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File: kbVdmsl.jpg.gif (927 KB, 500x341)
927 KB
927 KB GIF
Bitches creaming on the dick.
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File: A32Zoox.gif (593 KB, 148x95)
593 KB
593 KB GIF
>ZERO physicians/gynecologists in this thread
>Everyone has an opinion

Autists always think they're secret geniuses who know everything but really all you fags need some fucking humility to admit that you just don't know what the cream actually is
It's natural lubricant m8, produced when a woman is aroused. Some produce more than others.It ain't rocket science.
Fuck the h8rs....that's fucking hot

A sex education website told me that female lube which is thick and white, ie creamy, actually prevents semen travelling to the egg.

The watery shit is apparently the best at facilitating sperm travel to the egg. I don't know if there are scientific studies on this... but that is what I have read.
Maybe you're joking, it's more like white people are obsessed with black people and I truly don't understand it.
Multiple times I've seen threads here specifically asking for white on white porn only for the comment section to dissolve into a debate about black people. It's fucking weird.

File: 1433425762710.gif (879 KB, 500x285)
879 KB
879 KB GIF
I see we're missing a gay thread
No. You're just too lazy or dumb to look for it.

File: #m (7).webm (2.2 MB, 640x480)
2.2 MB
Past and Present
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Searched but to no avail, please source me it !
ayy I betcha they didn't pay clypse to use thier songs
Strike back with porn...kinda want.
Some of these are just fucking hilarious lmao

File: 1431500976671.gif (721 KB, 250x148)
721 KB
721 KB GIF
I only have a few but ill post that i have to get it started Impreg Gifs Creampie gifs captioned or not its all the same!
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i think this might be my last one
Thread already exists >>7133890

File: 1425250252362.webm (2.93 MB, 1024x576)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
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File: 1427996965740.webm (2.67 MB, 280x210)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB WEBM
File: Nurse Futa.webm (3.48 MB, 620x320)
3.48 MB
3.48 MB WEBM
File: Eat out.webm (3.69 MB, 1024x576)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB WEBM
Shit, wrong one

File: WANZ-271.webm (3.98 MB, 480x270)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB WEBM
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>creampie her
Careful with that shit man that's how you end up with kiddos.
It feels amazing. But those kids will est your life, wallet and soul.
holy shit wow does she get an award
I show no compassion anymore

Gonna drop some acid with my girl and watch trippy and hot stuff today. Any suggestions? Meanwhile Ill dump anything I think would look cool.
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Is there any website that I can just watch the scenes? I can't seem to find any Visio sauce
Personally I don't find acid to be that disorienting. Don't get me wrong, euphoria is still a thing, just don't expect crazy shit to happen.
in order of best at the top at least in my film-trip experiences, especially if youve never seen before:
apocalypse now
jungle planet earth or Wildest nature series on netflix (except wildest africa, which is shit)
fear and loathing in las vegas
the godfather
the big lebowski
gladiator and troy are OK
princess mononoke/spirited away/howls moving castle if anime's your thing

most of those are just great movies hence great to trip to if youve never seen them, if you're talking about shit that depicts acid usage, apocalypse now and fear and loathing

enter the void sucks

Yeah, you're on it.

File: Asian boobs webm.webm (2.82 MB, 1280x720)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB WEBM
This girl thread post all the Webms u have
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YES! Like that exactly
She'd make a very horrible stripper.
perf man
Are these from ECG? He was my /gif/ hero back in like '09.

File: 474711440.gif (615 KB, 325x264)
615 KB
615 KB GIF
Post em
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Those poor children
They got to be in a porno before they were even born though.
Shanie Love, aka, the greates.
File: 1433144219363.gif (2.9 MB, 300x226)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB GIF
Does anyone know the source of this one?

File: 1434735105438.webm (2.64 MB, 638x720)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB WEBM
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Oh my god, she's fucking banging. Source?
you keep telling yourself that, anon
Christine Huang Ke, there are more videos of her in youtube.
why does that trigger you

is it because every friendship with a girl ended up with you being friendzoned?
I learnt this at uni. But, you know, wikipedia OR YOUR OWN BRAIN might tell you as well.

Cunts fighting their urges. He probably has an ugly fat wife.

what you got?
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I love how people think they know what they're talking about when they say stuff like...
"She's going to be diaper bound"
"Enjoy your incontinence"
To people who engage in anal sex.
They've never heard of kegels.
File: deep as your mom.gif (1.89 MB, 200x174)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB GIF
I still have this one from moons ago.
here you go champ
pornhub and add this to the url /users/melyqueen/videos
Dive right in...the waters fine
Childbirth usually makes it easier more often. Perineal tear will loosen it up real good.

File: 1431441163841.gif (2 MB, 540x297)
2 MB
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Miriama Kunkelova
I remember that vid, but it got deleted from all sites I know, any idea where it is?
Sorry, no. If you find it, do tell.
moar of this position please
www.tube8 com/teen/teen-on-hammock-by-fucking-two-dick-nancey/20666041/

Here you go

File: 1429502067168.webm (2.38 MB, 640x360)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB WEBM
Where is the creampie threads /gif/??
Webms are preferred.
ill post some to get this shit started.
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Wtf dude original content implies it hasn't been seen or owned by anyone yet. Like fucking "pics you weren't supposed to share". Not editing a video bro that's retarded as fuck

Both of you make a valid point. There are multiple definitions of OC.

The law of copyright acknowledges the skill and creation that goes into making an edited work; even if the content isn't your own.

I think OC falls somewhere around this definition. If someone were to wholly rip something off another sauce, it is hardly OC. However, if there is some editorial-flair and creative investment, then it is OC.

It is a matter of degrees :)
quit jerking each other off and post more creampies fucking neckbeards
Are you retarded? the fucking watermarks don't even match

This is actual sauce


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File: 1316925121693.gif (3.96 MB, 384x288)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB GIF
My all time favorite shitter, Mila Perlman.
this. also we need more of her
does this mean girls poop?
It's a suppository laxative.
File: ja_07.gif (1.22 MB, 320x240)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB GIF
Some more.

File: 1433333418627.webm (2.98 MB, 960x630)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB WEBM
Femdom webm where the purpose is not just for female dominance. Don't want none of that shit. Pegging & Being Jerked, Bondage and the same etc, webms related. You all now this is the real femdom you like.
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Holy shit, thats hot
"Pixie has got you pegged" is the name of the video. I think she's taken it down off clips4sale because I can't find it there anymore.
I found the former store on clips4sale that sold her stuff. Clicking the dropbox 'all clips' and going down finds her stuff, all have the name Pixie in it. A video also shows a email address, kinkdevice@gmail.com.
plot twist, he is batman, you FUCKING FAGGOT
sauce plsssss

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