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File: 682.png (119 KB, 479x320)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Can the left meme? If not, why?
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Hello Sargon
The are too effeminate and filled with estrogen which makes you not funny.
Except that they do admit it, and frequently.
File: 809.jpg (124 KB, 618x803)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
They're too scared to offend anyone.

Also, how are you supposed to counter-meme right wingers who are already so deep in ironical memes that their mascot is a literal cartoon frog best known from poop jokes?

Because all good humor has to have a kernel of truth to it. The left doesn't even try to understand their opposition while the right grew up in leftist environments.

It's not just the left that can't meme, neither can mainstream conservatives for this exact same reason.

Drawing a picture of some fat neckbearded dude dressed as a hillbilly with a swastika yelling hale trumpler isn't funny. It's just an amalgamation of everything you dislike/laugh at put into a cartoon drawing.

File: happy_turtle.png (24 KB, 1600x1200)
24 KB

This will be a thread dedicated to organizing, timestamping, and ultimately stitching up ALL the Vegas footage into one, chronological, gap-less video. It is strictly goal-oriented, and is not meant to be a recurring general thread. It will be repeated only as many times as needed to reach its goal.
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well this whole thing IS about constructing a single piece of proof. but i agree that theres way too much shitslinging going on
bump for awesome thread
Cocaining thread
okay, if you are just compiling whole vegas thing together, that's good. But i think it was a mad-man&lone wolf.
File: 1508243562925.png (1.23 MB, 1080x760)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
i dont know if you read through everything i posted, but this project is specifically NOT about discussing theories. i honestly cant see any controversy at all in this type of undertaking

File: AMMII but with Ka'aba.png (16 KB, 1949x1020)
16 KB
Yesterday I got on the "random" (/b/) board and ask people what they of my flag; the people over there were very helpful. So what do you of my flag?
looks retarded
retarded and gay

File: 20171023_162421.jpg (3.41 MB, 3264x1836)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
How fucked am I?
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Not very, but don't bother.
DuckDuckGo is owned by a jew
>the virgin larper vs. the Chad Illumatus

OP we will miss you
why bother send me 100 bucks a month and you are in, it's run by kikes you didn't think you would actually benefit from it did you?

File: l04he.jpg (27 KB, 399x385)
27 KB
>This is the average american that frequents /pol/ and says things like 'muh big gubmint' and 'Obuma is a moslem!'

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File: 1508598710074.jpg (173 KB, 576x481)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Interesting ID
The people responding with similar noises to communicate in American are wearing Trump hats. You're not weaselling out of this one, you slippery jew.
What are you sliding, Schlomo?
>tfw I'm a national socialist

Some hipster faggot shoved this into my hands after school ended, what do? These niggas really out here pushing this shit onto high schoolers
>inb4 age ban
I’m 18 nigga

So /pol/ is this another nothingburger or a kike funded color revolution?
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Looks like nazis need to start recruiting the high school kids
It's not fake and gay. They gave me the same shit at my (((university.)))
File: IMG_8098.jpg (236 KB, 855x935)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Call the police and report that an anti-government domestic terror organization is trying to recruit teenagers.

Say those exact words, and they will have to arrest the Jew who passed it out.
File: image.jpg (713 KB, 3040x2708)
713 KB
713 KB JPG
mines even worse. there's this guy at my school that's way into the antifa movement. he's also an absolute psycho. he keeps telling me he's going to knock my teeth out in November. I already tried reporting him to my teacher and the counselor, but they both said nazis deserve to get punched. so I'm asking for your help, what do I do?
pic related. it's him.
File: 1506201418383.webm (350 KB, 446x324)
350 KB
Gay, but not fake my friend of impeccable oral hygiene.

The identity and foundation of The United States seems so lost by the right and left.
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mostly lost by the left

if we had just kept the founding fathers ideas in tact everything would be fine

the most important thing they laid out for us that we fucked was the rule that voters were white landowning males
America is cancer. The Founding Fathers probably had good intentions, but if the foundation was so great we wouldn't be where we are today.
>Washington confirmed first baneposter.
we were on the right path, up until 1940s
>For all the talk about Amerimutts, /pol/ sure doesn't want to learn about, quite possibly, the greatest men to ever live.
I always think the quotes are nice, I just don't know what I could contribute to threads like these so i just lurk
but it makes me sad to see where my country is and was, always being content with having an absoulte monarch or a dictatorship or whatever non free system. But I guess americans can't be too happy about their history past a certain point either

File: 7H5AhZ[1].png (32 KB, 900x600)
32 KB
this, no nationalism and russo-centrism allowed in Russia, being nationalist is SHOCKING and XENOPHOBIC
well pol? is putin ourguy ?

>Still not a single good reason for white ethno-state

Why are they so delusional?
There is an old Cherokee saying that is very relevant here:
"You can't wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep."

File: IMG_1871.jpg (55 KB, 494x488)
55 KB
Don't worry about Turk, The ones blame are those gave Turks the state.
As they were a peer workers under Kurds and Persian bosses.
Fuck off anarchism, long live persian feudal-fascism.
I still don't know what the difference between a turk and a kurd is and i still couldn't care less.
when "Arab-Turk-Murk-Shia-Mia" get inter fight, Kurds are the ones stand on them stoning and sticking lumber on anybody comes upward to the mountains. Corporall amazing masters rolling up.
>Turks can't be lesser than and braver than, because of sexualism and greed. Arabs so.
Well, most of “Turk” issues in Europe come from subhuman kurds.
Ethnic Turkish terror attacks in Europe: 0
Ethnics kurdish.....

shia arabs backed by iran terrorizing, humiliating kurds in iraqi kurdistan

kurds still troll about turks.

this is why you morons had never have your own countries throughout history. you're just too stupid to understand strategy and politics.
>hey let's invent a new flag
>Nah let's just copy the Dutch flag again that hasn't been done two dozen times already....

*sips cup*
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when 88% of whites are working against our interests, yes
If they want relevancy, we can just glass them and take the remainder of their resource wealth.
>colonialism is exploiting resources maymay
They don't have enough water for that population. It's never gonna happen.
File: hmmmmmmm.png (559 KB, 749x520)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
maybe we should stop sending them billions of food and aid

File: swatimaze.jpg (43 KB, 528x479)
43 KB
Which one of you /pol/lacks did this?
I give it 8/10, lacking in subtlety but manages to be lulzy anyway.
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you're a retard

there are literally no dead ends in the "maze"
gave it away.
The real troll would be to make a bunch of those signs but put stuff like "Kill the infidel wherever you find him" in the Arabic part. Maybe something about reconquistada in Spanish.
File: 1507672924091.png (88 KB, 240x226)
88 KB
But you didn't even enter
Someone should shop this into toointelligent.jpg
>but shitlibs probably don't look for the best deals when other people pay the bill
if anything they look for the most expensive. Cause you know if it costs more that means it is better

File: 2343 1.18.52 PM.jpg (22 KB, 475x474)
22 KB
Pick one.
128 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.

I like both
Tax payer paid hotels and vacation in israel for the youth.
File: jew_basic.jpg (19 KB, 220x220)
19 KB
This right here
I might convert to Islam. This Jew society is degenerate filth anyway. Islam is the future, embrace your inevitable path. Why the fuck not.

File: 1507275423388.png (218 KB, 2568x1804)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
deep down not even all that deep all white people know their place we allow you to compete against niggers and Mexicans for you to feel superior but when it comes to IQ you cant even compete with asians you are our NIGGERS know your place and dont step out of like and enjoy the time we allot you
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Le Jewish mustard race fucking LOL
Jews can't even control their own country.
Jews can't even contain their own people, country from being POZZED.

Reuven Rivlin Has Proven That He Is President of the Real Israel
"Israel, Rivlin said, is fast becoming a tribal state composed of four groups — secular Jews, religious Zionist Jews (also called national religious), ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Jews and Arabs, all of them fearful, hostile to one another and even to members of their own group. “Today, the first grade classes are composed of about 38 percent secular Jews, about 15 percent national religious, about one quarter Arabs, and close to a quarter Haredim,” Rivlin noted..... All these different groups, said Rivlin, are here to stay."

"He called on Israelis “to abandon the accepted view of a majority and minorities, and move to a new concept of partnership between the various population sectors” resting on what he called “four pillars”:

1. A sense of security for each sector, so that it is confident that joining the partnership “does not require giving up basic elements of their identity”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1508298859677.png (513 KB, 6340x2112)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
Templars were kikes goyim, what are you stupid?
Anyways I've got mostly Jew genes and I can confirm, goyim are fucking retarded. However, Jews are morally bankrupt. Now you may try to argue that morality has no importance as long as you're thriving but that is foolishness. Morality is a function of survival. If you fail to be moral, you'll find yourself fucked. Such as in WW2 when the Germans put the Jews in forced labor camps. Had the Jews been a moral people, they'd have far fewer racial enemies, which is priceless.
File: 1508574660281.jpg (34 KB, 452x611)
34 KB
That was pretty senpai

> This kills the polack
File: EU Flag.jpg (95 KB, 1000x670)
95 KB
>This kills Europe

But white privilege exists. Meaning that hundred times that money is spent on war and the welfare of white people.

Only 1% of what whites spend on war, technology and their own ethnocentric welfare could end world hunger FOREVER.

Let that sink in.
25 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Most of the aid gets intercepted by corrupt politicians and warlords, but enough still manages to get to their intended target and creates large population booms that become increasingly more reliant on outside aid. Charity for Africa does more harm than good in the long term.
Yeah, and?

You sound like you think we should be responsible for them?
How to read these threads : step one 1. Replace white with jew. Step 2. Re-read the text. Step 3. Enlightment
File: image.jpg (134 KB, 960x738)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Kill Op
Kill all Africans
Die die die you leftist shill pedophile
I'm sure rich liberals could muster up 30 billion of their own money if they really, really cared

File: Hideous.jpg (875 KB, 1500x792)
875 KB
875 KB JPG
Antitrust investigators conducted a surprise raid on the headquarters of BMW in Munich as part of an investigation into possible illegal collusion among German automakers, the company acknowledged Friday.

European antitrust authorities said in July that they were looking into allegations that Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW conspired to hold down prices of crucial technology, possibly including emissions equipment. The raid, which took place on Monday but did not come to light until Friday, is a sign that the investigation — which has not led to any formal charges — may be intensifying.

In a related development, Daimler said Friday that it had offered to provide evidence about the suspected conspiracy to antitrust investigators in return for lower penalties. Under its so-called leniency policy, the European Commission can reduce the fines imposed on companies if they volunteer information.

European carmakers are trying to cope with a public backlash against diesel engines, until recently the most popular powertrain option in Europe. Research by Germany and other European governments has revealed that almost all diesel cars produce far more harmful nitrogen oxide emissions in everyday use than in official tests.

German carmakers have for years met routinely to discuss technical standards for components. Such discussions might be illegal if, for example, the manufacturers agreed among themselves to limit competition in certain areas, such as the effectiveness of emissions systems.

The European Commission described the raid, which also involved German antitrust officials, as a preliminary step in the investigation.

19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes das rite, German dindu nuffin!!!
File: image.jpg (61 KB, 599x447)
61 KB

James May owns one.
USA antitrust:
>Company holds monopoly on product or service and is broken up to prevent customers from getting jewed

Euro antitrust:
>Oy! Those proices are to low bruv! We're gonna av to bust ya up a bit!

Am I reading that correctly?

Literally who.

File: india.png (65 KB, 250x262)
65 KB
So /pol/ I consider myself a white advocate, alt-right in some sense, and I've always been attracted to white women. I plan to have children myself and adopt some white children if able. Recently an Indian girl (Aryan indian, very light skin and Caucasian features) has been flirting with me and I find he very appealing. The only thing is she isnt "white", does /pol/ see that as a problem even if im white and our kids would essentially be white is that still harmful to our race? I dont think so but give me some thoughts. (white being all Caucasian peoples)
57 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>i want to have this debate
There is no debate. This is as cut and dry as 2 + 2. If you are race-mixing, you are not pro white and you are helping eliminate our race. If you want to argue that race-mixing is good or whatever then you can try to do that, but you will have to admit that you are doing it from a liberal-globalist perspective, not from a faux pro-white perspective.
File: gbLI6Pk.jpg (82 KB, 634x852)
82 KB
>me too possibly mixed with superior diluted indian genes.
How dense do you have to be to not understand that mixed race people are not white? Is Mexico white to you? Are DeNiro's kids white to you?
File: mawa.gif (772 KB, 640x360)
772 KB
772 KB GIF
>I would still like to see them create whiter and whiter offspring.
>while its a fair point to say i can find a white woman i would call this settling with her IQ and looks.
Yeah, if I had any doubt about my analysis it's dispelled now.

The fact that he constantly advertises his desire for his children to mate with Whites while also constantly making excuses for his own non-white partner choice suggests that he somehow can't avoid the non-white partner. Because he himself is the non-white half in the relationship.

>genuine [...] curiosity
But since you genuinely insist I'll genuinely repeat myself. no, you're not White and neither will your children; even if, hypothetically, you were White your "north Indian" gf isn't White and neither would your hypothetical children. No, you don't improve the White race by racemixing with other races (and even the children of talented non-whites would regress to the means of their respective races when it comes to their skills) you taint it with foreign DNA. And no, you aren't a white advocate alt-righter, certainly not going around spreading such filth masked as argumentations.

We're done here.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Is Mexico white to you?
not all but the peninsulares are. Look at their president, hes not white to you? Ramos isnt white? genes will manipulate back into the race after generations. ! black ancestor will not make every following ancestor black or mixed. You have to be an intellectual midget to not realize that. Its the same as the retards who insist Finns cant be white because some have Asian ancestors.
>It's the same concept though
no its not unless youre too stupid to know how it actually works.
>I repeat, John Oliver is helping the white race than you.
nice grammar retard.
> it's not how anything works
theres a reason your stating that and not pulling up info or proving me wrong. Plus the idea im somehow not helping by forcing you to think about this and defend your points is quite funny. You dont know who i am, trust me that ive helped our people more than you ever could. Im simply exploring "expanding the genepool" so to speak.
>you are doing it from a liberal-globalist perspective
i just dont think your thinking deep enough. I want our race to improve not just interbreed.We need to stay white but not stagnate. Look at the jews or arabs if you really cant understand why some genetic diversity is needed. Im not arguing to become non white im arguing that a mixed person becoming white or integrating can be a good thing. Racemixing for its own merits isnt usually beneficial.
>Are DeNiro's kids white to you?
no but after 1-2 more white generations their family will/can be.
>The fact that he constantly advertises his desire for his children to mate with Whites while also constantly making excuses for his own non-white partner choice suggests that he somehow can't avoid the non-white partner. Because he himself is the non-white half in the relationship.
how silly lol im using the extreme (having kids) because the debate is pointless otherwise. Fucking non-whites does literally nothing so my curiosity for the subject is having children. While i expected dumb responses concluding that im not white is unexpected and quite amusing. Do you even understand that everything im talking about is hypothetical? Ive never even had sex with this girl but since my interest was sparked so were these thoughts. Its highly unlikely ill ever have kids with her but the prospect is what i wanted to debate.
To add some background Im actually currently with a white woman but her genetics arent suited for children.
>"north Indian" gf isn't White
that was established but as a race already mixed with aryan its not the same as a nigger.
> you taint it
thats not how it works. Do you read geneticists from the 1800s? I dont understand the astounding level of ignorance to how races and ethnicity work. WE ARE NOT PAINT.
>spreading such filth masked as argumentations.
you sound like a fucking muslim with the "dont pollute my bubble with ideas" bs. You, if white, would be best served as the underclass not thinking much. Can you explain why Hitler thought jewish ancestry wasnt bad since it can be diluted? You're a dog barking at a wolf.

File: polen.png (588 B, 250x156)
588 B
588 B PNG
hate on this shithole here
297 replies and 152 images omitted. Click here to view.
Daily pocahontas hate thread. I love Poland and your women. Stop with the self hatred Slawek
They have no fear of the lord whatsoever but it all points to that ultimate happening.
As the proverb says. what does it say
Proverbs 1:7. One to seven you might also add that, now what does it say.
"he fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction." They are not afraid to do wrong, they murder kill rape and other things and think nobody will ever punish me for it. They are DEAD wrong. God is eternal justice and whilst he is silent in the ways of world he is not silent when he acts. He is not all talk, he DOES he doesn't sit around and has a conversation with you about it in advance. The conversation has already been had. Vengeance is his perogative. Why does he say that. Because some have taken it upon themselves on this earth that follow the fallen angel to decide who lives and dies. That is not their decision to make! And what does he tell those. Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. Who lives by the sword, sharia law. Cut your fucking head off. They will die by his sword a sword they can't even comprehend. And swiftly not in their barbaric ways, not stretched out due to incompetence, when you are to die. you die very fast. No tears only darkness now. And await to be processed for judgement.
Germans ?
The great shepherd.
You would be so lucky haha.
He’s German I believe.

File: discord temp1.png (1.38 MB, 1000x800)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
without orginization we are ineffective
the commies have communication
along with the liberals
why not us
its a temp invite so commies cant raid later i will make a new one tomorrow and post too
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
no. absolutely not a honey pot......
nobody cares about your cool kids club
>Op desperately tries to be cool and become in charge of something for once in his life
>fails miserably and gets called a faggot

At least there is some hope for /pol/
sorry the whole point is that were decentralized.
common shill tactic is to create discord servers

kill yourself

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