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iirc it happened to take place around the 2010's with either the new 52 and/or the suicide squad movie but i'm not sure on how everyone decided to start dressing up as her

(for that matter, did any major (cos)player dress up as her prior to 2011?)
It’s a pretty easy cosplay and her edgy/quirky personality type was a popular trope on the rise around that time
ye ithink i can see that: not everyone can buy a red and black bodysuit; but they can buy a corset and stuffs
Yeah, I don't think there was any specific reason. I cosplaying at that time and roomed with a Harley Quinn cosplayer. She was just always popular and it coincided with cosplaying becoming more popular.
Its a flexible cosplay character.

You can slut it up with the bodysuit/suicide squad margot version or do a gothic clown with a corset dress like other versions
Arkham games
honestly i doubt the bodysuit is considered "slutty" as it were

honestly it's more covered-up/kid-safe
Forgive me for staring.
Bruv that’s JNig, she wants people to stare. That’s what her whole career is based on
File: IMG_2108.jpg (425 KB, 1459x764)
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425 KB JPG
update from the man himself: i totally miscalculated the “when”
>not sure on how everyone decided to start dressing up as her

She's a female power fantasy. Does ANYTHING she wants (including killing kids) with zero consequences.

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