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She's WWE creative's only hope. Her short clips on instagram are leaps ahead of anything WWE writes these days. Plus, she's 5'8, fit and can legitimately destroy any woman on the roster in a real fight. Might as well throw her in the ring too or make her a presenter while she writes backstage
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File: wayne.jpg (19 KB, 126x126)
19 KB
What a fucking weird thread this is.

>shilling some literal who 8/10 playboy model
>get incredibly defensive whenever anyone says the slightest negative thing about her

it wouldn't be so bad if not for the defensiveness

and not saying "hey this is who and here's some content this who has made that i like"

he would still get ragged on for shilling some ho but it wouldn't be a trainwreck
You have to go back, there will be no more leaks.
First off, if you don't know who she is, you can just move along. Why did you have to reply? You don't have to participate in every thread newfag.I think she can actually work in WWE Creative and do a better job. Her instagram skits are cringe but levels above anything WWE writes these days. I'm 36 and I know who she is, shame on you
File: dmx-on-a-horse.jpg (72 KB, 564x409)
72 KB
Alright, now you're just fucking with us.

File: Fedora-Bella.jpg (42 KB, 686x384)
42 KB
>I don't trust anyone's opinion on wrestling if they don't like Lucha Underground
I don't trust anyone's opinion on anything if they've never had sex, so this works out for both of us.
The only opinion that matters is your own and the bitch you're trying to bang

It really does. It's nice to see people not drinking the WWE kool aid and not becoming an E-drone
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>screenshot of random smark convo on Twitter
>SEE, not all WWE fans are drones!
What's funny is that this board loves to generalize and read off statistics.
>fighting game fag comes in at the end to desperately talk about his autistic hobby

every fucking time

File: tamina-snuka-25053536.jpg (133 KB, 620x400)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Divas in WWE that wouldn't surprise you one bit to be outed as transgender
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you need to step up and DELETE THIS
how did her detractors react?
how dare you
File: kana.webm (2.01 MB, 1482x952)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB WEBM
>no tits
File: 1488226588508.jpg (63 KB, 500x417)
63 KB

Almost Mania Edition

Is there any hope she is retaining her title?

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She wears 10 pounds of makeup and still looks busted.
No makeup Lexa is still 10/10
>Give me the disney princess doctor
He did do a job considering the ((()))

that's with makeup

not to attack you brother, but i don't want you to be that dude that says "oh i love the way girls look without makeup" and the girl makes a face at you and you don't know why

File: shawn333.jpg (19 KB, 300x250)
19 KB
>Wrestling newb
>Woke wrestling fan
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Sup Bret?
Both are true

Don't be mad that your favorite wrassler is a talented homosexual
Shawn Michaels being a queer makes his gimmick really stand out. As a fan of his, I'm okay with this.
>le wacky overselling

Fuck you. HBGay is overrated as fuck and was the pioneer of flippy shit with no psychology.
Pretty sure lucha libre was a thing long before HBK was getting started but ok


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Why won't they give him a real scythe or at least a metal prop?
>real scythe
>allowing japanese fans to be anywhere near weapons

I wish he'd get rid of that LED glove.
File: sanada.jpg (30 KB, 564x564)
30 KB
I'm convinced Sanada has THE most bad ass look in pro wrestling right now.
File: pentagod.gif (673 KB, 320x180)
673 KB
673 KB GIF

tbf, Pentagon was my previous opinion. Sanada has the biggest transformation though, because he looked like a huge dork before Ingobernables.

Why does he dab? Why is he video games? Why was he the first Cruiserweight Champion when he has zero charisma and just does generic flippy dippy stuff?
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File: IMG_20170311_075508.jpg (107 KB, 640x1136)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
More like ZSJ dodge the bullet. He is already on his way to add another title, while TJ got squashed in a match under 2 minutes.
>inb4 outleles
I honestly thought Rich Swann was gonna win the whole thing, and in hindsight it's pretty fucking retarded he didn't. They should've known better than to try and take Kota away from his precious blowup dolls.
I wonder why so many promotions are tripping over their dicks to put their belt on ZSJ, even in indie wrestling circles people don't seem to like him that much.
Does anyone actually like ZSJ?
Last rev pro show I was at I went outside to smoke during his match and there were about 40 people out there talking about what a faggot he is.
He's actually gotten better since he started being more arrogant and heelish, needs to stop doing that fucking ropes Spider-Man spot every fucking match though

Fuck all of you. I'm hype as fuck for this match.
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I can't wait to mark the fuck out when BBD literally kills the Undercarder in the ring

I haven't been this excited for a match in years

Cena was selling tons of merch and a far bigger ratings/PPV draw than Roman
Typical obese smark comment
shit taste
But just as Roman thought it was undertaker who he had decapitated,it was his own father and the undertaker was playing mind games with the big dog. Then hits the GONG and every Isis member suicide bombs themselves. Rip Roman,the wrestlemania remains the phenom's yard

File: based sasha!.gif (1.88 MB, 540x300)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
She's the best active female wrestler in the world and the greatest in US history
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> bigger
> stronger
> faster
> college athlete
> the road is literally breaking sasha
> she's been hurt all year
> taking brutal bumps in order to stay over
> charlotte in pristine physical condition, carried raw all year
> sasha won't be around much longer according to dave
> hair coming out in clumps like a cancer kid

You're free to like Sasha, but Graves was right.
Can't wait until Sasha goes heel and becomes a Graves waifu again.
>She's the best active female wrestler
>forget to win against Nia Jax via using ropes for leverage, fucking up Nia's push as an unstoppable monster
>can't sell a knee injury worth shit
Fuck you.

>Never lost the women's championship
>Legitimately athletic
>More over than most of the male roster, let alone the "divas"
>Could believably put on a match with male superstars

Sashaetty only appeals to autistic neet weeabos and will never get a pop like this:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: wwebabbythemepark.jpg (27 KB, 630x339)
27 KB
oh shit m8, my sides

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stupid japs
>Someone's gonna fall off that fucker
a ring on top of a mardi gras float

File: C74Szv3WsAAzplb.jpg (51 KB, 385x669)
51 KB
Bexamania 33 Edition

Highlights/Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DacaVmXioEg

Rebecca Knox vs Allison Danger, Pure Wrestling Rules: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x574gds_shimmer-6-rebecca-knox-vs-allison-danger_sport

In-Depth Interview with Lillian Garcia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vO_0dnhw1Nc

Previous Thread: >>2354379
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She should let James borrow her chin
Natalya looks like a mid tier actress that's trying to pretend to be a pro wrestler in a Hulu exclusive show
Can we get some feet pics in this thread?
I'd let her peg me
I really hope we get Winged Bex v2 next weekend

File: Big_Dick_Dave.jpg (512 KB, 1393x1960)
512 KB
512 KB JPG

What a legend. Who else could passive-aggressively BTFO of these cucks on Twitter so regularly? Dave keeping these fools in there place.
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>people discussing the score system used by a guy who writes reviews of fake fights

Pure autism.
Big Dick Dave confirming qt Japanese waifus are better than (literal) Stamford wives.
It's autismn, both of them

Kek women trying to be tough

I still can't believe this faggot is gonna be what based AJ gets wasted on this Wrestlemania. It's fucking ridiculous that they're even making it seem like a close back and forth fight. Who wanted this?
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Smack is better than its been in a long time with him around, that may not entirely be his doing but it's not a coincidence.
>AJ says he's retiring at 42 because he thinks that's when he won't be able to do his full moveset anymore
>Joins WWE at 38
>Wastes first WM jobbing to Jericho
>Wastes second WM carrying the bosses son to an okay match
>AJ now has 2 WM matches at most left in him before retiring
>putting Kane on the same level as Mark Henry and fucking Vince

Fuck off, Kane has been a consistently good big man longer than Taker has.
actually he has 3 because his birthday is after 'Mania
mah nigga

File: C740ZzUVsAAEAn_.jpg (145 KB, 973x1297)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>Triple H working for a (Packed) 200 fans.

Jesus Christ how far has this company fallen.
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File: 1468891161190.png (365 KB, 442x580)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
>Making excuses for the E

Drones shills employees marks femenists "finnas" reddit 5XL and creepers must leave.
Aside from selling merch, I think it's because Finn has done huge role as the WWE ambassador to the UK indies. He went to the indie events like progress and icw and preaching about wwe and UK indies need to be united and stuff. At that time, there's a threat of World of Sports coming back as well, which makes wwe more pressured.

Vince owes him that, and he's a man of his word.
they don't even deserve that many
Hes the only guy allowed a longer entrance than Undertaker.
finn's ass tho

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