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File: 1524372770008.jpg (77 KB, 611x607)
77 KB
Trump is an embarrassing president. How many more of these ridiculous scandals do we have to endure instead of fixing this fucked up country? Worst pres since Nixon
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Because no one believes it. For 20 years the gold standard has been a blue dress. If Ms. Daniels cannot produce a blue dress no one is going to believe her.
File: what's up monica.jpg (75 KB, 572x699)
75 KB
not only that but stormy is fuckable where as Monica was a frumpy looking cunt.

not tall
File: 1524440506078.jpg (72 KB, 490x427)
72 KB

No one cares who he stuck his dick in except the the brain dead left.
>Drumpft had SEECCCS >:^((((
Every time.

File: talented.jpg (538 KB, 820x980)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
>sucks jew producer cock
>takes jew producer jizz in her vag
>all to get easy and super high paying jibs
>living the luxurious and easy life
>when the camera rolls she tells poor people that they have a male toxic disease, and that poor women should hate poor men
>all this because the disgusting whore that she / (all female actresses) are have guilt and shame built up
>suck jew dick, make millions, lash out at poor people and divide them among genders so they can't trust each other, love their spouse and build families
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You argue like a woman
Isn't she a jew too?
File: 1514870057451.png (869 KB, 974x1112)
869 KB
869 KB PNG
She's literally fucking average in the true sense of the world. I can step outside right now there will be at least 6 or 8 chicks like her in the bus stop, let alone the fucking city and colleges
like, i get the hypocrisy with the jew rapist selfie but for the nude selfie i'm pretty sure its hacked, like are girls (or even guys) not suppose to take any nude pics in privacy ever? i don't get it, is your wife not suppose to send you a pic of your tits if you ask her too?

When will those ungrateful fucks thank the Soviets for building their countries?
File: HscLZvQ-1.png (15 KB, 700x360)
15 KB
Don't count on it.
don't forget all the misery they left behind too. someone can come to my house, build a PC or whatever and leave, but if they pillage and rape in the process, well, im gunna say it turned out pretty bad.
File: 1524419761827.jpg (98 KB, 600x694)
98 KB


File: tucker.jpg (20 KB, 400x400)
20 KB
Where is he?
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>muh israel
Probably in the FBI dungeon.... hooked to some car batteries in a puddle of water..
He is Barron Trump
Reminder if something happens to him, thats our cue to start the racewar
If I have to guess I would say that he is in Bethesda experiencing enchanced interrogation and a so called debriefing.

File: 1524455655563.jpg (201 KB, 960x1280)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Quick Rundown
>government fucks social security
>issues loans to (((cronies)))
>nation-wide chimpout happens
>the army's being mobilized
>people are stacking on provisions and water everywhere
>the police are stealing people's provisions
>Contras are rearming themselves
>high chance (((they)))'re behind this shitshow
>mass gassing seems imminent

Pastebin with the OP copypasta:https://pastebin.com/9UAg86LS

Watch the Shitshow here:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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t. Commie
>Can you give us numbers? How many people at the outside barricades and how many in?

Tens of thousands with hundreds of thousands more coming. The government is doomed and should flee the country to save their skins.

>glow in the dark nigger

Hate to break it to ya, but the US doesn't give a shit about helping euro countries outside of using them to antagonize Russia and having military bases for the planes heading to the middle East/africa.

Regardless, if just one MAJOR country finally goes bust over this shit it will most likely domino every one else in with it since most of these are transnational either physically or via cross investment.
Fuck the desert we should be sending weapons to Nicaragua. We can literally build this country in our image.
>We won't reach this state though
we're already paying pensions out of loans, and you know perfectly well half the country literally lives from the pensions of their parents and grandparents

the first month they can't pay pensions (could be any month now) there will be major revolts because people literally won't be able to afford food
>With that said, IF we reach that state I'm so joining a right wing militia
lmao stop larping, if we reach revolt state you will be looking for cats, rabbits and rats to eat while the army kills civilians, there won't be any militias (get a clue seriously), only faggots looting and looking for food, water, money and gas

the country is a paycheck away from total chaos while spending big money in military equipment, and most idiots don't even know it because muh catalans are bad and shiet

get your exit plan ready, shit will hit the fan soon

File: royalbaby.jpg (183 KB, 962x672)
183 KB
183 KB JPG

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My ancestors didn't kick England's ass in WWII so I could hear about this shit
someone get a coat hanger

Republic of Britain now
What a disgusting fucking nigger.
one more leech for us to take care of

how many diamond yachts would we buy him
File: 1517529700196.jpg (60 KB, 550x456)
60 KB
this is who supports the queen and her miscegenating ginger fuckboy son...
the absolute degenerate state of trashland...
oy vey

File: pizzurgate.jpg (66 KB, 943x477)
66 KB
And how could people accept it?Are people really this retarded or just too afraid to leave the comfort zone?

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i have faith that the wheels of justice are in motion, slowly grinding.
I know exactly what you're talking about. Those people are lemmings. This is what happens when people are constantly placated with Netflix and other electronic distractions. Considering the possibility that the world is run by a pedo cabal of satan worshipping occultists is simply too much work. Game of Thrones and fucking Candy Crush are always just one click away.
How do we get Roseanne or James Woods to tweet this? Should we tweet it at them en masse until they notice it?
it's so surreal
let's do it

What the FUCK is your problem?
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job interview soon
FUUCKK i need this job bad
wish me luck

>glorifying being a wagie

Ultimate cuckoldry.
Well, yeah.... It's what you have to do if you cant into entrepreneurial ownership, be on gibs, have parents, inheritance, ect.

pic semi related.
Had to leave my job recently due to ill health, and my life has slowly began to crumble.

I'd fucking made it, lads; good relationship, good at my job and felt like I'd finally found a comfy life... But now I'm alone, unemployed and living off savings whilst waiting for NHS referrals for scans, etc.
Can't believe I'm in this situation, and it's looking more and more likely I'll end up being diagnosed with a life long condition.

Fucking nightmare.
>relying on daddy gubment for gibs
ultimate cuckholdry
it's one or the other, you're a cuck in either case

File: 1523119066745.png (934 KB, 1095x584)
934 KB
934 KB PNG

if we do not stop this. do not expect anyone to do it for us. we may have hope but accept that these people know no boundaries. they will subvert and twist every narrative and they are extremely good doing it with normies. do not kid yourself they do it here as well.

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He already looks like he has AIDS
destroy them
Blijana Djurdjevic "Dentist society" and lok up the dentist chairs in Jimmy Saville's home and the other guy
File: Pepe shakes head.gif (70 KB, 287x298)
70 KB
I shall NOT be clicking that shit, my negro.Have a bump, though.

Press S to spit on their grave


File: cantlul.png (405 KB, 1216x457)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
This guy got a drunk in public arrest around the same time he started talking to the feds. Don't call in to his show or buy his merch, beware.
uhh are you not a fed or something? weird

ITT: all the terrible things that barack obama did that make you hate him so much.

I'm new to politics, i lived under a rock during his entire presidency.

What's so bad about him?
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>Jefferson Davis was the greatest president.

You know this is what Anon really thinks.
I liked his voice, He could get a new career doing audio books, and maybe some voiceover work. Other than that he never lived up to his promises, surprise, surprise.
They taught you well, huh?
>>let conservative politicians use him as a doormat

mate what?

File: images (8).jpg (11 KB, 202x249)
11 KB
In 2018.

Ladies (who am I kinding, there is few to none lady here), gentlemen, I present to you Agathe Auproux:
>allegedly worked as a prostitute to buy expensive stuff, but don't you dare call her out on it (or anything else) otherwise you're a misogynist.
>IQ of 80, but wears glasses to make herself look smart.
>Libtard, who defends muds and shits, but secretely wants to fck them.
> INFLATED sense of self-worth and self-importance.
>She graduated from some shitty university stream but made it out by being pretty and having a vagina.

Do you want to add something ? :)
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Where are the gas chambers when you need them?
>>allegedly worked as a prostitute to buy expensive stuff, but don't you dare call her out on it (or anything else) otherwise you're a misogynist.
>>IQ of 80, but wears glasses to make herself look smart.
>>Libtard, who defends muds and shits, but secretely wants to fck them.
>> INFLATED sense of self-worth and self-importance.
>>She graduated from some shitty university stream but made it out by being pretty and having a vagina.

Is this a new thing in France? We've had whores with glasses and tattoos for decades
She's gorgeous though. What a waste.
>tfw you will never taste that doylent
Frogs are why Canada sucks.
Bloated government. No work ethic, satisfied with mediocrity. Nepotism. Rampant pseudo-intellectualism. Fake national identity based on what they are not. Invaded England and made it shitty. Enable the spread of Islam over misplaced guilt about Algeria.Addicted to government gibs. Renter's attitude. The woman are bisexual slags.

File: IMG_6375.png (139 KB, 220x264)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Anglo pride worldwide. St. George, pray for us!

Happy feast day, brothers.

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 220x229)
7 KB
hey im a college student,
my friends aren't politically correct they say things like look at that fat elephant to fat people or something like that often. i always think why are they doing this.
should i try to explain them not to say these things or just watch it?
every time i hear such hatred i feel bad, like i know this is wrong and why am i not calling them out?
another incident was when they heard avicii died one guy said we don't need to worry cause if he died of a drug overdose he deserved it.
the thing is that if I don't correct them i feel like a hypocrite and if i correct many they may call me over smart. help me anons.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
You should poo in the loo
You are right, anon. They are wrong. It's the most simple thing in all the world: would you enjoy being called a fat elephant if you were fat? No? Then it's wrong.

It's called the golden rule: do unto others what you would have them do unto you. It's all but dead in the US (thanks Trump and the GOP), but there's still hope for you.
you are saying i should correct them?
why the fuck does it take a toll on me though
lol thanks for letting me know ,kek yall got good sense of humor

File: 1511936081424.png (818 KB, 774x1063)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
I praise Him everyday.
190 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
>follow the goblin piper
>pay the goblin piper

more people are going to die in the wake of the goblinas witch hunt than in the actual event that preceded the situation to begin with. BASED
Apparently - and I have no other info on this, but the threads on /g/ - a mod got offended that people were calling his custom mechanical keyboard and Applel shit 'Soi' and so we got a wordfilter.

and so on.
This triggers my /fit/autism.
File: 1524381370702m.jpg (183 KB, 872x1024)
183 KB
183 KB JPG

File: 1524408938910-pol.jpg (113 KB, 700x747)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Niggers. Not even once.

File: 911.jpg (37 KB, 650x365)
37 KB
>Number 1 ally

9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 70437598374985.gif (1.28 MB, 332x250)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
Control out of chaos. A country in chaos is easier to control than one being controlled by the likes of a Saddam, Qaddafi, or Assad.
Yup. It wouldn't surprise me if we were all being Jew'd in regards to Syria. People are under the assumption the Kikes wanted ISIS to takeover immediately and kill Assad, I personally think it was always their intention for the war to drag on for years, thus totally destroying Syria, baiting Iran into getting involved, then getting us to invade at some later date under the guise of "fighting ISIS" and stopping "Iranian aggression". Kill two birds with one stone.
Jews planned 9/11
File: 1523918055575.png (885 KB, 723x1227)
885 KB
885 KB PNG
>Saudi Arabia is not an ally.

Categorically wrong. The American is right.
File: cap6.png (1.61 MB, 948x847)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG

File: iceland_logo.jpg (32 KB, 350x600)
32 KB
Social Democracy is the best political and economic system for any country, prove me wrong
>Meme flag
>1 post only?
Without you defining your personalized brand of social democracy it is impossible to engage in the topic.
OP is a hue.
Fuck you op
>I don't know what social democracy is
Listen here you Brazilian monkey, social democracy is nationalism at its purist form, by closing boarders not only will to be able to keep your people safe and their race pure but you also aallow them to have gibs.
You must Ben fucking retarded you memeflag waving monkey.
This nation is fucked because of FUCKING COMMIES and soft porn communism WONT SOLVE A THING
Interventionism in the Americas will only lead to socialism and G-d forbid full-blown communism.
If your aim is eventual fascism let me burst your bubble right here. It will never work in the new world, and we’re too mongrel to have any system based on race.
We should keep aiming for paleoconservatism, libertarianism and separatism
You 14 yo edgy fuck

File: photo19.jpg (11 KB, 320x350)
11 KB
Aside from Varg and Breivik this country is full of basedboy cucks.

When will Norwegians and nords in general step up?
7 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Norway is an unoffical pakistani colony kuffar.

These cucks will never step up.
File: 1507418790500.jpg (25 KB, 604x453)
25 KB
everything, aside from the last part is where you're wrong, isn't it?
File: 1517474557684.jpg (80 KB, 806x538)
80 KB
>childless mutt wageslaves complain about Varg
>Real Name, Kristian suggest their parents wanted him to ne christian
>Had clergy in family
>Betrayed devout christian traditions of his own family
>burned a church
>explained that it wasn't a real church but a gnostic one thinking this will save him from criticism of his christian family
>murdered a man
>became a disgrace to his own kin
>had to flee the country
>claims that those who stand firm in their christian belief are a disgrace
>deep in the heart feels disgrace
File: 1482750402573.jpg (649 KB, 800x1360)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
>>Betrayed devout christian traditions of his own family

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