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File: IMG_8938.jpg (60 KB, 750x462)
60 KB
As far as I am concerned, she has nights where they make food from the cultures of each respective kid. And she makes sure all her kids maintain their dual citizenship (where they’re from and US) & visit often. Jolie is an exception, she doesn’t steal, she respects, embraces and accepts. She raises her children with understanding and compassion of people of different race and culture. Bravo.

File: 300x300.jpg (30 KB, 300x300)
30 KB

File: pureautism.jpg (262 KB, 600x341)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
We must stop this fuckin sharia law supporter that calls herself a feminist fighting against the "patriarchy!" How stupid has society become! /pol/, do anything at any cost and crush this bitch!
File: 35.jpg (942 KB, 1177x3705)
942 KB
942 KB JPG
reminder that the director of content character development at marvel comics regards her as a hero and retweets her to this day.

File: image.jpg (551 KB, 1356x2000)
551 KB
551 KB JPG
Can someone decipher this for me? Seems very politically charged
File: image.jpg (159 KB, 634x901)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
gooks gonna spook
>Woke up quick, at about noon
>just thought I had to be in the White House soon
>gotta sign EO's before the day begins
>before the dems start bitching about my friends
>bout to go and damn near went blind
>BLMs at the pad throwing up gang signs
>went in the house, grabbed a sip
>with the Big Mac on the side of my hip
>bailed outside, screamin and yellin
>just as I thought the nigs start steppin
>jumped in the Air Force one hit the juice on the ride
>secret service hot front back side to side

>you will never raise a family in a self-sufficient farm with your unquestioningly loyal wife, children; all the while living in a hidden beach valley away from modernity.
Stick to /bant/.
File: ChineseDiplomacy.webm (938 KB, 856x480)
938 KB
Wtf, can someone explain this for me.

pol cannot even begin to comprehed the amount of money going against us right now

everything pol is worried about, it IS connected at a higher level

but the higher the monkey climbs the tree, the more his ass is exposed to others

File: caseVisa fraud.png (113 KB, 1113x712)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
Does this seem like another Hillary body count? This individual was involved in passport and visa fraud cases. If you watch George Webb on YT, he talks about this often. In fact, just today he was talking about it. Do you think that this person found something that linked the DNC or Awan brothers to visa PP fraud?
Pffffffft, OF COURSE it was a suicide. The guy obviously smashed himself in the head with a metal pipe repeatedly.


File: IMG_2937.jpg (37 KB, 477x308)
37 KB
Feels good to be reconquering rightful Mexican clay.
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Actually it's funny to remind them that it was a part of Mexico. A real-life troll.
Why do Mexicans want old land back? Just so their shitty country can be bigger and even worse?
- Are you gonna asimilate the non hispanics residents of "Occupied mexico"?
- Why not get USA, Canada, mexico and rest of americas to unite into one state?
- Should USA stop asian immigration and only accept Latin american immigratioN?
how did russians arrive in Poland? Are the russians endogamous, meaning they procreate/intermarry within their own ethic group?
File: Pepe mexico.png (233 KB, 581x527)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
Mostly Pride
It was a really shitty defeat

File: 58f0f982ebf12.image.jpg (24 KB, 325x339)
24 KB

This bitch must be stopped at all cost.

Virginiafags, get the fuck in here.
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File: 1435530308953.jpg (9 KB, 233x250)
9 KB
So when do we start bodyslamming these white traitors?
File: 1480578512352.png (438 KB, 543x546)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
what a fucking waste of doubles get this faggot shit outta here
virtue signalling alert - petty ass answer - fuck off putz
Anybody born in Virginia is a native Virginian.

The american civil war was as much about slavery as the U.S. Invasion of Iraq part 2 was about weapons of mass destruction.
don't get too comfy my friend, this madness is spreading I'm afraid.

File: IMG_0555.jpg (77 KB, 750x742)
77 KB
There's this high school theater award show in eastern Pennsylvania that's incredibly SJW, start some autism #freddyawards

File: independent.jpg (112 KB, 705x564)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>In April, doctors performed the world's third successful penis transplant.

>Doctors successfully provided a 40 year old man with a new penis. The penis with which he was born had been had been lost 17 years ago.

>He was operated on by the South African doctors who performed the first ever successful transplant on 11 December 2014.

>The patient - a white male, was given a black member, which he is having medically tattooed to match his own skin colour at the end of 2017.


What are the political ramification of this?
Will he count as a black man or a white man?
How will you legislate this?
Will people be able to donate their dick if they die in accidents?
62 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
hey faggot, if you read the source article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4535072/Black-man-penis-transplant-tattooed-white.html it's actually the reverse, a black man got a white penis
Then he would have had to kill a white man
i thought sperm is stored in the brain not the dick? thats how your dna from nucleus gets inside the cum.
50 shades of Sweden
Fake and gay

File: IMG_3021.jpg (27 KB, 225x225)
27 KB
Social media

>make social media literally unbearable

File: bboys.jpg (77 KB, 960x638)
77 KB
How can we let those sexist white males get away with beating WOMEN /pol/? Are you seriously going to stand by and watch them?
How can they keep getting away with this! #imwithher

On a serious note, women should just stay the fuck out of politics.
who'd you want to win the French presidential election a month ago?

File: IMG_4726.jpg (147 KB, 750x693)
147 KB
147 KB JPG

File: swastika.jpg (73 KB, 468x351)
73 KB
Tell me what you think of my new flag concept
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Go outside, make some friends.
It's fucking gay. Use red-white-black
That's not new,that's the sweden flag silly burger.
File: swastika-flag.jpg (214 KB, 417x640)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
It would be passable if you got that damn star off that beautiful swastika. It looks American enough w/o it

File: Screenshot.png (138 KB, 1440x1650)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Here's mine, and I see myself fairly moderate.
How do y'all align?

File: hm.png (186 KB, 1668x1740)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
File: 12392931.jpg (11 KB, 619x423)
11 KB

File: logo_green.jpg (39 KB, 555x100)
39 KB
I can't afford this but maybe one of you can and use it on all of the MSM accounts.


File: 1487444436747.jpg (36 KB, 250x250)
36 KB
this is not a bump or an endorsement
Not clicking. How much is it?
>Twitter reset any Account Private Method Exploit. BUT YOU CAN'T reset account if user add phone number.
>BUT YOU CAN'T reset account if user add phone number.

yeah, any liberal has it on their iPhone.

File: 2017-05-25 18.31.45.png (176 KB, 537x562)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
This is why I don't get on Facebook anymore.
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t. muhammad
UCF bro here, I'm sorry anon

(we have that program too)
Hulk can destroy planets as his most "powerful". Superman can haul literal universes around on cosmic chains at his most "powerful".

Sorry, superkike is just too OP.

I'm still salty about him beating Goku in Death Battle.
Idiot, we all know Superman wins. Throws Hulk in the sun, finish
File: rage cry.gif (560 KB, 583x583)
560 KB
560 KB GIF

File: dgrx0onitizy.jpg (116 KB, 680x1068)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>/pol/'s thoughts?
If I haven't gotten to at least 3rd base with a girl I don't consider her a friend

File: topnigga.jpg (40 KB, 630x420)
40 KB
Favorite black musician?
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Love me some Nat King Cole

File: Hendrix Park.jpg (440 KB, 500x505)
440 KB
440 KB JPG


>Ask for favorite nigger musician
>Post picture of Wesley Snipes
Jimi Hendrix
black enough?

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