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Downloaded a cg zip file off of discord today that was flagged as a trojan virus. The funny thing was that it was actually my own maya projects folder that I had uploaded and shared with the support like 2 months ago. This is a major discord. Don't know if something is going on with windows defender definitions or what. It stopped me from opening the file and deleted the file and i scanned my system a bunch of times and I'm clean. Moral of the story : do not take anything for granted that you download, even if its your own file from discord. Who knows what type of stuff has been injected into it. Do not even think of pirating stuff.
There’s a hack that allows the 3D file Maya or Blender (.mb .blend) to become a script for virus. It will use MEL and Python to execute the commands. No real fix and neither developer cares.
so you're saying someone replaced my legit file with a hacked one?
this was on a major official discord server, meaning for used all over hollywood, for a commercial product
its weird, its not just this file being marked as a virus, its all 7z files downloaded from online since i saved it as 7z. It doesnt happen with regular zip.
Right and hackers dont give a fuck about micro servers with a dozen users talling about inuyasha fanfiction. The bigger and more legit the server the more likely it is to be targeted.
Imo your anti virus is dinging any file it detects containing embedded python scripts.

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