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File: steel poster.jpg (499 KB, 1280x720)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
yo so spent some time on this 4 minutes short, I was super happy with the result. I know people go hard on the whole nostalgic thing, everything being 80's! but when making it just felt like it should be an old advert/promo. so yeah would be nice to get some feedback on the video and poster design. would also be cool to see some other random little shorts people have created!

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I'll have to try that sometime, it looks incredible. Basically I got my VHS look from this video (with some added changes ofc)


Looks really good, but you need to do some tweaking if you want those colours to come out, it's extremely light.
Good tutorial… I could do the whiter black too, but at the same time I remember how CRTs used to have deeper blacks, so I wanted to simulate this. And I think that while sometimes you got really grey blacks, sometimes this wasn't the case. Ditto.
Here's some more info on this. I did some googling, and here's the interesting things I read on VHS:
>In modern-day digital terminology, NTSC VHS is roughly equivalent to 333×480 pixels luma and 40(!)×480 chroma
I thought this was a typo, but no: the horizontal resolution of chroma on VHS was miniscule. This was the shortcoming of the NTSC format.
But VHS itself didn't make it better. I read that chroma got fucked up very easily on it. Especially when you re-wrote the tape, this was when the color signal became reallt poor, and I assume the VCR had to amplify the contrast. Result? You got most colors reduced to purple/orange/blue. Which is exactly what you get when you increase contrast in chroma in YIQ.
Also, I assume VHS used unsharp masking (hence white 'glow' commonly found on TV signal). While I'm not 100% it was used, I saw it mentioned in articles about NTSC—or to be precise the signal edge enhancement. Which is pretty much the same thing. I read it reduced the contrast though—maybe that's why the blacks on VHS appear so light.
Great video showing the gradual degradation of the tape I found: https://youtu.be/mES3CHEnVyI
That's insane. I've seen that particular video before actually, crazy.

How do you open up YCbCr on Premiere Pro? Trying to do it but I can only find RGB.
Sorry, as I said I never worked with Premiere Pro. But I read that YUV is the same thing in it.
If everything else fails, you could blur chroma and bump its contrast through RGB. Not sure the results will be the same though, and the purple/yellow/blue tint will probably be lost.
Ah okay my friend, thanks a lot!

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Make Signin two words.

And get a font that isn’t used to death.
Bolder colors, thicker lines.
Don't fall for the 'everthing needs to be minimalistic style'

If you have a projector/beamer whatever you want to call it, use it.
You won't see any of the 1px diving lines and light grey colors.
Don't put important stuff (like currency selector) inside the footer.
Thanks Guys
Poo in loo
This tbqh. Indians trigger me uezs.

File: 0_TKIQypkdzuM9lgj5[1].jpg (24 KB, 644x362)
24 KB
Because we never have any of these.

What do you think of loading screens on websites? Yay or nay?
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Well call me dumb but I think web apps are a somewhat separate category from just 'sites'. Apps are apps, it's fine if they load. I don't expect a big program to open up immediately, even offline.
Is wordpress really awful or am I just not made for web design?

Is webflow better?

I'm a motion designer, and my weapons are ae, ai and c4d just in case that's relevant
Web flow is ok if you are new, everything is laid out well, but there is a paywall for everything
It depends on what you want to build. I've been using WordPress for a really big website and I like using it.
>What do you think of loading screens on websites? Yay or nay?

No, in a website I want only the bare bones functionality that I need. I don't want cool flashy animations, I don't want pictures of laughing girls in their 20s sliding, and I don't want a gigantic pop-up telling me to give them my e-mail for a free ebook (which is a couple of pages long.)

But then again, I am the minority of people, and thanks to marketing catering to the retarded masses we are always going to have that, and worse.

File: ivy1000x1000 (1).png (52 KB, 1000x1000)
52 KB
What's up community, i'm having a big time to making this logo versatile, like an outline or something, can somebody helpme pls <3
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I don't get your problem at all. If it's not the firgure itself it can only be the color. The neon green will obviously not work on every backdrop.

Just put it in a white box once you need it in a context where the contrast between background and logo would be too little.
I don't get your problem at all. If it's not the firgure itself it can only be the color. The neon green will obviously not work on every backdrop.
Just put it in a white box once you need it in a context where the contrast between background and logo would be too little.
some options
* put it in a black circle
* add shadow
* neon glow
* slight bevel/3d effect
File: versatile.jpg (68 KB, 1000x310)
68 KB
is this better???
File: 15GGGG2.png (102 KB, 1000x1000)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
make every background interact with it

File: IMG_3320.jpg (171 KB, 1242x1342)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
What do you think
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File: Capture.png (25 KB, 150x127)
25 KB
The fuck is this
took this thread telling me its 23
Although if I ever did something as shit as this, I'd shoot it at a shitty angle to hide it too.
thats what im saying

Is there any good tutorials on how to Photoshop lifestyle product shots like pic related?
what the fuck do you mean? the one who made this literally just cut out the guy with the watch and put him on top of another image.
I mean the lighting is quite spot on so, is the initial image done in a studio, etc
you mean retouching. Send ypur pic on whackysard@gmail.com.
dont be a pussy
just go to a rooftop and take a pic its not that hard
sure its visually impressive but theyre not difficult photos to make

File: test.png (250 KB, 1050x750)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
Rate my logo for a digital marketing company.
The font looks pretty damn good. The color scheme, also pleasant to the eye. But my first reaction to this picture is: what's wrong with this red line? Looks like toothpaste.
This curve looks pretty clumsy. Am I missing something? The only thing I can read from that is a distant semblance to a bong. And this narrowing curving end reminds me of coffee logos. What does it have to do with digital marketing? I don't know.
Why is the 'C' slightly below the 'K'? I have no idea, again. Maybe put them the same baseline, at least? This bend in the red line doesn't look very good.
Google 'ligatures ck' for inspiration. Pic related
As for the rest, I see digital marketing companies have pretty generic logos so it's hard to comment more on this. I think it's passable, but if you're being even slightly critical, you will notice its weirdnesses and inconsistencies.
Thanks a lot! The red line looked weird to me too.

I am gonna work on it. Thanks again.
it looks like C's having a thresome

File: Screenshot (60).png (135 KB, 706x1028)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Currently in a heated discussion with someone about how 4chan has a bad color scheme. baka.
we need more fullscreen photo backgrounds, ebin typography and meme shadows
and don't forget mobile users too
i'm all about well executed responsivity, to cater every screen size possible, but it applies to all sites, not just 4Chang

4Chang falls a little short on that so i end up using something like Clover

other that that i don't have complaints. as a web designer. maybe i'm just so used to it. maybe that's why designers don't really come here. dunno.

i've seen decent attempts in modernizing Yotsuba A & B color scheme and graphical elements on other imageboard sites, but it has felt fairly superfluous.
>to cater every screen size possible
IMO for 4chan it's pointless. Don't get me wrong, I understand the concept of "responsive design", but who uses Twitter or Facebook in a browser instead of an app?
Really, I'd rather have a fast app that runs in a separate window, has a smooth and convenient touch UI, loads things without refreshing the page, stores visited pages/received (you)s, etc, etc, etc.
As much as I appreciate responsive design, web on mobile never felt as "responsive" to me as an app. It works well for something less interactive, like blogs/feeds. For shopping, email, social media? I'll take an app any day.
You're right, if done right native apps are definitely a smoother experience.

Interestingly, most big-name web presences are moving away from apps. They take extra work to update and keep compatible with whatever new OS version is out that month, and people in general just don't want to download a separate app to access the same content.

Can someone help me find this font?
It's called "Radiant rr bold" NOT the condensed version please.
Also used by the Versace label. You can view it here

File: landscape[638].png (266 KB, 1273x702)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
what are you working on /gb/?

I've just finished this for a graphics class
The mountains look ok but the clouds and trees look bad. And why is the sky black while the sun is out?
not your thing, i recommend you to stop immediatly

looks horrible, those copy pasted trees

File: D2oBm+9c.png.png (9 KB, 700x820)
9 KB
this is my first pixel art
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this is a cute thread
Well, it looks like ASCII/ANSI Art.
réduis la taille du pétale au centre, et les pétales sur les côtés sont pas droits sur le début, ouvre la plus
uneven therefore not good
>▮ or any similar characters "ASCII"
>capital A in Art
I might be autistic but you're retarded

is there a program free to use that lets you design shit with 10ft, 20ft, 40ft containers?
>did someone make a program that automatically designs things for you using shipping containers

Get >>>/out/ and never come back.
yes they did, i found one and am using it now :)
You mean like, sketchup?
Yes it's called a pencil

U sold?

File: Untitled.png (24 KB, 1896x821)
24 KB
Hey you bored people i guess,
try making this into art (or not)

18 budget frogs making out the color of the rainbow while an indian man shoots grey baguettes out of his knee yelling "yes" while a sad man with blue fire in his forehead does a dance.
So whats this for?

How does one achieve a noisy gradient?
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you're blind. Every one of the posts in this thread show a gradient with the same texture throughout. The first and second image show the specs of getting further away from each other. Everyone's "solution" is shit. They look obviously like a photoshop filter; if you make something where you can tell which photoshop filter you used, you failed. The original images look like actual particles.

You asked for "a noisy gradient" and you got a noisy gradient.

If you wanted a more specific result you should have specified that in the OP. The difference between what you seem to want and what people are posting is subtle and your reaction is incredibly immature. I would also suggest finding a community of graphic designers who take this more seriously if you're that serious about your results. 4chan is not the place for you apparently. Also If you're over the age of 18 I suggest you go and see a therapist for your anger issues.

Find a photoshop brush that is intended to look like paint splatter
No, you are
Why has no one suggested just changing the blending mode to "dissolve" with the gradient tool selected?

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