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File: thor björnsson.png (473 KB, 555x567)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
just sayin that no matter how much u train u could never beat the guy in the middle in a street fight.....
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Damn it, you little punks are so fucking annoying.
If someone just jumps out of a dark corner, do you think you could so easily take a boot to the face over and over and just unholster your piece, switch the safety, and aim with wailing around as you get your ass beat? This is the real world. If someone wants to hurt you, they won't wait around for you to pull a gun. It would be pretty damn useful to learn how to get the crazy bastard off of you so you can blow his ass away. Don't just rely on having a gun, than could get you killed, bru.
That's the thing though. These huge musclebound bros rely their mass, but don't know how to throw a proper punch. They don't learn to utilize that mass by using simple boxing or other fighting techniques to gain speed.
>Punching this guy would be like punching a brick wall.
No, not really. It would be just like punching anyone else.
Not the original bro, but have you ever played rugby, bru? If you had, you'd understand.
Of course, because as we all learned size and constitution play no role at all.

This is what bjj fags actually believe

File: I had fun once.jpg (79 KB, 500x550)
79 KB
You can always have too much fun edition.

Old thread: >>665925

Keep strictly real-steel topics in >>>/k/ , gun and gear porn's cool as long as you don't spam.

>Newbie pastebin

>/asg/ retailer guide (New!)

>Maintenance 101
faggot who made it chimped out. open for takers.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I actually forgot about used G&Ps. Yeah that would be an option.
As for the M14, I knew that it had a trigger problem but I didn't expect it to split a couple of days later. I already tried JB welding the box but it just split again, and it split so much that now the hammer doesn't engage the sear. Hopefully the new one will hold for more than a couple of mags.
I kinda wish I got the WE L85 ($150, leaky mag) or G&G F2k ($180, no mag) that they also had, but the M14 is somewhat of a head turner and I like being a special snowflake.

Also a 500 fps DMR build is really tempting.

Man my mental blue book is behind on the times it seems.

Pretty much this. Call them up, tell them that you want to cancel an order and give your order number (should be in the conformation email that you got on checkout), and they'll refund you and cancel the order.
Be warned, even with Ra tech goodies the m14 is subpar at best.

Should invest on a ra tech trigger box.
funny i was planning on getting a vfc scar as my next gun or an ics sig551, whats the general opinion on 6mm proshop's guns?
File: Empty-Pockets.jpg (74 KB, 288x417)
74 KB
Yeah I'm putting money towards it.

>mfw I bought the airsoft equivalent of an MG or British Leyland car
>biggest guy

for you

File: bitchez.jpg (25 KB, 477x495)
25 KB
I have nothing of value to say except the SAMOAN SUBMISSION MACHINE IS HERE GRAVES
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Raw thread is live.
Is there more out there? I need it for research...
Looks like da bad guy is back
File: 1380515384767.jpg (9 KB, 194x196)
9 KB
>Lana Love Triangle promo
>Dolph's music hits
>The awkward kiss
>Just as Dolph raises his and Lana's hands
Bravo, Vince

I wonder if Trips will hire Hall's son as well. Wasn't he doing well in the indies? Given he's just Scott 2.0 in terms of gimmick.

File: 1432439580091-166868773.jpg (980 KB, 1456x2592)
980 KB
980 KB JPG
Sup /asp/ just finished gripping my first longboard.
How did I do?
Tips for next time?
grizzly is shit, longboards are shit, your shoes look like shit. Youre shit
Fight me, you little punk bitch.
>putting stripes on your board

File: skateway.gif (899 KB, 485x278)
899 KB
899 KB GIF
Information for beginners, PLEASE READ BEFORE asking: http://pastebin.com/GTUjzyQS

Shoe info and feedback, feel free to contribute on the 2nd link (the first is the shoe reviews): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnSv7MyhLozYdGM1a1FUMHNtTkRFN0xkVmt3dEZ0NHc#gid=0


old thread:>>670808


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I always found it odd when people get so pissed about companies sponsoring things like skateboarding and other extreme sports or even music.... Like, how do you think these people live as pros?
Dude fuck off, Jamal.
Was that the singer from The Hotelier that almost hit a taxi?
anyone else consider giving it up after one big slam?
I think about it every morning when the pain in my legs wakes me up and then I remember skate or die bro

File: image.jpg (346 KB, 2048x1536)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
I might be getting in a fight with someone bigger than me. What tips would you recommend for someone who's not really a fighter?
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where the fuck have you been?
Actually training
Tell me which ones would not work and why? Maybe to someone who has "trained" more, they might seem pointless, but to the average person, pretty damn valuable.
If I come up and randomly tug your ear as hard as I can, you are going with it. Pretty damn hard to fight that natural reflex.
A trained person doesn't need to be reminded that a guilliotine works. An untrained person doesn't know how to do a proper guilliotine. So who are these aimed towards?

Also, if I'm fighting a match and someone pokes out my eye badly enough that it represents a serious annoyance, I'm not risking my paycheck and victory in order to look like I just don't care. Declare the fight a no-contest and let me fight under equal conditions next time. On the other hand, if my physical integrity is on the line, you're fucking wrong if you think I'm going to stop fighting because I got my eye poked out.

Even then, the reason why this is so dumb is because it's anonymous untrained internet users trying to give other untrained internet users fighting advice. If you need infographs to teach you what to do, you're better off acknowledging your fight knowledge is null and leaving with your pride and face intact.
If someone gets a thumb jammed in both their eyes, they are fucked up. You can't just will them to open and then see clearly.
These are just meant to be ideas that might help you if you have never been in a fight before or feel overwhelmed. Yeah, I understand that some seem a bit silly, but a fight is circumstantial. Someone may not have trained as much as others on here, or even had tons of training but got in a bad spot. These are just ideas to remember if the opportunity presents itself. Some are more effective than you think, just put some thought into it.

File: towering_inferno.jpg (2.42 MB, 2592x1936)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
"Don't train just climb" edition
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Theyre all pretty straight shoes. Try 5.10 or La Sportiva Speedsters. Youll probz hate Futuras or muira VS.... The best shoes are ones which fit.
I went to Decathalon and bought the shittiest shoes I could find. About £20 at the time I think.

Utter blunder. I'm glad my footwork is garbage, since it means I wont have to use them for too long.
Are you talking to me or the guy who asked the question?

I'm not in the market for shoes
Man, anyone here get tired of being scared and miserable and just want to sport climb... Maybe "proj" that 11d/12a ?

File: StrongManSharpB002.jpg (185 KB, 801x1140)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Do martial artists actually think they could beat up someone who deadlifts 500lbs and bench presses 315lbs?
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Hardmode, martial artist vs collegiate wrestler
It doesn't give you a denser skull either.
A swordfag would fuk em up with a single blow to the head.
that guy would fucking murder you. there is certain point where size makes up for the difference in skill hafthor is at that point.
So a martial artist vs a better martial artist? Cause wrestling is a martial art

File: 1432062530528.jpg (65 KB, 640x368)
65 KB
What's a good sword style you can practice that isn't total faggotry?

Is fencing cool?
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That's why you don't keep your spear fully extended and within your opponent's reach.

Rapier & dagger shit can be alright, but sword & buckler offers better protection and it would've been socially acceptable for civilians to walk around with,

Modern fencing is so far removed from actual combat swordplay, it's not even funny.

If someone wants to learn how to actually use the type of swords that modern fencing foils try to imitate, they should look into historical swrodschools rather than the sport known as "fencing".

>thrusting gets you more hits with a better kill ratio than slashing does

IRL thrusting also gets you killed more often, because you're not immediately incapacitating your opponent. Even a thrust through the heart leaves the opponent one or two hacks at you before he loses consciousness.
>Not a combat expert
No offense intended but it shows. You seem very unaware of how a polearm (say a spear for insance) is supposed to be held and use, thus your ideas looks sound but are so hard to do in practice it's really last ditch strategy really. Plus having your polearm grabbed is one of the common thing being taught how to defend from in most polearm style. Even if the pole is grabbed, you can use it to block or bind your opponent for instance, then his grab become a hindrance more than anything.
Also, most spear styles being battle styles, they are often taught with the assumption you have a dagger of some sort alongside your spear, and that changes a lot of the "get close and past the tip" strategy of a swordsman for instance.

As I said, no offense, you seem genuinely unknowing on how spear play are done, that's mainly why you don't grasp how they can be so effective and frustrating to fight against (with a shorter, less nimble weapon).

Then again, a weapon is only good as the setting it's put into. I wouldn't chose a spear if I was to walk the streets daily to go to work, I wouldn't take an arming sword as a primary if I were to ride to battle... but then sword & buckler may be useful if I'm a light infantry or even during a siege assault were I might have to use my left hand (which is still doable with a buckler).

As Easton said, context, always context. Spear are awesome... most of the time, important word is most, not always.

One thing to note on the polearm vs sword is that te common battle panoply would usually be a polearm (say a halberd), a secondary weapon (say mace or sword) and an arming knife. So in fact, the debate of polearm vs sword is a bit moot because... nothing really is preventing you of having both ! If you can have a polearm, you can have a sword, and if you can't have a polearm, well you just grab the sword...

A good set of videos of spear vs other weapons:
Spear vs s&b
spear vs s&s

The difference being the size of the shield, and this changes dramatically the outcome in favor of the swordsmen. Note that in the videos, the spearman changes, but the swordsman is the same and he is in fact the teacher iirc.
That stance is hasso no kamae. Your pick is chudan, there is also jodan and gedan. Dig further you can watch nito ryu

File: 20150330_140354.jpg (1.32 MB, 3264x1836)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
Paintball fags post guns
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You mean the games take 10x longer because you just chill in the back like retards and think dank thoughts.
Not in my experience. Whenever we smoke some before a game, it gets way way more intense. Feels like you're in the middle of combat.

Having said that, I'm sure if one smoked too much, especially an indica, one would be too fucked to play paintball. We never get super high though, not only because it would indeed make us chill and therefore frustrate the other players, but it would be unsafe as well. Can't be forgetting basic safety like mask down, barrel condoms, etc.
Alright /k/ here. I used to be big in paintball, had invert mini, liked it alright, not big fan of electronics. I was gonna get back in the the game, but i need a new marker. I was thinking pumps, the i thought autococker. Then i remembered the automag. Could i get a run down on the differences between the automag, the rt, and the rt pro? The rt is some sort of valve that makes it shootfast? Also, ive got a hpa tank
File: 2012-04-29_14-28-57_131.jpg (1.42 MB, 3264x1840)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
Dumping pics of the mini
File: IMAG0392.jpg (1.53 MB, 2688x1520)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG

File: 78696767.jpg (35 KB, 518x319)
35 KB
the last thread has reached its bump limit

Previous thread:


This thread for judo, kendo, karate, koryu, aikido and all the Japanese martial arts. Ive added more to the essential reading including an article on breathing within the japanese martial arts, as well as an article on kiai which should explain why kendoka are always yelling.
essential reading

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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lots of fat guys in judo, alot of the older guys really start packing it on as they get older. this isnt a good thing mind you, you should try to lose weight regardless of what you do
>your weight will be a non factor
Too right.

Your weight won't matter because aikido's fucking useless and you'll get wrecked in any real fight regardless of your weight.
noob question.
is there as many ju-jitsu styles in japan as karate styles?
there are a lot of them yes. some old, some modern
does some of them have strinking techniques?

File: fightingfit0c.gif (1.73 MB, 320x240)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB GIF
/asp/ related gifs and/or reaction images?
44 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: aussie fishing.webm (2.96 MB, 662x350)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB WEBM
File: 1419232615174.gif (2.85 MB, 330x190)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB GIF
That's pretty clever.

File: self_defense.jpg (110 KB, 425x282)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Are there any self defense courses that aren't total bullshit?
27 replies omitted. Click here to view.
all these
>just get a gun hurr
there are plenty of situations in which hand to hand combat is still a viable form of self defense, especially in a situation where you don't want things to escalate. Getting into a fight for example, 99/100 times it won't end with someone getting shot unless you pull a weapon first. If you just beat each other up for the most part people will look the other way and go on with their lives unless someone gets knocked out.
replying to all threats with deadly force is not the way to go about things, especially in a society where almost half the population is armed.
File: 1408182506440.jpg (141 KB, 567x636)
141 KB
141 KB JPG

Arnis is nice.

Don't expect to be able to defend yourself just because you know the drills though.

Fun and easy mcdojo test:

Anyone who knows how a knife works will never attack you with their knife in their lead hand. If you ever see a demo for self defence courses that automatically assume anyone charging in point first... that might be a hint to not sign up.
actually a (psuedo) fencing stance with a knife is a perfectly viable.
well that maneuver in the picture is bullshit

hes not looking at the knife or trying to take it out of play
File: 1427174475840.gif (335 KB, 480x360)
335 KB
335 KB GIF
Point taken.

>walking home after graveyard shift
>shadow emerges
>blade glints in streetlight
>"relinquish thine coffers of wealth unto thee"
>en garde before I react
>lunges with graceful precision
>bleeding out
>applauding as I give up the ghost

File: aikido2.jpg (127 KB, 1024x681)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
First time visitor here.

What the board's consensus on Aikido?
98 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1418153948876.png (837 KB, 641x791)
837 KB
837 KB PNG

I won't deny that there are many bad eggs in the Bujinkan and I won't deny that the chances of finding a good dojo are unlikely. Maybe I even agree with you that people should avoid the organisation... that being said, even though Bujinkan is looked down upon in Japan for being unjapanese and disregarding all the time honoured traditions and etiquette associated with Japanese martial arts, there are quite a few highly skilled martial artists in the Bujinkan and Hatsumi himself is highly regarded in the martial arts and other areas (ie. art), so much so that many families and dojo that hold a koryu lineage even seek him out to become a steward of their own lineages because they aren't practicing martial artists and want to keep their traditions alive.

In all my years in the Bujinkan I have very rarely seen or practiced any Ninjutsu, and even then my instructor thinks the techniques and weapons associated with ninjutsu are a bit of a wank, but the ideas, strategies and tactics the ninjutsu schools bring with them are interesting to discuss and think about.

Too many outsiders believe that ninjutsu is a core part of the Bujinkan when in fact its something you see maybe once or twice, or just talk about after training.

To make an analogy, Bujinkan spends as much time on Ninjutsu as Judo spends on paired kata. Now to anyone has trained Judo for a long time that isn't a lot. In fact the only time I've ever seen kata done in Judo were by the old people in Kodokan HQ, practicing for gradings and the very rare 'kata class' just for shits and gigs.

So there you go.
Example of one of those martial arts that are dancing that you are referring to. If you say ninjutsu I will slap you since it is not considerd Kobudō.
File: 1389075375931.png (296 KB, 789x720)
296 KB
296 KB PNG

Not a fan of Takenouchi ryu.


> but muh oldest jujutsu

Yeah I don't give a shit, its not done very well. It's not so much the techniques, which are all technically valid, it's just the way they are done and how much is missing to make them effective. Whether or not this is some elaborate kyojitsu... I don't know... may well be.

There are others, this is just one example I can think of.
that video isnt the best one of that style, and there are two or three different lines. I would certainly consider training with the group out in hawaii whose head was a serious judoka when he was younger.

that said its a very solid system.
Fuck off ninjerfag.

File: belts.jpg (1.81 MB, 3072x2048)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
What is your opinion on belt systems in general?
67 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well I don't know what art and style you are referring to but Kyokushin Karate in Norway already meet your requirements.

Minimum 16 years olds to try for black belt AND anyone under 18 has to have had 1-kyu for 2 years.

1 grading every 6 months from the start, but you can do 2 grades at once in the beginning if you are skilled and have a lot of hours clocked.

All gyms are encouraged to have high kyu student graded at our summer camps.
You can only be graded for dan on summer camp, and the team grading you are from different clubs and not even all from Norway.
In addition you need to have been on the summer camp 3 times before the time you get graded.

For the dan grades they have to go extreme combinations they have no way of practicing for. They blindly pick some random techniques and give you no time to think before you have to do them in succession.
You also have to be an active instructor at your dojo, during the summer camp, and a little while for the other dan-candidates during all of your grading.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
skill =/= technical knowledge
Never really cared for it.
Actually started training BJJ because going up in ranks is so tedious I basically don't have to care about it.
The master of my style says, "Belts are for folks too small for their breeches."
Real gyms use actual fair competition then. Getting the shit beat out of you without purpose is stupid, not courageous.

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