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Ladies and Gentlemen of /3/,

The next 4 upcoming years, i will spend every single day in the production for the pilot-episode of a new Berserk adaptation.
>Narrative - 100 % faithful to the Manga
>Art Style - inspired by Netflix Arcane (pic related)

Without any doubt: this project is a Behemoth, but i am dead serious about the production.

Truth to be told, i am lacking experience, which is why i created this thread in the first place.
I would like to know your opinion on certain topics - Roughly spoken about project-management, planing and execution.

I am not asking for direct involvement in the project - at least not until i proved myself with regular updates and progress that i am the real deal.
Before you even begin you should provide proof that you're not Cris.
File: image (7).png (1.03 MB, 1200x630)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
>Prove you're not the defcope1 shizo gamedev with weaponized autism

I genuinely don't know how to even start this conversation...
File: file.png (488 KB, 590x697)
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488 KB PNG
god I am begging you. please do not fuck up the lighting by making everything lit
Why not start an open source project? Make nice characters, exterior, interior, monster, weapons etc. models and animation tools/pre-sets For the public or atleast to a specific dedicated fans to use so others can help build scenes faster. You don't need to do it on your own.
File: sketch-1712969033150.png (3.18 MB, 1080x2400)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
OP here. I absolutely agree with you. It's work in progress, but at first i need to get some priorities straight.

This his how proceeded up until now:

First, i needed to decide where's the starting point of the adaptation.
Under the consideration of past adaptations, i choose to make an adaptation of the Conviction Arc-Lost children Arc, starting at Chapter 90 of the manga.
This is a good and intriguing starting point for the story, because it shows Guts in the direct aftermath of the eclipse.

To realise this vision, i use each chapter of the manga as a reference for the creation of the story-/ moodboard.
To get to this point, i created a list of all the necessary 3d models/sculptures for each chapter, divided in:

>Characters + Clothing
>Landscape - environmentals (vegetation, geology)

All the necessary 3D assets will be created in ZBrush and Maya.

This is where i am currently:
What follows next is the creation and attachment of reference sketches for the 3D models/sculps to the list.

After that, cooking really starts.
>ZBrush - creation of the base sculpt
>Maya - retopology
>ZBrush - sculpting details
>Maya - UV's mapping
>Maya - hair modelling

Before i reveal the next steps i'll take for the project, i would like to know if anyone would take a different approach?
Considering that i aim for the visual Art style of Arcane for this adaptation:
What should i bare in mind during the modeling process, to achieve this art direction as flawlessly as possible in the final render?
Furthermore, how would you proceed?
File: sketch-1712981817300.png (2.71 MB, 1080x2400)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB PNG
Not gonna sugar-coat it. Before i burn out i will generate some reference sheets with AI.
Not gonna sugar-coat it. You will abandon this project soon.
File: IMG_20240413_082417.png (721 KB, 1440x1080)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
>Not gonna sugar-coat it. You will abandon this project soon

I ain't even mad. It's up to me to prove that this project won't die in its Baby shoes.
I gave myself 4 years for the pilot episode. If i don't reach certain milestones in the project, i can't expect others to recognize the potential behind my vision.

So, if i suck and can't present solid progress in the next 1-2 years, i can't expect anyone else to hop on board.
Which means, i was never meant to realise this project in the first place.
However, i made an agreement with myself. Every day, i have to make progress, doesn't matter how small - even if it means that i only created one measley polygon for the day.

The least thing i can do is asking you, how you would proceed.
OP here.
I actually made quite the progress with the reference sheets. So far, i got the necessary references of all important 3D models in Chapter 90 & 91.

Which means, i can proceed with the next step and put this project on trial. Wish me luck.
Do you even have experience modeling, sculpting and animating characters?
yes, but i never tried a project of such magnitude.
I already know that this is going to be a nightmare.

However, i want to follow through with it. I want to see with my own eyes, if a Berserk adaptation is possible in this art direction. It literally makes me restless.

Especially i wish to create this scene with a stylized textured model in harmony with a fitting 2D painted landscape.
gonna be honest here, it simply cannot be done, you're already using shortcuts by using AI cause you need reference sheets.

Studio Eclypse has been at it for years and they can barely put a teaser out, you'll be wasting your time, specially once you get to the animation part of things, it's just not doable.

Here's a trailer Studio Eclypse put out recently:

then why not start here as a trial? that way you see the entire process end-to-end and refine your style faster, rather than designing all your references and models as you are now and having to redo a lot when you find out they're not what you had in mind
I may not have the proper know-how to get the job smoothly done, but i'll be damned if i don't give it shot and try my best.
Fortiche showed us with Arcane the newest heights of animation.

Now, just imagine an interpretation of Miuras Panels with the capabilities of Arcanes animation style.

Imagine the following scene with Fortiches art direction:
Dusk in a peaceful forest, that looks like a hand-painted canvas. We get a glimpse of nature in its beauty. Pure Harmony between the forest and its animal inhabitants...
And then,
the fever dream starts.
A man runs through the forest, disturbing all peace and harmony. With an unstoppable force, the man runs barefoot through the forest in complete disregard of casualties. His upper body is completely wrapped up in bandages. He is missing his left arm. In his right hand - bandages which used to seal the wound of the missing right eye.. He runs like a maniac while his eye socket bleeds. He trips and falls down the terrain, losing the bandages of his upper body revealing all his scars.
A traumatized Guts runs through the forest, reliving in his mind the nightmare of the eclipses aftermath. While he runs like he's hunted by demons, flashbacks haunt him of all his dearest comrades who were slaughtered during the eclipse. With each flashback his soul gets shattered. You can read in his face that he's on the brink of losing his mind. Unspeakable madness is torturing him. He's trapped in a loop, living through the horrors of the eclipse over and over again, while the pace of his thoughts escalate with each step.
Running, reliving trauma, losing his mind, running, reliving trauma, losing his mind, running, reliving trauma, losing his mind...
Until he finally snaps due overstimulation.
The next moment Guts slowly regains his consciousness is during nighttime. He's exhausted, catching breath and lying down in a field.
Cool dream but Fortiche isn't one guy
File: OIG4 (6).jpg (272 KB, 1024x1024)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
>gonna be honest here, it simply cannot be done, you're already using shortcuts by using AI cause you need reference sheets.

I don't understand your argumentation. Look at this reference sheet. Explain to me why this isn't good enough as a reference sheet, for sculpting the body? Only because it's AI?

>Studio Eclypse has been at it for years and they can barely put a teaser out, you'll be wasting your time, specially once you get to the animation part of things, it's just not doable.

So... Why exactly shouldn't it be possible to create an adaptation, that uses stylized textured 3D models with 2D backgrounds? If it worked with Arcane, why wouldn't it work with Berserk?
File: Charakterdesign.jpg (141 KB, 736x1045)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>then why not start here as a trial?
Honestly. Because i am fucking retarded and didn't see the forest for the trees.
I literally didn't know it any better and now that you mention it, it makes way more sense.

It sounds silly, but that's actually the kind of feedback i was looking for and why i created the thread in the first place.
You know what, this what /3/ should be like. Threads based on projects. The cool ones will be kept alive, the others will die if they are not.
The board is so slow that it would be a good thing I think.
True. They were a gaming studio with 5 employees and had to restructure into a animation studio with 200-300 employees.
On business perspective, they were on a spot of uncertainty. They took a huge risk with the project and it took them 10 months to create the first episode of Arcane. Why? Because they needed to figure out an art-direction, that didn't explode their budget, but still held up to their standard. As basically a new business in a risky spot, they needed to figure out and adapt to a completely new workflow, while also pass final judgment about the narrative they want to tell - for a "do or die" project, that ended being a masterpiece (despite being related to LoL)

Do you get my point?
Fortiche wasn't in the best spot. They had to figure a lot of things out, without compromising too much on their vision.

Lucky for me, i am not in such a position. I know exactly which story i like to tell. I have no financial obligation to investors and thanks to Fortiche - i know exactly which art-direction i want to head with. I do this out of passion, because Kentaro Miuras Berserk finally deserves a proper adaptation.
I've seen a lot of people like you, they equate the desire to do something with the ability to actually execute an idea.

In other words you may have the vision but you lack the skill to realize it.
Kek, he is the type of person you don't want to be near with at work. I can also add this is the kind of person you most definitely would not want to hire in any company whatsoever.
OP here. Kek. You're stating the obvious which was never meant to be a secret. Why do you think does this thread exist in the first place?
I'm well aware of my skill issue. I just wasted 30 min on ZBrush, because i forgot to deactivate "enable customize" and went haywire against the UI. I literally send dynamesh into oblivion and lost all control.
Then i reseted the UI, realised that i made everything worse, accepted defeat, changed to Maya and restarted sculpting.

However. I am dead serious about the project. Look. Even the circumstances of my life have been adjusted, so i can create this project.
In September i am going study "3D Animation and Game Arts". Right now i am preparing for university.
The Berserk Adaptation is 100 % going to be the real deal because It's literally my bachelor thesis.
File: sketch-1713081808278.png (1.52 MB, 2400x1080)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
Another day of making progress.

Little update:
Yesterday, i failed spectacularly with and against ZBrush.
Just a little question: is it just me or does ZBrushs symmetry deliberately bully the user?
For now, i will focus on working with Maya, until i feel stable enough to endure domestic ZBrush harassment.

I restarted sculpting and made solid progress with Guts body.
However - today i stumbled over a free model and with little adjustments it actually gets the job pretty well done.
So i gave it a try... Aaaand then i got shortcut greedy and payed an unnecessary price for an even more unnecessary detour.

"MaYbE i cAn FiNd a gOoD FaCe moDeL anD sAfe TimE".

Well, i did find face models of Guts and of course i bought them. And of course all three face models had topologies in the shape of hatecrimes.

Lesson learned. No more stupid shortcuts out of greed.

At last i started working with the nearly ready muscle model. First step was to remove the left arm. I thought this was going to be easy, but it turned pretty soon into a declaration of war against topology.

But i prevailed. It's done. A Clean cut with proper topology.

Later i am going start sculpting Guts face. With luck, i may start today giving Guts stylized texturing.
Soulless slop in style of soulless slop, i'm so excited
>The next 4 upcoming years
Make something of your own nigger then I'll care
Niggatongue my anus

Serious question anon: i bought 3 head models and all 3 of them have gold standard high poly rape-victim topology. Is there a way to unfuck them?

This. Berserk is amazing but the scope of this project is in the stratosphere.

Funded companies couldn't finish adaptations of Berserk and the heart of the author himself split open before he could finish drawing it. How the hell do you hope to finish this project, alone and with no budget?
Teams that successfully get somewhere with things of this nature also get rewarded by being slammed with C&D orders.
Like why start doing serious work on something you have zero rights to? You got talent to see something like this work on your own IP ffs.
Berserk is just dark fantasy styled manga with art design inspired from real medieval arms and armour, one can do inspired work that is free from all the headache.

to Op: Instead of 'Gats the Black swordsman' who fights demons with a surfboard sized sword you make like 'Goor the Brooding slayer' who fights demons with a surfboard sized sword and you're in the clear. Use your brain Op.

But also learn to art before you declare you're gonna embark on something of this scale, there is a reason you can count the people who successfully 'OneManArmy'ed'
any substantial projects can be counted on five fingers. This shit is so hard and requires heroic mental fortitude even if you do know what to do and how to do it.

If you have good taste I'd advice to not even talk about this tier of insanity project before you've done real work and have something substantial to show off.
Don't be 'idea guy' or try to win points by declaring you're gonna do something nearly impossible. Go fucking do it; then you can talk about it.
>I do this out of passion, because Kentaro Miuras Berserk finally deserves a proper adaptation
Why? Miura clearly didn't give a shit about animation, he just sold rights for anime to random studio and got the bag. It doesn't need an adaptation
Didn't he burn out trying to draw Berserk and instead played some BS waifu game all day long?
File: shadingincoming.png (1.62 MB, 2216x4136)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG

Well, i do it out of passion. I dont have to satisfy any investors. Creating the pilot in the next 4 years is part of my Bachelor degree.

My whole life just took the turn, for the best circumstances to do this. I would be an idiot if i didnt give a shot.

Maybe i find people who like to join out of passion, but that depends absolutely on my effort. I don't expect anyone to believe in this. As long as i don't provide legit evidence, that this project is worth the effort, i have no problem in being as "all flesh, no substance".

Also, progress is progress. Since the model didn't turn out to be a failure, i will next start experimenting in creating the stylized texture, that resembles Arcane.

I would be really thankfull if any of you has insight on how to achive this render with little to no flaws.
It’s best to do it with a render engine instead of blender. You already know this but Blender lacks any good rendering tools and people will just recommend the dumbest things to you. Just ignore them and find a good render engine.
File: do or die.png (1.8 MB, 3464x1440)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
The first trial for this project has come. Lets see how this art direction prevails in the model
OP here. Of course ZBrush fucks me over. I can't polypaint atm. Have to trouble shoot first. Does anyone know which reason could be behind that except RGB, textures and masks? I tried using the standard brush
Op this is awesome
If I may ask what was your method of creating his hair?
File: gutswithautism.png (410 KB, 2448x1440)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
Well, that was quite the case study.
The result speaks for itself and there are a lot of things to reconsider, when trying to recreate Arcanes Artstyle.

First of all, it never occured me to upscale the model. the smallest brushsize became to thick for drawing details. Nothing what practice cant improve.

Second, i need to smoothen the eyebrows on the face. instead i will create flat eyebrows with polygons and give them with a stylized texture the proper 2D touch.

Third, i should consider using another software like substance painter. Someone posted a workflow with the desired results. But i definetly need to keep on dealing with ZBrush, even if the program throws curveballs at my balls.

Fourth, Guts facial model needs rework. Not only does he look like the autistic brother of Kazuya Mishima in Tekken 1 - his current facial features arent up to the task of delivering Rage and Madness. I need to create a 3D model with features that live up to the 2D Model. Especially for the conviction Arc.

For that, i will study the facial features of Asura from Asuras Wrath and which tricks helped to improve the delivery of rage-moments.

All in all, not too bad. Maybe i get the porper implimantation of the artstyle next time done.
The method was: friendship with people who improve their income by creating 3D anime hair packs.

>People who realised that start i hear Dark Soul Boss Music when faced with Vertices with more than 4 Edges but were still kind enough to support me anyway
>Why? Miura clearly didn't give a shit about animation.
Nigga wtf are you talking about?
Miura literally got inspired by the songs of Susumu Hirasawa, who wrote all the compositions for the Berserk 1997 Anime adaptation.

But to clear things up - for me, it's about honouring Art, Artist and the community. Just imagine the disturbing rabbitholes Miura had to crawl through - which created Berserk and impacted its development.
Those cursed 2016, 2017 adaptations being the last official released anime adaptations feels like spitting on his grave.
>for me, it's about honouring Art, Artist and the community.
Learn 2d and draw a cool manga with your own shit and ideas taking inspiration from berserk instead of fucking miuras corpse, this will be far more respectful than anything you are doing right now
>this will be far more respectful than anything you are doing right now

Can't really agree with your sentiment. I don't see how it's less respectful, making an honest attempt of trying to retell a chapter of Miuras story, which was never animated before in the first place - inspired by the art-direction of an other critically acclaimed animated art piece.

You can believe me when i say that my adaptation will never see the light of day, if there is only the slightest chance that it turns into a cheap, uncanny and lazy fanfiction, that couldn't even stay loyal to the source material - which is literally the most beautiful and overqualified drawn Storyboard for the production.

Trust me. I light myself up before i become responsible for another Berserk 2016/17.
Let's toy with the idea we live in an alternate universe where things that do not happen occurs and you actually get somewhere with this.

What is your current plan of dealing with the C&D?
Case you don't understand the question, just because Miura is dead doesn't mean this intellectual property is in public domain.
It's now owned by Miura's heirs and/or the publishing company behind 'Berserk'.

You get somewhere with this their lawyers will send you a 'cease and desist' order to set the precedence of defending these valuable commercial rights they own.

This is like the final boss for anyone who have ever made substantial fan projects previously, many video game-remakes etc
Some that have come very far in development has been killed at this stage so what it your plan for handling the insta-kill mechanics of this unbeatable boss?
In the first place it will always count as a project, created in an educational environment of 3D animation. The different approach of art direction and a title like "In honour of Kentaro Miura - a Berserk Story" will cut me loose of any responsibilities.

Basically like the guy who created "Legend - a Dragon Ball Tale"


I don't intend to make any money. I can't say it often enough. I am passionate and restless, because i want to see if Berserk can be adapted with my approach.

My aim is to succeed university with a project i can fully stand behind. Of course, that doesn't mean that i wouldn't be open for official negotiations if there is demand to continue what i started.
hey man, if you would like a 3D modeler to help you out, look me up me on artstation “CC.G”. I’m currently really out of inspiration and I could use a fun project like this. Don’t listen to the haters, they are just people who forgot how to dream. Do the thing that inspires you.
>will cut me loose of any responsibilities.
he doesn't know
I don't think this qualify as hate, it's fair warnings anyone like Op should hear.

If you're gonna do something like this you will have to ignore the nay-sayers, having everyone cheering you on as you dig your own grave is much less helpful.
The people who go and do something everybody says is doomed and succeed are the rare exception that beat the odds, crash & burn is the common outcome.

Letting Op waste years of his life without even a warning would be cruel.
>Letting Op waste years of his life
I'm sure op will understand everything himself if he ever manages to recreate even a single shot without any animations
Hey guys, OP here. Today was completely in the name of the struggler. But, It wouldn't be a proper Berserk adaption if i didnt have to face certain hardships, when the protagponist literally prevails against Hell.
I am slowly accepting to the sheer autism of Zbrush. The UI still looks like it was designed during a fever-dream but it doesn't feel that way anymore. Quite the opposite - i even started adjusting to the toxic relationship with ZBrush. It took me an unholy amount of time, but i even learned projecting in ZBrush. That became a gamechanger for me.

Why? Because today i learned that my PC isn't up to the task of high poly modeling. Guts doesn't look like a roided retard anymore. However, i couldn't connect his head with the neck properly, because each battle against high poly - bad topology into a battle of patience and performance issues turned.
My left eye feels like it got shot with a nail gun.

Good news - a very talented friend of mine would like to figure out the artstyle for the 2D backgroundpainting which generates the harmony with the artdirection of the 3D Models. Further more, she would like to paint Miuras scenery panel as a canvas for the "do or die" shot.

I hope you had a wonderfull day.

Thanks for the warning. I am well aware of what i am doing and i don't blame anyone of thinking that i am naive and irresponsible. Failure isn't the problem. However, not even trying to face the challenge, that is most obviously an oppotunity of a lifetime, is unforgivable.

Friend, thanks for the offer. I really do appreciate your words.
The moment i have certainty that all set pieces play so well together, that my inner hype is satisfied - i will literally blast you with reference sheets. But atm i wouldn't feel to good about it, if i end up wasting your time.

What exactly do you think will happen? You must be at least as unhinged as Nintendo, to risk a fucking streissand effect, for a stupid lawsuit.
>having everyone cheering you on as you dig your own grave is much less helpful.

Anon, this is an animation project, I think
you are exaggerating a hit. If he's having fun that's the best outcome, he even may learn a thing or 2 about 3d pipeline on the process.
We all started that way.
I wanted to make an MMORPG when I installed blender.
I laugh at the things I produced at the time, but they teach me a lot.
Thanks to that I work on the industry now.
>I work on the industry
Good morning sir!
There are people on this board who are not now nor will ever even attempt a project of any sort, and as soon as they see someone trying it offends them. It becomes their priority to tear that other person down because if someone else, especially someine they think is inferior, can even get as far as step 1 in anything then they are shamed by it.
File: Gutssubstance3d.png (1.47 MB, 3434x1304)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Another day of "progress" being the name of the game.

Guts rework is finally done, which means i can continue in my pursuit of stylized texturing. Instead of ZBrush, i am going to use Substance 3D painter.

I welcome any idea forthe proper usage of textures, brushes and lighting.

I am going to study 3D animation in September and i want this project to become my bachelor thesis. All the progress in the next upcoming 5 months will give me the to focus on the REAL upcoming hardships. I want to make the most out of the universities supervision asap for the real issues.

I am having the blast of my life, because it's the first time in my life that career and hobby go hand in hand. Not a single second spent with this project is wasted.
To be fair, if the opinion of some anonymous dumbfucks on an imageboard already breaks your moral, then the project was destined to fail.
Incorrect. I am the one who has been warning Op most vocally.

I'm a recluse solo developer who have walked many years down the line of what Op is doing several times.
I have ~four abandoned major projects with several years worth of effort each, scrapped as they did not meet my evolving standards.

I'm currently on year 7 of the one that looks like it will actually go somewhere to become a finished release as now have all my pieces
in order and it's now or never.

I started this crazy journey already knowing my way around these tools and having done art and programming since I was a young child.
Op is embarking on something even crazier in scope than what I fist attempted and with less foundational skills.
What Op is doing does not offend me, it concerns me as I know a great deal about what it is if you keep extending yourself along that axis.

What >>980745 says is also extremely true, you attempt something as retarded as trying to solo-dev something substantial
no amount of people telling you to quit can ever phase you. Those crabs in the bucket aren't trying to hold you down, they're trying to save you from yourself.
If they're strong enough to hold you back you're nowhere strong enough to survive the climb anyways so you should probably thank them.

Things like this is the mental equivalent of ultra-distance running. To make it you have to keep going even as you're breaking down.
The stubbornness and willpower you need to develop to persevere thru episodes of self-doubt, lack of inspiration, motivation and keep breaking down
the inevitable walls you face along the way needs to grow unwavering beyond what is reasonable. Discouraging words by strangers on the internet won't stop you.

This is me having been 75% up the mountain Op is now trying to climb and here I meet him on the way down on my 5th attempt wearing my torn climbing harness and survival gear and here's this dude wearing T-shirt and sneakers pointing at the top declaring he's about to go there.
So I offer him some kind words of discouragement as there are less doomed ways to go about ones day.
>What >>980745 (You) says is also extremely true
OP here. those were my words.
My guy, i totally understand your concern and appreciate the warning. But if we're really not that different, you also get why i won't back down.
If i fail, i fail. But sometimes, it's worse not even trying.
File: Norma.jpg (270 KB, 931x1200)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Based take. These types of projects discourage an artist because they result inevitably in failure.

It's like trying to bench press 535lbs on your first set and crushing your ribs. Most people build up to big things by successes at smaller efforts.

This nigga is not animating fucking Berserk and personally I don't want him to succeed because Arcane's tranny artstyle is gay as fuck for peak masculine heroes like Guts who came from that Conan/Fist of the North Star era of hypermacho dudes.
Though a full adaptation is insane, I hope you get through at least the pilot. You have a YouTube channel or something people can follow the progress?
Even if the project is a failure and gets abandoned, that doesn't mean op's time was wasted. Working on projects people are passionate about is how artists improve.
Guy, OP here. I think i am heading somewhere - pic related.

Thanks. I actually wanted to start recording the progress, when i officially have the sample shot with the 2D canvas background.
People got it the wrong way. I want to tell the story of Berserks conviction arc/lost children arc. Those are 27 Manga chapters. The story is probably told in 4 20 min episodes or less.

Exactly. Nobody will take this away from me.
File: IMG_20240417_040401_214.jpg (64 KB, 720x1280)
64 KB
Hey guys, OP here.

It's far from perfect, but i am certain that this the right direction. Proper lighting, 2D effects+details AND the fitting 2D backgrounds are the missing set pieces..

But all in all, not to bad. Working with substance painter was a shitshow in the beginning.
"Mesh Baking? Nah bro, Mesh raping"

But at least, i have certainty reaching ways to recreate the art-direction.

Nigga... The best thing /3/ could happen, is me succeeding. I swore to make the most accurate Manga adaption.

Which means, i have no other choice but to navigate head on into a gigantic shitsstorm, because i MUST animate the fairy snuff-orgy of the lost children arc.
File: 1713071338352999.gif (1.77 MB, 480x634)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB GIF
Talk is cheap and that's why you've so many words. Your project needs modeling, animating, lighting, script writing, video editing, sound design... There's so many moving parts. Even though you've a storyboard (the manga) you still need to translate it into film.

You do you but stop promising yourself the world. It's what dreamers do. Makers shut up, dig down and make. You show every sign of being the former. Even the language of "I must" shows how little control you feel over your own project.

I can't tell you how many men in creative fields have told me "I'ma write the next American novel", "I'ma direct the next great film" and these niggas don't own a camera or haven't written their first page. Results matter.

I have zero faith in you and neither does your audience. Every creative starts in distrust; audiences aren't convinced until you make good content, win them over, and shut them up. One half-sculpted model of Guts ain't shit nigga. Cook!
File: IMG_20240412_221846_873.jpg (83 KB, 708x1280)
83 KB
OP here. You're mostly correct.
> Even the language of "I must" shows how little control you feel over your own project.
My guy... The whole thread only exists on the premise, that i lack knowledge and would like to know how any of you would handle this project. Does this sound like having control?
This thread was never about flexing. I made it because i need some guidance through this journey, because i am well aware of my skill issue.

I spent the last 7 days 15-20 hours/day on this project and i don't intend to change the pace.
Right now the progress is slow, because i am facing a huge learning process.
It seems like my mesh has developed hidden issues, which makes working across 3 different programmes frustrating.

But progress is progress. It will take a while until i got the artstyle right.

Give me your faith, when i earned it and not a second too early.
i like this guy and his perseverance , i am gonna bookmark this thread and see how well you grow
>Thread started last Wednesday.
File: IMG_20240418_172757.jpg (111 KB, 1142x731)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
OP here, thanks.

Currently i am trying to fix the mesh. I somehow fucked up during sculpting and each export brings new issues for the next program i am trying to work with.

Up until now i couldn't work properly with substance painter, because the mesh wasn't well reviewed - especially when i tried using fill layers and generators.

To solve this issue i stumbled over a shenanigans with bifrost. I am basically converting the model into a bifrost topology and from there back to normal topology in Maya. I am waiting for the result. If this really works well, i officially learned to use another game-changing tool to retopologize.
>op spends time writing novels trying to convince anons instead of working on the project
Classic behavior.
>which makes working across 3 different programmes frustrating.
Blenderchads stay winning lol lmao
File: bifrost.png (531 KB, 2909x1143)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
Well, OP here. Since i have to wait, i can tell you what is the downside of using Bifrost:

This method demands lots of CPU and RAM. If i am not wrong, Bifrost creates a mesh with at least 10 times of the original.
Remeshing and retopo, will therefore demand some time.
I will save you some time OP and tell you exactly how this will go. Soon you will struggle to make any meaningful progress and end up redoing most of your assets. About a month from now you will say "I need to take a break and try learning the workflow, I will continue soon" You will never return to the project. If you ever learn 3d properly you will also never return to the project because by that point you will realise how retarded you were. Cool thread though
>Blenderchads stay winning lol lmao
When Blender really holds its course, gets a better render engine and becomes more stable for bigger projects, then yes. It's not unrealistic that they will become the new standard.
File: scenery.jpg (761 KB, 2578x1281)
761 KB
761 KB JPG
>Soon you will struggle to make any meaningful progress and end up redoing most of your assets.

The project lives and dies with the recreation of this scene in the desired artdirection.
>pic related

One way or another i will come to this point. However, if i don't like what i see, because i come the conclusion that the quality of my work wouldn't do Miuras story justice - i accept defeat.

Until then, i will fight my way through shitty topology.
Working across different programs is only a problem for OP because they messed up on their model.
OP here.
Today i may have started to fall in love with ZBrush. In all honesty - 7 days ago, me working with Zbrush resembled a monkey trying to solve a rubics cube.
But now, i really started to see the strengths of using ZBrush with proper usage of hotkeys.

I am still working on Guts model, but i identified some key-issues:
- since i didn't T-Pose properly, dynamesh fused my armpits and created somehow fragments in- and outside the model
- i used a hair-asset that probably fragmented during Zremesher and projection, which are - interestingly enough - visible in Maya, not in ZBrush
- i recognised high-density poles on the chest and (correct me if am wrong) could fuck with the texture, when i try to use fill-layers and filter in substance painter.
>Some other art style
>Dragonslayer sold on artstation
>This post pops up when it happened

so this is who bought my dragonslayer on artstation, thanks man that bought me some food.
File: IMG_20240421_210059.jpg (2.03 MB, 4000x3000)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
OP here, i am actually not so sure if i bought it. Although, if have a good one and i didn't buy it - you may get another meal :)

So, i am close in being done cleaning the mesh. Previously i couldn't even create proper UVs and multi map the texture.
Next step is doing some proper polypaint, bake the mesh properly in substance and finally try to figure out the artstyle.

Progress is progress, doesn't matter how small.
File: sketch-1713874404212.png (932 KB, 1080x1440)
932 KB
932 KB PNG
OP here.
Every day is a day of progress. The last two days were in the name of "trial and error".

But i think i am having a breakthrough. I definitely need to improve my brush strokes and work on the detail, but this may be the next step to the desired art-direction.
This fucking rocks.
Start a Discord room or something.
I'm eager to see where this goes, even if I'm not into Berserk.
Oh big helpful tip from someone who works with material rendering. Make sure the colors work with the desired software. Blender, Maya, Unity, etc, all different rendering methods that should be looked into and understood so you’ll know it applies to your implementation.
Thanks. I am going to make the discord room as soon as i am start rigging.
I appreciate the tip! Currently, i am experimenting with different render and shading methods, with the help of different plugins in Maya.

The last 12 hours were quite a shitshow. I bought the NPR plugin MNPRX from Artineering, which turned out to be for nothing, since the plugin doesn't work with Maya2025. Had to make a python deepdive to find out that PySide2 is no longer a thing in Maya2025.

Now i am trying my luck with Arnold and Psoft Pencil+.
I think the best way to get this running is to make a short animated feature first. Then when it gets viewers you should make a kickstarter or something like that and get money to make it. People usually fail with projects like this is because they start too big. Do something short that will get people hyped and talking.
File: IMG_20240427_213312.jpg (2.07 MB, 4000x2648)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
I absolutely agree with you, which is why i chose to recreate a 5-10 sec teaser. This will take a while because i am still trying to figure out how to properly render the 3D model in Maya.

I am going to be very honest - right now i am really struggling to figure out the right configuration for the best NPR. Currently i am experimenting heavily with Arnold and Psoft Pencil+ only with little to no success.

Does anyone have an idea of how to replicate the render settings of ZBrush in Maya?
ur stuff looks badass godspeed OP
File: arnold render5.jpg (69 KB, 960x540)
69 KB
thanks, fren. Glad to hear that my work actually has substance.

So, we reached day 16 working on this project and with each day i think i am getting closer in recreating the artstyle.

Right now there are 2 things i need to get straight:
- making a texture map with the painterly effect of brushstrokes
- finding a way to produce a clean NPR render - using Maya

I am open to any ideas of how accomplish those tasks.

The greatest issue atm is to find the proper way to render the model. After 3 days of trial and error with Psoft Pencil+ i came to the conclusion that using Arnold aiToon shader is my best shot, although i am not even close in being satisfied with what i accomplished with my render-attempts.

>pic related
File: arnold render3.jpg (66 KB, 960x540)
66 KB
But, before i will continue to figure out the proper render-settings, i will try to make the painterly effect.

My plan is to take the normalmap and rebrush it with a knife-brush in photoshop.
File: gutsrenderprogress.jpg (142 KB, 1080x1620)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Editing the the normal map does wonder. The render looks already way better. Now, i need to find a way to make the brushstrokes more organic and get the proper NPR 2D render.
Looking kino, OP.
File: gutsrenderprogress2.jpg (383 KB, 1080x1920)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
are you texturing a decimated mesh, m8?
Thanks, fren. Lets see if i can be more than naive fool with big dreams.

>are you texturing a decimated mesh, m8?
I think so. If i am not mistaken, i created in ZBrush texture- & normal map on the highest subdivision and used afterwards decimation master before exporting the fbx.
Afterwards, i put a knifebrush-filter on the normal map with Photoshop. Then, i connected in Mayas Hypershade Window the aiToonshader with texture + normal map and assigned all of it as the new material on the mesh.
looks like you're jumping the gun a bit.
why haven't you retopologised your mesh yet?
may i ask if you've created character model ready for animation in the past?
actually, i've just come back and my head hurts. you have multiple subdivision levels but you're exporting a decimated mesh? what
OP, respect what youre trying to do. I'm in a similiar boat, trying to make a story driven episodic adapatation of a popular shooter atm.

but it looks like what you're trying to start with is making a perfect model of guts as your start, which is not really the best way to go about it.

you'll improve massively with each day you work on this project, and your artstyle will change. so don't get bogged down with one model out how hundreds youre likely gonna have to create down the line.

i'd suggest focusing on ideas, concepts and motifs at the start. create one of your favorite scenes, your favorite encounter, using whatever shitty models, sounds and textures you can find. see if you can achieve your vision with it, or see what exactly is missing.

especially if youre going for an arcane look then textures is 60% of what matters, with the rest being animation. spending weeks sculpting 1 guy when youd have to do the same for so many other characters is not sustainable.

get results fast and improve on them, rather than going for perfection immediately.
It's the first time that i try to create a character ready for animation.

There is a little misunderstanding. I never intended to animate the current decimated mesh. The current mesh only serves to figure out the right texture, shader, light and render settings.
Actually, i have a model of Guts with decent topology, but i use the decimated mesh out of CPU-performance sake. Right now i am trying to figure out the artstyle for the model. For that, i don't need to torture myself by importing everytime a 5 mio poly mesh in Substance or Maya.

Respect to you too for working on such a Behemoth. Good luck, i hope you will succeed.
I understand your sentiment, but i don't think i should change my course. In the last 16 days i reached some decent milestones and my goal is to create a 5-10 sec teaser.
The project lives or dies with the teaser. The task is to create a scene with the 3D Model of Guts with the desired artstyle, in harmony with a 2D Canvas background. Should i come to the conclusion that the teaser doesn't do Berserk justice (doesn't matter what reason) - i will admit defeat and stop the project.
File: sketch-1714313591427.png (2.09 MB, 2400x1080)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
This is far from being perfect, but i think it delivers a glimpse of potential.
Background and 3D model are clearly missing harmony.
Any thoughts on reasonable adjustments?
File: IMG_20240429_122258.jpg (48 KB, 645x540)
48 KB
OP here. I think this is my best render attempt so far. The brush stroke texture got way better. Now i need to find the right balance in the render-settings, because the toonshader goes haywire thanks to the normal map.
You need lighting too, there’s a trick in maya that only highlights the model and not everything else. This same technique works on real life situations when you need lighting to focus on the actor and not everything else. Another notable trick is 3D ability to create darker shades with lighting that otherwise would not work on real world scenarios.

- Learn how lighting is done in movies and apply the techniques to your work

- Learn how Maya lighting forces on one model

Here are some videos to help

Light linking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UkV40Kq3Oc&t=145

How lightning works in real life:
File: sketch-1714408526838.png (926 KB, 2400x1080)
926 KB
926 KB PNG
Whoever you are, you have my thanks. I looked into it and i think i am having a breakthrough thanks to you. Furthermore i changed the render engine from Arnold to V-ray.

That's my best shot so far.
File: IMG_20240429_192747.png (751 KB, 1080x1980)
751 KB
751 KB PNG
Guys, can anyone explain this?
camera fov
Looks like a camera perspective setting, Zbrush being set to 0° Vertical FOV, which makes everything flat... and Maya set to about 30-50°, which gives it that distortion.
File: PengGrace.webm (3.42 MB, 480x848)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB WEBM
So you're telling me this guy is gonna animate Berserk and he doesn't understand camera perspectives?

Damn son, y'all blowing cope clouds right up his urethra.
>anon discovers camera opening
anon, you can make kick ass renders and shit, but you don't know camera angles, lrn sum moar!
eh man at least he's one of the few posting on this website, it's always the same "bite more than you can chew" schitzos and it's always fun to watch these blog posts full of shitty models burn, crash and eventually get 404'd.
I am exactly that guy. Just watch me.
I am learning everyday fren. Especially today i learned a lot, like fixing the camera perspective.
Doesn't matter if it will crash and burn. Not trying is sometimes worse than failing.
Anon not understanding camera perspectives while still pumping out content like this gives me hope in him. The tools are just means to an end. He's doing his best with what he's got.
Keep going OP!
Thank you. And thanks to the solution for the camera setting, i can finally provide proper render samples.

And god dayum, they really look good.
File: IMG_20240429_220216.png (597 KB, 1566x1080)
597 KB
597 KB PNG
Hype is real.
sovl vs soulless
File: IM HERE.png (19 KB, 640x500)
19 KB
Not a fan of mangas (I'm in 4chan because of /pol/ not because of /a/) but this seems interesting.
> i would like to know if anyone would take a different approach?
I'd take the classical film production approach and that means a more serious pre-production work. I'd not only list the assets but make a comprehensive location, story and character timeline of everything, if you don't take every tiny prop into account for each scene it can quickly become a production hell.
This is the reason the big majority of films, even faithful to the source material ones are filmed and produced not in order but in a way it makes sense for the production.

So for pre production I'd seriously have a look at:

-Animatics: Pre planning on the style of animation. (Example: Will blood be added in 2d or 3d?)

-Production design: Have your cinematography, color palettes, location and prop design to a single consistent language (Example: How do locations look in the background, how does fire look?)

-Research and development: Plan ahead for the tools or techniques you'll need.(Example: I need to create a 'slashing' pipeline that renders the desired effect my character uses his weapon.)

I'm with you anon I've always wanted to make a short film but just by listing all this it makes me feel that I'm right in the peak of the dunning kruger curve and I haven't had the courage to start.
Yeah OP you should get an intimacy coordinator too, god forbid you actually work on the project
Precisely because it's a one person endeavor Op should plan ahead on stupid thing so he can focus on the animation when it comes down to that.
>you should get an intimacy coordinator too
Yes I do agree holy wood's bureaucracy is what makes idiotic bloated budgets but a school friend actually works as lead animator in Arcane and it is clear to me that a good production mirrors a good plan.
That's completely ludicrous, you are a ba
hey bro, it's me again, and you got it 50000% right, but I want to tell you this, you're doing awesome and don't know cinematography, study a worthy booklet or just read about cinematrography, they've dealt with light cameras, shadows, colors, etc for a good amount of years, read' em, the comic will give you the composition, and you should follow it 100% BUT, the light is one tool you're using like it or not since you're cgi rendering
other than that, yeah study ancient painters
I'm telling you this BECAUSE you rock, godspeed anon
got this as a mini enlightenment moment
YES produce this piece of media for 32 bit float displays, mostly cause as far as I know you can't produce it for analogic film... or can you? well analog film is the best thing but the second best thing is digital 32 bit float that will shine through full HDR displays and obviously (or maybe not so obviously) through analogic film
AND it will help you in the post-prduccing color grading, fine touching phase
and the sad but realistic part, while you do this, you also have to keep in mind less ranged devices, like anon's old and busted monitor
also, the closest thing to cinema are retro-proyectors q;^) d;^)
File: adobecolor.png (197 KB, 1940x736)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
Dear anons, this is exactly the information i was looking for and why this thread mostly exists. Thanks for that. When i am satisfied with the teaser, i will go wild on pre-production and slowly turn this solo project into a team endeavor. Not a second too early.
The creation of the teaser is the most important part right now, because it will answer fundamentally all questions for each workflow, in each stage of development.
Prep time for solid pre-production may take a while, but in the meantime i will look for artists who are willing to create the necessery 3D models.
Thank you bro, I wish you Godspeed in whatever you are approaching currently.
>light is one tool you're using like it or not since you're cgi rendering
Believe me when i say that i am learning each day like being driven by madness. If you can recommend any fitting literature or tutorials - i'd be very thankful.
Every morning, the first thing i do is starting my PC and try to do stuff i learned through tutorials, i fell asleep to the night before. Just recently i wanted to start to experiment with different color palettes created by adobe colors.

However, a different development came between.
>with different color palettes created by adobe colors
keep doing that, but check good art/cinema/ads/comics/illustration, etc shit you like, it'll talk to you
Np anon. My two cents.
If you have questions about:
-Legal shit
-Technical rendering shit
-Smelly shit
Just ask.
File: tableterabeginns.jpg (145 KB, 1280x907)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Up until now i solely worked with mouse and keyboard. Now i am having my training arc in using this tablet. Is anyone familiar with this device and is there anything i should particularly know or learn, when using the tablet?

Upcoming steps in teaser production:
- sculpting all necessary details into the full model
- texturing full model and clothes
- (find the right render settings)
- make model ready for rigging
>good production mirrors a good plan
couldn't agree more that a good plan is OP
>Abobe colors
I would look at another more open source color palette. Adobe is known to be legal with color. Yes, people/companys can copyright colors and charge for using it, it’s dumbest thing I heard i know but this is Adobe we are talking about.

I have a questio
File: withandwithouttablet.jpg (162 KB, 1080x1649)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Wow, this is actually a sad fucking shitshow. Thanks for the warning.

So, i tried to retexture the mesh this time with the tablet. I didn't think it would make such a great difference...
Is this a jojo
you just discovered masking? we're learning at high speeds in here, GO ANON GO!
Nice jotaro kujo
this iis wrong but gave me another idea
you can render an unshaded version and then a a shadow coming from each light and compose that with masks or whatever, it is more manual but it can get you extra level of control over the artistic outcome
At least as good as masking. I discovered the advantages of a painting tablet with pen-opacity in combination with Focal Shift. Polypainting has forever changed to me.

Lets see how sculpting feels now.
You're gonna have to bait har
What do you mean by ba
please remove the shadow from hair on the forehead, shit looks like someone sprayed paint there
File: lightlinking.jpg (823 KB, 1080x1920)
823 KB
823 KB JPG
OP here. I am tired af.
Currently i am trying some lightlinking attempts. >>982130
I will soon start to polish the model.
Nah bruh, it's bett
Lights are a big th
File: sketch-1714577272152.png (2.1 MB, 1080x2400)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
Lighting is the fucking name of the game.
I think you should try a ri
Yes, do that try a r
File: sketch-1714581162534.png (950 KB, 1080x1440)
950 KB
950 KB PNG
Holy shit. What's the science behind this? Those are both the same model. Top has blue and red front lights, yellow rimlight and white ambient light.
Bottom has one frontal light.

Whats the magic behind this?
File: 1712453209598027.jpg (633 KB, 1437x958)
633 KB
633 KB JPG
>Blown away by the concept of three-point lighting.
>Will produce an animated Berserk movie the likes we've never seen.
>This is absolutely happening.
Arms too short. Chest too big. Generally too bulky. Guts has mean muscle but he also has a certain mean, lean cut to him. Focus a little more on the bones.
Make him a little "edgier", spikier, less roundish.
3 point light is only one of many methods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nWlMbxJE8g&t

Learn the ones you need to build the best version of each scene.
File: sketch-1714592745568.png (2.96 MB, 1080x2400)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
OP here. Its absolutely happening. The skill issue is real, but my dedication too.

Another day of making progress. I finally started sculpting the last details for the complete model. After that, i am going to apply texture with the brush strokes to achieve the painterly effect on the whole body.

Already made him leaner. Look at the panel, he's still a beast.

I am definitely not going fuck more around with the mesh than necessary. He looks neat and his jawline has enough edge.
File: Berserk_90_010.jpg (897 KB, 2263x1600)
897 KB
897 KB JPG
Hell yes. Thank you. For the teaser it's especially this panel i want to recreate. What lighting methods would you try for this scene?
>I am definitely not going fuck more around with the mesh than necessary. He looks neat and his jawline has enough edge.

in time you'll realize what you have now is no more than a blockout, people are giving you advice for a reason, it is very obvious you don't see all the anatomical mistakes you're making simply cause you lack experience and fundamentals.
OP is gay but you may even be gayer.
Bro... With all due respect, but you're talking right out of your ass without considering the actual facts:
-I am not sculpting unnecessary on the mesh after spending 5 days of cleaning up the messy topology.
-Especially not, when anon didn't even refer to the updated version of the mesh.

I finished the rework of Guts model over a week ago. Beefcake Guts died 2 weeks ago.
I don’t know, the creator drew the plants and Guts as the main center point the reader would focus. The background and moon emit different elements of lighting.

So clearly some moonlight color within 7000/8000 between Keven degree, low key lighting, Guts having soft light.

I am assuming the dark mountain isn’t a mountain and the creator meant to represent wind blowing because the grass continues after the dark winds and disappear in a perfect line. I would need more context to know if the colors are correct and the environment is right. I never read Berserker so it’s me guessing.
File: GUTS TEASER.png (808 KB, 1080x1920)
808 KB
808 KB PNG
It's a scene that basically represents him descending into the deepest abyss of madness, always on the verge of losing his mind. "Despair" is an understatement.

I actually can't believe it, but i may start rigging tomorow. I think the mesh turned pretty well.
File: GUTS TEASER2.png (719 KB, 1080x1920)
719 KB
719 KB PNG
It may not be the greatest reason to celebrate, given the long journey ahead. Nonetheless, i call this another reached milestone in this pre production journey.
With that in mind, thanks to all of you for accompanying me in my pursuit of greatness in madness. Thanks to all who really provided good advice and helped me to get this far.

I will try to keep up the pace.
If somebody on the internet told you stories about being noticed and hired by a studio after they eventually send you a cease and desist, those stories are not true.
>Arcane's tranny artstyle
Why is it tranny? Honest question. I think it looks pretty cool, but I also can't give a reason other than "I just like it".
Honestly, i couldn't care less. Since April 11 i spent 5-10 hours/day working on this project, learning basically every needed skill from scratch with no understanding of workflows - just following my intuition (which fortunately got corrected by other people wisdom from time to time). If someone with Berserk royalties can't appreciate that someone is honouring Miuras opus magnum with such a passion and dedication
- they can go fuck themselves. Especially after allowing the dumbsterfire production of Berserk2016/17
That guy is a faggot who didn't see Arcane. otherwise he would know that the show has nothing to do with identity politics - even with pink and blue haired girls centre stage.
Why should your copyright violation be considered a form of honouring?
File: sketch-1714619324802.png (1.52 MB, 2400x1080)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
>Why should your copyright violation be considered a form of honouring?

Since when are passionately crafted non-profit fan-projects not considered as a form of honour?

Seriously, what are we even talking about? If my project is wrong, i don't wanna be right.
>what are we even talking about?
Your acompañamiento psicologico issues.
>Your acompañamiento psicologico issues.

You're fighting a losing battle at this front. Help me instead. I've got the following problem:
When i import thr FBX file into maya, the mesh gets imported with materials. Normally i don't care and choose the first material on the list, to get the mat with the texture. This time however, 3800 mats got imported. The mat list is so long, that I can't choose under "assign existing material" the texture.
How would you solve that?
Help you to do what? Focus on minor autistic issues that are irrelevant in light of the greater work?

This is why successful projects use plans, so creators don't get bogged down in the tiny details and keep sight of the whole. It's like you're laying out a house, you set down two boards and now you're inspecting every knot and burr in the wood. Hopeless!

There's so much to film language that you don't know you don't know and yet here you are sperging out on minutiae. "No! I got passion, I know I'm ignorant my faith will carry me" nigga shut up.
Nicee quads.
My guy, why so salty? If i crash and burn, i will crash burn. It is what it is. And don't get it the wrong way, i know exactly that there are neckbreaking obstacles in the upcoming weeks.
My skill issue was never a secret. This thread only exists because of my lack of knowledge and experience.
It's ok if you don't want to help. I don't expect anyone here have an ounce faith in what i currently do.
But that doesn't change the fact that i will try to carry on.
Which means: either you stay an unlikable cunt that repeats the same shit i heard from day 1, or be a nice guy and provide some insight to a guy with big dreams.
Some Anons feel threatened by your lack of faggotry, keep going anon you will make it
3800?! What did you do, cut each polygon and assign each one material? I don’t own Zbrush but even the program would not allow such actions to take place without a huge error message.
Dayum, i just found the root of all the problems. I fucked myself twice in ZBrush. I just realised that i never made UVs for the complete model. Just for the head.
Here's the fucked up part: I always exported mesh without giving much value to subdivisions. i am not particularly high poly, but i am so highpoly enough that my CPU can't handle unwrapping UVs now. I know that i just could start remodeling, but honestly - i am a little to tired for a sculpting detour...

I am running currently with the Ryzen 5 2600x - 3,6GHz. I definitely need a new CPU. Any recommendations from your side?
You have to fix it, each polygon is one light source the computer has to calculate. So each material is one second of rendering time each time to create a single photo. By my math, the 3800 materials is one second for a total of 1 hour per photo. Because of video quality and resolution, you will be wasting an entire full week or two weeks just on rendering alone.

This video should explain what I mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS3qwFOPieg&t=373
File: Guts beastmode2.jpg (337 KB, 1482x920)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
I may have found the most jarring solution. i turned my mesh into 10 different Subtools in ZBrush and now i am slowly unwrapping the UVs. Good thing is, that i could at least play a little with the lightsettings of ZBrush. The Bandages need a little more detail, but all in all i am perfectly fine with the artdirection.
Thanks fren. Honestly, i cut every anon here some slack. Most of them aren't unreasonable. But right now i live in a time in which in want to go beyond reason.
Try to understand that many anons have done exactly what you are trying to do right now. Many of us have taken a bigger bites than we could handle. It's a very common issue among creatives specially starting out. While most have a hard time conveying this making it come across as hateful it's typically meant in good nature. Otherwise they would be egging you on to continue so they could watch you crash and burn if they really meant harm.

What you are doing is really great if you keep a healthy expectation of what it will likely lead to. To play and experiment with tools and workflows is fundamental for you to grow into a skilled artist capable of doing what you are attempting. Be careful though, if you aren't flexible and only doing this with the expectation that you will 100% achieve your vision... it might lead you to resentment and burnout. There is a reason movies and shows can take years despite having hundreds of people working on it. Whenever you see dudes releasing solo projects it usually comes after years of some sort of mastery with their tools/skillsets not after a months of learning.

The best thing about what you are doing is that you are failing quickly and often against all the technical roadblocks, this is the best strategy to learn the tools and workflows. After some time the tools are no longer a obstacle and you can simply create without being worried about the how to. This can take years though, depending on how many software programs you are trying to pickup at once. So far I imagine you are trying to learn 3-5 by the looks of it. If I were you I would spend a bit more time researching the workflows. Talk to chatgpt since you are familiar with AI, ask it to help you get organized and what to look for.

You currently seem to lack the knowledge of the typical 3d workflow or maybe you are choosing to ignoring it. In most 3D productions it goes like this:
1. Concept: Figure out what you are making.
2. HighPoly: Sculpt the character in full glory with no worry of polygon/performance limitations. You are meant to capture every detail you will need.
3. Retopology: Create the low polygon model which will be used in production. This model is easy to sculpt on, easy to UV and has all the topology to deform and can run well inside other apps that aren't Zbrush.
4. Unwrap: Depending on how you plan to do materials/texturing you might be able to use automatic unwrapping.
5. Material/texturing: Depending on the style you are going for you will need to choose the right path. It seems you want to mimic arcane, but they are mainly all hand painted so you should not worry so much abought lighting. Substance painter isn't great for hand painting btw although you can get very useful texture maps out of it.
6. Rigging: Creating bones, creating the skin and finally the controllers. You need to keep this in mind when you are sculpting the character, right now you have him in an A pose with a lot of the arm mesh clipping and merging into the torso. Even if you polish this you will never get good deformation out of it. You need to sculpt your character in a T-pose as much as possible.
7. Animation: This is one of the harder ones, this is an art form in itself. It's still not clear what this animation sequence you are trying to recreate. You should create some sort of storyboard, even if it's just the manga panels. This will inform what to focus on and what can be left out.
8. Rendering: Realistically in 4 years you will be using AI.

You seem to be jumping back and forth with 2, 5 and 8. You will never get a workable asset like this. If you are just experimenting that's fine, but you are getting ahead of yourself. let me know if you need clarification on anything.
Why are you trying to unwrap a high polygon model?

If it's a must then you should decimate the model with the "keep UVs" on so that it can become lower poly while maintaining the UV's you made.

Nothing that you do with the materials in Zbrush transfer over to the outside. If you are sculpting you should use one of the standard gray materials that allows you to see the forms of the mesh. If you are texturing with polypaint you should be using the flat white material or the white skin shader that let's you see the texture information without any shading.

What are you trying to do right now? What step in the pipeline are you at and what are you trying to accomplish?
First of all, anon thank you. I really appreciate you for sharing some wisdom.
>Try to understand that many anons have done exactly what you are trying to do right now.
Fren, i wholeheartly understand this. There is absolutely no need to explain or excuse the tone. Not to me and not for this.
I sound mad. Why should i deny the obvious? And there are definetly times, in which i am on the other side being distrustful, when
people start to sound mad. However, i think i am being misunderstood in certain aspects. I started this project with the sentiment in mind,
that "failure" is a viable outcome, but the real "failure" would be not giving it a proper shot, when my life situation started providing the best
circumstances for the opportunity of a lifetime. Seriously, the sentence "hesitation is defeat" felt never so real. I made peace with the fact that
i could face obstacles, way over my league. But i aim at least for one goal atm: creating a 5-10 second teaser demanding the implementation of every stage, in an animation productioncycle. Right now, i am basically in the pre-pre production and the creation of teaser will provide the answers
i need to know, if this project can continue or not. IMO is this approach combined with the healthiest expectations.
File: what.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x1920)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
>Why are you trying to unwrap a high polygon model?

Skill issue. I planned shitty and pay today the price. 2 weeks ago i didn't really care about subdivisions and UVs.
I would prefer to ge
>What are you trying to do right now? What step in the pipeline are you at and what are you trying to accomplish?

right now i want a clean topologized Model of Guts, projected in different rendersettings and lighting. The next step is making the mesh ready for rigging.
Are you going to use Custom nor
Yes, shading is really imp
Ok, great! So you should not touch the materials or textures of the high polygon model at all. It does not need to be uved for projection/baking.

Projecting can mean two things though, in Zbrush is the process of transferring all of the high polygon data into a subdivided low poly model. This will transfer all of the sculpted details into a mesh that can be subdivided, this will make it easier to refine and sculpt on top. This process can also transfer polypaint which can later be extracted into a texture.

There is also projecting/baking in the sense of creating a normal map by using both the high poly and low poly, well if it's in substance painter you also get a bunch of other maps that are useful for example: AO, Cavity, Height, etc.

So, if you need a low polygon model of the character you need to create a decimated version of the high poly model, know that you don't need the textures to stay. By decimating you will be able to use it in something like Maya while maintaining enough detail to re-top on top. Then you take the decimated model your preferred place to retopologize on top of it.

When creating the low poly model you will need to keep in mind edge loops for animation and having a good balance of how much detail you put in an area. The higher density the model is the harder it will be to rig/animate. But the lower density it is it will not look as good. Do some research on what is a good polycount for a cinematic character. For your skill level I would shoot for less than 100k tri which is on the lower side for cinematic but not too much of a pain to deal with. You will also uv this low poly model and assume it will be the final model to be used for rendering.

Make sense?
I don't use Maya so I am not quite sure. Are you sure those are materials? It looks like they are meshes. It looks like maybe Zbrush exported each polygroup into a separate object and possibly Maya created a material for each one, but I am not quite sure.

Try the following, in Zbrush go through each tool.

Press Shift-F to turn on polygroup view. Then press CTRL+W to consolidate the whole tool under one polygroup, you should see each tool have only one color. Do this for each tool and then try exporting again.
File: what1.jpg.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1080)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Well going through the tools was good call... I can't comprehend whats going on with the head when i morph
So, this is really fucked up. ZBrush can't handle any interaction with the head because of the corrupted geometry. No dynamesh, no Zremesher. 8VRXTJ
When you morph? what are you even trying to do bro?

Upload the obj and I will take a look at it. I highly doubt you messed it up that bad.
Each polygon must be assigned a bone with a zone. Using Morph means you have the brush individually wrapped around it and causing the image you see. You need to fix the model to only have the necessary parts (head, chest, arms, etc). So you should have 7 model parts on the right side of the panel, not this >>982267
Damn I’m rooting for OP. This is a great thread. Keep it up!
I may be saying something retarded cause I legit don't know 3d other than the most basic stuff
but shouldn't OP be exploring shaders?
>I may be saying something retarded
yes you are, anon
He needs you clothes, boots and your motorcycle.
Don’t burn you passion up. Doing this every day for 4 years sounds harrowing, even with such time that’s probably not enough man hours to get such a job done.
>"3D Animation and Game Arts"
Which university? Why did you pick that university?
It seems like op doesn't have the fundamental workflow down. His high poly and renders look good, but ignorance about correct workflow and best practices is going to fuck and burn him out before he ever reaches the animation stage.
Op, I recommend you check out courses for creating game and animation ready models, before moving onto basic animation in maya. Spend an intensive month or two on them. You'll acquire the core skills, and it'll allow you to be more confident and waste much less time pursuing your berserk project. Nevertheless, I'm rooting for you!
OP here, you made the exact right point. Currently i am tilting against windmills. Even if i like it or not, but i have to take a step back.
It's currently very hard for my CPU to solve the issues of my current mesh, to get it animation ready. I can't even remesh or retopologize in Maya (which i would have preferred instead of Zremesher).
I have ordered a new CPU and until i built it in, i will spent some time with courses to make the model animation ready.
Your CPU isn’t the problem, the model is over one thousand individual units of pieces all together within the illusion of a character model. You need the individual pieces to be together like a real model.
File: GMXoKMQWAAAzUBb.jpg (137 KB, 2048x1875)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Whenever you run into a problem, keep buying new equipment. It's what the professionals do.
File: fullbodymaya.jpg (121 KB, 1080x1087)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Correct me if i am wrong. I went in with the mindset of sculpting - which means, not paying to much attention for polycounts or topology.
Now, isn't there a way of taking all the highpoly details and putting them on a mesh with low poly topology?
>You need the individual pieces to be together like a real model.
Why isn't that happening automatically? I only got 3 subtools in ZBrush.

>Whenever you run into a problem, keep buying new equipment. It's what the professionals do.

Nah bro, that's only depending on the task. My current CPU is really not good for this kinda work.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X is under the last 4 CPUs.
Sooner or later i have to upgrade the hardware.

I got now the mesh down to 250k polys, without losing too much detail. Now i need to retopo properly before i start rigging.
>Now, isn't there a way of taking all the highpoly details and putting them on a mesh with low poly topology?
stop doing anything else until you:
1. watch this to understand how projection works in zbrush:
2. retopolgise and uv your meshes
3. apply steps from 1 to project from your hires sculpt onto your new mesh from step 2.

your current cpu is more than capable of doing what you need from it right now (later on with big scenes etc is a different matter)

honestly, if you don't sit down and figure this out now, this whole thread is a shitpost.
File: IMG_20240505_015732.jpg (41 KB, 671x376)
41 KB
This is where i am going. I chose the SAE because of 3 reasons:
- there is nothing else in my environment that offers this field of study
- i am in the fortunate position, that i don't have to pay for this education (~ € 30k for bachelor degree)
- i am in the fortunate position, that i literally get paid for studying the next 3 years

Let me explain this a little. I served for 9 years in the military in a special contract. It's a contract that offers a resocialising-scholarship:
- € 35k budget for any kind of education
- 80 % of your monthly during study time

It's the first time in my life that i witness the moment of doing the things i really want to identify with and also get paid for it.
>passionately crafted
You didn't even put in the effort of learning 3d to at least an amateurish level before starting this
And what exactly is your point? Is there something like the animation police that prohibits me from doing this project, because i didn't reach a certain level?
Am i not learning and improving each day by working on this project and asking people on this thread, how to approach certain problems?
Why exactly are the results of my current efforts seen as "lesser" or "wrong" or without "real passion"?

The only truth is - i have the same hardliner approach as all of you had in the past.

Only because i didn't spent years in this field before creating this render, it doesn't make the result unworthy. Hell, it makes the producer of Berserk 2016 even look worse, when such a bum like me can get this far.
My point is you are ngmi
>Is there something like the animation police that prohibits me from doing this project, because i didn't reach a certain level?

No, but you stating this publicly is you attempting to gain attention from the scope of your vision alone.

It's a lot like if I would declare I'm gonna build a 1:1 replica of the Deathstar in my bike-shed while learning engineering and fabrication as I go.
It's a fucking ridiculous endeavor so rightfully people would ridicule me for making such statements.

Reason it's important to ridicule people like you is because it is so simple to declare something and so impossible to follow thru.
If we where in the habit of applauding and giving people attention for pointing to the peak they where about to climb we'd be inundated
with 'idea-guys' dropping one insane proposal after the other.

You're in a community of makers get your points for what you're actually doing not for what you pretend you'll be doing.
If you're to declare something spectacular have the credibility to back it up.
>visual art direction of Arcane
just leave it alone and do something meaningful with your time. these types of "remakes" do legitimate harm to the original property's legacy. generations of dumb kids who watch absolute filth like dubbed media are having these works ruined for them before they can even understand why they are worth remaking. 9/10 remakes are this way.
Berserk separated from pure subservience to the manga's art style is an abomination. the 1997 was trash, the 2016 attempt was trash, and this will also be trash
>Narrative - 100 % faithful to the Manga
>Art Style - inspired by Netflix Arcane (pic related)
indicates that your interpretation of the narrative will not be "100% faithful". Stop telling lies to yourself. You've failed from start
Just checked up what Netflix Arcane actually is. Really not a fan of the art style, seeing paintings move in that type of shading looks uncanny as fuck to me. Looks allrite in a still but moving all fluid like flat shaded painted 3D? *pukes*

If it's to move spatially it's not supposed to look like 2D, if you wanna have hand painted textures on moving 3D what square did for PS2 era Final Fantasy is 1000% more charming than this AI-slop looking art direction (don't think it's AI generated, just invokes the same feeling).
Nothing like mixing hypermasculine Berserk with hypergay Arcane to maintain "100% faithfulness."
File: 4yu8hklumhf81.jpg (473 KB, 1758x1287)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
100% faithful guyz, I trust him, he has passion and free time
Pretty sure the Op is gay for Gats tho, my gaydar is pretty weak but even I can pick up this signature.
File: retopoGUTS.png (128 KB, 1143x809)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
OP here, i think i am done with the retopo. Got the whole mesh down to 75k faces. Tomorrow i will start to retexture the mesh. If i am lucky i can finally start rigging the day after tomorrow.
>these types of "remakes" do legitimate harm to the original property's legacy.
calm down, buddy lol. op's a literal who and this project is unlikely to have any impact, let alone sully the great legacy of your favourite japanese comic.

lol just shut up, nigger. you will never work on anything remotely as good as arcane.
>You're in a community of makers get your points for what you're actually doing not for what you pretend you'll be doing.

All i can do is post some progress and describe more or less what are my next steps. In some days i make good progress, in other days i gave to takeb3 steps back. I don't know which part about this is pretentious.

>If you're to declare something spectacular have the credibility to back it up.

>If you're to declare something spectacular have the credibility to back it up.

On that i agree with you. But i think we can also agree that all i can do is carry on, if i want to prove that i am serious.

Look, i have no problem being ridiculed, but let it be at least with substance. It's not like don't offer attack surfaces.
You can ridicule me for not knowing about the vertical FOV in Maya or that i just yesterday learned how to use the morph brush in ZBrush.
At least, give me something with educational value.
No, i am gay for you anon
The two are not mutually exclusive.
>in the style of trooncane
No thanks
OP, the day you'll go to Gamestop dressed like a whore to trash their displays 'cos Sonic's arms aren't blue, just remember to film yourself.
OP here. Not gonna lie, i fucking keked about this one
You're replying to a jealous sperg with no talent or ambition to even try something like this. He will never make anything substantial in his life.
So what if OP is just starting out? We all do at some point.

Keep going!
>We all do at some point.
I didn't make an attention whoring thread trying to achieve an impossible retarded task with zero experience and have people glaze me for being an idea guy who came up with "x in style of y"
Turned out pretty well for me actually
Hey! I just bought these and I never painted anything other than my Warhammer figurines, but I'm gonna recreate the Sistine Chapel ceiling in my living room. Send me your good vibes frens!
let's see you paint something first
That's a utmost tremendous undertaking anon.

Let me be the first one to tilt my neck backwards to absolutely sword-swallow your penis in awe for the bravery you display
in pursuing such an endeavor, not letting your lack of foundational experience limit the extent of your grand vision.

I shiver at the thought of posting in the same thread as this modern Michelangelo, so few of us are worthy to even reside in your presence.
Holy kek
now kiss
File: mypaint.jpg (257 KB, 962x678)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Why does my skill matter? I told you what I want to make so it's gonna get made. I pinky-promised myself that I would do it and I have the time and passion to get it done.

But just for you here is a paintjob that I did at my aunt's house to express a fraction of my artistic vision.

Thank you so much fren! Your saliva helps to lubricate my dreams.

I know that some people will poopoo my idea to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling in my living room apartment, but we all start somewhere. Instead of hating on me how about you haters send me tips and advice on every step of the way (if you'd map it out all for me that'd be super). That way everyone can feel like they contributed to my dream!
>Sistine Chapel ceiling

You're making this one-to-one Italian masterpiece reproduction in in the style of Americas 'Jackson Pollock' for added authenticity to the source material unlike those other filthy reproductions?
I don't believe that to be faithful to Michaelangelo's vision. I've chosen instead to interpret his work through the art style of the greatest anime ever made, Naruto. Mom is driving me to Home Depot to buy the paints, so I'll update you frens soon.
You have so much passion, can't wait to see your 100% faithful Sistine chapel adaptation in the style of TX Network Naruto.
man's having a meltdown because op just wants to achieve his dreams
>ppl entertaining themselves clowning on Op who wanna achieve the impossible without training

Not even when I started out was I as shit as OP is. When it comes to art skills you either have it or you don't, and OP unfortunately does not have it.
Bro it's just shitposting, I've seen countless schitzos like op on here for years now, they eventually fail and go away and op is no different, it's just fun to poke at them because for some reason they all display the same delusional overconfidence in their undertakings. Might as well have fun since the board is slow anyway.
File: PAINTS.jpg (81 KB, 1500x1050)
81 KB
I'm so passionate about this project that I have become a passion fruit. Together, frens, we'll make real our dreams.

I understand where you're coming from and I'd say the same in your shoes, but here I am doing the thing. And doing it basically means that the thing is done. This project is a present to my elderly chihuahua so I cannot fail to do it.

Update frens: I only had enough money to buy three cans of paint. But since red, green, and blue make up all the colors of the rainbow then really I bought all the paint that I will need for this project. Should I draw outlines on the ceiling or just start splotching paint up there? I kinda want to start by painting because once the paint flows so too will my workflow.
yep, sad
OP here. Not even mad about this. I was never not aware that my project goes beyond any reason. Also, it's quite refreshing to see some trolling or autism-hijacking in here.

Today i was slacking a little. Yesterday i retopologized the model, but i am not satisfied with the loss of details. So i tried to fix that a little.
Today my new CPU arrived. I am going to upgrade from a Ryzen5 2600x to Ryzen 9 5950x. It was the best choice without needing to upgrade the whole motherboard.
The model isn't perfect for my taste. Especially the hair-topology feels a little off. Nonetheless, i will tomorrow i will try my luck with the first rigging attempt.

Does anyone have a good tip for this process, especially when working with Maya?
File: IMG_20240507_012750.png (315 KB, 1080x954)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
Boy oh boy. Now that's what i call try-hard delusion paired with defcon1 ignorance.

>Not even when I started out was I as shit as OP is.
Good for you, but what exactly is your point? Are you trying to imply that you're are the goldstandard of learning art and animation? Should anyone else who isn't as skilled as you, never try this art when it's not at least on your level?

>When it comes to art skills you either have it or you don't, and OP unfortunately does not have it.

You sound exactly like those dipshits who only complement artists for their "talent", not for the fact that they put blood sweat and tears into learning their profession. I am a bum without much experience, but even i know that "talent" means nothing without training and practice. There is nothing like "either you have it or you don't". There is "you put your back into it, grow and maybe unleash the potential of your (hidden) talent".

I see my own growth, which means i can be confident that my approach is worth the effort.
So you admit that this project is about your ego and not the end result. There's a reason you picked a trannie artstyle.
>You sound exactly like those dipshits who only complement artists for their "talent", not for the fact that they put blood sweat and tears into learning their profession. I am a bum without much experience, but even i know that "talent" means nothing without training and practice.
You've watched too much anime and sniffed too much le struggler farts, shonen boy
>So you admit that this project is about your ego and not the end result. There's a reason you picked a trannie artstyle.

OF COURSE MY EGO PLAYS A ROLE! Nigga, i want to express myself in creating art, so how can my ego not play a role in this project? Does it solely play the role? Absolutely not.

It's such a retarded catch, because end result and Ego always go hand in hand in a passion project. Is this really your "gottcha" moment by stating "water is wet"?
And believe it or not, but i picked Arcanes Artstyle because i like it. I like the stylized texture in combination with the brushstrokes painterly look and especially that went full depth with details.

>You've watched too much anime and sniffed too much le struggler farts, shonen boy

This is exactly what i mean by "at least ridicule me with substance". If i were a fucking shonen boy, i would try to accomplish that project with the power friendship. I am on verge of becoming a downright NEET, because i spent so much time on this. Go ahead and mock me with that and not because i state the undeniable fact of practice>talent.
Regarding the whole 'talent VS effort' it is the case that it is much of both or a lot of either to get somewhere.
But to do these exceptional outlier undertakings where you can count on one hand how many people have succeeded globally you really need all of both.

You need talent for X to become better than most in same amount of time spent in order to rise high in whatever X is.
You can have less talent and spend more time to become better than average but without both you will never become incredible at it.

Reason is that the people who are at the top are those who had lot's of talent, as in very high IQ for being tested on that specific thing
but they also gave it all their time, so unless you plan to live significantly longer than them you can't out-effort what they do even if you give it all.

You try to compete against that without having exceptional talent it's impossible to win because you can't give more time than every waking hour
and you can't out-calculate someone who runs a faster processor than you have available who also runs it all day long.
Bro, aren't you a little to simple minded?
You basically determine "global success" as the factor that mirrors "talent".
That's fundamentally flawed. What kind of "exceptional talent" do you need to animate something like Peppa Pig, South Park or the 3D assets of "Lethal Company"?

Not only that. Are you even aware of what you're actually doing atm?
Right now, you try to determine "talent" by judging an art piece that is currently in pre-pre-production with a long journey ahead. You define "talent" based on an unfinished product.
>That's fundamentally flawed. What kind of "exceptional talent" do you need to animate something like Peppa Pig, South Park or the 3D assets of "Lethal Company"?

You are looking at the wrong thing. Things 'South Park' isn't popular because of achievements in it's visual fidelity, people like Matt and Trey are immensely talented along other axis that makes that sort of thing work for them.

I haven't even mentioned what Op is doing that is why i said 'X'. Talent is just required to get somewhere within reasonable time in anything we set out to do.
You can invest obscene amount of time and effort and get mediocre at something you're very untalented in, can even be valuable to do so as some things are useful/important even if you're subpar at it, just you will never do anything extremely exceptional without talent.

What the Op is declaring to do here is many times crazier than something like say 'Voices of a Distant Star' and you can count on one hand
how many actually talented people got even that far.

It's a 'Wan Hu' type moonshot in an era where we actually know what it takes to run a Apollo program.
>i'm writing essays because i'm shitposting not because i'm having a meltdown
Bro, I write pages of code and even the comments to some function I make can end up a lot longer than a post i make here.
What constitutes writing 'an essay' to you is a tiny brain-fart for me.

Besides, does anything I write really sound like my sanity is slipping here, is that really the vibe you get?
If so I will take this moment to attest how I remain cool as a cucumber in calling out Op's bullshit.
No assblastery has occurred; my jimmies be pristine like the title of Naughty Dog game: Unsharted.

Please consider how this is a BBS, imagine how the fuck content in a place like this would look if everyone
who contributed to discourse restricted themselves to single line "kekroflmao's" just to ensure that nobody accused them of printing too many letters.

What can anyone ever say on any topic that has any sort of substance or value that isn't at least a paragraph or two?
File: laughstarfireraven.png (344 KB, 800x949)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
dude ur so heckin mad. let the man bastardize berserk by trooning guts.
There’s nothing you can do about it, OP will make it and that’s going to be on YouTube or something. All you are doing is insulting someone who has little knowledge of arts, you’re no better than the jerks who claimed themselves senior programmers and missed the mark on intern employees because you’re assuming too much on their educational background. New people are new, it’s a thing that happens and it’s a common thing in art.
You happen on this phenomena with people everywhere, you disagree with something they say they type back how you're being angry.
Like the idea these kids have seems to be that if someone actually is angry for whatever reason it somehow means something important.

Like wtf kind of scheme is that? You even see it in videogames and situations where they sometimes very intentionally do something
infuriating and then when people legitimately get angry at the behavior they go "lol! ur angry!"

What is it with this weird addiction towards 'anger' that have them hallucinate it even when it isn't there?
It's really weird if you think about it, like I understand 'schadenfreude' but this is something else as it isn't directed at anything justified
It's like half of everyone online is some mini Emperor Palpatine mofo just who enjoy anger for it's own sake.

Since you're into this line of thinking perhaps you could clue me in?
he will reply to this post with another essay.
>If so I will take this moment to attest how I remain cool as a cucumber in calling out Op's bullshit.

OP here. My guy, it absolutely doesn't matter if you chimp out or not. I made this thread to ask for opinions on how to proceed with the project, because i don't know it better - not for showmanship. If you have some good ideas on how to rig properly a mesh in Maya - with a missing left forearm, i'd be thankful.

I am replying to most of you, because i don't have anybody else sharing this common interest and without talking about it, i am missing the bare minimum quota of social interactions. That exhausts me.
>OP will make it and that’s going to be on YouTube or something
I have a bridge to sell you
I know a lot about rigging, but problem is how I know what you're doing and how low effort put into extravagant undertakings
and fully expect to pick this up while simultaneously finish a major project, alone, in just 4 years.

My message to you as someone with 20 years of rigging experience is to fuck off with that to a normal WiP thread
and at least do the ground work of teaching yourself the very basics you can get from any source before you start to elbow
your way to the front of the line because of how grand your vision of remaking Berserk with no skills to back your words
while simultaneously shitting on entire teams of people who actually made Berserk adaptations you disapprove of.

Your energy is shit op. I advice to cut your losses and go about teaching yourself how to work your craft in a reasonable/responsible/sustainable
manner if you're serious about becoming a solo-dev.

Even armed with all the background and know-how to do what you wish a single dev can realistically only make a compelling 'vertical slice'
if they go balls to the walls attempting to address what you pretend like you're working on.
>I know a lot about rigging,
no you don't lol
you are coping hard
nah, you don't know how to do anything other than write essays, bro
you are talking to a different person retard
sure i am, bro
File: maxfagIsReal.jpg (167 KB, 1438x870)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>If you have some good ideas on how to rig properly a mesh in Maya - with a missing left forearm, i'd be thankful.
If only there was something you could do before starting this project that would prevent you from getting stuck on most basic problems and begging anons for help
Ya sure he might have messed up the A position and the fingers aren’t straight enough. But considering he is only doing a short 10 second clip, it would not matter. There’s no hand action and will be covered by the grass. The biggest challenge will be turning the grass into motion with the wind blowing and the dark texture following a wave like event.

Unfortunately for you, i have more experience instead of exclusively being rigging. 15 years of MMD models, knowing the backend of Blender’s flaws, open source software problems and 15 years of learning experience of modeling in maya as far back as 2007. You know rigging but not the best at everything else, so you have no right on how someone or something works.
Dayum, i forgot that i am talking to the one and only Lord Riggardo GodRIGG - the allfather of riggology. Sorry that i asked without proper audience your majesty.

>20 years of rigging experience
Amazing. So much knowledge and experience, but "too cool for school" to share any wisdom in a thread that literally asks for help. Boy oh boy...
Do you really need to hide your inner insecurity by acting like the stereotype insufferable toughguy-smartass?

>normal WiP thread
It became a WiP thread 2 weeks ago, aiming for the creation of a 5-10 sec teaser, going through the whole animation pipeline - with the purpose of figuring out if the real project does the source material justice and is worth the effort. (Only mentioned like 10 times in the thread)

>at least do the ground work
I am curious. How exactly am i not doing any groundwork with my current practical approach? Can you explain which parts of development i am skipping and why it's wrong to ask on a 3D image board for opinions and other approaches?

>while simultaneously shitting on entire teams
Should i praise them instead? Kek.

My guy, at this point i am beyond being disappointed. I was just asking for some advice and all you can provide are responses of giving up.
Seriously, i don't want the opinion or advice of someone with such an fragile ego - not even if you had 50 years of experience.
I can't wait to see you get humbled when it all comes tumbling down because you have no ground to stand on
I am not asking about the basics. This question was more about personal workflow preferences or maybe a unique quality of life-hack.
>Drawing fulfilment and joy out of other people failing

Wow. I am no longer disappointed. Now i pity you.
>Amazing. So much knowledge and experience, but "too cool for school" to share any wisdom in a thread that literally asks for help. Boy oh boy...

See it from my perspective, I can't hand out elaborate free tutorship to everyone I come across who wanna learn rigging so I limit myself to offer input to
those who have already put in effort and raise questions from the point of someone who's come to understand the nature of the assorted problems
and especieally those who inquiry about things that are difficult to research/answer on your own.

This is not a denial of you specifically, you're an instance of a type of individual that is a recurring theme. A theme I like to call 'idea guy'.

Someone like you comming along with zero background declaring you're gonna so something very elaborate and then start asking for everyone
to contribute to how everything is done to shortcut your artistic journey is much like someone cutting into a line with elbows flared.

There's no shortage of media that can get you started in rigging. You making your first few rigs on your own to get a taste of how it's done
jsut isn't something you need someone like me for.

You need someone like me when you're already ~several years in and nobody can clue you in how you may go about improving the look of this or that joint or
stabilzie this and that type of motion so it doesn't look all wonky becasue you're now up against hard limits of a naive approache
and now in need for something more exotic, more elaborate, more difficult to implement in order to next-level.

What you're expecting here is to make a fully functional production rig which will eclipse all those noobs who made that stinking 3D adaptation of Berserk
on your first attempt. Something that simply isn't grounded in reality, if you had tried to rig characters before and discovered all the assorted
problems you'll run into you'd know just how unreasonable such an idea is.
>Can you explain which parts of development i am skipping

The basics, you are skipping past all the basics. It's like you wanna jump in and learn 'the calculus' of your craft
before you have spent the time to get the grasp of your 'apples and oranges'.
Bitch please, I’m trying to make Ncloth octopus swim through a maze and not look lazy. I made an entire hair on fire move without cheating into smoke effects. You really can’t expect me to believe you never did anything that makes your computer scream. It’s rigging all you ever did in those 20 years, never tried materials or modeling? If so I’m leagues ahead of you.
Next Moria's Race in the making lol
OP here
>See it from my perspective
I can see it from your perspective, but i think there is a little misunderstanding: i would never demand something in the scope of tutorship. What i was actually asking for was an opinion or little strategy for my next chosen step. Maybe, where i should focus some attention to.
For example - someone gave me the tip to be cautious during retopo not to start with too small quads and to watch out for the right amount of quads for the eye-topo (upper eyelid same amount of quads as lower eyelid). That was more help than i could have wished for.

Look, i understand that you maybe absolutely overqualified to even comprehend the struggle i am facing. I get the idea that i am not first "idea guy" and i that i am definitely not going to be the last.

But i think there is no right or wrong in what i am doing here. This is just my own approach for my own artistic journey and i will die on this hill, that i am entitled to make my own mistakes. If i will crash and burn, at least i know that i am fully responsible for my own demise.

However, there is one point i cannot agree with you. It's wrong to believe that i am skipping the basics. I am dealing with the basics every single day. When i accomplish a task, it's only because i failed miserably before, until i finally got the basics right.

Long story short - it may seem to you like a lost cause, but until further notice its my decision to carry on.
How long? I don't know, as far as i can get.
>But i think there is no right or wrong in what I'm doing here.

This is your problem: You're full of yourself. There are objectively correct ways to do tasks, which professionals here tell you, but you know better cuz you just do.

It's good that you're destined to quit because the world doesn't need a faggot Arcane Berserk.
File: IMG_20240508_005115_965.png (540 KB, 1080x1920)
540 KB
540 KB PNG
Alright retard. You don't deserve a mature discussion.
>This is your problem: You're full of yourself
Words, coming from the most insufferable show-off faggot, that flexes with 20 years experience, acting all high and mighty without delivering anything with substance.
Your martass act is embarrassing. You're so stuck in your behavior patterns that you literally get a meltdown when you see people thinking outside the box. You literally fear what you don't understand and can't even consider the fact that an artistic journey only has the sky as the limit.
At this point, it absolutely doesn't matter what i am going to create, because for people like you, who are literally married to their fragile ego - it will never be good enough.

>There are objectively correct ways to do tasks, which professionals here tell you, but you know better cuz you just do.

Witnessing your ignorance is so unbelievably lame. "Objectively correct" are only those ways, which in the end took part in the creation of the artwork - which is
A) highly dependent on what the artwork demands
B) highly dependent on the working conditions
If i can utilise my dick for sculpting in ZBrush with the tablet and create the desired model - it's also objectively correct you dumbfuck.

>It's good that you're destined to quit
I don't know and don't care when its going to end, but mark my words:
Insufferable dipshits like you will never be the reason for me to quit.

Rigging process is going pretty well. Upcoming task is polishing the model and creation of environmental assets.
File: IMG_20240508_005113_658.jpg (1.99 MB, 1080x1920)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
Progress is progress. Doesn't matter how small.
Did you use photoshop? There’s a way to make it higher quality and not rely on Photoshop editing to insert the character.


And this one: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xec5afnc3gE
I never thought possible we would get a schitzo more delusional than Cris in 2024, this is so amusing.
Why are anons crying like whores because op has a little project?
What faggotry is this?
Don't tap the glass
glad to see you doing yer thing anon
That's not the same guy you're talking to Op. Several people are talking to you ITT.
I am '20 years of experience' guy and while I think you're pretty bat-shit I'm not one to insult you or call you any names beyond that.

I wont take any joy in seeing you fail etc and won't be some gleeful told-u-so when you decide to hang your hat, to me it's just the inevitable outcome of this trajectory you're on.

For what it's worth you're currently learning a lot in a pretty short span of time.
perhaps you're a true 'aim for the moon to hit the tree tops' kind of specimen.
Because trooncane art style is the ugliest piece of Tumblr art I've ever seen
I'm not gonna lie, I think arcanes artstyle works for itself, but I can't imagine it would lend itself to berserk. Guts looks like a feminine twink here
File: IMG_20240509_190620_486.jpg (117 KB, 1280x717)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
OP here, i apologies for being rude to you since you weren't the one deserve to being insulted.

>to me it's just the inevitable outcome of this trajectory you're on.
I'm not going to challenge you on this view, because accept the possibility on this outcome. I know that the whole project is a 1:1.000.000 shot, which is exactly why i am trying to aim currently for smaller goals with higher success-rates, in hope that these steps lead in the next 4 years to the creation of a pilot episode.

Not gonna lie, i am gambling here. But for what it's worth, with my current expectations i basically won with each day i spent time with this project since i am preparing very well for my upcoming studies in September.

Good for you.

You're actually not wrong with your perception. This was actually a criteria for me to stomp the project, when the teaser mirrors that issue.
But i figured out that it can be easily solved by redesigning his eye-lense and lips.

No real updates for now. I am working on a more detailed check-list for the next steps.
Also, i realised that my frustration tolerance fell a little short in the last couple of days, when i faced an issue. A clear sign that i need to distance myself a little and give myself some other stimulus.

Which is why i coloured a panel instead, to clear my head a little.
I've never seen so many Crabs in a thread before.
File: 1713915060356272.jpg (92 KB, 1024x843)
92 KB
Berserk is for oldheads and this young nigga wants to mix Berserk with Tencent faggotry. Its tale will never end but don't make it gay.
File: 1715307864916.jpg (80 KB, 749x1154)
80 KB
>gatekeeping a franchise that is so mainstream it is literally sold at hot topic
>thinking it hasn't already been made gay
You're 6 years too late and blaming the chinks for a frog style isn't going to make you any less of a fag.
Implying berserk isn't the most faggy manga ever with dick on butt main character rape action, constant panels with guts' big man boobs and probably the most recognisable twink/femboy in all of media
Oh but I guess its edgy and has lots of gore for le grownups so it's okay to be a faggot
Disagree, it just handles dark aspects of sexuality as a reality of the sort of war-torn world it depicts.
You read accounts of warfare that hasn't been sanitized, including all recent modern wars, you'll know just how much
abuse and rape happens whether the victims are man or a woman. we just don't like to hear about it.
Berserk depicts just as much psychological horror as it does graphic violence, it's an unusually viceral work in all aspects.

Griffith and others having those feminine aspects to them are period accurate to how a lot of European nobility prefered to present themselves.
There's a lot of other things in Berserk that reveals just how familiar the artist must've been with the period.
Not that it's some historical document but there are many quite obscure and not widely known things that you'll only recognize
what it references if you're very familiar with historical events, practices, museum collections etc.
The visuals of Arcane are ass.
They should of kept the original Blur Studio look.
Guts as a child got raped by a nigger so right there Berserk has homosexuality, pedophilia, and bestiality. But even with pretty boy Griffith, Berserk is not LEAGUE OF LEGENDS level of trooning and faggotness. You fucked up right out of the gate if you're trying to mix the stark and badass artstyle of Berserk with a literal AIDS cartoon.
>Berserk is not LEAGUE OF LEGENDS level of trooning and faggotness
Yes it is, degenerate """"art""" with degenerate themes that would be burned in the good old times
>[media] contains [dark theme] so it MUST be in support of it (Even though it very obviously is against it)!
So OP what do you think about cross-hatching type of look that you can achieve using shaders?

See these videos:

For example here is a guy trying to redo Guts in Blender, but here he is doing the cross-hatching manually, unlike the above videos.

This way you can have something that is somewhat like Arcane, but still reminds us that Miura manga style.
Just so i can myself clear, my suggestion is to mix the cross-hatching and coloring the normal way, using shaders, and panting/cross-hatching the rest on the model itself manually, which is what the Arcane animators do to achieve that look.

See here for more:

So you'll be using their methods, but trying to bring it closer to the "manga style" that is so characteristic of Miura, with all those insane details with crosshatching.
>Blender users once again not understanding how things work
What you call “Cross Hatching” is actually the lighting system for 3D software. Has explained in Wikipedia when older artists used such methods: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatching

Has for the look, OP can instead program it directly by Python or MEL. It’s not going to be fun learning it but if OP wants it then that’s a way better option than learning dumb stuff like Nodes or Biforst.
Has reality finally kicked in OP?
you ever get that feeling when you realize you actually have to work really really hard to execute your ideas?
>i will spend every single day in the production for the pilot-episode of a new Berserk adaptation.
hmmmm curious
>>posts a bunch of atrocious "3d models" and proceeds to give up
Rigging isn’t easy I once had to put 4 layers of clothing into one area of the character with two being Ncloth and on stacked of each other and causing so many problems that my boss just decided to animate them as an easy way out instead of dealing with the problem.
one of the few posts that lasted for a while with semi frequent interaction in this board but I guess it was destined to end like this
shame, enjoyed the renders and progress a lot
should've just made the op post about trying to make and rig a guts model instead of being a retarded disrespectful tranny "erm i gonna remake berserk :333 gonna dunk on those talantless studio hacks and im just a single person with no experience yep im just that good"
>Well, i do it out of passion
i envy you
yep, homo retards couldn't stand the progress, many such cases
File: crabs.png (1.49 MB, 1200x800)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
The man goes away for four days and you froth at the mouth to post your contemptuous replies. Nobody can make shit here.
Maybe don't put insane retarded attention bait statements like
>i will spend every single day in the production for the pilot-episode of a new Berserk adaptation
If you don't actually plan on doing that
There have been anons that make a lot more progress over a longer period of time than op, slower but more consistently.
What progress did op make? he picked up a basemesh and then he butchered it into a million tiny pieces on zbrush without even knowing what he was doing, then he went away, all of while bragging about it, being arrogant and writting nonsensical essays.
It's as they say your money where your mouth is.
>*put your money where your mouth is.
I loved when he compared his work to the studio adaptation and called his shit superior.
Turns out there is more to making an adaptation than just sculpting over an asset. But this was the only way it was gonna end, obviously
He's coming back. He has passion.
File: 1715267188463265.gif (2.44 MB, 480x480)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB GIF
>berserk adaptation
>arcane style
this, pretty much, too many niggers in 4chins lately
that's not the issue, the problem is that he didn't fully commit to the "work every day" part.
not only that but he clearly lacked the experience, tools and knowledge to deliver even a single model of Guts (let alone a full animated series) which is the part most anons were commenting about.
also, a good chunk of people focused on the selected artstyle and saying that it doesn't fit the tone of the original series (personally I agree that the Arcane style doesn't match) but a major issue with that particular artstyle is the amount of work needed to make the models look appealing, this means that OP has to be very competent in all the fields of 3D to make this happen, shaders, programming, rigging, lighting, modeling/sculpting, etc, to even compare with the production level of Arcane, but OP just isn't.

the problem is not
>Nobody can make shit here
is more about OP setting an impossible goal, being told so and him crying about it, when it could have been solved by him just posting a model of Guts with decent lighting and maybe make a short animation with it.
Op ded?
I'm sorry, but this is too hilarious. I've seen more than a few people make empty promises like this, myself included, but writing dozens of paragraphs non-stop only to abruptly leave is just too lulzy.
Is it... Is it really over? He blew his development wad within a month?

A four year project smothered in the crib at two weeks old. This is too rich to be real.

thinking if I should put on clown makeup and make a thread like this myself. either to own this berserk guy or to document my own failure
Any day now
shut the f up op, see I told you so, here:
And here >>982187 you told me I was talking out of my ass, so thanks for proving my point, everybody's point really.
Well it's been way more than just 4 days now. OP was arrogant and was boasting non stop and that's why we're giving him shit.
Bump limit, good riddance
File: GlitchTails.png (861 KB, 983x583)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
Imagine typing out defenses for this lil nigga and spending your time to help him. Your Berk nostalgia sure did you good.
Gone too soon, thread will disappear any day now, what an appropriate conclusion to such a shitty story, a four year project dying in silence within a month
Well we got a colored panel of gutsu from all of this shitshow, the only thing that got finished, congratulations OP, you've won berserk
The AI reference sheets were disgusting. Fuck... at least try to get decent at 2D before you get into projects like this, even if its rough storyboard-tier art.
I can't even blame this quitter: He became what we knew him to be. But you guys who believed in him and defended his virtue... You faggots are the problem.
maor progress
keep struggling bross!!! just like gutsu would want us to
we take it up the ass from big black men
That's all folks!

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