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File: 1524454457307.jpg (241 KB, 696x1108)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
How can /pol/ endorse Nazism when the Nazis wanted to mass murder children?

>This brings into focus another factor of which Charles de Gaulle was undoubtedly aware: how the National Socialist regime treated the disabled. Eugenics was part and parcel of the Nazi view of the world (and most Western liberal opinion for decades). And, as the Nazis made clear right from the beginning, the disabled had no place in a National Socialist world. They were lebensunwertes leben (life unworthy of life).

>Starting in September 1939, the Nazi government began removing Down Syndrome children and infants suffering from other disabilities from their parents. These children were taken to “health facilities” and killed by lethal injection or gas poisoning. In the name of “racial health” and other eugenics nonsense, the regime murdered thousands of disabled children. Among them was a 15 year-old Down Syndrome cousin of the future pope, Joseph Ratzinger.

>This would have been Anne de Gaulle’s fate if she had ever fallen into Nazi hands. Although de Gaulle never referenced it specifically, it’s likely that the brutal treatment of the disabled was one of the things he had in mind when referring to the evil of the Nazi regime. When de Gaulle refused to surrender in 1940 and was branded a traitor by France’s political and military elites, it was certainly the act of an intensely patriotic man unwilling to accept his country’s abasement by the Nazis. But de Gaulle’s act of resistance also concerned safeguarding his defenseless daughter from those who viewed her as sub-human.
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The US also wanted to mass murder Iraq kids.


The methodology was 'messy' but the conclusions were correct. With genetic screening and pre-implantation diagnostics you have a much more palatable option nowadays to achieve the very same goal. Eugenics WILL be the future ... humans are inherently selfish and if available everyone will want to give their progeny a headstart by selecting only for the best combination possible with the parent's genes.
Killing children isn't right.

That's an atrocity too.

That's different from killing children though.
Better eugenics than welfare state driven eugenics.
killing down syndrome kids is cool with me

Should the white man take over the land masses surrounding the equator? niggers want to leave there for whatever reason. Whites are smart enough to find ways to survive in savage heat. And will find sources of power that niggers cant. Will build the infrastructure that niggers can't. It would be wonderful
>blacks move to our countries
>we genocide the niggers that are left and take the land and resources for ourselves
I like this idea a lot actually. Niggers would be so buttmad to watch whitey spend 5 years succeeding where they failed for thousands and thousands of years
You don't need to slaughter the niggers. We will historically be seen as the aggressors. We simply outbreed them similar to how immigrants are in the west.

File: hijab.jpg (3 KB, 300x168)
3 KB
/pol/ I'm looking for credible sources (preferably ones from Islamists themselves) about the hijab and its meaning, i.e. how it sexualises women. I want the Hijab banned at school for students under the age of 16 as it would be inappropriate for them to wear it, i just need a strong case against it.
File: 1522980547567.png (87 KB, 361x334)
87 KB
>I have a conclusion, lets go find some evidence to support it
i need actual sources, im going off what i've just heard from my islamic friends.
Interesting idea you got there

look at this banana sticker
fucking ooga booga
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Mfw my mommy gf doesn’t pack me a ripe banana for lunchy wunchy
File: 1504152234551.jpg (199 KB, 740x696)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
>when it's got a brown spot on the inside
what a pussy
Nothing like a green man on my green banana


What does it mean when an entire field of study is found to be entirely falsified? How should scientists and institutions fix the problem of leftist ideology turning science into a political tool instead of search for truth?

Do you think the fact the field of psychology is completely degenerated and 99% far left is why they don't do anything useful but prescribe damaging drugs?
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>loss aversion
Don't even need "social studies" for that, it's a pure math.
Losing $99 out of $100 will leave with hundred times less currency, while adding $99 on top of $100 barely doubles it. It is a trick since it assumes absolute value = relative value, when it's not.
At least 90% of research in any field is trash and is just done for gibs, it's all just bullshit
After WWII there was a huge push especially in the U.S. to churn out as many scientists as possible. The result was science became just another professional career, like medicine, law, accounting etc. Before that, science was reserved for just a handful of the best and brightest. Now the average IQ of scientists has been diluted by the huge influx of mediocre minds in every discipline. Physics has been somewhat immune because there's a threshold IQ needed just to pass the classes, but even physics is suffering. The only breakthroughs made in the last 30 years have been from smashing particles in ever larger and more expensive accelerators. Every scientific discipline is 90% garbage, yet having a science degree holds the same prestige it did 50 years ago.
Leaf, the fields that aren't trash tier psychology actually make shit that is awesome: gunpowder, computers, cures to disease.
>cures to disease.
Dumb dumb, this "replication crisis" as it's referred to in psychology right now started even earlier referring to bad results in the medical sciences (see: John Ioannidis)

File: goon.jpg (266 KB, 1920x1080)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Please help us, USA\
I'm sick of this. I have no future in this country
I don't know what to do.
Rake yourself
this "leader"
I| don't know what to do

File: japanese-redpill.png (27 KB, 346x104)
27 KB

Dude is dropping massive truth bombs over Black Lies Matter!
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I don't care if non-Whites are immune or not desu.
Obviously you don't know anything about japan
I don't think it's bad, it's actually two high IQ races mixing together. If they make new races, it's ok, as long as the new race doesn't disrupt the host culture.
hi macau
At least you're a homogeneous high trust society with the lowest crime rate in the world for a first world nation.

File: diversity_norway6.jpg (41 KB, 598x640)
41 KB
The meme that Norway is better than Sweden is false. I've been here for abt a week, Oslo is full of degenerate filth, full of gypsie beggars and Somalians and Pakistanis littering the street.

I was counting chuldren when I got off the plane. I counted 10 biracial, negroid or sandnigger children before I saw a white kid.

Norway is no better than Sweden, get it through your hesd /pol/
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File: 94589208359892.jpg (161 KB, 555x693)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Hey, but I know who will fix all problems in Sweden. Moderaterna will fix it! I also found this great video showing what Moderaterna stands for, it is fucking awesome!
Probably. The police wouldn't dare shoot a black person if he was raping a norwegian woman. I don't even think they have guns.

they do, but outside from special occasions they have to keep them locked up in the police car and get authorization to use them, i think.
I went on a vacation to Sweden once. I had all these high hopes for Sweden, the cold land of Vikings, now a true leader of the first world full of talented individuals of all trades.

When I got there the streets were filled with gypsies and blacks, I went to a fastfood store when I first arrived and it was filled to the brim with hobos.

It broke my heart. Everything I had expected from Sweden was complete fantasy, the real Sweden was a third world country. It was a crushing experience.

My vacation to Sweden contributed greatly to me becoming a national socialist.
No one gives a shit about NOrway.

File: christ-chan4.jpg (135 KB, 425x516)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Are there any girls here? If so, why do you come here and how did you get redpilled?
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I lov chubby
Pls show tits <3
Angry drunk Irish man who has killed and made babies says "get out of your fucking hovel and off the internet and say hello to a woman get her pregnant and have a fist fight (even if you loose be a fucking savage animal and let your rage shine) and then thank God you are alive and feel so much fear and anger and rage and lust before you turn into a soulless dead transsexual shit head programmed by facebook to be nothing and have no genetic resonance in history"

God sent me OP
Tee hee I post an anime girl so therefore I am a girl
I just want to post here stop hitting on me silly boy~
kys you fucking scum
It's a fucking meme faggot go rely on one crop and be surprised when you starve to death

And /pol/ will claim white privilege isnt real.

Just shows the world the hypocrisy of whites...
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You cannot end world hunger by feeding people who'll then go on to have ten kids each. Africa's population has exploded to unsustainable levels in Gen-Z's life time.
Exactly. Time to call out White Liberal Saviors as colonializing racists and get them to stop.
File: 1511119326759.webm (1.52 MB, 640x352)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB WEBM
Yea right, what the hell, I don't want to spend one single cent for that "world hunger" meme. I'd rather put it into the Bundeswehr. We can't even afford pants...
A cost that low to end world hunger can only be achieved by extermination.
>fix our mistakes for us
>nit our responsibility to feed our young

a kindness would be a cyanide pill in every sandwich so it doesn't spread

Are they now purposely living up to the meme? Are these weaklings what we have to put up in the Eu now?

DER SPIEGEL: Poland and Hungary also have clear lines. Hungary has already indicated that it will stand in the way of any attempt to censure Poland.

Maas: But that doesn't preclude the need to be in close contact. Only if the Eastern Europeans have the impression that we want to keep them in the EU will we be able to hold a serious discussion with them about change. We have to make it clear to them: We want you, we need you. Much of what is going wrong between us and the Eastern Europeans is taking place on an emotional level.
Heiko is such a faggot.
don't the French and Germans want to say they can decide things for the EU? like they don't like the ability for any one country to veto?
File: 1521640719124.jpg (52 KB, 601x590)
52 KB
We hate this guy.
As he was Minister of Justice he enforced anti hate speech laws and contributed to the further restriction of free speech.
Now, platforms can be charged with high sums of money if they don't delete content that might be considered offensive within a given time.
However something good came out of this disaster, because the law applies to everyone. So after it was passed many of its former proponents were deleted from various platforms, which resulted in a huge media outcry.
Woah, antisemitic!
File: kiked.jpg (137 KB, 1280x817)
137 KB
137 KB JPG

File: 1523336284930.jpg (267 KB, 960x1280)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Is it fixable, should we let them transition and just lock themselves out of the gene pool by eliminating weak genes?


What exactly is the best approach here, Alpha men don't turn into sissies.
49 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Actually a decent point, but you need to be isolated and kept the hell aware from society at large. We can establish a tranny colony in Svaalbard - that's nice and remote.
Ok, but once they move on to some new institution to ruin, it's not like the last thing they broke magically gets fixed. In fact it stays broken. Ignoring the issue is no solution.
we delete /b/
shes CUTE sauce?
better idea ... send them to calidfornia when north korea does a peal harbor on california put them all in SF and get anuke cabe of just leveling that city and everything else rads to hell

Passers can have a country just for them.
I mean make it nice enough to stay but far enough way noone gives shit.
doctors and surgens get free flights etc.
all non-passers get nuked

I think it was the Jews
15 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Bombs didn't work the first time...
File: 1516334082084.jpg (1.46 MB, 3023x2589)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
>What about this isn't some fucking conspiracy and Arabs are the assholes they are
What did I say? Retarded kikes.

Hey, kike. Tell me what the definition of "conspiracy" is?
You say that maybe it wasn't some conspiracy.
And it was. That's 100% for certain.
Unless it was one single person.
File: omg.jpg (10 KB, 236x234)
10 KB
Nice one, retard shill.
Problem is - there is footage of literally melted steel everywhere, literally dripping.
And your video confirms that this could not have happened in case the (((official story))) was true.
You faggits obsess on Jews as an excuse to sit in your hovels on the internet 24/7 instead of living and recognising you are weak and pathetic

Angry drunk Irish man who has killed and made babies says "get out of your fucking hovel and off the internet and say hello to a woman get her pregnant and have a fist fight (even if you loose be a fucking savage animal and let your rage shine) and then thank God you are alive and feel so much fear and anger and rage and lust before you turn into a soulless dead transsexual shit head programmed by facebook to be nothing and have no genetic resonance in history"

God sent me OP

File: fuck-moon.jpg (5 KB, 203x248)
5 KB
North Korea is deleting sentences that criticize North Korea from historical textbooks.

There is no guarantee that North Korea will throw away nuclear weapons.

Perhaps South Korea will be annexed to North Korea.

Is it OK like this?
North Korea is a basket case.. covered in a basket case.. with a basket case rammed up its tight communist ass hole. It will implode

wrong: North Korea is deleting...
right: South Korea is deleting...
lol based nipponese
Yes. Social justice is pretty hardcore in South Korea, and there are a lot of foreigners, including Muslims, in Seoul. Even South Korea took refugees, and you can see mosques in Seoul. Also, Korean media had a hate'on for Trump pretty hard, and most definitely still does...

I worry for them.
south korea is breaking the conditioning

File: crown.png (308 KB, 512x554)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
Which one of you did this?
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: true_jews_isupk.jpg (171 KB, 1246x706)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Das rite!
Some Boratshkenazi impostor got whooped by a true Israelite.

Lemrick Nelson, Jr. did it
It was a black
crown heights is black territory, kind of famously so.

>awd now goes full deus vult
the fuck is going on there

File: normal_day_in_berlin.webm (2.78 MB, 960x540)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB WEBM
Reminder that even this should be accepted by the public and protected by laws.

Freedom doesn't stop where you are offended
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he was probably thinking he fought for the wrong side in WW2
they are trying to be sexy but i just cant stop laughing . who gets turned on with this shit
A none Cuck German Good luck
Is this Opposite day ! ?

Of course. I wouldn't want to be intolerant.
Where is pack of muslim rapists when you need them?

File: 1511124619343.png (23 KB, 415x405)
23 KB
Endless waves of magapedes wasting their time on "1 post by this ID" threads.
when will newfags learn not to take troll replies seriously?
When will dutchflags stop spamming this board. you're making us look bad.

File: 1524266037548.jpg (234 KB, 1661x850)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
buy these glasses goyim

20 years for november 13th terrorist attacks in Paris.

What do you think ?
39 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
actually its t. mohammad
you need to stop using proxy or go back to whatver shithole u came from
im a virgin by choice
He look french to me, so why are you giving him any form of punishment?
expel all muslims form European lands again when ?

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