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> What is /asp/ Predicts...?
This is a thread where we all vote and see if we can correctly predict the results of the current PPV.
> What are the rules?
Just simply follow the link to do the survey and that's it. If a match ends in DQ or no contest however, that is scratched from the total for the interest of fairness.
> How's this gonna work?
After each match I will post the updated results to see WHO is on their way to being a clean sweeper.
> 9 matches in total to predict.
Link to vote: http://derpy.me/8u2vF
Please offer a courtesy bump after voting, good luck!
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>Haitch winning
Good joke.
Am I edgy for liking the Skull-King?
i like skull king as well as his sasha bank and alexa bliss escorts

File: Buakaw VS Kimbo.jpg (88 KB, 1165x489)
88 KB
Who would win ?
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do you think think Buakaw would be able to wrestle someone kimbos size?
This, also fucking buakaw por pramuk (also buakaw banchamek or somat banchamek if you want to look him up) is one of the best MT ever, only second to one or two legends like Samart Payakaroon for example.

Buakaw would absolutely exploit the fact that Kimbo's legs are fucked and destroy them. I would go all the way with Buakaw, I don't think Kimbo has anything to do, even with the weight difference. Also, the overwhelming difference in experience is key.
kek so les make kimbo healthy and lets give Buakaw the same skill and technique but give him as much roids to match up. This vs thread gets gay once you start making exceptions mid argument.
Kmbo is busted up and has a HUGE glaring weakness. Even with the size disadvantage. Buakaw has the experience, technique to exploit Kimbo.

Now do you want the typical shit post of who wins? size for technique? well shit, it really depends on a bunch of other variables you faggot. LIKE if someone is injured (kimbo) how much technique and experience it requires to over come a strength handicap (well shit Buakaw has that in spades)

sage for a shit thread.
calm down bro why you so mad. i didn't know about kimbos injury. no need to get all buttblasted. technique only makes up for size to a certain point 80 lbs is a huge difference. that being said i think limbo would lose because of his injury.
File: 1366759299345.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1440)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
> people bring up kimbos injury/current disability as the reason he will lose

File: skateheroe.gif (2 MB, 351x262)
2 MB
You know, you can start threads yourselves you mongoloids

Information for beginners, please read BEFORE asking: http://pastebin.com/GTUjzyQS

Shoe info and feedback, feel free to contribute on the 2nd link (the first is the shoe reviews): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnSv7MyhLozYdGM1a1FUMHNtTkRFN0xkVmt3dEZ0NHc#gid=0


old thread:>>628079


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File: reynoldsshoe.jpg (23 KB, 620x400)
23 KB
i clicked this image out of curiosity on the front page and it brought me here. this thread really brought back some memories, godam.

old skatefag here (if 28 even counts as old i guess. i never see anyone above the age of 20 skating around any more in my area, sadly).

i haven't skated in years beyond trying to pop a kickflip while taking out the trash or whatever, but i still have dreams of finding a new skate buddy and going to shralp up a curb or manual pad or something.

i never realized there was much of a skate community on the chan here, but i used to post on the tum yeto forums years ago before they took them down (rip tymb). i was there so often that they made me a moderator and sent me free shit every once in a while.

anyway, maybe i'll stick around these threads. i could use a place to type my crotchety complaints about the current style of skate shoes (ugh why do they all look like the same clunky rubber brick shit now, what ever happened to pic related?) and how my back is always hurting because i spend all day at a desk job now.
Welcome, man!

Where are you located?
File: FASCINATING.jpg (43 KB, 422x427)
43 KB
hey thanks!

i'm in cary, nc (near raleigh)

at my last apartment complex, there were a handful of kids out skating when the weather was nice, so i'd go join them every so often, but i always felt like a creeper trying to start up a game of SKATE or just going to derp around with some kids in middle/high school, plus some of them were pretty obnoxious (as kids are).

i'm living at a different place now slightly north, and it's in the same lot as a bunch of restaurants/shops so i don't see many people unless they're just going to eat or whatever. plus all the sidewalk blocks are like a fucking inch apart so i can't even ride around between shops here unless i wanna do it in the middle of a busy parking lot (i don't).
File: IMG-20150329-00867.jpg (841 KB, 2560x1920)
841 KB
841 KB JPG
pulled my old decks out of the closet, i've probably been skating the same wood for like 6+ years haha
tech deck was producing real skateboards???

File: untitled (31).png (42 KB, 223x226)
42 KB
Mas oyama thread
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this is my opinion as well
but i wouldnt say great striking + good grappling
i'd say great striking + good grappling defense

but i think that's some high level MMA
Yeah, even the regional and sometimes low-level national pro circuits aren't to that level and the grappler > striker still holds relatively true.

It's only when you get to the point that even strikers are collegiate wrestling champs and BJJ brown belts that things start to switch.
my team has very strong bjj and terrible striking, and we are still winning all fights against guys from chute boxe. brazilian MMA fighters dont train wrestling or judo because they are fucking retards. my opinion is that if chute boxe implemented wrestling or judo they would actually stop to get their shit handed to them on a plate.
that ruins the whole point of kyokushin. kyokushin wouldn't be what it is unless its bare knuckle. otherwise its just generic karate kickboxing.
>but the Kyokushin tournaments are a joke

kek. try it, and you'll get knocked out in 5 secs.

I'm sure you guys will all go apeshit over this, but I could never get into becoming a fan of combat sport. Too many rules. If you want to fight for fun, make it a real fight.
I'm not saying get rid of weight classes or stuff like that.
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File: yoko otoshii.gif (958 KB, 360x202)
958 KB
958 KB GIF
You are protecting an athlete from a possible career-ending mauling, though. Some guys keep fighting by instinct, when they are in no shape to continue.

>striking>>>>>>>>>> grappling

If you trained, you'd know it's more like

Striking = Grappling


There are, but the thing about all these "hardcore" KO or bust underground fighting things is that they only get broken down losers and thugs who can't fight worth shit anyway. Any real athlete will seek out the places where he can make money while ensuring reasonable protection and common-sense rulesets.

If you want to see retards try to beat each other to death, check out world star, felony fights, or any gypsy boxing vids. They're violent, but they're shit.

I don't really have the experience to call that decisively, but I think he could have at least gotten waza-azari. I find it hard to judge ippons, outside of the big, obvious ones, though.

The scrambling abilities from the Japanese competitor (in white) are largely the reason he didn't land this, to my mind, not the lack of turning.
To piggy back on what you said the last IJF ref meeting they want to ban dangerous ukemi like rounding off with your neck/bridging off your neck to prevent a score. If the refredum passes next year, anyone that uses their neck, will get hansoku make and ippon will be rewarded for tori's throw.

Rounding off with elbows/cartwheling would still be permitted.

In terms of your question, are you asking if instead of going from left to right, if tori went from left toward up,to the arm making uke fall on his back? The fulcrum of the throw would changed and it wouldnt really have been physically possible to change the direction of the throw, he's (tori) sitting in, swinging left to right in terms of direction, hard to left to the forward position when your legs are splade out like that.
that's mma, the biggest combat sport there is right now. thread's over people, everybody go home
Mma, go home everyone.

Because nobody made a new one (part 3 - bodyweight with a vengeance)

>Why bodyweight?
www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRmsDjMujjo [Embed] [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAERZd8XtgQ [Embed] [Embed]



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I don't do Foundation. What are the mastery standards like?
I have no idea, didn't see any sit ups in Foundation One and that's the only one I looked through (since it's where you begin).
File: 無題.jpg (142 KB, 942x886)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
I don't think he was talking about Foundation,
Front Lever (FL)
Straddle Planche ( sP L)
Side Lever (SL)
Manna (MN)
Single Leg Squat (SLS)
Hollowback Press (HBP)
Rope Climb (RC)
Those are the only ones in Foundation, where would a sit up go? Couldn't find anything.
ah yea, now I remember seeing it
just so many pages to find it and it's not even with 'sit up' to help you search

File: Fencing bout.jpg (17 KB, 400x300)
17 KB
Fencers of /asp/, which style is your favorite, foil, epee or sabre?
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Man this is some high grade level autism. Someone made fun of the one sport little Jimmy can take part in and he's gone full sperglord. We're all very impressed kid. Is that you in the picture? Wow you sure are fit and sexy.
your shitposting is the only autism
M8, at least 7 different people have shot down all your arguments with simple facts that you've been unable to dispute in any way, shape or form. It doesn't matter how many times you say "HEMA people are all fat 30 year olds", it doesn't make it true. By the way Sergei Golubitsky has been teaching HEMA for 5 years.

I guess all these people were fat, right?

Camillo Agrippa
Francesco Alfieri
Domenico Angelo
Salvator Fabris
Ridolfo Capo Ferro
Giacomo di Grassi
Alfred Hutton
Achille Marozzo
Vincentio Saviolo
George Silver

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Please stop feeding the troll. HEMA doesn't need an internet defense force.
Have you seriously listed a bunch of dudes who are long dead to prove that HEMA is a sport?

This is seriously beyond pathetic.

File: Boxing vs BJJ.jpg (80 KB, 1120x728)
80 KB
Boxers can break your neck , knock you out, smash your skull, or crack your ribs with just one punch.

BJJ is a shit tier martial art for realistic self defense. First of all 90% of street fights happen with multiple aggressors. You do not want to be hugging a guy on the floor, whilst his friend stomps your head.

You want to stay on your feet and move around, always being aware of surroundings.

Fights happen on concrete, Which is a bad place to be rolling around on the floor with someone.

Choking out a lone aggressor would be attempted murder. Breaking someones arm would be grievous bodily harm. Knocking someone out would count as self defense.

Only with very strict rules (e.g no pinching or biting) and competition like environment is BJJ ever a useful "martial art" .
95 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
Smart enough to avoid fights > Fighting > Too scared or apathetic to fight.
Royce would beat Tyson tho...
its called social skills m8. I've been to jail before i don't wanna go back over some petty street fight shit. fighting is best left to the ring.
I don't know either past the basics but in self defense situations in my area I'm choose the BJJ approach every time.

Most of the aggressors in my area are absolute cowards and a show of skill and force is enough to get them to change tack.

That and if I hammer a guy and don't have any bruises myself without witnesses backing me up I'm looking not only legal trouble but getting sued aswell.
File: your_a_fag.jpg (14 KB, 254x296)
14 KB

>smart enough to avoid fights

keep telling yourself that pussy

Is there any useful training I can do for judo at home? I just joined an academy but i can only attend once a week because of work. I'm really enjoying it though and want to improve my skills.
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File: HEADBUTT.jpg (18 KB, 400x300)
18 KB
Anyone have a link to this match

Hey cambo
I was going over morote gari the other day and i remembered what you said about always getting TKDin on single legs

I've never really had single legs work for me, even when i get a hold of that single leg my first instinct is to grab the other one for a double.

Got any videos or tips or anything?
File: fish hooking.jpg (9 KB, 280x180)
9 KB

Daily Motions does have the match. Its really fucking boring besides the fouls and the camera man doesn't really even get them all. It was later in the German presses/photographers that got all the fouls. Disappointing since this was one of my personal favorite match ups. Both guys are newaza experts. But spent the match fouling each other and grip fighting. (you do see some nice ways to sneak in jabs and slaps into your grip fight if you're curious about dirty fighting, or turning away from the ref to hide an illegal blow)
List of fouls that you don't see.
Waki gatame attempt by stevens
Numerous punches and slaps by both men
Numerous small joint manipulation by both men

If i recall correctly there was a "rematch" between the 2 at some grand prix a year or two later. and both almost got ejected when they were about to trade blows with the other. They just really don't like each other.
File: stevens lol.gif (713 KB, 320x180)
713 KB
713 KB GIF

File: JCheese_gear_whore.jpg (207 KB, 1280x960)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Gear whores and stereotypes edition.

Last operation: >>628339

Keep strictly real-steel gun related laws and politics at >>>/k/, gun and gear porn's cool.

>Newbie section
General newbie pastebin: http://pastebin.com/WQtUgznd
Maintenance 101: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eNxsNd6G51TPzUSf4jKQT2D2OEYPsko2ujv88bkZHGg/edit?usp=sharing

>List of international shops

>International and local laws concerning Airsoft, things to consider while traveling

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1407365142841.jpg (147 KB, 677x779)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Sup airkikes.

Finishing high school in like two months (inb4 underageb&, I'm 18) for college soon, haven't played airsoft since I was like 12.

I was interested in getting back into Airsoft as a hobby, but I'll be moving out soon.

Is there typically an airsoft scene at any universities? In NC in particular.

pic unrelated.
Never mind, cheaper ones apparently have a habit of dying for no reason, and Madbull isn't THAT expensive, I'll probably get that.
Also didn't know the light is so damn bright, scratch that "automatic bullshit".
Oh god the irony of the photo..
Most schools don't let you keep airsoft guns or paintball guns in the dorms, let alone play on the premises. Rent a storage unit or live in an apartment, and use this http://valken.com/sports/local-airsoft-fields/ to find a field.
>dat terrible TD
no wonder he shot himself

Can you share some good Aikido stuff? like variations of some expert, few days ago i watched the video of some nigger doing good aikishit.
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
i think it would help if you learned judo along wit hit. i landed sankyos in bjj in multiple occasions. if i didnt get a submission it helped me to sweep

this is an aikido like movement that is 100% legit. dont use it on sparring tho

this guy is trying hard to make aikido useful for actual fighting. i dunno how far he got, but it is still something. it's a process of adaptation and finding more people willing to do the same, same as happened to shotokan.
there's also this guy
dumb as fuck
I did Judo as a kid and i've been doing aikido intensively for five years, im considering trying some judo again and see if some of the balance and center-control practice would help. I do aikido mostly because i think it's fun mind you.

I can't get enough of this guy:

Thats pretty goodshit anon thanks.

Anyone know a good place for a one stop shop for a weapon build? I have to have like ten swords by Wednesday.

Also general boffer thread
82 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
This guy gets it

I like it so much I made/acquired a full suit of leather armor for it.

Would have made it steel, but it confides the same armor bonus as leather because that would be approaching pay2win status.
I always hated same points shit, better armor better points

But then again I'm doing a pict persona so armor is for pussies

If you don't already know, in Dag/Bel, armor confides the part of the body it's on one additional hit against 1 handed swings, and makes it invincible to one handed stabs, which I think was a slight oversight in the rules. 2 handed weapons and 2 handed stabs go straight through it.

The only way I could figure out to make give metal armor an advantage, but not overpowered, was to give it the one extra hit against 2 handed weapons. But you would have to get it past RWC and that would take a fucking miracle.
Like I said it's 1 3 and 5
Or 1 2 3 can't remember. At least in wots it is.
Also we allow pvc and foam armor

i want to start boxing. how often do you get dizzy and hit in the face hard during sparring? can you get good and train in a way to avoid being hit in the head?

boxing seems cool, but i feel like i will benefit more on muay thai for MMA and get less brain damage
22 replies omitted. Click here to view.

>brain shrinkage after 9 months of trainning
I would do muay thai, but thats more because I like kicks, knees and elbows
If you're that scared of being hit in the head just do kyokushin
What about stuff like cauliflower ear, bruises or damage to the eye?
>I hear what I want to
9 months into the study on the cumulative damage of somewhere around a decade of training, and years of professional boxing

But yeah, OP, you are gonna get hit in the head if you do boxing; specially if you plan to compete. On that account, it's better to do something like MMA where your injuries will be more spread around your entire body, and gives you the option to compete in grappling as well, instead of only scenarios where you will get hit

File: ayy.jpg (885 KB, 1280x850)
885 KB
885 KB JPG
Hi /asp/, I started bjj about 6 months ago and I have started making progress. Now all I can think is training and I want to train like 24/7. I think I'm addicted. Is this common?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: jujutsu.jpg (332 KB, 847x600)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
No homo, dude.
Pretty common OP, it's great right? But don't fall into the trap of spending your time outside of BJJ watching shitloads of youtube videos about technique or watching matches or reading about it a lot. It might give you some cool ideas but in terms of just getting good fast you're better off spending that time at the gym lifting. Also be careful you don't fall into the "jiujitsu lifestyle" shit and start buying a bunch of irrelevant garbage just because it's associated with BJJ, and be careful not to let it get in the way of your family and friends or other goals, especially education, because that one is pretty common amongst kids who think they'll just be world champions instead, but who never make it and wind up as great BJJ players but broke and lonely sleeping in their gym mates garages and shit.

I've sparred with CMA students who did, and been in a couple schools where it was common. It was never like real kickboxing sparring and they often did dumb shit amongst their effective technique and strategy, but the guys would probably stand their ground in a fistfight against a random even if they wouldn't win any world titles.

Pretty cool. But then when I thought about how they could improve I just realized they should be learning generic kickboxing. Meh.

Then you are very lucky.

You can make progress, because you have a constant (probably not endless, but currently constant) supply of drive to continue.

I wish I could let go of my fears to keep training and be able to go to training without stress. It fucks up my immune system - I get ill every month if I keep training to the point that it interferes badly with my professional life.

>do sports for health they said ;_;

Common in anything, but you can't do more than your body can handle. And you don't want to burn out. Best to only do an activity 3-4 times a week because you're risking less injury and you'll look forward to the days when you can do it.
File: drop seio.gif (850 KB, 280x216)
850 KB
850 KB GIF

Yep. There;s going to be a long period of you spending all your time grappling, trying to learn more about grappling, and talking about grappling.

Since you're into BJJ, you'll likely pick up marijuana, acai smoothies and instagram, too. Makes up for the lack of stand-up. (I kid)

Enjoy it, dude. Grappling makes your life better.

File: i1.png (1.7 MB, 1366x768)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
/sg/ - Ski General #3
Shred the gnar edition
Last thread: >>569933

>I've never skied before, what do I need to know before I start?

>What skis should I get?

>What boots should I get?
It is extremely important to get boots that fit you well and to have them heat moulded. Therefore, it is very important to go to a professional bootfitter (not just a ski shop, but specifically a bootfitter). For a list of reputable bootfitters, refer to epicski.com/wiki/boot-fitters-on-epicski
You can also consider getting custom footbeds for increased comfort and performance. If you are a beginner this is not that important (though getting boots from a bootfitter is), but if you are an advanced-expert skier it will make a big difference.

>Why is it so important to go to a bootfitter?/I went to a bootfitter and still have a problem, what's wrong?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
85 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20150325_141849.jpg (1.02 MB, 2560x1920)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
So stoked to be finally going skiing again on Wednesday after a 5 year absence.
I love fog skiing, that feel when everything closes in and all you can see is the terrain in front of you
Where are you gonna be skiing anon?

Going to Bad Gastein in Austria. Only reason we're headed there is my girlfriend's family friends have recently opened up a B&B and want us to check the place out before they open properly. I'm just happy to finally be going skiing again, no matter where it is.

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