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File: 1552395887661.jpg (213 KB, 743x1321)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Defend your racism right now. Why are you so threatened by black men?
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trips have spoken once again.
Why are you so anti science?
Because 13/50.
Look at Africa. Blacks in their natural habitat are animals. And guess what. Putting them in civilized society's never changed their behavior
There is no reason to NOT hate blacks

Have you taken the green pill yet?
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you could be the dumbest person alive. congratulations
God literally takes animal sacrifices in the bible and I'm pretty sure Jesus killed animals at least once, as well as ate meat.
>Jesus ate fish
>"Peter, kill and eat!"
>Vegans are predicted in Timothy as a heresy inspired by evil spirits
Yeah, no.
veganism is reasonable and the moral choice. Christianity is unreasonable and idiotic. but if there was a god they would be very unhappy about the amount of pain and suffering caused to animals for nothing more than taste preference or convenience.
>not understanding basic symbolism
Man wasn't "vegan" in the garden. He was an animal. He did no evil, because evil requires knowledge of it and all he did back then was out of instinct.

Holyyyyyy shit, how did they let this one get made??
Jews were competing for domination of the media in the 1970s.
It didn't matter that the goyim knew, the people who made that movie just wanted to undermime the integeity at that time.
>written by a Russian Jew
Probably just trying to sow discontent. Different Jewish factions infighting, sort of like what's going on now.

File: 20190423_104108.png (81 KB, 256x215)
81 KB
>boohoo why won't Obongo say 'Christians'?!
>waaah mommy life is so unfair when people won't use the words I want them to
>Muh shitstianity in danger!!!
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File: Pope slurping nigger feet.jpg (716 KB, 2896x2896)
716 KB
716 KB JPG
>worshipping a bastard son of a Jewish whore who cucked her fiance
>calling anyone else pathetic
based pajeet
>literally no argument so you throw shit at the wall and hope something sticks
I'm not an "Easter Worshiper" you dumb poo, what now?
This thread is the biggest poo cope I've seen in a while
>no u

File: images (26).png (8 KB, 566x365)
8 KB
We all know the United States of America isn't a nation, so why not support an actual nation instead?
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Not in the South, which is why it needs Independence. If the South doesn't protect this heritage, America will kill it
This. All day long. The glory of Dixie must rise again, for yankeeland has fallen as we all knew it would.
True, the South is pretty much the only region in America that still respects our history even when the rest of the country hates us for it.

File: Capture.png (99 KB, 621x757)
99 KB
Redpill me on Yemen.
I was against the war and us being there, but now that Trump vetoed us not getting involved I'm having second thoughts.
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isnt that good for us?
why would you brose /pol/ if you dont support trump i dont get it
It's one letter off from being Semen.
Saudi / Jewish cooperation for dominating the sea trade in the area. Mossad pretends to be iran to validate attacks

2 childish idiots had a spat over a game of musical chairs where only one of them got the last seat/ The other one threw a tantrum because he lost.

That's the Yemen root cause for Saudis bombing children and the USA helping them do it because there's no better opportunity to make money selling arms.
File: D4W7JWIX4AYw7Ny.jpg (81 KB, 1242x731)
81 KB
Vote Tulsi 2020.

File: IMG_0096.jpg (1.76 MB, 4032x3024)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
"Christ The Eternal Tao"
"God's Revelation to the Human Heart"

The latter is written by perhaps the most based man of the modern era, Fr Seraphim Rose, who died in 1982. The former is written by his student, Fr. Damascene, who is still alive today, and monk in a Northern California monastery.
File: IMG_0095.jpg (2.03 MB, 4032x3024)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
File: IMG_0098.jpg (1.86 MB, 4032x3024)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
File: IMG_0093.jpg (1.99 MB, 4032x3024)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
File: IMG_0097.jpg (1.79 MB, 4032x3024)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
Sorry for horizontal uploads, not sure why it did that...

File: hqdefault.jpg (24 KB, 480x360)
24 KB
Kyle Kulinski is the best political commentator and you cunts can't refute him on anything
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He's alright.
30 year old boomer. Destiny's better
He's a shitlib
Chip, quit watching this shit.
I like Kyle, but my favorite is David Pakman, he's pretty level-headed and a reasonable progressive that's actually well-read.

File: CNN.png (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
What's is it like living in a country where you keep on winning?

Meanwhile... Bongistanland is sinking into the sea.

Winning? America is single-handedly destroying the whole world including itself.
Turn off memeflag and give examples
no doubt
I don't know, go ask an Israeli.

File: Screenshot_2.png (802 KB, 588x442)
802 KB
802 KB PNG
I don't know if it's just me, but lately i feel like something is about to happen spiritually, a lot of people seem to be moving to a agreement on what God means and what life is.

In my observations it seems like we all started losing it somewhere after 2000~2010 and are just starting to put ourselves togheter, in the most refreshing, actually futuristic and inexplicable way around love! Almost like God left us in a room and we started fucking things up and now he got back and is sorting shit out. I've been an atheist for the last 20 years and just reconciled with God yesterday after he showed himself to me and had me crying, made me realized i have been feeling empty and depressed simply because i have been alway from his grace.

And what sealed the deal for me to believe this, and it's very terrifying to me, is that i noticed every time i felt a urge to get back to God and his pure love instantaneously i would also feel the urge to do things such as masturbating to porn and drinking, both addictions of mine that i have been battling, which made me realize that there are actually good and evil forces battling in this reality.

Kanye's easter sunday service seems somewhat like a culmination of the feelings i can't put into words.

Does anyone feel the same? I just wanna know
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That's a tough one. Know that many young Catholics (allegedly) left the Church and religion due to poor churches and preachers.

I have been watching a lot of a comedian named Owen Benjamin on YouTube who came back to his faith after leaving Catholicism due to these factors. Many seem to resonate with the reasons.

Admittedly I'm a novice in Christianity and I know nothing of Orthodox Christian differences. Depending on where your SO is in terms of coming back to God it may be very hard. For me I found that seeking the Truth and the objectivity of what evil and good are opened my eyes if just a crack to see the pages of the Bible not as simply wise words of ancient men, but of pure Truth of something much greater than man.

Apologies for rambling no doubt a little scattered, it's late here but I still wanted to pitch my two cents whatever they may be. God bless.
Thank you for the ramble either way - it may stir something in me that can help us down the line. God bless, anon.
I cannot say I am a christian, nor I follow any other particular dogma but witnessing the spread of evil and it's mechanisms led me to believe in God and it's greatness.I am a bit confused in my relation to god but I can't deny him.I don't know if I make any sense, it's hard to describe.
You sound like a religous faggot who has a magic ball that tells the future.
Yep yep

File: 40F.jpg (165 KB, 773x421)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Signs of the End Times

File: 0119muhammad041.jpg (124 KB, 800x1156)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
hoi gois
let start a fuck islam thread, post ur favorite drawings and memes of prophet muhammad
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why does it look like he just smoked a pound of kush
whats that from
Battle of Karbala. He's Muhammad's grandson.

File: IOTBW SUPER ULTRA VERSION.png (162 KB, 3508x4962)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
Just a reminder that it is.

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but still better than having niggers immigrating
also checked
File: Superpooper_2020.jpg (66 KB, 1646x416)
66 KB
>Under 100k niggers (confined to Oslo), compared to 200 million hajis.
I think we're doing pretty okay.

File: 1541166513034.jpg (345 KB, 1000x1000)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
Swissfags, the directive passed by the EU that bans a shitton of semi-auto guns will be put to a nationwide vote on May 19th.


Vote NO on the directive. It is a massive infringement on rights and liberties, and the only way you can own them is through an exemption permit which is up to cantonal discretion. Cantons like Geneva, Vaud and Neuchatel for example do not issue it, while others need a fucking day pass every time you want to shoot exemption permits.

The government lied in 2005 when it said joining Schengen would not affect gun rights. ARTICLE 5 also allows the EU to make the laws stricter every five years.

Tell EVERYONE you know to vote no. Print out flyers use whatever social media you have to raise awareness.
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File: 1555346125569.png (209 KB, 800x450)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
According to the SRF, yes. But daily reminder as to what kind of political leaning the visitors of that website have..
Are you all Swiss Germans ITT?
>Vote for something

Um...let me know how that works out for you
Go hit up your closest gun club, if they're politically active they're bound to have bigass posters and banners
Mine gave posters out for free and i went to hang up around 60 of em

As for the laws, it will also mean you'll have to get any longgun mag over 10rds and handgun mag over 20rounds registered and engraved.

File: somalialialimalia.jpg (50 KB, 800x545)
50 KB
Why do all these fuckers look the same? Why do they all stink? Why are they all so loud? And why are they always in the fucking way of anything you're ever trying to do?
209 replies and 60 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Bugs always rub their forelimbs together

A coincidence?

Inbreeding explains their looks and 68 avg IQ. Muslims like somalis fuck their cousins. Somalis are the worst and even other africans hate them. I've never met intelligent somali.
HAHAHAHAAHA. Very true. Its funny cuz thats what they say about whites
File: 1555989947224.jpg (30 KB, 470x434)
30 KB
get in niggerlover
You dont even know what you are posting, heathen scum

What does it represent?
Why was it chooses as a color of the post-war West Germany?
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: jta.jpg (58 KB, 1459x269)
58 KB
Understand the holohoax psyop and what jews have done to the West post-WW2.

Read through this thread, it's all there.

Use this info to redpill others. Redpilling normies is the ONLY battle that matters now. Redpill them and the rest will work itself out.



It represents those designated as sacrifices towards the creation of the state of Israel.
File: Black-Yellow.jpg (573 KB, 2237x1354)
573 KB
573 KB JPG
The coloration is as old as the Burschenschafen (Sororities) that once aimed to overthrow the government. their uniforms were black, red details and golden buttons.

the use of these colors is absolutely fucking ancient though and dates back even to HRE times.

I am nearly at the fucking breaking point...

Looking upon every aspect of modern society and it’s future holds for me a feeling of utter despair and depression, I don’t know what the fuck to do or how to escape it. With this cancerous L.A type of fuck boy culture spreading amongst America as well as Spock’s and niggers over running both America and Europe there simply is no escape.

If I want to live in the woods I still have to be under one of the same kike controlled governments.

I cannot fucking take the feeling that I’m not in control.

This honestly feels hopeless the future, why would anyone want to live into the future.

I wish I could just go be a farmer in before the 1500s.
File: 1536614224526.png (142 KB, 600x842)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
0/10 blogpost faggot
>he let this board get to him

Either low IQ or newfag. Likely both.
We will win in time, keep fighting. Right now focus on self improvement and just bettering yourself. Don't focus too much on /pol/ it'll blackpill you. Support and spread Alt media and try to succeed in your personal life.
Have sex

It could have been a whole lot better if Facebook and the internet didn't ruin everything, but we have America to thank for that and some time soon they will be faced with the supreme embarrassment of not being able to answer for themselves.

File: HEY GERMANS!.png (25 KB, 609x584)
25 KB
Wanna watch another movie?
File: Happiness.gif (1.89 MB, 324x243)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB GIF

What can we do to encourage people to seek out more useful degrees in college? I live in the SF area and I swear 1 in 2 women here are pursuing useless degrees that are loading them up with debt in the six figures. Is the solution cutting off funding for most of the liberal arts?

Pic related is what most of our teachers look like in the area.
Here’s the bio.

File: 1555827997007.png (66 KB, 510x332)
66 KB
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Comey, Yates, McCabe & Rosenstein Caught Lying on FISA Warrants to Spy on Trump
File: jamesclapperfactsonoff.png (429 KB, 683x450)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
>McCabe & Rosenstein
already spilled their guts.

I wouldn't be surprised if Comey has confessed along time ago and has been helping the Trump admin out of his hatred of the Clintons. Things will get interesting thats fo' sure.
File: ifonlystein2.png (620 KB, 626x746)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
fuggin saved

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