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File: piano_bear.webm (1.01 MB, 854x480)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB WEBM
I found this old ass video about a news story where a bear breaks into a house and plays the piano in Vail, Colorado. It looks fake as hell to me, but the comments and articles on other news sites are making me second guess myself. I could use some insight from /3/. The part at 0:55 gives it away in my eyes. Am I insane? Or did someone successfully push a fake story with 3DCG skills to a bunch of news outlets?
I dunno, looks pretty real to me but I m a noob. It's not like he actually plays the piano, just stands on it for a second.

Did they mocap a bear?
I think you need to take some time away from the internet anon.
Just looks like a regular ol bear looking for food. Nothing CG about it. He's not even playing the piano, like the "" marks suggest. Like the other anon says, he's just standing on it like a dog would.
That’s where both of you failed in CGI. There’s this theory in art that if you make everything still then the person will know it’s fake. It’s like looking at fake grass in games, you know it’s fake because grass moves.

Also the lighting is wrong because the two doors at the right are different, you could claim the camera angle and other things but it’s very inconsistent with things, including the bear because it’s not how light reflects. This is how light reflects on bear: https://bear.org/bear-facts/how-do-black-bears-respond-to-bright-sunlight/

As for the behavior of bear, as the article states, they hate the sun. Both times the bear went into the light source. This is abnormal behavior for this creature.

The sound effects is weird, because of the way the camera is placed, i can’t make out anything. Only when the bear presses on the keyboard can it sound weird. I like to remind you, a bear doesn’t care about human stuff and would put their weight on the keyboard, possibly breaking it. A piano is not built to withstand a heavy bear much less a person. It’s completely hidden by the lights and looks pretty ok, not something that can happen if you had own a piano and know how these things work. On the topic of piano, the stool clip through the bears body. Yes a bear fur is long and can cause it to look bigger, yada yada. This still won’t pass because you can see the abnormalities and clipping. Bear doesn’t care about your stuff, it’s a bear. So why would it avoid the stool? Because this bear is fake.

Alright class next lesson is learning the math behind the 4th dimension and why you shouldn’t avoid it.
I have done CGI for 20 years and reviewing it frame by frame it looks real to me.

I do get what you mean it looks fake tho as the way the bear moves as it jumps onto the piano is
not what I would expect and it looks weightless way it brushes across the piano chair
but if you look closely you can see what that black bear does.

It's a lot more agile than I'd give it credit for. it pounces off the ground and let's the momentum of it's
body carry it upward so it cancels out at the precise moment it lands it's front paws on the surface to peer out the window.
Clip gives appreciation for just how kine-statically aware and fluid these animals are, they're fat little ninjas.
This will still be an f on sound effects and vfx. The clock doesn’t have the small scale that rotates. Mirror and glass are inconsistent with each other. It’s not real when the sounds and effects aren’t real.
so many long posts just for a video where a bear puts his paws on some surface to look out the window
I'm biased towards your post despite other anons saying it's real. Idk, the way it moves just looks so fake and floaty. And the way it turns its head... The sound also felt weird to me but I brushed it off. I just don't think real bears move like that! I've also seen lots of AI generated media. Not saying this is AI generated (2017 lol), but maybe it makes me better at identifying fine details where reality wouldn't match
The fact that people who work with this stuff or are at least enthusiasts can't even recognize reality any more says all you really need to know Op.

The era where you can tell by sight if something is real or not is pretty much gone. This is 100% real tho.
I see you're not looking to be told whether or not it's real, but only want someone else to confirm your own belief that it isn't.

So yes,
>Am I insane?
You are.

As for your "clipping" issue, the fur is just moved out of the way by the bench, you can even fucking see the shadow.
It's a small bear, sure, but I can't imagine a young black bear being much bigger than a large dog. Some get big as they age, but this one seems pretty young. I can't see it weight much more than 150-160 pounds. Definitely not what I'd call a "heavy bear".
Also, do you think Pianos are made out of paper mache? There's a reason people need fucking cranes and pulleys to put that shit in. They're sturdy and heavy. They can handle the 50 or so pounds of a small bear leaning on it.

"Why would it avoid the stool?"
Why the fuck does a bear do anything? Why is it in a house? It's a fucking bear, bear with it.
There’s one thing you failed to mention and another problem with clipping issue. You see normal lighting reflecting in the walls and bear is part of the problem in 3D space. We deal with it. The fact that you say the fur has shadows but the fur also reflects is a flawed you missed.
Didn't think I needed to explain how light and shadow worked, but here we are.
Blue stuff is the light from the door/window at the back, dark blue on the bear is the shadow from that light (also present on the wall). Light blue bits on the bench is light from that window as well.
Red portion is a window right in front of the bear, it's casting light on the front of the bear that we can see, with a bright area reflecting off of the fur on the arm (pink on the floor is the light from that window casting into the room). The arm is also blocking a bit on the bear's side as well, which is why there isn't highlights, possibly because the elbow is slightly turned out, and because it's not directly within that bright path.
We also can't see what's directly in front of that window or how things are arranged, so it's likely that the lightest spot on the arm, doesn't have the curtain in front of it or similar, as we can see that light casting on the chair on the left, which is why it's present on certain spots on the bear. Notice how the light from that window on the floor is diffuse, except for that bit on the chair and bear. So yeah, odds are it's a curtain or something diffusing the light a bit (we can see that in the foreground), and the part that's brighter is a bit that's exposed.

And before you start nitpicking, we don't see the shadow of the bear on the floor in this picture because the camera is too high to see it from that angle.
this >>983477 pretty much, also worth pointing out is how we don't know what the space the bear entered the room from look like, seems to be an opening high up to the left of the camera where the bear first appear and leap downward onto the floor. could be reflective/bright surfaces that side that bounces light to shape it all kinds of ways.

Also notice the cobwebs that get pulled up from the seat by the bears nose. That's some S-tier CGI if this is synthetic imagery, everything Looks perfectly real to me.
Who would fake a black bear poking around a house to the point it looks better than what the best of Hollywood effect teams makes?

You where that good you'd fake a ayylmao or sasq crawling in thru the window or some shit, at the very least it'd be a chupacabra.
You explained lightning poorly, architect designers know light bounce from wall to wall, it’s a real thing in jobs: https://www.architonic.com/en/story/claire-brodka-bouncing-off-the-walls-how-interiors-can-benefit-from-indirect-lighting/20722748

What you are claiming is nonsense science that has nothing going. A bear was present at the light source, the keyboards are reflective, the ceilings should also had a shadow. Not once did it change, the bear moving from place to place didn’t change the bounce light, the carpet is white and should easily bounce the lights.

Another thing, the room is too shadow, anyone who has architectural experience will tell you that two windows will light up the room. Why the light source acting weird? Because it’s fake.

Stay in school and not learn anything from fake YouTubers.
>the bear moving from place to place didn’t change the bounce light

It bounces all over the place, are you blind bro?
Scrub thru the video and look at the ceiling and walls, you can very obviously see how the ambient changes as them bright surfaces get occluded by the bear.
You’re both are off wrong, the bear shadow on ceilings mysteriously appears but not animated when it comes into contact with piano. Admit it, it’s fake.
because the bears shadow in the ceiling is the bear occluding the light off the bright floor, when it stands off to the side in the room it doesn't block as much bounced light off that surface.

There is nothing mysterious about this anon.
1)Lightning contracts is not the same

2)Abnormal bear behavior

3)reflection is abnormal

4)odd sounds

5)clipping of bear in chair

It’s not normal, the whole thing screams fake.
File: hick_smoked_hb.png (105 KB, 308x423)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
cg is always super ez to spot.
pic related.

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