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File: IMG_2058.jpg (120 KB, 516x640)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
4channel is under direct threat by Marxist forces. They've shifted their efforts to try to destroy other boards while we squabble on chan

Right now the shills are infesting places like /tv/ in order to subvert their culture. We, ask /pol/ to aid us in rooting these fuckers out. They're dishonest, lying in every thread in order to push the board to the left and deprive the Chans of memetic influence. /tv/ has has been a traditional ally of ours since before baneposting. We owe it to them to lend our support
>4channel is under direct threat by Marxist forces. They've shifted their efforts to try to destroy other boards while we squabble on chan
No such thing the blue boards have always been left, it's just that 4chan(/pol/, /r9k/, /b/ etc) goes there less and less now.

File: 1022.jpg (66 KB, 689x868)
66 KB
which western country is the most cucked one?
Something else?
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England and Anglophone Canada are done, they're too far gone both demographically and culturally. Britain has the worst anti-free speech laws, and barely any nationalist resistance.

Quebec on the whole seems like it's in fairly good shape compared to much of Europe, if they make themselves independent it might well become the bulwark of the White Race in North America.

Scotland is like New England or the PNW: Filled to the brim with libshits, but still very white. If some cataclysmic event forces them to get to their senses politically, there might be some hope for the Scots.

Mainstream Swedish society seems like the most pozzed in the world, but to counterbalance that they also have a nationalist movement that's far superior to anything you might see in Britain, Germany or The Netherlands. There's still hope for them, but it would take a civil war for the Swedes to survive.

In Germany we have the ultra-cucky weirdos in the Rhine and Ruhr area (Cologne ring a bell?), but also the Saxons who are about as right-wing as your average Eastern-European.
Ironically, Germans probably could've survived as a nation if East and West Germany had not reunified. As it stands, the East is going to be brought to its knees by the politically and economically more powerful West.

France looks like one of the less cucked countries on the surface, but they've internalized the concept of civic nationalism to such a degree that the French will be lost even if nationalists take power. They will never develop the political will to deport all those Moroccans and Algerians.

Most of Eastern and Central Europe would do fine on its own, but they're far too addicted to those sweet gibs from Germoney to let go of the EU. And if any of them move too rashly, they'll be bombed into submission by NATO (see Serbia).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Show your stupid commie leaf
Very good analysis but
>Most of Eastern and Central Europe would do fine on its own, but they're far too addicted to those sweet gibs from Germoney to let go of the EU
those gibs ain't free EU cucked our industry so basically we import a bunch of stuff from them,.
However in the upcoming elections there's going to be an anti-EU coalition between nationalists from National Movement and conservative-libertarians from Freedom Party, and maybe some other smaller parties. The ultimate goal is Polexit and God I hope something like that will eventually happen

File: PeterThiel.jpg (116 KB, 1024x683)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Thiel is a steering committee member of the Bilderberg Group. Also a literal faggot, just like you OP. Sage.

File: th (2).jpg (9 KB, 288x216)
9 KB

File: _104826620_egypt5.jpg (188 KB, 976x1309)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
What do you notice about this newly excavated ancient egyptian tomb?
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What's the difference between being a fucking Deist and being a fucking Pagan?
No such thing, it's all whatever. You do whatever and then you die. That's it. That's this joke we call existence. It's absurd.
Read enough of the root-historical sources (like herodotus, strabo, tacitus, etc), and he migration paths become clear.
The pharoahs were of r1b haplogroup. you'd be hard pressed to find a single person in that region today that can say the same.
So what are you saying? the White Egyptians migrated to Greece or some shit? or maybe some of them did and others stayed in Egypt?
3,000 years of religious scholastic tradition vs this post.

File: Nigger.jpg (8 KB, 249x243)
8 KB
Why do people think that? Hell, I'm surprised shitskins are retarded with all the dangerous, venomous animals they had to fight.

The dangerous super predators alone in those regions should've weeded out the dumb, lazy, and uncreative.
Nights with -20°C are worse than bugs and lions

File: FootballPamphlet1936.jpg (81 KB, 508x720)
81 KB
How did Germany, namely the Nazi Party view Ireland and its people?

Where did they stand on the tiers of Aryandom? Two are known to have been deemed 'Ehrenarier' like the Japanese, but before and during WWII, did Ireland's neutral position mean the Irish were tolerated more than Anglos and/or Slavs? Would they have been free from persecution if Germany hypothetically beat Britain, or would they have been treated like Jews and Ethnic Poles were?
122 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why would you listen to a Canadian's opinion?
How many of those people do you think were burned alive?
likely all the ones without wikipedia entries
Fuck me, there's a lot of retards in this thread.
I'm an Ulster Irishfag and have studied Irish History intensely. This is the reality of the ROI in WW2, including attitudes toward it:

>Germany to Ireland
Hitler didn't give a shit. He saw Ireland as a potential launching platform into Britain, but this plan was more or less shelved indefinitely. Some attempts were made to encourage co-operation between Germany and Ireland against Britain but outside of a few small circles within the rapidly fucky IRA Ireland simply was not interested.

>Ireland to Germany
Irish sentiments leant more in favour of Germany, but only because that meant being "against" Britain. In reality, The ROI was as much in the allies as a nation could be while calling itself neutral.

>Axis pilots were interned if they crashed in Ireland
>Allied pilots allowed to travel north to the NI border
>Intel shared with Britain
>Weather reports shared with Britain (including the one that let D-Day Happen
>Volunteers allowed to head for Britain
>Told Hitler to not bomb Belfast

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
As for actual Fascist Movements within Ireland at the time, check ailtirí na haiséirghe as arguably the most interesting read. You can find bits and pieces of their stuff online, I uploaded it all in PDF form fucking forever ago and I don't have the link to it anymore, but googling might help.

The tl;dr of them is:
>massive conscript army that in some cases doubles as industry workforce
>ban english
>retake NI
>ally with Fascist Italy
>ban emigration of native irish
>emerge from WW2 as the Christian Spiritual Capital of the world as a society which all battered nations should base themselves on

Interesting bunch. Don't let anyone tell you the Blueshirts were Fascist, because they weren't.

File: download (1).png (605 B, 116x77)
605 B
605 B PNG
Litterally the most evil country on Earth right now
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first post best post
need some points on your score huh english teacher
That's not America

Look at the mental gymnastics of these MAGA nigger and Pajeets

> the rest of the world
Hi Pajeet


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Kaiser_2078634i.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
Does porn make people gay?
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
naw the guy that would beat woman over the head with a crowbar strangle and fuck their dead corpses until he couldn't stand the smell anymore
File deleted.
All depends on what you consider acceptable porn and whether it reflects your own preferences, or whether your preferences are reflected by your porn.

Im selective about the porn I look at because ive got my own preferences. If it doesnt pertain to mine, then I dont download it or watch it.
> mature women
> women with big breasts
> pregnant women

Actually end up downloading a bunch of Pics rather than Vids because ill fap to a still image of a big breasted woman looking sultry.
There's nothing wrong with any of that if thats what im seeking to install in my life.
> mature confident woman with big tits, who ive made pregnant.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
sorry meant to use this image instead
No but gay people make porn. That's your problem.
what if i started with gay porn

File: EasternBloc.png (73 KB, 260x422)
73 KB
For example, when Hungary had an anti-USSR revolution they came in and violently stomped it out quickly.
Poland had a similar revolution at basically the same time to which the response was an opening of national markets and freedom-oriented reforms for the country.
To keep satellites at odds with each other so no coalition against the USSR could form. Basically d&c
Hungary population was small compared to ours and commies knew we will bleed them pretty good before they crash us
Hungary declared total neutrality and withdrew from the Warsaw pact - among other things, making it de facto independent.
Poland did not take these drastic steps.
Hence the difference in the Soviet reaction.

The result was far different as well, with Hungary instituting "goulash communism", which made it the satellite with the highest standard of living, whereas Poland did not benifit from such reforms.

File: Chan_assembly2.png (63 KB, 640x379)
63 KB

GOAL: Organize the anons so that we can more effectively concentrate our force and influence.

>What do I do?
Get a trip, make or join a party (or go independent if you're a cuck), and let's get cracking.

>To do
Gather members of parliament
Assembly Symbols Contest
Form parties
Agree on a constitution
Start doing stuff


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: parliament.png (7 KB, 512x480)
7 KB
Something like this?
yeah and put the other shit on if you can mate
It's just a template though. It should be filled in by someone who knows all the colors and shit
state capitalism
Are you on the Discord?

File: 324234.jpg (21 KB, 403x550)
21 KB
For example, Sandy Hook hoaxers. These people believe there's a group so evil it faked kids' deaths to ban guns, but it was not evil enough to actually kill kids. Dumb. Are there smart conspiracy theorists?
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Be op
>there has never been a flase flag

Why not? Columbine tapes are out whats the harm of showing the guy entering the school on CCTV especially with all the questions around it?
>Why are conspiracy theorists retarded?
you prolly never read a real conspiracy theorist's theories.

all you have been seeing is a bunch of cia niggers.

OK link me to the real stuff.
Yell down the hall and ask to talk to your superior, you two-planes-into-three-buildings CIA nigger.

File: download (18).jpg (9 KB, 194x259)
9 KB

https://www.nytimes.com sunday
Opinion | An Abomination. A Monster. That's Me? - The New ...

I know this is old but i still wonder how is it that shit like this doesn't cause masive outrage?
And then somehow the manage to blame things like this to the "alt-right" for "setting the tone", seariusly m8s, what the fuck is going on?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I just don't care, do you? There's better things to spend your time on. I've got a blonde haired blue eyed child.

White man needs to understand that you will NEVER make peace with another race. Hunt or be hunted. You people just keep screwing things up with your guilt culture.
You should care this communist wants to make your child the last of his race
The world is going into ethno nationalism mode. Huwite men will be persecuted because of our leading role. If the nations of the world do not become ethnonationalist they will not survive.

Without the c*mmies, Russia would be leading the World today as well as spreading Christianity and Traditional values in the whole world and we would be spared of the shitty Liberalism, ""Enlighment philosophy"", "muh freedum xDD" and feminism America makes us swallow nowdays.
Prove me wrong
Pro tip: You can't.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Incompotence of the Tsar was what brought it. Of his whole dynasty too.
Also Russia had an opportunity for 400 years to become the leader of europe. Instead we had the brits and the fench
A large part of German paranoia was the threat posed by the rise of Russian and that nation's potential. Germany and the rest of Europe knew that when Russia was able to industrialize and "liberalize" that it would be the major player in Europe. It's enormous natural resources and manpower made it the biggest threat to German ambitions on the continent and it's rapid rise over the century prior struck fear in the hearts of the Prussian aristocracy and Hohanzollerns.
>Russia would have sided with Germany during WWII
>allied front attacking west
>no backstabbing kikes from Russia from the get go
>France btfo
>UK btfo
>US wouldn't get involved/realize it was too much to overtake
>fast-forward 70 years
>nationalist Europe
>all commies get the rope
>Europe stays white
>US stays white
>Jews get run out of Europe and slaughtered by dune coons
>world peace ensues
File: mommy.jpg (122 KB, 1220x784)
122 KB
122 KB JPG

File: image.jpg (105 KB, 636x673)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
10 year old kid made to dance on stage at a new year gay bar in front of grown men who threw dollar bills at him.

At what point do we start killing off anyone who encourages this disgusting type of behaviour?
61 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
Bacha bazi
File: 1544845590273.jpg (27 KB, 451x352)
27 KB
..... And Its beautiful

We full weimar now

I know exactly where this is. It's a rennaissance fair in a little town about 30 minutes from where I live. I haven't been in years, but as a kid it was fun...turkey legs, jousting, etc. The last time I went it was just an excuse for fat disgusting people to wear revealing clothing by pretending they were pirates or beermaids or fairies or weird shit like that.

Go do it faggot. There's list of each pedos home address.
>just an excuse for fat disgusting people to wear revealing clothing
Why is it like this over here? In other places cute girls wear cute clothes, but here it seems that only fat people wear clothes like that, and the attractive girls wear trash and mark up and punch holes in their bodies and shit. It's the worst of both worlds

File: 1guhG3K.jpg (1014 KB, 2779x2653)
1014 KB
1014 KB JPG
Ok boys I think I need some help.

I seem to be too susceptible of things posted here. For example: I'll see some post about working out and it's importance or some quote by some philosopher or a statue by Arno Breker and I'll head straight to the gym and work out for like an hour.

But here is the problem: I'll see some post about BLACKED and I get kind of turned on and I fap to that degenerate sh**, I mean it's not surprising just look at my flag

Also another problem is these things with "women like to get raped" posts and images, like I read this article on popsci.com about how a women has been in a marriage for years but had never had an orgasm until she was gang raped, for some reason I went out last night and stalked some women because I was literally gonna try and rape them, because the penalties for doing that here in Sweden is pretty low and there a lot of rapes going on here, and even if reported (many are not reported) a lot of them don't result in anyone getting caught, and even if I were to get caught that's like 1 year in a chill prison.

Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say I'm too susceptible to stuff information I receive, I don't know if it's because I lack self control, or if it's because my young age, or some weird programming stuff in swedish education and shady chemicals in the water supply.

>inb4 NPC
Me and a friend of mine literally thought of the "NPC meme" before that first study was brought up on this before and way before that meme was created, and using the same terminology "NPC" and I do think for myself it's just that I'll somehow convince myself to do bad stuff after arguing with myself for like 20 minutes, the only reason I haven't done worse stuff is because I fear I'll go to hell, and I tend to experience strong feelings of empathy at times.

Sorry for blogpost, just wanted to see if it's only me or someone else here experiencing similar problems.
no I'm the opposite. I'm naturally contrarian.
I dont know if this pic represents the most browsed board by country or is just shitpainting
> for some reason I went out last night and stalked some women because I was literally gonna try and rape them, because the penalties for doing that here in Sweden is pretty low and there a lot of rapes going on here, and even if reported (many are not reported) a lot of them don't result in anyone getting caught, and even if I were to get caught that's like 1 year in a chill prison.

.t Abdul.

He lives in Berlin and he's tired of the shitshow.
I've told him to consult our Government websites and Embassy.
He's an railroad engineer so skillset and finding a job shouldn't be hard. His main concern is where he'd move and how he'd move here with limited money. 2/3 of his salary is taken from him by taxes and rent to saving money is a problem. I told him he should consult a US or DE bank for a personal loan but does anyone have any better ideas?
Does /pol/ have any economic strategies or states to consider moving to? Or something more specific?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Where there’s a will there’s a way. If he were serious he would already be here. All have to say is later hosen
There is no escape. Stand your ground and fix your country, because whites won't be able to flee eternally from a plagued place to another.
We have to work for a better future, but neither the mutts nor their kike masters want that. So yeah, it was better to keep the fight in mother Europe.
he said he would nave researched sooner but he was in the middle of univ. Probably right though still. If he really wants to move and not just bitching for the sake of bitching he'll find a way.
File: POV3lya.jpg (44 KB, 480x360)
44 KB
germany is what usa will be soon , the only place safe from this cuckery is israel

>Finnish Defense Forces
>900 000 men + 12 600 border guard paramilitary
>AKs, grenades and basic gear for everyone
>thousands of stingers and NLAWS
>thousands of artillery
>emerges victorious in all joint exercises with Norway, Sweden and the US
>can brunt the full force of the Russian military or NATO and emerge victorious
>budget: 2,8 billion euro (2018)


>~210 000 men
>descrepit and weak in all ways
>budget 38, 93 billion euro (2018)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
304 replies and 103 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: sprudo wishing liquid.jpg (296 KB, 900x2108)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
by the way, nobody killed more russians that fucking communists.
Not even Hitler
Finnbros did a good job defending themselves. Otherwise they would be a 2nd world relatively poor country like Poland.
Better dead than red!
Indeed. Speaking of, russianbro, whats the truth on the whole "most russians miss communism" nonsense? From what i can tell its mostly lies, but /pol/ and online sources are of course not fully reliable.
Old folks miss communism because when communism collapsed things went REALLY sour for a decade or so. Also because under communism their dicks worked.
File: 1544793538680.png (57 KB, 197x168)
57 KB
I was on holiday in the US during memorial day weekend last year. Didn't know it was memorial day weekend until I walked out of the hotel in a green t-shirt that could possibly be mistaken for the same shade of green as the US military and had a fuckton of people, especially boomers, thank me for my service everywhere I fucking went, including the supermarket.

I just nodded at them and took the praise, since I know how much the hero faggots in the US hate stolen valor. And this was along the California coast of all fucking places between LA and SF. I can only imagine how bad it gets when you get into flyover territory where most people worships the military.
Kek well that does make sense.
You guys dont have viagra?

File: swastika prototype.jpg (308 KB, 953x674)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
These are fascist fake breasts.
File: shitty vagina.png (144 KB, 942x1255)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
File: 1543237637422.gif (2.06 MB, 420x245)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB GIF
alright mang

no your not
File: Tranny pad.jpg (2.95 MB, 1152x3238)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB JPG
This gender is fascist.

File: 1458520232319.png (140 KB, 673x390)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Reminder that White Sharia is the ultimate redpill and /pol/ is a Muslim board in denial.
And yes you can be pro Islam and anti immigration. Remember, many Arabs want racial purity too. It's the values that we share.
>/pol/ is a Muslim board in denial
you are baiting, but this statement is very true for the most part
sandniggers are okay if they you know fucking stay in sandnigger countires
fuck off TRSodomite
lol 90 percent of muslim in france, just to continue to increase immigration support sodomite and transgender.
We don't want child marriages, fatalism, baby rapes, bestiality, polygamy, wars in foreign lands just because they believe in different things, going to Mecca, torturing and amputating and killing people who have been investigated by Islamic morons, thinking that an illiterate wicked man of color is the perfect human to be emulated and murdering people who are critical of him, mutilating penises etc. though.

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