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File: thumbnail.png (67 KB, 1366x768)
67 KB
Typeface thread. Show yours off.
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Does anyone have the newcomer smash font?
File: isthatso.png (606 KB, 5615x3970)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
what is your favorite font couple, anon?
File: 79.png (59 KB, 1000x604)
59 KB
I'm assuming you asked what our favorite font is...
so here's mine.
(also, feel free to critique the poster i made)
All of those fonts in the OP are pretty ugly, they give me a 90s childrens burgerking meal feeling lol.

File: IMG_4094.jpg (623 KB, 1224x1632)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
Does anyone here use silhouette studio?

I have an issue where i have a lot of paths that dont connect to each other and even though they touch at the ends, and my cricut cutter lifts the blade at those points and leaves these very small points where it doesn't cut.

I circled some of them and you can see them in the same spots on the other decals.

Does anyone know how to fix this? the weld option doesn't seem to do anything other than create large holes in the path.
if you are using illustrator and the weld doesn't work you should do it by hand, you already located the points in which the vector isn't completed in your picture so it shouldn't be hard
export your file as .eps
load it in Ai
use the join tool
File: IMG_4098.jpg (649 KB, 1632x1224)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
Update and many decals later, it turns out inkscape is just shit at exporting, switched to Illustrator and it works perfectly.
That Donkey Kong packaging you made in the back looks pretty sharp. What did you use?

Hey anons, can you rec me good books on visual composition?
File: lit_ic_tcp (4).jpg (117 KB, 1000x1000)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Looks nice, thabk you anon, will look them up
poast links to pdf please

>when you buy every single competitor because fuck anti-trust policies

File: mockup-2.jpg (2.9 MB, 2300x1472)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB JPG
Hey guys. I'm learning logo design. Have managed to sell some logos so far. but could you guys critique and give tips to my designs ? and if you like them why not follow me.

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päris head kavandid, jätka samas vaimus
go read this it will help get better very fast
not op but interested, what did you mean by that the bookhouse and nordwise logo only have 1 detail that makes them stand out? do you mean that, as example in the case of the joker twins, that he should have chosen for either the hat the glasses the moustache or the vest and not all those details at the same time?
This is a rule from Logo Design Love. You can read it if you want the fullest explanation.
In short, people don't spend much time looking at logos. It could be just a glance, and that's it. So a logo needs to be extremely simple, obvious, and yet stand out and be instantly memorable.
So the author of the book proposes that you need just 1 detail, like a single punchline in a joke, which makes it powerful and memorable. This is what grabs the whole attention and focus and retains in memory.
Nordwise is much like this. A logo is really simple, but a letter becoming a nail is an element of surprise and it's memorable enough. And Book House is simple and obvious: a house in a book. Yes, it might sound pretty obvious; but at least you can remember what exactly the logo was. There's no distractions here, it goes straight to the point and feels laser-focused.
Now compare this to his other logos. A lot of them are overloaded with decoration and detail. This is ok for illustration or hand-lettering—but not for a logo. Any distraction is attention taken away from the punchline, the very essence that makes a logo.
Joker Twins feels like an illustration. If you look at it for several seconds and contemplate it, then you might notice all the detail and understand what it's about. But no one's gonna do that. You might not even notice the right one is frowning. The whole idea is like the 2 drama masks, right? So, I'd reduce everything to the essence of it, that helps make a memory. For example, just 2 faces, maybe with hats. Or, make it finger puppets or something like that.
And forgot to add. Some of his logos are just text and decoration. There's no punchline in there. Same goes for logos with the concept like, "it's a car company so it's just a car". Again, it's no punchline. You won't pay attention to it if it's just some mundane stuff. But, you will if it's something non-ordinary. For example, clever use of negative space. Or clever joining of symbols, like the picrelated. Or just some simple but memorable symbol that looks cool. Just not something mundane, vague, and complicated.

File: Capture.jpg (167 KB, 1349x645)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
How do I make this look nicer ?
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his anti-aliasing is turned off. don't know why. Could be browser or OS settings. I remember Chrome had this issue long time ago
>use the golden ration to create proper whitespace around the items...
>the golden ration to create proper whitespace around the items...
> Make login textbox less wide
> Use a less noisy background image
File: implying.jpg (120 KB, 1349x645)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
File: Untitled-1.jpg (1.84 MB, 1920x1151)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
honestly? Start over.

I don't know if you just want feedback/help with the login-field, but your whole approach seems flawed.

For example, you try to showcase the art in the background(or at least I think that's what you are doing), but you have a boxes covering 80% of it...

It's been a while since I did any webdesign now, but I had an old mockup for a site I never completed which I tried to do something akin to what you are trying for. Might give you some ideas of what you are missing.

Pretty much what I would do is put the art front and center, showcase it in a carousel with maybe an animation zooming or panning around the image and then switching to the next one.

I would put the login-box as far away as possible from blocking the art.

Would also not use such low opacity on your boxes, especially not with such a thin font, really strains the eyes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: IMG_1527.png (98 KB, 303x269)
98 KB
Any resources (textbooks, videos, etc) you have that are good for developing gd skill/creativity?

I have know how with PCs, software, etc but all the stuff I have made so far has been 'trash'. I want (need) to get some high quality work made for my portfolio for a uni course, and so far have hit a brick wall.

This is path I want to go down right now, so any help would be appreciated.
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Thanks, all of this seems really helpful.
dont listen to this guy

thinking that design and painting are different is a hallmark of people who are new and/or suck at visual composition.

theres a reason why some of the best designers were also avid painters and it isnt just coincidence.

any form of painting. if youre totally new to it you will need to look up videos on how to actually paint, how to mix it, different brushstrokes, underpainting, etc. then you can get into creating an actually good painting, with the right visual relationships and shadows, etc. look up the grids that da vinci used fr his paintings and see how the relationships of the things in the painting relate to each other. ideally you would also read a few books on grid theory and stuff in order to get a grasp on composition but im assuming you already are familiar with it.

if you dont, get that down. color theory helps too.
>theres a reason why some of the best designers were also avid painters and it isnt just coincidence.
pls. like who, for example? I'm not sure that you know what you're talking about, and that you should give dogmatic advice like this.
>look up the grids that da vinci used fr his paintings and see how the relationships of the things in the painting relate to each other.
this is not beginner stuff and a very narrow view of design.
>pls. like who, for example?

are you serious? rodchenko, eli lissitzky, paul rand,ellen lupton, and paula sher to name a few.

i dont know what youre trying to say. the underpinning of the visual arts is visual composition. its one of the most importatn things. it isnt narrow at all. imagine a musician not knowing how to play in a 4/4 beat. its the very basics.
If you meant traditional art, then neither of those people are good examples. What these people did was far more important in theoretical sense and for spread of design. Especially constructivists who went away from traditional art.
> the underpinning of the visual arts is visual composition.
not at all, especially in the last years. design isn't just about pure aesthetics and neatly placing elements according to ratios. you could argue some people don't even care about that autism.
what's practically important to design is power of communication, organization of information, and functionality. the rest could be pretty basic, and rely on simple grid and color choices.
telling to start from painting is just obtuse, you can learn that later if you feel this is what drags you down.

File: magicpepeye.png (617 KB, 400x560)
617 KB
617 KB PNG

How do I learn poster design? I really need a break from all the logos and brochures
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That looks like shit. It doesn't convey anything and it wastes so much space.
don't project your own issues onto a poster
get better taste
I'm irrationally angry at that font-choice...
>wastes so much space
motherfucker, you sound like my braindead clients. "Too much white-space, put pictures and shit in there to fill it up, I'm not paying for empty space!"

File: !@#$ project 7102018.png (81 KB, 1017x599)
81 KB
I'll be posting some of my pieces on this thread to give it a rating. Im only asking for ratings and/or thoughts since this for a local art fair that I'll be attending to present some of my work
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What a mess of a thread lmao. God I fucking hate summer.
I like them, the one making fun of ads needs a bit more sarcasm though
found the other 12 year old on this site
File: d.png (26 KB, 582x208)
26 KB
File: 1520460128103.jpg (98 KB, 600x580)
98 KB
>its called modern art, ever heard of it?
o i am laffin

Hello GD, I need some help. A potential good job that has a graphic design element. I have no experience with GD. What programs should I use for GD for ad design, I need a half page.
adobe photoshop - for retouching photos
adobe ilustrator - for typography or vector elements
adobe indesign - for multiple page spread and layout

basically you can design an ad just with photoshop or illustrator but is very useful to know the others as well.

File: AkzidenzGrotesk.gif (47 KB, 864x576)
47 KB
realistically, how hard is it to make a good font? it looks like a highly complex, fine craft, and something you certainly need deep knowledge and understanding of to be good at. it looks almost impossible to be good at it, with just how many things you need to account for (all the optical adjustments, kerning, texture just to name a few).
I've been toying with the idea of it, but I've seen enough of shitty free fonts (and non-free ones) to get discouraged from trying it myself. they aren't even good for one-time use, and I don't even mention kerning or texture. making some meme novelty font feels like a waste of time. should I simply give up because it's only for true autists devote their whole lives to it?
File: crop.png (71 KB, 636x300)
71 KB
Here's a great video on how fonts are made (there's lots of video courses out there, also watch the documentary Helvetica if you haven't)

In my opinion it isn't that hard since even kids on dafont make them but as with most things it will depend on how good the person or material you're learning from is, how smart or 'talented' you are, how good you are at design in general and obviously how much time and effort you put in, usually if you know the basics of how to make a font and all the nuances it could take you between a couple of weeks for one single font up to a few months for a full font family (the calligraphy/cursive ones take longer since you'll have to do lots of adjustments and corrections)
If you want to make really great fonts you'll have to study and practice a lot as you said it is a craft but if you make a good one you can get pretty good money monthly for the rest of your life, (a girl called nicky laatz made more than $1 million just making cute fonts although she is pretty good at blogging and promoting/selling)

I do agree with you that there's very few good free font families out there.and that making fonts is not for everyone, much like the people who make games they usually have an obsession about seeing their ideas come to live so they won't mind expending years learning and working on their ideas.
great advice, thanks.

File: confusedhayley.jpg (68 KB, 474x683)
68 KB
Does anyone have a RAL swatch library for Illustrator?

File: bezier.png (39 KB, 667x623)
39 KB
played it today. here's my score

what's yours?
great game. I'm a bit lazy when doing stuff like that. but man it's time consuming when you can't readjust handles.
File: file.png (25 KB, 418x374)
25 KB
I love the pen tool so much, epic game fren

File: chromatic.jpg (150 KB, 540x960)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
How do I achieve that warped rainbow with the RGB lines in the left corner of this pic
and other glitch effects
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Changing an image file into a .txt file and edit it, delete stuff, write stuff, make spaces, copy and paste, duplicate lines etc… and then convert it back to jpeg. (Notepad ++ is a good program for this)
>Open a jpeg image with a hex editor (hexadecimal system, look it up, it has numbers from 0 to 9 and letters from A to F). Changing things in this editor require more changes to create greater variations. Be sure to use the search and replace function to speed up the workflow.
>PNGs can also be edited with the databends above, but they are affected a lot more by small changes. Any other image file can be messed with in the same way
>Editing GIFs with the methods given make blocky changes and different stuff that stagger the animation between frames and stuff like that. Therefore, a good method for databending GIFs is to deconstruct them into frames in photoshop, then databend each frame with the methods given and then put the frames back together into a GIF.
>RAW image files allow incredible results with regards to displacement glitches: simply open any image in Photoshop and save it in the Photoshop RAW file format. After that, in the dialog window be sure to type “0” into the header part. This will save no header in the image’s code, meaning any program which opens it won’t know its dimensions, channels etc… and will ask the user to input these. Once you open it back up, Photoshop will ask for these things. Entering the wrong values will allow you to databend the pixel information to achieve beautiful compositions.
>Audacity has a very interesting feature called import raw data which allows the user to import basically any type of file.
>To import a video the encoding should be A-law, big endian, one channel. Playing it sounds like white noise.
>You can mess with the file by doing effects such as echo. (echo does very minor things like sound changes and small blocks appearing every now and then.)
>Importing an audio as another layer for the video and then merging them before exporting can really mess up a file.
>Adding the Gibberish filter (GOLDWAVE program) creates some nice noise
>Hex editing can also mess up video real good.
>You can also create sine waves over the uncompressed video data
>Importing AVI with divx codecs change the most of all (much more than MOV). So much that just importing into audacity with A-law and then exporting again without any changes already bends the data quite a bit.
>When exporting save as an “uncompressed file” Raw and encoding A-law. Rename the file extension as the same that it was when it was a video.

>Wave files can’t be glitched as easily but one can fake glitchiness in audacity.
>Repeating a certain area many types can fake it making it sound glitched. Messing with pitch also has good results.
>With mp3 you can turn them into .raw and then open them in Photoshop. You can then edit it as an image, using patch tool and stuff like that, adding new images, text, playing with levels or curves, pretty much anything. In the end you must merge all layers and save it as a bitmap (8bit windows format). Once it’s out you can change it back to mp3 and it becomes a glitched out audio.
This is incredible
Bumping for info
File: SDS FireAnt.jpg (881 KB, 800x775)
881 KB
881 KB JPG
Do you guys know of other Apps/programs for glitching apart from Glitch! (glitch4android), 8bit photo lab and vhs camera?

Pic made with Glitch!
Wow... very interesting, thanks

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