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File: adult-swim-logo-1.jpg (28 KB, 446x299)
28 KB
Post the torrents to the shows you find funny

Eric Andre Show(Seasons 1 to 4):
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Does anyone have Joe Pera talks with you?

File: kill_Me_now.jpg (193 KB, 1120x1378)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Any type of slice of life/stupid anime with a harem element that you find enjoyable.

I'll start this off with kissxsis:
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>implying anime isn't for pathetic losers
stop it desu you are embarassing yourself senpai

File: 1358305779735.jpg (81 KB, 1366x768)
81 KB
Previous Thread:

so here's the magnets so far:


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Thanks, I'm not going to download it all (due to lack of space, bandwidth, and interest) but I'll seed the bits I do download for a while.

File: Vocal-Trance-London.jpg (68 KB, 600x600)
68 KB
Got a ton of vocal trance from soundpark, a truly sketchy site that runs bitcoin miners and so on.

Here are a few magnet links, I'll post more if there is interest:


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Are these Mp3, 320kbs or Flac?

File: raw_001_2792.png (345 KB, 720x480)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
Last thread died like it should. Here's Anata wa Watashi no Mono ep 01. Enjoy!


I will post back here for any other release we do, unless the thread is dead. RIP gentlemen.
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Magical Twillight?

File: hidden-2jpg.jpg (97 KB, 702x1041)
97 KB
can we we get a b-movie thread in here?
the wilder the weirder the better,
i'll post some to start

The Hidden
a cop and the fbi agent from a certain show set in the northwest battle a murderous body et jumping

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Took a quick look at this, sounds pretty nifty. I'll let you know how it goes, thanks.

File: grr.png (1.12 MB, 923x981)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
First Annual Keeping The Dream Alive Edition

Previous thread: >>773789

This general is for sharing the links to Honey Select, discussing how much your waifu is superior to other waifus, and whining that the game doesn't fucking WORK GODDAMNIT ILLUSION. If you're posting pics, don't be a dick, post the card. Remember, cards may not work on all installs due to mods/versions/etc.

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File: B009_01_3.png (153 KB, 250x324)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
any people out there looking for digital art books/resources?
Found this collection of 3dtotal publishing's first 5 digital art masters books as well as some other decent art books.
Please post any torrents that are good drawing/art resources.
Especially if they're by 3dtotal publishing.
I'm looking for Sketching from the Imagination series, as well as sketch workshops.

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File: gakiDVD.jpg (220 KB, 640x861)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Torrents from the previous thread:

31gb personal collection

And anon's 212gb collection (contains everything in the previous torrent)

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File: Big Man Japan.jpg (58 KB, 354x500)
58 KB
Anyone have a torrent of Matsumoto's movies?

>Big Man Japan

File: JUFD-757.jpg (173 KB, 800x538)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Why ther isn't a big tits thread at /t/?
Post your best!

>Kaho Shibuya & Mizuna Wakatsuki
>JUFD 757

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god's work anon, bless you

File: yoko11.gif (3.06 MB, 227x170)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB GIF
560GB torrent magnet:?xt=urn:btih:8af3acbe9751664cf4e0817687dc53c53d07f138&dn=torrent&tr=http%3a%2f%2fopensharing.org%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.publicbt.com%3a80&tr=http%3a%2f%2ftracker1.wasabii.com.tw%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2ftracker.ex.ua%2fannounce
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webm if possible too!

File: 13.jpg (353 KB, 800x597)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
Old S&M 30+ titles...
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File: 43.jpg (332 KB, 800x601)
332 KB
332 KB JPG

File: 1506643328964.jpg (332 KB, 800x900)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
I have downloaded every single Yume Nikki Fan Game listed on the Yume Nikki Fan Game wiki. Since Yume Nikki has been acquired by Kadokawa, It is uncertain whether they may begin to take down fan games. Here is a torrent of all of them, every version, every available translation, in every available language.
31.4 GB - 244 Games

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I miss risk ;_;


File: 1456681192502.jpg (798 KB, 1424x2000)
798 KB
798 KB JPG
Hey /t/.

Art, oil paintings thread.

40,000 pieces of art.
works by aprox 1,275 artist

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Seed >Bouguereau plz

File: 6.jpg (313 KB, 1200x1693)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
Time for a new thread.
A new and soft thread.

Well, I hope you have saved and/or archived the previous threads.

Fifth thread: >>725778
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Bless u son

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