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File: mum310pl.jpg (128 KB, 800x538)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Continuing the Originally posted MUM series of the first 100, this is the series of the 200's and this is not a complete one, but still a good collection

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Is there a MUM JAV that features a girl in a room with a massage table/bed?

File: Solyaris.jpg (143 KB, 630x868)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Since there's only a Stargate-Thread atm, I figured we could use a more universal thread for any kind of sci-fi related films.

Please limit the amount of low-quality SF, since there is already a thread up for B-Movies.

Starting with Andrei Tarkovskys SOLYARIS (aka the one without George Clooney):

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Thanks for the heads-up. Not sure if this is the Stalker you're thinking of, but it looks great and has English subs:


File: 5ujftlb4v2m01.jpg (743 KB, 3120x4160)
743 KB
743 KB JPG
Huge Dump of sub specific WEBM and photos (some gifs)
58 Directorys to start

Also going to take requests for as long as this thread lives.

Links to follow
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where the black bitches and latinas tho

Just made my first torrent. Over 500 clips of amateur avian sissies and traps. Will upload some random samples.

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>a trap who is seemingly unconscious or dead
yeah what the fuck was up with that one?

File: the_believer.jpg (23 KB, 336x475)
23 KB
Drop magnet links to movies lads!
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File: Land_of_Mine.jpg (80 KB, 220x326)
80 KB
>Land of Mine (original title: Under sandet)
In post-World War II Denmark, a group of young German POWs are forced to clear a beach of thousands of land mines under the watch of a Danish Sergeant who slowly learns to appreciate their plight.
The dying won't stop when war ends.

720p x264 BRRip, around 900mb.

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File: conjuring.jpg (438 KB, 1012x1500)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
Post whatever obscure or mainstream, black and white or color Horror movies you got. The only prerequisite is that you enjoyed it.

Previous Thread:


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No because it's shit.

File: h_796mot215pl.jpg (88 KB, 600x401)
88 KB
:D enjoy, https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2474546
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Just give me a Nina Nishimura x Chitose Yurai video you fucking nips!

File: byun2.png (377 KB, 638x320)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
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Some lewd Loli 3d Games by some guy of the Name Byunbyunhouse.

this are some of his old works.

Shore of exposure 2 is the best in my opinion.

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File: 7656_320.jpg (26 KB, 224x320)
26 KB
Im here to share and hoping to expand my collection on this actress



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based homo

but for real shes one of the prettiest bitches in JAV

mimi yazawa and risa omomo are great too

File: image_55.jpg (302 KB, 1666x2500)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
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Ruined with scads and scads of creepy incest porn early in her career. Some of the best fucking sex choreography, utterly ruined by her saying "daddy" every other word. No way to edit it out.

I see the porn machine also managed to ruin her looks eventually as well.

File: download (9).jpg (8 KB, 270x187)
8 KB
Why is there no stupid question general? Post your stupid questions here

>what vpn or seedbox should I use?
>how do i libgen? i downloaded something but i got a .torrent file. what do with i
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Ok so how do I specify that I'm looking for the iso of the disc with all the extras and not just the bare movie? I've wasted too many hours downloading huge files and no luck so far.

File: migd736pl.jpg (194 KB, 800x536)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Japanese Girls Who Stop Time / Dominant Japanese Girls

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Best one so far!!!!

File: vaporwaifu.jpg (114 KB, 750x750)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
few cool torrents I've found over the interwebz

PSP megapack (184 games + 73 minis)

GBA megapack (2437 games)

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has anyone got a GB/GBC megapack?

File: halo_online.png (310 KB, 400x400)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Halo online, an almost perfect modded version of halo 3's multiplayer for PC

microsoft wants it gone and we aint gonna let that happen

this is the official torrent for the game, found it on the subreddit's waybackmachine because 343 industries and microsoft ordered the creators to remove all links to the game. torrent has over 200 seeds and counting but we need more. This is an important piece of software we cannot afford to lose.

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Oh rip, i have a copy of ms23 on my pc at home, use it to play eldewrito
Would post but am away from home. Is there such a thing as chromeposting? Kek

File: postexesfags.jpg (58 KB, 400x300)
58 KB
Post here your 90s PC games.

I'm on a kick for these types of games, since I'm on third shift and have a lot of time to kill. Bonus points for RPG and repeatability. I'm kinda on the hunt for the older CIV games cause I just found out about the never-ending war and it fascinated me.

I'll start it slow:

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Hi sorry I'm just seeing this now but I firmly believe that Terra Nova Strike Force Centauri is one of the finest games to ever be released and you may be pleased to know that it is available to download free these days - both discs. If you need an upload I can post one but I'm sure you can find it. Good luck. The controls are tougher than I remember but it's still so good. Squad based tactics before rainbow 6. Jumpjet power armor before Tribes. Imagine if they got their multiplayer patch out instead of it being canceled? Speaking of Earthsiege, Mechwarrior 2 is part of why TN:SFC didn't do as well, if you can imagine.

Being a guy that played that, which is super rare, you should know that list is missing waaaaaaaaaay more fantastic DOS games

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