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File: 61i554yfucb01.jpg (86 KB, 547x739)
86 KB
/pol/ is always right
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Is that Gavin McLeaf?
If you take your political prescription from a children book, you don't deserve to vote...plz kys faggot
File: harrypotter_0.jpg (147 KB, 720x1061)
147 KB
147 KB JPG

They can't even come up with original Harry Potter signs.

Also in the first book, Hermione was being an emotional little cunt and almost died to a troll when Harry and Ron saved her ass. This was before she helped them. Women were a mistake
Every day bro

File: mbmc_big_compilation_pic.jpg (609 KB, 2012x2012)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
Find your flag & print some of these fuckers:

Game Plan:
1. Posters go up Sunday Jan 21 at night on campuses & public spaces around the world!
2. Bonus points for putting them in feminism & SJW related areas: social science & psychology departments, women's & gender studies departments, office doors of feminist profs, etc.
3. Please do not commit vandalism or do anything illegal
4. Translations are available for over 25 countries
5. Only use the official versions of the poster:

Antifa is shitting themselves over this:

So is the SPLC:

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File: (you).png (347 KB, 750x523)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
Meh, what about the man in the mirror huh. mine will portray a smile...
come clean now will yours?
File: image.jpg (95 KB, 738x415)
95 KB
You will be rewarded!


let's try this again!
File: image.jpg (75 KB, 700x484)
75 KB
File: image.jpg (35 KB, 576x386)
35 KB
Holy Shit! Thats awesome!

File: wahoobaybeach haiti.png (1.05 MB, 703x851)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
What do we know about this shithole?
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File: shithole.jpg (561 KB, 1906x864)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
found one of their shitholes. looks like its next to fresh water - just like in the US. but here our shit water drains to treatment, there it drains to bay/ocean.
File: haiti_not_a_shithole.jpg (284 KB, 1024x639)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
>A nice eco system makes a place not a shit hole

Yet its poor, uneducated, violent and generally a terrible place to live in the ways of utilities and public transportation. Sounds like a real shit hole to me.
File: cite soleil.jpg (1.94 MB, 3888x2240)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
no tp
thats india you brainlet

File: billhicks.jpg (9 KB, 236x321)
9 KB
Is it just neocons on /pol/?
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File: 1516235785859.jpg (15 KB, 320x319)
15 KB
No you're the newfag shitskin invasion, we are all talking about.
Fucking shareblue cunt
Unironically using the word unironically
im from vietnam
File: mcboot.jpg (64 KB, 575x1024)
64 KB
>You're shareblue if you oppose neocon foreign policy
I guess Bush and Obama were BASED as well?
File: 1427383318551.jpg (74 KB, 800x600)
74 KB
>fucking boomers, die already
>"b-but im a vetrun, i fougth in vietnam"
>god bless you for your service
Why americans have such a huge boner for muh vetruns who never fought a war where USA was in immediate danger?

File: BradlyManning.jpg (678 KB, 5120x2880)
678 KB
678 KB JPG

Is there nothing illegal about a traitor running for senate?
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File: IMG_20170707_194926.jpg (403 KB, 1512x2016)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
Anyone running against him can use his mental instability brought on by years of isolation in jail and manifesting itself in a personality disorder real easy to bring him down.
I, as one of the (((chosen))) ones, am deeply sorry for what my people have done. The ammount of degeneracy in the western world nowadays is excessive and disgusting. While I'm not going to make an hero I promise to do my best and vote republican until I die. Fuck this traitor.
Why is it that people here are so dumb? It was PARDONED. This means that it’s record has been wiped from the official roster.
It’s not a felon. It’s still a traitor, but no official record exists.
File: anime question.jpg (25 KB, 433x380)
25 KB
File: karaboooga.jpg (63 KB, 590x719)
63 KB

Obviously, DACA is a cancer upon America, but would you guys support extending it for the border wall, and repeal of O'care?
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>No more illegals except women 18-30 years old (most crimes are done by men)

What the fuck? You were doing good until this line.
This is fine nobody cares about this. It's a legal path. However birthright citizenship + handouts that encourage and reward illegal behavior need to go. Dreamers get full scholarships to university JUST for being illegal, meanwhile children of hardworking legal american citizens don't get shit and must work for years to save up for an education, and even then take on massive debt. Meanwhile kids of illegals get everything paid for by the government just because their parents broke the law. It's literally fucked.
He has a whole erotic fanfiction about bleaching out "the sickness" and making caramel-colored babies.
it really fucking is, this can't go on
that's some country ending shit and living in the EU i know exactly what that looks like
my sides every time

File: 1516551019786.png (718 KB, 572x748)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
Is bullying a natural phenomenon?

Is a decrease in bullying resulting in the production of weak soygoys?
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We have our very own herd of niggers here - russian speaking soviets. 20+% of society
The only thing wrong is that the little cunt who stuck that pussy with a pencil won't really be punished.
I don't want your teachings of bullying and Chads here. There's nothing good they can possibly teach any living organism. We evolve further from crabs and ants, i don't need to devolve.
When you can't fight physically, fight mentally.
Should've told them that being a bitch won't stop their step-dad from "loving" them in their no-no place.
>Early, and often

File: S H U T D O W N.jpg (711 KB, 2623x1599)
711 KB
711 KB JPG
I haven't been following news lately, especially political news and now I'm lost. Can I get a rundown on why the shutdown happened this time? I mean, a little deeper about failing to outline a budget.

File: intermarium.jpg (851 KB, 2000x2581)
851 KB
851 KB JPG
It's about time to step our game up boys.

Members: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia

Structure: Decentralized economy and local politics (exact opposite of EU), United military and geopolitics

Things that have to be done:

>right wing governments in every member state;
>autonomy for regions where ethnic minorities are the majority (yes, Szekelyföld will have autonomy), thus resolving unnecessary ethnic conflicts;
>unification of Romania with Moldova;
>autonomy for Bugeac and Bucovina or annexation by Romania
>autonomy for Transcarpathia Oblast or annexation by Hungary and Slovakia
>situation of Vojvodina still has to be discussed, we want friendly relations with Serbia, but the region is of high geopolitical importance and has large hungarian and romanian minority
>resolving the gypsy problem together and getting rid of them once and for all, probably by working with India in order to create a gypsy homeland there

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1509906906975.jpg (64 KB, 593x665)
64 KB
>Allying with romania
>Allying with romania
Please nuke Moldova.

This place is a bigger shithole than even the garbage so-called country Romania.
File: 1510415430119.png (695 KB, 1276x2996)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
well we reached our peak when we broke Hungary and Croatia for the Ottomans and reached Viena,but we still opress certain minoreties and doesn't mean we are not peacefull now!!
File: 1512661353820.jpg (133 KB, 788x524)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Will you be hiding inside the winery when that happens Andrei?
Kill yourself

File: saviour of europe.png (561 KB, 698x344)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
we saved your pasty asses from islam.
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File: 1463055557_FEO_2806.jpg (161 KB, 1067x1200)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
The only thing you did was creating AIDs and picking cotton.
I have no problem with this. Poles are literally the niggers of europe.
British, what have you done again ?!
Lmao it's the actual designated nigger of europe rolling into the thread.

File: Untitled.png (727 KB, 1298x727)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
enabling illegal beaner spics.


make sure to up vote.
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File: America Enters.gif (2.63 MB, 320x320)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB GIF
>out of my way, peasant
the vote count on there seems fishy af.

What's your opinion about Matteo Salvini, /pol/ ?
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In bocca al lupo. Poco più sopra uno si vantava di che i Siciliani avessero ammazzato Peppino Impastato che sarà pure stato comunista, ma è morto combattendo la mafia. Non mi sognerei mai di disonorare la memoria di Falcone e Borsellino perché erano iscritti alla destra sociale.
daily reminder that everything south of Bozen is Terrone
exactly what i wanted to hear nice forza
É merda in tutti i casi,tanto vale goderci la caduta.
Riducendo le tasse riduci i servizi. La burocrazia, per tutta una serie di evidenze 'storiche', non ho dubbi che rimarrebbe tale perché è un enorme bacino elettorale anche e soprattutto per la destra- guarda, per dire, la PA romana. A venire tagliate per prime sarebbero istruzione e sanità, come sempre negli ultimi anni. Questo può piacere o no, e trovo che sia legittimo che possa piacere, anche se io trovo che sia disturbante cercare di avvicinarsi ad un modello americano quando la nostra sanità ad esempio è una delle migliori al mondo, nonostante tutti i suoi problemi.

File: 4L_Opma3z3w.jpg (66 KB, 320x350)
66 KB
They stole land they murdered and raped innocent Christians people. They are no good mongols from Central Asia hey are Muslim scum living in a Christian part of the world. Everyone hates them. Why do we let them stay.
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File: IMG_1602.png (71 KB, 657x527)
71 KB
public enemy #1
Turkish citizens on the European side are secularists and are sympathetic to Western values. Unfortunately they are have too many Anatolian muslim conservatives. They will be a buffer zone for the EU. Its a pity the great centres of Western civilization like Edirne, Samos and Constantiople are permanently locked into their state.

I think Muslims feel the same about Granada
File: Be pavadinimo.jpg (15 KB, 247x286)
15 KB
pls no bully we barely have any land left
You wuz

Now, you is lackies to polak jews


File: 1516505194474.jpg (65 KB, 854x959)
65 KB
This shit can't be real.

File: vaporfascist.jpg (739 KB, 1557x1569)
739 KB
739 KB JPG
Fashwave Thread.
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File: roller_boys_oc1_logo.png (2.07 MB, 1920x1080)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
File: 1514152196327.jpg (330 KB, 2864x1200)
330 KB
330 KB JPG

What subcultures exist in high schools today? Are goths extinct?
109 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
>My point is that subcultures are created if you have no culture, no commonality with people around you. If we were all primarily the same ethnic kin, I don't think these sort of things would happen. At least, not in a negative me against you sort of fashion. We would all be different brothers of the same family, and that is what we don't have.

this is pretty true
I graduated in 2012 and I'm convinced I was the last Hot-Topic-Roxas-Invader-Zim-Emily-the-Strange-era goth.
America football is American culture and gay a fucking positive. It teaches men to fight and makes them physically strong as well as mentally strong. You are talking out of your ass. What about American literature

>America has a shit ton of culture.
I love american culture and americana. Specially in music. It tends to be less fake and more organic that top 40 pop bs.

>none of it is positive.
freedom of speech is a core american culture component and it's very positive. It'd suck if we lived in a country where the police is busy reading on facebook who called a sandnigger a sandnigger.
And it is a fucking positive**

File: leftypol-shilling.jpg (121 KB, 1000x912)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Just a reminder that if you see anybody saying the following things (there's more but these are just examples)...

>X figure is a CIA plant
>X is a Jew
>the Alt-Right is controlled opposition
>there is no movement

It's almost guaranteed to be a shill.

These people organize in Discord servers and their shilling is co-ordinated and targeted. If you see a thread attacking a figure for no obvious/minor reason, then it's likely that will be a shill thread and most of the people replying to it will also be shills.

Do not engage with these people, do not reply to their threads and don't let what they say get to you.

/pol/ is effectively the grassroots of the Alt-Right, and if they can successfully change attitudes here, it will rupture the rest of the movement. Their aim is to demoralize and divide. They spread totally baseless rumors and plant seeds of doubt in the minds of /pol/ users, in the hope we'll turn our focus away from the common enemy and towards our ideological counterparts. Even if there are minor disagreements, it's important to look beyond these and stay united.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
289 replies and 95 images omitted. Click here to view.

I'm glad more people are coming around to this fact.
File: 1477790524856.jpg (56 KB, 576x576)
56 KB
Remember that when you see someone trying to actively call out "shills", it's probably a russkie bot working for less than 200 bucks a month.
isnt it funny the OP didnt call out the genuine d&c tactic of purity spiraling

Those people you listed have very little in common. Lauren and Tara are pretty close to alt-right, while Petercuck and Sargoy are just leftists from ten years ago.

They're much more important figures in the fight against the far left than mentalists like Richard Spencer.

They are rational speakers, he's easily dismissed as a "racist" and quite frankly a lot of his ideas are fucking batshit as well.

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (339 KB, 2880x1800)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
why do soyboys love this haircut?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Same reason they like beards, they think it will bring a semblance of masculinity
That's hardly a soyboy. Somewhat of a metrosexual for sure, but not a soyboy or a bugman either for that matter
Wait! Wasnt this the style alt-right guys liked to have?
lol only one of us is seething with rage my northly neighbor
I agree. Reminiscent of 40's hair styles. When the men were men.

Eric Holder and the DOJ under Obama lied to Congress. Direct Orders? Federal Prosecution? Gerrymandering. Fast & Furious. Time frame soon. Don't trust the MSM. No protection? Memo leaked?
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1516175289048.jpg (1.53 MB, 1980x1290)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
File: DT JFK.jpg (69 KB, 640x348)
69 KB
LoL, you mad bro?
muddy faggot shit says what?
File: 1516311368026.jpg (91 KB, 500x750)
91 KB
Old people can't meme. Get back to the common room in your nursing home, Mabel needs to send an electronic letter to her grandkids
What happened to his face? Also Q is Frank the larper aka anon5

File: 1481244074852.png (174 KB, 1010x1010)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideology of revolutionary socialism and communism.

Communism is the next stage of humanity following the capitalist stage and the socialist stage.

What exactly is communism according to Marxist-Leninists:

>Communism is a stage of society in which the productive infrastructure is socially owned, and goods are produced not in order to sell for profit, but in order to meet a social need.
>Communism in it's full form is a stateless, classless society that follows the maxim "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need."
>To achieve such a society Marxism-Leninism teaches us that we must replace the capitalist state, which is controlled by the capitalist class, by a socialist state, which is controlled by the working class. Then, a period of class struggle follows in which the capitalist class is liquidated by the working class. When the capitalist class has been completely vanquished, there will be only one class, the working class, and eventually the functions of the state will become indistinguishable from the functions of the society as a whole, and the state as such will 'wither away' as Marx said.

ML uses a philosophy called dialectical materialism, see here:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nat soc is bad....world death tol for communism 100 million
Gommunism will win.
All reds deserve the rope
That said
Try a red revolution in the US so we can kill you all
Fucking Jewish slaves
I h8 rich people
File: 2001_burns_fingers.gif (239 KB, 274x393)
239 KB
239 KB GIF
Hello parasites.

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