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File: modelo.jpg (66 KB, 1280x800)
66 KB
opinions pls
Looks good, but in my opinion the black is a bit, eh. You could try making the footer #ff262626. The background #ff212121. And if possible the top above the white divider #ff212121. Just a suggestion.
Looks good, but in my opinion the black is a bit, eh. You could try making the footer #ff262626. The background #ff212121. And if possible the top above the white divider #ff262626. Just a suggestion.
is bad you could probably find free wireframes that look way better, the logo is also pretty lame and outdated.
File: bb.jpg (314 KB, 1520x754)
314 KB
314 KB JPG

File: stylish_10110.jpg (86 KB, 1300x975)
86 KB
any body can find this font??
read the sticky before posting, mustafa
Which one?
I need both
any body but you

File: gdfail.jpg (95 KB, 720x960)
95 KB
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The problem is: I never even paid attention this button. It was a blind area to me. I just overlooked it, assuming it was something I didn't need. Then after several years on site I wondered about it.
It's simply disorienting when the visual cues leave you guessing—not even thinking, but guessing. So much for the "don't make me think" rule.
The other 3 buttons hint at their functions reasonably well, but a 'C' says nothing to me. I'd take a simple button with a word "compare" over it. Or a fitting pictogram. It would still be better than one letter that says nothing.
>you can click on the button once to learn what it activates
Sorry, but it sounds like a poor excuse made by a poor designer—implying that people have to adapt to the GUI, not that the GUI should be adapted for people to provide guidance and communication.
I'm not a little child to click on every button to learn what it does. If one would take this logic further, we could just strip all pictograms and signs from buttons and leave the user guessing. After all, what does it take to click all those buttons and learn what they do, right?… We'd go back in 1980s, the good old pre-GUI times when you had to learn text commands for everything. I'm sure people miss this part most of all, who needs easy solutions?
it's not even a mp3 for me, it's a midi
the biggest fail of 2017
You may as well go back to /r/webguru then
yeah, this is obviously ironic

Any good JS/HTML course
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just learn the basics and work with bootstrap
i guess YouTube videos and tutorials the best way to learn its by actually coding mmm look up for udemy theres a lot of courses in there
File: unix_magic.jpg (155 KB, 977x1488)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
codecademy is how I got my start.
I recommend you also mess around on codepen, check out other people's stuff while you learn, searching for pens related to what you're working on.

Code academy suck
Try Udemy or Lynda and find try full stack web with HTML CSS JavaScript
SoloLearn app, its simple, small and really makr you learn

File: Rede_Globo_logo.png (117 KB, 316x316)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Anyone know Rede Globo's logo?
No, tell me more.
(((Rede Globo)))
What a shit!

File: logo1.jpg (484 KB, 5681x3378)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
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It looks neat but now that you say its ac it takes away, knowing that makes it feel unsettling. I think the c more than the a
why should he make a logo your grandma can read if she's horrified by the ideas of tattoos? making something that looks nice is way more important
his customer base is dedicated enough to want to have his drawings on his skin forever, surely they're dedicated enough to look at his logo for more than half a second to get it
it's still shit
It's too irregular.
Remove that thing on the left which looks like "s".
Poor Pepe.

File: beta uprising logo.png (57 KB, 305x305)
57 KB
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File: ed7.jpg (45 KB, 596x628)
45 KB
my fucking sides
great job anon
File: be.jpg (38 KB, 305x305)
38 KB
now it is ready
>repurposing symbols
Guys of course its crap. Its made for ßetas ffs

File: 1436209730758.jpg (35 KB, 500x500)
35 KB
What is your computer and software set up?

I want to buy a new computer
I mostly just use indesign and illustrator
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Is a drawing tablet a good investment? I have only used a mouse so far and I don't know if it would increase my design quality or not. any recommendations for a tablet then?

my setup:
Windows 10 home edtion
i5-4670K at 3.4 ghz
Nvidia 6800
samsung 256 GB SSD
8 GB 1600 RAM
1 TB harddrive.
adobe stuff.
yes it is especially good for retouching images on photoshop and a 'must have' for anything illustration, i recommend wacom intuos pro small or medium, but any wacom will serve you well.
pick a wacom tablet they're cheap af, desktop vs laptop it depends of you
It doesn't matter what your computer is, you're still a shit designer even with the most expensive macbook
Win 7
Intel i7 Gen 3
NVIDIA GTX 650 GPU (shitty I know but it works)
Mechanical backlit keyboard
13 Button gaming mouse
2x 1920*1080 monitors
>Over 3TB memory b/c I am Jack Sparrow
Windows 10 Pro
28" Surface Studio
6th Gen Intel Core i7
Additional large ASUS HDMI monitor to view email, web and MS office programs while I design with my Surface touch screen.
Complete version Adobe Creative Suite - all programs included
Newest Surface Pens
New Surface Mouse
Epson Workforce WF7620 all-in-one large format printer, scanner and fax

Travel Setup:
Surface Pro 4 -

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How does my first logo look?

It's for an upcoming webcomic called "World For An Angel"
In short it's pretty bad
Clean, smooth geometric vector above is clashing with the title below it, because it has raw edgy lettering. Also, the vector has a soft outline which is set in slightly darker shade, but the letters have bright contrasting shadow and screaming neon colors.
All in all is very inconsistent and looks like two different things randomly thrown together. You don't get any points for using futuresynth style too, it's very garish and overused by now
what logo?
I agree with op on this one. It looks like you just got two images and clashed them together. And the word colors are too bright compared to the wing things?
If you're over the age of 13, give up.

File: InfoTL.jpg (193 KB, 1008x720)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
I need a full list of what to learn in order to create this style of video making: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjBdcyueom8&t=1s
power point
That looks like something made by someone who just got into AfterEffects.
>so much wiggle
VideoCopilot's basic training is a good free way to learn the software
lmao yea, the whole thing is pretty pathetic to someone who knows motion graphics
I'm telling Lee that you posted that image!

can i have a santa hat in my avatar, thanks!°
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alright can you take the hat off now that christmas is over, thanks!
u use this for steam amiright?
File: IMG_9117.jpg (45 KB, 1024x1024)
45 KB
Nice hat
this is not a vector graphic

Sorry I know the pic is really shitty, but does anyone know what the font on the socks could be?
It looks like Normandie or Abril or some other fatass didone serif in all caps.
Onyx or Bodoni Condensed
These look spot on, thanks so much dude

google it: "futurachapro-Regular.otf"

it's easy to get on russian vk
Yeah but that's like the beta Russian experiment version, it doesn't actually transform like futuracha is supposed to. The official version was released not too long ago

File: IMG_20180110_023114.jpg (53 KB, 960x612)
53 KB
Baron Tremayne Caple A.K.A. Rainbow Man

File: angry-feel.png (52 KB, 400x486)
52 KB
Why is this board so slow?? nobody wants to be a designer or fucking what?
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Cuz 4chan users like to ignore posts
probably this board was just made to not "spam" /ic/
All this board should be a general in /g/
Because mods don't ban users who post requests to get jobs done fore free, and don't ban cucks who actually go ahead and do those jobs for free, the board is absolute shit, so people just leave, and all is left is pajeets doing vaporware album covers
I'm too busy trading crypto and shit posting on /biz/

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