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File: hqdefault (10).jpg (32 KB, 480x360)
32 KB
The holocaust is a lie. Wake up

>There is no proof 6 million Jews died in the holocaust
>There is no photographic evidence of gas chambers
>Gas rooms were just shower rooms
>The jews were trying to ruin Germany and starting violence against the German people
>They didnt burn them in ovens, if you didn't know there is a thing called cremation
>The photos of dead bodies were CHRISTIANS AND JEWS that died of syphilis and other diseases
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and more evacuations
>pro nazi films

Nazi is a made up term by jewish communists!
Its national socialists

lol your telling me those skinheads would breathe in human flesh that's burning?

That's ridiculous. They obviously had respirators.

> It's over, man
Until the 6 gorillion meme gets removed from the history books and the holohoax extorsion racket exposed, it's not over anon.
And some more...

File: IMG_1313.png (143 KB, 1092x316)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
> mass immigration has destroyed entire civilizations and white entire ethnicities off the face of the earth multiple times throughout history. Predominately white countries are the only countries to acceppt mass immigration.

> native white birth rates are below 2.1 in all predominately white countries other than Iceland and Albania. While immigrant birth rates are higher sometimes even four times higher.

> worldwide the Caucasian race has the lowest amount of people under 14!

Honestly do you believe this can be won? There's really only two options to achieve victory mass deportation ( literally cannot see that happening ever ) or segregating ourselves somewhere like Iceland for example.

My only hope is that a country like Sweden will become primarily Islamic in the coming decades, and go to absolute shit with rape, crime and barbaric practises happening every day and that will open enough people's eyes. That's my only hope!
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You gotta get some redpilled friends m8. More guys are redpilled than you think
File: H6EfCOb.jpg (112 KB, 1042x900)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Islam is cancer on the planet.

du böse, untermensch?
>Does /pol/ honesty believe this battle can be won?
Who are the Nazi's for $600 Alex...
well at least we're beating the Natives, Abbos and Polys, take one W at a time I guess.

File: arttotal.jpg (112 KB, 960x480)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Is there any design aesthetic more red pill than art deco??

It is literally the perfect blend of traditional flair with modern sleek.

Can we get trump to put an EO that requires everything be done with an art deco AESTHETIC???

also art deco thread
Catch me up. What is Art Deco exactly?

Everything good
Bioshock cosplay

File: hqdefault.jpg (21 KB, 480x360)
21 KB


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I'm not saying he has two years to fix everything or he's a failure. I'm saying he's starting on a long road and these first few steps on that path are the trickiest ones.

If this turns to be true, and the Russia conspiracy falls flat on it's back, this will continue the most humiliating sequence of events I've ever seen for a political party.

I think he's an idiot and there will be real controversies to pounce on, but the Democratic party seems to be filled with masochists that want to look as stupid as possible.
File: 1461003306170.gif (971 KB, 500x490)
971 KB
971 KB GIF

Transcript at the bottom. He says they were unmasked several times in his first conference.

Shit. I guess I have to obey the quads.
Holy shit. Obama going to jail will make the left and right go to civil war and kill each other. Nice.
I want to snu snu

File: 12-01-24-Nervous-Guy.jpg (41 KB, 351x450)
41 KB
What the fuck went on in those camps?
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From what I've gathered... typhus.
yes, but it wasn't nearly as bad as what american settlers did to native americans
File: 1480833590049.jpg (514 KB, 829x2100)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
File: 1480097444087.png (504 KB, 1334x2465)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
Didn't happen.
Kill the ones scalping women and children and relocating the peaceful ones west where they would be given citizenship, full autonomy of their land, free college tuition and welfare for every generation of their children?

File: CRP_020.webm (2.8 MB, 1106x1080)
2.8 MB
>STUDY: Drivers less likely to brake for African American pedestrians

>A new study appears to offer additional evidence that drivers are less likely to brake for African-American pedestrians trying to cross the street, a phenomenon known as “walking while black.”

>Researchers at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas also found that the disparity is greater depending on whether the pedestrian is in a high- or low-income neighborhood: the average number of vehicles to pass by a black pedestrian who was already in the crosswalk was at least seven times higher compared with a white pedestrian in the wealthier neighborhood, the study’s lead researcher said.



Has America gone too far this time?

What do you think about this?
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aw, he has his hairline.
whats FDT?
fuck no.
I don't really buy this. Braking for pedestrians is primarily to prevent damage to the vehicle and potential incarceration. The race of the pedestrian is irrelevant.
Holy shit he fucking lived?

File: 5oiev5fjphkx.jpg (53 KB, 657x768)
53 KB
Where my christbros at? What are you up to right now?
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Just pläy gämes or something choose the lesser evil
meme magic/kek is idolatry, ironic or not

no christian should participate

>I originally wanted to be a math teacher

Go back to that. I spent ten years as an electrician and am now in my last year of Uni becoming a mathematics teacher.
Mathematics, as you're probably well aware, has been described not incorrectly as the language God used to create the universe.
With regards to privilege stuff, all you have to do is revel in it. be proud of your privilege. It's a privilege that Northern European Christianity has built.

The blue-pilled atheist cucks sit in the universities that Christianity built, trying to get Christianity banned. So revel in the truth and become a teacher, dropping red pills and formal logical thinking structures to students on a daily basis to end this blue pilled atheist cuckery.
Hard to say, maybe Baptists? But if you're well-to-do financially go with Episcopalian-- it's like the rich white man's club, good for connections.

I'm in the process of becoming Greek Orthodox though, none of that Pope bullshit and we call out the Jews. I have a hearty Kek every time there's a meeting between Jews and Orthodox priests and the Jews constantly try to get the Orthodox Church to stop blaming them for Christ's crucifixion-- and they say "no".
its just memes of course i dont really believe in egytian chaos frog gods that communicate with numbers. But the memeing oart though did help get trump elected abd helped him stand out more bear the begening

File: Europe.png (368 KB, 1920x1080)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
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no ivan we know white when we see it. into the trash

doesn't matter if they were raped by turks

they're real ancestors and lands are white

But they're muslims

I mean, I know there are Catholics in Albania but they're a minority, same goes for the Catholics and Orthodox in Bosnia
You forgot to change sweden blue
What did Gobineau have to say about Argentina?

File: sad.jpg (14 KB, 320x180)
14 KB

Complete waste of resources.
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Jesus shit that makes me sad (t. social libertarian who voted trump). I think people who do this are thinking more about themselves than the child. Put the camera away and let her die with dignity.
yea but there's no way she's not miserable. Although it's noble of the parents to take care of her and stick with it, abortion might of been the more humane thing to do and let her consciousness reincarnate into a different body where she can live a normal life.
>but it's not swole enough.

So she needs to start SS and hit the gym.
The state isn't helping pay for op to sit in his parents' basement all day shitposting
The comments are nauseating. Generic facebook " shes so cute!" Virtue signaling. Do people even believe the shit they say? A lump of flesh only kept alive by being pluged in to the damn wall. A literal hell and these people say its beautiful? It is sad, disgusting, and pitiful...

File: 1462860097385.gif (2.31 MB, 500x281)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB GIF
Why does /tv/ attract many /pol/ posters?

File: daniel.jpg (61 KB, 800x1454)
61 KB
Is he /red/pilled?

File: violin.jpg (51 KB, 630x420)
51 KB
>smallest violin playing the saddest melody

File: IMG_8637.jpg (351 KB, 700x549)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
Are there any Native Americans who browse here?
145 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yea, I actually think the whole blood degree stuff is actually retarded in my own personal opinion, but that is true, I have the card in my wallet
good lord, why? bragging rights? gibbs perks?
The reason I ask is the guy keeps saying First Nations and then clarifies for American listeners. It gives the impression that Canadians use that term instead of Native Americans
whats larp is it in the air control in anartics?//>>118049934
my daughters are manifest destiny why why why?
aaaaaand this is why natives are in the shitter.

File: reddit.png (242 KB, 1842x901)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
> TeaLeaves fucking revealed
> Guy forged mail1.trump-email.com logs
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I don't truly understand
>fbi anons refusing to break the narrative because it would bring government down
>said narratives are going to bring everyone down anyway
The globalists are doublig down, they're not getting the message. What exactly is the comfy medium they're trying to achieve?
I doubt it. This is chicken feed. Obama ran the biggest accounting fraud ever. He basically cooked the books of Fannie and Freddie to show $200B in losses. Then released those "losses" into the General Fund that's not controlled by the Congress to pay for shit with no oversight. Obamacare was funded out of the General fund. Now, the kicker is that (a) Fannie and Freddie are not the government companies, they are private companies and (b) they control $6T book of mortgages. So the size and the scope of a fraud is huge. In law suits, Obama exerted presidential privilege covering his communication of his admin discussing the expropriation. That my friend is a criminal case against Obama for fraud. Nobody gave a shit. This? This is minor. There is paper trail, there is forensic accounting, the whole nine yards. Meanwhile, everyone discusses Russia's involvement, when the guy committed the biggest fraud ever and covered it up in court. Put it into memes. Good luck with that.

That scumfuck has had it out for Trump since day 1. This is both starting to make sense and starting to seem more and more fucked up as we get more info
File: reddit-alien.jpg (21 KB, 296x406)
21 KB
Just... don't get what you find so genuinely unappealing about Reddit? In all honesty it's a particularly effective website in terms of distilling information from various news sources; fostering dialogue and establishing consensuses from assorted professionals, scientists and authorities, political circles and cliques; or even great for a laugh or a wank heh. To be completely forthright I'd venture to wager that anyone so vehemently and adamantly, venemously anti-reddit must be some impotently enraged edgelord type looking to distinguish or characterize himself; else some misdirected self-hatred. I feel sorry for you because we're all human and we all deserve to be upvoted.


File: 1488742416407.jpg (275 KB, 615x766)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
Just checking.
oh, and also making themselves exempt from this.
>/pol/ is one person
>every trump supporter agrees with everything that all republicans do
Said neither, but do go on.
File: R62EXOS.png (900 KB, 1262x826)
900 KB
900 KB PNG
Show me an establishment Dem that is actually a Republican.

>fuck off.
nigga wat

File: 911503984.jpg (47 KB, 480x303)
47 KB
It is clear we have the political and economic wisdom to run a functional city state.

In this thread we design the ideal city state for us to reside in away from all degeneracy.

By the time this thread is done we must have consensus.

We will need:

>Political System:
>Economic System:
>National Anthem:
>Who is allowed:
>Who isn't allowed:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
135 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Bscap0070.jpg (164 KB, 1276x720)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
We will need this.
advanced automation and robotic are the only things that will save us from the need of a lower class hence of economic immigration once our current population has reached a life standard too high for small jobs

sauce : Japan
>>Political System: National Socialism
>>Economic System: Anything but communism and types
>>National Anthem: We can get some poetanon to write one
>>Who is allowed: People over IQ 100
>>Who isn't allowed: Jews
>>Religion: Doesn't matter, no extremism
>>Military: Obligatory training/service for all
>>Foreign Policy: Be nice, except Jews
>>Family Values: No gay shit
>>A Suitable Location: Probably an island or a large mothership in the ocean
Political System: Fascism
Economic system: Socialist
National Anthem: Shadilay
Who is allowed: Anybody with IQ over 101
Who isnt allowed: No niggers or sand apes, canadians,swedes
Religion: Based paganism
Military: Forced drafting for 2 years compulsory service
Foreign Policy: Wait until the muslims overrun everything else then release HIV infected goats into their population
Family values: Traditional with some freedom
Suitable location: Indochina, very fertile plain land, close proximity to high yield waterbodies, climate isnt too extreme, FUCKING RICE
File: 1487541166613.png (150 KB, 329x370)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
>>Ethnicity of citizens: Kekistani
>>Political System: Republic
>>Economic System: Market capitalism
>>National Anthem: Shadilay
>>Who is allowed: Those who fought in the meme war
>>Who isn't allowed: NORMIES
>>Religion: Kekism
>>Military: Memes/Shitposting
>>Foreign Policy: If over 50% of population are normies, trade embargo
>>Family Values: We're all in this together
>>A Suitable Location: Pacific island

File: 98149021031.jpg (125 KB, 622x830)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Why does ever white trash unfuckable fat broad have a massive boner for native americans?
113 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm a 20/m native. Most natives are good people. Most of the bad they do is because the education sucks BALLS, possibly some of the worst on earth, and they're just not good at thinking logically
Okay, now this is ignorant. The reason so many natives are fat is because the government gives them such poor food. Oh, you're a native with food stamps? Hope you enjoy your can of 80% fat.
No the question is why do you think the natives on the rez are the liberals ones- what do you believe liberal means?
File: renegadebros.jpg (66 KB, 900x350)
66 KB

ever seen renegade?

pic related, explains everything

>can you post tips to get qt native gf?

File: IMG_0119.jpg (537 KB, 1433x623)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
If the Fed is so bad, what's your idea to replace it with?

Central banks are necessary to maintain a national currency and not have your economy devolve into a barter system
23 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
You lost control of your own economy a long time ago, this threads doesn't even ponder the effect of the petro dollar.
>Use gold or silver
>On a planet with 7.5 billion people

We couldn't go back on the gold standard even the (((bankers))) wanted to, there's too many people now, kangaroo fucker.
Replace it with my dick
Decentralized banking like bitcoin or ethereum. Both sound like great choices to me.
File: SwissCandyBars.png (75 KB, 399x311)
75 KB
There is always enough at the right price.

File: pepe-nazi2.jpg (41 KB, 1024x514)
41 KB
What is the greatest /pol/ orchestrated event to ever happen?
89 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
R u saying it's not

/pol/ saved me from being an SJW cuck. /pol/ saved me from ((them)))
You are such a dirty fucking cocksucker, I really hope you get raped by a pack of feral abbos and sudan niggers.
Fuck off

File: 1487568722557.jpg (426 KB, 1600x1200)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
What are some arguments against universal basic income?
173 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
>they will continue to thrive regardless of your autistic social media sperging
Why do they give in to SJW bullshit all the time then?
>universal basic income happens
>people stop working at service jobs en masse
>mass starvation as fatties can't go to fast food restaurants because small town operations can't afford kiosks and automations: corporate won't approve the cost per the bottom line

This is the only good thing I can think of about UBI.
You'd have to leave the house and work. It would never work with minorities.
Thanks for once again proving that you are a spoiled, entitled brat and you have zero relevant experience or knowledge on the topic. All you know is that you want free stuff and don't like corporations because they don't give it to you. What a deep thinker you are. Seriously, grow up and start studying.
Who would have guessed that when you give government power, people try to use it for their own benefit?

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