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What’s on your playlist?.
JAM Project compilation album
I usually just find a good compilation album or set to throw on when I'm driving. aptget has a bunch of his sets up on his site if you need an easy link to one. The songs are almost all JP stuff, but he has a lot of good variety in his tracks. tunes.apt-get.xyz/streams
this guy fucks
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A lot of city pop (namely the funk side like Tatsuro Yamashita and ANRI), YMO, nujabes. The drunker I get the more, the more dad rock and western funk comes out. (These are at conventions themselves or in hotel rooms. I basically never do con road trips since they're all either too close or too far for that.) Oh and depending on the mood I'll try for something I think "the audience" will appreciate, which is more often than not, is early 2000s radio hits
In terms of anime music, a mix of songs from whatever we're currently watching and nostalgic classics from shows my friends and I were into back in the day.
I also end up playing a lot of country too though since that's the main normie music I'm into and nothing is a better fit for driving for hours across the middle of nowhere.
File: yes.gif (483 KB, 498x372)
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I listen to a lot of feel-good energetic-electronic music.
1) Snail's House
2) Moe Shop

1) ClariS
2) Perfume
3) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

I also like artists that make Weeb-themed music:
1) PaiDA
2) YFU Baby
File: E61ybm2VkAEqKMV.jpg (950 KB, 2048x1725)
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950 KB JPG
If I'm honest I listen to all kinds of music, most of the time I listen to lofi to relax faster, but the artists that are always on my playlist are

1- Beabadoobee
2- Chloe Moriondo
3- Inabakumori (a lot of vocaloid songs)
4- Yakui the Maid
5- Takayan

The others are very random, but as long as they relax me and agree with my mood, I am happy, I guess I don't pay much attention to genres of music desu

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