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What do you think they talked about?
File: 1505427389870.png (733 KB, 700x734)
733 KB
733 KB PNG

Wrestling trunks are fucking gay
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So you think it’s gay if straight men don’t like looking at men’s thighs? Yeah that makes allot of sense buddy.
Yet fags complain about Ziggler ditching trunks lol
File: 1521786894043.gif (1.78 MB, 188x188)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB GIF
>Jericho confirmed on his podcast he switched for heel heat
Trunks are BASED.
Is there any reason why the wrestlers don't use gis?

File: DY6Ng9EW4AQ6mxm.jpg (284 KB, 1200x675)
284 KB
284 KB JPG


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File: toni bl.jpg (57 KB, 640x799)
57 KB
based brap sign guy?
File: toni cute.jpg (140 KB, 1200x900)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Yep. It's me. I'll post my brap sign tomorrow. Wish me luck
Yea, you better be going in with nothing shorter than a 7 inch and with girth as thicc as a baby's leg if you want more than one night with Toni's ass.
File: she calls it.jpg (1023 KB, 3208x3208)
1023 KB
1023 KB JPG

*works the marks, smarks, and the anti-smarks in you are path*
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How do you know Nash didn't work it? on one of the Steve Austin podcasts he was on he talked about how after he was injured playing professional basketball and had to retire. Upon returning to the states he worked an assembly line job at a assembly line at Ford Motor Company in Detroit and took a fall at they paid for his surgery (workers compensation or something? I don't recall).

So again how do you know he wasn't playing the injury up so he could sit at home longer while collecting his $700,000 downside guarantee?
File: P3XEQpO.jpg (32 KB, 593x334)
32 KB
pic related is true carny ascension, it cannot be topped.
File: 1520720129558.gif (2.07 MB, 500x379)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB GIF

File: DY8121KU8AA36XY.jpg (392 KB, 2048x1536)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
Why does Austin love Okada so much?
Turbo-dimelets gotta stick together
He wants to adopt him
>post a picture with more talent
Steve Cold knows the GOAT when he sees it

File: Bryan.jpg (83 KB, 768x1024)
83 KB
Big Dick Bryan Alvarez and Big Dick Daddy Dave Meltzer are both going to be in Los Angeles for Strong Style Evolved. HOLY FUCKING BASED.

If you're going and happen to see them, be sure to take some soy-faced selfies with them!
I hope they get mugged

He didn't work a style internet fans like.Instead he worked a style that drew money.

Yea, I know he is no no Young Bucks vs Ricochet/Will whatever his name is. He can't do enough flips. Weird that Nash made infinite more money than those four ever will though.

Any criticism you have of Nash is neutered by the fact he was a massive proven draw in the nWo and a major factor in the biggest period ever.
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hello wolfcuck, how are you?
People do vastly understate just how over Diesel was. Look at the insane Attitude era pop he received when he returned for the Royal Rumble. No-one has matched it since.
File: 20110529114224536041.jpg (362 KB, 525x722)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
File: 1514428529629.png (53 KB, 403x448)
53 KB

Please lose weight
File: 025.jpg (63 KB, 650x433)
63 KB
>palm of my hands

File: 1521512555335.png (896 KB, 953x536)
896 KB
896 KB PNG
There seems to be something missing from this inside look at the First Womens MITB. Can't quite put my finger on it.

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In all seriousness I'll be so fucking mad if they make Carmella lose her cash in. She improved a lot over the last years and fitted perfectly to win the first MiTB. I hope she wins (with maybe a surprise return of Big Hog)
I really hope somebody in WWE is smart enough to remember that Carmella's MITB technically has an extra 9 days to cash-in
This years MITB is 364 Days from last years. Plus she should have an extra week since they redid that match.

There could be 2 cases in play for a week.
the rules for everything are arbitrarily made up because it's a fake show
stop over antialiasing it mark
>Mela is left-handed

Holy fucking BASED

File: okada.jpg (46 KB, 711x400)
46 KB
*has only held one championship title in his entire career in your path*
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NJPW guys see WWE as the retirement home so 10 years later or so.
grow a brain
Okada wrestles for crowds not tarps
No chance
File: kingbookaaaa.jpg (48 KB, 412x308)
48 KB
Nice one anon, you should do stand-up.

File: goosebumps.png (251 KB, 480x319)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
Sting: Kevin I really expected more from you. You remember? Wolfpac [does the 2 sweet sign]. What happened?

>Kevin Nash: So you expected more from me? Let me tell you about me. You know what I did? When Kurt didn't want you in the Mafia, I told him you were alright. When you talked about respect and dignity... I was with you man. I don't know about the rest of these guys but I believed in that. And time and time again when these jackals wanted to cut you off at the knees, I said don't do it.

Don West: Kevin is a good man.

>Kevin Nash: But when Kurt said Morgan should take you out I said it's a pretty damn good idea.

Sting: Why? Why Kevin, Why tell me why?

>Kevin Nash: LOOK AROUND! IT AIN'T WORKING MAN! Your plan ain't working, his (Kurt Angle) is! He's got the belt. You know what? The honour and dignity thing.....IT'S BULLSHIT!...IT'S BULLSHIT!! I believe in God we trust, I know yours is up there, mine is too. But it's also on top of a hundred dollar bill. THIS IS ABOUT MONEY! THIS IS ABOUT MONEY! We took Jenna's money and we bought this son of bitch because we couldn't beat him. You can make friends or you can make money, but you can't make both in this business. I'd love to stand next to you right now but I'd be damned if I'm fighting these son of a bitches. This is a fairytale that we tell our kids at night when we tuck them in bed.

Sting: Fairytales Kevin? you mean like when you talk to your own son Tristen. Your son Kevin, you told me yourself Kevin, you wanted him to learn by your example. You wanted him to know what honour, and dignity and respect were all about and he was gonna learn by your example. You know what? I'm not buying this. That isn't the real Kevin that I know. I'm not talking about the one on this platform in front of all these people, I'm not talking about OZ, I'm not talking about BIG D, I'm not talking about BIG SEXY, I'm talking about Kevin Nash! Kevin Nash!! THE HEART OF KEVIN NASH!!!

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lmao Vince tanked both his quads exploding while Nash burst into tears after one went. Lying there in front of thousands of watching people sobbing his eyes out.
wolfcuck DESTROYED
I literally got goosebumps watching that. Thanks.

File: alexa camgirl.png (143 KB, 331x321)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
if you're wondering what alexa is doing until wrestlemania
Are you black? Do all white people really look the same to you no matter how differently they actually look?

For letting me beat up NuJapan fans with Bullet Club shirts on
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Furry vs virgin.
File: Why_fb2e56_965146.gif (247 KB, 393x373)
247 KB
247 KB GIF
>Furry vs virgin
Where the Bryanfags at?
That shitty feud with that anti-draw Yoshimitsu killed his hype, even then, I still HA HA HA dammit!
Paul is the true ace
Pauletty was pushed to the moon, forgot to get the strap and now is stuck in a comedy angle with a chink and a bear
He's no ace

Why doesn’t a wrestler use a gun in a No DQ match?
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Because the match is a work not a shoot

Why not use a tranquilizer gun then?

Ring bell = immunity from prosecution in kayfabeverse. I don't think that explaining that your opponent is in the hospital after getting hit by a car, beaten with a sledge hammer, assaulted on the stretcher, and then having the ambulance hijacked and crashed with him in the back because it was a no holds barred match would prevent SCSA himself from getting anything less than ten years in prison.
guns and the whole political climate around it would rake in dimes
>gets shot
>believed to be dead
>ref's count gets to 9
>does the Undertaker sit-up and spits the bullet at opponent

File: file.png (783 KB, 900x888)
783 KB
783 KB PNG
>Get me Shawn Michaels!
>He's retired, sir.
>Then he get me his AIDS-ridden equivalent
>his AIDS-ridden equivalent

So...Shawn Michaels?

Holy fuck this is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Look at this dude.... he's made of butter
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>Be Nash
>Stand up
>wish me luck as I go in for my 74th surgery tomorrow #NWO #4-Lyfe
>They don't call Big Sexy the 2nd best chess player in wrestling history for nothing

No one calls him that. No one.
Topzozzle friend, that's the first time a post has made me burst into laughter in a while
While he probably did, you need to learn how to greentext newfriend
>nobody calls Big Sexy the 2nd best chess player in wrestling history
You're right they actually call him the best chess player in wrestling history but I said he was 2nd because I think Hogan is 1st

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