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File: 20171012_103059.jpg (401 KB, 1512x2016)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
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Because the alternative was another 4 years of Bush/Obama? Trump could have burned the nation down and it would have been an improvement.
I work with a former music teacher. He's a welder now. Even music teachers don't want to be music teachers.
File: MNMFzkAY.jpg (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
File: 7.Dmitry-Borisov.jpg (22 KB, 400x266)
22 KB
What kind of subject is this?
Doesn't look like Maths, Computers or Science. WTF do you guys study?
someone post the racemixing Olympics add.

Only the nigger spouse is chimping out. She is a disgrace.
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I'm glad that your imperialistic pig-uncle is dead now. I hope you won't follow his way, destruction&murdering innocent people. Yes, that's how america rolls, im not even joking. I hate U.S.

The Muslim Niggers are stronger than the other Niggers, and if they take over, you've got a much bigger Muslim Nigger problem.

Muslim Niggers are the absolute worst.
Smart Chimp, her go fund me account is close to a million dollars. You contributed, correct?
LaDavid was a wheeled-vehicle mechanic.

It may well turn out that his fuck up caused every other soldier to die
I doubt I will remember the name LaDavid Johnson in 10 years, but if I do, it won't be for his ultimate sacrifice. It'll be for his wife's one single public fuck-up. Am I to be blamed for this? Am I expected to moderate my reaction, like his wife would not?

Niggers can't n2 dignity. Ever. The transcript of what Trump said would be respectful praise to any white ears they were directed. But to the fragile, sensitive, ingrate black ego, it can only ever sound like antagonizing.

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Wew lass
The Alt-Right
Take the dick out of your mouth and maybe then we can understand what you are saying.
Obama's Sons
Lol it's funny because people paint trump as some sort of hero for sticking it to isis. Since Obama and America funded isis, all they have to do to get rid of them is uhhh... stop giving them money. Which is exactly what trump did. Russia et al. are just cleaning up after America by bombing them.

File: Francisco Franco.jpg (27 KB, 252x343)
27 KB
File: 1508531599368.png (121 KB, 376x309)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
File: youre not white.png (113 KB, 1176x1400)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
It's just weird that you guys larp as part of our countries. The OP is an example and so is the inevitable americans supporting the IRA in any thread about Ireland.

Why was he such a mess?

File: nazi.jpg (136 KB, 800x450)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
hey guys doing some investigation here, where is the info on this guy's rose tattoo that could mean that he was a leftist / antifa plant?
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N.M. ?

those suspenders look a bit on the cheap almost costume size

it does look suspicious the more closely you look
Comes off as too try hard. The stupid looking swastikas on the shirt. The suspenders. The shaved head. The chops. It's like they googled neo nazi and dressed him up based off the first pic they saw.
>arms tense at sides
>flinching too hard too early

he's taking the punch on purpose with no attempt made to defend

File: 1508788753290.png (32 KB, 633x331)
32 KB
Hopefully he bans some SJW cucked mods now.
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Considering the meltdown, nip moot handled it pretty well. Comparing it to sellout moot when gamergate happened, literally cucked by anita.

File: dear dairy.jpg (37 KB, 352x375)
37 KB
Based Hiroshima
I'll be buying a pass now Hiro, I hope you can read this.
File: Picture 130.png (99 KB, 809x281)
99 KB
grape-kun ;-;
HOLY SHIT my faith has been restored
/v/ and /pol/ are always hand to hand regarding this shit. Vivian james will always be welcomed here.

File: maga.jpg (48 KB, 400x510)
48 KB
Not really sure what to do with my life. I'm thinking of investing in politics and defending America against lefty faggots. Thoughts?
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Smuggle some guns into the UK for us so we can remove our cuck government
fuck go for it

It gets hard at times but you have to think about yourself and your family first.
File: artist.jpg (13 KB, 225x224)
13 KB
But also, hobbies in general. I don't really have any hobbies that I really enjoy a lot.
whats stopping ya man do what ya want

File: 1503078120672m.jpg (230 KB, 1024x768)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
We are sick of you white people holding us back.

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What l find odd about the video is that there is no proof from phone recordings. I mean everytime you turn around for supposed police brutality there is video. The problem is that about 98%of the time it proves the officers acted correctly. So until there is auxiliary proof this is merely lies. And don't try the they don't allow phones in class bs, because it isn't as if blacks follow the rules.
Not fake at all, just look at Detroit which has the highest illiteracy rate in the nation. It is a black run city, and a prime example of the modern black culture, which is being a rapper, gangbanger is more respected than being educated.
What do you arrogantly seem to think we desire? Please the majority of you have some serious manface, and a pussy that resembles that of a horse. If anything it looks like a red bird in a burnt out stump.
File: chocolate milk.png (286 KB, 338x506)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
mommy giv milkey
The racist Amerikkka destroyed our communities and even poisoned our water. Sent racist police to attack us. Flooded our cities with drugs from the racist C.I.A..

Now you're becoming the minority because your shitty genes won't reproduce.

Now you act nice.

We won't forget. The rope is ready for the white evil cave monkey.

Amerikkka will become Africanized.

File: MalcolmX.jpg (598 KB, 900x1065)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
Slavery was fucking wrong, no sentient person can possibly argue in favor of it, but it did happen

We know (((who))) profited from it and how history would be revised to reflect that, in the generations since abolition and since (((WW2)))

Malcolm believed in black nationalism and intrinsically that view supports white nationalism.

He was an ethnonationalist. If you feel uncomfortable about his conclusions, get the fuck over it. If being called "white debil" is the obstacle in the way of you realizing the truth of his idea (separate ethnostates), then you are a brainlet larper.

The entire point is that his race will look at us as the enemy, and ours would see them as the enemy. Unnecessary in a discussion between two separate ethnostates.

Why don't we have more black nationalists on this forum? Why don't white nationalists recognize Malcolm X as an ally?
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He preached violence and terrorism. A true black nationalist would lead his people to Africa or anywhere away from whitey
>white people are the devil
get curbstomped
File: 1489488881941.png (448 KB, 846x900)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
>leaf opinions
File: comfy.jpg (139 KB, 601x312)
139 KB
139 KB JPG

He was killed by the Nation of Islam when he became redpilled on what a scam they were.

Malcolm X was fucking based.

This is one of the greatest speeches I've ever heard. It's still just as relevant today as it was then.

File: checked.gif (278 KB, 1000x700)
278 KB
278 KB GIF

Mubs confirm.

File: 1508559178822.png (93 KB, 617x290)
93 KB
Can you guys give a good argument as to why anyone outside the military and SWAT (yes, I don't think regular police should carry since they just shoot suspects) should own guns?
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>OP still won't address the fact that cops have a lower response time than a gun at your side
Funny thing is it took a few wooden boats that cannons on them to cripple the Spanish empire
To shoot people, duh.
How am I not surprised that a eurocuck such as yourself would say that while browsing the supposedly most racist,offensive and toxic board on the most cancerous place on the Internet. Also how does acmeds dick taste like stacy.
By "nobody debunked OP" you mean OP lost and now is acting like a little bitch and not addressing the arguments made . Even the post urban respond8ng to is saying this.

File: 1508565052979.jpg (3.15 MB, 7952x5304)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB JPG
Ok guys I need some help.

My uncle is an American citizen, votes democrat, lives in New York City, reads the NYT and watches CNN religiously. Buys into the "anything Trump does is bad" meme. Believes every word he reads in the NYT and every word he hears on CNN. Believes the Russia collusion story. He talks about how much he hates Texas and believes the "religion causes all war" meme. Generally dislikes religious people and middle America.

He's the epitome of the coastal liberal elite.

A while ago he told me "I agree with the Republicans on economics, but on everything else I side with the democrats, so I vote democrat". Which means there's a glimmer of light.

So I come here to ask how I can redpill him. He's open to consuming different news and media, but refuses to watch Hannity.

Where to begin? I want to get him to go from "Trump is bad because he's a far right nazi racist bigot sexist homophobe" to "Trump is bad because he's a lefty ex-democrat that isn't standing up for conservative values".
Toxic misandry and forced diversity politics
fiscal conservative/ societal democrat is just another way of saying he wants to look good in front of his friends but doesn't want to pay for it.

Be a better friend than the ones he has now.
File: 1508529883533.png (29 KB, 400x440)
29 KB
This is a pretty coherent post compared to the rest of the board. Kill yourself.

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As they age, their Semitic facial features really start to emerge.
Just another scared pedo. Fuck this old cunt
File: kotick921-610.jpg (36 KB, 610x337)
36 KB
no dude now that i see it, i see it. frankly i didn't really even think about this guy because he's so irrelevant. even when i saw this thread i figured he was just a poor mans bill burr or something. but if you look close at that fuckin pic you see he is actually from the bobby kotick jewish mold, but he is slightly-diluted

the red haired jew mold is important to be on the lookout for because it is very sneaky

I suppose since he is a shitted out Euro mutt with kike genes he could blend in pretty well. I see what you are saying though.

File: germ-MMAP-md.png (124 KB, 1036x733)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
How can a nation be so Evil?
266 replies and 67 images omitted. Click here to view.

I think you're missing the point
>british reading comprehension
No, your mutant Protestantism in which you make lesbians bishops is causing problems, not actual Protestantism. And muh infallible Pontiff wants you to import more Muslims. So much for the church being built on the papacy. The virtues of Protestantism made northern Europe powerful & wealthy, but as Protestantism started to be replaced by modernism in the 19th c. the descent began.
I was in munich once, the women looked like normal sized woman to me, but that is probably just because its a city
or you're just a manlet
Most cucked countries have a history of protecuckism. It is obvious that it is a heresy that needs to be purged. Sweden was the first nation to fully embrace protecuckism and it is now the most cucked country in the world.

File: batshit feminist.png (43 KB, 589x489)
43 KB
You know guys, I often think that Italy is a fucked up country under a lot of perspectives, then I look at American girls and I think you have a huge problem.
The scary part is this shit is soon coming to Europe too
69 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
no, this is
And what about the million of Jews constantly multiplying with the top of your waifus thanks to their wealth?
The abbo part or the imaginary colonists part?
>1 in 4,000 women will be a victim of a legitimate sexual assault
>mostly committed by the same handful of niggers who never get caught

These people need to be deported
File: 1508102039331.jpg (33 KB, 400x389)
33 KB
America is lost. Learn from our mistake
>honestly, I'm not fucking joking

File: DRUDGE.png (553 KB, 699x517)
553 KB
553 KB PNG
Original bread:


Insiders in the house.
165 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
yes, so very true. But Jesus/Yeshua WAS Adamic Israelite, NOT Kenite(the serpent seed of Cain), or Khazar,
and...........he concludes its a nothing burger
They're known as the Hadith.
They were banned because of the threat of corruption by the first few leaders of teh Islamic Caliphates.
People began to insert there own interpretations and cultures by saying
>But so and so said the prophet said this.
Yet these were rarely used politically until a political conflict erupted moreso 200 years after his death that led to Bukhari the Persian deciding he would miraculously track down anyone who had anything to say.

The hadith are the way in which majority of Muslims are cucked because they believe it to be 99 percent accurate even though a cursory glance at the circumstance and it's history show it;s literally political and cultural maneuvering by competing groups to preserve whatever they saw fit by LARPing as
>"muh know someone who knew someone who knew someone who heard it from someone that the Prophet said x. All these people are well good people and remembered all these sayings. They never mentioned politics even though these were tumultuous times and many hadith contradict each other let alone the Quran. Many Hadith messengers seem to have tons of them - Oy Vey, who will sort the 100.000+ quotes? I know one man and he alone. Oy Vey Religions forver cucked by possible jewish-but definitely persian Bukhari. Shalom.

We all take a leap of faith in much of our beliefs but if i point the above out in a mosque i WILL be kicked out if not killed. That's the power of myth.
File: 1476666463532.jpg (143 KB, 450x445)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
why cant wetwork teams start hunting down people like this and taking them out to protect our future?

Trump is becoming more of a joke everyday he lets people like this live and continue to divide our country like soros.

One seal strike team and soros is gone, like wtf.
What a shoddy toast.

Should I try to get Israeli citizenship? Would it be worth the hassle?
israel is a crowded shithole. it's unironically a terrible and boring place.

but it may be worth getting citizenship just so you can throw around the jew-card now.

File: 1502294325533.webm (2.86 MB, 1000x538)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
>AI and artifical wombs will be the end of roasties
>Implying women wont shack up and send the malebot out to work
>Implying we wont need their eggs still
Face it fellows, the roastie cant be beat
13 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
PFF, yeah. Coming from the gender that when a fucking sexdoll outperformed their prostitutes sexually, instead of buying a few and making more money NOT having sex for a living, they decided to complain and try to outlaw sexdolls so they could keep getting fucked for money.
I'm not buying it.
File: COMPED.jpg (27 KB, 300x225)
27 KB
>Roastie pays Cockbot to go do her Job
>She doesn't have a Job anymore.
>Males have AI Waifu do basic domestic chores while they make the money
>implying roasties wouldn't donate eggs for cash just like men donate at sperm banks
>being this stupid

can anyone describe the left girl's facial features. she's my type but I can't describe looks too well
File: east.jpg (62 KB, 960x773)
62 KB

Just a reminder that these girls are Chilean and thus shitskin and if you had a boner while watching this you're not white and should kys.

File: IMG_2656.jpg (69 KB, 628x518)
69 KB
The absolute state of higher education in Canada. She got off and still holds her position

File: Niggers BTFO.jpg (138 KB, 1080x1080)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like. Why are Nordics superior to all other races? Thor is 6'9" 400+ lb, and has abs. Still he came in second at this year's World's Strongest Man, losing to another white man, Eddie Hall from the UK. Third place, going to Brian Shaw of the US, was given to a white man; fourth place, to Martins Licis, was also received by a white man. Why are whites so incredibly powerful?
205 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
Is that you Sargon?
Absolutely. I've always been in shape. As i've gotten older and people around me have developed diabetes and other shit, and I realize I have to pay for their shit, I've become more and more "conservative". Don't even get me started on the elderly.

Basically 99.999 of Fat people are worthless. Try and argue with me on that.
And what's sad is that overweight people can often build muscle mass quite easily, which in turn burns calories and bodily fat; but if their only exposure to exercise is cardio, they get dejected, reject exercise, and view their obesity as fate.
they suck. they are worthless. don't shed a tear. as you get older you'll understand how much they drag everyone else down
File: 1504423846342.png (449 KB, 1200x1089)
449 KB
449 KB PNG

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