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File: stolen.jpg (78 KB, 1277x808)
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guys i'm never on this channel but i wanted to know something maybe some of you who play tarkov or arena breakout infinioty have heard about it
BSG the company that develops tarkov says the game arena breakout has stolen their assets including not only models but also sounds etc. you are experts in 3d modelling what do you guys say? i really wanted to hear from experts what is true or not here are two videos one says it is stolen the other says it is not stolen


Sifting thru it and looking at those meshes as someone who has modeled for decades I can tell you that even if I built a same real world object as another artist to autistic detail there is no chance all the edge loops would end up that similar.

Also the number of AK variations and models that exist out there is immense, to end up this similar in form-factor they more or less had to have used the same individual rifle as their base. I'm 99.9998% sure this is retouched assets copied from the other game.
Im glad the bottom video guy wasted 10 minutes saying "Uhmm akshully the topology is completely different!!!" just to say at 10:01 "Well actually I think they just re-topo'd Tarkovs model"
but how can someone extract the 3d models from a game i don't get it. are they cracking the game to steal the models?
Tarkov runs on unity so it's known what the format looks like, I dunno if file rippers are readily available but it's not super hard
for any savvy programmer to find the mesh data and write a custom exporter, has been done for tons of popular game engines in the past.

If all else fails there are interception software that dumps whatever is rendered on screen by directX open GL etc from memory to a 3D mesh file
so if Tarkov has say a mode to spectate the gun it'd be trivial to rip it that way with software like DX Ripper in a 'ready to use' kind of state.

It's sorta like how no matter what kind of protection a website run so you can't save their images by right click there is no guard against 'print-screen'. If it renders on your system it must be available in memory in a un-ecrypted format your graphics hardware can understand.
You struggled at school didn't you
sorry english is not my main language. i try my best to improve my english sorry

thank you for explaining it to me
there's programs that scan things directly at directx level
At some point these models end up in RAM and VRAM in a format optimized for speedy reading (=not secure at all and easily readable), that's where they get copied and written to disk.

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