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File: IMG_9300.png (13 KB, 1000x975)
13 KB
I considered using photoshop for messing around/seeing what I can do with the various tools available, but I don't want to pay routinely for something I may use a few times and never again. Are there any alternatives that can do similar things? Sorry for speaking like an uptight fucknut.
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Don't torrent it. Download the official versions from Adobe directly through their Creative Cloud app.

Then use this: https://free.appnee.com/tag/creative-cloud/

Try Photoscape. Alot of photo & art/pic related functions. Totally free.
Download the Creative Cloud version and use AMTEmu. Works for basically every Creative Cloud software.
File: absolutely_disgusting.png (121 KB, 240x295)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Objectively false.
Except if you want to use transparency or rotate text, or vectors, or color profiles. Or anything useful, really.
It rocks at cropping pics for shitty memes, though.

File: qtddtot.png (8 KB, 284x177)
8 KB
>Got a simple question that's not worth killing another thread over?
>Do you constantly see things like "Let's just shit up the board!" when you post your inquiries?
Then this thread is for you!

My brother is the owner of a small business and wants to have a logo drawn up for his business (landscaping). What's the going rate for a business logo and would anyone here be interested in doing it?
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Is there a way to make photoshop paste a selection exactly where it was copied from? It always seems to paste at the centre for me, instead of where I want it.
im trying to design an album cover for a personal project, how do i go about making a lay out for it?
try ctrl+f or ctrl+v
It's ctrl+shift+v but thanks for at least trying to answer.

File: 1 (2).jpg (111 KB, 1000x750)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
What is the difference between being a junior designer and a senior designer?
At work I have been given the title of junior designer, however, the person with the title of senior designer has fewer skills than me (he does not know anything about web design or 3d design)
But he calls himself a senior designer just because he has a couple more years of experience in the company.
This is not fair to me.
What do you think about this?
>>But he calls himself a senior designer just because he has a couple more years of experience in the company.

You literally just answered your own question.
let's try an analogy here to represent this childish tantrum of yours
>get clerk job
>supervisor is dumb as fuck
>I'm smarter so I should be the manager, it's not fair
so 3D animators and costume designers should be film directors? you think it's unfair because you think technical skill is what matters.

File: flags.png (37 KB, 1350x850)
37 KB
what are the best designed flags? here are my top 4
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>250 replies
>no mention of Bhutan
>no mention of Brunei
>no mention of Qing Dynasty Flag
>Qing Dynasty
All disgusting. Find an optician.
All top tier flags. Find eyes.
>All top tier flags
Objectively wrong.
File: we0tzbfywhtz.png (1.25 MB, 2560x1600)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Liberia would like a word with you

What font is this?
Jew Sans
File: image.jpg (257 KB, 800x595)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
>when you're the only Shakespeare fan on 4chan


File: soda.png (306 KB, 1000x2312)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
So many companies have been "revamping" their designs by taking out everything unique about them. We are left with nothing but flat unmemorable garbage.
It's this thread again.
So instead of compiling a list of the logos in question you take this piece of garbage "parody" to illustrate your point?

The absolute state of this board...
You do know this whole pic is fake, right? See >>339628 for actual rebrands.
As for the topic, it's annoying but companies and designers fall for trends in every decade. What's more disturbing is that there's nothing memorable about these logos, they are hardly recognizable especially when they're so similar and stripped down.
So let's just wait and see how it plays for them. If they're willing to sacrifice their logo recognition, and potentially have another rebrand in the next 5-10 years, let them have what they want. If it backfires, I will enjoy seeing it. If it won't, then the whole need for graphic design will come under question.
>crying thread after thread about mega-corporations logos

Is this american culture ?

/vid/ editing
Where my premiere and after effects bros as?
I want to recreate something like this:

like text melting away as the film burns up in a projector. I tried my luck with turbulent displacements and other effects mixed into it but everything I tried looks like utter shit.
Anyone has an idea on how to get a somewhat good looking melting/burning up effect? Thanks in advance guys
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>generate a noise comp, tune it and use it's evolution as a gradient map for the displace
thanks for the advice man, gonna try that!
in case you find it useful, this tut is a good example on how to tune that noise (even though it has nothing to do with whhat you are trying to do)
I can't figure out how to set the gradient map to the displacement right now, I think I got the noise down tho
nevermind, the tutorial also involves that. Thanks dude
godspeedyou satan

File: ak5ejwle2li01.jpg (267 KB, 1600x900)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
What you say to people that think advertisement industry is literally the debil? Some people really seem to believe advertisements are like irresistible mass mind control and people turn to mindless zombies that have to buy a product because they saw it on a billboard. I've met people that think I am akin to a murderer cause I do advertisement.
There's irony in this. People believe conspiracy theories about brainwashing and other /x/ tier stuff. Would you believe this nonsense? No. But they do. So why do they complain they buy everything they see in ads?
I think this 'brainwashing' excuse is simply a convenient thing to believe for many. People are tempted to buy something, and they simply 'pull the trigger' without a single thought. Then afterwards, they realize they did a stupid thing. They can't take the shame and want to feel victimized, so they blame the ad industry. But in fact it's their own fault.
If you can't walk past some store without buying something you don't need, maybe it's your own fault and you deserve this. If you think with your anus and not your head, nothing can help you.
Most ads don't even lie about anything, or persuade you to buy anything. In fact, mostly bad ads do this. Look at Apple ads, it's literally just a product on the white background. Where's the brainwashing?
Some people say it's all about the 'Apple logo on the product'. So you bought it for this, like a piece of jewelry? I thought you were choosing a piece of electronics. You know, asserting your needs, defining your budget, going through specs, and so on. Oh wait… did you even ask yourself if you need a new phone at all?… So, you just blew $1000 bucks for no real reason other than to look cool? I'd be ashamed too.
Some believe that 'Apple is simply better, Android is shit'. But did they even bother to think about this? It's just a thing they choose to believe. It could be their friend who told them that. And even more, they will argue with you if you try to tell them otherwise. They just want to believe what they want. So why bother?
Look at black people. These are the embodiment of consumerism. Who makes them buy gold chains and expensive cars? Everyone with half a brain understands that blowing money like that is unwise. But they still want it despite they live in near poverty.
And, to add to this, the ads can actually be good. Most of them are shit, but some are great. I for one like Apple ads, they really communicate well what they are about. I think Nike's "Just Do It" is an outstanding slogan. (btw I don't own neither's products.)
But I just wonder, do people even care or understand this? Do all those millions of people even appreciate Apple's focus on simplicity? I don't think some of them even understand why they need a smartphone, to be honest. I think most literally treat it like jewelry or fashion accessory. And again, if they want to follow fashion, it's their own choice. At least be honest about it and appreciate it—don't lay the blame on the ad industry because it simply makes you look bad.
File: teddy.jpg (58 KB, 828x593)
58 KB
Isn't the truest manifestation of commercial advertising the deception, that is to break down the sense of fulfilling life of the audience as it is and further - to create a perpetual sense of void that has to be filled by buying the latest crap / adhering to latest rend from [the friendly company]? Yeah, I wonder why people wouldn't like that kind of inescapable noise surrounding them.
personally i think advertising is serious shit, i mean it has the power to make the world better or worse

File: ControlPanelsBlue.jpg (521 KB, 1439x694)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
I'm designing Pokemon themed arcade cabinets inspired by Nintendo's classic cabinets from the 80s (especially Donkey Kong).

I can't decide if I should have a Pokemon on the control panel or not. The side panels, bezel and marquee all have art on them and the control panel felt like it needed it but I'm not sure about the result.

Asking for opinions one way or the other before I trace Charmeleon and Ivysaur.
And if you do, don't put it there.
If you're going to put a pokemon on it do a simplified two-tone version of it and put it behind everything else, not the full colour picture right up front
File: ControlPanelsBlue2.jpg (513 KB, 1439x694)
513 KB
513 KB JPG
I've decided against it. Too cramped to make it fit, even with >>344622's suggestion.

I have done a tweak to the colors to brighten it up a bit. Improvement or no?

Also, sorry for not putting this in /crit/. I didn't see it until after I couldn't delete this thread.

File: burd.png (448 KB, 900x1499)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
let's post birds, post aviary constructs.
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File: gang violence.jpg (85 KB, 545x483)
85 KB
why is nazi imagery so aesthetic
no idea, shame everything associated with it is totally off limits
Its stolen from ancient stuff which worked for thousands of years.
The Nazis where just good with plagiarism.
Papyrus is one of those infamous fonts which is overused so much, but in the right context looks really nice.

Tired of seeing it on every organic herbal shit shop ever, but it looks nice in this and the Avatar cover.

File: spedepasanen.jpg (6 KB, 196x223)
6 KB
Do you have to be good at hand drawing to be a good graphic designer?
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You do for character illustration.
File: 1492304165555.jpg (27 KB, 500x322)
27 KB
>4chan used to be populated by clever and educated people
according to 100% of colleges and universities, yes

you have to be good at figure drawing and drawing animals and objects to even apply for a graphic design program
not so
>4chan used to be populated by clever and educated people
funniest thing i've ever read on this site

Like it or not, Mrs. Trump's jacket, which reportedly retailed at $39, had her trending on Twitter. One outraged user borrowed an image of the back of the jacket to promote groups working on behalf of immigrant children.

Zara, a Spain-based company with a large presence in the United States and around the world, had no comment. The jacket belongs to the Zara's spring-summer 2016 season and is no longer for sale by the company, though a few of the jackets popped up online for resale at a moderate profit for sellers.

The youthful jacket sharply contrasts with the first lady's typically bold, foreign-flavored and higher-priced wardrobe.
not graphic design


File: Capture.jpg (20 KB, 370x332)
20 KB
About three weeks ago I completed a logo for a dog trainer. I put a lot of effort into this logo and I went as far as to give him a discount on it. He stopped responding to me a week ago and now my logo has appeared on his main Facebook page. What do? Has anyone had an experience like this before?

Also I don't know if this is related but his name is (((Bieltz)))
27 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
oh yeah, what is it english and the 5 dialects of poland?

why are you waffling on about things TOO OBVIOUS AND ELEMENTARY TO BE WORTH SAYING AT ALL
>no contract
>no deposit
>no lawyer
What did you expect?
Post the logo pls

I had a shitty client lately. Contract was already signed so I didnt fear they would fuck me over financially speaking. However

>client delegates collab with me to a chick with shitty english and continuously on her period
>tells me to do one thing and then the exact opposite in each email
>uses passive aggressive tone to imply I don't understand her requests
>systematically refuses to meet me in person or at least Skype to clarify things face to face
>asks me to complete extra-contractual tasks while using her usual freebleeding tone
>while everyone else in the project is satisfied, she bitches about me "not doing what she told me to do".
>bitches about me to a collaborator who happens to be a friend.
>when asked to clarify, comes up with magic words like "we want something visual"

It felt like beeing in middle school again. Sorta refreshing in a way. Work was dead simple, money was okay, I just didnt know periods of that magnitude existed in a """""professional""""" context.

File: 20.jpg (44 KB, 1000x1000)
44 KB
How do you improve your skills ? Practice is really important but do you have some books or websites to learn something interesting in design ? Some new moves or styles or interesting ideas ?
>Computer Arts offers daily design challenges with invaluable insights, and brings you up-to-date on the latest trends, styles and techniques.
Exactly what i needed. Thank you
see the sticky goddamit
"Draw" with typography and layout, practice coloring some basic shape. Practice is important, quit reading books for a while.

File: pohhjdfnx8rasnv2zgfa.png (655 KB, 1371x1000)
655 KB
655 KB PNG


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