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regardless of your politics, I think we can all agree

>be Drone
>get shot

you could be a buzzfeed, huffpo (or whatever else shit news oultets there are in US) reporter, lecturing people about slavery...
File: 1561037003344.jpg (207 KB, 666x666)
207 KB
207 KB JPG

File: 13651513_f496.jpg (51 KB, 496x262)
51 KB
Why hasn't the Mexican government been successful in eradicating the drug cartels? I understand that it's a matter of corrouption and intimidation, but whats stopping Mexico (or the USA) to just take off the gloves and storm them all in a shock and awe display with tanks, drones and carpet bombing and get rid of the problem forever?

Or do governments secretly work with the cartels?

If this was China, this problem would've been solved within a year.
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Id sign up to take a sledge to mexican culture
>Not understanding that the Sinaloa Federation operated for nearly 30 years with the tacit blessing of the American and Mexican governments.
Then, in the late 00’s, the shit hit the fan due to huge political shifts within the cartels, mainly the schism between the Federation and the CBL and Los Zetas splitting off from the CDG.

Anyway these disputes ballooned into massive turf wars where each faction tried to establish itself as the most brutal, the most sadistic, etc. Things have died down quite a bit since 2010-2012.
The immigration from Central/South America measn that the Republicans will never taste political victory again in presidential elections by 2024. You'll have 100 million hispanica in your own country who hate you and vote to take your rights away. The civil war is inevitable. Mexico has established itself within your borders in sufficient numbers to make military action south of the border an impossibility.
>Mexico’s army literally isn’t capable of fighting outside of the country.
>They don’t have nukes
>Our population is more than triple theirs
>They don’t belong to a religion that actively wants to murder us
>In fact, sharing a religious heritage means that assimilation is happening about as fast as it did for Italian immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
>All their criminals want to do is sell drugs. Not ritualistically gangraperape tens of thousands white Christian children.
>Last bombing by a spic terrorist group in the US = never.
Reminder that spics are 1000x better than Pakis.
Mexico's and America's Governments profit a lot from it. U don't kill your cashcow.

and people here will still say global warming is fake
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this is terrible.
we should shoot all the niggers to be safe
File: dfc.gif (1.16 MB, 200x200)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
>people here will still say global warming is fake

The real question is why I should care about the condition of the Earth in the future if my race is destined to go extinct? Why should I sacrifice a single penny to make the world cooler for mongrel/nigger babies who will grow up to hate me? Brb, gonna go turn on my heater & A/C and watch them duke it out.
Let’s say it is real. Why should that mean we need to gimp ourselves economically so we can waste money and resources encouraging third-world shitholes to play catch-up?
what chu gonna dou bout it white boi
I would rather have water than ice. You can’t drink ice

>mfw a drone got shot down

She’s right you know
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You don't do any of that shit and the twat still cries metoo when she doesn't get her way. Might as well take a shot.
>mom of 5
That’s a good thing if her kids aren’t adopted or mongrels
translation never ever ever EVER interact with your colleagues. and even if you follow this advice some thot will still make up stories and throw you into a false allegation anyway.
>oh lol btw be professional

File: sdfgsd.png (584 KB, 768x602)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
Our Poll: https://strawpoll.com/5y285ra4

>upcoming elections
EU nuthouse + Bremen: May 26 2019
Brandenburg: Sep. 1 2019 #ltwbb
Saxony: Sep. 1 2019 #ltwsn
Thuringia: Oct. 27 2019 #ltwth

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>That's like our system only with less freedom....
>Yes but for the better
Doesn't matter. Freedom and Liberty are the important things to have to be libertarian. If it is good to be one is another question.
>Welp, as i said in some aspects i would be more liberterian than modern western politicians and in fact MOST of the cases aside from that one thing.
I doubt that. You are like more economically left than our commie party.
File: 1561057380568.jpg (79 KB, 480x342)
79 KB
This sounds interesting, so what is your idea of a utopian society, Bruno. What are you and Hans over there arguing about?
Would guess that she is in the purple box. Maybe even a true libertarian.
Ask one of your commie bros. But she has the mindset
Be careful with the greens

File: Stares in Latin.png (1.07 MB, 1440x1080)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
ITT we discuss the teachings of the Bible and undo the common subversions put upon the teachings.

First one:
>Christianity is based on Judaism/is jewish
It is actually is one of the most retarded concepts there is, when refering to origin as well as the teachings alike.

Lets take a look into History.
Back at the time of Jesus there was no Judaism, but Yahwehism, based on the laws of the old Prophets and practiced by the Israelites (when they didnt fuck around with false gods), in Judeah mainly the branch of the Sadducees, Essenes and the Pharisee with only the Essens being direct descendents of Judah. The Pharisee disliked the elitist Sadducees and claimed to be for the common people and gained influence that way. Their practices are based on the oral law that they practiced which is basically religious pilpul to argue that you follow the law without ever doing so, and was written down couple hundred years later in the Tal Mud and became the base of the modern rabbinical/talmudic Judaism that we know today.
So the Pharisee (Edomitic converts LARPing as ethnic Judeans) became the modern kikes and were back then already denounced by Jesus as Hypocrites, a den of vipers and children of the devil.
Christianity however is an update to the old law and traditions, the continuation of it where as the kikes specifically make up shit to not follow it but claim to do so anyway and came later down the line.

TL;DR Judaism is the oldest existing „fellow white people“ sheme in existence meant to make them vlend into the host nation and subvert from within

This all ignores still that the bible denounces everything the kikes push, faggotry, sexual degeneracy and degeneracy of every kind, hedonism and materialism, against usury, racemixing and mass/illegal immigration
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"When men strive together, and hurt a woman with child, so that there is a miscarriage, and yet no harm follows, the one who hurt her shall be fined, according as the woman's husband shall lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.

this is another translation
oh i just read an article that says it should be interpreted as "born prematurely"
im very sorry
File: Black Cube of Saturn.jpg (137 KB, 840x580)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
The symbolism, meaning and manifestations of Satanism

satan (saturn) meant something like "obstacle". everyone had his own satan. someone who incites him to do bad things, a bad habbit, an addiction, anythinghe should overcome. But then there also is THE Satan, Ha-Satan.

6 is the number of man, and his weakness. greed, egoism, egocentrism, all the materialistic desires, and i believe of this plane existence in general (the earth is tilted 23,4 degrees, or if you count from the other direction 66.6 degrees, life, on this planet at least, is made of carbon, the 6th element, with 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. 6 directions in the material realm, north, south, west, east, up and down, 6 sides of the cubes. Think About how molecules and icecrystals form in hexagonal shapes. saturn being the 6th planet with hexagon on its northpole). 666 is going over the top with the materialistic desires, pursuing and desiring only those and making you follow the path of satan.

The black cube of satan is a symbol for this material, 3 dimensional realm, and the time we fear is running out, which will let us die, and which causes us to do harm to others in order to lead a better life ourself. by thus the black cube also symbolizes time and death without either we wouldnt have these earthly desires causing us to do evil.
The 666 could also stand for the dimensions of the cube, 6x6x6, entrapping us in the 6, our weakness and temptations.

Our sole puprose, as i believe it, is to overcome (our) satan, proof we arent easily corrupted wether satan is just a symbol or a real entity. So while this world isnt evil itself, this realm of existence kind of makes the corruption a lot easier. When people worship satan, they dont worship some deity or enthity (well, some do that too). they worship this material world, the materialistic egoistic desires, and themselve
File: Black Cube Seed.png (33 KB, 236x225)
33 KB
Pic related. those 7 circles are called the seed of life.
One interpretation i saw is that its meant to symbolize the creation week, or symbolize the same as the creation week does in the bible
The center being conciousness, that expands to the circle. The conciousness then moves to the border of the circle where it expands again creating the second circle and so on until you got the seed of life. the 6 days of creation around the 7th one, God, the seed of life or whatever you want to call it.
By connecting the points of intersection you gain the (black) cube, as above mentioned symbolizing the material world and as such Satans rule.

I have to say here that the 6, and all these patterns are commonly seen as a positive symbol as it is the blueprint of creation of life, but its only the material part of this, and according to the Bible the source of temptations, the Satan's, which we should work on overcoming with

So in this light atheism is low key satanism as both are about the material, about power, wealth, the flesh.
Christianity is about rejection of the flesh and embrace of the spirit. Where christianity tells you everything is God, thus you yourself too and everything else it means everything is connected to you while satanism and atheism teach seperation. no underlying connections and thus seperation leads to worship of the self, and only caring about the ego.
Where satanists and atheist desire to be blessed in this life and having it comfy christianity tell you you will have it hard in this life, prosecuted and attacked for doing the right thing, so you may have delight in the next live instead
In example
Jupiter is also known like Zeus, throwing his lightning bolts or thor with his thunder also being lightning to some extent
Zeus, as i see it, is either what God is in the bible or Michael which would fit since Michael is the one who threw Satan (saturn) down to earth as Zeus defeated Cronus.
The way Satan falls here is
>18So He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.
So Zeus (Jupiter) defeated Cronus (Saturn)
Thor (Jupiter) locked away Loki (While fairly antagonistic I couldnt identify him as a planet)
Michael threw Satan (Saturn) down to earth with lightning.
In all occasions its Jupiter is BTFOing Saturn (or in the nordic one at least an antagonist) with lightning
In general I believe Jupiter is representative of Gods right hand man. Wether its in form of Michael or God himself appearing in the flesh like Jesus

Also Baal Haddad (Jupiter) is known to have slayn a serpent, Thor is the archenemy of Jörmungard, the worldserpent of loki that grew big enough to reach around the world biting its own tail making it a symbol for the world, but also being ouroboros which is a symbol of time that devours everything fitting back to chronus. Michael threw satan down to earth, the serpent in garden eden. Zeus killed Typhon a serpentlike monster that tried to take his throne of the cosmos.

Hindu Indra, Jupitarian deity, killed an evil Serpent with lightning bolts

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

We're fucked. Now what?
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File: 1555710030144.png (171 KB, 2192x2428)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Brush your teeth
*puts head down in shame*
I'm sorry
The time of the Dutch male has come to an end, our age is over.
We had a good run.
Please remember us by how we were, not as we are now.
You're=You are. He used it correctly stupid ass.
Talk about double speak. The scary thing is, this is not a book and the left is not joking.
Maybe you're government is making the right choice.

Woah bro, little harsh. What did I do?
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Please God tell me it's India
based people's champions
buy passu dumb gaijin
Phone posting is based, fuck jannies.
Where the fuck are you guys posting from, if not your phones?

File: ssss.png (240 KB, 421x235)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
Reminder that no human is illegal.

Im human, therefore I can break the law because the world doesn't really have laws, they're just made up lines on paper, like borders are made up.
>remove that memeflag mossad
Liberals get the bullet too, comrade.

literal nazes are allowed in the american school system
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reminds me of that time the supreme court said you could dress up like a nazi at school if you wanted because its political.
notice how the nigger named "jalen" is trying to think but then sex enters his head and clouds his judgement.
You can’t post that and not link the video
just as long as it's not in the form of linux.

File: abba.jpg (35 KB, 743x510)
35 KB
We, Scandinavia LITERALLY created huge parts of the modern world (more than you know). We are the beacon of hope, the candle that shines forever.


FYI the brunette singing in Abba is a Norwegian women who was the child of a 'tyskertos' (child of a mother who had an affair with a German soldier in ww2).
She left for Sweden and said she would never come back to Norway because of the way her mother was treated after the war.
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Only people from Romania that come to my country are beggars or prostitutes. I'd guess the situation is identical in Norway
Here’s the thing. There are good and bad people almost anywhere. America is a giant shopping mall. Out in the rural areas there are good Americans but they are hard to meet and they never go to Europe cause they cannot afford to. The rest of the people have been raised on Jewish media and shopping. It’s miserable here.
>Asians complaining about shitskin immigration
Just like japan
Someone is going to come and say that Binland is not Scandinavian.
I’m in a 95% white place in Idaho now. I’ve lived all over the US.

File: jew_basic.jpg (42 KB, 600x600)
42 KB
Overdone question here but I'll ask again. What's your opinion about the jewish question and zionist conspiracy?
Jews are innocent, they did nothing wrong. I love all living beings. May all living beings be happy, at peace and free from suffering.

(((Hhahaha zionist bot)))
All Jews are narcissists
It's not a conspiracy in the tinfoil hat sense of the term, it's just basic nepotism and a desire to be the supreme race.
File: 0.jpg (77 KB, 395x500)
77 KB
They're simply a race of people who used to be god's chosen. god picked them probably because he knew they would betray him. because they betrayed him salvation was made possible for every other nation. Judas Iscariot was a type of symbolism of the Jews. It's bad Judas betrayed Jesus, but because of his betrayal Jesus was crucified which gave us forgiveness of sins.

They were integral for us being saved and accepted of God. Now, they're doing the will of the devil. when they killed jesus they said "let his blood be upon us and our children". They carry that burden and hate jesus...they have a supernatural resistance to accepting the gospel

File: god.jpg (56 KB, 640x360)
56 KB
If a man looks up onto a star
and all he sees is nothing but a ball of fire
he himself is gone too far
his dreams and spirits fate is dire
Where everything ought to be there is nothing left to us anymore.

LOOKS LIKE PIZZAGATE IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS!!!! Anonymous (ID: ndmRcju0) 06/20/19(Thu)18:46:14 No.216911029▶>>216911572 >>216911652 >>216911715 >>216911769 >>216912548 >>216912862 >>216912882 >>216913020 >>216913217 >>216913953 >>216914050 >>216914175 >>216914317 >>216915314 >>216915531 >>216915636 >>216915706 >>216916019 >>216918101 >>216918432 >>216919279 >>216919690 >>216920002 >>216920327 >>216921077 >>216921194 >>216921281 >>216922436 >>216922542 >>216923177 >>216923246 >>216923310 >>216923412 >>216923869 >>216923900 >>216923987 >>216924337 >>216924580 >>216924934 >>216925226


> BOMBSHELL: NXIVM Sex Cult Witness Names MAJOR Stars & Politicians in Polygraph




Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1560387000153m.jpg (82 KB, 310x1024)
82 KB

Does anyone remember the periscope video from the couple that went to Goat hill pizza? The place in San Fran associated with Pelosi? The entire place was covered with kids crayon drawings from wall to wall. Many looked like satanic goats. Then they even went into the bathrooms and all the drawings were in there as well! Like wtf. I couldn’t find the video last time I looked. I imagine it just went away and not enough people saw it to save it?
>polygraph examiner isn't someone with recognizable name so it MUST be false

Just kys
what is that bandage supposed to indicate? Do they get branded there or sum shyt?

File: imagesIP7FW6VT.jpg (12 KB, 201x250)
12 KB
What was the Nazis position on alcohol? I imagine going by pictures like this it was allowed but then also I would think they would have had some theory about how it "degenerates the purity of the aryan race" or some shit like that. In my own experience, alcohol has made me say redpilled shit on immigration and feminism and the jq.
53 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Good job, was thinking of doing so myself
It doesn't matter who or where you are, if you try to forbid alcohol you won't be in your position for long.

People will always consume alcohol.
hitler simply shot anyone who drank alcohol. one instance his best solider was caught sipping a beer after work... hitler got his soliders to take him to a consentration camp

the nazi's were pieces of shit
File: b8mfsydbrxu11.jpg (731 KB, 1278x918)
731 KB
731 KB JPG
Looks like my piss after Oktoberfest

Are American soldiers the most delusional fuckers ever?
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I mean, they marry bitches after knowing them for three weeks. You tell me?
nigger the only reason the middle east is destabilized is because you attack mutts keep clearing clay for Israhell
File: 1496055496-0.jpg (30 KB, 600x337)
30 KB
What's cringe is europeasants siding with their invaders out of sheer jealousy
This lel. The reality is dumb western goyim are sent to conquer the Middle East for their masters, and dumb Middle Eastern goyim are brought to conquer the west for their masters. Go on "Islamic Twitter" and literally every single faggot is just their version of a migapede, except instead of wanting to fight Muslims for Jews, they want to fight whites for Jews.

File: file.png (809 KB, 1026x1142)
809 KB
809 KB PNG
>Israel officials are reportedly concerned over the prospect that the US will not response decisively to Iran’s downing of an American drone in the Persian Gulf, with some worried Iran will interpret this as an unwillingness to engage in military operations against it and grow more aggressive in the region.

>A report on Channel 13 news Thursday, citing unnamed Israeli security sources, suggested officials interpret Iran’s decision to shoot down the drone as a test of the Trump administration’s resolve. The sources are reportedly worried about what they see as a hesitant response by the US thus far, which they fear could undermine the credibility of American warnings in future and encourage Tehran to up its attacks throughout the region.

>The Israeli fears were sparked when Trump suggested in comments from the White House on Thursday that the incident might have been a mistake executed by someone in the Iranian military just being “loose and stupid.”

>Trump added: “I find it hard to believe it was intentional.”

>The Israeli concerns will come up in discussions between the national security advisers of Israel and the US, who are set to meet in Jerusalem next week along with their Russian counterpart for talks on regional security and Iran.

>Earlier Thursday, Trump responded to the downing of the RQ-4 Global Hawk drone on Twitter, saying Tehran had made a “very big mistake” in shooting down the US spy aircraft near the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

>“This country will not stand for it, that I can tell you,” he told reporters at the White House.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I remember when national geographic and the british broadcasting corporation were actually good
they secretly hope they will get to take pics of nekkid trannies in the wild after the civil war starts
Bring it on, I played through Fallout 3 and 4 INCLUDING the DLC.
File: merchant - vase.jpg (18 KB, 607x582)
18 KB
It's all in your head, goy. Go back to sleep
Lads, real question here:
Why doesn't the USA just make Iran pay to replace the drone? No blood, no war, but Iran learns not to shoot down anymore since it comes from their wallet.

File: d1.jpg (705 KB, 1200x1707)
705 KB
705 KB JPG

SOUTHFRONT June 19& Iran drone

>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: saved 1530430457513.jpg (29 KB, 600x460)
29 KB
>You people are dumb.
The Americans have presented it as "ebil Iran shot down muh drone who dindu nuffin in international airspace"
despite that being not true, it's what the American public will believe, and while normally things like this could and would get waved off, but combined with the tanker attacks, American media campaign and general interest in Washington to punish Iran it could very well lead to some kind of response
Will it though? still up in the air, probably 50/50 chance. Mind you, a response could scale a wide number of options
>threatening our allies
Why is this actually a thing in the US?
Can't your allies help themself?
Honk honk my friend.
>it makes us look week
considering the average BMI i'd say it's an improvement, you people tend to look month

File: 1538803618674.png (128 KB, 884x728)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
Describe your country in 5 words or less
>It's cold dude; who cares
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I hate sun.
European private company for tourism
Zionist occupation government boomer supported
freemason paedophile nigger paki shithole

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