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Is there a market for lowpoly modelling with high quality handpainted textures? How do I go about finding work asap with this skillset?

Most big boy jobs are pbr high poly bake retopo workflow stuff which I really dislike. My entire skillset revolevs around low poly 3d but there seem to only be poor indie companies using this art style.

What do /3/ ?
If you want to flex your le epic artstyle 3d industry isn't for you, you are making assets not artwork
Being a commercial artist is different from just being a artist. You want to do this for a living in 'the industry' you have to compromise and shape your ability to be a commodity.

There is market for the sort of art you are interested to make but it's mainly a consumer market. You have to be really ace at what you do and be head-hunted to a indie project using that sort of art if you wish to gain real paying work off such an ability.

Indie projects is usually a small group of friends or people who know each other that has deep trust for one another, getting hired onto such a project is difficult
even if you have the right skillset, you need the right 'in' and the right chemistry to get onboard.

I'd join all the discords and indie art communities related to your field of interest and start building your presence, posting stuff and finding your people.

this sounds like great advice, thanks anon.

Any tips on finding relevant discord servers?
Just tell people youre a minor confused about their gender and youll get discord invites nonstop
There is no market anymore. Everything is impossible now.

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