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File: 1536513099155.png (1.46 MB, 720x960)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG

SOUTHFRONT NOV 26&28 (ukraine)

>Assad Interviews

>Live MAPS

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Oh shit sorry something came up so i couldn't reply last thread

Anyway i couldn't bake in the first place cus me super laptop got sick and now i have this shitty small laptop and for some reason i can't post pics in /pol/
pretty majorly actually
especially during and just after WW2, we ran the brits over the coals in terms of squeezing concessions out of them

probably within few days
someone posted sauce last bread of TFSA moving to front lines and jump off positions
I mean, I honestly think USA can afford to lose Turkey as a NATO ally if it comes to it
File: ne3.png (7 KB, 364x128)
7 KB
>mutt tier opinions on geopolitics
File: 1523806360547.jpg (66 KB, 931x1024)
66 KB
Turkey holds too much of an important geographic position for anyone to want to sacrifice that

They are the gateway between Europe and the Middle-East, plus they hold access to the Black Sea

Sacrificing all of that for Kurds who are hated by everyone in the region and face issues even among themselves, due to having different ethnicities while apparently holding a Kurdish dominance of things is just inviting trouble domestically, even if they manage to create a state

It could help the enviorment. Thoughts?

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It must be cheaper, tastier, healthier, and in greater quantity.

If it fails in even one of these things, no.
I thinj it is great. If it tastes ok, I’ll buy it any time over real meat even at a 50% cost premium.

Not sure why anyone would hate this.
File: 2p2igf.jpg (82 KB, 500x756)
82 KB
>my shekels
>t. jew
>Step 1: Make it not look like worms

File: image.jpg (116 KB, 803x801)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Give me all your red pills on hormonal birth control.
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don't breed.
birth control causes cancer
sugar snacking for high insulin causes fatty liver and cancer

basically everthing the jews have been pushing will kill you.
>was invented by a catholic
>earlier in thread it was said it was invented by a Jew
can't you people decide?
Absolutly Halal
>years of safe unprotected sex
fucking faggot. breed already you loser.

File: sarahcomp.png (644 KB, 899x596)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
Who killed her?!
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File: 1444485693885.jpg (6 KB, 233x206)
6 KB

Who didn't
File: 1544584605848s.jpg (4 KB, 187x250)
4 KB
my nigga
she looks like that kreuk chick
she prolly hapa chink
she saw him shillin' on /pol

File: polish-flag.jpg (31 KB, 852x480)
31 KB
How do you see the future of Poland 15 years from now?
Is it unironically becoming new Germany?
Are there still many young Poles who want to live abroad?

Please, no meme answers
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are you from Flanders or Wallonia?

desu, I think we are still doing much better than France
You guys need to build a wall
No idea, too many external factors, our destiny is not in our own hands.
The main factors are:
>Will the US hang on as THE world superpower, despite its demographics?
>Will the EU collapse within the next 15 years?
>Will the browning of Europe grind to a halt?
>Will there be a huge grassroots pushback against homoglobo?

If the answer to all 4 is "yes', the future will be bright. If not, we'll see.
>Are there still many young Poles who want to live abroad?
Where do they want to live? Is the UK, seriously still appealing? I wish Polish people would stay in Poland or come here.
True but the problem is that we are living in a very denseley populated country. In France you can always flee and live calm life in Western-France or the Pyrennees. I'm also more worried about our moral state of affairs and the totalitarianism in the government than about the migrants. Belgians are docile cucks and the government will grow every more repressive. I feel like free speech and political debate are dead here. The quality of the msm is very low and it's always the same bullshit

File: British Empire.jpg (85 KB, 1600x900)
85 KB
arrests citizens for defending themselves against criminals and immigrants
run by feminists, champagne socialists and smug elites
indigineous Brits a minority in their own capital city
takes orders from the EU
piss themselves at the thought of conflict
an embarrassment to anyone old enough to remember the glory days
surpassed in economic growth by former colony, India, in 2016
an insult to the memory of their ancestors
outbred 2:1 by Islam on home turf
hundreds of thousands of young girls raped by Muslim pedos "business as usual"

British Empire
greatest empire in world history

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 20181215_120709.jpg (234 KB, 720x917)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Im ashamed you fags didnt pick this up on your radar. On a scale from 1 to 10. How fucked are we?
What do we do?

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File: 1541550195122.jpg (48 KB, 601x469)
48 KB
Say goodbye to all of Scandinavia too
How will this be enforced? With a UN army? Ha!
You forget to mention that for that you need state practice with a huge amount of countries, the more the better, and the states need to act with opinio juris, meaning they want to make it binding.

I hope all the countries that didn't sign declared themselves as persistent objector like Austria did, otherwise customary law will fuck the countries that didn't.
File: 1538007867191.gif (144 KB, 200x200)
144 KB
144 KB GIF

Refugees violate the NAP!
Yes. Whatever remains of the militaries in any of the countries after the portion of their military gets arrested/killed for resisting being sent off will divide and conquer every country who refuses to let them in. If all else fails Soros can sent communists/niggers/mudslimes with guns in to fuck shit up or even just to help the militaries. Israel will obvisouly be allowed to get away with not letting them in and will probably head the invasions

File: woketrek.jpg (31 KB, 600x419)
31 KB
Is this sjw atrocity really getting tanked?
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This is the first Star Trek series that I fucking loathe not even voyager made my stomach churn as much, fuck the nigger lovers and fuck the jews.
"My people taught me a man does not own land. He doesn't own anything but the courage and loyalty in his heart. That's where my power comes from."
SJW's, waman and this new breed of creators are so ham fisted and gassed up by their liberal / commie zeal that they smash everything they touch to bits. Kikery ran the entertainment industry back in the day as well but at least the subversion was competent and enjoyable.
anyone have a mega to the first season?
Why would you do this to yourself?

File: ryan-zinke.jpg (1.73 MB, 3000x2011)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG

How can Proddies even compete?
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I'd never commit suicide. I don't want to go to hell to all the gay people.
it's not my religion desu. It's hypothetically speaking.
But if i shall be the devils advocate here, fine.
Again, there are two possibilities:
being a catholic. IF you are one, then... just fucking accept that YOUR Religion tells you, what you should believe.
being something else.
Then, we can talk. I am NOT here to tell anybody what they shall feel or what they shall expect when they die. But Catholics do. And if you would happen to be one, then also accept all of their teachings.
If you aren't catholic and you just give them what they want you just make the problem of not addressing issues bigger. That's my point.
Like shitting on someone that thrives on victimizing themselves. You just give them more opportunities to continue victimizing themself. Which just makes it more obvious they will never actually help themselves.
i'm not quite sure. Because i guess, i cannot change the catholic church.

besides that, i don't want to.
Nobody is forced to be catholic. So if someone is such an idiot to be one... then ... let them hate themself and be the victims.

before i try to change the catholics because they condemn suicide, i'd try to change other stuff first.
>and questioned if he would enter heaven
Pretty straight forward answer; lil’ nigga is going to hell. Parents will too if the don’t repent and confess their train wreck that they called child rearing.

File: dr.png (1.4 MB, 1369x765)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Have we finally surpassed Weimar?
265 replies and 145 images omitted. Click here to view.
>as a faggot pedo jew weimar was a damn fine place
yea right.
>not berry
Never gonna happen.
File: Begone.jpg (27 KB, 500x358)
27 KB
Legal prostitution is based though. What an absolutely cucked thing to say it isn't. World's oldest profession. The only ones against it are women, cause it reduces their pussy power.

And if you didn't know, prostitution is still legal in Germany and most other European countries (like Denmark).
Incel faggot spotted.

File deleted.
Beat the system (repost):

1) Get a group of your closest or most trusted family members who are gainfully employed
2) Buy large house (6+ bedrooms) preferably on some land
3) Establish rules ahead of time so slackers are not allowed to stay
4) Easily maintain the house and pay the bills
5) Expand on property if you have land
6) Create family wealth that will last for generations

Let's say you can find a 6 bedroom house and 5 family members who make average income (roughly 59k a year). I found a 6 bedroom house near me priced at 450k. The mortgage will roughly be $2,250/month with 20% down. Take home pay for 1 person will be about $3600/month. Each person would only need to pay $450 a month. Let's say you're all disciplined and pool 20% of your income for other investments (59,000 * 0.2 * 5). That's 59k of hard cash in 1 year. Roughly 400k in 5 years assuming a small 5% growth. Become a royal family. How to improve this?
6 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It was more of just a general guideline. How is this a bad approach?
I actually did this for 5 years. Each earning 50k+

By the time 2013 came round and recovery underway, we purchased 10+ houses which are worth nearly double what we paid.

Now I can shit post all day for the lulz.
exectly how the family of home alone worked together
How many family members did you have do this?
There's not much to discuss. This is one of the most sensible ways to live, there are only advantages:

You have basically a giant safety net that will protect its members. They will always have someone to talk to, robust emotional, moral, intellectual and financial support, a sense of purpose, physical protection, and, if someone fails completely at everything in life, they will still be able to work some menial job for a family member, instead of a faceless soul sucking corporation.


In this episode of a documentary about Japan, they show some huge traditional houses for dozens of family members. It shows the results of living like that, which are amazing for us living all distant and isolated. Anyone from a family like that would look at many of us with pity, and would have a better life.

Atheist scumbags win $12,000 suing a school for celebrating religious holidays. I seem to recall atheists were adamant that atheism isn't a belief system, but I guess if money is to be won it's 100% a religion in itself. Hope that whole family gets cancer.

What would you do if public schools started celebrating Ramadan?
fpbp, kys op.
If you want a religious school, go to a private religious school, not a public one.
As long as they're not required to recite prayers or do the rituals who gives a fuck? Kids need to learn about world cultures, not be sheltered little fedoras.
agnosticism is the future.. everyone else will hang from an upside down cross
>Atheists having no morals or principles
No shit, why do you think they're atheists? They refuse to acknowledge a God who would punish their deviant behavior...

Explain yourself
47 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
It’s the father of degeneracy, gets flooded with more nonwhites each year and trump is one giant zionist faggot who sucks kike cock. I’d recommend watching stuff like “Grave of the Fireflies” and then you’ll start to realize why people hate this country. America is responsible for all the fucked up shit that’s happening in Europe. Just pray this country balkanizes in the next couple decades. Unlike South Africa or Brazil. Nobody here is united and that’s what will finally put this shitty country on its deathbed.

Britain even with all the muslims and censorship is nowhere close to being as cucked as we are. Most of the country is still entirely white. The entire southwest and southeast are like a foreign nation to us.
The US wasnt buddy with Nazis,the US funded nazis to collapse europe and plunge it into wars=debt in the next 50 years,its ALL planned carefuly
Lynchings have never been frequent, how can they be frequent "still"?
What Americans lack in personality they make up for in volume of their fucking voices
>rest of pasta

File: gallows.png (377 KB, 1920x1080)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
This is something that surprised me most about US history. Because, if you look at what african americans are saying now. You´d think this was the biggest and most unfair tragedy in human history. As it turns out it was nothing like that, and it's a total fraud.
Here are the numbers. This will surprise you immensely. It did me. Total of 4,743 lynchings in a period of 86 years. Out of which 4,084 were negros. Missisipi lynched most with 581. Yes. Aside from that tiny tiny almost irellevant number. Not all of them were even negros. And the negros that were lynched were criminals murderers rapists etc. Now, these aren't something i just come up with. No go to NAACP's website, they admit this. DO AMERICANS EVEN REALIZE IT WAS THAT FEW NEGROS THAT WERE LYNCHED? AND THAT THEY WERE CRIMINALS? OVER A PERIOD OF NEARLY A CENTURY? Because i sure didn't. And if you don't look into it you assume it was like 500,000 or something. It's not even a genocide. they were performing capital punishments on criminals murderers and rapists. NAACP admits this. https://www.naacp.org/history-of-lynchings/
Do americans even know this. And these would be the ones who would bullshit you most about this, to try to make them look like victims. Right? Isn't that fair to say? NAACP even admits that many states didn't execute a single fucking negro, but only lynched white/european americans.
>Although some states did have lynchings, some of them did not lynch any blacks. Arizona, Idaho, Maine, Nevada, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wisconsin were some states that did not lynch any blacks to record.

Quite a few states did in fact lynch more white people than black. In the West these greater number of white lynchings was due to political reasons not racial reasons. California, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming lynched more whites than blacks.
165 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
The thing that also irritates me, i'm just going to mention it again, there is a campaign in media and by exaggerating history whilst focusing on what people of european ancestry is doing and ignoring what everyone else were doing. To claim that people of european ancestry are inherently more violent than they are. Which is why i want to mention this again. In africa 1994. 1 million tutsis butchered by hutus with machettes over a period of 100 days. American forces critiqued for not intervening when the africans were butchering eachother. Why. Because they were different african tribe and they didn't like them. Consider that and then go look at the horror that is lynching. And then tell me white people bad once again. I mean it's a toddler throwing sand in anothers face, compared to a fucking grizzly bear.
And i hate also the notion of how this always also brings the past into the present. Like people today, they have nothing to do with what happened 100 fucking years ago for example. So when you want to not let that be in the past. And then you find out it's such a low fucking number that it's essentially nothing. Well then i have problem with that. Because the agenda is that blacks should hate white americans, and everyone of european ancestry. And there's not honesty about africans enslaving eachother and selling eachother to the americans in the first place. Aside from this being in the past, the numbers are also never mentioned either, so you don't get the full picture. 99% of white americans didn't own a single slave in the high point of black slave ownership in the USA. Why in the world do you want to sit today and blame every white american for what only 1% of them were involved in today. But this is a thing that this is brought up. So when they want to keep bringing it up as an excuse to say whitey bad. Well then let's talk about the fucking numbers atleast.
>If white people committed as much crime per capita yes. But that's not what we see today either.
True, I was incorrect when I said there would be "far more whites lynched than blacks". The more accurate thing to say is that you would have seen more white lynchings in the representation. It should have been close to equal but it's more like 3:1, which is a definite skewing of the demographics.
I suppose you could argue that at the time, raping of a white girl by a black was considered one of the most serious crimes.

>Beause that's NOT how it is portrayed, conveniently without mentioning the number.
Yeah, here we were taught that lynchings were somewhat rare, but that the severity of the physical beatings and circumvention of "innocent until proven guilty" was what made them so heinous. So, not necessarily the frequency but the intensity of the act is what people now have an aversion to.

How bad is the "white people are bad" stuff in Denmark? I've been hearing lately that Denmark is actually quitely based.
I mean i am a nationalist totally i have always had been, even before i knew what it even meant, i like and prefer my people but respect everybody else. It's just in my nature. It's never something my parents necesarily raised me to be or ever told me to be or something like that. The thing that has changed more for me is that i find out how everyone else is feeling about that matter in the world. We are doing overall pretty good still on that level. But ofcourse all this nasty rethoric about people of european ancestry, that they mostly base on two things either it's wwII or they go to america and they say look what those white people in america did. This is why you are bad, because they come from you. And then you find out you are like little toddler in a sandbox when it comes to these alledged atrocities, then i can recognize people closer to my kin (europeans) again hahaha. Because i was like, wow, they must have really changed when they went over there. Then i see these numbers and laugh. Haha perhaps not so much when it comes down to it.
Yes i am not fan of a mob, just to square that away, my argument ITT is only about that the numbers are much lower than we are told. SO LOW that it's almost irellevant on such a large nation. Which means. This wasn't this kind of campaign of organized terror to just eradicate black people. Pretty stupid way to do it if out of the total 4.743 over 86 years, you end up executing 1,297 of your own people. hahaha
>Yeah, here we were taught that lynchings were somewhat rare, but that the severity of the physical beatings and circumvention of "innocent until proven guilty" was what made them so heinous. So, not necessarily the frequency but the intensity of the act is what people now have an aversion to.
Right, it's not good when people just say. Look he is accused of this rape and murder. But we don't want him to get mild sentence. Let's fucking execute that bastard. Which is essentially what happened. But they were pissed off and lot of things were going on in the USA at that time, so i understand. I don't say it was right thing to do.
Certainly, people vastly underestimate how NEW this situation is in history, to have vastly different peoples living in large groups in one nation as equals. It has NEVER been done to this extent and this quickly.
It is unfamiliar territory and we probably have evolutionary mechanisms that push our instincts against it. When in history has "strange people" showing up in the village ever been a good thing? Never, and we probably still have traits that reflect that, ie: "xenophobia". They are quite possibly evolutionary defense mechanisms, and to expect that people, especially during a time steeped in war, should have all just gotten along perfectly - which has also never happened in history- is absolutely maniacal.

Glad to hear Denmark is doing well. My family only came over a few generations ago, so I wouldn't mind spending some time there.

>all Jews are bad

Oh wait
25 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Et tu, pute?
Omg. Look how old and ugly she got.
Hit the wall prett hard.
Without the looks nobody will listen to her. Just another cat lady.
>Jew actress says something written for her to say
All jewish opposition to Zionism is an act so as not to seem hypocritical while undermining the west
This isn't about trust, it's about giving credit where credit is due. She's still a filthy Hollywood kike.
*while undermining Israel
the West is already undermined.

How awesome is this?
47 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
This is about getting niggers to fight Jews, you fucking autist
File: 1510529270934.jpg (15 KB, 255x255)
15 KB
File: 4344645151.jpg (27 KB, 400x350)
27 KB
...there is THE lost tribe of Israel... the tribe of Dan. Current Jews seem to think they're Ethiopian. Of course all historical evidence points to them building boats and going north...
Israel must build great cities in the desert to house their black brothers and sisters from racist America.

The Black American Jew is downtrodden and oppressed by the white man. Israel must REPARATE him, ELEVATE him!

It's bullshit but I believe it

File: Archontic system.jpg (237 KB, 1280x720)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
welcome to the real world
20 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
No, just boomers.
you mean child sacrifice party's
File: url.jpg (231 KB, 1200x1183)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Well that does sound 'very' exclusive does it not?
Who tf is the monarch?
a cabal of jews

File: 1543783061829.jpg (59 KB, 600x1121)
59 KB
Here at pol, everyone is pretty much acting as nasty and ruthless as they possibly can. Since everyone is doing it, its kinda boring

So ive been going around being as kind as possible and watching everyone freak out. If you want lots of attention on this board, be a good human being. I bet I can change the entire culture here in a couple years since this whole board is filled with natural born contrarians that HATE going along with any status quo even if its animalistic and hateful
319 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
sometimes its not arrogance, pompousness or hubris. sometimes a man is right while the whole world is wrong. I stand by what I said
Everything is historical and changing with the times for you. That is the whimpering ideology of you weaklings. According to your mentality, "becoming" rules in the spiritual realms as well; everything is believed to be conditioned and shaped by the age and by the times. According to you, there are no principles,, systems, and norms with values independent from the period in which they have assumed a historical form, on the basis of contingent and very human aspects such as physical, social, economic, and irrational factors. Weakling.

In the domain of our values, there is no "history", and to think about them in historical terms in absurd. Such values and principles have an essentially normative character.
>nazi germany destroyed germany and her people in the quickest way imaginable.
Pretty sure that was the allies lad
if l truly love myself I love you also by definition since we are the same being, the human being
unfortunately no my good sir. although who knows, maybe she doesn't look quite as good as this one captured moment and more pictures would just burst our bubble

What do we do with the millions of people who will lose their jobs in the coming years? How will this impact society? According to some reports, 50% of jobs can be automated as early as 2030. We're in the bring of massive societal change that we aren't prepared for.
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I don't think you know what's happening in tech but then again you're a retard who thinks jobs aren't being automated.



Watch this video anon. This is the most important topic we could be discussing on pol but none ever talks about it.

Full automation is the only time communism or socialism will ever work. Until then wage slavery continues.
You're pretty fucking dumb.

t. Automation engineer
Watch this https://youtu.be/jPmUGq25KBk

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