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What exactly is the point of sparring if you are not trying to kill the other fighter?

Your weak kicks won't serve their purpose
Your punches to the face won't knock them out
Your weak head kicks won't do shit

Like.. What the fuck? I understand if you're some lanklet that likes to work on his jabs all day but that shit won't train you for a fight in the ring or cage when the other guy will go full force.

It's like.. You're jogging to train for a sprint. It is retarded.
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CRRWAAUUUUUULing in myn skin
These wounds they will not heal
shit on me all you want I'm use to it. Just venting i usually lurk. But you see all these street fights and other shit. I hate the argument that people can't do things because its illegal. I know ultimately i am a giant faggot pussy and am useless but I wonder with all the rage and frustration if i could snap and just fight someone in the streets. I would go to the local bar streets but they're filled with frat boy douchebags and i have anxiety. I just want to lose all this rage and hurt one of them maybe even kill one of them to proof that I was right and all the people that have held me back were wrong
You can't kill anyone in your weak state of mind pussy. Go down to your local boxing gym. If you want to be feared and respected and get rid of your anger and have people look up to you then that's the place to do it. Prison would not make you a badass, it would break your fragile spirit and make you more anxious and depressed. You'd probably just kill yourself by the sounds of things because you're a selfish little bitch.

Go get beat up like a man and learn to fight. Then never blog on 4chan again.
File: wallpaper_2420196.jpg (54 KB, 1920x1200)
54 KB
I walk a lonely road
The only one that I

Hey man life is abut how much shit gets thrown at you and its about what you do about it to develop yourself
fear/hatred/anger is weakness.
conquer that before you decide to be a complete dumbfuck and get your ass kicked.

File: arnis1.jpg (180 KB, 563x914)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
So I just had my first FMA class, but I'm skeptical about the teacher's quality. I found the guy online, he didn't currently have any other students, and we organized to meet today at an elementary school basketball court. First thing I noticed when I found the guy was that he was a bit chubby. As the class went on, I noticed that he clearly had trouble remembering how to do some of the drills, but over all the drills themselves seemed fairly quality (with the exception of the utterly rubbish unarmed drill, but I'm taking MMA for unarmed combat so I'm not worried about that.) After the class, I questioned him some about his training. Apparently he had trained for three years, but quit his gym a few years ago because the teacher wouldn't let his students improve past a certain point, and has been practicing by himself since then. (He moved since then, so going to where he learned isn't an option.) He said that the specific style is Cinco Torros Arnis (I may have the "torros" part wrong, but he specifically mentioned "cinco" being Spanish for five.)

So this is clearly not the highest quality instructions out there, but it's my only option, and it's only $10 a class. At that cheap, I'm thinking it may actually be worth it. The guy is honestly more of a more advanced student than an actual teacher, but for so cheap (and with no other option.) I think I should stick with it.
What do you guys think? Am I wasting my money?
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Ask him if there was anything he wanted to try; as in attempt to apply where you could help act as a live training dummy and try to ask questions and have mutual discussion. That'll make it a bit more mutual and equivalent then you can start guilting him into not charging you. That's my primary tactic for mooching off senior club members.
unless its inosanto or somewhere rural in the philippines I doubt you could find a good FMA teacher abroad. Here in the philippines finding a good FMA school is hard, they are as common as summer class TKD full of kids
>Am I wasting my money?

>First thing I noticed when I found the guy was that he was a bit chubby.

Well, in FMA the "physical state" is not as important as in other styles (one of my former teachers was a fat manlet but very good). The movements are rather short, it's rather about springiness, timing and precise techniques.

> I noticed that he clearly had trouble remembering how to do some of the drills.

It's hard to tell if that's a problem or not. Mind that if he hasn't trained before he probably has no experience in "how to build up a lesson". The first time I taught escrima it was also a real mess because I had no clue where to start, which excercises are apropriate and so on (even though serveral years of training).
It's doesn't necessarily mean he's not skilled enough or can't teach you valuable skills in training. If you decide to train with him, maybe he'll get better at teaching or after a while you could talk with him about that if it doesn't feel good for you. But let me tell you that FMA guys usually don't have a great syllabus, it's more about learning by doing and picking up skills along the way.

>Apparently he had trained for three years, but quit his gym a few years ago because the teacher wouldn't let his students improve past a certain point, and has been practicing by himself since then.

OK, he's only intermediate then. But some basics should definately be there.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>You mean "CincoTeros" ?
That's it. Anything I should know about the style? What's the consensus on it's quality?

File: BiG gUy.jpg (140 KB, 1173x750)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
I gotta kill
I gotta maim
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Is this some new kind of trolling? Something can be aesthetically unappealing, but still executed with good technique and skill mastery.
that depends on what your definition of technique and skill is in this place.
It's 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain

I should have expected this sooner or later.
File: 21_182-183.jpg (749 KB, 1687x1200)
749 KB
749 KB JPG
I am a terrible person, yeah.

As far as comics go, Baki is way out there, making reading this a unique experience.

Although I actually liked his adaptation of "Garouden" better than the Baki series itself. That series it's a lot more within the realm of reality compared to Baki, but still has its own ridiculous. It produced what I feel is the most unexpectedly realistic (even though it's not really trying to) fighting game ever made:

File: 1419263153263.gif (1.02 MB, 200x112)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB GIF
Old is about to full so new one. Talk about WWE,ROH,NJPW,TNA, whatever other feds you can think of

Old bread: >>650030
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Vent out your frustrations of that horrific PPV by watching this review.

These guys sure like to beat themselves up by watching something they so clearly have contempt for. But I guess some people are just masochistic. And their accents suck btw, where are they from?
I personally didn't think the show was that bad, far from unwatchable as far as B-PPV's go. Gotta do something about that set though, fuck the raw set on PPV's.
Reported and hidden.
Couldn't be around to watch, so what matches (if any) are worth my time?

I liked the tag match. The ending sucks, even if it's the outcome I wanted.

Bad and Neville were great. Rollins and Orton had their moments.

Ziggler and Sheamus felt like the skit was longer than the match.

Harper and Ambrose were the most disappointing. Nothing was even half as extreme as the ladder moment in Wrestlemania. The gimmick of splitting the match into two segments felt like wasted potential. There are so many better ways to do it. They could have had Kane and a camera crew track them down at a Boston locale. They could have had them show up in the middle of another fight and given us two simultaneous matches. They could have at least shown signs of wear and tear to give us the idea that they were fighting the entire time, rather than driving around the block and talking about their crushes. The car didn't even have a scratch on it.

Vince had warrior poisoned.
No trace left in the system.
No evidence.

This was the final 'fuck you'.

Too many things are suspicious with this story.
Vince looks like the good guy - but is really the killer.

Adding to the above - poisons cause heart failure - and leave no trace after a few hours.

It is a popular way to kill people in hitman circles.

I would be so bold as to suggest that MOST of the dead WWE/ex WWE wrestlers have been set upon by Vinces hitmen.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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If Vince hires hitmen to kill rasslers he doesn't like why is Bret Hart still alive?
because bret is the hitman
Bret "The Hitman" Hart.
So they don't really hate eachother.
He helps kill people with him and just makes it look like they hate each other.
they killed big boss man because he was going to arrest them all
the killed chris benoit because they forced him to get rabies so he could use the rabid wolverine gimmick but he was going to go public

File: image.jpg (1.1 MB, 1944x1296)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Color is important and butthurt trad climbers edition.
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same, only been bouldering in a gym on a constant basis yet I've got a long road before I feel I plateau'd.

You only reach the plateau when you got to double digits on the v scale imo
street shoe: 8.5
tarantulace: 40 eu, 7.5 us
File: 011_7651.jpg (86 KB, 510x340)
86 KB
I think it depends on the type of climbing. Ueli Steck is downright auschwitz mode. If you're not doing long, alpine routes, some extra mass is probably ok. But cardio/endurance is way more important.
You haven't plateaued because your skill is still increasing
That post didn't say you will plateau it said your strength will and he's right if you continue to carry the same amount of weight up a wall there's no way it will make you stronger
You need to increase resistence otherwise all you're doing is improving your endurance which is more valuable than pure strength but different
High reps with low weights can be fine for climbing and even bouldering if you lack endurance strength. It just really depends on your background.
A former powerlifter will most likely profit from high rep exercising

>Outside on my condo's street, skateboarding

>Car almost hits me (Perfect weather conditions, 20 mph zone, in the middle of the Condo's Road

>Driver rolls by slowly, glaring at me with a pissed off look

>He pulls up to the mailbox 20 feet ahead gets out and yells, "Next time should I honk at you for you to move?"

>"If you want to , I guess"

>he yells back, "You need to stop with your attitude" and he walks to the mailbox


>Continue to roll around on my board and he comes back to me

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>what are laws?

is there a federal law that says children can't use the street in a suburban neighborhood? if so please post.

Are you actually this stupid or is this bait?

good response.

certainly went above and beyond to prove that playing in the suburban street is illegal across the country.

>i'm convinced. no where in America are children allowed to play in the street because "laws"

File: tkd.jpg (51 KB, 800x566)
51 KB
Any tkdbros out there, /asp/? I'm going to UC Berkeley in the fall and going to try to join the team, so I'm going to train over the summer. Any cardio/weightlifting stuff you guys think is good? (Aside from the obvious skillbased training in class)
Tkd here. Train flexibility and straight kicks. You should be able to be able to kick at your head hight before you join. Skipping rope for leg work. Concrntra on your legs and core. Squads ,jumps knee lifting etc.
I'm a huge fan now of Tabada Drills as a way of doing cardio training now.

Suicides are good, burpees are great for everything.

You especially want to work on explosive strength in you calves. I do one simple drill where I just hop up and down a staircase, on one foot. Then when you're done, switch to the other foot.
In addition to what the others said, resistance drills and plyometrics are essential for developing sport-specific power for tkd. Also try aerobic paddle drills in between anaerobic ones (e.g. 1 min aerobic kicking, 10 sec anaerobic...)

Source: Level 1 USAT coach

File: kendosuki.jpg (55 KB, 960x637)
55 KB
Hello /asp/,

I'm a regular member of the Gibraltar Kendo club. Any of you goto a local kendo club? How do you train, do you focus more on the competitive aspect of Kendo, or do you keep with the art and the technique?

Also, general Kendo thread!
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Kendo mainly revolved around the use of the shinai, which is fairly dissimilar to the katana ("much" more longer, not the same grip, not the same point of balance, not the same "blade" construction). Even though, the kendo kata and most of the kendo practise revolves around principles which are applicable to the katana. The kendo is probably not the best art to learn and train with a katana but it's probably the next best thing and it's usually fairly accessible.
OP why no Gibraltar at the London Cup next week?
kendo is the art,there is many limitations,you could use it as a martial arts but,well...the martial arts version is kenjutsu.
am not looking down on kendi its just in my eyes its like japanese fencing (sport purpose)

Truth. Kenjutsu guys always do better on the streets in real katana fights.
It teaches good fundamentals, like proper distance, timing, decisive action, etc. But as for technique, you're far better off with learning traditional kenjutsu/bujinkan or HEMA. There is an interesting video by scholagladiatoria on this actually.


Because nobody made a new one (part 4 - lever free or planche hard)

>Why bodyweight?



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Typical General Military PT incorporates mostly Callisthenics.
Not sure how infantry PT differs, but acquired knee injuries are pretty common for riflemen in training.
That's from running with a ruck sack on your back.

Squat progressions will strengthen the knee joint, but if you try a pistol after a week of training, don't be surprised if your knee explodes.
File: moustache.jpg (30 KB, 626x463)
30 KB

Just found this, on some forum, watched the first video, and it seems legit.

Navy SEALS doing PT, but in the format of an instructional video narrated by an ex-SEAL and BUD/S instructor for educational purposes.

A lot of Chin-ups and dips.
how bout u run with a nutsack on your back
˃you fucking faggot
Alright then. Is there a non-download version of foundations for me to check out? My computer is kill at the moment, and I don't want to download a bunch of shit to my brother's comp.

File: ninja.png (18 KB, 301x167)
18 KB
So what's /asp/ official opinion on this art?
P.S Can you ninpo bros n overall everybody post the most interesting material you find out on the net for ninjutsu.Also is it true that the only real Nin Dojos are in Japan n few in US,UK n rest are McDojos created by over inspired weeaboo fags from ninja movies?
142 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
because merchandise is how anime makes money
>Tanemura didn't train with takamatsu.

my mistake though I would love to see a legit reference to an art referring to itself as ninpo before 1870

Ive only seen genbukan sword sparring and it was pretty terrible. I would pick kendo over it anyday and Im not even a big fan of kendo


that is a very weird way to use that term
File: 1412729804785.jpg (2.14 MB, 3173x4369)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
>my mistake though I would love to see a legit reference to an art referring to itself as ninpo before 1870

Look, I've been training in the bujinkan for 11 years and I don't really know either. The organization markets itself as ninjutsu but 99% of our training consists of the other 6 ryuha. Hence why we refer to ourselves as a budo style these days.

I have seen the 3 ninjutsu schools and the only one with actual techniques is togakure ryu, of which the kata are a bit iffy. The other two schools are only strategy and tactics.

I don't like the way the genbukan do things. I can't speak for any of their training. They aren't related to bujinkan at all.

Henka just means variation. Which describes exactly what we do.
Please stop. This is almost as bad as trying to legitimize Empty Force or Yellow Bamboo.
File: penn.png (920 KB, 680x383)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
>I've been training in the bujinkan

File: 1428704273183.jpg (101 KB, 576x768)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
why are people who perform martial arts usually so respectful? like they could kick anyone's butt yet the ones I've met are usually very calm, non-judgemental and don't really seem to look down on anyone.
54 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
sorry for the bad englsh, i mean çhance and once
File: youmaekmemad.gif (1.15 MB, 150x130)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB GIF
No they're fucking not.

They come to /fit/ and shitpost about being able to beat us up. We agree with them, because we don't train to fight.

We train for health, looks, and >functional strength.

>The entirety of /asp/ supposedly comes over to /fit/ to shitpost
>Someone allegedly coming from /fit/ to shitpost in /asp/, saying martial arts are not functional strengths

I'm sorry, Anon, but the results just came in the mail. It reads here that you've a severe case of "Pot Calling the Kettle Black". I think it's terminal unless you get your noggin checked out. In the meantime, I think you should leave this board and get some rest.
>fighting is functional

What are you, 12? You gonna punch that trailer on to the towbar?
File: Hmph.gif (652 KB, 200x108)
652 KB
652 KB GIF
Disagree completely

Martial arts are flooded these days by out of shape edgelords that just want to brag about being a "martial artist"

I can't even tell you how many times I have seen some fat guy or 70lb emo say they are a "karate blackbelt" like its som

Its just small dogs barking so they can look big.
True practitioners are hard to find.

File: kubaton2.jpg (8 KB, 388x258)
8 KB
I'm considering purchasing a non-lethal self defense tool, but not sure what to get. Kubatons look like a good option, cheap, small and able to inflict a fair amount of damage. I intend on training with whatever i get, just not sure what it should be

so far im considering things like kubatons, batons, monkey fists, keychain knuckles etc

>nothing with a lethal intention like knives etc

what do you guys train with or recommend?
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Are those things even useful?
It seems to me like the only difference between that and a normal fist is that your hammer-fist now draws blood.
And hammer-punches are crappy anyway.
Just learn to punch.

>punching yourself in the palm with a bunch of keys
self-harm isn't healthy anon.
File: poches2.jpg (223 KB, 730x548)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
File: kuba_kickz_shoe.jpg (23 KB, 414x240)
23 KB
Just put a cricket bat in the car and tell the cops you play french cricket in the park with the bros.
Shit I have a knife in the toolbox behind my seat. It's handy. I also have a hatchet. Also handy. And a jack with light metal handle. Handy. A pocket knife in the ashtray. Handy. Massive fucking spanner. Handy.
I use none of this for self defense either but I guess I could.

Anything small enough to be not noticed or gay enough to be legal won't help much anyway.
Do boxing or something.
Or running, then you don't have to fight.
A roll of quarters.

>Your discipline
>8 exercices you'd chose if you were forced to limit yourselve to these exo for your entire life (assuming that your objective is to improves your skills in your discipline of course )
24 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Pullups/Chinups (that counts as one, fuck you)
>Power Cleans
>OHP/Push Press
>Neck Bridges
>Bench press

>MMA-fag not lifting
Its like you want to get your dick kicked in by the guy training 5 days a week plus lifting plus swimming.
BJJ/Judo/Liuxing Chui
Prison Squats
Dragon Flag
Pull Ups
Push Ups
Running w/ body weights
Rock Climbing
Except for healthy shoulders

>plank w/ arm and leg raises
>curtsy squats
>squat with single leg lift
>around the worlds with medicine ball
>yoga squat pose
>pigeon pose

>pigeon pose

Question. Is that where you put your ankles together and bend over as much as you can without falling on your face?

File: judo.jpg (31 KB, 334x450)
31 KB
I have some questions /asp/, What weight lifting exercises should i do to increse the strength of my pulls? and how do i stop farting during class?
I have an extremely weak pull when pulling vertically and I get very gaseous during training for some reason and i dont know why,.
>pulling vertically
Rows (bodyweight, dumbbell, barbell, make your pic), face pulls, that kind of thing. Lots of uchi-komi. Pull-ups and chin-ups in general.

Farting is a matter of diet, insofar as we're able to influence that.
I usually eat about 3 hours before training but somehow things slip out when im doing jumping jacks, or rolling or even stretching
It's also - mostly even - a matter of what you eat than when you eat. We all have our own gut bacteria, a unique mix, which will respond to different foods in different ways, and some bacteria might come and go depending on various factors.

So it's basically trail and error, see which food makes you gassy, and which doesn't. Eat the food that doesn't make you gassy before training. Avoid fart-inducing food long before training.
Do pulling exercises to increase pulling strength....

And stop drinking dairy on days you work out if you are tooting. And take a dump before you go to practice
>And take a dump before you go to practice

That, it it doesn't work then drink coffee and try again

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