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File: sand_people.png (703 KB, 879x556)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
I'll just leave this here, i guess.
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Temple Grandin using a device for immobilizing cows to calm down autists, I know. The same principle as what OP is talking about.
>Turning people with ADHD into SSJs. Great idea
I went to preschool,Kindergarten, 1st-6th, 7th-8th, 9th-12th. Went to college for 2 years before I said fuck it. It's all a lie.
How did it come to this

File: 1488-numeric-4.jpg (10 KB, 203x120)
10 KB
Tell me what 88 does to help 14.
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File: 1515273266122.jpg (137 KB, 640x640)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
the 88 is there to protect the 14, just like the 2nd amendment is there to protect the 1st
>14 without the 88 is just Richard Spencer-tier racist liberalism

Exactly. 14 can only exist in the short term and it will fail. It is strictly inevitable. I-N-E-V-I-T-A-B-L-E.

"White" "Nationalist" "liberals" cannot see past their own myopia.
>fuck the 14
So white people can't stay white? Fuck off kike
File: 1504925510628.jpg (603 KB, 1920x1080)
603 KB
603 KB JPG
Imagine an animal without its spine, balls or brain.
That is the 14 without the 88.

Resurrecting National Socialist aesthetic is doomed to fail as well because of the irreparable stigma that is attached to it. Open Nazis are LARPers through-and-through. Traditional Nationalism can be revived but it requires quasi-fascist authoritarianism. Consider it "re-branding."

The future of Canada is diversity, we will push new boundaries of progressiveness until we can no longer say we are divided. Canada is the future, and you nationalist/fascist LARPers will never be able to undo that. Canada is among the greatest countries to live in, and it is because it is the New World Order without borders except on a smaller scale.
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This photo is pure fantasy. And propaganda.

Literally the only reason we're in trouble is because we let fags get married.

We have the highest birthrate in the Western world. We have a declining African population due to ending anchor baby rules, 30k and dropping now. We have a red pilled police force and military that goes against every "progressive" measure the government tries to put on them. Our gay paki curry nigger mongrel PM was appointed, not elected, he's finished when there is a general election.

Ireland is doing okay and will continue to do okay. We're on the periphery of Europe, we have all the rest of Europe acting as a buffer between us and the shit skin. We're not in schengen. No one cares about us and most people think this place is a shithole. The weather doesn't agree with niggers, chinks or arabs.

So Ireland isn't cucked by any measure in comparison to Canada and at least we fucking fight back against all this shit. What's happening in Canada for the few remaining Canadians that give a shit? They are just swallowing the black pill and necking themselves.

Aside from the Quebecois. Respect to them.
Your future is lesbian I see. Good you shouldn't multiply.
I'm an Asian student currently attending the University of Waterloo. Are you blaming me for your problems?
No, you are a symptom of a greater problem within my society that needs solving. And on another note, you Asians are like locusts.

File: DLBYbc9VwAAF62n.jpg (378 KB, 1366x2048)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
This is the 12th time I've tried to post this. The site is not letting me post this, so I'm adding some shit here at the top to try and pass the spam filter. I also added some spaces to the link, because it might not be allowing FB links or something.

www.fb.com /capsule.ninetynine.7/ posts/2005102523093796
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File: activate.jpg (202 KB, 920x700)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
I bet Q is a psyop to distract /pol/.
File: 1514772512059.png (345 KB, 1000x1000)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
>putting a german larp wheel behind anglos and celts
God, I hate LARPagans.
Not to distract, it's ctr-style psyops to make /pol/ look like gullible conspiracy theorists and kooks.

The exact same thing was done to the tea party movement when it started to undermine the republicans and gained widespread popular support. Occupy wallstreet was similarly attacked by progressive stacks and social justice.

The sunwheel traces back to antiquity, so what if the SS variant is used. It's far better than the anime girls you fiddle yourselves over.
Please don't try to taint the founding fathers with your dogshit. Thank you.

File: nord.png (442 KB, 1036x723)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
Swedish man manages to slip millions of children the social marxism redpill.

Around 5:20 mark.
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File: zzzz.png (517 KB, 696x747)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
don't forget, this swede is saving gen Z Western civilization via subversion, 60 million at a time.
Shoulda reduced the size of the hand before adding noise then blown it up so it mimic the pixelation, then add a slight blur to fit and adjust colour balance to suit
File: kike_dogs.jpg (18 KB, 274x184)
18 KB
OY VEY! may I have some processed meat now? or should I just stick to soy?
They are going to move to Japan in a few years. They are already studying Japanese.
File: 1498440335965.png (1.33 MB, 1196x1196)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
I actually did that, I think it looks weird if its small

File: big dave.jpg (60 KB, 634x854)
60 KB

>in 2016 the ethnic make up of primary schools (people age 12 and under) was only 75.0% white

Considering how much of the current population is already niggers/arabs, the UK will be a majority non-white country in around ten years.

Is there anything that can be done to combat this?
13 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Then why is the North way more racist than London?
>In regards to the USA I believe there will be Balkanisation within the next decade.
pure fantasy; American Federal Government is the most powerful in the world and will not permit the breakup of the Union based on anti-constitutional racial line
>i dont like thing
>slide thread!
File: Never give an inch.jpg (42 KB, 773x554)
42 KB
With 4mn militia members,290mn firearms in circulation and extremely divisive politics, high debt, urban decay, feelings of being "left behind",demographic shifts and complete lack of racial cohesion as we've been seeing the last 2-3 years and its going to get much worse.
The next big economic crash will trigger the firestorm. Let's not forget the US was founded by men who would today be deemed as white nationalists(read their opinions on non whites, the original migrant law was whites only). If that sort of narrative took hold in even just a couple hundred thousand young,angry and militant men. Shit will hit the fan and when it does, It'll happen everywhere.
The US government FEARS its own people because it instantly loses if a civil war broke out even just a limited one between rival political militias taking over a state as the entire world would get involved and China and Russia would immediately fund,train and arm any secessionist force regardless of ideology as any chance to permanently divide the US is worth the risk in their eyes.
Because the whites still stupid enough to stay in Londonistan don't actually live in the non white areas. The whites that live in the non white areas tend to be degenerate wiggers from personal experience. The second the non whites move into white areas, the whites move out.
White Flight is a very real phenomenon in Britain and will eventually go Oldham 2001 2.0 as there will be no more places to run on our little island home. The advantage we have is the army is inherently right wing and predominantly white despite best efforts by certain to lessen it. As we saw in the arrests last year, there are soldiers in the army willing to plan coup de'tats and removal of certain influential people.
If you aren't aware of what happened in 4 (((multicultural))) towns during the summer of 2001 here:
that's really not very important, stop whining queenfag.

File: 1512491403338.png (196 KB, 579x368)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
passion of christ
some of the chants in the channel are not available online
and the thing that is for sure those that are SUBTITLED AND TRANSALATED ARE THE ONLY ONES ON YOUTUBE FOR SURE because i had to read a shitload of from the new testiment to find the right subtitles
orthodox music is coming up soon
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Praise jesus. I cant wait for the antichrist to be revealed so jesus will destroy the synogogue of satan and make us kings of the world. This video reveals everything the jews want to do to us
Hello Brothers of Christ!
Hi. Do you or anyone know how long it will take for the technology needed for the antichrist to be installed
I doubt technological advancement will be the reason for the birth of the anti-Christ.
If anything, cultural decadence and degeneracy will likely lead to his entry.
Thats part of it. He needs technology to assert his dominance because he is not omnipotent like god. Believe me there have been much more decadent times in history

File: Hajj.jpg (130 KB, 786x442)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
a new Caliph is on the rise and you westerners cant do anything to stop it :)
175 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes there is. We can invade your countries and slaughter all of you. You should be afraid of the whole sleeping giant thing but you primitive goatfuckers aren’t really literate.
I wish trump would threaten to bomb mecca next time there is a major terrorist attack in the USA.

Then we'll see how badass these faggots are.
Sure we can. We can, quite literally, kill every single one of you should we so desire.

Your continued existence on this planet is due to nothing more than the compassion and benevolence of the white man. Keep spitting in the face of your benefactors and see what happens.
The time for talk is over. He should just do it. In fact he shouldn't even wait for the next terrorist attack, the west has had plenty of justification even since the 7th century, and Muslims have myriad crimes to answer for.
everyone in this thread is getting baited so hard, LOOK AWAY GENTLEMENT, LOOK AWAY

File: mq1.jpg (12 KB, 320x180)
12 KB
Miming the words of a romantically-minded nigger.

40 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
>emoji yourself
Fuck,that's just stupid.
>Post spic tier BMW
Makes sense now...
she a QT
are you fagot
Sorry you don't belong to the greatest country in the world.
File: 1509555804888.jpg (1 MB, 1704x2272)
1 MB
>Anonymous (ID: vYqxf9Xf) 01/21/18(Sun)15:28:31 No.157539049▶
> >>157536404 (OP)
>Anonymous (ID: LTY9pj60) 01/21/18(Sun)15:28:41 No.157539067▶
>File: -100%.jpg (1.26 MB, 2500x1661)
>1.26 MB
>Anonymous (ID: /gvJKka5) 01/21/18(Sun)15:29:30 No.157539144▶
>File: 1462072389721.jpg (50 KB, 472x645)
>50 KB
> >>157536404 (OP)
>Anonymous (ID: WuEpAZRt) 01/21/18(Sun)15:30:02 No.157539201▶>>157539361 >>157539422

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1516558984151.png (295 KB, 779x609)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
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File: 1472841793767.png (80 KB, 1982x1133)
80 KB
keep your whore mouth shut about my state,
fuck off we`re full
i live there
>new mexico
>new jersey
File: buried.jpg (2.85 MB, 3264x2448)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB JPG
>I live there
Where there? I live here.

File: 46375837654.png (466 KB, 863x717)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
The state of leftist "humor." Send this to downvote Hell.

71 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Republicans are far softer on Dems than Dems on Republicans. Republicans think Democrats are stupid and have been lead astray. Democrats think Republicans are evil, as in when they say we wuz nazi boi they actually believe it.
File: mills.jpg (121 KB, 760x438)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
What i saw was when i was a simple human being.. it didnt take much.. I was basically a NEET.. to tell the truth.

But be honest: please try to be... Did you or do you not see that, even somewhat (what i said in the last message) to be the truth???

Do you? I have wondered these things sometimes because when i see the world like that, it is so simple.. I'm talking about a 100% sober person.. I did not have anything which would sway my judgement...
God they are so fucking butthurt that their Jewish propaganda is losing ALL power. Hilarious but not for the reason they want it to be.
I demand a shop of that with a penis in place of the bottle.

File: bradachat.jpg (50 KB, 592x296)
50 KB
The left is beginning to turn on Bradley Manning!!!

File: 2934-mapa.jpg (49 KB, 737x553)
49 KB

Come home South Serbian man
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File: tatars btfo.png (324 KB, 654x535)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
File: 1505220871284.png (19 KB, 420x420)
19 KB
>Vojvodina and Sandzak will leave meme
kek when will Ex Yugo niggers learn
t. Muharem Hadži-Jusufspahić
it'd unironically be for their own good. however, right now we can't even take care of our own, so this isn't really possible
File: balk clay.png (43 KB, 476x368)
43 KB
fyrom is rightful bulgarian clay

File: adamspliff.jpg (23 KB, 474x266)
23 KB
First suggestion:
Just a picture of Schiff with the following words
> "The American people won't understand it"
Madman bonus:
> Adam Schiff, Israeli-American
5 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
you wouldn't understand it
All R's in intel community voted to release memo to congress, all D's voted against.

It's very bad for D's.

Implicates Hussein, HRC, IC. It's the start of the storm. It's judgement day. It needs to be released.
Why have SATs when you have THE MEMO.
New Ivy League admission standard when?
File: schliffed.jpg (130 KB, 423x509)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Some high IQ stuff right here
Keep it up goys


File: Barron.jpg (60 KB, 960x712)
60 KB
Why does a good portion of /pol/ support Trump again? What exactly has he done other than the tax bill?
70 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
He prevented Hillary Clinton from becoming president of the United States and starting World War 3.

Because HRC was so bland and the MSM covered up for her so well, she was hard to make fun.

Her "followers" though...
Why can't you be right in front of me so I can shoot you through the heart?
>seriously guys other than the tax bill what has Trump done to garner support from a den of chaos hustlers?

Hmmm either you haven't watched/read ANY news in the last year or you are well deserving of the lead role in Gay Niggers From Outer Space 2.
I wish I could look in at other timelines and see what happened so far for the Madame President timeline.

File: BTFO.jpg (113 KB, 855x857)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>"I have a message for Cadet Bone Spurs: If you cared about our military, you’d stop baiting Kim Jong Un into a war that could put 85,000 American troops ... in danger."

173 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
She is a woman do you really expect her to know anything about the draft
Fucking kys
Chinese vote blue to destroy the value of the country and then its easy picking with play money.

Apache hit with an RPG wowooowowow.... She is a shit pilot.
Who the fuck uses their combat service to call Trump a draft dodger. I did two tours and i say this man is still a KING.
Fuck the left.
>an "Iraq war vet" getting hurt by mean words on twitter

fuck you
you're an embarrassment.
>oh look soldiers are gonna die if we get into a war

what did you honestly expect.

Literally what is the fucking point? You become even more irrelevant? What exactly are the pros to this shit? Name Fucking one
25 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't think so. I think it's more of a cultural thing to shit out 7 children, but I don't really know enough to say.
A united states of Europe has the capacity to challenge the USA's already diminishing power. It suits us Brits to walk away from a German led super state - we actually have an identity we want to fight for. Maybe your lack of self identity is what confuses you?
Take away all the advantages you get with having fewer shitskins, what do you have left?
The Germans are upset because they want an empire, and want us to be part of it.
Americans outside /pol/ are upset because they see us as a sympathetic voice in said empire.
Americans on /pol/ kind of have this delusion that the EU would be great if only you just stripped out every single institution and policy the EU has and replaced them with fashy vibes.
Oh, also they think that Europeans are essentially interchangeable so getting colonised by street drinking Poles and thieving gypsy beggars is a good thing because it's white people (or "white" people) doing the colonising.

File: 1479758251204.jpg (460 KB, 734x760)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
Which party is the normal citizen accusing as being at fault for the shutdown?

British backpacker, 22, is killed by older Nepalese boyfriend she had recently met in 'murder-suicide' at their Sydney apartment

>The heartbroken parents of a British backpacker found dead in an horrific murder-suicide in Australia have paid tribute to her as 'a beautiful girl' who will be 'truly missed.'

>Tragic Amelia Blake, 22, died whilst fulfilling her dream of travelling the world before settling down to a career.

>Amelia, thought to be an ex graduate, had split up with her boyfriend in the UK to go travelling to Oz eight months ago, her neighbour revealed.

>She'd recently met a new Nepalese partner in Sydney who had become infatuated with her, apparently stalked her and demanded money from her. Work pals described him as a 'weirdo.'


This one really is sad. She was young and naive, and sounds like he may have taken advantage of that. She probably thought he was exotic. RIP.
134 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
Reminds me of the book "People Who Eat Darkness". Great book, read it.
>His name was Brazil Gurung
>probably some dead jew worshiping convert

a white roasty killed by a convert, nothing of value was lost
File: 1499741641969.jpg (41 KB, 486x437)
41 KB
Women who backpack across Europe are the worst human beings on the planet.
>Person who travels around the world
>Contributing jackshit to society
>Most likely a massive whore

As always, FPBP, couldn't said that anymore better.

File: 896-06-lg.jpg (66 KB, 700x933)
66 KB
Would you allow muslims to wear burka's if they looked like this?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
this holy fuck

those tits are gross
>Would you allow muslims to wear burka's if they were worn in a way the defeats the purpose of wearing a burka
Yes. The lulz from seeing how pissed their men would get would be satisfying.
File: 1516497308416.png (16 KB, 430x261)
16 KB
sage. also kys
I would not allow muslims in the first place.
They could do that in Syria for all I care.

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