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File: 1511592491693.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG

I'm looking to hire someone to work on a logo for a stream, it will be minimal, but minimal in the sense as in it's well designed, and original, and clean.

If you're a respectable person this will also include future work including effects/channel banners for events, and exposure of your artwork.
Feel free to post some of your work by the way and i'll let you know if it's the style i'm looking for.
most designers don't like to post their works on here since 4chan doesn't have good rep, maybe leave an email you'll have better chances, also the word "exposure" is a red flag for any designer.
no word of payment
What's your budget?
File: 1344629752471.jpg (131 KB, 996x795)
131 KB
131 KB JPG

Hi /gd/
I'm almost done with Uni and now I want to start applying for jobs.. But my current CV/ the cv I used to get internships in the past looks like dog shit. I feel like I have no clue about what a modern clean cv should actually look like.
I remember seeing some nice ones here ages ago. Could you help me out by posting good looking ones or telling me what I should consider when putting together mine?
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I like it. Sleek but not too fancy
Neat. Maybe bring languages to the same height as skills. Spacing between languages and hobbies block should be the same as between education, skills and professional experiences.
>exp. bars
NOBODY has ANY frame or reference as to how well your proficiency is with that software. I have no idea how good you are at InDesign.
I am not able to upload the ones i have archived sorry, but i got some advice:
>be creative and original, make it stand out. when employers look at the resume/ CV they look at it for a couple seconds and throw it away
>Have 30++ images in your portfolio, Categorize them; Business cards, album covers, logo designs, type faces, your own font that you have made, stickers etc etc
if you want a job maybe find a network of graphic designers in your city and be friends with them? networking is the best way to get a job imo.

>Band name

>Album name

>Album artwork

Old thread >>327698
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File: Wes Bellamy - Wifey.jpg (240 KB, 1000x1000)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
File: The Schwingers - Marcella.jpg (298 KB, 1000x1000)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
File: Album Acid.jpg (2.29 MB, 1388x1388)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
Crit me? Harsh is good
what the fuck
File: GD.png (914 KB, 836x836)
914 KB
914 KB PNG
rate, first time doing this :)

Hey /gd/,

I have a degree in Visual Arts. Since graduation I have done bits of illustration and graphic design, most don't pay that well but I really enjoy the work. Problem is, I’m not learning from others because I work alone. I’ve decided that I should try to work with some kind of design firm. My question to you- what does a good portfolio look like? What does your portfolio look like? And also, what skills will be valuable in the future?

I’m pretty good with Adobe products (Ps, Ai, In, Pr, Ae). I also have a good understanding of 3ds Max (a lot like Maya).

Show examples of good portfolios

Pic is Japanese graphic designer Ryu Mieno
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there is literally never a shortage of good portfolios. 8-12 projects tailored to your field. the only thing I'd probably include in every portfolio is like, logos and typography stuff.

i used to care more about particular peoples portfolios, now I just am into cool projects; places like behance are full of them as you know. but some people that come to mind:

baotnguyen.com - i like this guy because almost all of his projects are self initiated - you don't have to get a brief from nike to do cool shit that you can put in your portfolio.
as for important skills, always show that you can draw as that will never get old. motion is pretty important nowadays, even if you only know a bit of after effects you can use it to your advantage. every firm wants someone that can do "web" stuff.

my advice to you would be to pick the firms you want to go to and scour linkedin for employee profiles, they'll almost always have websites listed so you can see first hand what you'll be working on or what got them into that position in the first place.
Thanks, all this is good advice. Time to get back into life drawing and learn a bit about "web stuff".
>pm me for my portfolio, don't want to post it here since everyone associates 4chan with /pol/
are you a fricking retard?????
check your inbox my dude

File: shotgun.jpg (34 KB, 680x734)
34 KB
I die a little on the inside every time I see a company pays $200-500 on a logo made by a poo in loo on a logo generation website
>move to pajeetstan
>get hired online
>tfw your design skills are worse than a poo in loo
people like us are too blame
Stop fucking worrying about 99d/fiverr. Good clients with actual budgets and recurring design needs do not go there. Go to agencies, tell them you want overflow work. If you hit up just a few of them and they like your shit/you make deadlines/satisfy briefs, you'll be at full time. Deliver consistently, and you'll be fast-tracked to be their next hire.
It may come hard to design idealist faggot snowflakes (such as me) that there are people who have to start from somewhere, are even aware that they have no design, marketing or technical sense, or even time and energy, when it comes to representing their shit and they maybe do have like 100 eurobucks max in the bank account and every bill matters, yet every client of theirs too.

So why not set up a thing that provides basic shit like auto-generated company and product names that get some quick SEO testing before being handed to the client as a short list and brief statistics to pick the name out from, then cobbled together visual 'safe' identity materials from nothing more than stock assets, a website and layout picked as quickly customized Wordpress-Bootstrap layouts according to the visual identity materials and basic needs of the company, a subscription service for maintenance of the the above-mentioned website, and maybe referring the client to actually decent agencies (partners) when he has the muney and doesn't feel like using this service anymore.

And don't bother hiding something obvious and lying that this is some 'premium' shit, not fancy 'artisan' fancy agency branding thing they instinctively feel they cannot afford. Folks like honesty. Make the website feel like they've come to a friendly fast food establishment of visual communication and and make it more than obvious they're about to consume literal crap of visual communication, but that's ok, because cheapest meal often is better than nothing.

tl;tr There's a gap in the market that has to be filled; Fiverrs exist for a reason; make your own all-in-one package 100 EUR / 120 USD + subscription service; respected art-directors to Gulags, socialized design for everyone!
I charge ~300USD for logo work, but I don't put in more than 5-6 hours per project, usually even less, which comes out to a nice hourly rate. I earn three times the national average of my shithole European country, and my first world colleagues can't even compete.

Hey Guys first time posting here, seems more civilized than the rest of 4chan lol. Anyways does anyone know what font this is? Id like to replicate it exactly. A friend of mine wants a bunch of them made, or if possible can anyone here make the 715 logo like that? I would really appreciate it. (I dont have photoshop or anything like that sadly)

File: FLOAT MUM.png (2.07 MB, 868x1280)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
My mum is a graphic designer and im not at all.
her birthday is coming up so i made this thing.
thoughts and how i can make it better please :)

> pic is her way back when
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but luckily it's not run by 14yo's unlike this board
Let me get this straight, you're giving your mom vaporwave for her birthday?

Do you know how retarded that sounds?
No, Anon. I understand the “aesthetic” and what you’re going for but I don’t think it will appeal to your mom at all. Given the fact she designs for a living, she’s going to have better tastes...
chill /gd/icks ya'll give this tard anothar chance
Damn son, you do some good shit !

File: movie poster.jpg (3.66 MB, 2317x3000)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB JPG
Need to come up with a tagline. Any suggestions?
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File: gd.jpg (4.17 MB, 2317x3000)
4.17 MB
4.17 MB JPG
hope this helps
Should be one line, and snappier. Just has to be vaguely relevant to the theme.

Stuff like:

- Hard to get in, even harder to get out
- There's no need for love - only loyalty
- Brotherhood(/Loyalty) can be paper thin
- You were born into this prison

Etc etc

This shit is always going to be cheesy, no escaping it
how long can I stay breathing
Thank you for your suggestions! I couldn't get the curve in the grass to look realistic, but ill try warping the grass or something and see if that helps. The middle logo is more visible because the teacher said we need to make our logos more visible. Im going to make a few more logos and toss them in on the sides. Is the tagline any better?
I really like the second one. Im probably gonna use that

File: type.png (29 KB, 700x300)
29 KB
how do I get better at typography? What are good resource? How do you practice what are some exercises and fundamentals?
The wiki in the sticky has plenty books on typography specifically
there was Thinking With Type in the other thread but I haven't read it personally
on libgen.io search for "typography" and maybe find an online typography course on lynda or some learning website.
Never use more than two fonts at a time

Start with three fonts(tried and true fonts like Futura, not internet shit fonts), then increase to five, then to 10, etc as you feel more comfortable.
>Learn the fundamentals of type: what's a serif, sans-serif, getting familiar with fonts and their classifications (what's a grotesque font versus a humanist font, etc), familiarise yourself with the anatomy of fonts (baseline, x-height, ligatures, etc), open type fonts, etc.

>Learn about readability and legibility of fonts in different scenarios and what type of fonts are best for print vs web, headlines vs body copy, and so forth.

>Learn indesign and how to use grids, whitespace, and how to modulate your fonts in different ways (different weights, sizes, colours, different fonts, letter spacing, line height, margins) to create hierarchy and to make the composition aesthetically appealing. Heaps of books on this.

>Now start researching how people combine fonts and try it yourself. You can find many websites that show examples or screenshots of designs and lists what fonts they use. E.g. typewolf.

>If you're wanting to learn how to create fonts that is a whole other beast. Hand lettering is a good place to start and is quite fun to do! Plenty of tutorials online.

File: 1512579759959.jpg (12 KB, 252x212)
12 KB
>load some news site
>muh minimalist typography
>body is in huge letters 2x the size you normally read in
>scrolling is stuttering, despite it's 99% text
why is web so shit again
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that has never been the point, I don't know why you bring it up for the third time. this is graphic design board, not web analytics board. this might be good for conversions, but it's very questionable from design standpoint.
could as well load the site with flashing neon ads occupying the whole screen. I'm sure the conversions would go through the roof and I will be very glad for you.
it's to look good on mobileshit
some companies are too lazy to have separate versions for desktop and mobile
(you) for a quality post
>all userpics/avatars are cut into a circle
Don't collude conversion rates with good UX. They serve different purposes. I understand what you're trying to say, that an intelligent business will implement good UX practices as that tends to have the best business outcomes anyway, but you can't say conversions on ad impressions is good UX because the user most definitely hates ads and hate being tricked or baited by dark UX patterns.

Someone better have gotten a promotion for this.
44 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

Lmfao the “Trump has done nothing” meme is more forced than “Obama’s scandal-free presidency”
Exactly, it's not. Why are you so triggered and demand people to stop like a fucking child then?
*when people do it then?

Who’s triggered? We’re on a graphic design board you retard and people are saying this is good design. Don’t say “exactly” when you’re trying to refute me. Jesus christ.
>(((weev))) has been reduced to posting in /gd/

File: DDF0ZvSXYAI3XGc.jpg (39 KB, 560x960)
39 KB
Where did web design go so wrong?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Do you actually believe in this pop leftie bullshit, or are you just underage
File: 1519411697.png (9 KB, 349x271)
9 KB
Is it the case of older 5 burger-centimeter iPhones and were they cannot install anything that's not a wrapper for shitshow known as iOS Safari to have an actual adblocker? I really haven't used one of them applephones for web browsing in a while.

Have the 'tism, buy a 5.5+" chinkshit, install Nightly and basically this list of crap.

In terms of UI, AJAX based "responsive web design" (commonly used JS and CSS libraries for that and practical techniques for the latest ES) hasn't at least developed so far that it can really replace the native phone applications. Yet, on the desktop web-standards can provide easy way to make modern UIs, however Electron developers and such should be shot in the knees for promoting using an entire instance of Chromium + node.js or whatever eating up hundreds of MB of RAM + noticeable CPU utilization for worthless shit that can be a cozy little win32 / Aqua / Qt UI basically sitting idle and using 10-15 megs at most.
When it started to pander to phones
it's strange that it feels almost like a privilege to enter a website that has little to no javascript (for today's 'merit', if web development has any left) or even css and maybe uses a bit customized default Bootstrap template at most

teknik.io for instance, sites for various FOSS projects etc.
Using frameworks to cater to all screensizes instead of building them specifically makes for bad results.

File: Untitled.jpg (462 KB, 1272x796)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
Are these good? Or should I kill myself.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not bad. One glaring issue are your margins, specifically the left-right margins on your main text columns. Try adding a few more points of space. The columns are just a bit too close together.

Also, make sure your columns are aligned. If you look at the bottoms of the letters in the right columns compares to the left columns, you can see that they're offset. Separate columns should line up across the page.

You should get The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst. This will really help with your typesetting. Good luck!
they are good. and gd is a cancer
Not bad
Yeah more spacing, and a bit more alignment. i would also change the colour of "growers" to something a bit darker. Nice tho
did i travel back in time to 2003?

Do subliminal messages work? Where can one learn about this kind of trickery? Asking for a friend
It works but it depends of lots of things imho.
There's a documentary called room 237 about kubrick and hidden messages in his films its just an interesting introduction nevermind if what they say its true or not. Also in the film they mention a book called Subliminal Seduction.
I found a not too bad version on youtube:

also watch these (they do mention lots of books so maybe search for them afterwards)
thanks dude!
Nearly all adverts are playing with your inner mind. https://youtu.be/eJ3RzGoQC4s

Is there a free to use asset pack for stuff like this? Like phones and computers to display your website/app in?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, sorry I didn't know what the term for these kind of things was.
> and then you put the render into it.
Facebook has every sort of device here: https://facebook.design/devices
use the search on deviantart or dribble. i steal these all the time for stupid graphics

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