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File: hitler jew.jpg (312 KB, 1131x1600)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
Ask an actual Jew anything.
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We have been jewed
File: SUCTION1-jumbo.jpg (166 KB, 1024x730)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Jews say they don't commit the "blood libel" but then proceed to eat circumcision skin. How do you plead?
What is your favorite Holocaust documentary ?
Post pic of bank account balance
Why ask anything if you don't answer

File: pSLfA_ie.jpg (32 KB, 512x512)
32 KB
>Frenchies electing a president who can't locate Frances overseas territories.

We're all fooked.
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He's a victim, lad. He met his teacher wife when he was 15. If the roles were reversed, he'd be in jail.
Good. They can finally become independent
No they aren't, you are thinking of Canadians, have you seen all those ugly ass past French presidents?
Your theory is not coherent, you're completely deluted, there's a lot of elements from his surrounding who make your bullshit affirmations impossible to be true.
So many ppl digged his past only to see that he's an honest and talented beta. You can find multpile people from alternative and serious medias (Mediapart) who digged this shitty theories hoping that they were true only to find they were wrong. They found far consequencies of some decisions to be an angle of attack but really, nothing serious.
Ps: You actually need to work and get paid to have the money to buy a suit.
I hope you will dig more serious and unaltered data anon.
You're not coherent in your speculations.
I feel you m8
Tortilla anon should really see the outside world.

She's right you know.
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They look gender neutral.
>my nigger self opinion is a fact
At this point i've started to think that women are sub humans
File: allahHuAkbar.png (9 KB, 250x250)
9 KB

>Scrawny albino subhuman needs make-up to look like a Mediterranean Arab Goddess. KYS.
>has disgusting nigger hair
>chops it all off and hides the mess under a hat
>has pizza-forehead
>covers it in foundation and hides it in the shade of the hat
fucking lol, niggers are so stupid they think we'll fall for their simple tricks. they're literally about as intelligent as birds.

Is Capitalism a net good or just a highly functional system that reduces us to consumers to be measured and exploited?
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This is completely false though, it is capitalism that has destroyed the planet and left it in a mess controlled by bankers
>this is how leafs literally work
prove it.
capitalism is literally just the opposite of slavery / being a slave.

over and ount, cuz i dount u get that anyway.
File: 23-thomas-pynchon.jpg (1.29 MB, 2200x3037)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Pepsi is good:

File: belbaltlag_detail.jpg (114 KB, 700x536)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
why hasn't there been any extensive connection between gulag and the holocaust? isn't there a huge chance that the soviets brought over a bunch of bodies from their actual death camps to frame the nazis?
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File: 1492982578635m.jpg (156 KB, 718x1024)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
It's VERY serious.
been here for a few years and i haven't seen actual proof before

anything else anon?




I'll definitely go through these, thanks anon

>Actual death camps

Amnesty campaigns from a death camps. Now that's something new.

Also, kind of hard to gather 6 gorillions when you have 7.2 million "politicals" (taken from Roginsky interview of Memorial) arrested by GPU/NKVD/KGB/MGB from 1918 to 1987. With about 1.6 million deaths for all inmates from 1930 to 1956.

Also, good luck bringing bodies from Magadan to Majdanek, for example.

Stop being racist. There is no scientific basis for racism. Just stop.
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science is objective truth tho, Its indisputable.
It's not about science dickhead. It's about skin colour. I just dont like the look of you brown cunts and you stink like shit. All niggers must hang. All posts from this ip are purely satire.
But racism is easily explained through science you retard.
I developed a recent fetish
You know how all the white women are mating with muslim men?
I want to have full on vaginal intercourse with muslim women
but isn't that shit hard as a motherfucker?
How does one have consent to deflower a virgin muslim woman?
File: 1470374013272.jpg (85 KB, 720x545)
85 KB
it isn't though

File: parade.jpg (301 KB, 1600x1000)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
So, I was a bit curious about specific local laws this weekend and I ended up reading up on regulations for public parade celebrations in my state (USA).

As it turns out, it is extremely easy to receive a permit for a parade and you can do almost anything you want within the limits of public decency with no defined time period.

Straight to the point: I am considering organizing a hyperbolically long parade in my city for a very mundane/inane subject.

I will solicit funding through donations from local businesses that claim in their corporate statements to be "devoted to the local community" (most major corps have this in their quality or general statement documents).

I will probably recruit marching bands from state university students that feel that this is a good idea...I'm sure there will be a poorly balanced group of students that are willing to take part, this will only add to the intrinsic low quality of this experience.

As for floats and cars, I will likely make a craigslist post for performance actors and let them in on the joke. I feel like this could make serious national news and perhaps launch a few performance careers.

Anyway, my real question is "What cause/purpose" should this parade be dedicated to?" I feel that it should be something political, because it affects everyone and it is always a hot topic.

Thank you for your consideration.
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Raise awareness for autism because you obviously have it.
>that plebbit spacing

just stop, please, stop.
celebrate the crusades my man

File: 1493021150574.png (195 KB, 800x800)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
Do you have your flag yet /pol/?
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I for one am looking forward to Hillary Clinton declaring war on the rainbow flag.
>new War on Flags campaign
>Flag of racial purity

Are you trying to meme us? or do you think we are retarded?
File: 1473116055860.png (3 KB, 280x272)
3 KB
just sad.

very sad.
Can we get some photos of antifa fighting people in rainbow flags?

File: image.jpg (1.51 MB, 2592x1936)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Hi /pol/, what do you think of my nonfiction collection? Do you have any suggestions for other works to add?
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Its only the nonfiction
The rest of the library is in 2 and a half bookcases

A lotta of commy bullshit there, lad.
What is commy and why is the work commy bullshit?

>commy bullshit

In that it is heavily biased against the west, the us and the capitalist system.

>Chomsky,Pilger, Scahill

They only write anti-us, anti- western things, they have never wrote anything anti-soviet. They are always counter to supposed "patriarchy" whether they label it or not.


An English professor who somehow became an expert at espionage and drug smuggling. There was no drug smuggling for the CIA. As an operation. Did some of their middle men get up that shit, sure. But it wasn't a directed operation.
Oh you mean commie
You should learn to spell my Latino friend
>if you disagree you are biased and a communist
>if you focus your attention on your own country first you are anti US
>Chomsky has never written anything critical of the Soviet Union
Total lie. His professional and political work were banned there. Why do you think tha might be?
He is an American his first duty is to America
>Scahill has never written anything critical of the Soviet Union
He was born in 1974. He was 17 when it collapsed
What do you want him to do?
>ad hom these authors, attack them and not their work, attack them for not writing about X
Cool story bro

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: pedotrump.jpg (563 KB, 1900x1371)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
Trump is a pedophile.

Prove me wrong.
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>Prove me wrong.
The onus of proof stands with the accuser. That is typically how these things go.
so he's redpilled?

Nah... it's not.

"Pedophile" is the one accusation that switches it. It used to be rape would switch it, but now it's this.
In conclusion - Trump is a pedo

File: Anzac2.jpg (63 KB, 1400x493)
63 KB
hey Kiwi / Australian anon,
you ARE going to be a true patriot and visit your local dawn ceremony tomorrow, right?
nope. ill say my thanks and be on my way.
hail to the victorious dead.

democrat women are a huge turnoff
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File: Caitlyn-Jenner-Espys.png (291 KB, 487x461)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Bitch please. She has nothing on the first woman of E! .
Plastic surgery is degenerate. It's litterally fooling men into breeding with them by lying.
fuck off and vote for le pen

Melania is hot!!
jacky O was a dog!
you're a fucking moron
File: piranha.png (2.01 MB, 1686x740)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG

File: IMG_2436.jpg (1.71 MB, 4032x3024)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
Don't want to LARP but here:

I go to college at Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas and we just had a power surge. During the surge and for about 5ish minutes after the sky to the west was glowing a very bright blue. The blue was fading in and out, fluctuating in intensity. Me being very autistic I did not take any pictures of the sky(I was face timing a friend) but my roommate and I drove around after the glowing in the sky stopped and saw many of the traffic lights completely out and the generators on campus had kicked in. There are a lot of fire trucks, police driving racing around (think that is because of car crashes resulting from the out traffic lights)

I vaguely remember reading on here about some weird power outages and surges in other cities possibly related to solar flares. I am not knowledgeable enough on the subject to really say much so I'm sure y'all and your autism could figure it out if there is anything to figure out.

>Pic Related view outside my dorm window
25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Has to be A&M
I assumed as much. It's always too comfy here in College Station. Think Richard Spencer is the best we'll get for a bit. Would love a habbening this semester
sounds like a substation blew up
The flash is pretty common when lightning strikes a transformer, as are the power outages. Nothing is happening.

File: sink.jpg (533 KB, 1886x1444)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
Why are Brits so primitive?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This is a rare Leafy 96D Joo Chess to get them to circumcise themselves

Yeah, and the loch ness monster lives in it. Away with your crazy fantasies. Warm water, indeed
They can take our lives but they will never take our foreskins. The council house was free and so are the teeth so people can relax a bit on this
correction the English are primitive the rest of us don't want to be associated with Jew puppets
Oops wrong anon. Anyways. Lame meme is lame

File: p.jpg (443 KB, 1600x1587)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
Post in this thread if your country isn't shit and say why.
23 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.

We're small, isolated, and largely removed from the rest of the world's issues. Unfortunately I think that's also made us rather passive and lazy, but I still wouldn't live anywhere else. Plus the south island is 90% white and very sparse on population.
Cuck of a country if you only look at the cities but based otherwise. Also amazing military history and contributions.
File: 1480886245969.png (95 KB, 322x395)
95 KB
my country isnt shit because it techincally isn't a country

File: serveimage.jpg (261 KB, 1200x1800)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
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File: 1492978153279.gif (794 KB, 400x310)
794 KB
794 KB GIF
this guy and Le Pen are going to the second round, which is in two weeks, the candidates of the two big parties, who got BTFO, immediately told their voters to vote for this Rothschild golem. Gonna be hard for Le Pen, this feels like Van der Cuck and Hofer all over again. I am increasingly getting the opinion that elections themselves are for bluepilled faggots and that it's best to just discretely murder certain people.
Sorry English is shit, but there's a difference
a thanks, I didn't know that, well you know what I meant
"discreetly murder discrete people" would mean pretty much the same thing as what you said


File: yihadistasfelices.jpg (155 KB, 1260x878)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
File: swegmeister60k.jpg (17 KB, 182x294)
17 KB
They won't do shit,
>the black flag will fly over the dome

File: download (1).jpg (10 KB, 253x199)
10 KB
Anti-Christian views and secularism are the last vestiges of the blue pill. They are the last clutches the enlightenment maintains on a person's mind and worldview, and are the hardest to shake off.

You cannot call yourself redpilled unless you are a Christian or at least Christian-aligned, anon. The goals and outlook of our movement are fundamentally opposed to the secularist, enlightenment worldview.

Face it. Our western, European societies are the way are (or were the way they were) because of the profound influence of the Christian outlook. They shaped the way our ancestors looked at the world and how they engaged with their conscience. It is time we return to it.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Have this then.

And Christianity built upon earlier pagan practices and progress.

Christian or Pagan, doesn't matter, so long as you fight for your kin, your folk and your land.
So? How does this counter the undeniably edifying effect Christianity engendered for our society?
>You saved it at three pixels larger than the thumbnail size

What the fuck, what is wrong with you
pagans are in the same class as muslims
>ther are no messiahs, only "prophets"
the other 2 categories are the messiah is coming and the messiah was here and will show up again (jews and christians)

what the fuck?

look at the niggerish media trying to predict the next election results!!

File: file.jpg (28 KB, 300x400)
28 KB
is there a reason Scotland is universally loved or are we just known for eating magic mushrooms in man skirts while throwing trees at the English while drinking whisky?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Ever notice how it's always a famous Scottish person living in England, living in Australia, in NZ, in Canada, in the US etc. and never a great Scottish person in Scotland?
scotland isnt really loved by anyone except in america, and even there you come second place to the irish (im welsh btw)
yeah because we all want to go to an american Irish bar to have a right old good craic of a time xD

When I think of Scotland I think of Speedcore raves, deep fried food and a yearning for freedom you'll never get...like Quebec.
File: 56203951.jpg (27 KB, 400x400)
27 KB
I love Scotland, you guys gave us Highlander!

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