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Cosplay noob here. I'm looking to make a mask like this. The character is relatively obscure, so I can't just buy one, but I've never done something like this before. From what I've seen paper mache is the go-to, but the horns are what throw me. I'm not sure where I'd even get started with something like that.

Basically, any tips? Is paper mache the way to go? Would this be too difficulty for a beginner, should I give up and go with something else? thanks.
Paper mache is extremely flimsy
Either rip the model from the game (this is extremely easy to do in XIV) and 3D print it or use eva foam
Basically what >>10910459 said. But I want to add that sculpting a face like that on foam without previous experience is really hard. The horns are actually the easiest part.
If you want a smooth and symmetric finish, either make a foam pattern or a 3d print. Paper mache or other hand sculpting/molding mediums will likely end up sad and lumpy looking.
Sounds like it'll be too tough for my first time, especially since the con is in a month and I was planning on making 5 for my whole friend group. Thanks for the advice anons, I'll go with something easier and try this again next con.
No problem anon, good luck with your future plans
Might I recommend Amaurotine masks and robes instead? Those are very easy to find on Etsy.
>my first time
>the con is in a month
>I was planning on making 5 for my whole friend group
Thanks for the kek anon. The Dunning-Kruger effect is alive and well
I'm confused by the pace of this thread.
>rip files
>clean them up
If they're not available online anyways, get some guy from fiver to do it for you. Else, get a hold of the original cosplayer and ask him for files.
>print them
Probably need to be put into parts and reassembled, but doable on all medium2large printers. Check your local maker space if you don't have a 3d printer of your own.
>sand them
>air brush some gold highlights
Check your local warhammer community if you have an airbrush gun of your own.

For five masks, i'd wager three afternoons, or one good weekend.

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