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File: Screenshot_5.png (684 KB, 1800x224)
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File: page_1.jpg (123 KB, 1156x1496)
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How did she go from intern to partner at Sagmeister's design firm?
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>mature student (mid 30s)
That's you, right? I don't know who's more pathetic.
hear hear
Probably not very wide open, because it looks like she's packing a big dong between those legs, which extends up into her skirt-stomach area. This thing is a boy. THAT is how you go from intern to partner. Gotta be gay as fuck, gotta follow the agenda, gotta get fucked a lot in the boyhole, this is how it works. Never heard about him/her, before this thread, and I'm sure I won't hear about him/her again because while I do stay keen on design trends, there's no way in hell I follow WHO is trending in design via a specific person. Get this tranny bitch out of my face. And go to hell with your gayfag agenda. Kindly eat shit and die.
A greed
based and redpilled

What causes a person to even THINK to make something like this?
fuck off
Haha funee yellow child make me laugh
Hee hee

File: programmers_design.png (8 KB, 900x500)
8 KB
is it even possible to make parallel studies in graphic design and software-engineering? right now I am in a technical college for information technology(in austria) and want to to keep studying the IT but also learn more about design. Can any of you share some experiences? Should I just read some books?

post your shit and dont be a bitch

Heres mine:

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File: 1439252629655.jpg (111 KB, 768x758)
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111 KB JPG
>russians trying to use the age-old .pdf arbitrary-code-execution exploit on me
not today
File: PortfolioGem.jpg (248 KB, 1275x1433)
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248 KB JPG
Here is my masterpiece.
Note the exquisite typography.
If you wanted me to click your link, why would you try to entice me with a noisy, blurry promo picture?

Pretending that your link is in fact an actual portfolio that you actually made, your lure looks like you swiped someone else's work, and tried to pass it off as your own.

Die in a car fire.
the only thing that bothers me is that the "We accept credit card" seems off aligned
I think it's the credit card logos that are too far to the right.

File: uiux-01.png (32 KB, 1200x800)
32 KB
Best resources for learning ui ux design?
but anon where do i begin
Your mind

File: jpegdirk.jpg (25 KB, 164x233)
25 KB
Heyyy uh weird question. Are there photoshop filters made especially for shitposting? I'm especially looking for a compressed JPEG filter. Not just for deep frying a whole image, if it was that I'd use a shitty website. I more want an adjustable JPEG filter I can apply to certain parts of an image without having to manually JPEG and recomposite. Like, having someone hold heavily JPEGed objects in their hands, for instance.

Or, well, y'know just generally compression-matching, for inserting weird objects into shitty photos. You know how it is. Do customizable JPEG compression filters exist, and where can I find them?

There was an action I found on google but it was 404. Google also isn't being helpful because people don't know how to save quality images apparently.

Also seeking generally good filters / filter recommendations.
is this a instance of your shit posting
No one will ever know.
was wondering this the other day. i'll post here if i find anything. hopefully someone else will chime in
File: 045.jpg (172 KB, 788x1700)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Maybe they'll add a jpeg filter in the next version of photoshop with all the shitposting. But i don't think any professional software would make a filter to make pictures shitty.
Not a filter but an easy way to do it
Make a backup copy of your source image
Open in Ps, create new action, start recording, save for web with same name as shittiest jpg, stop recording, re apply action till the image is degraded enough, throw your backup copy on top and mask it

File: anime girl.jpg (17 KB, 800x800)
17 KB
What would be the benefits of taking a graphic design course over just watching tutorials for the programs covered in it until I master them?
pic unrelated
gd is a lot more than using the adobe suite
you've got theory on color, perception, composition, psych, etc

File: q mark.png (14 KB, 608x608)
14 KB
ask questions and give answers here

old thread: >>321395
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I'm struggling with this type of crap too, from obtuse printers with little patience for noobs like me. Oh well.
Here's how I see it: you set up your artboard at 10.125 x 7.625 with a bleed of 0.5 on the top and bottom and 0.8125 on the left and right. Text and logos should not touch the sides of the artboard (10.125 x 7.625), while background fills, shapes and photos must extend to the edge of the bleed area (11.125 x 9.25). Make sure document colour mode is CMYK. That's what I make out of all that. Someone better versed might want to correct me if I'm wrong.
Anyway, those three decimal figures confuse me. I work in Europe and here a bleed area of 3 to 5 mm on each side should be safe for pretty much any work.
something like this
Some people here knows how to, but with that attitude we're not helping you. Fuck off right back to plebbit, bye.

File: 30d6i.jpg (79 KB, 510x381)
79 KB
I'm well aware that the golden ratio idea has been widely questioned, but is using circles to design logos a legit technique or meme tier? I kind of get the impression that a lot of designers just do it because it's a trend and looks cool.
If a lot of designers use it and it works, how is it not legit?

Just because a lot of people do it doesn't mean it's useful. The question is how much of it is purely a bullshit fad and how much of it is legit technique. Obviously using circles can be a good tool to cut out shapes but I'm not convinced that the you'll get a more useful result from using the circles derived from the golden ratio versus just eyeballing it.
Because they arrange the circles after the logo is done by some arbitrary, non-mathematical sense, and that's not how these golden rules work.
the apple logo doesn't adhere to the golden ratio

just like the grid system it can help solve design problems

mathematical correct shapes can look lopsided in context like when you don't overshoot the cap height and baseline of an O slightly.

like everything in life, if it works use it if it doesn't don't

File: flags.png (37 KB, 1350x850)
37 KB
what are the best designed flags? here are my top 4
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the state flag is 10000000 times better.
>universal studios flag
Are there even mountains in Amsterdam
Atari 2600-core
Tbh Serbia has one of the ugliest flags in Europe

File: sazanami2.png (348 B, 74x17)
348 B
348 B PNG
Anyone know what font this is?

File: intern.jpg (14 KB, 198x200)
14 KB
Any tips for someone about to get an Internship?
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unpaid internships have their percs. they come with all sorts of stuff and usualy can turn into a job placements and count as viable experience and portfolio material as well as networking oppertunities both with peers, contemporaries and clients. perfect place to start building a clientel

I've done 3 unpaid summer internships because at the time I could not get any better opportunities (senior undergrad student here). They felt OK at best while I was going through them, but I learned a lot and having the experience on my resume and portfolio work from them lead me to a better (well-paying) opportunity. For one of them I had a choice between a paid offer but a mediocre gig or an unpaid internship somewhere very interesting. I took the interesting opportunity and it paid off - it helped me figure out what I want to do with my degree, I met people I would have never had the chance to meet otherwise and make work that I would not have made otherwise. I learned a fuckton. So I say, while you are still being financially supported by somebody else, fuck it OP you can do one if you have to. Many people have been through it, and many more will. You may take something important and useful out of it.
Not internship, but I went to an interview. The boss gave me their sample and ask what do I think. I gave some criticism. Did I fucked up?
I think it depends on what the criticism was
Because it's a product ad on a magazine, I told her it could be better if the picture of the product is more dominant and a cleaner design.
Personally, I think the design at best is 6/10

File: images (1).jpg (8 KB, 318x159)
8 KB
I just finished studing graphic design and i want to get a tablet because many people started to want work from me and the mouse seems really frustrating sometimes. Do you have any suggestions what tablet i should buy? I want something decent
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Definitely a Wacom, worth all the money 100% They have a patent on their pens that don't require batteries or charging. It's fucking magic. 100% get a Wacom
Cintiq Pro 32" definitely worth all that cash.
This, but do not get a regular tablet, get the one with the screen. Cintique I think it's called? My spelling is prob wrong. The regular intuous is just a big cock tease, and learning to draw in one place while you look in another is just not worth it because it will never look as good.

The Cintique is basically a whole computer into itself as well, so you run shit off your main desktop while you do your graphics at the same time.
I'm jealous of you. Can't even get myself a job. I should fucken off myself
What's the touch latency like on this one? I would figure the screen would add a decent amount compared to not having one?

This image has been making the rounds on instagram today and house thousands of likes. The original poster used the normal annoying hashtags like #cannonblahblahblah, #nofilter....I commented that it’s a beautiful shot, but that it has an enhanced solar flare....Surprisingly the original photographer saw my comment, messaged me, and is now acting like an internet tough guu saying I’m a jealous asshole, etc....
I didn’t mean for my jaded comment to blow up, I don’t even care about this guy or his shitty photos. They are cool but look like shit girls post in high school. Am I being a cunt, or am I correct about the solar flare manipulation? If I’m wrong I’ll delete my comments.
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: profile-photo.png (236 KB, 258x389)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
I am just discovering this board, and I love it! I did not know it was here, found it by mistake.
Thank you for what you do.
you ok bro?
>you're a fucking retard
hey look, don't you this don't the board, too.
you're am an retard, get off my board
You are being a cunt and you are correct. There are no lenses with 18 aperture blades.

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