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File: lemmethrough.png (400 KB, 677x356)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
I've been hearing a lot about this recently from my friends all over the political, ethnic, and age spectrum, so I want to read your opinions and sources: Is George Soros backing BLM, antifa, KKK, etc?
I hate these newfag LARP threads

File: AnnaSophia Robb 17.jpg (722 KB, 2304x2304)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
I'm Hispanic College student. Most of you say that the college experience is easy for "minorities" since it's free for us to attend college. Being $22,908 in debt i'm obviously doing something wrong.

Basically what i'm asking is,
-how do I cash in on my minority privilege?
-does that privilege only apply to blacks?

additional: info i'm not illegal, gay or liberal so I can't apply for those scholarships

How do I get those free Hispanic bux /pol/? I fell for the STEM meme and i'm digging myself into a hole.
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Hispanic is not a race but you are right that Hispanics like spaniards and mestizos are different in terms of genetics
that's pretty fucking obvious, it's an ethnicity and I think that's what they are referring to
scholarships you retard
more like a collection of ethnicity
Not like he's White so why not?

File: PtXJ1hG.png (211 KB, 1834x1366)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
Reminder that antifa and their sympathizers actively attempt to sabotage this board. Oldfags will be familiar with these tactics from various shilling groups over the years, but it's important for everyone to keep these tactics in mind. The following are very common:

>regretting voting for Trump for minor disagreements
For most of us demographics are paramount, so Trump cucking hard on immigration would be the only legitimate reason to regret voting for him. You can criticize or disagree without wishing that Hillary had won instead.

>slide threads
Very common, e.g. "prove to me that blacks are inferior" or outrageous twitter posts from shitlibs. Ignore and move on.

>associating /pol/ with MAGApedes
There are cringeworthy characters associating with any group, that doesn't discredit the ideas propagated here. Additionally, it's much harder to cherrypick a neckbeard MAGApede than an unwashed greasy antifa.
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4chan in general has always had a rivalry with reddit, so there's always that element. By MAGApede I was more referring to the fat neckbeard types you often see mocked here than the typical t_d neophyte who has yet to discover how deep the rabbit hole goes.
If I say "Drumpf" while posing as a white nationalist, I win.

Fascists BTFO.
This is all true.

Counter tactics include ironically pretending to be one of them to ridicule their ways. Turn the enemy into propaganda against the enemy.
Look I'm 36 and I have known Antifa fags since 1999. They get on something for a bit then they lose interest or have an internal argument.
Some of the Antifa fags that I knew back in 1999 who went to the Seattle protest became serious corporate semi hipsters years later. Most people get over Antifa and go into lame stream leftism later on in life.
They also tend to use a lot of drugs and as such, they have other priorities.
The shills only act as a target for venting and abuse.
Most hard core leftists have a Jesus Christ complex and they need to be a savior for the XY or Z cause/group/etc. Also, they need to have an enemy. Just tell them to fuck off. Their crazy Antifa girl friends will ruin the lives of many men too before they realize that they are getting older and pick a prick to settle down with as a childless used up whore. I actually feel somewhat bad for Antifa fags.
99% of all "oh my god is that guy retarded" posts are false flags.
Everyone who uses this website for more than a few days knows to just ignore those.
Basically all of those "tactics" are either open Propaganda or falls flags.
I doubt that any of the "regulars" need to informed about this.

File: Dr. Mengele, I'm NSDAP.jpg (333 KB, 490x1280)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
Why would you shoot a jew before throwing him into an oven?
so CNN can blame it on the bullet
how lee fuk




File: IMG_1808.jpg (98 KB, 620x349)
98 KB
Ill tell you why. Mexicans are manufacturing carfentanyl, which is 3,300 times stronger than heroin. So if a small lab in the mountains of mexico has some decent lab equipment, they can make a kilogram of carfentanyl, which has a value equivalent of 3,300 kg of heroin. At a street value of 100k per kg, thats 330 million dollars worth. From ONE cook. 330,000,000.00$
Drug war= over, you pig faggots.
Oh, and Hitlers favorite drug was morphine, which is neuropharmacologically the same as heroin. The more ya know!
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Don't know bout that other shit but everyone was blasted out on speed during the 30s-60s. It's why so much monumental shit happened during that time period.
Fml... Beautiful dog tho...
opiates =/= amphetamine
One of the greatest breeds you can own. See here >>138779523
I know. I'm just saying that drugs played a HUGE role in the WWII era on all sides.

Stims are godly. Opioids are trash.

File: fa.jpg (62 KB, 1024x614)
62 KB
This is what I find weird..the same "muh equality, diversity, feminism, LGBTQAA, 76 genders" and all that other SJW shit is being constantly pushed by all these big corporations and corrupt hacks in the highest positions of government antifa commies claim to hate. These corporations do that not out of benevolence but because in the end they have a vested financial interest in promoting such an agenda. I can't believe how these self-described communists and antifa fucks can't see something blatantly obvious as this. They fully buy into the agenda of the elites and in the same breath demonize them, while not even realizing they're the foot soldiers of the establishment doing the dirty work for them.

When I think about it. Most of these commies, including antifa, aren't in it to push their own ideology. No, they identify with commies/socialists because it's the opposite of fascism/nazism.
It's not about promoting communism but OPPOSING anyone promoting anything than can even slightly be associated with fascism/nazism.
This is why they accuse even leftists of being racists/bigots/nazis. They do this because they're highly indoctrinated and brainwashed irrational individuals who succumbed to the anti-nazi, anti-white, anti-western society propaganda that was being drilled into their impressionable heads all their life through the (((education system))) as well as (((mass media & entertainment))).

Therefore, antifa & other leftists, time to switch sides.

Come home, fascist.

..come home.
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Wow you're right
I never really liked Jews anyway
Maybe in theory but in practice - as proven by communists constantly promoting equality, diversity, feminism, etc. everywhere they go - it does. That is the case in 2017. All you communists supposedly being opposed to identity politics are nowhere to be seen.
The reason why you antifa commie retards even exist is because of Russian propaganda.
You want to push Jews into the sea, we want to push them into ovens. Tomato/tomatoe. Let's find some common ground.
Polluting the beautiful sea with filthy kike bodies is a disservice to mother nature.

File: stefan_molyneux.jpg (36 KB, 325x481)
36 KB
Let's find out!
File: 524755.png (1.18 MB, 1200x1683)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
like rats jumping ship
Stefan Molyneux is a meth head Jew CIA shill mean to discredit our people's movement infiltrating us
File: altcuck.png (101 KB, 500x493)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
your'e such a bore
>Thinks hispanic is a race
>Race realist

File: Free Domain Agenda.jpg (112 KB, 1214x683)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
He taught Christopher Cantwell to be a natsee so yes.

File: download.png (1.93 MB, 1612x2118)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
What is Putin up to now? Trips decide how the US should respond
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>US responds by calling a general election
Its a warning to the US, don't mess with the bear. Nothing else, stay calm, NATO member and Russia doing shit all the time. That keep the forces of both sides motivated and is like a cold but real training.
>Jew Scientist
>enters Black Sea, get hacked.

And they are surprised by that.
File: 8976289765975397.png (73 KB, 229x220)
73 KB
>suggests Russian

These fucking lefties just make shit up hoping no one calls them out on it.

China is just as capable of carrying out a cyber attack and it was in east asia where both incidents happened. Didn't NK do the sony hack too?
File: IMG_2561.png (83 KB, 354x455)
83 KB
Fucking blow everything up

File: 85366182.jpg (64 KB, 480x270)
64 KB
Is america still the best country in the world???
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Its on the decline.
File: 798.png (306 KB, 593x540)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
100% correct. Glad I'm not in gay Europe with a bunch of sensitive cucks
Arrogant and blind to the facts.
hard to say when it stopped being great. But it is certainly not great anymore. America right now is like Babylon

File: trump crazy.jpg (40 KB, 414x500)
40 KB
Trump unhinged.

Even the Republicans are saying it.

* only explanation is early onset dementia - Ana Navarro, Republican strategist

* don't know if his presidency will survive the midterm elections, Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Majority Leader

* downright scary and disturbing, can't trust with the nuclear codes, Republican James Clapper, former head of national intelligence for George HW Bush

* not competent, not stable, Republican Senator Bob Corker, TN

and that's just the Republicans
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you know what they say about big feet....
>Bob Corker

>Joe Carr, who has twice challenged Tennessee Republicans in Congress over the last three years but lost both primary races, is now weighing a run against U.S. Sen. Bob Corker in 2018.

>Sensing an anti-establishment undercurrent again, the tea party-aligned former Tennessee state representative from Lascassas confirmed he's thinking about challenging Corker, R-Tenn., for the Republican nomination.

>Carr said he "gets calls and text messages on a daily basis" encouraging him to do so. He said his candidacy would have an appeal "in the age of Trump," predicting 2018 would not be kind to incumbents.

>"Like Donald Trump, I speak my mind. I know what I believe. I know why I believe it," Carr told the USA TODAY NETWORK - Tennessee. "I believe I can articulate it, which generates a lot of interest."

Seems like the conservatives are not happy with their Republican representatives, and are rebelling against them. It's going to be interesting to see if the conservatives in the US try to remove as many of the left-leaning Republican traitors as possible in 2018, and replace them with right-wing patriots who support Trump.
File: IMG_2219.jpg (16 KB, 118x125)
16 KB
>watching his television program
>watching the electric jew
shill bot
exact same thread on /b/ right now

File: 1502586589727.jpg (97 KB, 550x512)
97 KB
itt we discuss the creation of music and other propaganda with right wing messages. Post OC and favorites. Also if any goys want to work on a track with me drop a throwaway. https://clyp.it/1jyceetd
It's a good one


Chicago's pizza places have more security than my local bank.

Try and tell me that blacks aren't violent.
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Mate, you realize those "hot and ready" pizzas are made in the morning and sit in a warmer all day right?
It is $5 for a 2 liter AND breadsticks, you fucking idiot.
>Guy casually puts on mask and pulls out weapon while in the bank, proceeds to beat on glass for over a minute
Any bank here in the states would have shot him dead soon as he reached into his bag post mask. Wtf.
Does it say fresh

File: 1502638024609.png (539 KB, 1130x723)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
rolling for ultimate frog dick take over

All these retards are saying a Civil War 2 is on the horizon. Don’t get me wrong, I would love one to happen, but is it really even possible in this age?

How would it even happen? We’re too intermixed to declare sides, and besides the fact that we have all the guns and would wipe leftists out in a week, wouldn’t the government just declare martial law and shut it down immediately?

I’m curious as to what would actually happen if a new Civil War happened and how it would unfold and be faught.
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
yes i am implying. The military/police are there to follow orders.
What if the rebels went up first?

What about a coup?
If it did happen, it would take the form of escalating insurgent/guerilla warfare, not a clear cut war.

Likely radical leftists versus the government (probably not much different from the weather underground), or more likely, many different factions on the left and the right fighting, while the government stops both.

It probably won't happen though, because the FBI, CIA, and similar agencies are widespread, and excellent at nipping things like that in the bud.

If this agencies became compromised by in-fighting however, all bets are off. If violent extremists and revolutionaries can grow their bases of support, arm, and train with infiltration, then that's a situation a situation where a real, genuine civil war MIGHT happen.

But it would be nothing like the first civil war.
Sanctuary cities are current day ideological bastions. You'd see more of that, and then when the authorities tried to enforce their will, the fun would start.

File: 2zxDa-6crYK-1.jpg (125 KB, 640x640)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Did the turks honestly do anything wrong?

There's your answer
Who's the guy?
>just mirin no homo
File: IMG_5720.jpg (56 KB, 960x720)
56 KB
A sliver spoon wannabe alpha
Pic related
Beards really are make up for men, holy shit

Kardashian is Armenian. She's also a hooker and her dad faked evidence to get OJ off a trial. Her mom is a Pimp.

The other 3 I have no clue who they are.

Turkey as a country has allowed a dictator to come to power. This dictator has fucked with EU and NATO foreign policy. He has embezzled money, nationalized a provincial park to be his private residence (worse then Yanukovich) and his son was directly tied to arms dealing / crude oil laundering with for ISIL.

Modern Turks have 100% to answer for the Genoicide of Kurds and the general refugee crisis in EU.

File: Henry VIII.jpg (90 KB, 449x609)
90 KB
>Toppling statues? Here’s why Nelson’s column should be next

>Conservatives were just 533 votes from Commons majority

>UK General Election 2017: 1.8 million Scots votes 'wasted'

>Quantitative easing is like heroin, says former Treasury official

>‘Scandal’ as £3.6bn handed to three firms

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: I want head pats ;_;.gif (246 KB, 480x270)
246 KB
246 KB GIF

> dumb

This. Can we bring back the buying of commissions too?
File: IMG_2357.gif (865 KB, 500x281)
865 KB
865 KB GIF
Not really since I was a meathead in school and when I met my boyfriend he got to enjoy The tsundere conquering of a repressed homo who just wanted a real man to make him feel submissive

Ahh, memories
Pray tell us of the project anon.

When was the last time Greeks still had any value? Present-day commie Greeks seem so unworthy of claiming heritage to the philosophers and builders and warriors, and look more like the Turks they hate


File: images (72).jpg (20 KB, 470x313)
20 KB
Remember to vote "NO"
7 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Queensland is truly the least cucked state.
File: justin_trudeau.jpg (268 KB, 1200x922)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
this is what the desert island bongs call a PM for shame
vote early, vote often, vote no
Will do. Btw how do I vote if I live in America? Also what am I voting for?
Better than that fucking fairy cuck you leafs call a PM

File: Ho_Chi_Minh_1946.jpg (76 KB, 282x383)
76 KB
On a scale of wannabe commie to Mao Zedong, how different was he from the rest?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

he was LITERALLY national socialist who just wanted an independent Vietnam and clashed with China and even BTFO Pol Pot
by the way i am only asking this because literally no one even talks about him on this board
Freedom righter against western influences in his country. Sided with the communist and slaughtered many in Saigon after it fell.
he could grow a beard. in vietnam that is a big deal.
He was already dead when those things happened in the late 1970s.

He didn't leave behind something like Mao's Little Red Book. Che did, so on the "anti-imperialist front" that's who most people gravitate toward. (Forgetting the fact most people who claim to be Marxists have never read them.)

What does /pol/ think about domestic abuse? I sat through a seminar on domestic abuse today and heard all kinds of new stuff in addition to what would normally be considered abuse:

Economic abuse:
>controlling all the money in a relationship
>giving the other partner an allowance to spend
>preventing the other partner from getting a job

Cultural abuse
>Threatening to cut someone off from their culture if they act degenerate

Seems like they're heavily implying that pretty much any traditional housewife is the victim of abuse and that enforcing your cultural norms on your kids is abuse too. The whole thing seems pretty jewy desu.

I'm getting married soon to a qt who actually really wants to be a stay at home mother and by the definition of a lot of the shit I heard today I'd be borderline abusing her at all times more or less.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Domestic abuse is awful and fucks people over in multiple lasting ways, and tends to permaruin the lives and minds of children who have to grow up witnessing it.

Allowance isn't automatically abuse though, it all depends on whether it's used as a tool of control or no
File: 1502189593348.jpg (132 KB, 1024x789)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Maybe, Feminists are just worthless crazy cunts that want to see everyone as miserable as them.
>your wife is being a stupid bitch and blowing all the money you give her
>she asks for an increase
>you say no
>You're an abuser now
Make sure you get a prenup
You can do whatever the fuck you want with your money
The worst a woman can do is divorce you and try to take half
If you have a solid prenup, you're all set
I think communists should be abused domestically and internationally.

File: doublesguy.jpg (12 KB, 248x249)
12 KB
Can you be traditional (Not in an Amish sense but more in a post 1950s "Don't be a faggot" sense) and conservative without being 100% pure "GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW"

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