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File: roman.png (740 KB, 640x673)
740 KB
740 KB PNG
>Roman beats Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WM34
>he then betrays the Shield, turning heel in the process
>defeats Ambrose and Rollins in a triple threat match for the title at SummerSlam
>he beats Jinder at WM35 to unify the Universal and WWE Championships
>defeats the debuting Conor McGregor at the following SummerSlam
>next night on Raw he cuts a promo that conquered the WWE and the era of the Roman Empire is now
>Angle congratulates him
>he says that now he will compete on both brands, defending the title against AJ Styles next night on SmackDown
>following nigth Roman pins AJ after one spear
>he starts trashtalking the crowd
>Bryan comes out
>he informs him that no one is left to face
>Shane comes out
>he says Bryan didn't know, but actually there is someone who is ready to challenge Reigns for the title
>Roman accepts

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The thread last night was better.
fuck yes
one mic check bitch

File: 1508208067631.png (1.46 MB, 1579x888)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
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>dressed as a literal fruit
What did Finnlet mean by this?

T.some chubby white guy
This is why white people need to go extinct
PG wrestling promotion does halloween-themed gimmick match for the kids. Why is eveyone making a big deal out of this again?
Because the median age of a WWE fan is in the 40s and because even a literal child would be embarrassed by this.
File: 3eBezy2.png (106 KB, 533x579)
106 KB
106 KB PNG

File: images (1).jpg (10 KB, 182x275)
10 KB
Is his injury a meme?
If he was working fans would chant for him in every Roman match and shit on everything.

defend this E-Drones
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Imagine not knowing the archive
No scrubs
Why does she have pink hair?
I can't. Women should be giving their own network show
because everyone worthwhile is in the same match

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Y'know I thought after beating Braun, beating the Undertaker, beating Balor, beating Rollins, beating Cena, reuniting the Shield just to break them up again a couple months later, beating Kane, winning the Rumble, then beating Strowman again, I'd be sick of Roman Reigns forever, but god dammit, when he kicked out of 42 German Suplexes and 16 F5s and then beat Lesnar with one Spear, I just wanted to cheer for the guy.
Did anyone else notice the erection Roman had when everyone booed his win?
I can't believe Chris Jericho fucking died
why did goldberg get a WM anyway? did vince owe him a favor?
what a way to introduce broken matt into WWE
sacrificial ceremony of the ascension to make them strong again and jeff hardy as willow stabbing jinder mahal's elephant with his umbrella
is he gonna challenge roman for the title next month?

How can one man be so based?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (140 KB, 1280x720)
140 KB
140 KB JPG

>Dark: Match (3): Rhyno defeated Dash Wilder for the 3rd time this month. Dunno why these two keep getting put on Main Event every single week.

>Dark: Mustafa Ali had yet another match + a victory over his arch enemy Drew Gulak.

>Team New-Day (Raw) Apollo Crews & Jason Jordan & Titus O'Neil defeated Team /asp/ (Elias & Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows). The majority of this match was only viewed in front of a live audience because once the commercial break ended the match ended in under a minute despite going 6+ minutes

> Cedric Alexander defeated Jack Gallagher. Turning Jack heel was a mistake when 205 Live feuds that don’t involve Enzo aren’t getting reactions from the Live Raw crowd especially considering Jack’s only over because of the Umbrella.

>The Shield (Ambrose/Rollins) defeated The European Alliance (Sheamus/Cesaro) in a Last Chance match to retain the WWE Tag-Team Championships. Easily MOTN pls stop having these two be the only Tag-Team’s on Raw.

>Braun Strowman defeated Roman Reigns after “Filthy” Tom Lawler hijacked the script and forced Kane into the main event picture at TLC.
God how is TLC this Sunday?

File: chosen1withbelton.jpg (28 KB, 320x400)
28 KB
How will history look back on this guy?
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A good mid carder a shit main eventer
People say nobody less over has ever been given more chances than Roman, but Jarretty must be damn close.
he could have been the top heel of the WWE in place of HHH if Austin hadnt buried him
How can one man be so based

Also I want to spend a week as Karen's toilet
Who else on the strawhat crew likes wrestling?

File: usa_2.png (1.15 MB, 800x800)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
NJPW's director of USA operations George Carroll tweeted today that a major announcement will be made at Power Struggle on November 5. Given he was the one tweeting this, it suggests the announcement may be related to 2018 events in America or the eventual opening of the corporate office and dojo in Los Angeles.

What ding dong diddly do you think it will be?

US Dojo
or G1 Special

Company closing
September is tough, EDRONE.

File: htm3.jpg (23 KB, 311x320)
23 KB
>Greatest intercontinental champion of all time
>Sold MSG out multiple times as IC champion
>Pioneer of the shoot interview
>Good singer
>Created Hardcore wrestling
>Exposed Jake Roberts as a crack head
>Exposed DDP Yoga as a scam
>Exposed Jerry Lawler as a pedophile
>Got guitars over
>Worked Randy Savage
>Worked Kevin Nash into a shoot
>Worked Bubba the love sponge
>Told Vince to go fuck himself when asked to job for Savage
>So based Jeff Jarrett attempted to steal his whole gimmick
>Worked Ted Dibiase out of a world title run

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Honky Tonk is the fucking GOAT.
File: 1506351865755.png (378 KB, 631x480)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
nope nope nope nope
inoki was fine
quake was fine
hard times was fine
but i'm drawing the ding-dong diddly line at honkeytonkposting

18+ desu
Begging you to get cocky, stay cool, and be bad.
what a faggot, I bet you ain't got no long sideburns and your hair isn't slicked back

File: johntenta_6883.jpg (23 KB, 276x207)
23 KB

File: 1508205116973.jpg (260 KB, 1536x2048)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
time is almost up for Emma
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Based empress going to make the anti smarks seethe
She's working the smarks with le kawaii azn act
Smarks too.
How much will you seethe when based EMMA beats asuka at her debut?
>inb4 all Raw divas band up and cost Asuka the match and her undefeated streak
>the following months is just Asuka hunting and hurting the raw divas and them ganging up on her

File: 20171016_092100.jpg (178 KB, 1014x734)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
How's your territory doin'?

>What is this?
Booking simulator similar to Football Manager

>How do I get it?

>No, how do I REALLY get it?

>But that's in Russian, I can't ever
A lot of the site is in English.
Click on "Forum about Steam games".
Search for "Total Extreme".

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How does one raise show importance? Also, F for Douglas.
Put on good shows. If you don't have any important shows and want to build one, run a recurring special every month or two to build it up before assigning it to a fixed date. This makes no sense but many things in TEW aren't exactly logical.
There's a reason I didn't rate him in either segment
I'm thinking of trying that out in a new save. Would doing a Clash of Champions deal work? (have said event I want to build up as my Mania/Starrcade be broadcast on TV as a special every month, before making it an annual PPV event)
Yeah, that should do the trick.

File: hhhmad2.jpg (4 KB, 239x160)
4 KB
>never the guy
>gold digger
>bag carrier
>books himself as a god because of a 20 year asspain over being a jobber to Ultimate Warrior at WM12
>responsible for Montreal Screwjob
>lied to Julie Hart on camera and looked like a cowardly bitch
>tried to sabotage the Rock’s career
>cheated on Chyna and got her fired
>said she would never go in the hall of fame coz muh kids will see she did porn, when he literally fucked a dead woman on camera and did LOL SAUSAGE DONG jokes for ten years
>Cringe entrances.
>literally and unironically calls himself “DA KING OF KINGS”
>literally calls himself “DA CEREBRAL ASSASSIN”
>tried to be the next Stone Cold, failed utterly
>Responsible for literally millions of viewers tuning out from wrestling since 2002.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Triple H is Triple dog shit

Also add, dodges RAM appearances during Monday Night Football.

Terrible in Blade 3.

Made a JUST movie about being an elementary school bus driver or some shit.
You forgot to mention him going over Goldberg at Elimination Chamber. Sure Goldberg eventually won, but it basically killed Goldberg's red hot momentum during his first WWE run

>Terrible in Blade 3.

That performance was cringe kino

>grow a chin
>grow a gut
that's the hardcam side of this thread idiot

there's tons of anons here marking for OP
watch the IGF

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