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File: calvin low quality.jpg (6 MB, 4800x2700)
6 MB
Hey I updated my project from the eye sore it was before. Thoughts?
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File: 1511093110449.jpg (4.67 MB, 4800x2700)
4.67 MB
4.67 MB JPG
How can you even say that when the original looks like this.
man, if you are looking for a feedback from professional designers i would say its 1/10

it looks like its your first project in photoshop and you are 12
Why create another thread when you have an active thread on this subject

Also I didn't think it could get worse, congrats you did it
the original could have been an averagely shitty wallpaper if you deleted the text off it, this new version is complete garbage
the blurriness and the shit cutting out of the 2 characters really makes this stand out

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone knows of any apps that’s are available to develop Vitual Reality or Augmented Reality? I possibly need it so I can develop through the program using a IPad Pro

Any help would be massively appreciated

Thanks in advance

File: 1507686542865.jpg (111 KB, 1024x1022)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
So i bought cs6 years ago and no a friend of mine hired him to make his companys logo. Now i was wondereng: by buying cs6 did i also buy the right to use all preinstalled fonts in that program in "for profit" ebdeavors/projects? Or do i have to actually buy the font i use sepperatly?

Pic unrelated
all the adobe fonts are free to use in any commercial project even if you don't bought the software
to add onto this, media software companies like Adobe and Autodesk care less about their bottom line and more about dominating the market and having everybody reliant on their software.
>>327354 ok thanks for the answer

I’ve been studying graphic design for almost two semesters but barely have anything in my portfolio. A family friend told me they’re hiring machine programmers who have experience with illustrator. He pretty much said they could hire me just that he would have to see my portofolio. Could I create a portofolio within 3 weeks that shows I know how to use illustrator?

Yes. Get a full 3-4 days of work on there and it'll be golden.

1) make your projects (which would be fake or dummy projects seeing as you haven't been building a portfolio so far) and/or images believable

2) If they're going to be looking at your files and examining how you've utilized layers etc. then it'll take some time and you can't just line trace shit

3) learn the techniques for reals, because if they ask you to do a live example of something, then you better know other things than just copy-paste tutorial shit from google.

File: z20947912IH.jpg (72 KB, 1024x684)
72 KB
How does one achieve this effect digitally? Or any other way?
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It is basic question week
It's not frozen ffs. Where you you see that?
The foil or whatever the blue and red are, has curled up due to weather conditions.
File: Potrzebie.jpg (45 KB, 329x302)
45 KB

Try making the text in illustrator normally, then outline the fonts. Then do Path - - > Simplify and play around with the settings (with Preview enabled) and now you have letters that look like that.

(btw those signs have letters made with vinyl stickers, which is why the have curled up edges) or at least that's what it looks like.

To be honest actually I think the plate is the white part and the blue is the sticker. Anyway, the aforementioned illustrator-thingie should work fine.

>Travis Scott - goosebumps (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)_2.webm

File: wall.jpg (7 KB, 284x177)
7 KB
Is there anything more pointless than wallpapers, from design perspective? They are a constant distraction, and usually serve no purpose other than to beautify things. I feel like they are just a marketing trick to help associate boring tech with bright beautiful pictures.
On any machine I use, the first thing I do is set the walls to solid grey or black. Tremendously helps to keep focus on actually useful elements.
I know I often use my wallpaper to organize files on the desktop - for example, if there's an important folder that I access fairly regularly I'll put it beside the focal point of the image and so forth.

That's probably just my weird brand of autism though.
Well yeah in this instance it actually does serve purpose. Desktops are usually somewhat disorienting since they don't allow real customization and visual organization such as dividers/folders/etc.
But still there is no real reason to see an image (and even worse, a photo) every single time you look at your desktop.
From a designer perspective I can see what you mean. Since a colourful background can trick your eyes when designing your work.

But from a design perspective?
Colours and shapes of a wallpaper can bring forth the good parts of a design and hide the bad parts, and in end just give you a more visually pleasing product.
File: 1508969632057.jpg (481 KB, 1920x1080)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
Man you're pretty fucking autistic huh?

File: Apple.jpg (27 KB, 405x405)
27 KB
Anyone else here hate Apple/Mac for /gd/ /prod/ and /3/ stuff? I don't get why the fuck people like them so much for this kinda shit, they are essentially built around Mac builds of Adobe products and nothing else. They aren't very fluid for dealing with folders, /gd/ programs, browsers, and other shit at the same time like Windows is, and they have a distracting pointless gui that makes everything feel like you're in a bubble floating instead of just getting shit done. I did graphic design at my last job for a couple years, and before that I taught myself everything over the past 15 years, and even now I'd still rather do my shit on a shitty office Desktop from 15 years ago than a Mac.
Besides the design=mac meme lots of ppl fall for, the only real advantage I admit macfags have is that it can handle quicktime encoded videos natively, windows needs to run the qtserver process which sometimes crashes

inb4 color calibration
>just get a spyder5
It’s the little things that make people appreciate them.
Is this regarding that other thread currently up?
In any case,
If anything this is where most people prefer Windows.
>They aren't very fluid for dealing with folders, /gd/ programs, browsers, and other shit at the same time like Windows is, and they have a distracting pointless gui that makes everything feel like you're in a bubble floating instead of just getting shit done.
I haven't used Windows much in several years so forgive me if I'm out of touch on this. But I think macOS does have some advantages.
I like the overall fluid/smooth scrolling and the touchpad control. To me it's more convenient that the menu bar is snapped to the top, because you don't need to aim mouse vertically to hit the buttons. I like Safari, to me it's the most intuitive browser out there (if you know how to use it). And there are tons of other small stuff like tabs in Finder that make work so much easier.
Now I am not 100% positive about everything. I miss Alt+underline context menus from Windows. I don't like fullscreen mode and having several different screens. Some things like drag & drop on apps seem awkward in macOS, it's not as intuitive. But otherwise I like it, it's just different experience from Windows.
Please don’t feed the trolls. We have a Mac hate thread every other week and they’re just a bunch of circle jerking windows cucks
I love using a mac for design work. I love using Sketch. I love all the little apps that make quality of life better as a designer (ScreenFloat, Pixave, Skala Preview, Principle for Mac). I love Alfred. I love so much stuff on my Mac, and would 100% quit no questions asked if I suddenly had to design with a windows machine.

Sorry you feel that way I guess.

File: Untitled.png (222 KB, 416x464)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
Has anyone ever designed anything holographic like stickers or packaging?

There are a few different kinds of holographic methods & colour shifting materials. Not really looking to use it for security purposes, more for eye catching stickers/packaging. I'm not too interesting in the ones with repeating patterns on them like those little things you get out of potato chips bags. I'm more interested in the ones produced by lasers which have large scintillation across minute details.

Any protips of where to start?
I can really only find tumblresque ugly vinyl stickers with vague palewave meme shit on them which isn't what I'm looking for. Another thing I find is pre-made holographic garbage from china meant to go on counterfeit goods and security tags - it's closer to what I want but I'm looking for many stickers, but many different shapes (think states and country stickers). Can only find one design which I must buy 5000 of which is a pain in the dick.
File: hologram1.jpg (322 KB, 600x375)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
Akin to this

Sneaky feeling the colours cannot be chosen and are down to the nature of method used and angle of viewing.
Are you looking to design your own holograms or do you need advice on where to print them? Not sure I understand your question.
Need a graphic designer who knows where to point me in the right direction to have both done, as well as correct kind of technology for my needs, pricing, feasibility etc.

I used to work at a printshop that did these security holograms mainly for festival-flyers and such.

You can turn pretty much anything into a hologram, but the more complex it is the better its gonna look, because it will have more light refractions.

To make the patterns stand out its usually embossed in layers so the color-hue changes with every layer.

Technology wise its really complicated though. You're gonna need a photolab, lasers, chemicals to make your shims and "molds" photoresistant, a special hologram embosser, custom software to design your patterns. Its a lot of stuff for a shiny small patch of plastic.

I suggest you look for really big printing companies, nothing local.
This site could help you also:

File: dribbble.gif (14 KB, 600x260)
14 KB
got two invites
any of you fuckers want it?
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ok, you should have it now :)
sent ;)
File: CK3gWVgUsAAsnNt.jpg (73 KB, 600x749)
73 KB

ok, this particular shit is done. no more handouts for beggars for now.
thx m8, I owe ya
well if you say so, I might take you up on that at some point~

HELp!? Howdy I’m using Sony Vegas and I’m selling my old computer . It was a shity hp and I don’t even know the specs but it got the job done. I’m selling that and I need a new laptop / computer and I need ur help.lol. So here is basically what I need it to be able to do . Able to run Vegas. Able to run cs at a modest rate. A good bit of storeage . It could be a laptop or desktop . For a laptop nothing over 500 and for a desktop nothing over 350. Thank you so much and if you find links to the laptop / computer please link them . Thank you so Much
If you're willing to build your own pc
https://www. amazon .com/gp/aws/cart/add.html?AssociateTag=pcmasterracebuilds-20&ASIN.0=B01CLIZ698&Quantity.0=1&ASIN.1=B06XS53VR5&Quantity.1=1&ASIN.2=B0741DN383&Quantity.2=1&ASIN.3=B01NASRCV5&Quantity.3=1&ASIN.4=B01MCU1ERO&Quantity.4=1&ASIN.5=B01K8A29BE&Quantity.5=1&ASIN.6=B00H33SDR4&Quantity.6=1

>Sony Vegas
You must be 18+ to post here

I dare you “designers” to make this better...
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I dare you to pay us
what bike?
free? no thanks
Wow!! Good luck in the design industry....

Goal Soccer Kit Template -

Does anyone know where I could get this for free? Any torrents or links? $69 is a bit of a fucking joke.
i'll doubt you can find the exact same for free but maybe try at either psdkeys, graphicex or cgpeers. also i remember downloading a similar one but it was 3d c4d and it was released for free at some blog or something.

Hey /gd/ -- looking for some advice. I want to create an online portfolio but I'm having trouble figure out what kind of identity to use for myself. I was thinking of something simple like literally *myname*graphics.com, but I also see a lot of personal portfolios out there using company-type names for themselves. I'm not sure which is better for someone starting out, but I'm looking for the route of most success. My full name has the uniqueness the equivalent of John Smith so finding a domain name kind of sucks in that regard.

I do graphic design, illustration and a little bit of video editing.

Any advice/tips for someone just starting out would be greatly appreciated.
Just use your name. Not "YourName Studios," not some cringey pseudonym or DeviantArt-tier screen name, and for the love of fuck don't use the word "GFX." Keep it simple, with a hyphen or word like "design" in the URL if needed.

You, by yourself, are not a studio or an actual company. Don't give potential clients the impression they'll be working with a team of people when they won't. It isn't impressive, it just fucks you over in the long run because the people that hire actual studios and agencies are looking for a level of quality and hands-on communication that you, as a beginner, almost certainly aren't capable of.

the BP logo really nailed the soulless monolithic big bureaucracy look
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This looks better then the current one
Your a fick cunt
>a low-level profession
yet here you are on /gd/
What's your trade, loverboy?
I hate USA children

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