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File: myfonts.gif (6 KB, 554x300)
6 KB
what are the fonts desktop license worth buying? I was thinking about getting the Proxima Nova desktop license but I'm not sure yet...
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just download it for free lol
but If I wanna use it commercially....what do
Has anyone ever gotten into trouble for using a font for a job without the commercial license for it?
it always scares me
buy them so, most of them arent that expensive. You'll feel better and you'll be safe.

Post your own album art you've made, even for a real or fake band/artist. As long as it is some sort of album cover you have made, post it
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>early 90's pirated DVD
you triggered me
I mean... as much as I enjoy it. They aren't wrong.
link to playlist?
the spacing kills me.
Look at the L and the V in Silber. Think thats a god distance? Think again then

I need to make this car for tonight but i don't know a thing about how to do it.
(i need to vectorize this with shadows and such, so it looks exactly the same as the image)
Is it hard?
I would pay for this to be done in a couple of hours too.
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Hey bitch, I need someone to come over my house and pull out an old tree and remove some branches from the neighbours that are getting on my backyard. How about you come and do that for free aswell?
I don't do yardwork.
or vectoring by the looks of it
Eat a dick, troll.
troll for telling the truth lol

File: 2JlFIu5Hx95gcGl.jpg (129 KB, 750x727)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
What does /gd/ think about the chances of computers/algorithms/AI taking over the world of graphic design?

A matter of 5,10,15 30 years? Will people always prefer a "human touch" or will price be the factor?
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To expand on my point a little, like OP was hinting at the biggest benefits of AI are simplicity (user doesn't have to worry about doing said task manually) and cost reduction (don't have to hire employees and worry about shit like payroll and overtime). When it comes to companies like Uber or long-haul transport, these outcomes are self-apparent.

For an AI system to truly make sense in this field, it would have to take a metrics-based approach to design; meaning, slap something together based on the data it already has available and go through numerous iterations based on data it collects either from the client themselves or focus tests. Then it has to demonstrate to the client exactly how it came to the conclusion it did, in order to justify the the level of control they're giving up.

The problem is, if you're using live humans for every project to refine the data, it's not really true automation is it? It's just a needlessly-complicated alternative to things like Fiverr.
robots will take over and america will get fatter, the land will collapse underneath them causing a giant tidal wave wiping out all life on earth

america will inevitably wipe out the human race but not in a way we could of ever of imagined

OP here.

Appreciate this answer.
Definitely agree with a lot of points being made. I don't think there's a way to fully take the human aspect out of it, but there will be ways automation will make things easier.
I really think that with time, design will be completely taken over by machines.

For example, you will be able to put any picture on a program, press a button and it'll make it a vector.
>For example, you will be able to put any picture on a program, press a button and it'll make it a vector.


Hi, I need some inspiration for a mascot for a video games ? Do you have any idea ? Thk
like this ?

File: heath.jpg (35 KB, 350x263)
35 KB
Anyone got resume templates to work on in adobe indesign? I'm having a hard time finding a job and want to make my resume more aesthetically appealing, hoping this will at least boost my chances a bit.
If anything it'll lower your chances. Unless you're applying in person, 99% of employers explicitly ask for your resume to be in .docx format (which InDesign doesn't support).

It's easier for everyone involved as it's a standard format with no compatibility issues across OS/browsers, and still lets whatever system they ahve set up crawl through the text for keywords.
>99% of employers explicitly ask for your resume to be in .docx format
Not where I'm from, at least. .pdf files and .docx are the usual.
If you have a hard time getting a job, the answer isn't to just make a prettier looking resume.
.pdf is absolutely fine

eh, it can help

you don't need indesign, ai or ps is more than enough

just make a one page resume, and you can find countless inspiration on google

File: froggo3.png (104 KB, 900x530)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
I'm considering getting into gd, any criticism about the pics? I'm quite satisfied with this for my first major project. Took me two days.
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File: mantis.png (96 KB, 1200x1200)
96 KB
File: wallp.png (68 KB, 1400x738)
68 KB
File: 12.png (224 KB, 1400x700)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
Not OP but your low poly triangulation shit is played out and a meme at this point. Good luck chasing the next trend that comes around though. Hope you do a better job catching it than this frog piece of shit.
Yes, for a first is really good. It's like a guy learning to drive. When he goes around the block smoothly. Good job Billy!
Now start to prepare for a cross country trip.

fml, cgpeers seems to be kill, but I need a copy of aftereffects asap, where is a reliable source for software rips?
alternatively does anybody know a free lightweight program that can do pretentious looking motion graphics the ez way? I need to get a job done so I dont necessarily need the AE
damn, you are right, cgpeers is ded right now.
you can always use chingliu's torrents in tpb, those are clean and easy to setup
>alternative to ae
there's no such thing
how dense are you?
Download AE from adobe.com, start your trial, run Zii Patcher and you're done

File: skullhawk.jpg (325 KB, 2160x2160)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Here's some shit I made, tell me its shitty. Feel free to post your shit so we can all shit on it too.
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'F' is too far from 'u'. Lines are too thin for a logo. No internal grid or guidelines to align things.
Too late but it's decent
The outlines/contrast look a bit out of place but it's not terrible either
From what I can see you went for the minimalist+art deco+memphis-milano look. That's quite a mashup, but it's perfectly acceptable today, and here it looks very good.
IMO the handwritten font doesn't fit in here. It creates a clash of perfect geometry/free form, and the bottom font also adds 3rd dimension. Plus the 2 fonts feel like a lingering hipster trend from the late 2000s. Not a good choice to put next to something that screams 2017.
Also, what kind of triggers my autism is the 45 degree stripes. Those don't look much like memphis-milano at all, they're machine-like and feel more like something from the 70s. Maybe make them horizontal for that '80s look. That said, this style has been butchered way worse elsewhere, so your choice still works alright.
File: pork.jpg (13 KB, 218x140)
13 KB
I love it, but for the love of god do a proper clipping job on that car at least

File: cover.png (3.5 MB, 2000x2000)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB PNG
Currently trying to make some cover art out of stock images. Any suggestions or criticism for my picture?
learn color grading and use a different font with no color and no shadow effects.
that's so ugly i son't know where to start

does someone have this font? can only find the ugly bold one
Second search on Google images

File: filmikwebm (1).1.webm (1.89 MB, 1920x1080)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB WEBM
I have to make portfolio for studies but I wanted to learn it more there so now im worried because i can't make any good stuff. Will I be able to entry studies with for example this shit i made today? Also i will upload more 1 day stuff then cuz i have not to much time. (3d model is not mine)
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there are stars in your clouds, and in front of the moon. Fix the lazy blending mode.
ye because that's his only problem
I fixed some sky, camera, and animation issues.
Still I have to repair mask on stars and give more time in the beginning of shot. Shadows behind tie fighters are visible enough, what about colors, still too dark??
i actually like this one
rough cut fixed I think
I will abandon it at this https://youtu.be/J4QEnbdnO2U
My noob eye see only blur too fix and some duration problems
Then I can post some motion graphics that I will create but Im not sure it's the right board

File: touchup.jpg (7.27 MB, 8320x3120)
7.27 MB
7.27 MB JPG
Hey guys,

Recently, I was asked to touch up some photos for a local windows and siding company to make them look more professional. Here's an example of a photo I edited. I think it looks pretty good but i've also been staring at it for hours and am not sure if it looks realistic.

Most of the people in here are wayyyy more experienced than me so any critique is greatly appreciated.
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you raped it
This looks horrible.
I like it. The colors pop out at you without being over saturated.
This using a vintage filter and framed.
File: 392.jpg (6.15 MB, 4156x3120)
6.15 MB
6.15 MB JPG
the whites are now yellow
the sky looks disgusting
this is a step backwards
all you needed was a bit of vibrance
File: saaa.jpg (4.04 MB, 4156x3120)
4.04 MB
4.04 MB JPG
in fact here have ya whites back to white instead of with a blue tinge

File: kuminus.jpg (169 KB, 1000x1000)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
What does /gd/ think of this logo? Its for an exclusive vegan fusion cuisine.

Also, general critic thread, post your stuff here and Ill try to give some feedback.
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Good job man.
Fuk u
>cum in us
>phallic object going through a vagina like object

Nice try

File: Screenshot (77).png (173 KB, 1920x1080)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
Help I'm very intermediately skilled in Illustrator, I made a logo and added a gradient then color halftone effect how can I select only the black area so that I can make a path and send it to a cameo cutter?
selection tool and click on black
Selection>select inverse> delete white
huge thanks!

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