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File: printpop_1_1.jpg (9 KB, 274x87)
9 KB
What font is pic related?
it took me 5 seconds using whatfontis

File: 1481170010349.png (327 KB, 1856x1161)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
literally everything I read on the internet about this is contradicting itself. I need to make something to print that is at least 72 DPI. How can I know the DPI when working in illustrator if all I can change is the PPI? Some people say it's a 1:1 ratio, some people say having less PPI makes it much bigger (which makes no fucking sense to me, why would having less pixels make an image bigger). Can someone help me before I neck myself.
all you need to know is that if you are printing something, make it 300ppi. that is the maximum points per inch that the average eye can see. so even if dpi and ppi aren't the exact same thing, setting it to 300ppi will give you the best possible print.
Thank you so much :)

when designing anything for web, what ppi should i choose? is 72ppi a meme?
>why would having less pixels make an image bigger
If you have an image that is 100x100 px and have a ppi of 10 you will get a 10x10 inch image. If you adjust the ppi to 50 you will suddenly have a 2x2 inch image, because you cram more of you precious pixels into every inch. It's not that hard.

If you don't understand that I'm not gonna waste my breath explaining in detail the difference between dpi and ppi...

PPI is irrelevant for webdesign, 72 ppi or 10000 ppi, it will look exactly the same.
Not OP.
You're a fucking dick. Stop it

File: 1.jpg (85 KB, 710x528)
85 KB
I need a cad model created from a relatively good/bad drawing I have. It's an animal shaped ring. Willing to pay for it of course. Is this even possible? I need it asap.
pic related

File: 31436300003_large.jpg (237 KB, 800x600)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
The majority of graphic designer are just glorified office workers who can't create shit without a computer.
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>drawing what? geometric primitives?
Yes, it's a lot harder time I without undo commands, and clicking staging and mirrors identical lines.

When I say draw it I mean draw it to a professional standard without Adobe.

>logo drawing has been rather primitive since modernism.

There is nothing primitive about logo drawing you idiot. Minimalistic design is carefully calculated and thought out.

>yes, imagine, you don't have to be good at drawing to make this.

It's still a good skill to have for more than one reason. Knowing how to draw will improve your logo design, flyers and potentially save you money on stock images... but most designers just know Adobe.

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youre an idiot. you cant draw that free hand on a napkin. people were using stencils and rulers and shit just to make logo prototypes
>40 years ago:
The majority of graphic designer are just glorified office workers who can't create shit without a pencil and paper.
I have to say, I'm into design but I can't draw (taking classes tho) and I can agree with what you're saying. Drawing is a huge part of the design skill set imo.
Good on you for trying to do it the right way.

Knowing how to draw is sadly overlooked way too much when it comes to design knowledge these days.

File: 6845367.jpg (610 KB, 1200x1800)
610 KB
610 KB JPG
Sup /gd/ I need help and it fairly simple I need this plaid design either recreated with fiber textures and everything or a sample that I'll put in a second post
File: 6845367-1.jpg (256 KB, 612x328)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Or this warped to look straight and flat I don't have a computer and can't do it myself
>will pay in crypto
Another bump
requests /wsr/

File: keepr-wordmark.jpg (44 KB, 1600x1070)
44 KB
Does the rule of designing a logo in black and white first still apply now? I have been seeing alot of logos like this recently
Yes and that logo sucks

I need illustrator and photoshop for Mac where can i download a good
lurk moar

File: recreate.png (346 KB, 1166x881)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
How would you recreate this effect on text? I've tried layering a couple text layers on top of each other, however, it's points aren't smooth.
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i saw the brockhampton effect tutorial somewhere, but not sure about the japanese one.
Obviously just make a 3d extrusion of the text
1 https://youtu.be/5wXJqfXkLxE
2 https://youtu.be/eRvnoMm11_0
File: cool_spam(4).jpg (33 KB, 2100x352)
33 KB
thats hardly half way there

File: wv.jpg (670 KB, 535x783)
670 KB
670 KB JPG
I know this is not quite the right place, but
maybe someone knows how to made effect in this video
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advise sites where it is best to ask such a question like "how to create fx like in this video etc"
It's not an effect desu it's an animation technique called pixilation
you could try one of the time effects in after effects to change the frame rate. I think it's called 'echo time' or something like that.
Thnx mates!
Effect>Time>Posterize Time

what are the best designed flags?

>>> Last threat reached image max

here are my 4 fav,
Swiss cantonal flags
they look like some less important english coats of arms
File: Japan_JFA.png (24 KB, 640x480)
24 KB
coat of arms as well?
Is that bottom left flag the flag of New Bern NC?
https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6d/Flag_of_Amsterdam.svg/1280px-Flag_of_Amsterdam.svg.png this one

Is there any good introduction materials to graphic design for beginners like me?
File: gd starting kit.jpg (231 KB, 828x966)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
reading the sticky
>less is more
No, less is less. Everyone knows that.
Don't overload a picture though and focus on the pieces you want to focus on.
If you want to be literal make a 16x16 pixel logo containing a single letter, genius.

File: The step.png (984 KB, 693x1500)
984 KB
984 KB PNG
Doing a piece of engineering coursework last minute so I came up with a very simple design for a 120 m office building and I need some help with a name for it. (e.g the Gherkin, the Shard etc)
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File: 1up.png (11 KB, 469x469)
11 KB
The Stairs.
The stapler
File: 400.jpg (61 KB, 400x400)
61 KB
morning yawn
The Zigga-what

File: cali.jpeg_1572130063.jpg (41 KB, 760x428)
41 KB
Im interested lettering. Do I have to have special talent for this? or can I achieve it by practicing a lot?

Also, if you have resources on "how to" and basic stuff, would be awesome.
>Do I have to have special talent for this? can I achieve it by practicing a lot?
As with most things you want to learn usually you'll find someone who is an expert and learn everything you can from him/her, depending on how good your tutor is and/or how much you effort you put in you will start getting better eventually, also practice a lot but be smart about it like when lifting weights you don't want to get stuck but rather you'll be better off following a program with increasing level of difficulty.

>Also, if you have resources on "how to" and basic stuff

If you're serious or if you have the money I believe the calligraphy lettering on thefutur is about $150 and you'll get to practice with Nils Lindstrom lessons.

for books maybe go to amazon or libgen.io and just type "calligraphy" and on google search for "vk.com calligraphy". also watch these

Thank you for taking the time to answer.
Post lindstrom class
Post doyal young's book

why is none of it pirated yet?

File: download (24).png (57 KB, 950x925)
57 KB
why the fuck is Adobe doing away with Muse? It was perfect for people like myself who were savvy in Illustrator to design websites. Is Adobe introducing another Dreamweaver Alternative or just combining Muse's features?
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html and css aren't hard dude, anyways you can always hire a 3rd party coder if you're freelancing and include it in the bill
In sketch you can have variable width shapes by locking the shape to either end of it's bounding shape, or to the artboard if it doesn't have a bounding shape. And it respects margins so you don't have to fix objects to the very edge of the bounding object.

I think css is very easy, but I have been doing css for many years. I'm not sure if it's worth it for a designer. Plus, if you are a designer at a company, you will be making responsive designs in a design app before bringing them into css. You may or may not be the person to translate designs into css, depending on the size of the company. Small companies, the designer often designs right in css, whereas bigger companies want design mockups approved before the coding starts.
muse isn't all that useful, you can easily learn basic code to make the things it allows you to do
>designer has no control over layout
>severely limited in its design features
>does whatever the hell it wants with your design choices
>offers no actual functionality
>output code is a bug prone clusterfuck
>responsive is simply out of control

Muse is OK so far as you have two equal rectangles in perfect vertical arrangement. But insofar as actual design is
concerned, using Muse is severely limiting, and learning to be dependent on it is shooting yourself in the foot. It's better that it is dead.
File: mockup_4.gif (7.99 MB, 800x600)
7.99 MB
7.99 MB GIF
then, what do you guys recommend for front-end responsive web/mobile design besides learning to code?
also I've seen tons of pic related shots at dribbble do they make those ux animations into actual ux web/app? or are they just for showing off? are they made in sketch? invision? aftereffects?

I’m using /pol/ from my new iPhone 7. Had my old one replaced. My MacBook Air is being fixed. Can anyone here tell me how to fix/ why it’s happening that animated.jpg memes are not playing unless a file ends with.gif?? I’ve messed with 4chan’s settings and am still unable to make animation memes work. Thanks

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