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>Why yes I do use 5G how could you tell?
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Time for another Half-Life playthrough I think lads
Father Grigori was the best and most based character in HL2.
File: th-4.jpg (14 KB, 250x338)
14 KB

lets not forget the American zombie guys
File: 109golfcourses.jpg (176 KB, 1080x1740)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
5G is wonderful.
>Pic not related, but imagine being exiled from 109 golf courses.
File: 1550962302168.jpg (13 KB, 424x558)
13 KB
Honey you should get off your phone and come join the family for Netflix running on 5G

File: download (5).jpg (181 KB, 1200x630)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Quit drinking. Take the sober-pill Anons, and take control of your lives. It ruins cultures,
just look at Ireland or Russia. It's a disgusting addiction that finally needs to leave this earth once and for all

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*takes thiamine pill*
Same bro I put on like 40 pounds in a year
I'd rather be Ireland than some super productive state like China, or modern Vietnam.

Quit making serving corporations your goal!!
File: 1562638311370.jpg (142 KB, 987x841)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>americuck crying like a gay bitch
Checks out.
You don't realise that drinking is exacerbating the depression. Just make yourself not drink for a few days and then get drunk and you'll see.

File: ECwk2T8WkAE_hd6.jpg (65 KB, 534x712)
65 KB
Old russian boxer fights young black british boxer. Destroys him. If this isn't Slav power, I don't know what is.
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Stfu you have no culture you devil
COPE harder
the purest whites are actually Baltics not Nordics
File: genetic_map_of_europe.png (159 KB, 1024x819)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
>purest whites
Balts are genetically barely distinguishable from slavs.
Pic related is a genetic distance map
Whiter than you, tyrone.

File: jewface.jpg (29 KB, 310x308)
29 KB
Why can't fucking china or some other fag take in all the niggers?
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Red China has always been, and still is, run by Jewish bankers and Jewish activists.

There main goal was to destroy Chinese culture. That is why Taiwan doesn't want to become part of China. Taiwan's main thing is they are "safeguarding true Chinese culture".

I'm not sure but I think if a car runs over a baby in Taiwan people will at least stop and try to "do something". In fact, they might even start "signalling" and pull rank to become Boss of Providing Help.
They can't conquer a closed-off central committee that's redpilled af

>pure ethnic homogeneous societies.
The language of East Asians is much more difficult to learn and not as easy for Jews to physically look like them unlike whites, Middle Easterners and even spics which the Jew can camouflage himself as at any time.
They always flood the place they want to destroy with subhumans, it happened like this in Egypt, Rome, ...
And you are so retarded you always fall for it. huehuehuehue.

Femanon here, I see a lot of animosity towards black men on /pol/ and I just wanted to get this out to maybe provide some clarification.

Women can think for themselves, OK? No, it's not just the "JOOS" behind everything like the puppet masters or something. More and more of us actually prefer black men because they still exude masculinity and aren't insecure manbabies cowering at their own self-fulfilled prophecy.
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you look like a shitskin. since you have a memeflag i will guess you're a half turkroach german with a prostitute mother.
Sage yourself into the fire whore
File: 1566189148234.jpg (26 KB, 680x544)
26 KB
Not good enough, you know the rules around here.. We cannot consider anything you say until you meet the requirements. All replies are also required to have "sage" without quotes in the options field.
The illustration appears to be a 4 inch cock. Probably the average for malnourished niggers in Germany. Sucks for bl*ck niggers to have penises smaller than the average dog.
File: new tat.jpg (63 KB, 1024x1024)
63 KB
I made a similar post a while back, don't even bother with incels here. They'll just denounce you to cope. This board is good for news but the insecure white males are a pain.

File: ypw4x589ruu21.jpg (129 KB, 1024x768)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Reddit meetup 2015.
This is whats calling you an incel.
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File: redditorjuice.png (385 KB, 415x519)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
Why are they leaking?
It's like grease coming off bad takeout food...
I came here to post this
How the fuck are 100% of them untermensch?
>Only the Asians are normal
what a massive fag

File: 150643675435.jpg (94 KB, 711x950)
94 KB
Multiculturalism & Diversity Thread.

Kek. Let's make them cry wh*Te tears of self-doubt & self-loathing
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File: 1565881469941.jpg (68 KB, 700x711)
68 KB
File: soldiers-lined-up.jpg (65 KB, 800x512)
65 KB

Must of been a civil war between blacks then. Do you really think negros where the reason Hitler lost? Dumb shit skin go back to Africa.
File: ezgif-1-acc01b626ab0.gif (3.5 MB, 320x179)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB GIF
File: ezgif-1-05833c16af60.gif (3.8 MB, 494x250)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB GIF
Bow down lil white boi

99% of Europeans have never water skied

99% of Europeans have never tubed

99% of Europeans have never ridden a 4wheeler

99% of Europeans havent been camping

99% of Europeans have never fired a gun

Ameribros, we are NOT the same as them. Australians, yes, Euros.... no.

They are not our friends, they are home-ridden boring globalists with a fetish for being babied by their retarded governments
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>Europe sends their people
No, you “sent” them to Australia. People who came to US just left on their free will.
i love sitting in my room on vacation. I always order room service and just chill.
you slave away so that the ahkmeds can get their free houses, cars, and 2k spending cash. I honestly dont know which is worse.
>They are subjugated cattle Americans are free,
Unfortunate no, just a free range cattle. An illusion of freedom

File: SFRTGHRTYH.png (824 KB, 1280x768)
824 KB
824 KB PNG
In Israel, or in America?

ITT: We post our main 3 political values.
>Social brotherhood
>Charity through surplus
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File: London_Tower_Trajan.jpg (1.33 MB, 1080x1920)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
File: 1563933178680.jpg (55 KB, 500x750)
55 KB
> race
> tradition
> freedom
Whore shaming
Faggot mocking
Wife beating
File: watson1.png (459 KB, 640x470)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
>Knowing what time it is
>Hoopin that shit

How long before the FBI starts rounding up all the pedophiles in the child porn they recovered from Epstein's mansion? Not one pedophile has been arrested. Is Barr stopping the FBI? Are they all in on it? What the fuck is going on?
File: 1531275169367.jpg (141 KB, 960x960)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
barr has been on lolita express, and to the island. He was also part of the lawfirm that got epstein his plea deal in 2008. Barr's father hired epstein as a teacher in the 1970s. The F.B.I. made a public statement that anyone who believes in the great replacement theory, and or pizzgate is a terrorist. Here's to you waking up one day.
File: consent-map-827x512.jpg (76 KB, 827x512)
76 KB
>We were told the Satanic pedophile rape ring was going to be rounded up
reminder that Jeff wasnt even arrested for that shit.
He was arrested for "fucking a 16 year old"
which is legal in most states.
hey, get a loaf of this this anon that thought it would happen

File: Y7_ezNBF.jpg (27 KB, 512x512)
27 KB

File: special-agent-pepe.jpg (136 KB, 796x934)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
We all know the good folks over at CIA, FBI, NSA is continuously monitoring 4chan specially the /pol/ board. They's basically government paid jannies without any actual power of jannies.

I think it's impossible for anyone not to be more educated on the jews after spending certain amounts of time here. I think the 3 letter agencies are slowly and subconsciously getting redpilled.
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Them digs confirm.
>Teams have been autobalanced

ITT we’ll discuss all of the events that were quietly swept under the rug before they got too big for the Jews to handle.
129 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: deckname..png (1 KB, 493x34)
1 KB
Specifically UK think that was memory holed - Willie McRae. He was a politician who had worked with another MP to look at how far pedo behaviour existed in the upper echelons of the British elite.
Now get this - he apparently "committed suicide" by shooting himself in the head in his car in a desolate area of West Scotland. The gun he shoot himself was found 12ft from his body.
So a politician with a dossier on all the pedos in British upper society just happened to drive to a remote area where no one passed, shot himslef in the back of the head, and then threw his gun awy from him after it. TO THIS FUCKING DAY, the British government inists it was a suicide, and anyone who brings it up is a conspiracy theorist. They tried to memory hole it, but SNP (when it was uncucked) brought a private investigation which "mysteriously" couldn't gather evidence because of police obstruction. The modern SNP now have dropped it. Never hear of it again.
That honestly seems like a lot of fucking work, it's not that difficult to "create" a terrorist, just give them the weapon and the ability. Shit you can even train your own terrorist in some third world shit hole.
I didn’t realize Roswell was nearby as well. They do like to do their OPs near their bases, tho. Have you noticed that?
What about Priti Patel(Currnet home secutary) having illegal meetings with the israles when just a simple MP?

It's yard time boys show me your paperwork
193 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.

the irony is that most of the trash in prison beat and rape women on the reg, or at least they did when they were free

i find it ironic that as soon as they get sent to prison for punching a cop or shooting some guy, they become these incarcerated white knights who look down on pedos and rapists

fucking retards
>says he'll beat the shit out of any racist
No he didnt
>Lol, looks like someone needs to brush up on their American History X.
You mean the hollywood movie made by jews to undermine white people?
>Mexican Cartel works VERY closely with the Aryan Brotherhood.
Nope. Socal mexicans and whites have an alliance out of necessity to deal with the blacks.
>Nazi loweriders is a Mexican gang.
jesus christ watch what he says at 4:20 and how he says it. I fucking spat shit all over my computer screen and keyboard and have to clean that shit
Stop shilling this fucking nigger felon onto this board. There's nothing /pol/ about him
No fuck you give me yo zoom zooms and wham whams

File: NASA Image of fires.jpg (143 KB, 962x641)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
and the media is silent
28 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.

>fires in increasing size and frequency every year

fuck off retard
Stop responding to meme flag niggers !
its ok, no one but retards are falling for this shit and america's not going to let anyone fuck with brazil. people want to cast bants and shade at brazillians, monkey soups, hues etc. but then they start building something other than untamed jungle habitat and go fucking mental! what a bunch of faggots.

notre dame was still smoldering while plans for a new glass pyramid mosque were being written up and these frogs have the audacity to accuse brazil of mismanaging controlled arson. i didn't hear shit in the western world when your museum of precious artifacts went toast, but it also seems i can't stop hearing talk about the amazon being on fire in the western world these days. clown world is becoming hell world, french need to stop drinking the water that makes them gay alex jones was right.
>>224279967 what do you mean by false green agenda? The amazon is getting burned and chopped down year by year. Do you think this is good? It‘s a total chaos, there‘s no law down there. Illegal farmers just take pieces of land illegally. There‘s enough land for agriculture in Brazil already!!

File: DDe9jmjXYAAaPQ2.jpg (42 KB, 646x595)
42 KB
What's the redpill on ghosts?
69 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Some do, but some Christians are also fucking degenerate. Fucking pedo priests everywhere.
They're imaginary. But imaginary stuff can still kill you.
Funny that's exactly what the Pharisees said when they met Jesus.
You are hallucinating, either from drugs or a medical condition that you should have treated instead of falling for your own delusions.

File: classic nigger move.png (91 KB, 324x170)
91 KB
Drejka was arguing with Mcglocktons wife when he was shoved to the ground. He lifts himself up and draws his weapon as he is turning to face Mcglockton to see pic related.
Anyone on /pol/ who has seen enough nigger webms knows this nigger move means he is about to stomp him. Drejka was justified in using force.
Drejka was found guilty of manslaughter by a jury despite video evidence showing the shot was in self-defense.
So now, niggers have the right to throw whites to the ground and whites cant defend themselves.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Video of the Shooting.
Hmmm this one is actually a bit tough, hard to say if the nigger would have actually backed off if the shot wasnt fired. He definetly was going for the stomp before the gun was pulled.
That is the shot at about 1:51? He looks like the nig is turning away when the shot is fired.
I am a big supporter of 2A and big supporter of president Trump but what this man did was wrong. He got shoved over and then because he was embarrassed shooted him? Why? Because he wasn't able to fight like a real man? Guess it's true that only pussies do guns. I have a gun but would never shoot someone just for being embarrassed. Makes all of us look bad. I can't support Trump when this is going on. Feel like a idiot.
>meme flag
Thanks subversive kike so you believe that niggers have the right to push over geriatric seniors.
its easy to say that from the comfort of your chair. If you were on the ground with that guy looming over you have just leveled you to the ground, im sure it would be different.
Drejka was in an argument with Mcglocktons wife, but the escalation happened when Mcglockton decided to shove Drejka to the ground.
This all could have been avoided by Mcglockton not escalating to violence.

File: MA4.jpg (652 KB, 1200x1855)
652 KB
652 KB JPG
/etm/ is a general on /pol/ to discuss everything space related (with a concentration on Mars).
220 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.

Cute picture. How's Antares this time of year?>>224249659
Spin gravity is the only real option in orbit. Any exoskeleton like that still isn't loading bones or pulling blood from the head.
>spin, spin, sugar
File: Img-1566612854958.jpg (516 KB, 1264x600)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
the alt-right sure is dead at this point huh
File: Img-1566515336133.jpg (339 KB, 1259x633)
339 KB
339 KB JPG

What the fuck is your problem croatia? Just let them have a coast
They do, about 3 miles worth.
File: cr.jpg (22 KB, 295x214)
22 KB
No, why would we let the turk rapebabies have the coast

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