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File: v.png (377 KB, 780x662)
377 KB
377 KB PNG

How do you make a distortion effect like in vid and pic related to apply in a video? And what software do you recommend for it?

The color flipping doesn't matters, it can be applied easily at the end, I mean the distortion effect only, like that one that censored channels used to have in the 90s
use the motherfucking /tut/ to ask shit
LURK MOAR instead of killing threads faggot

File: chris-do.jpg (42 KB, 800x683)
42 KB
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I agree he comes off as arrogant but he's built a business and a name for himself to back it up. He gives advice to us for free on YouTube, whether it's monetized or not we don't pay a cent, and that's more than most successful artists do.
He's pretty cool until he tries to fuck his interns.

>Let me give you a backrub while you show me your work.
Nice try Chris.

Why the fuck does this gay meme get pushed here?


File: index.jpg (6 KB, 264x191)
6 KB
Hey /gd/, for mockups do you prefer Sketch + someting to animate or Adobe XD? And why?
>balsmiq mockups
>job done
Are you talking about prototyping?
I have been using adobe XD, but almost every client I find online requests sketch. Because I really need to pay for ANOTHER subscription just to do my damn job.
I'll design in sketch and build or animate a prototype with invision/after effects/flinto/principles/etc.

I'll use invision for simple flows so a client can click through it and see how it hangs together.

AE I'll use for very custom animations that you can't achieve in other tools.

I use sketch just because it seems to be industry standard and works best in my current design process (sketch is easy to integrate with a lot of other tools I currently use, has good plugins too).

Invision Studios looks promising though and is something I mean to try out sometime.

Witch program you prefer?
Project notes and reference materials:
Macroshit Office OneNote 2016

Sketching and raster editing:
Adobe-syka-blyat-Photo-zhop CC 2018

Adobe-syka-blyat-Illustrator CC 2018

Font Management:

Ubuntu Mate running on VMware Workstation 14
--- Sublime Text 3

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Adobe is a terrible company but I use CC for all

File: Untitled-2.png (102 KB, 513x564)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
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as the guy that made the other /gd/ discord, the rivalry is on motherfucker.
File: 1491995620117.jpg (85 KB, 600x690)
85 KB
sorry my mayne, even as someone whom 'graphic design is a passion' and like a good chitchat and give / receive advice, i won't trust any hebrewcords, hebrewbooks, hebrewgles etc. or any other 'free as in you're the product' service where it even states as a fact in their EULA / TOS. and where necessary only submit the bare minimum information that identifies me as a legal person, mostly for work purposes.


what the fuck are you talking about? fucking christ people are nuts.
File: 1506836989248.jpg (109 KB, 600x656)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Read the TOS of 'Discord Messenger' product you tard and then maybe enjoy everything you say, post or submit as your contact info being siphoned and sold. It used to be called 'Surveillance', these days it's 'Advertising Business'. I literary had to explain how to use 'Twitter Premium' developer API which gives access to packs of JSON data that even includes GPS coordinates of the device from where the tweet has been sent.

Even as a design person, who stereotypically isn't supposed to care about his privacy and post snapshots of his 15USD latte on SnapChat from his iPhone(TM), I fucking hate I still hate I have to use Windows or a Mac and various proprietary shit or even have to have Facebook and Skype accounts for work communication and advertising myself. And my shit revolves around "user interaction design" of websites and apps, but then maybe it would be an honor for me to make living of contributing to GNOME Desktop Project or some Matrix IM Protocol frontend instead of corporate CIA Nigger shit. Come to F(L)OSS side, for your own good, you Macfags.

anyone wanna help me with remaking or finding a high quality copy of this awesome box art from 1998?
pic related
slightly higher quality image
File: shopping (1).jpg (147 KB, 892x892)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
File: shopping.jpg (43 KB, 502x377)
43 KB
ingredients, directions, warnings, etc scraped from scan avert


I made fan poster for Hitman TV series. What do you think? I tried to do it minimalistic/simplistic because it describes how 47 as a professional assassin work
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they are both right handed. So left is useless since thumb safety is on the other side of the gun
File: hitman-1494537826167.jpg (160 KB, 1920x1080)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
>Hulu? What the fuck were you thinking.
It will be aired on hulu
not a justification for fucked up size and placement
life and canadians, hey

File: 1515248174078.png (176 KB, 1684x2382)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
i try to give a logotype this distinct japanese feel you know
however most "japanese" fonts are hideous and the ones i am thinking about (brush strokes font, resembling ancient japanese calligraphy) would remind people more of the meme fonts like permanent marker or so

help me out guys
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> fuck me i thought i left the thread kms
your logos don't look japanese when the writing in them not only isn't used in japanese but it composed of subcharacters not used in japanese

i'd believe it on a t-shirt if you used a script 神. maybe with a slight vertical skew like the monogatari logos, possibly switched for archaic 神, and definitely dropped the ae ligature signature that looks barely like ae and definitely not like any han character derivative

maybe also rip off a different bitmap font, that's not even a good vga console one compared to the various ones on 8088mph.blogspot.com and of course something from a gothic-aesthetic game like castlevania would have better chances
also when i say (x element) is not good, it's because that particular element seems off, and honestly particular elements being off is both taste-based and a really good showing from an amateur rather than "lol whole thing's trash"
that wasnt 24 hours.
File: hyper ag systems.jpg (317 KB, 1920x1080)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
WipEout was my shit

This is a poster made David Rudnick, one of my favourite visual designers.

I'm desperate to know how he's achieved this effect with his collage of images - is it clever manipulation of the gradient map tool on Photoshop or is something else being used here?
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File: 1518681589616.jpg (168 KB, 722x497)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
A bit more like the OP.
It’s called a gradient map my friend.

>new adjustment layer > gradient map

Change the gradient to a rainbow to get the infrared look.

The dog is a black/white gradient map.

Choose a gradient that goes from black to white to black to white again to get the noisy look

can you link me to a better design than this piece of shit?

How the fuck do people come up with slick ass ways to present information?
File: wojak-numale.png (15 KB, 644x800)
15 KB
Ah, the crypto currency card game. Wonderful!
File: grid.jpg (732 KB, 2382x1685)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
Well, that's what the whole field of design is dedicated to.
In short, It's not that bad. But first thing, I'd get rid of the shadows. Second, make the paragraph narrower. The norm is 50–60 characters per line. Any more is not advisable, unless totally necessary.
Next, I'd align everything to a grid. See how it's done in picrelated. The number of columns/rows may be changed, but you better keep cells equal size.
After that, you have to organize information logically. Now that's where you gotta use your head and actually read and understand the context.
Now here from what I understand the idea for each section is:
>"here's how to get it":
>1) 2)…
So for this particular page I'd do this. Introduction has its own section. Should be distinguished somehow, because it's an intro to the whole document. E.g. make a different title, or make an outline around it, etc.
Next, divide the page into equal big rows, 1 for each aspect of game.
Third, make 3 columns. Text may go into 2 (to have good line width). The illustrations occupy 1 cell in each column. So the first 2 illustraion blocks will align like in last paragraph, except the third cell will be empty.

File: C5v7vrdWMAIY5Ux.jpg (64 KB, 1024x512)
64 KB
*renders your article in dingbats*
nothing personnel, kid
He should do that to all the fake news websites like CNN.com and Huffington Post

Circa 2004, computer graphic advertising job fair in Fairbanks, Maine. Henry Ericson, of North Dakota, claims to have discovered the secrets to shading and proper utilization of graphic memory. He is so confident in his theory of proper shading utilization that his only example of his work is a spiteful flaming dick. Pic related. Can another anon verify this? Sounds like bs to me. But I’m captivated by this flaming dick and it’s beauty makes me question the stories relevance.
I'd like to know more info

File: soulecule-countdown.png (195 KB, 447x667)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
I am looking for inspiration for a sleep design.

I am willing to rip a webpage and alter it with my content. or I am willing to try to copy the design from an image.

The website is for a card game. I'm not trying to make it a nerds card game. Ideally I'd like it to be an artist's card game. a card game of culture. a bit more serious, or at least carries a bit more weight of seriousness. All cards are created by members of the community and are created through popularity.

I'm just trying to find the right design for a website.
I wanted to go with pyramids as the theme. Almost like a more serious rip off of yugioh. I'm using pyramids though because of the ICO model. which was inspired by EthPyramid.
I'd like to use EthPyramid's colors, maybe a bit less green and more aquamarine blue.
I'm trying to get an egyptian ritual type color scheme. Some spiritual blues and silvers with some hard sandy browns and tans. May need to incorporate some white in the design. White is professional. Black is too edgy. or a solid gray

this is the core logo. Trying to keep the shape, but the texture/design can change as well.

Just looking for some direction. Design is difficult
So, the game will be played online? I'd say keep the website simple there's no need for pyramids on a website it could make it look different but it also would make it difficult to navigate, and for inspiration there's pinterest.

And also despise how you make it sound it does sound like a nerds card game.

tell me what you think now
File: logo-magic.png (81 KB, 516x208)
81 KB
It's not bad but it looks a bit amateurish althought almost everything there could be improved.

You'll definitely need to make a logo for the word "soulecule" something fantasy like pic related, it's not even hard just search on google or pinterest for "fantasy title fonts" and use photoshop to add layer styles/effects, the universe background would look better if it was a video but it would be interesting to see the cards artwork in that part of the background as showreel, one think i don't really like is the logo its just weird and not very pleasing to look at,

Also you could gather more inspiration visiting fantasy card websites they use pretty interesting designs


File: 90s poster2.png (817 KB, 1000x1000)
817 KB
817 KB PNG
hello /gd/
I'm kinda new to graphic design and was doing a fake poster for learning good compsition. If you have any feedback for improving, I'd appreciate that
File: 90s poster.png (930 KB, 1000x1000)
930 KB
930 KB PNG
this is an alternate version
sorry, katastrophe alter.
absolute katastrophe.
Fang richtig an: Warum ist dein plakat in 1:1?
Nimm echte Größen/Seitenverhältnisse.
Dann üben.
Viel üben.
I can't think of anything you got right
typography spacing is awkward. also no one used _underscores _like _this in the 90s.

File: rj.png (21 KB, 960x960)
21 KB
Hi guys,

Does anyone know which font is used here?
no idea,, its roman, but looking at the J is clearly a custom made one, proly looking at dafont you could find one similar, not exactly that one

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