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File: do want.gif (2.37 MB, 250x270)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB GIF
>ctrl F
>no Larkin Love threads
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Does this post make sense to anyone?
Goddamnit she looks like Rachel Dratch in this and it just kills it for me...
He is saying that her hair is clearly gold and white. Whoever listed "blue hair" in the filename here >>7739443 must be blind.
I'd let him do whatever he wanted to me if he looked like her and used that tongue on me
Came buckets, thanks anon

File: ashtonlta.webm (2.77 MB, 854x480)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB WEBM
Making her nice and uncomfortable... I don't care if she's faking, bring it!
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this thread is like high pressure on coal
Kelly Diamond. The guy is Sean Lawless, for some reason he wouldn't show his face or blur it in his early videos
File: codi.webm (2.59 MB, 960x540)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB WEBM
good job dude
File: cassandra.webm (917 KB, 480x352)
917 KB
taint easy getting buttfucked by a highschooler
File: maya.webm (2.53 MB, 720x480)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB WEBM
all time classic

File: 8092454-outch.gif (977 KB, 240x229)
977 KB
977 KB GIF
Surprise or unexpected nudity
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File: TheVisit.webm (1.48 MB, 720x384)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB WEBM
His last part about every man being a potential rapist and slave to his hormones is wrong as fuck, the part about brain function slightly deviating is (Often) correct though. You're absolutely right though, this won't make someone a rapist.
Hope that's not Illegal there
More of her please?!
feels good to know peru is considered 2nd world now

Continuing: >>7737566

Name something to do with bdsm, and I will try to find a scene with that in it. I'll create a webm, and post up.

I have videos of unusual/extreme (but only legal - no animals, underage, etc, and generally it's bondage) stuff, so feel free to be creative.

When possible, I'll have the source in the filename.

I've been doing this on /b/ and /hc/ for a while now. When I can, I'll be posting up with sound. But I've already amassed over 2,300 clips for the other boards that don't allow sound, so a lot of stuff that I'm not ripping on-demand for /gif/ will be silent.
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<iframe src="http://flashservice.xvideos.com/embedframe/6832704" frameborder=0 width=510 height=400 scrolling=no></iframe>

Vid of girl passin out from whips

Shit, here's the link
How much does a girl get for one shot like this?
You didn't respond last thread so reposting - and thanks for doing this, OP.

Do you have anything else like that tube-in-nose-out mouth webm that sometimes gets posted? I absolutely love it and want to know if there's more.
getting choked out by deepthroat?

File: LittleCinderella1.webm (2.93 MB, 320x240)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
Post porn from the dark ages of internet porn. I'm talking like 1997 to 2002 at the latest.
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The porn starlet I miss the most I can no longer even find. She was Julie from cloud9entertainment and was on pornomatic. Always with the same guy. She was beyond sexy and did anal. Sad that I could never find her elsewhere or her alternate names.
It's so sad you don't know how to pleasure a woman.

*hint* every single girl is a squirter
There's an old video I can't find, and if any of you are footfags I'd appreciate some leads. I remember back on the P2P networks there was this video called either blue footjob or blue toes footjob. It's basically centered on the guy's cock the whole time. He's in blue shorts and she's got like blue toenail polish giving him a footjob. It was very obviously an amateur VHS rip, but pretty damn good quality for being VHS. I remember this being like mid 00s, like around the same time as these vids, but I can't find it anywhere online.

File: 1447649343232.webm (1.35 MB, 1280x670)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB WEBM
Webms of Sissy's/traps/femboys riding a dildo and cumming.
>Bonus points for multiple orgasms.
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lock him in chastity
Will he stay limp once it's finally removed though?

It's normal to feel like you need to shit. There is something in your lower bowel and your body's reaction is to get that out.
depends on how long you leave it on him i think. a little training goes a long way

File: 13527861.gif (592 KB, 282x229)
592 KB
592 KB GIF
no mature/milf thread
give me all 35+ y. o. women
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Holly Halston
THis woman is the '90s incarnate.
And I would make sweet love to her for a whole other decade.
that's her name as far as I can tell
I wish less of these cougar videos were so blatantly staged
File: 1372484706888.gif (96 KB, 302x193)
96 KB
>milf thread
>posts a 18-20 y/o girl
>people want sauce

File: e08e45bb72c8bc14.webm (2.89 MB, 432x352)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
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File: 1441804461845.webm (3.85 MB, 720x480)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB WEBM
File: kelly.webm (3.93 MB, 854x480)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB WEBM
dem eyes
a classic

File: lexibelle1.webm (1.59 MB, 1400x540)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB WEBM
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And sure enough the first use of new techonology goes to porn.
I just imagine all of this being shot on a 3DS
now if they would only post in 60fps
How do you see these in 3D?
cross your eyes like a retard and fap like the wind

File: Belgium_40.webm (596 KB, 480x360)
596 KB
share your hidden cam gifs/vids
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Love how she drags that washcloth through her crack slow like she's wiping off dem poo nuggets. In think she's looking at it afterwards for streaks. Was she getting ready to wipe her snatch with that?
Nice ass
letting the cat in
Source anyone?
love those tits

File: aa.webm (1.67 MB, 756x1080)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB WEBM
Figure I start a new thread with my first creep video. Redone without the filter from the raw file.
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File: 3.webm (2.59 MB, 480x640)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB WEBM
That was the one. Goodnight, everyone.

*grabs a towel*
>I don't know what a glute is

No, it's not fat.
>trolling on /gif/

Are you that pathetic you were exiled from /b/?
i think there was a little bit more its old as hell but supposedly it was some dude's mom and he just recorded her

File: 1447068172040.webm (1.79 MB, 1920x1044)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB WEBM
New Celebm thread? starting with anna camp
35 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Damn you
Holy fucking shit

I love you
File: Betty GIlpin1.webm (2.96 MB, 812x720)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB WEBM
File: vanhouten.webm (2.96 MB, 1918x800)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB WEBM
Carice Van Houten

File: 1446405845561.webm (2.66 MB, 400x225)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB WEBM
Gimme your best
160 replies and 55 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Also my favorite position is laying sideways.
doesnt your arm get tired? I imagine other positions being more liberating, with the exception of being on all 4s because your knees start hurting after awhile unless you put some sort of towel underneath them
Not really, my assfucking routine only requires me to do a simple hand movement while reaching from behind to rub all the right spots, and that doesn't tire my arm at all. Of course it really depends on where those spots are for you, they'll naturally be easier to reach in one position or or other.

I love it doggy style too, but normally my knees buckle and I collapse on the bed before I cum that way.

But, to be honestly, for me being able to get off is all about the angle and tension I put in my leg muscles, and that is at the same time that is conditioned by the posture I adopt.

Sideways is just the position that allows me to achieve the perfect angle but tension. Otherwise I have to put such tension on my legs they end up injuring themselves (I got quite a couple powerfully built legs, enough so that the strain from tension is enough to get me injured).
This desu
>TFW you have a nice ass but you're 6 foot and barrel chested
life is pain

For you bbc lovers :D

File: Lily and the Clip 2.webm (3.89 MB, 640x352)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB WEBM
Not jerked off at all in the last two months, and I've spent the last 6 hours edging really intensely, barely letting myself come down much by gently caressing. I'm probably gonna go another couple of hours because right now my dick feels like heaven and everything is bliss, but later I'm gonna bust one of the biggest nuts ever busted. Any tips on how to further enhance it? I already have prostate play down, I'm uncut and I've got a tight vibrating cockring. Without using anymore physical props, how can I make it even more mindblowing?
71 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Flip a coin when you're ready to cum.

Heads do

Tails don't for another hour

Can I use this to get rid of my foot fetish?
>character is in combat and all the chaos around him
implying that you cum so hard you thought it was a granade going off?
That's not a problem buddy, that's a solution, get your ass to iraq.
Wow, who is this beauty

File: AlexisTexasButtwoman.webm (2.88 MB, 1280x720)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB WEBM
Ass thread....anything but sex.
32 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1138479385945.webm (3.73 MB, 1280x720)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB WEBM
Anybody have some Mandy Kay to post per chance?
File: 1138479485945.webm (3.92 MB, 1280x720)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB WEBM
File: 1138479486251.webm (3.82 MB, 1280x720)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB WEBM
File: 1447288938372.webm (1.25 MB, 1280x720)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB WEBM

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