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Blowman Gaynes
Rightly ding-dong diddly post shirtless pics please

Daniel Bryan is leaving to have 5 star matches over at NJP--
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>comfy spot with WWE
>gets paid a lot of money
>doesn't have to deflect Faggy Omega's advances in NJPW
He won.
got work on the college fund for the kid
>inb4 bibce promised a main title run in his contract
File: grills.jpg (24 KB, 460x288)
24 KB
>get paid shit tons of money to do mediocre wrestling for few dates instead of dying in some obscure bingo hall against Toyota Corolla in front of 5 people for a payment of a hotdog and a bus ticket to the next town
Sounds like a good deal.
Kekd hard

File: maxresdefault.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>wrestling is fake / staged
WWE fans, what's your response to that? Not here to make fun btw. I'm genuinely interested. Myself I watch it, but only divas, for obvious reasons. Is it to you like a tv show, with plot, good and bad characters etc? Do you watch it because it sticked with you since childhood? What are ur reasons?
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why watch sitcoms
why watch cartoons
why watch soap operas
With that logic why watch any tv show?
>why watch cartoons
Because the medium of animation + creative and talented writers = crazy-good impossible to get with live action movies
I'm not into the other ones so idk maybe people have boring lives
Crazy-good shit*
I'm retarded.
File: r68g0.jpg (66 KB, 720x588)
66 KB
>maybe people have boring lives
well there u go. "bread and circuses".

File: BasedBobboBros.jpg (7 KB, 303x302)
7 KB
Based Bobbo Bros

File: bibce.jpg (22 KB, 401x453)
22 KB
for me its bibce mcmahon

wwe on literal suicide watch
bibce is tying the noose as we speak
unironicskkt whi?
Explain this wrestlefags.
I thought you all said Wrestling was popular again.
What fiaf?
Never see n does Jon Censa?
Did you mean BBC as in British Broadcasting Corporation? You know what they say about the BBC, it usually pops his bonce ronce the cornew and des his gona sasd ewrg.

Was it homosexuality?
I want to make love to bayley in a blanket fort
Bayley rooting for her best friend to keep clowning Asuka as revenge for taking her NXT title
So glad i unfollwed that ugly self obsessed loser.

File: 1530050267377.jpg (205 KB, 561x1080)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Serious question, why do you all keep watching? If you hate it that bad, why watch? If you don't hate it, but think it sucks right now; what reason do you believe that it will get better? NOTHING WILL CHANGE. THIS IS AS GOOD AS WWE WILL EVER BE. As long as Vince is alive at least.

No one is telling you to go watch NJPW. But why won't you give up on a product that you clearly think sucks?

Would you stay in a relationship with a girl that made you miserable and didn't give a fuck about you? That's WWE.
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It's the consolewar mentality when you don't have much to be proud of yourself so you live vicariously through other people/companies accomplishments. I do the same, generally skipping a good chunk of the card on both company's PPVs
I just watch the nxt takeovers. which is the equivalent of a chick who sees you once or twice a month and gives you an amazing blowjob with swallow.

They literally have a mental illness.
I only watch B-Team segments. Very happy at extreme rules for this reason alone
File: sniff lit.jpg (39 KB, 300x300)
39 KB

BASED https://twitter.com/the_ironsheik/status/1018596473242411008
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His social media is ran by two greedy attention whoring kikes.
Jews working everyone as usual.
I miss Sheiky Babyposting. We need to go back to /sp/.

File: Mella KEK.png (389 KB, 637x474)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
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because WWE Mella looks like an ugly tranny and the fags on /asp/ don’t post pics of her when she was a Lakers cheerleader and actually looked feminine and cute
>inb4 worked
yes I’m worked she was cute and pretty but ruined herself with meme
botox, lip enhancement and hairstyles, not surprising even that dipshit Cass broke up with her
yes I’m seething, hated when the Olsen twins and Lindsay Lohan JUSTed themselves
You make a valid point.

Carmellas not there juuuuuust yet, tho.
*hated when they JUSTed themselves too
gosh I’m so fuming because the media brainwashes women and it always some shit like “it’s okay if you are 400 lbs you are beautiful you go girl” no it’s disgusting when you are a fat fuck but whales like Nia Fags hide behind the ‘no fat shame please’ meme, I’m 110 lbs and was always bullied for being a skeleton but I always said it was my fault too for never being determined enough to change it and try to gain weight
the other extent is the Mella cass when bitches start inject plastic in their bodies and start wearing hair extensions or actual wigs to look “””beautiful”””

File: d90.png (15 KB, 644x800)
15 KB
>fuck the crowd, they were so disrespectful!
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
They were annoying as hell
I agree. Seth and Ziggler should be fired for being so damn annoying.

File: soy.gif (34 KB, 201x250)
34 KB
>They were annoying as hell
>I would usually say this,
What a fucking faggot you are

File: DGekJNEXUAAdRzO.jpg (244 KB, 1200x1200)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
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Carmella is the one with the belt. It doesn't matter if she's shit in the ring. She's winning at life. Period.
I want to shove my face in between her thighs and eat for days.
good God im hard as diamonds
Why are your standards so low? Have some self respect
you can have your plastic bimbos friend, I want that Asian mommy cunt
lel what a geek

>"These guys fucking suck"
>Replaced by Ziggler and Lashley
>"These guys fucking suck"
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Didn’t Bobbo win the right to face Lesnar tho? What possible reason does Leaky have to be considered a legit contender to the belt now after losing clean?
Who would've taken their spots as main eventers if they never made it?
File: tenor[1].gif (612 KB, 244x140)
612 KB
612 KB GIF
>What possible reason does Leaky have
it's his yard. Are you stupid or are you deaf?!
Give him a minute he's trying to recover from being addicted to painkillers and alcohol.

File: cute.gif (996 KB, 500x281)
996 KB
996 KB GIF
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Based. Big Braps Ronda must work the other braplets in the locker room into a seething shoot with her protein powered butt blasts all the time
How long do you think Big Brap Ronda's longest brap is?
why is she wearing makeup
File: 1519767832969.png (454 KB, 613x454)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
Falling for the forced Ronda meme in 2018.


You should know that she's a washed hasbeen who sucks at real fights so she had to resort to winning fake fights in WWE.

Shes going full thicc mommy mode
52 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
>fake tits
>no chin
>Miz has the upperhand now.

The Miz can change and save her from being such a fat slob.
The Miz is gonna be the new Pierce Brosnan and sew her asshole shut and keep feeding her and feeding her.
How many pounds do you think she's gained?
Thank you bros

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