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German magazine compare Donald Dumbfuck to Adolf Hitler

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I want to know what baka replaces.
google "reeling in the years"

1969 and 1972-3 were fun
File: 1498697514431.jpg (67 KB, 628x614)
67 KB
Wow, how original, comparing a controversial political figure to Hitler? Nobody's ever done that before. Truly biting political commentary here.
s m h

you fucking newfag
Suck my dick, faggot.

File: 1466541159113.jpg (58 KB, 720x405)
58 KB
So, tell me again, why is incest illegal? Wouldn't it be better to keep the wealth within the family?
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>What is birth defects.

File: 1503424060089.gif (851 KB, 2970x2400)
851 KB
851 KB GIF
Aren't we all just {4 to 8} big happy families?
File: 1503012266020.jpg (112 KB, 960x960)
112 KB
112 KB JPG

it's illegal because it's degrading. and keeping the company of those who have degraded themselves in our society, degrades all of us.

there used to be aristocratic families who were capable of understanding the risks and rewards associated with inbreeding. not so much anymore, but with genetic screening, artificial insemination, and CRISPER, the time will probably come again that it's not so much stigmatized as it is considered a special rarity for families of people who think in terms of centuries rather than an orgasm in the next ten minutes.

interestingly, the original reason given by the catholic church was that 'if you combine the love of a mating couple with the love of a brother and sister, they would be incapable of worshipping god because they'd be fucking 24/7'
because you end up with ugly sick goblins like the Irish in your family. Inbreeding is why they are so small, violent and ugly.

it wasn't created as a common practice amongst noble/aristocratic families for the fun of it. there are risks of birth defects, but also the possibility of strongly emphasizing some familial traits into a more defined speciation.

#BlackLivesMatter is at it's core a Black Separatist movement.

It's not that most of us hate white people, we don't really think we are superior, we just really want to be left alone.

The problem with these type of movements is, we got to close to these little commie faggots with the hoodies and masks.

When our primary message is "Police, stop shooting us"? And some skinny jeans wearing crust fund punl screams "Kill all cops" this fucks it up for us.

Despite our differences, we at least recognize we are Americans. These fuckers want to live in the United States of Antifa and fucl that shit, I was a Marine.

We are under no illusion tjat Antifa are majoritaly white suburban kids. I really don't need some white middle class suburbin kid instructing me on how I shouldn't "internalize my oppression" or what ever the fuck.

I don't even like faggots man. What the fuck is intersectionalism, why they trying to make my side bitch a feminism.

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That's what we want, too. An ethnic home for every race. I'd rather work with you than those larping commie faggots in antifa.
BLM is a pond, its sole purpose is to dehumanize African Americans into believing cops are the problem when in all actuality it's black on black crime. That is killing blacks.
BLM doesn't seem like a separatist movement. They seem a supremacist group propelling itself on Marxist ideologues.

If you were in fact a separatist movement, your leaders wouldn't be demanding that whites give of their houses. You wouldn't attempt to stifle free speech.

You would be attempting to unite black communities. You'd do be pulling these fucking thugs off the street.

As BLM stands now, it is merely a "activist" arm of the DNC, who is in danger of having itself out shined by an even more aggressive arm of antifa.

PO, you;ll have to provide us some evidence of BLM intentions of being a separatist movement.
I have no issue with black people. I don't even have an issue with Jews. I have an issue with Communists and radical Zionists.
Some black people are really fucking based. Trying to preserve the existence of the white race is not the same as being a Nazi or a white supremacist. The same goes for black people.
You really need to come up with a solid movement that moves away from the Dems and rejects all their bribes. Turn on them, demand a separate country, don't keep letting them count on you as a voting block.

Why doesn't Trump just talk about White extinction? It would literally fix everything.

All this hushhush about the topic is what empowers the Left. It's time to bring it all into the light.
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Goddammit. How are the taxes in the US? Did he lowered those of the middle class?

>honest question, Im not up to date with his laws
Two years ago could you have imagined the president of the USA thundering on a podium in front of an audience of millions "(((they))) to change our culture and history"!!!
This is bullshit. Everyone in the country knows about white extinction, it's just nobody ever talks about it in the news media or in our government.
But he won't live for very much longer and Pence will take us right back into cuckservatism.

Right now is the perfect time for him to bring this issue to the forefront.
No. Tax reform MAY happen later this or next year. He will more than likely not reduce taxes on the middle class, but I guess that depends on what you consider "middle class"

File: 1503527344218.jpg (76 KB, 602x427)
76 KB
Does love exist?
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damn dude that's deep
so epic
Love exists. It's painful as fuck sometimes, and sometimes it's the best feeling in the world. At the end of the day I feel sorry for people who haven't felt it; what a shallow life it would be to never love.
I don't think other animals experience love.
File: haddaway-2.jpg (61 KB, 627x342)
61 KB
baby don't hurt me

Almost looks like he's hoverhanding.

File: IMG_7611.png (1.67 MB, 750x3257)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
>leftists get triggered by the sole sight of white skin light eyes/hair
>you're literally a nazi/racist for being white
File: IMG_7612.jpg (83 KB, 664x960)
83 KB
Holy shit
File: IMG_7613.jpg (81 KB, 750x696)
81 KB
>won't exist soon anyway
What did he mean by this?
>race is a social construct
The absolute state of American education.

File: 1502506695912.png (521 KB, 670x539)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
>Calling everything you don't believe in propaganda
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Propaganda can be true or false.
>pic related
People think they're fake cause the produce shit like this
Nice propaganda you fucking nigger shill
>believing anything you see on television or read online
pick one

File: joke.jpg (26 KB, 544x322)
26 KB
Australia endless desert
Canada endless forest

Australia endless sand
Canada endless lakes

Australia tiny bug will kill you and you die like a bitch
Canada brown bear kills you and you die like a man

Australia most settlers arived in the 1900s
Canada most settlers arived in the 1700s

bitch all you want you know its true
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everywhere not desert ,frozen or rock is good for living.
their grasslands and tropical regions are full of snakes and bugs that will kill you with one bite . thats why nobody lives there 95% of them live in the temperate areas.
You're just jealous because Canada is a worn-out cliché and australia is hip and happenin' in the mode
>Canada endless forest
We are mostly prairies and tundra dumbass.
Thats right its all desert.So fuck off we're full. Clearly refugees should all go to canadia.


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File: 1497285842943.png (82 KB, 247x249)
82 KB
File: 1496959243996.jpg (111 KB, 680x979)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
At 1:11:11 in the film it shows a billboard. The strange girl in the far right corner of the movie poster is actually a billboard ad that the detective character looks up at at 1:11:11 in the film. The billboard says Hawaiian Tropic sun tan lotion. And the copy says "because white is for laundry" can you believe that?!
File: 1498435247146.png (6 KB, 669x514)
6 KB
If it's a sign give us digits...
someone shoop a wojack/feels-guy face onto michael douglas's character pretty please

File: 1501917677737.jpg (149 KB, 807x572)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
>when you want a career but you're a fucking white male millennial
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Nah he's right. I was turned down for countless apprenticeship and government jobs as a young lad, which were all filled up with diversity hires.

Luckily became self employed in the end but could have easily just said fuck it and became a NEET. Whites are actively discriminated against, and in Britain at least, the white working class is now treated like an underclass by the rest of society.
>when you're a lazy NEET making excuses
t. White millenial working full time while studying
I know this feel, eventually you have to be so good it's absurd they don't hire you.

The nihilisticest

You're either a liar, getting shit marks or not actually really working.
>i cannot into time management
No wonder you can't get a job
You can lie on the internet, but you cannot lie to yourself. You are "time managing" yourself into mediocrity.

File: dubdown.jpg (115 KB, 500x281)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Is Matt Bellamy one of the greatest composers of his time? Aside from his apparent hatred of Trump, most if not all of his songs have red-pilled lyrics in them accompanied by some of the most amazing instrumental and orchestral genius.

2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
He says "Fools can be kings" in this song which came out during Obama's Presidency. This is akin to him saying "A clown takes the throne" for his newest song. He could be saving face in the music industry by pulling this move, it keeps his red-pilled music alive and strong.
You are a fucking idiot and I'm glad I'll never be within 300 yards of you.
finally got over depeche mode, dicky?
They wave communists flags behind the hero in the vid...are you retarded?

File: disgusting tbqh.jpg (86 KB, 800x442)
86 KB
Redpill me on epigenetics.

From my limited understanding, these are genes that aren't hard-coded and change over time (or in addition to), even if limited in scope, so theoretically if you have a child at 18, and another at 40, if you've been hard at work improving your intelligence by even a few IQ points from your baseline, improved your diet, become /fit/ and all around improved - that sperm will literally have stronger genetics to pass on.

Correct me if I'm wrong - it's a glorious concept if true, it makes self-improvement all the more important for the sake of your offspring.

File: 1503286920713.jpg (299 KB, 1024x938)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
pic related

File: ZapTheFag.jpg (24 KB, 389x378)
24 KB
I think I just got a spyware from /pol/, not even joking.

My internet connection is falling out of nothing, weird shit going on, and I don't use this computer for nothing but /pol/.
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The retarded autists must know.

I tried to warn you /pol/, ur id is compromised
Do you use windows?
File: Nazis.jpg (81 KB, 720x540)
81 KB
Anon is picrelated

File: haplogroups_europe_2017.jpg (745 KB, 1738x1736)
745 KB
745 KB JPG
Serious queston: How come I see so many people use the word "aryan" when they talk about nordics or "pure whites" or whatever it may refer to? Does anyone actually believe "aryan" is a thing anymore? If so, what is "aryans"? Who are they and what are they?
Explain to me please.
47 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
What do you think the rest of Europe is? Do you think Sweden would be similar to Norway despite the Haplogroup difference? What about England? Also say France, Germany, and Spain. Wouldn't they have higher Med Neolithic and Yamnaya while having less Cro-Magnon?
This guy has a ton of videos on European origins.
Where did I2 and I come from specifically? Where do you think I1 came from?
Y dna is a very small portion of the dna. You can have an non dominant haplogroup from the oustide of europe and be almost 100% european by autosomal recombo dna.
What's the posibility of having the I1 haplogroup if your surname comes from Norse settlers to Britain?
Should I take one of those ancestry.com dna thingys? What will they tell me exactly?

Story time /pol

>be me

>move to Memphis for work

>60% black

>pretty much all my coworkers are black

>they quickly realize we don't have the same culture

> start trying to prove that they're not racist by showing they associate with white people

>black girls find you "exotic"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
what do you do for work?

File: 1503527698425.jpg (90 KB, 504x566)
90 KB
Let's say that jews have toppled all their adversaries and control every country in the world.

Where does it go from this?
Jews in space.
I like this new American merchant meme
They start the culling.

File: IMG_0967.jpg (87 KB, 770x770)
87 KB
I believe hip hop was co-opted by intelligence agencies to demoralize white America. Please provide facts to back up my belief.
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's highly likely, porn too.
After I heard about the CIA dropping over-sized condoms on commies to demoralize them it really opened my eyes to what they might do to us......
Country and Western is more popular in the US.
Country and Western is more depressing than any other genre of music.
i belive in spaghetti space monster. I'm with you anon!
Also co-opted to encourage black people to be violent and unproductive.

There are many ways that hip-hop benefits (((them))).
File: 123.png (252 KB, 809x842)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
If you listen to music while drunk, it is basically hypnotizing your sub-consciousness, and you won't even notice it. It's not only hip-hop, but all genres is designed for a purpose. We should utilize this.

File: gavin show.png (1.27 MB, 1366x768)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Gavin McInnes's leaving The Rebel AND Compound Media. Where's he going? Something about a radio show?
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I think he's trying for an actual channel on TV to compete with mainstream news. He did say he was going to go to war with the media for Trump. This was likely the plan all along.
Hes going to rent a truck. my best guess anyway.
the decentralization of power is a strength, sure, but it's also a vulnerability

>less ability to fundraise
>less efficient use of funds
>greater ability to be picked off with weaker legal defense

the two major powerhouses are infowars and breitbart. how often to they fall victim to shit like rebel or compound, those houses of cards?

i love trump/bannon/breitbart but he's not getting another channel on TV and to think it's conceivable that this was the plan all along is deluded
rent a truck?
Rumours have been going around that Bannon wants a TV channel since the primaries, and Bannon was never going to stay on Trump's team full time. I believe he was only going to be staying until labor day. And he doesn't need to get a new channel added, all he has to do is buy an existing channel. It isn't completely implausible.

File: 1459793996833.png (79 KB, 229x274)
79 KB
does anyone else feel extreme fucking anxiety after browsing here? after seeing the truth, I'm extremely afraid for my race, my culture, and the future of america. there seems to be no way of waking other people up without socially ostracizing yourself and essentially removing yourself from the gene pool entirely. it's extremely frustrating and I feel like I'm just banging my head against the wall. I feel like pretty much all of the productive things I do academically and socially are for nothing because no matter how successful I am I'll always have to play pretend with all of the bluepilled people and constantly pander to their unrealistic facade of a worldview that they've been indoctrinated to have since their earliest schooling years. almost nothing feels real; it all feels so fake and shallow, and it all feels like everyone is playing pretend just so they don't have to accept the uncomfortable truth. fuck me, can I even go back?
13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
My man, just go out and chill at a bar or something. Talk to the average joes.

There are more people on your side than you can imagine. If they push us too far, we WILL push back. And when we push back, they'll be too scared to poke us for another 200 years.

Take heart anon.
I actually feel better than ever. I don't get this kind of posts.
Anxiety is a social construct.
File: cr.png (47 KB, 645x773)
47 KB
Help does not help anon , sure methylphenidate , adderall or other shit will make you more focused and euphoric and optimist.
But if you already noticed civilization going to hell , you already are like a man being moved by the current of the river.
The only way to find true peace is to fight against the decay , otherwise the anxiety starts to kick again.

The worse thing of this shit is that the agents of entropy are stronger everyday , looking away does not help.
Your on the right track of self awareness Either you succumb to the truth or perish with anguish pulsating through your veins. The paths are set in front of you choose wisely....

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