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File: 4242423.webm (3.89 MB, 852x480)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB WEBM
Stop jerking to shemale porn and start grooving bois
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File: sunrise_in_paris.webm (3.77 MB, 600x400)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB WEBM
ok OP I'll contribute
File: takajalubie.webm (4 MB, 500x500)
4 MB

File: 1513543952909.gif (1.92 MB, 500x256)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF
Where the fuck is the gay thread?
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yeah exactly
best part of these threads
That's really hot-- share the rest if you got it.
So you'd let that same ugly as shit person fuck you instead?

File: KriegsMarine.webm (3.64 MB, 480x360)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB WEBM
Man /gif/ you are really letting me down today. NO WAR THREAD???? ill change that...
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>Fallschirmjäger song
I know one of you retards knows this song, what is it?
La Fosse a Purin by Nosfer
you have to be over 18 to post here
One of Obama's "corpse men"

File: 1525535902279_0.webm (1.45 MB, 720x404)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB WEBM
Old one is gone
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File: SNIS-829_7mc.webm (3.95 MB, 856x480)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB WEBM
sent ;)
File: SNIS-829_8mc.webm (3.81 MB, 856x480)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB WEBM
File: SNIS-829_9mc.webm (3.73 MB, 856x480)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB WEBM
File: SNIS-829_10mc.webm (3.76 MB, 856x480)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB WEBM

File: 1524860185840.webm (3 MB, 596x424)
3 MB
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>Two little poots of cum??

File: 6111.webm (3.35 MB, 480x480)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB WEBM
Spooky thread, YSYL.
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checked and keked
>Contracting Hiv is probably equally as terrorfying.
Not to bugchasers.
its german numbers
I think you may be right
Sauce of this movie?

No trannys, no gay shit, pretty simple
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Probably. Just haven't seen any of her
lol, listen to this stupid faggot, they are in the middle of the jungle, nobody will find her corpse dumbass, you are not so smart and you should get out of the suburbs once in a while
>Private account
Is this recent?

File: 19294131.gif (2.82 MB, 620x446)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB GIF
gangbang preferred
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No u
kill yourself

the rise of internet population and popularity has grown to include most of the world, coming to include the youngest and simplest ye fair summerfag

the internet used to be a different place. it was inhabited mostly by nerds and engineers and generally reasonable and thoughtful people.

one of the most interesting and hopeful promises of the new technology was it’s use as a democratizing and anonymizing tool. it didn’t matter who you were; your color or gender, or where you came from or how much money you had. people, thoughts and ideas were judged on their merit alone. a line of text on a screen was all some people ever wanted it to be. text channels and rooms and image boards were interesting because the people using them were interesting. the people creating these boards were interesting. the internet was a place where creators shared and independent thought was distributed. comments and posts were naturally creative, thoughtful and hilarious.

they should have realized that the general population is enormous and that 50% of people are dumber than the average person. i’m not even trying to say the average person is terribly unintelligent but it shows that the scale of stupidity is massive and certainly enough for a relatively small dedicated party of idiots to interrupt any thoughtful or interesting argument or discourse.

“upvoting” is just another form of the popularity contest that business and commercialization has bastardized the internet into. voting as a method of measuring something’s worth is a very bad and probably harmfully misleading metric, especially a vote of only two parties and the false dichotomies this can create. the only people who felt the need to publish their face, their name or their personal life on the internet are the narcissistic, ignorant, arrogant, judgmental and self-righteous seed of (evil in) a failed system. the people who are driven mostly by man’s basest instincts that business regularly targets and profits from.

anonymity is essential to stifle the masses’ depraved craving for attention and social approval.

it is my opinion that even the worst faces of anonymity must be endured because of the importance of a truly free forum for discussion, ideas and arguments. illegal markets that facilitate deadly drugs, the services of hitmen and slavers. these things are exposed and researchable in true anonymity. the evil and meanness that people freely espouse still holds a truth worth knowing, a perspective of the world worth gaining. one that cannot be gained much anywhere else.

i hate what the internet has become and i hate those who enjoy it without thought or care for what has been lost

fuck you newfag
calm down newfag
do not request source without contributing if you are new

Fat cheating thread
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loooool perfect
hes like 72?
Fattening food is cheap, healthy food is not.

pretty simple desu
these are soooooo hot

sorry I cant contribute but thanks!

File: hypnobeam.webm (1.77 MB, 480x360)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB WEBM
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So fucking this. China bought 4chan from moot and teamed up with Russia to anonymously turn an entire generation of white boys into fucking IDIOTS. Literally the minute moot sold the site it turned into full fledged irony-free racism and fucking stupidity 24/7/365.

We're so fucking doomed.
Yeah I was really buying into all their numbers and facts and diagrams and videos and research and scientific advancements and complete lack of motivation to lie about any of this, but luckily they left obvious proof of their incredibly complicated hoax right out in the middle of Hollywood boulevard like a bong on the kitchen counter when grandma comes to visit, sure was nice of them to leave a neat little thread for me to pull so I could unravel their whole plot from the comfort of a Google search
it's the lighting. look at his socks. derp.

you're legit retarded if you make or believe the argument that we "lost the technology"

the only thing we lost is interest. despite the fact that humanity has everything to gain from pursuing tech that could allow us to utilize space for commercial purposes, we don't.

why? because we legit dont give money to nasa anymore, because most shortsighted retards will cry and say we're wasting money on space instead of spending it on some stupid idea on earth.

we could've had apartments on the moon by now but humanity is too fucking stupid to care

File: 1525587074899.webm (3.94 MB, 1920x824)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB WEBM
No celeb thread? Time to fix that.
279 replies and 140 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's Amanda Cerny not Daddario lol
more yvonne
Fucking A

You'll stop having this obsession with sex when you lose your virginity.

Thin girls are sexy.
246 replies and 100 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's the only one who's not fucking actually
Holy shit, you're my hero.
no kidding, look at her teeth.
who is this?
anyone have sauce on name? vid has nothing. im aware it says amateurs too

File: 1526853406201.webm (2.93 MB, 720x1252)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
Can we get a near dry-heave thread going?
28 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
early synchtube days a best
I feel like this is what happened to slave that got caught fucking white women.

Alright, you know what? I'm done.

I unfortunately discovered 4chan in the fall of 2010. And in that time, I've seen, learned, and become desensitized to so much.

I was there when DSFARGEG was just dying out.
I was there as King of GETs derailed /a/ threads live.
I've seen enough cp to last me a lifetime's worth of guilt and plenty of anxiety over whether or not the FBI would be knocking down my door on any given day.
I've learned through sheer, raw experience in living my own life after disappearing for a few years just how useless this race-to-the-bottom cesspool of Autism Olympics website truly is and how disconnected out-of-touch from reality all of you are.
I've discovered porn I never even knew existed and developed more fetishes than I could possibly fulfill; Even more that I want to forget about forever.
I was there when shoveldog became the default kickstarter to gore threads.
I stared into the abyss, I let it stare back into me and walked away with my soul intact.

This video right here. This is where I draw the line. This is too much for me. I'm done. Show's over, fat lady sang her last song and the janitor is coming soon to mop up the blood and feces all over the floor.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
That's some succulent, savory pasta
He put into words that which we could not. But he'll be back in a few hours when it's fap time again.

File: sissy.webm (3.89 MB, 516x286)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB WEBM
White boys serving black daddys. Lets see what youve got.
12 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It’s more of the courage part, honestly. Whenever I make a Grindr account, I’m flooded with messages.
yep, can't remember the last time i saw new shit in one of these threads. shame, nothing is hotter to me than seeing big black men railing white bois and putting them in their place
WHy is it that the best crossdressing vids on Pornhub are on the straight site?

File: 1526326425998.webm (3.95 MB, 800x450)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB WEBM
Can we have a solo anal tread
No gay or traps
136 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
absolutely, but in her case at least it works as age verification
please enlighten me. i have no idea what makes that toy so special?
seeing one of those in her means she's an official camwhore
if she was actually any younger she wouldnt be able to have one, you see...

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