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File: dragondeez.png (562 KB, 550x550)
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We're just under four months away now.

Have you got a room yet, or are you still hunting?
Set on your cosplay? How's it coming along?
How do you plan on getting there?
File: 20230904_135909.jpg (2.59 MB, 4032x2268)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB JPG
Sadly I work this year :( but u had a phenomenal time last year and enjoyed meeting new con frens.
>are you still hunting?
yeah that, i have no fucking idea how to get a room
Go on Google maps, click hotels for dates you wanna go, and book.
They're sold out m8
Got a room in a Hotel close by.

Day one: Austin Powers
Dat two: Jason Vorhees from Part 8
Day three: classic tights Punisher
Day Four: Lady Jaye (G.I. Joe)
Day Five Prince Naveen

Both RE photo shoot and parade I will be Joseph Frost from STARS Alpha team.

Flying down hopefully United since they got movies you can watch.
can someone get stephanie gladden to appear in cons beyond this one? i've got some major art ideas in mind ngl
Had a room since I book my shit nearly a year ahead of time
My 3 are still in the works. Still trying to figure out if I'm doing anything fancy for the bunny hutch this year.
I'm a local, so I'm driving down on Wed.
You didn't even try
Host hotels, anon...
Ohhh, you don't wanna walk an extra two min.
Sucks to suck I guess. :)
I've just been repeatedly told that it's not worth going if you can't get into a host hotel since that's where all the shit actually happens.
Well that's just not true. Also if you can't walk a few min to the main hotels you just shouldn't go.
Or just don't go. It's whatever to me.
File: 1590098436012.jpg (31 KB, 604x550)
31 KB
Okay I'll trust you and start looking, I think they've got con rates for the Fairfield and I hear the Omni is decent too.
This is my first time going so I'm trying to make the most of it, especially because it's both a long drive and pretty expensive. I've had zero luck finding a roomshare even though I'd be happy to sleep on someone's floor, the Facebook group exists but it's slow and it's 90% people looking to swap rooms they already have.
I'm very anxious is all.
You'll be fine man. I stayed in a hotel last year that was a 5 min Uber ride away. I was only in the room for sleeping, showering, and changing cosplay. Most of the day I was doing laps around the hotels and enjoying life. Just have a backpack with you foer snacks n booze.
Oh yeah, Uber's a thing so I don't really have to walk. Thanks anon, that's exactly what I was hoping to hear.
I wonder if it's possible to get roomshares at the non-host hotels though, they're still pricey
I don't see why not. Just stay on top of it. You'll be fine. Stay hydrated and don't forget to get some rest while there.
It's gonna be pretty hectic before the con even officially starts, so enjoy. Keep your eyes out for swag as well. It's everywhere
As someone new to DC, is it just me or are there a lot of retarded old boomers that only have "HAHA IVE BEEN HERE FOR X YEARS" going for them in life?

I can make friends pretty easily irl but I feel like there's a bit of unwarranted elitism from a subpopulation at this con. I know it's a 70k+ attendee con so there's some bad apples
You sounds pretty cringy and gatekeepy
got a room, but don't know what I'm going to bring.
I wanted to do something biiig! but I won't get anything big done in time, so I'm thinking more casual and achievable.
I'm leaning towards one piece stuff, I've been obsessed these past 6 months or so. so I can't think of anything I'd rather work on
My buddy has apparently moved in nearby, so it looks like I'm finally gonna make it for this one. I'm finally completing the Atlanta trinity. Feels good man
What are the other two? Momo and AWA?
As someone who is always glad to see more OP stuff at DC, please don't be another low effort Luffy. The characters change outfits so often that there's a shit ton of cool stuff you can do. It pains me to see someone who just cuts up a pair of jeans, slaps on a red vest and straw hat.
Oh look, a gatekeeper. How cringy
>finally got a room
it's floor space but i'm so so excited bros
in a host hotel and everything

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