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File: Untitled-1.png (43 KB, 2550x1056)
43 KB
Do you have a huge collection of logo fonts, or do you just have a few you use all the time? If so, which ones?
i use nexusfont on there i have over 5K fonts and i do have font groups on there with names like; branding, script, titles, serif, slab, display (weird looking) etc.
I pirate what I need at the moment.
this is the patrician answer

as a kid i got one of those font manager + 20000 fonts torrents and installed every font in there. Ps (and pretty much everything) took 5 extra minutes to load just because of it.

Hi /gd/ I work for a small company and we send a lot of e-mails where the general body message is the same, with exception of adding links to specific demos.

Is there an e-mail template site/plugin that's fairly easy to use? I looked into MailChimp, but it's strength is certainly batch e-mails. The time I would need to go in and create an e-mail for every client is a tipping on the "not worth it" side. Really, I'd like something like an signature plugin that's accessible straight from Gmail
Hi, I've only ever used mailchimp, but after creating an email you can save this as a template and then just adjust the parts of the body, like the demo link, depending on the type of client.

Assuming that the demos don't vary for every client you can group these by type, and as long as you have their first name input into your list the email you send can be configured to display their name.

Alternatively something I've used for gmail recently is canned responses. These are just pre-written emails which you can use as a template and just manually make a few adjustments like client's name, link etc.

File: Bez tytułu.jpg (15 KB, 562x368)
15 KB
Started messing around with Illustrator for first time. I wan to achieve a doted line with perspective effect as if it was comming from further to front screen. I thought i can do it by turning perspective cube but there is no effect there for this..width of line stays aways the same. Pic related.
File: asd.png (22 KB, 300x300)
22 KB
Idk if AI already has a solution for this but i've found that reply #12 in this thread has worked pretty well for what i've needed in the similar area before.
really greatfull for this will check both ways when im home. And is there any method to do for example 2 dots inside of the line in different color then rest of the dotted line?
Yes, if you do the method I linked in
Then you can just ungroup the dots and change the color like with anything else.

File: DU6lqMOWAAATRW7.png (142 KB, 1024x1024)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Are they still fresh?
Are they still fresh?
File: zoooom.png (254 KB, 674x492)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
They are everywhere now. Wondering if it's overdone already.
when someone doesn't realize how stupid they are and just keeps going
Gradients are trendy, but for heaven's sake, don´t ignore color theory.
File: download.jpg (11 KB, 289x175)
11 KB
>don´t ignore color theory.
my fucking sides

I never though I would be a bad client. I just decided not to pay a designer for shit work.

>Decide to do a site facelift. Find a small company looking to take on more projects. Seems like a good fit.
>Discuss details and scope. Everything seems on track.
>Get quote and sign contract,
>Go through wire framing and detailed design of site. Looks good. Approve.exe
>PM contacted us saying the quote is now triple in cost due to scope creep.
I'm a software engineer and made sure the whole time we stayed within scope knowing this very problem well (PM admittedly knows nothing about how to implement things and if just relaying jargon from his two hired software engineers.
≥after some hardball he comes back and says they'll finish at the original quote price.
>Week later they dump the site code on a dev server and it looks like hot garbage.
>It's a step back from the original site and would probably lose us business due to a confusing navigation layout.
>Try to go through the process of fixing it but it's simply too much shit to change
>Stop communication , they don't really contact us either. I still have him calling for payment but it's kinda feeble attempts.

Let's see what fuck you pay me does. I'm sure he's got a some excellent lawyers hanging out in his shitty apartment.
Looks at these broke ass designers. "Fuck you pay me" "fuck you pay me"
literal nigger tier behaviour
ashamed if you are white desu
Are yu some success ass designer?

File: hqdefault.jpg (36 KB, 476x357)
36 KB
Opinion on redbubble?

How much money can you make there?

Any tips?
I've only used threadless, and it was for a very niche shirt design I was selling to a small group of people to commemorate a specific event

that being said, with all these sites you set your own prices and it's easy to find online the base prices the site charges for each item and calculate your profit. it's never going to be enough to live off, it's just spare change.
they're super jewish with prices, amazon merch is better iirc. if you're good at designs and get a following/brand recognition you could easily expand and get your tshirts made by paki/bangladeshi manufacturers for $3 a piece, order like 100, package them yourself, pay about $3-5 for shipping and sell for the same amount as you would on redbubble.
What about the clothe quality?
it's up to the manufacturer, but pretty much all big clothing companies are doing the same thing. apparently pakistani cotton is very high quality, and the fact that they don't have to import cuts costs. if you find a good manufacturer and are willing to dish out $4 or maybe even $5 per piece you'll get better quality shit than redbubble.

File: Sample resume.jpg (3.41 MB, 2828x4000)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
>No college degree
>Going to apply for a graphic design job
>Designs his own resume

Given this, is this resume something employers will look and be impressed with? I'd like to know what kind of resume design will impress employers nowadays.

Also, every information in the attached pic is not real, so don't mind the typos and bland sentence structure. I just want a critique in the design alone.
23 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Spell check, for gods sake. You have so many spelling issues.
>Why would you mention your birthdate? You're 27 and have the resume of a 15 year old.
>Have someone proof read to help you rewrite and to fix your grammar.
>Learn how to properly format a CV. Show the dates you worked at a place, your job title/position, and in bullet points describe your responsibilities and achievements. You look like you have barely any actual related experience.
>Pls use grids. Your text box alignment and sizing is all over the place and not consistent.
>Orange is a fucking awful colour and it probably won't print very nicely
>Capitalise proper nouns like Photoshop, Silver Street, etc.
>This resume design does not show any design prowess whatsoever.
this cannot he real holy fuck
>"I read boks"
You forgot those amazing "skill" level bars lol
I’d focus more on getting the important information down. Right now you’re taking up a huge amount of space to not say much. Elaborate on your experience. You say you gained a lot of experience at Topshop but be specific about how it helped develop your design skills and name banners and campaigns you designed and how effective they were.
Red is an aggressive loud colour, consider using a blue or reduce the amount of red.
Include references or ‘references available on request’.
Keep your personal bio related to the job(s) you want.
Simplify the contact icons and reduce the size of that section.

File: poster_Kurt-2018.jpg (326 KB, 890x500)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Did someone manage to save these fonts before they had to shut it down because of copyright law? Unfortunately, I've heard about too late: http://www.adweek.com/creativity/the-handwritings-of-kurt-cobain-david-bowie-and-john-lennon-are-now-downloadable-fonts/

File: how do they do this.jpg (81 KB, 1331x806)
81 KB
So, can anyone explain to me how they do this overlapping effect on WordPress builders such as Divi or WpBakery? I know it is a png but still.
Actually any information would be welcomed. Thank you.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I got a 7 step tutorial to achieve this:

1. Learn how to use Inspect element
2. Look at the code
3. Use what you learned on your own website
5. ???????????
6. Profit
It seems something like css absolute positioning, or a negative margin, it's hard to tell with only an image, but I would guess that's just a background image on some element with other elements (those circles) at the bottom.
if you're using WPBakery, or any WP builder at that, using the backend will expose exactly how to do that without any CSS knowledge. If it doesn't, then something you're using isn't updated to the latest version.

File: BSoD.jpg (81 KB, 870x870)
81 KB
I made it because I was trying to make memes lol
>trying to make memes
fucking kys
You’re creative but not funny
>shitty masks on elements
>inconsistent colors
>double spacing for 'Error'
>sad face touching all sides on the spine
>not using the original and most well-known BSoD
It's all fucked big time.

File: bhb.jpg (120 KB, 1313x613)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
What would be the best backround for this?
a nuclear explosion
just solid black. it's already busy as fuck, and the margin between divs is too small to put any pattern there.
a nice brocade
>What would be the best backround for this?
You, cut from stem to stern, breathing your last

Anybody here know how to get this vintage feeling like in this photo, can I achieve that effect, with my IPhone and Some apps or Some shit or do I need a proffesional camera? Photo was taken by Gunnerstahl
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
VSCO, emulates film okayish. Just change the shadow hues and you should get something that suits your needs.
this. easy as shit and quick. also helps getting the same vibe on instagram pictures and not being all over the place
wtf.... add some grain/noise on ps and then play with like tint / warmth to have it be green-ish... or just learn to shoot film....
Not shooting all your phography in raw lol

All good suggestions on how to achieve this. But these photographers simply used FILM CAMERAS. You want this look to be authentic? Use a film camera.

File: fukaround.png (824 KB, 1675x1080)
824 KB
824 KB PNG
anyone brave enough/willing enough to post a vertical of their personal branding evolution?
Is this supposed to be a logo? The sketch looks really cool but for a logo it's way too complex.
>>339715 i have to agree with him. this looks more suited for some game but not for a logo. far from personal branding... it doesn't even reflect anything about who you are... it needs to be direct and straight to the point. All thats communicating to me is some strange compass design with a rock in the center of the desert. the environment looks uninhabitable and that means that you as a product trying to sell yourself seems like you're as well unreachable and not user friendly.
Looks like those badges that pop up when you get a kill streak in Halo or something. It's necessarily bad but it's not logo worthy. Look up the top 10 most recognizable logos and you'll quickly see the difference in simplicity.

Most good simple logos take like 2 mins or less to reproduce in MS paint, but 10 or more by hand, both without a reference picture. That's how you know the detail is in the geometry of it, and that it's easily remembered.
Meant to say it's NOT necessarily bad.

File: lol.jpg (1.96 MB, 2000x2000)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
Today I had a conversattion with a colleague about smartphones. He concluded that Iphone is the required smartphone for designers as well as Mac in computers.

Do you agree with this premise?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Yeah a good PC is better than a good Mac but an iPhone >>>>> any android phone.
File: 1520283860656.jpg (7 KB, 250x237)
7 KB
good meme
no fuck iPhones too, i have a 6s rn and fucking hell i can't download music without apple talking about the cloud or itunes or whatever software they created to appease their thirst of money.

I had the iphone 7 and it was shit.

Switched to something more simple like the moto z 2 play and i love it.
File: 1520684956766.jpg (49 KB, 448x500)
49 KB
No- people who always go for Macs are just trying to be fashionable.

That being said, Finder is better for dealing with media than Windows Explorer. Hitting the spacebar to preview an image or video or any other kind of multimedia file is much smoother and more immediate than launching a separate program from Explorer. The color tags are very useful too.

File: Drawing.png (262 KB, 1710x1327)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
where would be the best place to turn to get a logo designed/created? happy to pay via venmo/paypal/crypto and can probably make other methods work

was hoping to get a minimalistic logo designed for use for business/branding/several shirt designs. i'm very open to ideas, but the logo, as i imagine it, would consist of just one color or possibly 2-3 colors. the logo would feature the following elements (with their corresponding meanings) in order of importance:

ocean/waves: a powerful ebb and flow in a massive, near infinite body of fluidness - usually calm but with the potential for rogue waves and erosion. would ideally include some noticeable but perhaps small bubbles to represent the bubbles of financial markets and that there is some heat/life in at least some parts of the large cool ocean (so perhaps some tiny bubbles above just a part of the waves/ocean, or instead could work this in with a volcano somehow (if volcano is included))

castle/tower: representing the power of man to create, if only temporarily, an empire. elegant and monumental. consider making this a different color from the rest of the logo in order to stick out

moon/stars: targets to reach for and a reminder that, though the ocean/mountains greatly dwarfs the size of anything man-made, there are incomprehensibly larger objects/forces/meanings in the universe

clouds: there are obstacles in life, but obstacles are more flimsy than they initially appear [though they may intimidatingly block a lot of light and obscure vision initially] and always pass

some mountains or a volcano may also be interesting but i'm not super convinced they'd be worthwhile to include - the scene is probably already failed cluttered and I really do want to keep this very minimalistic and less cluttered/defined than my little sketch (e.g. stars should be specks versus star-shaped, bubbles should be subtle, 2-3 thin clouds would probably be a good amount, castle should be minimalistic)
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: sample1.jpg (24 KB, 750x567)
24 KB
more inspiration!


also, the tentative name I would use for the logo would be "Master Money Management" in case that inspires any ideas/ways to incorporate the words into the picture
First off >>>/wsr/ is where you should ask for that kind of stuff.

Second, the idea is good, but for an illustration, not a logo. Such marks are often used, like in your examples, but they don't work at all, because there are so many elements. The viewer will see your logo for 2-3 seconds, they're not gonna notice, much less remember anything you'd show them like that.

If you're hung up on that, you should request pairing it with a proper wordmark, and make one thing stand out more. Instead of "some stuff in a circle" people will remember the name, the tagline, or whatever, and "X thing in the circle".

I'd focus on the waves. The rest are more philosophical, loosely connected to your industry. Giant, but not a storm-kind, wave piercing the clouds, or the stars, maybe.

"Master Money Management" seems generic, too tame for what you're shooting for with the logo symbolism. Masters of Banking, or something to style it more with the old-style illustration logo.

Best take it on 99designs or crowdspring, probably the former, it has a better reputation afaik.
He's in need of a designer and wants to pay
>He's in need of a designer and wants to pay

And literally what in my post suggests I don't know that.
>i'm absolutely in love with this logo
that's not a logo

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