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File: 14761967.gif (677 KB, 300x360)
677 KB
677 KB GIF
This is my personal 17 GB curated collection of sissy hypno videos from all over the internet this is the good shit 95% 720p or greater unless the vid is REALLY good and theres almost no BBC have fun.

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File: unnamed.png (41 KB, 300x300)
41 KB
Hey, big fan of the great courses and basicly just want more non-fiction, explainity bullshit.

My Tribute:
>TTC - An Introduction to Formal Logic
Y'all niggas need this.

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Deep Hypnosis courses anyone?

File: Little Lupe.jpg (73 KB, 770x770)
73 KB
>Little Lupe Collection

This is for Little Lupe Fans, its a collection of clips from her website, plus some ripped out of DVDs. Some are solo, Some are Girl on Girl, some are Hardcore.


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Easiest to find smallest girl I`ve found is Kitty Jung/Kitty Katzu. Her face is kinda fucked, and she does some nigger shit, but otherwise it does the job. Don`t have any good torrents though, most are taken down, which you would understand when you look her up.

50 Pics
1 Video
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5, 3, 2, 1, 6, 7, 4

File: p03l67j6.jpg (17 KB, 480x270)
17 KB
I am sharing my collection of The Twilight Zone radio dramas because I want you guys to enjoy it. It was hard to find and download, so keep spreading the word!

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Heck yeah. October's coming along in two weeks and I'm in a spoopy mood.

Here you are siterip of Creampie Angels...
Wondering if there are some megapack torrent with pussy creampie in FHD...

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Ended up tossing a third of the videos.

File: Solyaris.jpg (143 KB, 630x868)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Since there's only a Stargate-Thread atm, I figured we could use a more universal thread for any kind of sci-fi related films.

Please limit the amount of low-quality SF, since there is already a thread up for B-Movies.

Starting with Andrei Tarkovskys SOLYARIS (aka the one without George Clooney):

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File: 711R57DwEFL._SY445_.jpg (33 KB, 315x445)
33 KB
As I said, I know he is most likely trolling, but I find that shit to hilarious to let it slip... he can have the satisfaction of having me baited, as far as I'm concerned.

Got you senpai.
(orginal czech version with subs)

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File: image_55.jpg (302 KB, 1666x2500)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
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does anyone have an Allison Tyler collection? Either pics or videos. She ticks both my milf and my thicc senses at the same time.

fate stay night game
does anyone have a link to a working version of this game
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you could have requested this in >>844422 instead of killing a thread

File: gakiDVD.jpg (220 KB, 640x861)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Torrents from the previous thread:

31gb personal collection

And anon's 212gb collection (contains everything in the previous torrent)

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Based Shion. Also 2 more months or so until we see this year's Batsu bus and find out the theme.

File: murdoch-murdoch.jpg (216 KB, 900x900)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
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Nice mug

For the vhs quality lovers lets see if we can share our rips here since they're scarce on the net i have this terminator 1984 rip to start, sadly is in russian but anyone can share a better quality and in english.

Hash: 77891B8C 6781C1E4 DE7417ED 538493F3 9969421D
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Get a DVD burner (Not a PC drive, but a standalone DVD-R. I've seen them at Goodwill. ) and hook your vcr to it. Record your video onto a DVD and then rip it off that. If you have a video capture card, hook your vcr to that, though my method is easier. Capture cards can be a pain.

As for people who don't understand why VHS, I like VHS for certain movies where the reduced quality lends to ambience. Old school horror movies look like shit cleaned up and sharpened. They just don't feel as creepy.

File: 1527102425021.jpg (676 KB, 2560x2560)
676 KB
676 KB JPG
What private trackers does /t/ use?

I use IPT and PornBay. I'd like to use EMP but I can't seem to get in.
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Private trackers are for fucking niggers and defeats the purpose of p2p piracy.

File: suicide-girl-1966-yp1.jpg (151 KB, 1200x800)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Suicide Girls Combopack

Part A:

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File: Bvhjn_uCIAAyGKb.jpg (54 KB, 600x918)
54 KB
[Suicide Girls Films] - Exclusiv Tattoo 7


File: 1527319721247.jpg (2.04 MB, 1109x1406)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB JPG
After the Summer purge.

Starting with Raccoons.

2,225 pics

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