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File: sad.gif (67 KB, 600x403)
67 KB
Where could a person find himself some good spriters for a game that I'm developing? the ones I have working for me right now just aren't cutting it.
(yes, there will be payment)
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google opengameart or free game sprites
i'm here
What's the game about?
Hello, i have a similar question so i might aswell ask it here. Im currently making a top down game in visual c# and i need a a gif set with the 4 direction movement animations of any type of character really. I've tried googling it but i had no luck, can anybody help me out with atleast a link?
File: hoi.png (4 KB, 33x41)
4 KB
Search around Twitter/Tumblr and message some that you like if they'd be interested or dig around google for message boards made for hiring them. Obviously make sure these people can be reliable as it's easy for people to be flaky when there's little risk involved for them to leave at any moment.

Or if you're willing to give details to people here, myself or someone else could be what you're looking for.

File: jsfm.jpg (81 KB, 1200x921)
81 KB
Does this erk anyone else or am I just fucking autistic? When a grungy, or eroded sort of font is used, implying that the letters were naturally worn to this point via time, or whatever means... but for some insane reason, like characters were eroded in the same exact way. What I mean to say is, how exactly did the Es (or any repeated letters) erode identically? I feel as if artists NEVER consider this, but it is painfully obvious to me every time. Just really upsetting.

Am I the only one?
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those are not related newfriend
what irks me is that you wrote erk
>Am I the only one?
no, i use a drawing tablet to make my own distressed fonts because I'm not lazy
This would bother me if it was their main brand.

What you did is miles better.
I feel like that kind of fonts and actual worn out effect are two distinct things.

File: chain links.png (42 KB, 500x300)
42 KB
I'm trying to create an animation using a vector based bicycle chain in which I want the shape of the chain to morph but the path has to remain a constant size and the number of chain links have to remain the same.

I essentially want the chain to behave with real physics - allowing me to create shapes and letterforms with the links. I think it could possibly be done with character rigging, maybe DUIK would do it. I'm just struggling to get it working and wondering if anyone could help?

Thanks in advance!
>maybe DUIK would do it
just have each chain link in a separate layer in Ai
rig each link in DUIK as a bone
check the checkbox that prevents stretching
and that's it

Do you know if this method will work with a closed loop of chain links?mI've only ever seen it done for character rigging
I'm also wondering if you know what the hierarchy would be for a rig like this? having a bit of trouble setting it up with DUIK
I have never tried it myself but I don't see why it wouldn't.

Keep it simple, just add puppet pins to the points were the chain links connect and define said chain links as bones. You might have to match the position of the first and last links and parent one to the other in order to keep it closed.
This video on how to rig cables might be helpful

File: fonts.png (194 KB, 1905x790)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
I don't know if this thread is gonna be successful or not, but I was wondering if you guys know where to get commercial fonts for free (yeah, illegally). I'm a graphic designer like you and I would really love to get some fonts before I pay for them :)

Maybe torrents, p2p, Usenet? Or something along those lines.
Holy Jesus.

This one's fine. It's like 6k decent fonts. But do use /wsr/ next time.
Thanks, I'll check that out.
There's a prophecy says:

>"Search your desired typeface or font with keyword vk.com and you'll find your answer"

File: xd.png (321 KB, 4961x3508)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
Here's a coffee packaging I'm currently working on, all made by myself. The logo consists of a coffee bean, a fingerprint (to indicate how many people work with coffee) & heat waves from a cup. This is only the frontpage. Oh yeah its also a study project, so fictional
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In spanish we begin the sentence with an opening inverted exclamation mark.

1 is boring and kinda unimpressive. 2 looks like a shitty e-sports team. 3 is good, but I fucking love 4 because it's got a neat sorta stained glass effect that makes it stand out in a good way.
I showed this to my sister and she said the palm tree looks like the turtle's penis.
I like the bird a lot but I have no opinion on the text.
The bottom four look janky.
You're overthinking the project by LARPing as being shit. Get the text off of the images unless you can make it stand out in a good looking way. Get the black text off the dark green background and white text off the yellow background.
Stop reddit spacing.
Make the crown gold so people will look at it and see a crown.
I really like this but the saturation of the red letters make them burn your eye a little.
I typically hate stuff like this but the rhythm is fucking nice and impressive because I didn't think you could do that with text.
>song lyrics on stamps

god damn you're a special breed of retarded, aren't you?

File: POLANDBALL_FINISHED.png (1.86 MB, 3000x1500)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
I guess this is the right place? Well heres a comicball then
>I guess this is the right place?
guessed wrong
are you even sure anymore, i'm not
>His mods and rules: gone
delete this and fuck off to >>>/int/ or maybe even >>>/co/

File: 1467618793166.png (136 KB, 300x300)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
(sorry for bad enGlado)
Hello /gd/ I'm getting stuck on how a decent-good resume should look like, any suggestions? I been searching for a while for examples but got no clue if it's a good idea to put design into. any advice or examples would be nice. Thanks :)
lurk moar please
Oh..nothing I can say. Thanks for lurk better than me. I appreciate your help.

Can i have some obscure weird designs ? Something really weird
File: gollum.png (150 KB, 437x257)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
>includes dickey

Why is illustrator displaying colors brighter than they really are?

Left is how my document shows in illustrator (how I want it to look), right is how it looks when I open the same document in preview or when my peers open it in illustrator on any of their computers
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illustrator is terrible for color, always has been

All wrong

he's mostly likely going from one color mode in software, to another for export (he built it in CMYK and is exported bitmap format is generated in RGB) - this will cause major conversion issues in most software, although PS is a grea "get out of jail free" card for on the fly nob stuff that needs to be converted without loss.

If you get your house in order, you AI raster image export preview will display, on monitor, exactly as it does in the software.

I have some solid habits for this stuff, controlling and bottle-necking process to be pragmatic.
Jeeze ddin't even really address you - so to fix this - I tend to buld my bespoke or raw work in RGB - inheriting the monitor and raster capabilities, I'll pick PMS values when everything is one ice, but yes, so your color is changing because your document is pro CMYK and when you try to rasterize those values they shift significantly...it's less painful the other way around

Final point - it's all about gamut range and values, do it lke this.
1) design: use Point based measurement and RGB or LAB color
2) Process: Determine real life ink and paint color matches for your digital color choices - get your pantone bridge and match primarily for PROCESS pantone values - as spot values are premixed and less accessible in almost every level of business. That said pre-mixed inks in venues like screen printing have a gamut range much closer to spot than to process color - but if you are branding a color palette it's your fuckign job to make this shit easy and accessible to your client, so use process values unless it's crippling otherwise.
3) Imbed the correct color profile values in your artwork for the various mediums: IE - you have web graphics you build with RGB/LAB because as we've covered - these will display right, but if you send a file out for printing, so help me god do not sned them RGB/LAB colors, send them the file you made for printing that includes the closest CMYK process Pantone colors you could find.

So this got long winded, but in closing, Illustrator, despite being clunky garbage from a stagnant monopoly company, isnt fucking you over, you are fuck you over for not knowing the color process fundamentals, what I've said here surfaces as a most basic explanation.
sorry, you-were spot on, I didn't read

File: fire.jpg (15 KB, 200x224)
15 KB
please tell me what is the best pc program for restore archives deleted really i need help a lot of important archives i erase for mistake like videos and images
why are you asking here instead of >>>/g/?
just download Hiren's Boot and use one of those, I can't remember the name of the one I used (there are several in there) but I remember the logo being a pickaxe, pretty good results. Just clone the disk before trying to recover the data and try recovering it from the clone instead of the HDD.

File: watermarkselection.jpg (10 KB, 200x200)
10 KB
Logo/watermark for a Japanese beetle breeder.
I want to get feedback specifically on the logotype.

- Which one do you prefer?
-Which one looks better together with the logo?
- Which one does convey the message "traditional, handmade, professional" the best?

beginning from upper left corner:
1. Typeface/font as provided by client
2. My suggestion (traditional Japanese calligraphy brush strokes)
3. Simplistic try
4. another script font
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work on top right only, left is some kind of piano or chopper company, bottom left is like a vacuum cleaner and bottom right is just like not serious enough.
4 > 3 > 1 > 2

I feel like the font and the logo have a nice flow on Nr. 4

Still just a traced silhouette of a bug, as we discussed like 5 months ago, good work using the pen tool and not having any terrible composition ideas in mind, beyond that, man weak sauce is the nicest way to say it. Enjoy whatever font compliments this uninspired design.
File: dyno.jpg (122 KB, 735x735)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Here you go op. You're welcome :)
1st looks awful. 3rd is alright but looks too industrial. The two on the right are nice.

Okay so i'm working on a project and I've masked the outline of a bird and added a 3-D stroke to it. I'd like to animate the bird so it can fly, is there anyway I can do this? Might sound stupid but I can't think of any other way other than to change the shape of the mask every frame or so but I cant see that looking good enough for my college project.
Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated

op here, this is the bird
I'm not sure I fully understand what you are trying to do but I'll try
>precompose your bird layer so that the 3d stroke affects the precomp
>animate the bird inside the precomp with duik, puppet tool or however you intend to animate it with
>go back yo your main comp, select the precomp, Layer>Auto-trace (make sure to use the work area and not the current frame)
Now the mask will be animated along with the bird and 3d stroke will do it's thingy
Thanks, hopefully i can this bird to fly :)

File: HELP.png (419 KB, 3671x883)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
I'm willing to make a medium webpage header but I'm out of ideas, help me pls

File: mijnarchillespees.png (5 KB, 242x191)
5 KB
I can't dlete this swatch, im working in InDesign. I have already checked if its in any of the pictures I've placed but nothing. I've tried a lot but if any of you have had this problem and know how to fix it please let me know.

How would you achieve the Big to small to big curved text effect like in the picture?
in illustrator:
envelope distort
make with warp
arc lower

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