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File: bgs1.jpg (54 KB, 640x360)
54 KB
How do you come up with simple backgrounds that look good and interesting? Any tips?

I'm an artist, but I hate drawing backgrounds. I only like drawing characters. I tried asking /ic/ for advice a while ago, but was suggesting to ask here instead.
practice, there's a challenge i've seen around for artists who want to improve its called "everydays" basically post something new every single day, after a few months you'll start to notice the improvements.
also get inspiration -pic related has sold tons of phone cases, and try to learn basics design things like composition, color theory, contrast etc
...not really a point, but the one you posted furthest to the right is fucking awesome and I don't usually like this type of thing.
if you mean something abstract and flat then of course it's a whole different territory from drawing characters
color theory, shape, layout mean a lot here

ITT: Post rejected work or things that otherwise never sold/made it to production/implementation.

C&C Welcome
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File: 1513208553580.png (5 KB, 265x265)
5 KB
For a stopwatch app that had a name beginning with F, I'm kind of proud of it even though I see its failings.
>As a bulgarian I hate faux-cyrilic
IMO it's bad for a different reason
Making letters look like hieroglyphs, fire, ice, etc. is almost always an awful idea
I think it's best if a font conveys a message in an abstract way—e.g., angular font = machinery and modernity. Or at least in a metaphoric way—e.g. curvy font resembling female body shape. Never in direct "letters look like ___" way.
In your case though, I'd need context to provide recommendations. I don't quite know why you needed to imply so hard it's about Japan in the logo
File: FROSTLAND LOGO.jpg (689 KB, 1000x500)
689 KB
689 KB JPG
Senbonzakura logo guy here
The colors were a personal request from the clients, I however felt them to harmonize with the mild red of the mark.
I'm sorry, but I don't think I follow what you mean with "Corresponding Arrays" and the part about the "Corresponding Line", as all my practice and learning was pretty much on my own.
Again, it was a placeholder.
What do you mean, clash with the copy? I'm sorry, but I'm really not familiar with the terms.

pic of another work I made for my brother's unity game (I was way younger and this is quite basic, but I kind of like it.)
File: f.png (4 KB, 265x265)
4 KB
Personally I would try to center the "F". It just looks a bit weird to me.
As is they are in discord, I know you are calling it "placeholder" copy, but that's what you chose to hold the place and it's a jarring contrast between mark and letters.

File: sdf.jpg (54 KB, 352x640)
54 KB
What would you guys price this at?

It's a Wacom CTE-440. Original packaging, looks almost unused.

File: ugly cancer.gif (1.71 MB, 500x500)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB GIF
how do i make this?

also we should start having threads like this instead of cluttering the board up with similar questions
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Squarespace maybe?
deviantart is probably not a good idea because of it's massive volume and non-clear purposes

I asked on /g/ though and got some pretty good answers

I think those diy websites always come across a bit obnoxious imo. kinda like tumblr
$100 investment gets you a year of unlimited hosting and a few domains. Learn Wordpress. Did this a year ago for a couple projects and portfolio. Easy to learn and can't compare how professional it looks to have a domain that is yourname.com vs deviantartfucks.cum/dickdrizzler along with full control and anyone employer or client will like that you have a website, especially if they learn you created it yourself along with all your work.

There's other free ones than listed I can't remember, they're all the same shit tho. If you want something done right, do it yourself.
well I think the biggest struggle is making stuff worth buying and working hard to improve which is always the hardest part

and I'm only just starting out but if I find any level of success that does seem pretty intelligent
know any particularly nice looking wordpress websites? I'm not really a fan of minimalism bear in mind I like shit cluttered
It's a great thing to have for finding employment also. An employer is going to love that they can see your work in a space you've created to display it, along with your resume proving you know at least the basics of how to create what you show and also with an About Me type section they can have a feel instantly and could make your interview/communication go much smoother than them trying to figure you out so much before business.

Getting off topic... I can't think of sites off hand that use wordpress and look amazing, I also can't think of any that have been written and look amazing... I haven't been into building sites much lately, but if you google popular companies that use wordpress you will find some big names using it for some pretty important stuff. Also Wordpress sites tend to be basic because the people using it a lot of the time just want a blog type site, but with Wordpress you have almost as much cotrol as if you wrote the code yourself, but with drag and drop, plug ins and themes you use a combo of. The most annoying part is finding a balance of a free base Theme, Plug Ins needed for features and using a combination of CSS and plug ins to get around problems you may find with a free theme. Say it is perfect, but the colors can't be changed and and the theme won't let you customize their menu without paying. Simply get a plug in for a new menu, use that one with the theme and style the CSS with Firebug to find what you need to change to the right hex code.

Not sure if I stayed on point.. but Wordpress can be as simple or as complicated as you like, just like writing one yourself. Unless you need an insane amount of security and custom functions, Wordpress is amazing.

How can you tell if you have natural talent to be a designer?
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Do you need good social skills to be a designer?
you don't
just like pretty much no one has natural talent for, say, biology or chemistry.
you just learn, success may vary
File: 1364196071726.png (286 KB, 720x505)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
If you have both autismal level of captivation for doing visual arts in any way whatsoever and critical thinking skills (as in putting romantic fine arts sensibilities in purely utilitarian, applied art considerations).

'Talent' is a magical bullshit term invented by the Jews; fraction of percent are actually born with the Lord's gift and in the right conditions to git going from the young age.

For the rest it's years of relentless study, practice and trial and error until you somewhat figure out this shit and you may never feel you know enough.
Yes. Communication between you, and an art director, or a client, is crucial. I'm fortunate in that I'm really good at taking what a client says, and translating it onto a page or design, and it's been important for my rise in the field. If you're just one of those brilliant designer who can fart out award winning design, people will tolerate poor social skills, but for the most part you will need them, especially getting started.

Your job, by definition, is communication, but non-verbal. Most designers I know are social people who get along, and while there are the occasional prima donna, most of them have good social skills.
So you can’t be a sperg programmer?

What are the top 3 books every graphic designer should read?
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>>grid systems by brockmann
File: forget.jpg (62 KB, 630x473)
62 KB
Graphic Design Made Difficult - Bob Gill

Ways of Seeing - John Berger

Geometry of Design - Kimberly Elam
>Graphic Design Made Difficult
no torrent?
no digital version?
no audio?
what am I supposed to get the version printed on paper? People use that stuff to clean their ass
sorry kid, life doesn't owe you shit.
File: IMG_0367.jpg (297 KB, 1200x1200)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
fuck knows, here are some i've read or at least skimmed through


for starters i'd focus on history, typographic grid and type design focused ones, but i don't think 3 books alone will suffice

File: 123123.jpg (355 KB, 1000x1000)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
I did this fake album cover a few days ago and i would like your criticism in order to get better
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Looks like it'll be for some shitty trap or edm album.

ugly, boring, amateur.

hot garbage

stop making album art for no reason
There's no such word as "un-human". It's "in-human". Start using a spell check, your clients will thank you for it.
it doesnt matter
the album cover should accompany the album
without the album, it's meaningless.

File: 1511880268170.jpg (12 KB, 387x309)
12 KB
> layout & design a menu
> is extraordinay well paid
> put lots of effort in it
> v proud of the outcome
> customer wants almost everything changed
> destroys almost everything beautiful
> wants parts to look like word/powerpoint word design
> wants up to 10 different fonts on a page to make it look 'pop'
what do I do? I've put some fucking big effort in this shit, and i dont wanna destroy all my good work because some fucking douche who doesnt understand basic concepts of design 101.

shut up and take the money or tell him to fuck off?
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Make the changes he wants, use the good version in your portfolio.

I think >>328406 has the right idea. Fight for an idea if you really believe it, but if the client really doesn't want to listen to your expertise that's their problem.
File: 1495297645734.jpg (16 KB, 180x192)
16 KB
thanks guys, helped me alot
File: what-a-story.jpg (13 KB, 600x397)
13 KB
>As long as I get paid, whatever.
Absolutely this, before I started doing this for money I'd hear all kinds of horror stories about clients with bad taste ruining designers' work and thought I'd hate it too, but as soon as I actually got work it all disappeared, I get to make money without doing any actual work? Fuckin' ace.
Save your original for portfolio.
It works really well in a corporate environment as well. My attitude in the office is "no problem". If they're really making a mistake, I'll speak up - and they know me, so they know if I'm speaking up, it's worth paying attention to. I've gotten to know what they like, and slip in the stuff I like, while conforming to their standards and tastes. It's part of the job, and I see newbies bang their head against it all the time. They get the prima donna syndrome from school, and think every little thing on the page is a hill worth dying for, for aesthetics, when the reality is, nobody cares. Once in a while you might luck out and work on something that might win awards, but most of them time, it's not worth the stress, hassle, and attitude. Mostly I just ride herd on deadlines, and making sure I get stuff done when it's needed. You want the text one point bigger? No problem. You want the image shifted 1/64th of an inch to the left? Done. You want to change the entire thing, with a new layout, and it's due at the end of the day? I'm gonna say something. I get my paycheck regardless, and since i'm easy to work with, the odds of getting more paychecks is pretty high.
I've talked to some of the big designers out there. They don't sweat the small stuff, either, they're all about broad strokes. If the font isn't perfect, but 90% of what they want - it's done. I remember I talked to a guy who was big in NYC agencies, wins awards, is in all the magazines, and I mentioned a small aspect of a design he'd done, that I thought was really cool and played with a lot to use in my stuff. He said "Yeah, that just kind of happened, I didn't really plan that out." Mind: blown. A lot of what people focus on and tear apart and OCD on were "happy accidents". Once you let go of the microscope and just let stuff happen more organically, and stop obsessing over "rules", interesting things start to happen. There's nothing more uptight than a newly graduated design student, lol.

File: Snot-Get_Some-CD.jpg (170 KB, 921x921)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
What resolution do you recommend and size to make a drawing for an album but that is of very high quality?
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100% sure album cover standard is 12x12cm

then just make it the size of the largest thing you plan on printing (always at 300dpi)
make sure to use bicubic sharper when you scale it down
Give them 12x12" - they often want to re-use the art for posters and merch.
vinyl size at 300dpi
>12.375in x 12.375in
Actual dpi for offset is around 270lpi, so there's room for bleed with 300. The industry standard is to round up to 300, for the little breathing room it gives. 12x12 @ 300 is fine. It's gonna be dropped into an InDesign page for output anyway.
File: smug.jpg (15 KB, 604x438)
15 KB
draw it in vector

File: AI 3.jpg (510 KB, 1899x999)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
Hey guys what do you think about this Facebook wall post for a Tech conference ? .
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
The sponsor is bigger than the actual name of the event. That's a rank newbie mistake. The event name and information is the same color as everything else, so it renders in the eye as a background element. Ads have to deliver their message in a glance, and this has no message, other than the sponsor name on the bottom, so the whole thing reads as an ad for them, not the event.
If I were the art director for this, I would send it back to you with "try again". I wouldn't even show this to the client, as we'd probably lose the account.

Your ego is driving this. Disengage your ego and do something that benefits the client, not your needs. You're advertising their event, not your art.
Thank you for the Feedback
This didn't go for a print , it went for a website slider
Doesn't matter, the intent is the same.
File: AIfinalpng.png (458 KB, 1898x996)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
How ever this one was finalized

File: evaind.jpg (599 KB, 4113x4113)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
A few days back i made a re work of a preexisting character eva and gave it a story plot behind this artwork and posted this on my Facebook profile it was taken down a few weeks later so i'm posting it here
Celestial Eva (Character Design) for Wall-E 2

After the extinction of the human race, Eva sets out in to the vast expanse of the universe in search of knowledge, through her journey she becomes smarter and smarter and starts to upgrade herself with all the alien tech, that she stumbles on the way, eventually she elevates herself to the level of a a god.
She start building civilization to bring back the creators who made her, she would watch as humans as a species develop, kill each other and die. So she starts to create multiple colony of humans on different planet. Even after millions of years over trillion failed attempts to, Bring back Wall - E ,she keeps on trying until she forgets what Wall-E even looks like.
But eventually as the Universe enters into a heat death and as the last glowing neutron star dies , her glowing blue eyes fades along with it, her final thoughts before she fades would be "LIFE IS VICIOUS, just like the cold universe around her"
the big question is
how do we now get this shit taken down from here
This is not graphic design. Did you have a question about graphic design?


1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Well obviously the limiting factor in building a car is the lack of knowledge and ability to assemble the parts. That's not the issue here because I can recreate everything I see (for the purposes of this discussion) in Photoshop, it's just that any attempt I make to deviate from existing examples inevitably turns to shit.
you can technically watch hours of youtube videos to assemble a car. but not create your own one
you are learning not so much the design as you're learning your graphics editor with tutorials
How long have you been designing for? Do you understand the fundamentals of layout, composition, negative space, ratios, etc? Do you read about design?
what kind of design, there're mathematical methods you can use to get a decent looking piece, if it's logo design you need shit ton of experience.
Did you ever think graphic design isn't for you, then? It takes a certain kind of mindset, eye, and imagination to be a designer, and a good designer can create pleasing design at the very least. Simply reassembling the work someone else has done isn't what a designer is, a designer uses form AND function to create a specific thing - a book, a magazine, an ad, an album cover. I've had to deploy more hardcore design theory to forms than I have to brochure covers. You have to know the form, and the function, and the theory behind it, coupled with experience for what people find pleasing. If you don't have the mindset, you're just not going to make it.
I've worked in all kinds of places - ad agencies, marketing departments of large corporations, freelance, you name it. And the typical outsider perception of what I do is "Your job must be fun, you just look at cool pictures all day". I don't even see the pictures as images half the time, I see the awkward amount of information the client wants to shoehorn into the page, and the issues I've had finding the right balance of font, kerning and weight to make it legible and not just a wall of text.

If you can't create simple designs, you're either not cut out to be a designer, or you're trying to skip the basic fundamentals of design and go right to the "cool stuff" - which is also something i see constantly. I learned most of what I know about design in the trenches for years, doing it. Resizing ads for different publications. Typing out resumes for $10 a pop. Creating boring sales materials for products you don't give a shit about. That's where the rubber meets the road, and where you learn to deliver. You're, from the sound of it, fucking around in Photoshop, thinking you're having a meaningful experience.

File: nazi-flag-970x546.jpg (27 KB, 970x546)
27 KB
go for it
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is that the daemon tools logo?
>only ideological flags
I know, it's branding for Justice and nothing more, but in this case I like dem large synth racks in crisp black and white and the large neon lit cross nicely stands out between them.

They are good at holding probably the most recognized symbol of past millennial as one core parts of their public image, yet only giving slight hints of it's generally recognized meaning, such as some medieval tones in some of their tracks.
File: avd.jpg (643 KB, 1425x1425)
643 KB
643 KB JPG
File: Deus Vult!.png (5 KB, 1200x800)
5 KB
Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

File: ripper2a.jpg (134 KB, 700x904)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
zines &
independent publications
File: page_1_thumb_large.jpg (17 KB, 320x452)
17 KB
I understand very little portuguese but this brazilian magazine is still very enjoyable
how do i get started on zines? they seem interesting but i've never really looked into them.

genius logos thread
16 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: uguysrestupahd.png (155 KB, 1434x1009)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
still pretty good
File: geniuslogo.jpg (17 KB, 520x520)
17 KB

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