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File: HAPKIDO[1].jpg (566 KB, 2000x1406)
566 KB
566 KB JPG
Alright lads. I recently watched the Hapkido episode of Fight Quest and this seems like a bad arse martial art. Do you know any MMA fighters who specialise in Hapkido? It's like an advanced form of jiu jitsu.
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This is very correct, I used to do Aikido before and most of the movement are similar ± tkd kicks
I have yet to see a hapkido place that trains mostly aikido looking stuff.

The place I train the breakdown is probably 50% Judo, 25% kickboxing, 10% of its own thing like tons of rolls and counters to body grabs from JJJ and judo (I don't think it is very aikido like to suplex someone that puts you in a head lock). 10% wrist grab stuff (aka the aikido looking part) and 5% weapons.

Most other places I have seen people from it is 50% tkd, 20% judo (doing it wrong usually, as in with not enough resistance and sparing), 10% weapons, 10% JJJ stuff, 10% akido stuff.

I have even seen places that look exactly like JJJ, like the only difference was it was Korean in superficial etiquette stuff.

Never have I seen a practitioner or dojang look to be mostly aikido/aikido like stuff.
I don't know where the impression that hakido is korean aikido comes from when there are only a few things that are shared.
You clearly are in mcDojo or WTF
World tkd federation?
>I don't know where the impression that hakido is korean aikido comes from when there are only a few things that are shared.
The names are similar and demos from older practitioners tend to be very flowy and standing lock based like aikido is.
People see the demos as assume that is all there is to the style.

File: hema_bolo.jpg (655 KB, 1600x1067)
655 KB
655 KB JPG
Historical European Martial Arts Thread
Please keep it kind and on topic. Also no SCA/Reenactment please.

Essential Information:

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Thank 692853,692710 and other replyer
I try to lung and found it's actually help for balance and recover position, thank for clear up my doubt
How would I get into HEMA?

Like where do you even start?
Yeah, nah. The other guy had plenty of time to slice him when the arms came down.

Never try to grab the knife arm. If you don't have a knife, you should run. Its your only "safe" option.Grabbing at the knife is just an easy way to get cut the fuck up when he retracts his hand to save his knife. If you have a knife and MUST fight, wait for him to strike and cut his arm, as close to the hand as you can reasonably get. Do not get in range where he can easily strike your torso. Are you closer than that? Are you close enough to touch his face? Well, you are both fucked. Also, never strike first. If he also knows how to knife fight, enjoy dancing in a circle.
Look up your nearest club.

Go say hello.
i just found out that in two weeks there is an event for rapier in vienna. any of you going?


File: ll8.jpg (160 KB, 1277x707)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Paintball General

Rule 1: There are no rules.
Rule 2: What was i talking about again?
Rule 3: Who took my bong?
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He spammed graphic gay porn on multiple paintball sites, he spliced graphic gay porn scenes into TechPB videos which were then shared by others who were unaware of the graphic gay porn, he went on multiple paintball forums and repeatedly insulted people 1/3rd his age and called them "faggots" over and over and repeatedly said that anyone who liked paintball was gay. The people who know absolutely nothing about him like to argue against these facts, but they are facts. I was personally witness to all of these things, as were many others. The man is human garbage. Of the sites on which he intentionally posted graphic gay porn, many of the users were under 18. He should be in prison for disturbing pornography to minors but he somehow managed to weasel his way out of it.

And just because I know some idiot will come in here and defend these actions as LE EPIC TROLLING, no. Just no. He's a disgusting and pathetic person and I would applaud anyone who removed him from this world.
File: teddy.jpg (7 KB, 203x248)
7 KB

LMAO i like him better now. that shit is hilarious! thanks anon!
So he does what most of this site does and your surprised that it happens?
File: IMG_20150707_244942466.jpg (2.75 MB, 4160x2340)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
Alright, this is the faggotry I was talking about last thread.

Paintballs an odd game in an odd place. Bottom line is that it takes a lot (relative to say, basketball or soccer) of effort and cash to come out and play, and you can't play by yourself. So don't make it any harder for people to come out and play, because they'll do something else with their time/money/effort and our game will waste away like it has been.

Shitting on woodsballers makes no sense because that's where everyone starts. Nicky, Ollie, Federov, all the big names started in camo.

Shitting on speed ballers makes no sense because they usually have much better fundamentals and skills that translate to woodsball.

Want to wear brand new Dye gear and shoot space guns? Great.

Want to wear bdus and shoot a magfed? Great.

Want to shittalk the few people left in the game, just trying to have fun? Fuck yourself.

I hate being preachy, but just let it go guys. I've spent just as much time with milsim guys as speed ballers, and they're not that different.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
so he just forgot he wasnt on 4chan then?

**Try not to eat a plate of shit for the entirety of this thread edition**

Information for beginners (UPDATED), PLEASE READ BEFORE asking: http://pastebin.com/C6rEGbzD

Shoe info and feedback, feel free to contribute on the 2nd link (the first is the shoe reviews): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnSv7MyhLozYdGM1a1FUMHNtTkRFN0xkVmt3dEZ0NHc#gid=0



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I was smoking a bunch of weed and doing drugs. Got into skating.
good on you for quitting the drugs! why'd you stop the weed tho
I ride a scooter
I don't like weed. It reminds me of doing nothing but smoking weed alone and having nothing to do.
whats wrong with hip hop, anon? do you just hate black people?

File: you know the drill.png (20 KB, 444x274)
20 KB
It's that time again
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Okay, demonstrate your "will" by sparring regularly with resisting opponents.
i.e. by not doing shotokan.
Wing Chun
Krav Maga
This board needs more memes
Gouju-Ryu Karate supplemented with some Boxing

File: Balor.png (862 KB, 664x662)
862 KB
862 KB PNG
Last general.

During the Beast in the East event live in Toyko, Japan this morning, Finn Bálor defeats Kevin Owens to become the NEW NXT Champion!

What does this mean for the future of these two? Will Kevin Owens go on to win the United States Championship from John Cena?
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So that Cesaro match was one of the best in the year, as was last weeks.

Holy shit that guy. Does that mean big Cesaro push finally?
Sorry guys, TNA signed me to a multi-year deal last night then fired me.
Apparently Cena put over Cesaro.
>Regarding the heartfelt speech from John Cena about Cesaro after last night’s RAW in Chicago, reader Aidan Laurie sent in this recap:

>“I was at RAW and the segment after the show was amazing. As a Chicagoan who hates Cena, I have the most respect in the world for him after the speech he gave. He talked about how Cesaro deserves to be in the main event every night and that if he keeps trying he will get to the top one day. Cena also talked about how Cesaro gave him another memory he can cherish forever.”
File: Great Story Mark.jpg (11 KB, 320x322)
11 KB
> Cena vs. Cesaro
> Brock lesnar kills someone with a car door
> Chicago
I'm so not missing this Raw.
File: 630571.jpg (107 KB, 480x270)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Shitty quality I know.

File: 418580-street-fight.jpg (75 KB, 650x366)
75 KB
This thread is for discussion of self defense.

Self Defense (SD)
>unarmed SD
>bladed SD
>unarmed vs. bladed SD
>firearm vs. bladed SD
>etcetera SD
belongs here.
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>Random guy tries a tackle.
>That makes him a wrestler.
May the sand be with you my friend.
Allahu Akbar!
File: krav maga crotch grab.gif (2 MB, 199x208)
2 MB
Allahu Kekbar.

File: whiteboard1855.png (16 KB, 236x233)
16 KB
How would you escape from this /asp/? Im curious to hear your answers.
Protip, if you wind up in this position in real life, you really dont know how to grapple any way.
Here is a video that gives a better example if my shitty mspaint doodle doesnt help.
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In the picture your knee is literally directly over his balls
The plan is obvious
How is he even harming you? Mushing your face against his rib age? Your drawing has a poor sense of scale. Maybe try to kick his left knee?
>No offense but I have taught 10 year olds more intuitive and not shitty then these 2.

Yeah, they're soldiers. And guessing by the fact they are wearing BDUs it was pre MACP as it stands today (which is still terrible)

Most people go into the military not being able to fight, because surprise, most people outside of the military can't fight either.

I actually only met two other wrestlers when I was in outside of intel school. There were quite a few other boxers and wrestlers in my AIT.
>Their elbow is under your throat, their hands are up near your shoulder.

Most people, even trained grapplers, don't get a great position on the guillotine before they cinch down to try the choke.

But even if they were in the textbook correct position you can still fight the grip.
>Most people, even trained grapplers, don't get a great position on the guillotine before they cinch down to try the choke.

What I mean is, you can start the grip fight before the guillotine is really sunk in.

Because every time I've had the guillotine attempted on me, just like any other submission, the fight starts before it's really in deep enough.

File: 1384051581446.jpg (102 KB, 599x780)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Your face when you realize genetics and talent > effort
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Did you not read that?

>cannabis, also known as marijuana is a preparation of the cannabis plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug

It's a plant, one of its many uses is as a drug
man up, OP. stop being a pussy
I'm curious what your definition of "effort" is
There is no such thing as talent.

"Talent" is just pre-acquired skill, some of which can easily transfer to another sport.

People are NOT born with talent or skill, it must be acquired through practice, and some is acquired through playing when young, which is why some kids are better at things than others.
You're right and people don't like to think about it.
They'll rationalize and say they do it for themselves and their own goals but deep inside they want to compare with others and come out on top.
You must practice a fucking SHIT tier sport if you think anything is wrong with using soft drugs recreationally.

This whore in the newest girlsdoporn scene had a 3some with him. My hate for this fucker grows even stronger.
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>name appeared on thrasher about every day for a week 3 months ago
also was the only dude and cole who's trick selection I relate nyjah's to
Are all sk8terbois this retarded and cancerous?
File: Px1Egop.jpg (126 KB, 900x675)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>are all martial artists this cringeworthy?
My brother in a wig is a prettier woman than OP, how the fuck are you jelly of that?

Is this bait?
Lol wuz wondering how long it'd take for a fourm to start about this. I think she was at his 20th b day party, you can kinda see what looks to be her at the end of a vid on his YouTube channel. Its not surprising at all that Mr huston is having threesomes with hot bimbo cocktail waitresses.
Ryan Sheckler and braydon szafranski are a couple of other pros I know of that have definitely had there share of ladies.

P.s. element is da shit fuck those Eurotrash companies!

File: disc golf.jpg (13 KB, 275x183)
13 KB
Let's have a disc golf thread. What are your favorite brands? What are you working on in your game at the moment? How often do you introduce new people into the sport?
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Are you playing pro-par or course-par?

a buddy of mine uses a 2-finger grip, and he can get some pretty solid distance. be unique if you want to, brah. have some fun with the sport, unless you're really trying to go for competitions and stuff.
pick up a latitude 64 claymore, if you're into that. I know it's stupid, but I bought it for the art, lel. became my favorite disc though.
First time I even heard of pro par. Total of 78.

Neckbeards cosplaying or Olympic sport?

Let's get one of these threads going /asp/.

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>fat for safety reasons

has fat acceptance gone too far?
Oh hey. The fencing fags are feeling threatened again.
That's been a thing since the oldest days of boxing.
How do I into HEMA?

Like where do I even start?
>an aristocratic sport now found in rich white neighborhoods has a better funded and attractive pool of athletes to select from than a relatively unknown enthusiast hobby that only recently became seen as a sport much less a "thing"

Wow, what a fucking surprise.

So i've been thinking about it recently.
Is it safe to say that in a street fight or self-defense situation I should only throw palm strikes to the face and only throw fists to the body?
When I say palm strike I mean like pick related and even throwing hooks and other punches with that in mind
I've heard its MUCH less harder to injure all the little bones in your hand if you use palm strikes and non-classical fighting styles and military fighting styles implement it heavily iirc
Like this but this guy's form is shit I'm talking the kind where you have your fingers like this but flexed back so your don't hurt your hand
28 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's Shamrock who's getting and Bas Rutten who's doing the hitting.

I think Bas won the match.

That's just how I recall it, could be wrong.
File: 1430318533546.jpg (46 KB, 266x400)
46 KB
Here's your answer, anon.
not that guy
I see what you're saying
Obviously you're not talking about a jab, but say a traditional boxing cross using your entire body
I could definitely say that would generate more force, not necessarily damage because as you said the elbow is smaller and can cut and is a bony pointed surface
But the rotational and linear force derived from the motions of a textbook cross are definitely more powerful then any sort of rotational and linear force from an elbow, unless its a spinning elbow or rear-handed elbow
I want a person that I can fight like how the trained in dragonball with no gloves just fucking each other up
Its because its nothing but bone, your fist isn't as solid
>But if you are afraid to break your knuckes without protection you can use karate chop or hammerfist or the upper part of your forearms (or you ellbows for close distance). You can generate a lot of power with those.

This is good advice. People think that you can only hit things with your knuckles or palm. You have to start seeing your limbs and the bones in them as clubs and levers. Striking someone with the upper forearm will do plenty of damage.

I need help with getting into Motorcycles and using them as means of commuting and general riding. I was told by a friends dad (a veteran rider) that I need to start on a Dirt bike or something off road so that I can get a feel for asserting control over bikes. Truthfully, I want to skip this step and just try to get my PA M-Class License, Because I'd rather start with a bike that is street legal than an offroader, I have so many questions but I guess the most important one for now is:

Should I start on a dirt bike of some sort of off-roader? I want to be as skilled a rider as I can be and as safe as possible too, always wear my jacket, my helmet, always stay in correct form, be comfortable with my bike, etc.

How can I do that? Is buying a motorcycle and taking lessons for my M-Class license the wrong approach?

TL;DR, Motorcycle general thread, Also answer my questions if you can please
17 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: my bike.jpg (77 KB, 960x540)
77 KB

2014 FZ-09
File: 20150706_122630.jpg (1.01 MB, 2560x1536)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
My bikes. Sorry about shitty camera.
Is listen to him
I learned on a 90's 250 honda rebel I got for $750
Got my m class license
Road for a summer then got a dirt bike and road around for a summer and felt more confident in my movements and turns , felt more comfortable and in control.
And Its great for commuting
I lived in chicago and gas was great
Parking was a lot better easier to find

If you really want to be safest
Learn on your own at first
Then take the classes and if you can get a dirt bike and just mess around with it, have fun.
You should be saying sorry for shitty bikes.

File: image.jpg (23 KB, 400x300)
23 KB
What's to know about fencing?
53 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well hiding behind your arm just because it's not a valid target area is already in dipshit territory. Also a very good way to get some skin torn off your hand.
I don't get it...
the "fencer" asked to become more exciting, agile, etc, and his "fencing-gear" turned into hema-gear.
doesn't make any sense though, because HEMA is shit.
Footwork. A lot of footwork

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