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File: 976564674.jpg (136 KB, 560x570)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Is there anything more pathetic than a movement so obsessed with how fragile and recessive their genes are, that they call consensual sex "genocide"?
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hahaha this guy thinks there are only 2 races
It is not pathetic when it is a fact, asshole

Feel free to hug your nigglets
>fragile and recessive genes
Well, that's how it is. We've everything to lose by racemixing and basically nothing to win.

>call consensual sex "genocide"
Of course it's a bland over-dramatization but that's how PR works. Even if there is a lot of ethnic cohesion in a certain group there will always be a few who will engage in dysgenics and will therefore introduce alien genes into the pool. This accumulates eventually. Why should we risk it? We have to minimize the risk of interracial consensual sex.
/pol/ is satire, curb your autism

White Genocide is more than interracial relationships, it's about revisionism, manipulating public opinion, and the coordinated abolishment of white communities and customs of the 99% of white populations perpetrated by the 1%

Irony surrounding it doesn't make it any less real

File: 1493911515720.jpg (34 KB, 480x360)
34 KB
I am sad to admit that i hate most of my fellow Serbs. This is a nation of shitty people, with a shit additude. Our history is only thing to be proud of, and yet, it's also filled with foolish decisions (Mrnjavcevici defeat at Marica, not accepting russian peace offer with turks in first uprising, making of yugoslavia, accepting communism...). We were always ruled by authorians, good or bad(mostly bad) so we have some servant mentality. Intelligent people are afraid of going into politics, and we are left with thieves and uneducated scum on all positions of power. Nothing of worth is being build, there are close to zero investments, budget for our culture is 1%. But the poorshits are still electing these worst cunts, over and over. Serbs are unbelievebly materialistic, selfish, and most of them would probably sell their counry for personal interests. Serbs are also laziest fucks around. They're always talking about unemployment or bad living, but all you can see are young people sitting in caffees all day long. People just wanna work less, and gain more. Our villages and agriculture are dying, everybody is flocking to Belgrade. These people's biggest achievment in life is usually working as waiters in Ada Ciganlija. Young women are bigger and bigger whores by every generation. Every single one of them is a roastie with average of 5+ guys...guys are either cucks or try to act all agressive. This country has no future. It's sad to hear stories, how our people built a strong kingdom, later an empire, rose up against Turks, how they relentlesly fought against all invaders. And now this. No culture, no proggress, no hopes in better days for our society.
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I hate to admit but I agree with all of this
That's a pretty sweet kang
Okay, i agree, girls are saints in comparison to western, but still whores (i'm not a bitter, neet virgin btw). Politics are shit, man. It's surreal how everybody is corrupted here. Yeah, Finns are good. Danes and Norweigans also. I probably think of Netherlands as a really successfull state, even though i don't like Dutch people.
ur a faget
His name is Daquan II Nemanjic

File: 1487777672098.png (68 KB, 420x420)
68 KB

We did it boys. Weaponized autism ruins another worthless life.

File: fuk.jpg (663 KB, 3000x2400)
663 KB
663 KB JPG
I eard you bois is racist on here. imma need my reperations for dis racism you white ass crackers
Sure. I now give you the privilege to come live in Canada whenever you want? It's such a great gift, right?
nah it too cold for my black ass
Sure, just let me give you some gibsmedats you fin citizen
File: CLM.jpg (114 KB, 800x625)
114 KB
114 KB JPG

File: Hotep Jesus.jpg (6 KB, 320x180)
6 KB
What is /pol/s opinion on Hoteps?
(The black nationalists, not the Kangz)
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File: United Against Jewery.jpg (83 KB, 768x1024)
83 KB

Take what can be saved, cull the rest.
They're okay. Not our battle to fight.
File: photo.jpg (64 KB, 509x512)
64 KB
Bunch of coons, Gazi is /our nigger/.
The want the same thing we do. They are not our enemy.
there's something shady about them that i can't quite put my finger on.

File: Capture.jpg (88 KB, 790x570)
88 KB
It is definitely happening. !!!

These guys had bags of BBs, drones, loaded AKs, and more bomb making materials in their car.

One brother is already out with only misdemener charges. the older brother's bail is set at $200K. Betcha George Soros or the ACLU will have him out in no time too.

We are going to commit suicide by letting these fucking muslims run free just like the UK. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MY PEOPLE??????????????????????
File: mud.png (219 KB, 325x317)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Yep. Bump.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
If you live anywhere near them, shoot the fuckers
You have literally no connection to them
Who would ever know it was you?
Tbh they were rightfully released because they havent done anything But you bet your ass NSA will be monitoring their every move.
i'm doing something even better. I'm raising daughters who DESPISE Muslims and religion in general...but with an extra special dose of MUDSLIME distaste.
They will play a roll in shifting public opinion as they absorb into society, college, career...etc...
same with the little fuckers in the UK. they were on the radar bigtime...

An article on some latino based news source used the gender Neutral term "latinx' as a alternative to Latino/Latina (though Latino is also gender neutral but trannys dont know this) .

Hilarity ensues.

File: IMG_2949.jpg (77 KB, 540x961)
77 KB
*blocks your path*

"Ey man..ah don't know anybody called Joy Lane!"

What do?
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You're just yourself.
You are the nigger irl already
>he typed with his brown hands
Take him to kfc and eat fried chicken till our belly buttons pop out and then laugh about it.
File: 1494889014972.jpg (94 KB, 750x1333)
94 KB
Summon Oprah

File: 1455057205731.jpg (220 KB, 1252x1252)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
If I want niggers to have their own communities but don't wanna send them back to Africa am I a civic nationalist?
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Better yet just go live with them in Africa. I think that'd be more fitting for you mudsharks, oil drillers, liberals and civic "christian-zionist" weirdos. Birds of a feather they say..
File: cometodaddy.jpg (617 KB, 1179x1125)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
>OP is angry because niggers have big dicks and he has a small white dick.
You want the US to become warzone south africa instead of semi based brasil. Kys. No, seriously kys
I kinda agree, American blacks are quite different from African blacks, I can only see more conflict if they were there
American blacks are fine when they're left in their own communities
Without Jewish subversion and sponsorship, they pose little to no threat to hwhite communities
>I want niggers
You're a cuck

File: header1.png (455 KB, 1030x654)
455 KB
455 KB PNG

College professor at liberal arts college wrote email objecting to some sort of "no whites on campus" day gets hounded and shrieked at and called to resign.

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>tfw you graduated from this school

FUUUUUUUUUCK I knew I got out of there just in the nick of time. What a fucking disgrace.
>I don't understand bell curves so you must be a shill.
There exist exceptions to trends, however, largescale policies should be based on largescale trends.

That's what you get when you teach and believe in SJW shit.
You get sent to the naughty corner.

I would have absolutely no problem with them willing segregating themselves if we were allowed to do so too. I'm 100% behind voluntary segregation.

File: TrumpJUST3.png (664 KB, 583x600)
664 KB
664 KB PNG

The block on Trumps travel ban has been upheld by a fairly moderate circuit.
161 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Maybe you should do some research before you talk about shit you don't understand :^)
>conveniently forgetting I also asked about Afghanistan
Heh, you were almost tricky :)
So, why not Afghanistan?

>They were on the first ban, but it was lifted because they agreed to actually do something about their own vetting process.
Such faith you place on Iraq. It couldn't possibly be because it just suits your narrative right now to do so, could it :P?

> Also do tell how Trump isn't a competent president, he has been accomplishing or attempting to accomplish everything he's promised so far.
Healthcare was to be passed "quickly", "very, very fast" and "immediately". He is laughably far behind. Not only that, his plans - though I know your excuse is that the first one was "Ryancare", but I'm sorry to say that no one buys that bullshit - was supposed to be better, cheaper, and cover more. All complete horseshit.

His travel bans were sloppy messes of shit, and didn't pass.

His budget is a fucking disaster that will blow a huge hole in the otherwise decent economy he inherited from Obama.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>They were on the first ban, but it was lifted because they agreed to actually do something about their own vetting process.
Gotta say: If Obama or Shillary had said: "well, Iraq said they fixed it, and I trust them" you'd probably not have the same cavalier attitude towards it.

Can you honestly tell me you'd be completely consistent on this, regardless of whom was in the WH?
File: 1486174472063.jpg (91 KB, 500x505)
91 KB
can you imagine if they dont
Stop playing Necromancy damnit!

File: 1495593053159.jpg (224 KB, 1920x1090)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
What genetics test is the absolute best to take?
(preferably cheap)

File: blac.png (390 KB, 476x426)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qChNldi1DpY - Watch as they fled Italian streets screaming and chanting demanding that the Italian government give them more economic benefits and things such as free housing, designer clothing and other free handouts at the expense of Italian taxpayers.
Carthaginian's revenge. Took them long enough.
Carthaginians weren't niggers you fucking streetshitter.
Italy bros don't make our ancestors cry in vain. Become Romans again.
I can't wait to see those their faces when those Italicucks start losing all their benfits like paid vacations and paternity leave because their government can't afford to give them anything since it's going to the gibs.

File: Cnn.svg.png (46 KB, 1200x576)
46 KB
/POL/ How do we know that this privately funded and managed corporation isn't paying federal employees to leak sensitive and classified information?

File: IMG_3126.jpg (35 KB, 306x423)
35 KB
Do you go to Hollywood?

File: 153853.jpg (126 KB, 878x1008)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
test post
my isp is shit


>Europe's problem is with Russia, not terrorism
>NATO allies have never paid their fair share, so Trump shouldn't be asking them to pay up

Why is this Frankenstein still around?

File: 1490927380358.jpg (121 KB, 544x448)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Why does every white nationalist always end up becoming a follower of radical Islam, regardless of if they were an atheist, neopagan/occultist or Christian before?
>every white nationalist always end up becoming a follower of radical Islam
Can you name one?
Hes talking about Myatt who was a total fruit anyway and was basically larping. Other than that I cant think of any.
lol OP I'm going down that same path now of realizing the Islam stands for everything I believe in. EXCEPT for it is run by shitskins.

We need "white islam" or "white shariah"

File: white-workforce.jpg (113 KB, 957x333)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
And start working low-paid jobs as well and bring the wages up from there. This is the very reason why your governments are importing so many shitskins into your countries - they will do the jobs you think you are too good for and give them votes in return. You need to wake up.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I do hard physical labor (foundry) so I clearly agree from my own bias-conformation, but I also think we need to get rid of the niggers in some realistic way or another since they tend to abuse the mostly white tax system even more that the military and the police state tactics do, NSA and the like. It'd be interesting to see if niggers get more then our owners do for their welfare checks in Israel.
White people are literally the only people around to work those jobs in over half he country

Why the fuck do you think they hate liberals who have never worked outside of an air conditioned office?

Liberals on coasts (that aren't white collar worker dropouts forced to, the horror, wait tables and bartend while pretending to be DJs and Artists) LITERALLY sit in open office layouts all switching between web apps and their phones in 6-8 hour shifts

Look at Facebook post activity, gchat / group chat activity: liberals are online all day every day doing fucking nothing but reading Vox and Slate and NYT and Buzzfeed
the problem is teenagers 15-22 yr thinks they're to good for low-paid jobs and have been brainwashed to think once you serve a burger at burger king there you will remain until you die. Nothing wrong with starting at low minimum jobs and you sure as hell get a better reference working at a global franchise then settling for a cafe that could shut down at any given moment.
Worked plenty of low paying jobs that really sucked, convinced me to get an education and be qualified for high paying jobs that suck less.

Worst job I ever had was busing tables at a Bob Evens, a place known for putting syrup gravy on everything. Every table was a sticky mess.
We are working them. Many whites are struggling to provide for families with low paying jobs, unrealistic hours and shitty benefits that harken back to the old coal mining days.
They're importing more immigrants so they won't have to pay livable wages to people trying to support families.

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