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I'm going to attend and cosplay at FanExpo Philadelphia this year. I was just wondering if anyone else was going to attend or if anyone's been there before.

I rarely see convention posts outside of a few of the larger anime cons get any traction on here these days, so I wouldn't expect a lot of responses.
But anyways, yeah, I'm going since the venue is very close to me. Probably just for a single day and not going to bother cosplaying.
I saw that Friday hours are 4-9 PM for single day badge holders. What the actual fuck is that?
I had a giggle when they announced Gina Carano is a guest. I can imagine the insufferable cancel culture crowd has now labeled Fan Expo as an alt right convention or some shit.
Haven't gone any outside of SF, but from what I can tell from when I staffed at SF, they're a professional outfit. Market/AA tends to be crowded as shit.
I'm going to go there for the first time and am not sure what to expect

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