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File: MintCover.png (356 KB, 800x600)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
Greetings. I last posted on here a few days ago and got a lot of 'hate', so to say. Due to the hate, I have decided I am going to improve my work. How will I do this? I will ask you on how I could improve this piece of work.

Thanks, Ryplex!
there are honestly so many problems with this that it would be impossible to give you advice. you are not at the 'pieces of advice on how to improve' stage yet, you are the 'learning the absolute fundamentals of graphic design' stage. i am dead serious.

go and actually study design, either at a school or through lynda or some books or whatever. it's clear this is self-taught and frankly quite arrogant guesswork. if i were you, i would save this somewhere, study, and then come back to it to see how horrendous it is.

sorry, welcome to reality.
Firstly what did you add some text to a pic (badly)
I don't understand where you are at from something so basic and bad
more specifically, study (in this order)
1. the principles of graphic design—this will vary from different sources but there are generally agrred on principles (balance, hierarchy, contrast, alignment, etc.)
2. typography, typesetting, typeface choice—the most vital skill you can have as a graphic designer is understanding this imho
3. layout and grids—a close second

you can pirate courses on any of these from Lynda on thepiratebay, or buy books about them. then afterwards you can look to colour and extra shit.
This is not graphic design.

Whatever this is, it's vomit inducing.
Listen to this anon: >>331562 >>331564


File: white pride.jpg (11 KB, 250x250)
11 KB
this logo is terrible.... design a new 'white pride' logo please :3
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Haha, fuck that is totally Nazi death camp tier.
File: 1492268531059.jpg (1.53 MB, 2241x2569)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
European ones are, Amerifatties can't graphic design which is why they have to resort to using swastikas and not the other symbols the Natsocs used.

This is coming from a burger himself as well
Ah, the Europe circlejerk
It's missing a turd in front of it.

File: 22.png (284 KB, 627x466)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
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the former
red the tutorial, it's nothing hard and is done in minutes
File: Bez tytułu.jpg (362 KB, 1918x1047)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
just few fast curves in Corel
File: 6.png (293 KB, 405x500)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
File: 1461380703132.jpg (5 KB, 300x301)
5 KB

File: 1482986197572.jpg (161 KB, 1920x1080)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
I want to learn graphic design but since I'm using linux (my laptop is too old to run windows properly) I can't use Illustrator. I've heard that Illustrator is the "industtry's standard" and that it's way superior to inkscape and what not.

I plan to make ads and posters I guess (I'm getting a degree in marketing so I was thinking to broaden my skill set and possibly do some freelancing on the side) and also to do digital drawings as a hoby.

What do you guys think? Is inkscape really that bad compared to Illustator?
Btw, how does GIMP stand compared to Photoshop?
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in a company, everyone uses the same program. The end. You don't change the entire workflow to accomodate one person's muhopensourcerevolution ideology. You fire that person and hire someone who know how to use the company's tool.

it's like you never had a job in your life
>oh wait
Ok I get it, but could you please explain how does not using the same program interrupts the workflow (and what is the workflow exactly)? I'm just curious to know how these companies work. Is it that one person designs the background, the other designs some other details, an other designs the text of the same piece or what? And even if it is so, I believe different programs can save files in the same format so everyone can later open that file and use it, right?
>I believe different programs can save files in the same format so everyone can later open that file and use it, right?
Theoretically yes but even having different versions of the same program might create compatibility issues (Pr I'm looking at you)
There's also layer styles and what not that can only be read off of PS or whatever program -
essentially theres no reason for one person out of a team to be a level of abstraction off of everyone else, another place for things to potentially to get fucked up, just because of personal preference.
In our team we have a group that does initial designs and concepts, then its passed to another creative team to be made in various iterations, so a concept and production team.

After stuff is completed in production its usually handed around to various other places and often a handful of other people will edit it from there based on alot of different factors.
There are designers. They do rough sketches and show them to the art director. The art director tells them what he thinks is good. This repeats until a particular winning solution is found. It's polished by the designer. Art director keeps sending in his thoughts. If appropriate, other teams (programmers, layout designers, translators, whatever) get the project handed over to them.

File: IMG_1920.jpg (1007 KB, 3987x1285)
1007 KB
1007 KB JPG
Got any suggestions on a font pair for fluidium in a wood burning design?
id give you a legit answer if you knew the difference between a font and a typeface
If not sure use Helvetica.

File: cutie.jpg (234 KB, 1200x960)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Hi anons!

I have to make a presentation about my thesis in 3 days.

The uni has shitty computers, so i cant make a prezi, the only choice they give is powerpoint.

Would you suggest me elegant ppt themes for presenting in front of old ladies and men?

my email is tarolohely0010@gmail.com, i wont tripfag anymore, and thanks.
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File: bonuesfinal (1).jpg (74 KB, 1600x1600)
74 KB
This was just sent to us by our GDIII professor.
We have until 8am tomorrow to submit something cool. IM FUCKED> HELP PLEASE.
Lmao what kind of question is that? Just place them as any sane person would. Books in the closet, desk near closet, facing the wall, TV arrangement towards the back of the room.
Does this room not have any windows?
Is the challenge of this exercise to insert those things into the plan in the proper scale?
So many questions. I am so glad I stayed away from a major in graphic design.
well that's how meme degrees work
File: 1513710428228.png (73 KB, 330x310)
73 KB
>tfw Office template developer
>making thousands off designers who design PowerPoints but won't touch the software with a barge pole
>it's actually ezpz
>thesis in 3 days
>beginning presentation now
let us know if you decide to an hero when you fail

File: IMG-1904.jpg (348 KB, 640x1136)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
hey guys,

i'm trying to make some sort of audio-generated video for a song i made. i'm strictly into music, so i have no idea how to go about making something like this. can someone point me in the right direction? thanks!
You will need AfterEffects (watch VideoCopilot's basic training to learn the basics of how to use it).
You will also need a plug-in to make things faster, there are lots to choose from, I like Trapcode Sound Keys for this.
It's fairly easy to do (even if you are unfamiliar with Ae) and there are zillions of tutorials online.

any interesting websites or blogs with news, articles and possibly tutorials on graphic design stuff? jan-feb are slow at work, so instead of fucking around i might as well be learning
post em then, faggot

File: disco.jpg (207 KB, 1080x702)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Is there ab easy way to recreate this logo in higher quality? I was going to draw each line in a new layer on photoshop and then fill it in. Are there any easier ways?
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you're welcome

if it's not real disco then kys
Or just use the pen tool, automatically fill, right click convert to vector
look on Brands of the world or Seek logo..?
>and get irregular letters

Anyone else think the 2010s just suck aesthetically? There's few examples of memorable design and this entire decade will probably be forgotten
The fact that the biggest trend for the past 10 years has been reviving "retro" design just speaks volumes about this matter
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heres a neville brody qoute that hits the nail on the head with what i was trying to, so haphazardly, express nearer the end of my post.

> “In the end,
design will eat itself. Culture is not a bottomless pit that can be infinitely ransacked – it
needs a purposeful present, lived experience with which to nourish its context and
File: bordy-1.jpg (904 KB, 1400x850)
904 KB
904 KB JPG
He was a rapist.
citation needed
his name literally has "evil bro" in it

File: 1515532565717.png (18 KB, 640x352)
18 KB
Any particular reason not to use SVGs over high resolution PNGs on a logo portfolio website?
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Yeah, PNG is better for really tiny images. SVG looks too pixelly. The smoothness of a transparent PNG's edge is better for small icons.
File: 1516124247724.png (117 KB, 444x440)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
>I did repeated jobs for a year with "recreate the logo we don't have authorization to send you ours"
>First, while everything desktop post-IE7 now supports SVG, there's still no guarantee that the stupid toasters clients have will support it right (or at all given east Asia's love affair with keeping IE6 for circa-2002 ActiveX banking and signing software with a serious case of first-mover's technical debt.)

Speaking of which there are a handful of well designed Korean websites I've come across and knowing this I've always wondered who's viewing these sites if they're not even optimized for IE which is dominant in the country. Maybe niche crowds there are a bit more advanced?
Is there an easy way to convert png images to svg and get these results?
it was, thankfully, a wordmark in a font i recognized so i just had to colormatch with chips and use calipers to measure the inner stroke and outline. still dumb as fuck, working with international branches sucks ass.

east asian approach to web design strikes me as similar to their approach to architecture. pure utilitarian ugly box or designer-driven ego project, no in-betweens, with the latter not giving a fuck if the average passerby doesn't get it it's their fault, rather than the american approach of making everything baseline pretty with commonly available material and technique.

curious what /gd/ uses for a mouse? Basic junk? Gaming mouse? Trackpad?
Looking for mouse recommendations. I'll be using it for Ps, Ai, Id, AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit, etc.

Can you program functions to additional buttons on gaming mice?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Heck yeah. Got all right side of keyboard there. I use it always while doing anything. Life saver right here.
I use a Wacom CTH680 and the mouse you posted (Logitech g402). You are able to reprogram the function keys on the 402, but the program to do so isn't as fleshed out as other brands of mice. I'm sure if you really wanted to set up complex macros with one, you could set something up with Mini Mouse Macro or the likes.
I use your pick related OP

I programmed enter and delete on my mouse side keys and it's a huge productivity boost.
I'm currently using Calado speedlink and absolutely love it, but i'm only buying a new mouse since this one's a little small for my hand.

Can you guys recommend me a good wireless, silent and ergonomical mouse?
Logitech is always a good choice

File: sketch-icon-41.png (94 KB, 800x600)
94 KB
Who has a link to sketch 48.2 crack?
Just google a torrent you lazy faggot. I did it and found it in a second

File: PepeWojakhehe~2.jpg (10 KB, 217x225)
10 KB
Is anyone here having trouble switching from Gimp to Photoshop?

Even though I have Photoshop sitting right there on my desktop, I always just use Gimp. I'm too used to the workflow despite it being an inferior product.
>Is anyone else here a fucking retard?

No, it's just you OP
I'm with you op, had to go through exactly the same a few years back. You'll overcome this.
Yes, I'm struggling hard rn. The things I create in Corel take an insane amount of time and often look worse, so I end up going back to Gimp.
I used that program too long, my entire brain and muscle memory is used to it.
Maybe the trick is just to deinstall it and force yourself to get used to the new program.
would gimpshop be a good bridge, it's gimp but with a PS gui
I'm having trouble switching from inkscape to illustrator. I'm having the exact same problem too. I just go for inkscape instead of illustrator.

File: vaporwave-720.jpg (118 KB, 719x477)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
It's taken me 5 years but i've finally come to the realisation that Vaporwave is the young, incoherent brother to Punk in terms of art and design.

Because they're depressed and still live with their parents, these kids have nothing to argue or complain about other than how //sad/~/ they are and with their laziness only evolving, the design's being shat out are less than half assed.
Over just this past 8 months alone ive noticed a massive popularity in kids having a go at this "new age collaging" to think they're the bee's knees because they know how to filter google images to soley search for .png's so they can save themselves (most likely) hours of trying to cut out anything themselves.

What do you guys think?
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I highly doubt you can get the vaporwave feel with monochrome photocopies. Could be fun though.

Angsty kids doing collage will always exist
it doesn't look too bad but the computers and the bottle in the middle ruin it imo. might be because the highlights are too intense.

but yeah, most of this trend is just coming around because of disillusioned teens and students not knowing wtf theyre doing so they half-ass everything.
why would you spend 5 years even thinking about vaporwave
I'm more of T E A M S E S H B O N E S / Minimal-Wave kind of a guy when I 'ironically' pretend to be a S A D / emo / goth / melancholic / /fa/ggot millennial.

Vaporwave is too cliche and overdone by now.



(Was a lot of fun tho when I entered university like 6 years agon and was shitposted on Facebook while high on DA [mind degrading] PLANT.)
I don't understand anything about Vaporwave, never have.

All I know is that I've made a decent amount of money selling half-rate T-shirts based off it for a couple of years and the meme shows no signs of dying out

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