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05/04/17New trial board added: /bant/ - International/Random
10/04/16New board for 4chan Pass users: /vip/ - Very Important Posts
06/20/16New 4chan Banner Contest with a chance to win a 4chan Pass! See the contest page for details.
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File: 1501297778304.gif (16 KB, 320x288)
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/vip/ turns one year old today!
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Happy birthday
yes, all three of them.

>the November Trump victory thread
>le millenom girl
>passing through
Happy Birthday :D
File: fug.jpg (7 KB, 240x213)
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File: t19b_03_1.jpg (119 KB, 1280x720)
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119 KB JPG
>soon to renew 4chan pass

Can since 2012 pass users get a discount already?
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Not an attention whore which is the reason I use since4pass.
Hey, you made it to good tier, why are you complaining?
File: 1504127406298.png (294 KB, 600x600)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
>I buy a new pass every year instead of renewing my current one. What does that make me?

Retarded autist
Rude dude.

File: 4527168.jpg (68 KB, 250x373)
68 KB
What's the best strategy for never looking yourself in the mirror again?

also for never leaving your room?
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Gouge your eyeballs out.
put a mirror right outside your door
Permanently lock the door after putting the window outside.
File: wlQspNX.gif (3.54 MB, 400x225)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB GIF

>turn the fricken
I'd like to have sex with a female.
well why don't you?
File: pdN1IngNJ7U.jpg (28 KB, 342x475)
28 KB
what's a female...?

File: welcome to EB games.png (91 KB, 188x313)
91 KB
What would you say has been the best thread so far on /vip/?

I think my vote has to go to the guy who had dumped all those Hillary Pepes in anticipation of the 2016 election. That thread stayed up past Trump's inauguration and hit the bump limit, and a good time was had by all.
Every thread I posted.
This, all of my threads have been the best.

File: 1377554538163.jpg (74 KB, 1024x576)
74 KB
Where are those promised changes?

>/vip/ is an experimental board, so expect frequent changes to rules and features in the coming days.
I got your changes right here.

File: young jordan peterson.jpg (96 KB, 736x1183)
96 KB
why does this still have a birthday hat
oh now it doesn't. do they keep them if there are no replies on a blank post?

File: 4chan 2003.jpg (423 KB, 1148x747)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
>late 2008ish
>watching youtube poops or something
>learn they're being taken down by viacom because of copyright
>drawn into world of internet activism
>come across stories about raids conducted by imageboards and stuff
>tries to look for the 7chan /i/nvasion board
>hang around that site in general for several months
>hints from posts there and reading ED leads me to learn of the original motherland
>by 2009 I am hanging around here

I think it was until 2011 I learned that this site had a purpose beyond raiding and lulzy stories, and thus dipped into the other boards.
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In 2012 I found /u/ through google when searching for Yuri Yuri. /u/ is very slow though so I soon spread out to other 4chan boards.
>get proper internet at age 14 for high school purposes
>huge [adult swim] fan so I find my way to the [asmb]
>habitual lurker so my low post-count makes me look like a casual, this always bothered me.
>mostly take part in the anime forums because they were most active, comedy side of the side was pretty dead by comparison
>4chan eventually comes up in conversation
>check it out, nope.exe
>[asmb] gets shitty over time, decide to give 4chan another shot when I was around 15-1/2
>strangely, loose my interest and become more interested in western cartoons/comics

I'm rather fortunate that none of my irl friends took any interest in it, it's kind of my own thing. I've only had to deal with a few acquaintences (mostly from work) who were open 4chaniers. They were the worst to be around.
I too have started to get old enough that I forget if I actually did something on 4chan or not

Very rarely come across 4chan users irl. I have otaku brothers and sisters who get quick news from /a/ they aren't really 4channers though.

I met a guy in a nightclub who too used 4chan, we talked about it for two minutes. That's it really.
File: 1452231562602.png (26 KB, 229x252)
26 KB
I've told this story before here, but...
>I was 13
>during one of my porn harvests, stumbled on /gif/ (this was way before webms)
>made my way to /vp/, after a while moved to /v/
>eventually moved to /vr/ when it was created
>started visiting /a/, /pol/, /ck/ and /co/ somewhat regularly
>bought a pass a few days after /vip/ was put up
And this place has been my main board since, along with /vr/. I also check /pol/ and /tv/ regularly.

File: smugvip.jpg (268 KB, 400x600)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
who old /VIPPER/ here?
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I got mine a few days before /vip/ because of the five dollar discount on Oct 1st. /vip/ was a nice surprise and I have more tabs up on /vip/ than I do on my home board.
I been vippin' since 87.
Ask me ama.
File: John_Todd.jpg (20 KB, 213x306)
20 KB


File: 1506893819459.jpg (26 KB, 200x250)
26 KB
Share your party images!
File: 1506872608293.jpg (21 KB, 251x251)
21 KB
Almost over but here's one.
File: 4chanBirthdayDongHat.jpg (7 KB, 250x250)
7 KB
File: Fuckin' Somalis.png (126 KB, 305x477)
126 KB
126 KB PNG

File: 72c.jpg (19 KB, 600x450)
19 KB
Say you want to make another board like /VIP/ where only cuckpass holders can post, how do you make that request?
The feedback page. Why do we need another board anyway? This one is dead as it is.
No to make an existing board (/biz/) pass only.
Why do you want /biz/ to be pass only?
You just gave me a pretty "fun" idea. We should make a petition to designate a day where only pass users can post.
Its full of idiot posting "please sirs giving me som bitcoins too feeding my children's"
Pass will filter all the begging trash

File: goobergeiger.jpg (45 KB, 640x480)
45 KB
You got me the Dementoid EXPANSION PACK. The expansion pack, Andy! I need the GAME! If I don't have the game, what am I supposed to expand upon!?

Thanks OP. For once, you're not a faggot.
No meat touching ma'am

What is your honest opinion of this board?
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It's leftypol.
I'm absolutely certain that, out of all boards, it has the highest percentage of Redditors.
It's a fucking failed experiment that the mods don't want to get rid of because they have a warped idea of what 4chan is and keep trying to shift into that ideal.
Irrelevant and unnecessary, just like this board. 0/10, would delete.
Took a quick look when it was created, decided it was boring and haven't been back since.

>been on 4chan for 10 years
>barely bought a pass today

How do I live with the shame of being a since 2017 pass user?
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I don't understand why someone feels like they have to be ashamed for not having a pass until a certain year. Since 2012 or since 2017 we're all still better than the people that can't post here.
The concept of time spent on 4chan is very srs business. If you haven't been here at least 12 years you're ultimately worthless as a poster to some people even if they have only been here a couple of years. It's a learned behavior from not lurking enough and being called out on it.
You endure until someone else is the resident newfag.
This. I've been on here since 2007, 2008 but I'm still from one of the earliest waves of cancer
You've been here 10 years already. Just wait a few more and that since 2017 clover will be respectably matured.

File: 1497833786990.jpg (33 KB, 479x598)
33 KB
Reminder that /vip/ is almost a year old
Reminder that you're a newfag, and buying a pass just to post on one board is retarded.
Will /vip/ celebrate on the 4th? Will Hiro give us any cool new features like the sticky suggested?
Every day is a celebration, and no.

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