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It's just a couple of weeks away. Is anyone in the area going, or have you been to it in past years? What did you think if so? Seems to have a pretty solid selection of guests.
This board is so dead.... I didn't realize this con was coming up, but I'll probably drive up to Huntsville and check it out. I went once years back, it was fun. Met so many Homestuck cosplayers (to give you an idea of how far back this was). It used to be easier to find AL gulls...
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>Met so many Homestuck cosplayers (to give you an idea of how far back this was).
I'm gonna be real with you bro, I'm going this year and Saturday is 4/13. I'm a total cosplay noob but I'm still throwing a basic bitch Bro together, I can't NOT do it.
Fuck yeah. I might go as Jane or Terezi in that case! I hope a lot of homestucks come out of their retirement homes this con.
it's gonna be my first con tomorrow and i'm kinda stressed

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