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File: 7813572370_fb9a72da76_b.jpg (182 KB, 1024x768)
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File: Capture.png (74 KB, 303x108)
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It will be released to the UN and the world and we will have to fix america single handedly. I have enough evidence to put people away for life. This is a professional tip. It's set to be released in 5 years. I'll release it in another country. You'll know it's me and also that these people will be put away for corruption and that the us will probably be finished only if these people continue to run in office. This is the most important post in internet history. It's a complete run down of how the governement works to abuse people and get away with crimes beyond the average person's consciousness until they know how they do it.
so do you main paladin?
sa gay
They are holding people hostage until they get their way. I might not survive but the government frames them all and they won't get away with it.

File: 7ef.jpg (29 KB, 600x600)
29 KB

You mean, "the most redpilled video I'll never watch." ftfy.

File: 88.png (3.54 MB, 1280x1750)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB PNG

that last drop spilt at the end makes me weep but I hope he never noticed.

Were the 1950s peak America?

>Americana culture
>comfy 50s aesthetics
>American dream in full swing
>niggers weren’t shitting up society yet
>everyone drove nice colorful cars, compared to the gray and black “cars” of today
>everyone was a god fearing communist hater, even the liberals
>family values were strong
>patriotism was at an all time high

Name a better era in recent history.
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yes you did, you stupid fuck.
plus, 2 atomic bombs, out of pure spite and [[[lust for blood]]] and [[[lust for burning humans alive]]]
yes well it was the beginning of the end.
it takes time to pervert such a beautiful system so naturally the first years of degeneration will just seem like pure euphoria because it hasn't been going on long enough for the negative effects to begin to manifest themselves. it would have been heaven to be alive then. the earliest degenerate luxuries of postmodernism with the not-yet-perverted christian moral system. little of the societal and cultural devolution had taken place yet.
Me too fellow leaf!!!FACT!!!
We literally killed hundreds of thousands of Germans out of spite. History books will dither on the point, "it was to destroy their economy", "we thought there was more war industry in the area than there actually was", "the bombs of those times were inaccurate" but the short answer is that we murdered hundreds of thousands of Germans in order to terrorize them.

When did you stop viewing Hitler as the devil?
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Except they were true. lol btfo retard.
File: 1512891277268.gif (1.77 MB, 320x240)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB GIF
I never really saw him as satan in all honesty, which is absurd given the amount of propaganda that I got exposed to during middle-school:
roastie history professor
>Hitler himself wasn't aryan, he had brown hair and eyes
>so why'd they follow him?
>he knew how to manipulate
>wait what?
actors that came in class one day
>you with that shirt
>you're out of the class because I don't like your t-shirt
>and that's how the nazis worked
Also they made us watch Schinders's list when we were 13.

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File: 1515980014217.gif (473 KB, 460x345)
473 KB
473 KB GIF
when I was younger, like in elementary school I would talk about how much better the world would be if he had succeed. Even when I was very young I understood that conflict was caused threw difference of opinions and people. When I was young I was confident that what the world needed was a powerful central government where people were allowed a certain number of babies depending on the genetics they had.
I was born with a high power lvl
After I had been on 4chan for a few years already and someone start talking about /pol/ in /a/ and then I came to /pol/ and it was my first exposure to the truth since being born. I've never regained my faith in the indoctrination system and I've become a bit meaner.
There's a certain appeal to fascist aesthetics that I think resonates more easily with young children who haven't been indoctrinated into disliking it yet. Also younger kids seem to like kings and queens and don't generally know what government even means yet.

Why is social media so fucking liberal and is it indicative of how most of America thinks?
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He was elected.

anyone else just laugh at how stupid (((their))) pets are?

Like, theres a bunch of cunts walking around now protecting what exactly?
Social media is controlling, authoritarian, and non-anonymous which tends towards liberal. Places like 4chan that have little moderation or ties to identity tend towards right wing views.
All due to a certain party's interest and it's huge financial, cultural, political influence and machinations
File: 1516478691906.jpg (1.14 MB, 2560x1441)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Pfftt... you call that a turnout?
Looks like a lot of air in there...

Holy fucking shit, Germans were actually the GOOD side in that fucking war.

Life will NEVER be the same again.

How could've I been so wrong my entire life?
I couldnt believe that my entire life was a lie.
All the teachers, family members, and politicians have been feeding false information.
At last I see the light

File: Schmuger.png (158 KB, 356x280)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Just look at that face, what do you think was going through her mind?

File: greek.jpg (18 KB, 340x270)
18 KB
How do you find your lost manhood? To get rid of soya and the feminization of society.
How to become a manly, complete man again, ALPHA?
How not to be a slave of pornography, feeling pain diffused in his little white balls.
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File: fat niggas in a jpg.jpg (49 KB, 450x450)
49 KB

When one loses his way and spends his life in meaningless consumption.

Fight Club portrays an emasculated man very well.
>t. man on 4chan
what did you mean by this
Ok. Have a nice day, sir.
Fight Club is a portrayal of a dejected sociopath and by word of the author himself you're not supposed to look up to anybody in the story

File: 400px-Davids-kingdom.jpg (30 KB, 400x211)
30 KB
Hi /pol/ bored kike here. Ama
Greater israel when?
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Why don't you throw people like this out of your religion?

When will the Third Temple be built
Jesus is the Third Temple. Jews didn't get that memo.
Are you ready for the next Holocaust? Trump has retargeted the nukes to Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem.
Shalom fellow yid.

Are you Torah-observant?

What's your minhag?

How do you describe yourself politically?

File: downloadfile-1.jpg (109 KB, 700x441)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Hey /pol/, do you think that there is going to be another Civil War in the United States due to the heavy political climate between the left and the right and their ideals? What are your thoughts?
File: south-park1.jpg (211 KB, 650x440)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Nope, everyone is all talk, especially these guys
Nope. Trump has 70%+ support. IF violence happens it'll be against the Jews.
Why are you urban redneck liberals even fantasising about this?
Taking moral grand standing against Trump's word of shithole countries and demand even higher living standards that only proves his claim right.
There will never be another civil war in the U.S, end this retarded larp dream now.
People are too programmed to give a fuck that their countries have been usurped.

I wish the citizenry cared, but they dont.

File: adderall_xr_25mg.jpg (28 KB, 393x221)
28 KB
How come drug use is so widespread in USA? It seems like the vast majority of the population is on some sort of drug: uppers, downers, SSRIs, opioids, roids, etc etc. It's almost as if people who are completely clean are part of some sort of obscure subculture... Americans, do you think it's healthy?

File: hindenler.jpg (71 KB, 800x450)
71 KB
Let me elaborate on that. Without Hitler into power:
no holohoax
the people of Germany (Weimar) suffer longer unfortunately but, things would fall into place (the degeneracy & decadence of Berlin Weimar is something that could not have lasted forever. at worst in a world without Hitler coming into power, Berlin ends up being the white Detroit) and Germany in the 21st century (a Germany not burdened with the guilt of the """holocaust""" is a Germany that feels less pressured to take in refugees, a much whiter Germany)
Likewise, people in America and other countries are much less susceptible to Jewish influence as well.

Or, Hitler could have been leader and the world been an even better place if he had never written Mein Kampf and kept his power level to himself.
Only because he lost, but you can't blame a man for trying.
> The ZOG would have been beaten if only no one had ever tried
Hey I hope no one gets the idea from my post that I hate Hitler, I kind of admire Hilter, it's the way Hitler has been used that I hate.

I certainly shouldn't hate him for trying but, it's hard not to be bitter when I think of a world where ((they)) can't use holohoax guilt to get what ((they)) want.
a ZOG with smaller world influence is preferable to one with the great influence it has on the world today, yes. There is shit you shouldn't do unless you are absolutely positive you can see it to the end.

He killed millions.
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Proof of this?
(And it's beautiful)

6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_20170419_183850.jpg (2.33 MB, 4640x3480)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
>White hieroglyphics
Guaranteed to prevent nig nogs from cheating off your history exam
what if you just don't recognize the label "white"? Then you can't be racist
Hand writing doesn't need to be racist, it's already a slower less effective means of communication than typing

The only reason to use it is to put sticky notes in intentionally annoying places and to give the illusion of sincerity at the end of business letters
File: aQv9YM6.jpg (214 KB, 1106x699)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Roll Safe

File: 0_a5cc0_406f4dd7_orig.jpg (238 KB, 700x525)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
we don't you fucking faggot.
File: 1488509052546.jpg (65 KB, 685x391)
65 KB
Russia is nothing but a tool for the left. They want the US to be weaker/less nationalistic so of course they help the left.
I may understnd, why Mr. Donald Trump collaborates with Russia, but it doesn't make any sence for me, why does the "Alt-Right" movement collaborate with the Russian Federaion, as this this country as "anti-fascist' and soicially leftist as possible.

Another example

File: Hitler in Shorts.jpg (134 KB, 486x685)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
He did the no-fap challenge and you can too, lads.
>It seemed to me quite natural that Adolf should turn with disgust and repugnance from these and other sexual aberrations of the big city, that he refrained from masturbation which was commonly indulged in by youths, and that in all matters of sex he obeyed those strict rules that he laid down for himself and for the future state.
- August Kubizek

Although it really explains his mindless aggressiveness in invading other countries, no fap makes me want to bash some skulls as well.

File: ayy lmao.jpg (47 KB, 715x614)
47 KB
>This is what flat earthers actually believe
>the biblical flood describes this
>it didnt call dinosaurs as "dragons"
yep. pear earth confirmed. how do trains work on a ball? hey joe. the next time you build a sky scraper, make sure you always plan for the curvature. cant have no leaning towers of pisa. said nobody ever. let's turn on the red bull jump guy. three hours to jump down from space. lands in same spot. ask a pilot how he always corrects for a curvature. four corners. and a face. the end
Hearty kek thx ANON I needed that now honestly u don't think there are people living in the glorious year of 2017+1 who think that the planet we live on is flat
File: Ted+Cruz+Stupid.jpg (53 KB, 559x740)
53 KB

File: 392px-WernerGoldberg.jpg (55 KB, 392x600)
55 KB
>There were Jewish Nazis
/pol... btfo?
Yeah. They knew Zionism was bullshit.

Even Hitler had some jews he liked

I'm a nazi but have some Jew friends... one guy I worked with was just a regular dude working bluecollar in a sawmill. Great guy, 100% jew
File: maurice.jpg (6 KB, 150x253)
6 KB
One of Hitler's personal drivers had jewish ancestry, Himmler and some others didn't like it but Hitler didn't mind.
File: 1503208597582.png (430 KB, 680x680)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
Honorary Aryans. how new are you?

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