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This is the future, World. There's nothing you can do about it. We've already won.
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Hags in bags? I hope not.
File: 1560876377204.png (375 KB, 1136x639)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
Sinead will be dead soon
Shuhada' ***
File: 1559426111452.jpg (40 KB, 550x512)
40 KB
I'm still struggling with the feminist black belt being...full servitude to Islam.

A judge has granted bond to a Chicago rapper accused in an Atlanta drive-by shooting.

Fulton County Judge Kevin Farmer on Thursday rejected a request by prosecutors to keep Durk Derrick Banks in custody as the criminal case against him moves forward. He set bond at $250,000.

Farmer said the charges against Banks were serious, but he noted that Banks had turned himself in and didn't appear to have taken any steps to dodge an arrest warrant.

Durk Derrick Bank, known by his stage name Lil Durk, was booked into the Fulton County in connection to a February 5, 2019 shooting at The Varsity in Atlanta. (Courtesy: Fulton County Jail)
Durk Derrick Bank, known by his stage name Lil Durk, was booked into the Fulton County in connection to a February 5, 2019 shooting at The Varsity in Atlanta. (Courtesy: Fulton County Jail)
The 26-year-old Banks, whose stage name is Lil Durk, is facing charges including aggravated assault and attempted murder in connection with a Feb. 5 shooting outside an Atlanta restaurant that left one man wounded. He has denied the charges.


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Hair like this tells me he wouldn't mind be locked up with dozens of other niggers.
That nigga looks like a straight up bitch.
Tranny looking faggot.
File: Evolved negro.jpg (227 KB, 2452x720)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Holy shit his prognathism
OPs nigger has jewish background

File: IRAN.jpg (1.17 MB, 1484x989)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
File: 1560712990451.jpg (423 KB, 760x640)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
Starting to believe Bolton is the god Marduk requiring sacrifice
File: 1561037003344.jpg (207 KB, 666x666)
207 KB
207 KB JPG

File: D9gpbhIWsAIDZtE.jpg (198 KB, 1440x1011)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
/pol/, what did you do?

>Personnel at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland were recently treated to a threat brief regarding an "increase in nationwide activity" by self-described "incels," members of an online subculture of "involuntary celibacy" who adopt an ideology of misogyny, mistrust of women, and violence in response to their failed attempts at romantic relationships.

>The brief was first made public via a screenshot posted to the popular Air Force amn/nco/snco Facebook page on Tuesday. An Air Force spokesman confirmed the authenticity of the screenshot to Task & Purpose.

>"The screenshot was taken from a Joint Base Andrews Intel brief created following basic threat analysis on an increase in nationwide activity by the group," 11th Wing spokesman Aletha Frost told Task & Purpose in an email.

Thats more /R9K/ than /pol/

Emcels bitching about incels need to find love and stop complaining about if men have sex or not

File: CitizenClyde.jpg (22 KB, 480x276)
22 KB
Watching the newscasts of Brian Clyde, it's hard not to break into laughter. The Federal building of all places. Like Nasim at youtube headquarters 2.0 combined Sam Hyde/Skyking memes. The main character in the move Law Abiding Citizen is Clyde. Almost like there's this dark web meme of maybe the angry person you're arguing with online turn out to be the ironic angry mass shooter, I don't think there's a way to stop this meme from spreading because already vulnerable see this dark humor and figure they'll make one last joke to end on a high note. These two are relatively harmless and I think that's why I am able to laugh at the irony. I don't know why people don't understand the court system is there to fight people indefinitely until one side gives up. Turn the angry manifesto into legal documents and submit for summary judgement. It doesn't cost much money at all to file suits. So channel that angry energy and time into something productive,plan for a never-ending campaign of lawsuits and argue the motions yourself for little to no money.
Speak english retard.

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File: linkage.png (123 KB, 1180x1150)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
You already posted this thread a few days ago.
Polite [ ] for repetitiveness.
What race race were the bodies nigger?
>inb4 human race
use (pic related) as a guide
"war crimes"
It's mostly the anglos, including the US, who do them. They should be turned into a nuclear wasteland.
Telling others what they can and can not do? That violates the NAP.
Why do you keep making this thread?
>Rapes germans
Nothing happens
>Has Germans in open air internment camps AFTER THE WAR
Nothing happens

fuck off

Phone use is to blame, research suggests.


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Kaz, I'm already a demon.
File: smokeweed.jpg (11 KB, 286x405)
11 KB
>an x-ray of one freak
>Meaning anything for anyone else
that's a bone spur not a horn. natrual for overuse of a tendon attach point. for heels it's called a haglilunds deformity. damage from the tendont pulling on the bone makes new calcium deposits that get filled in with bone.
File: yceu22qiqjk21.jpg (33 KB, 722x349)
33 KB

Fuck the slaneshis are rising

File: 1424497773373.jpg (106 KB, 649x642)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
will i be able to post on western imageboards if i go to china for vacation?
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do u know any chinks?
File: 1540422677184.jpg (3.68 MB, 4756x2958)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB JPG
capitalism fuck yeah

File: bananana.jpg (31 KB, 728x546)
31 KB
When will infantile circumcision become illegal? How can Republicans be pro life and claim the fetus has human rights but then violate them moments after the baby is born? How can democrats claim that consent is needed for everything sexual but then circumcise without his consent? How are hospitals getting away with preforming unnecessary cosmetic surgeries on minors and allowing parents to push their sexual preference (cut or uncut) on their baby boys? When will it finally stop?

How can people not immediately recall Chinese foot binding when asked about circumcision? Aren't they virtually the same? You have parents and their culture fucking up the feet of young Chinese women because it "looks good." Why do we condemn one but praise the other?

When will the AAP be held accountable for spreading misinformation?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), an uncircumcised boy has about a 1 in 100 chance of developing a UTI in his first year of life. The risk for a circumcised baby is one in 1,000.

0.01% chance of getting a UTI if you leave him intact, but a 0.001% if you circumcise him. Reminder, we are circumcising 50% of all males because of UTI's that only occur around 1% of the time? UTI's are not an issue. If it were an issue, there would be a pandemic in places like Finland and Sweden where the rate is close to 0%. By saying things like "Uncircumcised males have a 10x greater chance of gaining a UTI" is manipulative and dishonest.
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Only one out of every 16700 men will ever need a circumcision done during their lifetime if the penis is properly taken care of.
Cutting it off "just in case" is extremely stupid.
Would you permanently remove an infants toe and finger nails? You could prevent injuries and nailbed infections.
That is how stupid this argument is. Instead of removing it permanently, you take good care of it, and you will never have any problems.
If phimosis should ever occur, there are other, less extreme measure which can be taken first.
You don't amputate your arm at the elbow either if you break your wrist.

Also, vastly increased risk of viral infection? Are we talking STDs here?
That argument has long been debunked.
Watch this at 1:04:34, this claim gets debunked scientifically there.

The video is worth a watch in full. Very educative.
Here is the actual link

Honestly, I've seen Mr. Clopper's video so many times I've memorized its URL haha. His video was what really turned me against the practice.

Thanks, just realized the link I posted was missing the c at the end.
File: 1e53938f.jpg (80 KB, 689x736)
80 KB
Circumcision is heavily pushed, and most women don't think about it until they're meeting their son for the first time. That's when the doctor spams "health benefits" at them just so their insurance companies will pay for the operation.

Why is it a big deal? Because it highlights something seriously wrong with how we make laws and who is protected. We ban female circumcision but not male, why? Because of our culture. Because we have normalized the violation of human rights but only for baby boys. It's the same reason why people care so much about abortion. We believe that harm to an innocent child is evil, the debate is when that child starts. With circumcision, there is no debate. The baby is ALWAYS a human. It is always given human rights, but for some reason we allow them to be negated by parent's sexual preference.

Actually, it's not just parents. The physicians preference can also impact the outcome.
Physicians who were circumcised were more likely to recommend the procedure, and physicians who were not circumcised were more likely not to recommend it. What we have here is a cycle of abuse.

Group of infants are circumcised
infants grow up and think their 25% of pleasure is 100%
adults think circumcision is a non issue because they think they didn't suffer any ill effects
another group of infants are circumcised

It is absolutely barbaric...

File: 1550021514925.jpg (871 KB, 3000x1970)
871 KB
871 KB JPG
America as its founding fathers intended it to be vs Nazi Germany. Which is the better form of government?
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Nazi Germany was a reactionary system to the times, not unlike a caesarian takeover during a time of crisis. The America system was built to last
Libertarian ecofascism is objectively the best possible form of government. The VOLK should have full freedoms to grow and learn, their speech and belief not restricted BUT the state must assume the responsibility of weeding out the foreign subverters and traitors as well.

First off werent senators nominated by the state governments for lifetime appointments? The idea was to be a good counter to the house that had directly elected representatives for terms that could have alot of people getting replaced regularly.

Turns out the states were constantly deadlocked on these positions because of how important they were. Tons of seats were empty and eventually it was changed to what we have now.

There is also the fact that the founders did not want a two party system and that is were we are now.

Also slavery was basically a time bomb and they knew it. The early years of the country has them talking about it. The states were only admitted in pairs because the only way to let more in was to keep the slave/non slave dead lock going or it couldnt get votes.

The founders were smart and thought alot of things out but no one is perfect. They would probably be surprised we went 250 years without another revolution. They expected them to repeat over time when the system got fucked up enough.
Which country had to be taken down by war? Which country could be subverted from within?

Nazis dont even really count. They only existed with a war economy. That shit would have needed massive changes to make a peacetime or long term economy work. And everyone falls to subversion eventually it might have well be a synonym of decay.

File: dkavofso.jpg (198 KB, 1222x1234)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
This is black excellence!! Love to see it!
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That's a man, baby
My wife's doctor is literally named dr.pepper.

>implying she didn't get a free ride for being a black woman
Jokes on you, they even pay white people to teach shit.
File: 1543030517101.jpg (21 KB, 424x408)
21 KB
>marijuana spelled correctly
>pepsi spelled correctly

Jesus was nailed to a pole.
The Christian cross is actually Ankh, an Egyptian pagan symbol.
>Anglican theologian E. W. Bullinger, in The Companion Bible (which was completed and published in 1922, nine years after his 1913 death), was emphatic in his belief that stauros never meant two pieces of timber placed across one another at any angle, "but always of one piece alone ... There is nothing [of the word stauros] in the Greek of the N.T. even to imply two pieces of timber." Bullinger wrote that in the catacombs of Rome Christ was never represented there as "hanging on a cross" and that the cross was a pagan symbol of life (the ankh) in Egyptian churches that was borrowed by the Christians. He cited a letter from English Dean John William Burgon, who questioned whether a cross occurred on any Christian monument of the first four centuries and wrote: "The 'invention' of it in pre-Christian times, and the 'invention' of its use in later times, are truths of which we need to be reminded in the present day. The evidence is thus complete, that the Lord was put to death upon an upright stake, and not on two pieces of timber placed in any manner."
File: finns.png (5 KB, 466x41)
5 KB
You're a Shamanist like your ancestors right?

Yes. I'm making magic knots for ships so they could go faster.
File: 1444595144319.jpg (14 KB, 480x480)
14 KB
this kike most likely didn't exist.

My Aryan lads,



Varnashrama Dharma @
The Second Coming of Christ @
The Law Books for next 10,000 years @
Bhagavad Gita As It Is = Original Testament @
Free book download @

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No thanks. I'll keep praying to my circumcised God.


Due to Demons seeing the world as a sexual object.

In this way (((their))) perversion and illusion increases.

Jews are pedophiles.

But Krishna was busy killing these kind of demons since a very young age.

File: nah.png (499 KB, 856x893)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
"you are just overreacting anon, those people deserve recognition, they deserve to be seen as what they want. They are definetely NOT insane"
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Mexicans have always done weird and supremely fucked up shit to eachother too though.
File: CDoqHH3WIAIS6mh.png (236 KB, 351x342)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>The mother's girlfriend is suspected to have been involved in other beatings of the minor.
the repulsive and disgusting face of jewish feminism
Is there any other kind?
Nah they're usually just black

File: ssss.png (240 KB, 421x235)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
Reminder that no human is illegal.

Im human, therefore I can break the law because the world doesn't really have laws, they're just made up lines on paper, like borders are made up.
>remove that memeflag mossad

File: 1558351198063.jpg (25 KB, 512x351)
25 KB
It's a great example of what happens when you ignore the problem... behavior... and instead focus on the item used... You can legislate all that you want, but the people who want to kill, just go find something else to kill with and nothing changes... and sometimes, it gets worse...

You deprive good people of the means to defend themselves, and are they safer for it?

Apparently not.
Yeah NYC is a bastion of whiteness huh. Two cities do not reflect national trends and the UK's crime rates are still absymally low as a whole comapred to the US. Guns are for faggots.
File: awr-hawkins-maps.png (347 KB, 626x691)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
>guns are for faggots
awh, first day here?
missed his chance
>guns are the only means of committing homicide
Truly an American comment. Can only imagine how much worse it'd be in those red countries if they had burger levels of gun access.

File: 0_Mhml84x4EYbFDqqg.jpg (77 KB, 900x600)
77 KB
You're so busy talking about Iran, black people, the jews or whether or not Russia interferes. However, it's Xi who scares me the most. Do you have any idea of the reach Tencent and similar companies have in the west? All the potentially censorious infrastructure that western big tech is setting up can very easily be re-purposed if necessary, and the bugmen just keep reproducing and expanding with complete disregard for their environment. The latest Hong Kong fiasco only makes me more worried.

So you tell me, am I being irrational?
Cool, hopefully based natsoc China takes over the world from the nigger-worshipping Amerimutt Empire

File: 8389864-3x2-340x227.jpg (20 KB, 340x227)
20 KB
"Depending on a client's problems, Ngangkari healers offer three main techniques — a smoking ceremony, bush medicines or spirit realignment."

>be Australian man fucking around with your mates
>go to get your boomerang out of a tree
>get bit by venomous kangaroo
>go to state hospital to for that sweet free health care
>doctor Abe Bo comes into the ER smoking god knows what
>chants over your body in strange tounges and rubs smushed plant matter on your wound with unwashed hands
>die 30 minutes later

I agree with preserving the knowledge, customs, and traditions that extend back 60,000 years, but shit like this has no place in modern medicine, saddly some cultures are superior to others.

File: 1494392799008.jpg (190 KB, 537x720)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Shameless self bump
File: Aboringinal.jpg (459 KB, 1338x891)
459 KB
459 KB JPG

At least they'll know all about circumcision

File: maxresdefault.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
Hey /pol/, is your child getting enough vitamin N?

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>a fucking leaf
VitamiN Jew

File: antifa.png (533 KB, 933x575)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
Antifas harrassed Owen Shroyer at drag queen story time
literally who?
literally kys
File: cea.jpg (56 KB, 680x535)
56 KB
File: antifa scum.jpg (148 KB, 923x615)
148 KB
148 KB JPG

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