wrestled even once.[View]
2576184If WWE were a shoot who would be champ right now?[View]
2580428People you would strangle to death with zero hesitation[View]
2574054E Drones = CANCER[View]
2580353>His new finish is a shitty combination of Rainmaker and V Trigger Is Jasethy admitting that New …[View]
2580652Do you say shit out loud when watching wrestling?: Break his arms. There's no action here. Wha…[View]
2580703How will these stickmen E Drones recover: I enjoy WWMEME booking because I'm a fucking moron LM…[View]
2579690RENT FREE[View]
2575318what's the longest built up feud of all time?[View]
2579894Sienna or Allie..who is the true /ourgirl/?[View]
2573042How did Regal know?[View]
2580627This is what an E Drone looks like: /asp/ is basically a bunch of Peter Rosenbergs LMFAO[View]
2574332Can someone tell me if this vampire stuff was cool or not when it was popular?[View]
2573556>June 2002 >Vince tells Austin to put over Lesnar >Austin whines like a little bitch >'b…[View]
2580444ITT: Worst booked promotion: inb4 'I love it Maggle!'[View]
2580472Is... is Dean trying to copy Kevin-O and Jerich-Os best friends schtick? He reminds me of that guy w…[View]
2574299Did anyone on /asp/ buy her used panties?[View]
2579543>Zero reaction Man, I think they really killed him for good this time.[View]
2576538Would a show focused on the Super Heavyweight Division (265+) draw better than 205 Live?[View]
2580184Jericho's shitty new entrance graphics.: What's his gimmick supposed to be? Shitty game sh…[View]
2576667What was his problem?[View]
2575784Poo's Tribute to Jinder: HOLY FUCKING BASED https://twitter.com/SK_ProWrestling/status/85652216…[View]
2573388ITT: Post wrestlers wearing regular street clothes[View]
2574404Now that he's made it to the top when is he going to ditch his short Christian wife and bang a …[View]

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