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File: 1512435603942.jpg (103 KB, 720x960)
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File: 1507445005308.jpg (57 KB, 600x745)
57 KB
don't count on /qa/ REEEtelling it without complaining about nazis from /pol/
That would not be /qa/ but one autistic spinoff mafioso who hilariously thinks all frogposts come from /pol/. It's actually progress for him, before last month he honestly thought all frogposts were raids from horsefuckers.
Those are Australian tree frogs right?
>all frogposts come from /pol/
>last moth he honestly thought all frogposts were raids from horsefuckers
tiptop kek, as if horsefuckers come to /qa/
>he wasn't here for the hundreds of "remove gr15" threads

File: output.gif (1.08 MB, 307x270)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB GIF
Tell me how jealous you are.
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it just fucking works
the cookie trick is god tier
It expires after a while which makes google thinks you are a bot if you don't use it.
dude just make your cookies self destruct and it works forever
how does one do that
what does that mean
do i delete a certain cookie from my cache and itll apear as im authenticated for until i close my browser?

File: varg-vikernes.jpg (114 KB, 762x464)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
stop posting anime
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relevant again
now more than ever
timely AND relevant

File: NQ4EnbP_d.jpg (21 KB, 450x448)
21 KB
What are the chances of me getting brain damage if I do the thumb blowing challenge?
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Don't worry about it
I know what it does but people are saying to not do it, but you gotta live life ya know? I just wanna try it one time but I don't wanna attempt it if there's like a 1 in 3 chance of me getting permanent brain damage
If it did give you brain damage would you even notice?
I don't know if this is supposed to be a dig at me but I'm not retarded, I just wanna try it because it sounds fun.
No seriously, what kind of brain damage were you expecting? slurred speech? loss of motor control? vision problems? nausea?

Every person is different. What if you have some undiagnosed heart problem?

File: IMG_1227.jpg (21 KB, 216x320)
21 KB
Do you have a favorite pair of pants?
I only got 2
Do you like one more than the other?
I like the ones that are tapered better
My nonnative 5p dweller jeans.
I have three pair of sweatpants to wear at home and a single pair of jeans for going outside.

File: Rip nigcaptcha.png (23 KB, 305x115)
23 KB
RIP nigger catpcha.
tfw operation renigger is now dead

glad to see after all these years some other anons were still doing it
File: 1503435061320.jpg (587 KB, 1440x960)
587 KB
587 KB JPG
Operation ReNigger 2010-2018 RIP
It was a good fight lads ;_;7

File: old.png (85 KB, 624x337)
85 KB
Anyone else still getting old captcha?
you can get the old captcha through 4chanx but it wont let you post
also your 4chanx is outdated then, they pushed an update today in regards to the new shit captcha changes

File: p.jpg (20 KB, 306x306)
20 KB
why is /b/ so much worse than every board
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I'd say /pol/ is the worst just for being the source of the worsening cancer that spreads the entire site
I mean it contains that cancer but it was there way before it. The worst cringe is guys posting shit like "Aryan waifu le blue eyez blonde hairz"
it cant fucking contain its shit anymore, it seems every board somehow gets infected. not even /an/, which most consider irrelevant, can fucking avoid it.
>I guess /pol/ and /v/ are the new entry points for newfags but somehow /b/'s population feels the like the youngest
/pol/ and /v/ are entry points for redditors. /b/ is the entry point for kinds who heard of 4chan for the first time in their life and think it's so cool because it's edgy.
because there's now about 7 "random" boards out there, for what reason who knows? there's nothing particularly good or original coming out of any of them.

>tfw no asexual Mafia bf
How do I obtain this?
Shameful self bump
Senpai I want an answer

File: 1442635327808.jpg (257 KB, 1200x798)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
I started to notice that /fit/ had become really slow.
Barely anyone replies to new threads and they take days to die(what happened yesterday is not included).
Where did everyone go?
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I always thought /fit/ had cancerous newfag humour but I wasn't sure. Now I am sure. It's no better than /pol/.
No one asked for your opinion but ok
File: 1516322719191.webm (553 KB, 320x320)
553 KB
You said it yourself, memes that normies wouldn't find it funny.
>No normalfag shit that social media and teenbros would find funny.

Still waiting

File: nice.png (13 KB, 315x239)
13 KB
this is pretty nice if you were used to v2
v2 always stuck me in an endless loop of traffic signs so I've been using legacy. This is much nicer.
Lmao imagine all the bots.
You can still fill it out with the tab key.

File: 1391822743931.jpg (204 KB, 705x741)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
>removing legacy captcha
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is that really true? fuck I don't want already slow boards like /ic/ is be even slower.
it's slightly less painful if you force noscript on the captcha. it eliminates all the (click x until none remain) ones and you usually get it on the first shot
/ic/ brought it upon themselves
oh no a board with 20 generals is slow whatever will we do
So what determines whether or not you have to solve the aids picture captcha or get the simple "I'm not a robot" check box that you only have to click once in a while?
Stop using chrome

Why is a site promoting anonymity with millions of users still reliant on a third-party verification service by the biggest privacy violators on the internet?
because it's free

free as in freedom can never complete with free as in beer

how do you find a discord from anonib on here?
An hero has some good info on the subject.
What in gods name for?

File: CHirxI5UsAA3vPs.jpg (39 KB, 600x338)
39 KB
Can we get a pass user from every year in this thread? Let's see those clovers.

2012 reporting.
wouldn't it make more sense to do that in /vip/
No we can't.
attaching a date to the pass display is the main thing that prevents me from buying one.

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