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File: video game font.jpg (59 KB, 635x900)
59 KB
Hello /GD/, first time poster to your board but have been on the other boards for 10 years or so. Wish I looked around here earlier.

Anyway, I am trying to teach myself graphic design, for things like logos would i be doing most of that in a vector program and then touch it up in a bitmap one? Inkscape to gimp? Or illustrator to photoshop? I've been having a lot of trouble in gimp making shapes with any crisp clean edges so would appreciate the feedback.

I'll be looking around all the threads trying to soak up any information I can, but if you can point me to a good website for GIMP focused tutorials I would appreciate that a lot. I've been wasting a lot of time trying to reinterpret photoshop tutorials in GIMP and my progress with that has been really slow. Picture only slightly related, as Im trying to experiment and recreate video game fonts as practice.
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I didn't think anyone used that site anymore after what happened years back. Thanks for your advice and insight regarding gimp. I'll try to find a competent vector editor in the meantime, eventually I may switch to Adobe products if everyone here thinks its the only usable thing.

I dabble some in 3d modeling and it reminds me a bit of the argument regarding Blender and 3dmax and maya and the like. Nowadays you are seeing more and more production level products being made fully in free open source programs and I was hoping it would be the case in 2d fields as well.

Thank you again to everyone who has chimed in so far.
To put it shortly, there's no real competition for Adobe. Everyone here and everywhere uses their products, maybe aside for a tiny fraction of people who use other commercial sotfware. Using FOSS is going against the flow and against the obvious.
As far as free alternatives for raster go, there’s Krita and GIMP. The former is mostly for drawing though, it’s not really made for photo editing, filters, design, etc. I heard mostly good things about Krita but I haven't used it.
GIMP is a full-fledged raster image editor. Technically, it can do most things Photoshop can, except for more advanced and specific stuff. But it lacks severely in non-destructive editing and automation. This means that things which can be quickly repeated, edited and adjusted in Photoshop without losing work will have to be re-done completely in GIMP.
Also, Photoshop is de-facto standard for the industry, and for most people. So most tutorials on web will be Photoshop-centered, with only a fraction of quantity and quality of that for GIMP. Same goes for associated file formats.
There’s also a powerful stigma surrounding GIMP, it has become synonymous with awful work on DeviantArt and clunky and ugly FOSS. To be fair, this is somewhat overstated because GIMP improved over the years, and the software is not to blame for poor artists. However, the program is still clunky, confusing and not very pretty.
For vector FOSS, I only know of Inkscape, but I haven’t used it enough. I guess it’ll do for simple tasks. But again, like GIMP, it’s clunky and not pretty.
Looks like I'll be signing up for the creative cloud program if that's the case. As a student I might be able to get it cheaper for a year while learn.

Gimp and photoshop are image editors (or raster editors as you put it) but are they also tools someone would draw a complete painting or image in from start to finish? (assuming there was no need for vector lines) I remember things like SAI were popular a while back for drawing and Im curious what the exact overlap is with a raster editor like photoshop.

Thanks for entertaining all of my entry level questions btw. I probably will convert to photoshop alone just because I need to have total comprehensive understandings of what I'm doing. I can't even find a list of what each layer mode in GIMP is best suited or intended for besides "experimenting." I really prefer knowing things front and back.
It's up toy you but it can be pricey and everyone pirates Adobe tools anyway. There's actually a thread up right now how to do it, just in case.
>Gimp and photoshop are image editors (or raster editors as you put it) but are they also tools someone would draw a complete painting or image in from start to finish?
for drawing better see /ic/. but yes, it's totally possible to draw in them, although here Photoshop probably has edge.
>I can't even find a list of what each layer mode in GIMP is best suited or intended for besides "experimenting."
they are basically the same as Photoshop for most part. it's good to know layer modes but very often you don't need them, and they can act pretty unpredictable. not all of them are useful either. Most useful ones IMO are Darken/Lighten Only, Screen/Multiply, Hue/Saturation/Value, and Grain Merge/Extract. The rest is pretty unpredictable and some are only good for novelty effects. The same can be said about most filters, you only really need a fraction of them.
I'd suggest first learning every basic tool in the toolbox, especially ones dealing with selection. Then going through other aspects like curves, masks, basic filters like blur etc. This is the backbone of most work. Then just do some tutorials and see where you lack.
File: fanboy.png (1.05 MB, 1102x1084)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
I'll check it out but am always paranoid it's going to come with spyware shit. Eventually I want to do this as a way to make money through practice, and the last thing I would want is a compromised system.

Thanks for the in depth link btw and your time. I made this clusterfuck largely with just the layer modes earlier. Not that I think it's impressive in any way, I just am surprised how versatile these modes are. I did in fact use screen for a lot of layers. The grid I made with lines and used distort for perspective, and screen made it glow. The bright bits in the background and the marbling on the bottom are white gradients on black put through the dodge mode.

File: Capture.jpg (20 KB, 370x332)
20 KB
About three weeks ago I completed a logo for a dog trainer. I put a lot of effort into this logo and I went as far as to give him a discount on it. He stopped responding to me a week ago and now my logo has appeared on his main Facebook page. What do? Has anyone had an experience like this before?

Also I don't know if this is related but his name is (((Bieltz)))
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Deposit ..
Only choice now is lawyer or embarrass
Wow, what a fucking helmet.
completely your fault! accept your losses and learn to stop being so trusting, especially when you cant afford to. watermarks exist for a reason.
learned the hard way on this but not on graphics stuff but programming
kept sending client demos of app but they were late in paying up
so just stopped sending em shit, never sent them the source code
but I was out of a good month or so of time
in the future make sure they pay a certain chunk of money up front to even do it
then per time after that and if that doesn't work then money on completion as well
I would guess watermarking it perhaps would somewhat be similar to not handing over the source
and contract of course like mentioned
shouldn't be under the table if you want to get paid also
too easy to get screwed
make it professional or they can pound sand
Wow, do you know how to write?

My photoshop subscription is expiring because I can't afford to pay shitloads of money for CC anymore. How can I get a version of photoshop that I don't have to pay more money for? Or how can I just keep the CC version I've got without paying more?


File: 1525361053688[1].png (90 KB, 1537x791)
90 KB
Come up with your own design for the logo
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File: pepsi 4a 1.png (65 KB, 3760x1151)
65 KB
>boner e p s i
File: pepesi.jpg (65 KB, 2910x942)
65 KB
it looks like you actually used toothpaste to create that
File: 29114_or.jpg (163 KB, 884x1500)
163 KB
163 KB JPG

I saw a lot of this style of pics on trendlist.org. it has been prominent everywhere since around 2010, and recently it got more mainstream exposure with Life of Pablo.
who exactly started it? any theory to it, what is it inspired by? I am late to the party and I've seen no discussion of it.
I see it's kinda lo-fi/ironic, very minimalistic, and makes '90s references like web 1.0 and rave flyers; the cropping and counter-intuitive placement of elements evokes David Carson vibes. But, I'm reading a lot of early 20th century influence in it too, like Piet Zwart/Theo Van Doesburg/Jan Tsichold/early Bauhaus, with all the use of overprint, ladder type, generous white space, vertical type, and so on. Sometimes there's also a Memphis-style wiggly line there, or Art Deco geometric typefaces. I guess that's a retro part of it.
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Its interesting seeing you guys try to break down and digest this style into its basic building blocks. I have to say however, this may be a style not worth trying to master. I can't see a demographic who would be drawn into spending money on something with this form of advertisement. Thoughts?
I have to say I love that this thread didn’t degrade into calling other anons fags.
Well if you look on http://trendlist.org , you will see that there's demand for it. and after all Kanye and Drake used it.
I think it's just a style for a different, more artsy and less casual niche for design. Today we have flat design, which is of course in demand, and it's widely used for general auditory—public service ads, apps, web and whatever. But a museum or some indie artist might not want to use this style, perhaps exactly because it's so accessible, safe and “mainstream”. They usually want something more cutting edge. So you can see a lot this style used for exhibitions, gigs and so on.
In any case, I was looking at this style trying to understand it, not really to sell it. To me it looked quite mysterious and radical which is quite inspiring. It's not very obvious why it does what it does, and I don't know anywhere where you can read on it—despite it's been going for the last 7 years or so. Too bad.
i mean, desu you're comparing these designs, which are totally unknown and by unkown designers, probably just college kids doing an assignment, to people like marinetti and carson and some of the most influential works of design history. of course its not going to stack up.
I didn’t mean the quality of execution, but rather what they attempt to do. I am just trying to pinpoint the essence of this style, not much else.

File: ui.jpg (461 KB, 1500x1134)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
How do I find designers who are good at game UI designs? I need some UI and design work done for my games but a studio is too high budget for me.
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Sorry didn't saw you msg before, I just replied.
Your stuff you posted is nice, are you self taught?
>actually telling other people to use shitholes like 99designs

I legit don't know how any designer puts up with such draconian practices. You are selling yourself to the lowest bidder for the highest possible amount of work. I know you're trying to help the dude out but even a craigslist ad would be more beneficial than that "best of the worst" filthpit.
Where can I go? I really need someone...

File: indart-drafting.jpg (28 KB, 973x615)
28 KB
What the fuck are these desks called I want one so bad.
Preferably one designed to accomodate a computer on the right, and better clamping for paper on the left one.
it's in the filename... drafting desk

File: burd.png (448 KB, 900x1499)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
let's post birds, post aviary constructs.
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File: 1523090585385.jpg (66 KB, 550x547)
66 KB
it's more of a continuation; you could say every improvement on an invention is stealing the original
File: bman.jpg (21 KB, 259x194)
21 KB
ez money
File: The_Capitol_Seal.jpg (119 KB, 1920x1080)
119 KB
119 KB JPG

What font is this?
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File: Lee-Carvallo.png (49 KB, 413x222)
49 KB
i need help
File: Gucci.jpg (53 KB, 514x506)
53 KB
I'm not sure if I'm in the right threat here, I need a captital "G", in the same size and fontwise more alike as the non-captial letters. So way simpler and without that "swirly" lines.
Any ideas?

I know the font is Old English/Old London, so that not what my post is about
maybe sigvar serial
Fucking newfags. Read the sticky REEE

File: Canada_stamp.png (27 KB, 400x276)
27 KB
hi everyone, plz share lot of countries vector seals.

thanks guys
just use pinterest

A random drawing i did.
great, now throw it in the bin and delete this thread

Oh man you made me laugh so hard, i wish i could see your face
He's right though

File: AZ.jpg (11 KB, 300x294)
11 KB
Anyone have a torrent for the latest version of InDesign please?
dl from official source and use the universal adobe patcher by painter also >>>/wsr/
kiss my ass poorfag! ahahahahahahahahahaha
or, for (you),


>only Photoshop installed

File: 1529457015314.jpg (40 KB, 500x371)
40 KB
I'm at a career crossroads. I currently work for a well known American brand. I like working here, I like my team, I've been learning a lot more about the analytical side of marketing which helps me create more successful media. Unfortunately, my job may not be secure. No one is saying one way or the other, and the other team I wanted to transfer to (a broader marketing department) hired their buddies instead. I can stay at this job, it looks good on my resume, I wouldn't leave if we weren't sure of my department's future.

On the other hand is a b2b company, basically looking to hire the 1 man Creative Director. My department would be me. Significant pay increase, but the head of marketing, who'd I'd work with closely, doesn't seem to have a real solid grasp on Production. They hired an agency in my local city to re-build their website. I get the sense they may not really understand what they're asking for, and I'm not sure how they would measure my success. I don't know if it's any more secure than staying at my Corporate America job, and it would be me making everything happen. I didn't get the best vibes from the interview, and they're having me back again to meet the CEO. More Money, a chance to basically help create a presence for a b2b company is appealing. Their inexperience with my work makes me nervous. They don't have the worst taste, they hired an agency for work beyond their reach, but I don't think they fully understand what they want. It came off more like a Pet Project Role because of their inexperience.

What should I be considering here? I can ask the CEO anything tomorrow
>but the head of marketing, who'd I'd work with closely, doesn't seem to have a real solid grasp on Production
this is kind of the norm

>What should I be considering here?
Your happiness
File: 1530059745835.jpg (44 KB, 488x410)
44 KB
OP fuck all that happiness shit. This is what you should consider, if you want to be logical about it.
Your age.
>If you're in your 20's, go for it.
This way, you don't lose much if it fails and you can get another job at another company if it does, citing your helping the b2b as some normie charisma dreamchasing.exe bravery move.
If you're in your 30s but don't have a family or don't need a reliable source of income, same, go for it.

>from the beginning, don't take any bullshit.
You're the new head of your department. Grow a pair and act it.
Take the marketing head out for after work drinking and explain it without any bs.
It'll work out.
Think of it like this.
Ten years down the line, if you don't work for the company, and it is successful, you'll regret it.
But if you work for it and it fails, you can always get back up.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Update. Interviewed. Day 1 I was on the fence. Day 2 I asked questions to really understand their motivations and expectations. Turned out to be a great fit. More pressure on me, but a lot of freedom to figure out what's going to work and what's not without risk of losing my job.

43% Income increase, accepting the official offer tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
File: 1530122837882.jpg (76 KB, 790x790)
76 KB
OP firstly, congrats on your new job. I always get happy hearing that one of my fellow anons actually made success for themselves through a passion. The guy who gave you advice was very spot on in what they were saying.

If you are still here and dont mind me asking, what skills did you have that helped get your foot in the door in the industry? Was it purely a matter of what you could do or what dubious art degree you had from a school or program?

File: thumbnail.png (67 KB, 1366x768)
67 KB
Typeface thread. Show yours off.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Does anyone have the newcomer smash font?
File: isthatso.png (606 KB, 5615x3970)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
what is your favorite font couple, anon?
File: 79.png (59 KB, 1000x604)
59 KB
I'm assuming you asked what our favorite font is...
so here's mine.
(also, feel free to critique the poster i made)
All of those fonts in the OP are pretty ugly, they give me a 90s childrens burgerking meal feeling lol.

File: IMG_4094.jpg (623 KB, 1224x1632)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
Does anyone here use silhouette studio?

I have an issue where i have a lot of paths that dont connect to each other and even though they touch at the ends, and my cricut cutter lifts the blade at those points and leaves these very small points where it doesn't cut.

I circled some of them and you can see them in the same spots on the other decals.

Does anyone know how to fix this? the weld option doesn't seem to do anything other than create large holes in the path.
if you are using illustrator and the weld doesn't work you should do it by hand, you already located the points in which the vector isn't completed in your picture so it shouldn't be hard
export your file as .eps
load it in Ai
use the join tool
File: IMG_4098.jpg (649 KB, 1632x1224)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
Update and many decals later, it turns out inkscape is just shit at exporting, switched to Illustrator and it works perfectly.
That Donkey Kong packaging you made in the back looks pretty sharp. What did you use?

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