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Do you have any "weird" tricks that you've discovered that help you sculpt better?

>If I need to closely copy a reference I listen to power metal and pretend I'm a fighter plane in WW2 that's flying around the 3d model and tearing it apart with my guns with the goal being to sculpt it into the shape that I'm trying to make.

Helps get you immersed in what you're doing if you see it as a game
uhm...i box model most of the model and only sculpt to add minor details. That's kinda weird.
I imagine that I'm a chiwawa with a really high pitched voice and a massive cock, that helps me to sculpt better
>Helps get you immersed in what you're doing if you see it as a game
You could just be a normal human with a brain thats not fried on video game dophamine rushes
/3/ doesn't understand because /3/ is full of technicians, not artists.
I stop fapping for a week in order to sharpen my coomer instinct and make my sculpts better.
This, I can sculpt up to 8 hours an armpit
File: Skull 18.jpg (1.49 MB, 2100x2880)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
Sculpting is a bitch
watch a course or a bunch of courses and even then it's still a bitch
picrel is the last time I sculpt
not really a "weird trick" but manual retopology for sculpting.
this way i can sculpt out the rough shape without having to worry too much about nice surfaces. then i can retopologize to get a nice smooth surface, and after that sculpt additional details and/or project details from the rough mesh.
i normally struggle with the final refinement stages of sculpting, but with this method i can get a pretty nice result without hours of polishing lumpy surfaces.

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