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Someone got paid for this

Probably didn't get paid enough, 20 years later it's an icon.
someone got paid for this
what's your point

File: nVU8Z7R.jpg (192 KB, 1224x720)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
the great debate
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Put Paul Allens card on Bryce's paper and we have a winner
Bateman has best font but miss me those numbers, I rather like Allen's Layout but that font is too out of place. And Bryce has best numbers and best address line. Patten a shit
>nobody has commented on "aquisitions"
I think Pierce & Pierce needed to establish some goddamned brand standards because this shit is out of control.

Anyway, Bateman Bryce Van Patten Allen, in that order. Fuck his watermark, this is excessive use of Copperplate and he deserved that axe to the face.
>35^8 Exchange Place New York

File: Communist Manifesto.png (871 KB, 1488x1042)
871 KB
871 KB PNG
Here is a fake book cover I designed. Post book cover you've designed.
you designed a book cover from a basic format used for millennia, congrats a fucking lations, i want to say fucking moron 400 times
it's nice but the bar code is too capitalist.
"Motherland" quickly executed the 'liberal college students', 'revolutionaries' or whatever you want to call loyal domestic ideologues (traitors) in countries it invaded, cuz they knew too much / were too close... it doesnt really fit.

Hey /gd/,

Working on this logo rn and I'm struggling on how to make this with shades.

You are asking how to draw
ask in >>>/ic/

i need help, i don't know much about hair salons got any ideas? i need to make a few posters. tablide size
mood board time.
>go to creativemarket
>type 'hair salon poster'
>rip it off

File: W3A5pPL.jpg (1.17 MB, 2550x3300)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
What do you guys think of my flyer? I'm a beginner and I only charged $5 for it. I know the corner of the moon hill is a little bent, but apart from that do you have any suggestions for improvement in my technique?
you got $5 for that
graphic design really is dead
You got $5 for this shit?
i love how blurry hilltop is and how sharp present is, you my friend are the future

also to many other mistake to list
also you got $5 for that really

Got any creative designs for business/calling cards?

File: IMG_20180415_034141_HHT.jpg (3.13 MB, 4000x2250)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB JPG
Can you guys do a cartoony sketch of this project? I really need it for tommorrow but i got only the laptop with linux on me and i cant use Photoshop on it. It is essentially a cup dispenser that gives you juice if you correctly solve math problems
A) this is not >>>/wsr/
B) we don't work for free
C) I assume you mean vectorial with cartoony in which case, you wouldn't be using Ps
D) you can download inkscape on linux
E) fuck off and delete this

File: Vision.png (32 KB, 900x571)
32 KB
Hey there /gd/, i came here because i wanted your input on this.
Over on /sci/ right now, we got a thread going and a project already started to heal retenitis pigmentosa 25 (a genetically based eye disease). You can find that thread here: >>>/sci/thread/9658785

Regarding that project, we are seeking graphic designers to help us figure out a good logo for the project. Additionally we are discussing layout's for "advertisements" (small palm-size cards to pass around when we decide to go public with this). Some common symbols that have been passed around is an eye, light/fracturing of light/rainbow, double helix, fragmentation, etc.

This isn't a request nor is it a shill, this is a thread inviting you to show me what you got!? What graphic designs can you come up with for this, us /sci/-fags aren't /gd/'s by any means and in many cases have showed sheer incompetency in that department, so i would like to see /gd/ come up with something that actually looks good.

Pic related, one of the earlier, shittier, ideas/designs for this project.
link broke, here is fix:

Eyeball proportions are off, font is shit, wtf is the point of the overlapping on the left
text overlap probably is for representation of poor eyesight?

Does this kind of shit upset you?
is a small mistake, I had to give 800% zoom to realize, but it was enough to almost restart the whole project.
this kind of thing has already happened some 3 times. small mistakes that only to realize giving too much zoom, but was enough for me to kick the fucking project some 3 times.

Should I care less about it or should I still be over-cautious about this sort of thing?
care 1500000000% less pls
Use smart guides and snap to grid

File: 28.jpg (1.33 MB, 1000x1000)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
hey /gd/. thorough newfag here, plan to study and work with graphic design in near future (already kinda do), and i'd like to ask for orientations on how to better train myself and what programs to use, etc.

also, pic related is something i did last year. ik, shitgrade vapor/fashwave art but i see plenty people around here that enjoy that stuff so i hope some of you do.
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not op but i was looking into making pixel art for a project i'm starting up and want to know whats best for it and where to get it preferably free.
> you said thepiratebay but i wouldn't know what to look for there
just search lynda
get a cgpeers account and you'll have a wider variety of tuts

ASEsprite, torrent it
yeah i'm finding shit through soulseek
File: Chris-Business-Bootcamp.jpg (464 KB, 1920x1920)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
also go watch all the videos in this channel, .

I've even seen comments where people said they listen to the vids while working or on the gym they're pretty great
good tip

File: 15229497186855.jpg (623 KB, 990x1319)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
Was it easier then?

File: Capture.jpg (72 KB, 877x482)
72 KB
hello what makes a 3D image looks realistic?

I am working in paint tool sai for games and animation and mostly

confused how it should look realistic with least amount of layers possible.

Comparing two stuff here,
below is realistic painting, and above is real time CG
can i get some pointers?
like what makes current gen 3D so realistic?
what are the "layers" of calculation they put between the 3d faces to the pos process?
I don't quite understand with your statement, whether it was 2D painting or 3D rendering.

but here's a quick rundown. If you're working within 2D (PS, Sai) you might want to refer basic realistic rendering, which consist understanding lighting, color theory, etc. (discuss more in /i/, not here)

I cant give you example for this, you might want to find it yourself.

But if you're working with 3D, this isnt the board for you, and you might want to move to /3/. Things to learn consist texture/uv mapping with normals bump etc. and learn how to use ray-trace render (I'm a blender cheapfuck)

Also note : I dont know why you use country/month/year/gayasfuck as your username(could indicate youre a newfag), but as a fellow indon, wassup man and welcome
Man learning you are indonesian wastes my energy faggot.
Lets not bring the giant pig called nation anymore.

I want my 2d image rendering to look and feel 3d without using 3d soft.
So far i can only do line art precisely and from there idk what colors to put.

Should prolly bring some example
delete this and continue your tripfaggotry at >>>/ic/ where this discussion belongs

File: IMG_20161129_202209.jpg (114 KB, 1252x1252)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
I just got a mac laptop off the tech school I study at, do you think it's possible to pirate the whole adobe suite without getting viruses?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I just got a mac laptop off the tech school I study at
lloll you can't get viruses on a mac. also you can crack it, i had found a tutorial on reddit that was very well explained and you just had to like edit an hidden file from the original softwares that you would download from adobe directly
File: 1492441822479.jpg (3 KB, 125x125)
3 KB
>you can't get viruses on a mac
I'm sorry your loss in getting a mac, but you should be able to just fine. If you are that worried about viruses get malwarebytes or something.
Or install Gentoo GNU/Linux and forget about viruses

Can anyone enlighten me on the process of logo design?

I sketched this for a friend, then I scanned it, and using Illustrator I added the circles to give it certain 'proportions' or at least make the 'corners' or curves a bit more uniformity.

That said, i have no idea on how to proceed with refining it, as to give it correct proportions, spacing, etc.

>5A is original sketch penciled in, then added the circles when scanning
>Corrected a few angles and positioning of the circles, print, and resketch
>scanned again

What do? It's for a health company that has initials AL
File: Capturene.png (15 KB, 317x266)
15 KB
Also, here's my attempt at making it a clean-ish shape
you need some experience and a trained 'eye' to know when something looks good or bad, usually once you have the idea and the first sketch approved you'll just draw a bunch of iterations and from there pick the the ones that look better and then trace them on adobe illustrator. if you want the stroke to be the same size its easier there, a few things you could do are, maybe try to see how it loooks as a favicon or as profile icon as well as a very large signage and with a white and black background.


Those are some good videos. Specially the width one. As you can tell, my focus is not in graphic design. I'm doing this for a sixpack of hombrew beer so I mean...
Make the Star Trek and the two sparks a bit thinner, the right one maybe a bit longer

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