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Does starting with digital sculpting ingrain the same bad artistic habits and mediocrity that happens to people who start painting digitally instead of traditionally?

It seems like the same thing where the technology allows lower skill people to seem better than they really are while simultaneously screwing over the higher end. I think trained traditional sculptors think about sculpting in a way that is higher skill than some guy who is trained in digital sculpting by some low tier industry hack and has never touched a piece of clay
Retarded nigger I sculpt both traditionally and digitally on a daily basis they are nothing alike and have very little in common please stop shitting out low iq plebian takes and delete this thread
They're nothing alike if you suck. A skilled traditional sculptor can make the transition to making high skill art (better than the stuff most industry zbrush hacks could make) in months. Once past the learning curve, it's just an incredibly easy version of real sculpting. Take a zbrush monkey and give them some clay and they can't even make a symmetrical blocked in head, it's substantially worse than what they do digitally
delete yourself

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