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File: 1561063022543.jpg (244 KB, 1250x703)
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File: 9e3.jpg (101 KB, 747x751)
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101 KB JPG
no she is not
Unfortunate camera angle, should've done it so the sun isn't shining in their faces, they're all squinting.
He went to Swiss boarding school.... pretty sure he was taught
Absolute bull

الله خير
File: f32323.jpg (17 KB, 488x298)
17 KB
legalise homosexuality
Do you have a loicense to post on 4chan?

We're fucked. Now what?
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Maybe you're government is making the right choice.
the power of women thinking on their feet
>place of higher education
>"positive discrimination"
Kek positive discrimination reminds an old thread that said something about self defence genocide
File: 1392679644774.gif (1.57 MB, 250x188)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB GIF

>positive discrimination

What the actual fuck is this alchemy?

Positive murder?
Positive rape?
Positive theft?

It's all back on the menu boys!

File: IranianStateMedia.png (353 KB, 668x635)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
Iranian state media are showing that the drone was indeed over international waters like the US said, FUCKING RETARDS ARE LEAVING NO DOUBTS, RETALIATION STRIKES INCOMING.

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>its all Saudi Arabia fault
oy vey
Wrong column. The aircraft which took this image was at that spot, but the target its camera was locked onto is here:
>1:21AM in Dubai right now.
wut? They're not offset by half an hour like Afghanistan.
File: D9iWfUIXoAotR_k.jpg (94 KB, 1200x683)
94 KB
The coordinates to the left indicate the location of whatever took this photo. P8? Another UAV?

Regardless, it too was not that far from the shores of #Iran.

Fuck off

File: images (3).jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
File: amer.png (12 KB, 500x492)
12 KB
right after he apologizes for lying for three years

File: cheerful.png (1 MB, 1920x1080)
1 MB
Like if you go to the doc, and the dude tells you to take three of this and that a day, pretty much nobody bats an eye - they assume the doctor knows what he's doing. He definitely does. A doctor here and there fucks up occasionally, but medicine as a whole has done immesurable good for society as a whole.

So why do some retards distrust climate science specifically? It's all based on the scientific method, so even if there's a fuckup here and there, you can be sure that the broader scientific discussion is right about the subject.

pic unrelated
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I love you guys no homo
File: merovingian.jpg (51 KB, 800x400)
51 KB
Here again. >>216933949

You see all of the foolishness in this thread? You see all of these replies? These people will live and die their entire lives never consciously accepting that they are pawns in another man's game because their egos cannot accept it. All that they would have to do in order to escape the nightmare that is to come is to accept that they were wrong. They won't do it. They will choose death first.

Now you understand why they are pawns.
If a Doctor kills someone through rank incompetence they get put through the malpractice wringer. They have serious motivation to do their job properly.

Climate Scientists have made innumerable predictions over the years that didn't come to fruition, and faced no consequences. Indeed since their money comes from grants to study the climate itself they have serious motivation to say it's a problem.
Ask yourself this, would cops ever tell you there's absolutely no chance of crime?
Would the firefighters tell you there's absolutely no chance of a fire happening anywhere?
Would the train drivers tell you the trains can run on their own just fine?
Of course they wouldn't. No one willingly makes themselves obsolete.
Because climate scientists are not experts in tax policy or geopolitics.
OP do you have any idea how many times pharmacists have to change the prescriptions that doctors prescribe because the doctor is a fucking idiot and doesn't do any research into the reactions of certain medications? Of course not because you're a fucking retard

The airforce holds an official briefing on the incel threat, using actual /pol/ memes


The absolute STATE of our military
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>readying the pogroms against armed awake whites this fast and sloppily

Is this babbys first communist takeover?
>>>/r9k/ is the incel board, everyone who posts here is swimming in pussy.
File: 1559222088274.jpg (116 KB, 729x729)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>mfw it will soon be literally a crime to virgin in US
28 year old virgin here, how can I lose my virginity? I don't want to be sent to the FEMA camps.
the ZOG military complex fears the weaponized autism they created
It's too late. You're a wizard, Harry.

File: file.png (935 KB, 1116x1592)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
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Lollllll iranian shill he fucking..... fuckin.... LOLLLLLLLLLL Iranian shil I mean you cant be fuckin
Fuck off Kushner shill
When will you stop, you annoying Lebanese or Iraqi leaf? Almost every thread about Iran you post the same shit. You are either that Baathist or annoying anti-Iranian Lebanese.
We still then need to bomb Saudi Arabia for 9/11 and Israel for USS Liberty.

File: 1557545648693.png (211 KB, 1488x1488)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
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Lmao, you pathetic boomers always fail to make me laugh because you're geriatric and not funny.
The fact that nigger loving yank cunt has a celtic ring is what really makes my blood boil
>ywn own a train
I didn't come here for these feels, anon.
I really want to do pic related now. There are beggers who claim they have a lot of children to support everywhere.
why do you faggots push this libertarian ally shit? libertarianism is worse than communism.

File: 1546103656839.png (237 KB, 465x259)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Why do I swing between rabid, steely hatred and pathetic, childlike hysteria?
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Because you are an emotionally immature child
to be fair they shot other people in the head too
For your exclusive sake, rabid and unyielding*

What could I possibly do? There's only so much a single man can do without landing in prison. I believe in my cause 100%, but a movement of people with literally no sense of self preservation won't last long
That is still contradictory, rabid implies out of control and overemotional, steely and unyielding imply firmness and emotional control
The funny thing is that one of them was a jew and the other one was an anti-racist. They would have fit in well with antifa if they were still alive.

File: 15428352417.jpg (4 KB, 203x248)
4 KB
>date is going well
>politics gets brought up
>don't want to scare her
>spout the most normie, bluepilled, centrist opinions I can think of
>nothing even remotely close to right of center
>"Oh god, you're not an alt-righter, are you?"
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Women are never honest. There is no point in being honest with women at all.
who talks of politics with women you date lmao? i barely talk of it with the female acquaitances i have
A gook would say she was pro-Hillary, anti-gun, pro-mass immigration, etc. don't fool yourself lmao
women are what you make them, an unruly girlfriend shows your failures as a man my gf has gone full KJV born again christian since ive been showing her the right material and we love eachother more than ever
Look at your flag. Know how many fought in all areas in their own ways for it? It's enough to get some people up in the morning. Knowing you can exercise your freedom to do and believe what you want. Don't you dare waste it on lying as you might as well be shitting on it.

File: abba.jpg (35 KB, 743x510)
35 KB
We, Scandinavia LITERALLY created huge parts of the modern world (more than you know). We are the beacon of hope, the candle that shines forever.


FYI the brunette singing in Abba is a Norwegian women who was the child of a 'tyskertos' (child of a mother who had an affair with a German soldier in ww2).
She left for Sweden and said she would never come back to Norway because of the way her mother was treated after the war.
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>жecтoкo yбивaлa дpeвлян
I'm a big fan. I have you guys in the anglo-germanic club of nations. all of the scandanavian nations
All we did over there was talk about politics. They would criticize America and I would say you are right. The problem is that you guys are copying us. My friend made the observation that he left the circle K in Norway and there was a circle K in Riga when he arrived. These corporations get their foot in the door and then comes all the soulless crap. What is Jantelov?
We are just waiting for someone to crumble before we do. Everything is fine as of now, but we hope France, UK or Sweden fails miserably soon- so we could end this experiment.
The vast majority are just retarded NPCs and loud mouth boomer types. I’m so sick of this culture that revolves around money. That’s what they believe in, their religion is money.

File: felipeIV.jpg (58 KB, 447x560)
58 KB
What is wrong about absolute monarchy? tell me bros
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i said ABSOLUTE MONARCHY you stupid luso
because they're the best of the people, la crème de la crème
They still would have to jump through legal hoops. An absolute king does not. It's a not really a hard concept to understand.
Why are Europeans so accepting of it.
but at times a little flawed

that said at least there is less pretence
democratic politicians are all scum hiding beneath a thin veneer of bullshit

File: londoncorbs.jpg (195 KB, 958x507)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>Tory leadership: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt through

>US drone: Trump says Iran made a 'very bad mistake'

>Homelessness minister accused of racist remarks about rough sleepers

>Writer says women using 'lubed legs' to seduce men must own up to 'consequences'
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File: 2323.jpg (24 KB, 700x420)
24 KB
>Hey loser, it's time to push the rhetoric aside. I'm putting a team together - you in?
fuck off milo
To kill Boriscels

why are you so upset that radioactive fruit from the Ukraine is being deliberately pumped into Tesco chains across Bongland by George Soros?
Because it was out of date. I paid for in date radioactive isotopes.

Is God trying to tell us something??? Is this a warning for the east coast?
21 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1550767305475.jpg (18 KB, 300x296)
18 KB
File: 1557478604460.jpg (119 KB, 875x875)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
No its being manipulated via ground based nexrad. They are used in combination with squential ground based water vapor generators and persistent atmospheric aresols to manipulate and cause bad storms
all i know is they spray some shit daily
File: 1560990694590.gif (962 KB, 245x213)
962 KB
962 KB GIF
>spaceniggers been here for a gorrillion years
>unfathomable technology
>sit and watch us torture and kill eachother instead of helping
>finally reveal themselves "when the time is right" claiming to want to help us
>and they definitely arent demons/space jews
Sounds like something a kike would want us to believe. Sorry I wont take the chip even if you disguise it as space technology. We didnt go to the moon and you are a retard, hail this dick faggot.

File: 1515122585962.png (235 KB, 700x500)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
So I'm a pretty centrist kind of guy, I believe that all races are equal but after watching this video I started believing that maybe calling some black people that do this kind of shit, niggers, is an okay thing to do. Am I wrong? https://twitter.com/brileenette/status/1139732807800872960
>Am I wrong?
Dumb question.
Better link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40RoZW2tu0A

File: DyNH9-GVAAAdk8r.jpg (80 KB, 786x960)
80 KB
Name me ONE nation that is wanting to pay reparations to the race they enslaved sometime in their history besides America.

If no other nation is doing it, why is the democrats in America even thinking of it?
Because niggers

File: 1545699630159.png (1.22 MB, 960x1280)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
What music will blast when we march through the cities?

Here's my pick

File: 8389864-3x2-340x227.jpg (20 KB, 340x227)
20 KB
"Depending on a client's problems, Ngangkari healers offer three main techniques — a smoking ceremony, bush medicines or spirit realignment."

>be Australian man fucking around with your mates
>go to get your boomerang out of a tree
>get bit by venomous kangaroo
>go to state hospital to for that sweet free health care
>doctor Abe Bo comes into the ER smoking god knows what
>chants over your body in strange tounges and rubs smushed plant matter on your wound with unwashed hands
>die 30 minutes later

I agree with preserving the knowledge, customs, and traditions that extend back 60,000 years, but shit like this has no place in modern medicine, saddly some cultures are superior to others.

3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 21b.jpg (141 KB, 600x400)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>"For the young man circumcision is followed by subincision when his beard starts to grow. The young man is seated on rock while his penis is split open with a stone knife along its full length on the underside. The penis, once split open, is pressed flat against the rock on which the young man is sitting. The Aboriginals explained that this is done in order to make it “lighter and more beautiful".

>"A red blossom is placed in the wound because the penis is to be as red as possible on the inside. After the young man has been initiated in this way he is allowed to make stone spearheads. The Wandjina cast the first bolt of lightning by splitting open his penis and in this way was able to discharge fire and lightning from it. The Wandjina created fire by turning the red inside of his split penis outwards so that fire could come out. The Wandjina can direct lightning by taking his penis in his hand and with his club show the lightning the direction it is to take."

We need to revive these ancient traditions!
Noble Savage Bump.
Medical knowledge isn't some ancient tome or cult that requires years of study to understand, you can easily research medicines and drugs to see what they are and how they interact with your body.

And unless you're referring to shrooms or something I have no idea what medicinal herbs you're referring to that are prohibited from being purchased. There's a huge holistic medicine movement in the U.S that is entirely supported by selling plants and herbs to cure different ailments.

Granted the over prescrption of opioids and SSRIs are out of hand, but I don't see advantage aboroginal spiritual realignment could possibly have.
File: 1494334150402.jpg (23 KB, 372x248)
23 KB
Is gasoline considered a bush medicine?
>I have no idea
That doesn't mean anything anon.
>There's a huge holistic medicine movement in the U.S that is entirely supported by selling plants and herbs to cure different ailments.
And the FDA is doing everything it can to stop it. And yes, shrooms can be medicinal and look how long weed was illegal for.

>but I don't see advantage aboroginal spiritual realignment could possibly have.
Because you're indoctrinated to have no respect for your ancestors. "Modern" medicine didn't bring us into the 21st century.

File: 1552937489539.jpg (214 KB, 923x713)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
I support war. Where ever whenever. All the welfare queens in the military are the ones crying about it. Its time to earn those benefits motherfuckers. :^)
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How the hell does one fail ASVAB?
being retarded! I worked for meps when i got out and i swear one kid scored 17.....
Only if you promise to kill all the filthy muzzies.
why would I need to go into the military? I made a 32 on ACT I don't need the government to tell me when and where to shit to get dem benefits
true, but you could gain the tech knowledge and put it to use in the military. But again its your choice!

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