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Theme Questions:
>How would you make use of exotic slaves like Centaurs, Harpies and other humanoids?
>What extra precautions need to be taken when training/owning dangerous races like Giants or Echidnas?
>Would slaves with magical powers be sold on the market or are they restricted to society's elite?
>What's the relationship like between normal human slaves and the more exotic ones?

Classic World Building Questions:
>1) What setting would you choose for your scenario? Modern? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Based in reality?
>2) What's the main supply of slaves?
>3) In case of mass enslavement, how are new slaves kept and trained to ensure they won't rebel or disrupt the society?

Questions for Masters/Mistresses:
>1) How do you want your slave(s) to view you/feel about you?
>2) Would you consider training new slaves in groups or pairs?
>3) Would you train slaves with a history before enslavement, like friends, lovers, enemies, etc?
>4) What general feelings would you want your slaves to have towards each other? Competition? Jealously? Hierarchical obedience? Affection? Partnership?
Questions for slaves:
>1) How would you get adjusted to a new Master, or your life as a slave?
>2) Would your Master assign the duty of training you to another trusted slave, training you himself, or train you with another slave?
>3) If trained in a group or as a pair, who is the other slave? Your friend, your enemy, your lover, etc.
>4) What training will you be put through?

Questions for Switches:
>1) Are your Master and slave fantasies always separate, or do you like to imagine role reversals?
>2) Are there differences in how you would treat your slave(s) vs. how you imagine being treated as a slave?

Last thread: >>10876089

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File: 1700517716021736.jpg (361 KB, 1821x1369)
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Glad to see non-standard slaves made it as the thread theme. Buying some sort of monster girl at the slave market after a while of having a regular girl serve you is the natural way to evolve to having a harem. Still would only stick to 2 or 3 slaves that get really close to eachother, but still.

A cat girl is the obvious choice, and I don't see much reason to go against that. It's still very important to bring your slave to the market to make sure they get along, if you've got 5 cat girls on sale then having them each kiss your girl would be a important part of picking out which one you want. I'd go for the cat that put on the biggest show, displays of forced lez is going to be a big part of her future, and as I always say the best slave is a devoted slave.
>How would you make use of exotic slaves like Centaurs, Harpies and other humanoids?
It's necessary to seal any special abilities they have, first of all. Anything with wings needs to have its wings bound. Harpies have the ability to sing a captivating song - this means it's necessary to keep them gagged. I think centaurs should have their human arms bound so that they can be more effectively used as mounts. See picrel - I think centaurs should be kept like this.
It's something that needs to be handled case-by-case. There's a good image out there of a succubus being bound so she can't use her powers.
There's a lot to like with this idea!
Those who designed slavery as part of the legal system knew it was likely to meet challenges, and so sought to protect the institution by further disenfranchising slaves. The process of a slave contract being made and legally recorded inherently restricts my access to the legal system.
This is to say, as a safety measure only "humans" (of which I am not one) are allowed to view legal documents. As a slave, I would have to petition my owner even to view a copy of the contract I signed. There's certain things I can never actually see, like my valuation by an appraiser. I'll never actually know if I sold myself for far less than I was worth.
File: 1703831937940388.jpg (372 KB, 762x1200)
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372 KB JPG
I generally treat my slaves in such a way to reinforce that they are things and not people. One example is I don't allow them to handle money, them being property means they never really have any property, and anything they might use is ultimately something of mine I allow them to make use of, so there's no real need for them to ever even have money in their hands, just gives them delusions of personhood, could confuse their little heads.

Them not legally being allowed to know how much they were sold for is a good idea too. I bought my girls out of what is effectively the bargain bin, so Ive insulted them plenty of times letting them know how much their entire lives is owed to me, but them not even legally being able to see how much they're worth after I took over their lives would be nice. They already get really good grades when I take them to the slave veterinarian, not that they need to know, but they'd be worth quite a bit on resale with how Ive trained them and their simple slave brains could get a little confused if they think they are more worthwhile property than when I bought them.
Should female slaves only get anal?
Not a fan of penetrative sex myself so my slaves only blow me and get to touch themselves at the end of the week to let off some frustration. If they've been good.

Possibly if I buy a boy with one of those little dicklets between his legs they could put on some displays with that thing, but then you're getting into more harem stuff which is a bit too much to manage beyond just a few.

The type of sex a slave is allowed to have is entirely up to its owner, and while I think my way is pretty good since even the act of sex itself reinforces power differential, every person is going to have different tastes and the right way for them to enjoy their property is whatever they wish.
File: crate1476083778923.jpg (72 KB, 650x650)
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>Responding to the last thread
>Make me wonder about clear transport/storage cases for slaves
>I mean, if we're talking about a society where slavery is accepted, then what real need is there to hide that you're transporting a slave? Maybe you just want to be able to do a quick visual check on their wellbeing, or maybe you just enjoy showing them off

Aside from theft prevention, the average slavegirl isn't very bright and doesn't handle stress very well, so putting them in a warm and comfy transport box makes long-distance travel a lot easier.
File: 1705781165677917.jpg (943 KB, 2497x2000)
943 KB
943 KB JPG
When a slave is in a box like that it helps with centering their thoughts. Its probably not nearly as comfortable as us humans would expect, but for slaves being tightly bound in that thing helps them remove any thoughts of the duties they have to toil at and replaces solely with worship of their Master. These things are accessories to our lives, and when they have nothing to concern their head with it defaults to the entire reason for their being: Service to their owner. Its a little bit therapeutic, after getting unpacked after a long train journey slaves are often less nervous and light up with adoration the moment they see their owner, and need a lot less encouragement with the whip to throw their entire heart into whatever tasks they are ordered.
File: 64095071_p0_master1200.jpg (438 KB, 846x1200)
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438 KB JPG
>>1) What setting would you choose for your scenario? Modern? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Based in reality?
Fantasy world. A magical kingdom/sultanate that used to run on the classic "Sultan and his administrative Harem" style setup, but at some point the sultan's family vanished/died out, and there were no valid candidates for a new Sultan/Sultana. There is also a lot of magical bureaucracy and organisation of he harem itself going on, which essentially means the entire nation is fully managed by a massive harem of slave girls, each carefully selected for their skills, education, beauty, and so forth.

>>2) What's the main supply of slaves?
Chosen girls are taken, enslaved, and made part of harem for several years, where they decide laws, taxes, diplomacy, and more, and once they reach a specific age they're auctioned off for newer, younger replacements.
All the while, they are trained and kept "ready and eager" for a Sultan who will never come, meaning you have hundreds of horny, orgasm denied girls who can't wait for their term as Diplomat/Lawmaker/Advisor/Whatever to be finally over so they can be sold to somebody who'll fuck them.

And I guess there's an accidental incentive for the girls to be good at their jobs, because they'll likely be sold to the people who their laws influence after they're done. Imagine fucking up the economy and then being sold to an angry, wealthy merchant who wants revenge on you.
This has been going on for hundreds of years, and it changes the culture. Intelligence and achievement is utterly associated with being a slave and/or promiscuous. So you have women who now aggressively try to behave stupid and reject all wisdom/knowledge because if they know too much, ae attractive enough, and are of the right age, then the magical system will force them into the harem. And then there's girls who do pursue knowledge, end they basically are seen as sluts, because they're trying to get enslaved, or at least see it as an acceptable risk to their lives.

Imagine seeing a childhood friend grow up and start taking an interest in politics, and you know that she's attractive, and here's a risk that the harem's enchantment will one day decide that she'll be a part of the administration of the nation; where her life will be nothing but years of constant slave training and denial, capped off with being sold to whoever wants her after several years. She's ambitious and willing to sell her body for her ambition, even knowing it's an unfair trade.
>reinforce that they are things and not people
Hence storage when I'm not in use!
I also really like the idea of being forbidden from handling money. I think I'd prefer if that was a systemic thing and legally speaking slaves could not have possession of anything, even small sentimental objects, let alone money.

>not even legally being able to see how much they're worth
Legally speaking I probably wouldn't ever know my own initial sale value. Any changes in that value would also be hidden from me.
Perhaps I first got sold for a pittance, but over time I become worth millions. To me, it doesn't matter. As a slave I can never benefit from my own value. I might have sold myself at my lowest point, yet no matter how much I desire my freedom back I can never have it again.

I would enjoy the degradation of being relegated to being anal-only.

>get to touch themselves at the end of the week to let off some frustration
From my perspective this is very kind of you... You can be crueler with us. Masturbation isn't really necessary and I think it's probably good to at least prevent us from losing hope for an orgasm entirely, but there's no reason to let us cum any more than the bare minimum required to remind us it's a thing we're missing. There is no benefit to anyone from me having an orgasm, after all.
It may not be in my best interest to say this, but I think you should ban orgasm in these self-pleasure reward sessions. We slaves should never cum by our own hands.
File: 1696726944117225.png (724 KB, 3508x2480)
724 KB
724 KB PNG
Pretty positive ive talked to you before. The girl that has thoughts of Dogeza fill the majority of her head, the other 20% or so being grovelling and crying. Honestly am hopeful you're the girl I know IRl who might be hanging around here, those are good things for a girl such as you to have in your head.

When I think of orgasm control I try and understand that I wouldn't be too happy never cumming again, but then I am a person, not a slave. Need to stop thinking these things experience reality the same as the rest of us. I still think you're a bit too ambitious for your own good trying to never cum again, but as always, if you want to dig your own grave I see no reason to stop you. If you come to me crying and begging after several months of only sucking cock that you'll do anything to be permitted to just squeak out a little bit of a orgasm, then it is true: You will do anything. I don't inflict very heavy torture on my property that often, they kind of understand how to serve with just the usual correction from the whip, but your simple head encountering its own hubris is something you will never forget. It'll start off with the whip every single day for a while, and ill need to be thinking of some public things for you to do to completely destroy your personhood. When you're rubbing your handful of servile brain cells together you should think really hard about if you're really the high cut of slavemeat you think you are.
>Pretty positive ive talked to you before
Yes! In these threads. I'm almost certain we haven't spoken irl because I don't really talk to people about my fetishes unless we're dating or online.

>dogeza... grovelling and crying
Guilty as charged. I love the thought of being forced to grovel for every little thing!

>orgasm control
Well, I didn't say never cumming again! I think I prefer the idea of "minimal" to none. Basically, rather than never cumming, it would be even worse because the oh-so-rare orgasms would mean I couldn't even give up hope. It would leave me even more pathetic and hopeless because any time could be the time I finally get orgasm.
And meanwhile, you'd ensure that I stay stimulated. Through regular aphrodisiacs and teasing, my sex drive would be maintained high and I'd be left unable to distract myself and ignore my need.
Sometimes I might have two orgasms a day apart. Other times, they might be half a year apart. Either way, I am kept guessing all the time, desperate but helpless.
I like the thought of unfairness. Something like, perhaps you catch me touching my clit briefly. It's merely a fraction of a second, a brief touch, but it was without permission. As punishment, my hands will be kept bound behind me for the next month, yet I am to accomplish my duties just the same.
I find out quickly that this poses a problem, because I can't do proper dogeza which includes palms flat on the floor. When a guest visits, I fail to perform my duty, and that earns me further punishment, especially since I complained about being unable rather than apologizing profusely.
It's immaterial that I have no way of making good on my task. I am responsible for service, and having the privilege of my arms revoked is no excuse for my inadequacy.
File: 1691882504200941.jpg (1.02 MB, 849x1200)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
The voice you have writing this is the kind of mix between servile slave and cute anime girl I always enjoy. If you've known me IRL in some way then you'd likely already know, there's this whole situation going on with a couple girls I know. But regardless, allowing you to touch yourself just at my whim instead of on a set schedule is a good way to torture you. That's a good idea, sometimes good girls like you can think. Sort of.

You are going to be held to the exact same high standard of service no matter what is happening to you. You exist to serve, so cutting you any slack whatsoever is just missing the point of why you're even here. Touching yourself without my permission is obviously going to be a beating, but it's also fun to get more creative. It's a cold rainy day today where I live, and on a day like this I might force you into my backyard if you did something to upset me. I won't leave you out there for long, it is cold, and you haven't worn clothes in years, but you're going to grovel your heart out to be allowed back in. Ill decide when you've done it enough, and on a day like this that is going to be really unpleasant for you to exist outside without a little set of rags over your body is great for having all sorts of fun at your expense. You ever try to have a orgasm from humping the wet ground? Well you better see if you can do that since you're going to be dragged back inside after 15 minutes for your own health and its not my fault if you can't do it. Cry and beg harder and ill think about maybe potentially letting you humiliate yourself in some other way to drip some cum out of your little thing. Possibly. We'll see.
>voice you have writing this is the kind of mix between servile slave and cute anime girl
Thank you for your kind words!

>cold rainy day today where I live
Huh, here too. We might not be too far apart?

>exact same high standard of service
I love high protocol scenarios.
Something I really like also is experiencing inequality. You might treat me more coldly than your other slaves and be more strict with your rules, just to remind me of my place constantly.
The reason my scenarios are so strict is because I like the idea of being held to a high standard. As much as I'd love to be able to masturbate freely, I think being denied my desires for some higher purpose would be satisfying in its own right, and somehow the cruelty of my fantasy being realized would feel better than simple pleasure.

>force you into my backyard...grovel your heart out to be allowed back in
I really like the idea of you punishing me for getting myself dirty in the groveling.

>ever try to have a orgasm from humping the wet ground
Perhaps this would happen while I still don't have access to my arms, to make it extra humilating and degrading. As I get dirty I can't even properly do anything to wipe myself off and look less pathetic. I have to writhe on the ground to get up since I can't push up with my arms. Ideally I'd be so desperate by this point that I'd writhe on the ground anyway, despite knowing how useless it is.
I do hope to have two girls, their personalities are going to express themselves over the course of getting used to toiling in servitude and treating them both differently is a good method to exact control. You seem to be the kind of girl that believes totally in her place in the mud at my feet, and as such you're going to be treated like it. Far stricter in my punishments, I insult you a lot more, you might even get the name of dirtslave instead of something positive like devotion or humiliating but still good like assmeat. If im nice to you its just going to confuse the one and a half braincells you have down there. Would rather you don't get deluded.

Grovelling in the mud is kind of your happy place, isnt it? I swear the fact I have to hose you off a lot when its warmer in the summer and you writhe around trying to hump your cunt like some skinny little pig is, well, it is entertaining, but you're still going to get punished for all the mud that is hosed off of you when this closest thing to sex you have gets you all excited. Dumb little slaves like you sure do love the fact that they are worth even less than dirt, I'm not surprised you were in the bargain bin.
>I would enjoy the degradation of being relegated to being anal-only.
Can you cum from anal only?
It's something that can be trained, some subs train to orgasm from spanking. Hell some train to orgasm from being whipped or simply ordered to orgasm. Reminds me of the anon who was posting about a book they were reading about dog training methods and how it can be used for slave training.
very hot setting. Are slaves trained in public or is it something secretive people make rumors about?
File: 1704090819314501.jpg (65 KB, 667x800)
65 KB
Is there a reason this thread is so slow?

Get back to fucking work slaves! I want this thread to be spotless, you're already going to get tortured when you get back to your cell so don't make it worse for yourselves. If I see even a speck of dirt on this thread it's going to be what you're eating tonight instead of your gruel ration.
> Are slaves trained in public or is it something secretive people make rumors about?
They're public servants, so a good part of it is that they are. I'd say that a lot of the harem's enforcements are automated by magical laws and such, and a big part of it is that since there's no sultan having sex with them, the harem girls are assumed to be disfavoured, or not sexy enough, or something else by the system. So it starts assigning them training in an attempt to make them kinky/sexy/needy enough that the sultan would choose them, but there's no sultan at all.
Imagine a girl gets whisked away because she can read, write, and knows things (which proper, chaste ladies don't do. Wives are basically culturally trying to be stupid to avoid getting enslaved by the harem government system).
She's a newbie girl, and she's under all these rules, and one of them is that only the sultan can let her cum. She just can't, no matter what, and there's no sultan/a to relieve her.
Because of that, the magic goes "Why isn't the sultan fucking her?" and just starts making her do things. Maybe she's not sexy enough. The system starts changing her uniform to be more exposing and sexy - and she still has to partake in government duties. Maybe she isn't fit enough - she's given a training regimen, where she's not doing yoga, martial arts, and other exercises naked. Maybe her beauty isn't widely known. She's brought out to the public for the world to see her nude beauty. And she's not allowed a single chance to cum.
Her only hope for an orgasm is to be sold, and that will be years away.
File: 117414056_p1.png (893 KB, 664x1200)
893 KB
893 KB PNG
This thread is like this sometimes until some conversations kick in.
To contribute to the topic, what's your preferred way of taming exotic magical slaves or witches who were previously your enemies?
I read a story with a similar premise, it's a setting where ponygirls exist and get used in everyday life but people think they're just some special breed of animals and not human. There's a girl who just learns too much and gets enslaved herself. The idea of being enslaved because they knew too much and just couldn't stop themselves from being tempted for more is really really hot.
I wonder if the magic system is some sort of black box that could malfunction and go haywire (like how generative models hallucinate) and what sort of outcome that would create. The kinds of obscenely modified and embellished to attract but completely chaste and deprived slaves it would create (who still have to keep sane and run a country).
Enslaving former mages would mostly be a question of getting them into the magickal manacles that would drain their power, after that more standard slave training would begin. Its important to break down the will of any slave to remove the idea of freedom completely from their mind, but if they were skilled mages before their capture then that is even more important. If I was the kind of slaver with a large stable of girls i'd be paying a lot more attention to them, since they are the most able to cause problems. If I was enslaving a former mage as part of owning just a few girls for personal use though it would make sense to allow her to use some of her magic after she's properly had any resistance beaten out. She could easily be the star of my harem if it numbers 3 or so girls, being a lesser mage to assist me. Slave training in a world with widespread magic is also a interesting topic, might need to write out more of that.
Been thinking about developing a technology or a magic spell that gives complete and total control over a girl's involuntary/autonomic nervous system. Rather or in addition to manually training her, this would be like tinkering in a computer's BIOS. She's been a good girl? Reward with increased serotonin/dopamine release for a day. She's having a rebellious fit? Activate the same nerve suppression your brainstem turns on to disable your muscles so you don't physically act out your dreams during sleep. Been very very good? Give her an orgasm with the same casualness as letting a dog eat a treat from your palm. Or on the other side of the spectrum, bypass the nerve stimulus exhaustion and force her to cum over and over again even when she's completely spent and aching. If you're cruel, you can shut her lungs off for a minute until she remembers who's in charge. And if she's been used up completely, you just don't need her anymore, or she's done something completely unforgiveable, click her power button and shut off her heart: the end.

It's such a complete and absolute degree of power that no amount of physical bondage, even complete encasement paired with mind control, compares to.
Slave's are supposed to have a healthy fear of their owners in the same sort of way you would have a healthy fear of god. In a lot of ways their owner is their god, and I train my girls to worship me as their entire world, but being under the dominion of something like that would inspire a lot of fear and a lot of worship. I'm not nearly cruel enough to use it to its full potential, but it'd still help with corrective torture.

Thinking about magical slave girls I think the only type that would benefit from being trusted with magic is a well trained personal companion slave. Someone who follows her Master around everywhere, is passed over from most hard labour since her purpose is to please me 24/7, a girl like that. She could figure out various spells that could help her with her duties. Magically enhancing sex is what she would do a lot of, but domestic services like cleaning could also benefit from magic. Likewise magic could be used to change her voice more towards my tastes, same with her body. Magic could be used to help with temperature regulation in being nude regardless of the environment. With how magic is kind of opening the pandora's box of writing in giving this slave infinite options in fulfilling her Master's dreams i'm somewhat surprised I haven't seen very much of this.
File: Monika Aya Market.png (861 KB, 1024x724)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
New pic.
Full res and story here: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=9862472
I think you misunderstand. women aren't taken to the harem for knowing too much about how the harem works, they're taken to the harem for knowing anything to a sufficient degree. The last Sultan wanted educated secretaries, lawmakers, and so on under his thrall as his fuckable administration.

So like, imagine a girl in a village. She has secretly been learning to read, because a lot of women are put under pressure to avoid reading, doing math, e.t.c, because being smart and educated can get them enslaved. She'd proud of that, because her stupid older sisters and her mom are dumber than her, obviously. She can trick them and get her own way. She learns math, she teaches herself, and she hides it because the boys just assume smart girls are promiscuous, that's why all the smart adult women are sex slaves.

And then a hundred miles away in the capital, the harem sells the latest batch of "graduates" to nobles, foreigners, and whoever, and a list of candidates are compiled. She's put on a list of viable candidates, because she's good at it. She's smart, and the harem needs good statisticians, computers, scribes, and so on.

The Harem's guard is sent to her village to retrieve her, and along the way they pick out a few others. A foreign con-artist, a butcher's daughter who has been allowed to handle sales a bit too often, and a girl who has deliberately been trained in law by her parents because they want the political power that the harem represents.
Those are some good girls. 3 is a good size for a work crew in general, but out of that lineup i'd probably take the blonde on the right back to my estate. Assuming she didn't cost too much, she doesn't look that remarkable.

The story of gladiator fights is also interesting. Ive gotten into forced lez of my slaves a lot, putting on a show for me, but even without getting into the complex magical systems just having some play fights and wrestling could be entertaining. The thought of organized gladiator games to watch in the stadium is neat. I bring one of my slaves with me, but she's going to have her face buried in my crotch kneeling infront of my seat since the games aren't for her to watch.
Slave girls are assigned various slave names. These come in three tiers, and a girl will often be renamed multiple times throughout her service. This is often a training tool, used to reward and punish slaves, but it varies from Master to Master, and this system is not set in stone and is a cultural thing that has come as a result of widespread slavery.

>>Top Tier
Names are often considered positive affirmations of the values of slavery. Many girls strive for the ultimate honour of bearing one of these.
>>Examples: devotion, service, worship

>>Mid Tier
Vast majority of slaves bear these names. While often humiliating they are at least positive in the sense that slaves are objects and hold value in that way, or are evocative of common slave experiences
>>Examples: assmeat, boobmeat, grovel, beg, toil, scraps, rags.

>>Low Tier
Counterintuitively, slaves are not often given these names as punishments, as a girl that is too defiant to serve in the households of her betters will simply be shipped off to mines or farms where she will be assigned a number under which she does permanent hard labour until her service ends. Instead low tier names are often given to slaves who internalize their inferiority to such a degree humiliating names are useful as a method of control in addition to being fun for their owners
>>Examples: dirtslave, cumstain, cockbrain, bootlicker,
Meanie head masters (torturers), I've had a few thoughts lately...

1) How you tell your new slaves about punishments. Especially if they're captured or not accustom to slavery?

I often fantasize myself as a demi-human, lesser race being captured and put into slavery. Anything from an elf or demon girl to a cat girl or dryad whatever.
I really love imagining about how much power my captor would have. How would he prepare me for my new life? Whisper in my ear the horrible thing's he'll do to me if I try to escape? Put on a demonstration with a disposable girl?

2) i really like to "earn" things as a slave. Especially if my master is cruel. Maybe if I'm really well behaved he'll buy me a pretty coller. Maybe when he rapes me he won't hit me. The dichotomy of a earning the respect of a cruel master is overwhelming to me.

My number one request, would be that if/when master has no use for me, that he'll put me down painlessly. I'm so terrified of pain I just want to earn safety. Is this something you'd be willing to grant? If your slave is literally obsessed with pleasing you and crazy in love with you?

3) This is a weird one but it's come up a few times. The idea of a gentle rapist. I imagine I've been captured or defeated in battle and my conquerer decides to take me on the spot.

But he doesn't really have any animosity towards me. If anything he has a small amount of respect, which is why he's enslaving me instead of killing me. He's going to rale me. Nothing will stop that. But he doesn't really care about hurting me and would even prever I enjoy it.

He'd tell me "relax your stomach it'll hurt less" he'd even penetrate me slowly and tell me "you're doing good". But he IS raping me. He doesnt care if I don't want it but he'd even reposition me to a more comfortable position if I begged.

After that I'd be kept in his personal dungeon. He'd give me a bed, some other nice things. But I'd be chained by the neck on a leash. I'd never leave alive.
>Someone who follows her Master around everywhere, is passed over from most hard labour since her purpsqqsose is to please me 24/7, a girl like that.
Please please elaborate. I'd want a cute collar and I'd grovel at my master's feet all day. Id be his biggest advocate and always agree with him like a cheerleader. I don't even need rights or magic. I'd just want to be my master's beloved.

God I could go on and on and on
Only thing is I would hate for other girls to be jealous of me. Id be the brainless positive one that wants other girls to understand how wonderful master is! I would probably always say they're prettier than me and be very shy around them.

I'd be the type to ask master to punish me instead of them because "they just havent seen how great master is yet, they just need time!!!" Master might let me bear a whipping for them but other times he'd tell me to hush and I'd have to watch a poor girl get hurt :(

But I'd be absolutely fanatical about my owner. Literally could do no wrong. I'd want to nuzzle him, or if not that, at least be allowed to be in the same room and look at him.
The girl i'd choose to be that kind of slave for me is pretty much exactly how you're acting right now. Absolute devotion and worship, kind of crazy with the obsession with me as her Master, might have spent years improving herself to be the perfect slave to me before grovelling and begging to be enslaved despite me likely having never met her.

Showing up naked to your Master's front door and begging to be enslaved likely isn't the best way, I guess slide into His DMs naked and grovelling? Something like that. Seeing the kind of girls who know there is something missing in their life and they know its the man they worship and want to subjugate them is kind of inspiring actually. That's exactly the kind of girl I want under my dominion.

Also if you're part of a Harem you're going to have to fight with the other girls to be favoured to the point of taking a whipping for them. I personally like displays of forced lez, so while you've spent your entire pitiful existence figuring out the best way to worship my cock you better get really good at putting on a entertaining show with your slave sisters to get the reward of being the whipping girl. I put heavy metal collars on all my property by the way, manacles around the wrists and ankles too. You'll never forget what you are with that pressing on you at all times. Helps with control.
>I also really like the idea of being forbidden from handling money. I think I'd prefer if that was a systemic thing and legally speaking slaves could not have possession of anything, even small sentimental objects, let alone money.

Been thinking a bit about this and how, one of the tasks I might send a slave on is picking up groceries and food for the household. It's something that should be a slave's duty, but potentially gives her too much power.

Maybe modern technology can be the answer. My slave would have a special barcode tatooed, and when she goes to a store, it gets scanned to show a specific shopping list. The store's slave is then sent to collect all the items, and it's charged to the my account.

Sometimes, I would allow my slave to add certain items to the list based on her determination, for instance if certain cleaning supplies or food ingredients are out (I don't want to carry out inventory duties). But sometimes, the list would be unknown to her. Maybe one day, I'd send her to the sex shop with an unknown list. And then, after her barcode is scanned, she'd be waiting at the door in anticipation, not knowing what she was sent for. When the store slave finally returns with knew whips, nipple clamps, and a degrading butt plug, my slave would be filled with dread on the way home about how I'm going to use these things.
>1) How you tell your new slaves about punishments. Especially if they're captured or not accustom to slavery?

They would learn about punishments early on by making mistakes and having the punishments demonstrated.

I'd keep any starting slave in extremely strict bondage. Ankle cuffs with maybe a foot of chain between, wrists chained to your collar so that you have to bend down to pick up anything. Maybe even a shock collar that keeps you in an electric fence area, but "accidentally" goes off at random moments. This serves several purposes:

1. Reinforces the idea that there is absolutely no hope of escape. Even if you somehow got off the property, all my neighbors would clearly see that you are a slave and eagerly return you out of duty (and maybe hoping for a reward).

2. My more experienced slaves who have earned the right to move without bondage serve as an example to aspire to. It's made very clear that earning my trust and demonstrating obedience has rewards.

3. The bondage is so strict that a new slave will almost certainly make many embarassing mistakes, and be subjected to a wide range of punishments. While I know this is intended, I and my other slaves would gaslight a new slave into believing the mistakes were all her fault. Maybe I'd have a more experienced and loyal slave insist that she almost never got punished because she worked hard to please her master despite the chains, even though that wasn't true.
File: 1586907907984.png (95 KB, 255x1050)
95 KB
File: 94621905_p0_master1200.jpg (715 KB, 851x1200)
715 KB
715 KB JPG
>I'd keep any starting slave in extremely strict bondage
I'm in love with the idea of having to earn the privilege of being able to use my limbs. Of course, it's a massive inconvenience to wear the strict bondage, but the standards for my duties will not be adjusted to accomodate that inconvenience in any way.
These would also be gradual. Girls at a punishment tier or totally new slaves have their arms bound; otherwise they can have their arms for their work but not while resting. Being allowed to not have the ankle chain is a high privilege.

>Maybe even a shock collar that keeps you in an electric fence area
I like the idea of being physically collared and chained to a rail that runs along the floor in my master's home. I could expect to remain attached until sold.
My slaves usually don't wear restraints. It is primarily a heavy metal collar with accompanying sets around their wrists and ankles. I am sure in their little heads they'd get off on being heavily bound up, but I do value them getting their duties done. When they are idle they can spend their time being a decoration next to me, if all of their tasks are especially hard to do that's just going to lessen the time they are kneeling next to me trying to look sexy so that I give them the blowjob order.

If the girl also needed to be bound to stop her from running away then she's going to end up at the farms or mines anyways. Any slave cut out for household service is conditioned to worship her owners to the point where willful disobedience is a unthinkable atrocity. That girl earlier who had such worship for her Master as her God that she wished to be permitted to even be in the same room as him is what you should be picking out at the market.
I see bondage as a courtesy towards my slaves to help clarify for their stupid slave brains what they can and can't do.

For instance, having a chain attached to their collar of 12 feet in length makes it clear that all their tasks are expected to be completed within that area. Being cuffed makes it clear they don't need to use their hands. It doesn't just physically restrain them, but mentally as well in narrowing their purpose.
I can see that. It took a while to train my girls to have a moderate sense of independence in doing their tasks. They were all sorts of confused trying to think around a cleaning schedule for my home, chaining a slave up in a room and telling her the room is going to be cleaned top to bottom and she'll wait for my next orders when she's done is a lot less annoying, but I did manage to beat some sort of sentience into them. Eventually.

Bondage does have uses in punishment, which is pretty obvious, but some of the skinnier girls have problems taking the whip, and might need to be chained to something to keep them from thrashing around in pain. Having a specialized whipping post is a good idea, and I also generally manhandle them and do some more free form beatings every now and then. Slave's do have issues with anything but the most linear of tasks, and getting them to take on some of the management of their toil is fighting a uphill battle, but where there's a whip there's a way,
File: grid-0015.jpg (670 KB, 2048x2048)
670 KB
670 KB JPG
stable diffusion doing work
Looks like we're still going to need art slaves. I like how these AIs tend to draw the midsection of a girl, but that's about it.

Also jesus christ these girls have such growth around their taint I can't imagine how hard i'd beat them if I caught them slacking that much on shaving. That artist likes to draw a fair amount of his slaves with pubic hair, but that's not my style, any slave of mine is completely hairless except for the hairstyle I choose for the top of their head, and if I find any during a body inspection they are not going to enjoy what comes next.
Would you assign a specific slave to handle the shaving of other slaves? Self-grooming would probably save cost, but having it be yet another type of bodily autonomy stripped from them might be effective.
It depends on the kind of slaver estate you're running. A big operation with well over 20 or 30 girls would involve a morning roll call that would have shaving be part of the daily hygiene routines. Might have to be done by a overseer in that case, but probably still better that they are supervised while they do it themselves. More efficient that way. In a more personal service harem that would probably max out at 4 or 5 like picrel it's still done by themselves as part of daily hygiene routines but the personal attention from being inspected by me does make their heart flutter a lot more than just being part of a giant estate.

Slaves in a giant industrial operation are probably beaten down enough that shaving would be just another section of their toil, whereas personal companion/service slaves would be elated to do a good job for their Master presenting their body exactly to His specifications.
File: 1672278906084605.png (768 KB, 752x1062)
768 KB
768 KB PNG
Does anyone happen to remember / know a doujin that's about an adventurer exploring some orc breeding den for treasure and getting caught?

Bit at the start where the orc or ogre or something shoos away a goblin from the girl, there's a few days where she's parched and eventually drinks his semen. I've scoured for hours panda, nhentai, and nhentai alternatives to no avail. I just can't find it *anywhere*. Pretty sure the end is a pregnancy but I'm not entirely confident about that.

Anyone knows what I'm talking about and remembers what the name is?
File: 072_Anatomy_of_a_box.jpg (531 KB, 1275x1650)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
These fucking slaves that are so lazy I have to bump the thread in the middle of the night. I swear.

You little things are going to not be happy with the torture you are going to endure tomorrow. There's a rainstorm where I am, and I think I might just throw you out there right now. Its warm enough that you'll probably survive the couple days it'll take to learn your place.
File: 1605001120626.jpg (134 KB, 674x1200)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
You lack imagination.
File: 1000019753.png (1.69 MB, 1499x2073)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
You people are always about torture and punishments. Have you ever actually trained a person? You need positive incentives much more than you need deterrents. You're the kind of person that beats his horse to death and then complains about having to walk.
This is true. If punishment becomes constant it loses its effectiveness. It is much better to make punishment rare and warranted and appropriate. Instead, slaves should be bound to you with feelings of gratitude, respect, concern. A bond made of the silk of emotion is as strong as a chain of steel where slaves are concerned.
Must admit I was playing off of the anons in this thread who like this kind of cruel talk. In reality shit like this is not sustainable for slave training, just some girls like to have this kind of things threatened to them when they aren't owned and can get off on touching themselves to the thought of the extreme cruelty, but when they are actually property its going to be a lot more humane. And they aren't going to be allowed to touch themselves too much anyways.

A good example is torture that threatens life in any way, like said leaving her out in the rainstorm for a couple days. The threat of it is going to do a lot more to ensure her servility than ever actually doing it, since you obviously don't want your property damaged, and she won't be around to service you in those couple days even if she does have slave sisters to pick up the slack. And that's even aside the fact that I do love my slaves a fair bit like a normal relationship, not going to do anything that endangers their lives, im not that kind of freak.

There was this anon I talked to on fetlife who got really into this, kept on telling me how she wanted details of the kind of torture I was going to inflict on her sorry carcass, but I think she was the type to live with her possibly not supportive parents and got found out and couldn't jerk her little dicklet off to the man she was talking to online anymore. I hope she sees this one day since I can kind of piece together that she didn't want to stop talking, just perhaps the fact she was afraid to even jerk off naked incase she was discovered was a pretty realistic fear.
> she
> dicklet
File: 1658099983044996.jpg (237 KB, 850x1200)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Yes. You don't like feminine little dicks?
Thinking about it I always wanted a relationship that is a inbetween of a gentle dom and more of those extremely cruel slave stuff I see so much of, but talking to some of the slaves here its fun to wind them up with intense cruelty.

Should come up with a word for that. Cruelty jeering? Like you threaten to throw her outside or feed her a dirt mote she missed instead of her gruel ration, but if she actually does something as simple as not bumping the thread its just a hard slap followed by a few headpats telling her that she needs to do better, or else she'll let down her servile purpose in life. I guess it still puts the fear of Master in her, which is always good. A slave isn't ever going to be far away from her Master, but even if she is His presence in her mind is still important.
File: 117728560_p1.png (2.5 MB, 3009x3330)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
File: slave 83.jpg (508 KB, 2480x3508)
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508 KB JPG
How would you do a collaring ceremony? It's highly relevant, because I am looking to collar my gf.
Thanks a lot. if you're interested I could share some stories.
Sounds like [Yuzuriha] Semen Prison (2D Dream Magazine 2016-06 Vol. 88) [English] [Tremalkinger]
File: 1667091778743184.jpg (209 KB, 744x1052)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
I have a few ideas, mix and match elements from this at your leisure. First off she should arrive at your home and be ordered to fully undress the moment she steps inside. Her outdoor clothes should be folded up and put next to the front door. After which she will clean your entire home top to bottom. You could oversee her with the whip, or leave her to her own toil while you entertain yourself somewhere else. Regardless when she's finished inspect her work and give her a few headpats for good service, then order her to dogeza in a open space in your home, making sure her face is fully buried in the floor, and don't tell her when she's allowed to rise.

Set a alarm in your phone for a hour or two and leave her there. It'll give her plenty of time with her own thoughts swirling around in her servile head, When the times up grab the collar you have for her and approach her, ordering her into the nadu pose. Make sure she gets a glimpse of it despite her eyes supposed to be cast downward, and if there's any sort of oath or affirmation prepared for her this would be a good time. Lock the collar around her neck, and tell her that her first duty as your slave is going to be one of her most common: Sucking cock. After she's blown you kneeling in such a submissive pose and swallowed every little drop, give her a hard slap across the face and kneel down to lock eyes with her.

"Now your life begins, slave." Could replace slave with a slave name you've assigned, but this will still form a pretty core memory, and you can bring her under your desk or assign her to cook you a meal or whatever is next on her long list of duties.
So some of you guys might remember a story called "Milly's Tale" that used to be on pastebin - it was about a world with ponygirls. I'm the author, and since some of the pastes have been locked I took the liberty of updating the story and posting it onto literotica. I may do a continuation, hopefully; that said I needed to do some rewriting/formatting because the original had some serious issues that needed to be fixed.
Here's chapter 1; I have the first 3 chapters up.
Chapter 4 needs the most work so it may be a sec.
Disclaimer - as a wannabe slave-anon, I am biased.
I think the missing piece is lack of an alternate option. In a world where people have other options, you're right, but I like to imagine a setting where slavery is a legal status and slaves can be killed by their masters for disobedience. In that context, punishment can be an effective training method, but only to a certain extent.
Also this is a fetish thread and I find the thought of being treated that way hot (as well as the reality of it when I've done it as part of play).
I like most of this >>10968907 assuming she's into the stuff in it.
I think you should add a "contract". Write up a contract together, then on the day, after the cleaning, have her sign it first. Then have her go into dogeza, and tell her she can't rise until ordered to (hopefully that's in the contract). Lock the collar around her then, and leave her there.
That contract idea is good, and after signing it having the collar locked on for the couple of hours of stewing in dogeza is what I might actually do when I finally enslave something like you. Good girl.

Speaking for some of the crueler aspects again I am not sure how I would deal with slavery being legal and explicitly being able to kill my slaves. I'd probably be completely torn between my sense of justice wanting to join the abolitionist front, versus this actually being the kind of life I want to lead just with hopefully consenting people. Guess I would go down to the market and figure out which one of these things really wants to grovel and isn't putting on a show.

I have noticed that both braindead little slave girls and women who are fully realized free people and own their own braindead little cock carriers tend to get way more into the cruelty when writing about this stuff. It's a shame there's not a lot of actual research into this stuff, would love to get solid data on things I notice.
What about one where the slave breaks the key to the collar lock ?
>if you're interested I could share some stories.
Please do.
That could be a real thing, get a QR code tattoo that links to a website for a shopping list. Payment might be more complicated though
What makes elves so compatible with sexual slavery?
Good looking and haughty, so they trigger Brat Taming fetishes.
got a source for that?
saucenao isn't showing anything up nor are the other two image search options.
Yeah, image searches ain't doing so hot lately.
File: 1367182337808.gif (805 KB, 480x270)
805 KB
805 KB GIF
Well, it depends on the species.

Like somebody said, you'd need to go on a case by case basis.

Heck, even within the same species, it depends on what you want the slave for.

Centaurs could have their arms bound or removed and their achilles tendos cut or not depending on if they're meant as racing or plowing horses, for example. There's lot of uses for horses so there'd be lots of uses for centaurs.

I imagine hound/wolf/puppy girls would also have lots of uses, though not sure if they'd call it slavery.

I mean, dogs tend to love being pampered and taken care of while they work for us, as anyone involved with working dogs can tell you.
"Master, can we go to town today!?" Sella stands on her toes as she holds her harness for you, wagging her tail happily as she does so.
"No, we don't have anything to sell today."
"Are we going to chop down any more trees?"
"No, I'm still processing the logs from two days ago."

She smiles happily as you ruffle her hair. She's such a good girl, and just wants to pull your sled again soon.
They're universally pretty, hot, and pretty hot. Literal inhumanly beautiful. Easy.
They're generally pretty pure, in more ways than one. The purer something is, etc etc, you know the line.
They've often got a degree of pride and arrogance, which makes them fun as hell to drag down, humiliate, and break. >>10972561 gets it.
An elf's primary charactaristic is just plain being better than you. Smarter, sexier, faster, stronger. People already love enslaving royalty and heroines and people who'd normally be completely beyond them, and elves carry that quality almost by default.
They live a long time, which means an elf slave has likely had a full, storied life of experiences before being enslaved. You're taking ALL of that from them. All of it was meaningless, all that training and wisdom flushed down the toilet for her to spend the rest of her life sucking dick.
And on that note, you're also taking the hundreds, thousands of years of freedom they would have had away from them too. And those are hundreds, thousands of years of superior elf life, none of that mundane human crap. They have so much more to lose.
The frailty of elves is overrated, but they're still more speed and skill than brute strength. Dex builds, if you will. And it just so happens that speed and dexterity get neutered completely by restraining them. That elven agility is meaningless once they're in chains.
They're exotic, despite what hentai would lead you to believe. Due to their relatively low numbers and that whole 'better than you' aspect, an elven slave is a hard thing to come by. I don't think I need to explain to this thread how rarity is appealing.

I could probably go on, but you get the idea. TL;DR, every aspect of elves is appealing to slavers, rapists, and that sort of folk. It only makes sense that they'd go after them so hard.
Ruffling a slave's hair is a good way to treat them just in general. I often give mine headpats and a praiseful good girl after service well done, but changing that to hair ruffling and a bit of a restrained laugh during some more intense moments can really reinforce how powerless she is. After she's done sucking oock is a good one, it's one of her primary purposes in life and it makes it that much more demeaning. But I find it's most used right after some intense but still routine punishments. I order my girls to brace up against the wall for 20 lashes whenever they displease me, and this renders them a complete sobbing mess by the end every single time, with them often dropping to the ground crying and often so overwhelmed they thank me for correcting their stupid and disobedient little heads. Ruffling their hair is a great way to treat them like a child who can't help the fact they aren't a completely perfect slave and will sometimes make minor mistakes.

A good way to treat slaves isn't as so lowly that they are the dirt beneath your boots, but more that being among the dirt is their natural state, and they can't help what they are. Headpats and so on reinforce their place in the world, that they aren't a fully featured human with choices and what not, but instead are the happiest being servile little drones, and changing that at all would just make them just as unhappy as their owners who are no longer being served.
File: 102780681_p0.jpg (1.07 MB, 1500x2000)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
It's one of the best ways to handle defiance. She's on the ground after something terrible, glaring up at you with angry, hate-filled eyes, face covered in sweat, tears, and probably cum, plainly struggling to keep the desperation from overwhelming her, swearing she'll never break, she'll never give in to you, that you'll pay for this?
>"D'aaaw, you're such a cutie."
>ruffle ruffle, with a big smile on your face
Show her how little you take her show of defiance seriously. She just promised bloody vengeance upon you with all her might, and it just doesn't bother you at all. Rub her head as you rub in just how impotent her seething really is.
The girls I enslave are usually the grovelling worshipful type, but I do know plenty of slavers like to get a girl like that and beat her down until she is the most grovelling and worshipful of them all. Taking worshipping the ground her Master walks on quite seriously, kissing His bootprints in the dirt since she doesn't even deserve to be stepped on by Him. Having her eyes cast downward the entire time as she doesn't feel she deserves to gaze upon His divinity without doing something serious to earn it. And to think just a few years ago she was looking up at her God seething that she would never worship him. How cute.
Only thing those types are good for is showing off to the defiant ones. Bring out this pathetic, foot-kissing wretch, this broken husk of person, get her thoroughly disgusted at the sight. Then tell her you brought the thing out because her defiance reminded you of this pathetic bitch. She used to act exactly like her, after all. Nostalgically reminisce of how fiery and independent she used to be as she slobbers over your feet, talk about everything she did, everything she tried to do, ensure she believes it, aaah, good times...
While the current seether can't take her eyes off her. Eyes wide, face pale, disgust transformed into fear. D'aaaw, she's even reacting the same way...
>ruffle ruffle
>"But you won't break, right?"
Sounds like you're the kind of slaver I'm talking about. Having a huge stockpile of girls you've broken is also quite profitable I imagine, that girl you brought out as a training aid was probably screaming in her head that she was not only close enough to see you, but even personally worship you by kissing your feet, and hearing your voice give her orders instead of one of your overseers. Even if she spends the rest of her life toiling in the fields of your estate without ever glimpsing you again, the level of devotion you have broken her into has ensured you get the best work possible out of her since she holds onto hope of even glimpsing her reason for existence ever again.

My property serves me as personal companion slaves, so they are in what is basically heaven to things like them. I even allow them what are technically some personal possessions, they have a feeding bowl instead of a trough a lot of industrial estates have, and they usually sleep in some out of the way corner on the floor but they have a alarm clock that goes off, which is debatable if that's personal, it's kind of like saying the mop they use to clean my floors is, but the little portrait of me each of the girls has sure is. Ive even caught them praying to it a few times, which makes them absolutely light up when the real thing is right there and they get headpats for being so devoted that they even look to me for guidance when they feel like I don't want to be bothered by their little slave feelings. Makes you feel all warm inside <3
I resent that. I meant what I said about those sorts only being good for this, I don't like them at all. Mind break a shit, or at least of that level.
Whatever floats your boat man. There's a reason there's markets filled with these things, for diversity in service. I find that training the level of worship and devotion is the absolute height of slave mastery, but the right slave is one that serves her Master in the way He wishes, other free people might have their own thoughts on how he should keep his slaves but I'm not going to step on other people who have the right to do whatever they want with their livestock.
Idea: Male slaves as rewards for female slaves who do good. A gift you can take away from them and subtly encourages both rivalries between slaves and/or subtle haughtiness you can punish out of them later.
>"But harems never-"
Male slaves being integrated into a otherwise female slave harem has a lot of potential. We focus a lot on female slavery in these threads but Ive always wanted to be friends with a femdom, and for whatever reason she's sold me one of her slaves. I tell him that he's going to be submissive to my head girl, one that got there by being the most pathetic and grovelling of them all, just to see what happens.

Slave girls would often be quite distracted by seeing his erect dick all the time. Whenever they see one they just want to suck it, and it doesn't help that the new slave isn't getting any clothes just because most of the people these girls have known were men, this boy's just as much cattle as the rest of them, so that little things going to be hard quite a bit.

A head girl who got there by being the most submissive would likely be the most entertaining to see her figure out what to do exactly. She still can't orgasm whenever she feels like it so his old duties of being semi-permanently attached to his Mistress's vag isn't going to get much use. For extra fun I could not lay out ground rules of what orders would overwrite mine and thus get them both a beating. She can't order him to work in place of her, but she can order him to be a human chair while she is working so long as her hands are still cleaning whatever she is assigned. How does she know which is which? Trial and error. With the whip.

A slave could have gotten to be head girl by all sorts of subterfuge to lessen her rivals. She'd probably take having this slave a lot more as to be expected where she in some way takes on some dominant aspects. If the harem grows she could become one of my trusted lieutenants this way, overseers need to be paid a wage after all, and if she can be trusted to both have the will to work my property while not getting any idea's above her station that could work out quite well.
Sorry, maybe that was too harsh. It's just a frustrating situation, you know? Love me everything that leads up to mind break, all the rape and training and torture and her increasingly desperate resistance and struggle to survive, but absolutely despise the result.
Love the journey, hate the destination, both with a passion. It makes things difficult.
Just reading that and imagining being in that position made my heart beat faster.
No worries. Loving breaking down a slave to that kind of servile broken mess but not actually liking owning the end result is a interesting conflict actually. For me the complete devotion is the desirable end state, I'd actually want one that was already pretty obsessed with me to begin with.

I put that whole thing about stewing in Dogeza for exactly this reason, especially the part about not knowing how long it will be. But it being right after signing the slave contract and additionally having the collar attached never to come off ideally heightens it quite a bit. As a slave you're going to be feeling emotions quite intensely, it's just what you're life is like now, and that display of submission after cleaning your new Master's house top to bottom is all part of rituals to help reinforce where your mind should be at for your new life.

I imagine being acquired by a young master as his first (maybe only) slave. I'd be incredibly timid. I might be the first girl he has sex with as he takes my virginity (some would still consider him a virgin because slaves don't "count").

I'm extremely timid, terribly shy and an absolute mess. Attractive to him with his preferred perpotions. I'd be so unbelievably self conscious of my own body.

Over time I get broken in and can at least function around him. Strangers or guests would be scary. But I'd quickly fall madly in love eith my owner. I'd obsess over him. I'd live for him. Everything, every thought, every moment of my live dedicated to my god.

I'd get so excited when he gets home. I'd want to have everything perfect for him. I'd be nervously excited to be able to pleasure him. Light headed to finally be able to massage his cock with my soft mouth. My tongue, trained to glide over his sensitive spots with the perfect amount of pressure.

He'd trust me and enjoy my company. He'd talk to me about his day after he feeds me his sperm. He'd talk about the cute girl he talks to and I'd be beside myself with jealousy.

But... I'd be a neurotic mess. I'd obsess far too much and be too much of a perfectionist. After all, there's ALWAYS more I could do to please master. I'd never be comfortable in my own skin, desperate to bring him more pleasure and comfort.

Maybe he'd catch me crying through a cracked door. Emotionally beating myself up over the fact I'll never be good enough for him. That I made a tiny mistake using my pussy to massage his cock. That I can't ever be forgiven for preparing a meal that master merely enjoyed instead of loved. That master deserved a valuable woman and not a worthless mutt slave like me...

If you are the type of master who'd like a girl like this, what would you do? Do you have an idea of how to help her relax and enjoy being your cocksleeve? Or is she right and any and all mistakes are unforgivable.

Would you hurt her?
He picks up the collar off of the rack. There's nothing really special about it. It's just a typical leather collar. I doubt he put much though into choosing which one.

He turns to me and holds the collar up enough so that I can see it. I lift my aching head as much as I can, a few centimeters off of the bed, and briefly stare at the blurry object through my bruised eyes.

His semen slowly drips from my aching hole. I've just been claimed. I will never give myself to another man. I've been thuroughly beaten and my body hurts everywhere. I have quickly learned not to resist in any way.

He walks over and lightly lifts my head up. His gentle touch a stark difference to the brutal assault he delivered just minutes ago. His hand glides down my hair and he pets me a few times.

Taking the collar, he slowly wraps it around my neck, staring deep into my eyes the entire time.

>"There's no reason this has to be so painful"
>"It was really stupid of you. To force me to hurt you like that."

He finishes latching the collar around me. Tight, but not obstructive.

>"This is your new home. You will never leave her alive. You are going to die here, I absolutely promise you that. You are going to be raped, every day, for the rest of your life."
>"But it's just rape, you know? It can *always* get worse.
>"So please don't make me hit you."
>"Don't make me take your fingers and break them one by one. Don't make me cut them off either."
>"You can keep your teeth if you learn how to suck me properly."
>"You get to keep your eyes as long as you know how to show me a cute face."
I'm a Master who has been dealing with a couple girls like this IRL. This kind of neurotic slave is kind of hard to deal with early on, but the rewards of convincing them that they can worship with their mouths wrapped my cock instead of watching from afar is extreme. Hopefully. I kind of started posting here because I thought one of them might be here, it might even be you.

Specifically these girls need to understand that it is that exact level of obsession and devotion that makes them worthy. I kind of stopped looking too much at other girls once I noticed Ive got one of those stalker-ish slaves following me around. I'm sure a lot of free people would be weirded out by their potential slave having had something like a goon cave full of pictures of their future Master going back years, but well, its a bit different when its a grovelling slave doing that rather than someone who is a fully featured human.

I'd also say that any body a slave like you might have is ultimately malleable. A lot of people don't realize how much a body can be molded, and especially so with a devoted slave I have complete control over every aspect of her life. Beating a slave into shape is also a fantasy of mine, so spending years of self improvement to be considered good enough to worship the man you have your eyes on is perhaps not the best strategy.

In general i'd say girls like this struggle with feeling themselves worthy, whereas this level of neurotic obsession makes them worthy above so many others to slavers like me. I wouldn't beat her to a pulp to try and make her understand, that isn't really a good idea, but when she finally gets enslaved after throwing herself at my feet maybe after a few years of service where I haven't thrown her out with the garbage would help her understand. Maybe. I'd still be paying a high premium at a slave market for these types of girls if such markets existed, it's a good thing neurotic obsessive slave girls can just sort of happen.
>Long Version:
Keep her tied up for an entire day (changing restraints as needed), feeding and cleaning her by hand, emphasizing your control and her dependence on you, then ask her if she accepts the collar / make her beg for the collar / etc.
So potentially she's tied up on Friday night, in bondage for most of Saturday, collared on Saturday night, and then Sunday is her first full day as your slave. (Bonus if she wears nothing but the collar for the whole day, to drive it home.)

>Short Version:
Strip her naked, take her to the shower, and clean her body in detail from head to toe, to emphasize that all of her body belongs to you. Then ask her if she accepts the collar / make her beg for the collar / etc.
>Must admit I was playing off of the anons in this thread who like this kind of cruel talk.
Please do more, i love being talked down to like that and threatened whilst i'm grovelling at Master's feet.
Having Master's sadistic imagination run wild as im quivering and worshiping Master's boots. Occasionally i'd beg Master, not for a lighter punishment, or forgiveness (although i would be very very grateful for either), but that Master's sorry slave knows how much of a disappointment she is to Master, and that she hopes Master will punish her accordingly, even though she is not worth Master's valuable time

i know what you mean, a Master who is constantly threatening, but has a soft, tenderness to him. Master says it's only to avoid damaging his property, and i would never question Master, but...

the idea of Master threatening to kill us when he could just as easily re-sell us is so good

How do you ensure the male slave is significantly worse at sex then Master whilst still being a treat?

There are phone apps like authenticator, paypal etc.
There would be special slave only self-service kiosks, where we'd ring up Master's purchase, then be locked in a room with the goods until Master authorises the payment on His phone, entirely at Master's leisure
File: 1704138320273941.jpg (411 KB, 1240x1754)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
A tiny thing such as you is always going to be so fucked in the head you get off to all this cruelty, hmm? Well there's a reason you're down there little bootlicker, I get a lot of good work out of you.

When you displease me though you get a bit more than you bargained for. You know how you always accompany me outside, carrying any bags for me and following a step behind me with your head bowed, wearing some rags that technically count as clothes covering as little as you deserve? Well, you missed a little speck of dirt on my boots just now, so you're going to have a bit of a different experience of the outside world.

A little bit before bed you're coming outside with me. Naked. I'm going to march you up to the local stores. There's some areas behind them that are a bit out of the way and shouldn't have too many people see you. That's where you're sleeping tonight, that metal around your neck, wrists, and ankles is going to be even colder than usual. Hopefully you remember that next time you feel like letting me down.

I'm coming to collect you sometime in the morning. When I feel like it. I'm sure some people will try and harass you and your orders are to try and get some money from them in exchange for sucking them. Don't touch it. You only have permission to put it in a safer place where you sleep so it doesn't blow away. Ill be marching you back in broad daylight aswell, so get ready for all of those people staring at you. I expect you to keep up your restrained smile no matter how humiliated you are.

--Obviously this is way more BDSM fantasy than usual, fun to think about though. I'd be more worried about street randos doing a lot more to my property than the police getting involved, but if any of you little slaves are touching yourself to the thought of this then its such a huge reinforcement of the fact that you don't deserve to have the freedom to touch that little cut down there.
>How do you ensure the male slave is significantly worse at sex then Master whilst still being a treat?
Why is that a concern?
File: 92018676_p1.jpg (849 KB, 1730x2635)
849 KB
849 KB JPG
I have no idea why I never realized how brilliant a slave she'd be. Her boss absorbing too much attention, I guess.
The worst part of this is i imagine it being so much more humiliating for me
Like Master's bags are saddled on my back, rather than carried more like a pack mule, that way it forces me to bend over and bow as Master walks me by my leash/reins, and my arms can still be bound and immobile behind my back.
The "clothes" being nothing but a metal chastity belt, and remnants of a loin cloth
Sleeping is tethered to a bike rack, which may provide some brief protection from the wind, but may be even colder depending on how slack my restraints are as they may force me to press against the cold hard metal.
>In my fantasies Master is kind and thoughtful enough to lock my holes in chastity, including my mouth leaving them for Master's use only (or guests with Master's permission), Master would leave his seed on me as a parting gift, write a tally of 3 on my rump, to encourage others to do the same, and attach a metal donation tin to my collar with some loose change jingling about in it, but Master's orders are far more important than how his dumb mangy slave dreams about getting off.
The one i really like is if Master orders me to get Him milk, and eggs but on the way back i get attacked by teens. It starts off with them groping and slapping me, followed by them forcing me to the floor and dryhumping me. Once they get bored of the limited sex appeal my chastity-bound self can provide they become more sadistic, pouring the milk jug all over me, before forcing me up and tethering my neck to a streetlight with one of their belts. They then hurl the entire carton of eggs at me and whip me with a 2nd belt whilst i'm hopeless and muffled begging. All the while recording this on their phones. They eventually get bored and leave, whilst im stuck waiting for Master's rescue, who i greet with tears of joy
i just don't know whether I should be apologising for failing his orders, or thanking Master for his chastity betls keeping my holes safe for Master only.
Master should always be the pinnacle, even when fucking or being fucked by Master's other slaves, or even Master's dogs, a slave should be negatively comparing it to her Master, and how much better Master is
Generally speaking I don't put chastity belts on my slaves. Takes up too much space, as I always say a slave's body is equal parts decoration and tool, and the collar around the neck and cuffs around the wrists and ankles are the only thing I'd want them to wear. That ass is mine I want to see it when I watch you toil.

Getting jumped by a bunch of teens is also why when we're getting groceries you're my beast of burden trailing behind me. I can't let a slave out of my sight since they have no ability to fight for themselves, and will give up in defending their Master's property a lot of the time, considering how much their resistance had been completely beaten out of them.

That scrappy tin attached to your collar though, you really have no idea why I decided to buy that recently, huh? I always got tired of how when I am being social with my friends in a park outdoors this piece of bitchmeat attending to our needs only really ends up working a fraction of the time she is there, often kneeling awaiting orders. You see where this is going?

You're going to servicing strangers however they please, and the tips they deposit in that little box for me are going to reflect on how good of a slave you are. You're still not going to leave my sight, so if someone is tying to steal you just scream really hard and ill come get you. I expect you to make more than enough money to offset all of that gruel I feed you, and as always sleeping outside is a good punishment for cattle that isn't doing its job, so you'd better throw your servile little heart into making the most you can.
File: 56076250_p0.jpg (354 KB, 696x982)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
The first image of this is so hot. You can look away all you want, reality ain't changing, it's still going down your throat and you know it. Also just noticed the nipple piercing, that's cute.
File: 107976229_p0_master1200.jpg (489 KB, 1200x1018)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
That sounds incredibly insecure. Besides, I'm a sadist.
File deleted.
How does Master trust his slaves not to, you know.

i really love the beast of burden bit, too bad there's no way for Master to strike or whip me, if Master feels his slave is lagging behind too much

i would much prefer to be Master's footrest, than service strangers in exchange for loose change whilst Master doesn't even watch, if Master is generous enough to give his slave the choice.

From a Master probably, but a whore's status is derived entirely from her Master, so she would obviously want the most out of her Master.
File: 02_002.jpg (909 KB, 1300x1900)
909 KB
909 KB JPG
I love the vibe these pictures have, that she used to really be someone before ending up like this. The more they have to lose the hotter it is for them to lose it.
File: 5ad37d89352c2267989781.jpg (97 KB, 581x1000)
97 KB
I like the pack mule idea a lot actually. Like, being tied up and forced to bear my master's burdens constantly (and his loads, too, over the night).
It reinforces that I'm an "accessory", not a person.
File: 1688766052075984.png (976 KB, 1591x2256)
976 KB
976 KB PNG
Specifically, you are a personal companion slave. You follow me around everywhere alongside maximum one or two other girls. You're never outside of my sight for long, and the overbearing thought of my domination over your existence is supposed to be a panopticon making sure that you never touch that thing down there without my permission. I do make it easier on you by giving you regular releases, I hope you appreciate how many people you could end up serving would never allow you to, but with how you spend every second of your life in close proximity to me it should be a combination of me overseeing you and never wanted to disobey your entire reason for existence.

If you were in a larger harem, like 5 girls or more, then yeah chastity belts are happening, bitches like you are way too stupid to be trusted to follow orders as well as someone under complete domination. That's not really my style though, and the footrest idea is a good thing out of what your little head is able to come up with. I already use you as a footrest all the time, but in public if someone wants to shove their cock in your mouth or feel you up a bit and give me a few coins for my trouble then that's some good service. We'll see how that goes compared to offering yourself to random people when you know you won't be called upon for a few minutes. You're well known around town for being skilled at sucking cock so whenever you're outdoors I have a feeling you'll be doing some good work for me.
Her wanting things sounds troubling. I'd just lobotomize her instead, lmao.
File: 1658696064055057.jpg (2.17 MB, 2550x3625)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
Slave's aren't allowed on furniture generally, but lets put aside BDSM fantasy world for a bit and imagine actually enslaving a girl that formerly existed out there in the real world. She's spent the last few years in service as a accessory to your life, and hasn't even looked at a computer or phone screen since a few months in of easing herself into the extreme slavery life where the primary things she needs to look at is your cock and the meal she's cooking you. After a while though you thought that maybe having her cuddle with you on your lap would be comfy, and this is the closest she's had to sitting on furniture since she gave up her delusions of freedom. However, she is now staring directly at your computer monitor, and those old memories of what the world used to be aren't exactly accurate anymore

>>Master...The computers look different now...

You burst out laughing before ruffling up her hair a bit since you kind of never thought about how she hasn't seen windows UI in 7 years, and the fact that everything is a hyper complex radial menu now because computing has become somehow even more painful might mean she is even more lost in a modern world without her Master's guidance.

>>I wish I was enslaved back when Windows XP was popular instead of pretending I was ever able to be free, Master...
>get a new slave
>she resists
>apply discipline
>she resists harder
>apply outright torture
>she resists even harder
>situation continues, get fed up
>bring her to the rarely-used lobotomy chamber
>explain you're going to fire a precisely-calibrated laser through her skull and into her brain, and use it to burn away her memories, sense of self, capacity for resistance, and most of her higher brain functions
>she resists EVEN HARDER as she's strapped down
You forgot the most important part - bringing out another already lobotomized slave for her to see what she'll be like.
Of course, and one she knows. Or knew, rather. Who do you think's strapping her down?
File: 107817094_p1.jpg (2.71 MB, 3035x4299)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
At this point I'm sure we're rewarding her. We might need to ask if she's bratting or not like her sister was.
Those lobo slaves aren't really the best. You may think that it'd be the perfect fix to a resistant slave, but its really better to just ship her off to the mines. You'll appreciate the profits the mines give you a lot better than discovering your lobo has been wiping down the same spot in the kitchen for over 16 hours now.

If you have a girl that is bratting and you don't like to own such things a hard slap and explaining to her how she will be acting from now on and what the consequences for further resistance will be is the usual way to fix that. She might have hoped for getting owned by someone who enjoys those things, but if she ended up with me she's being forced to act servile and happy in a restrained, beaten down way. She doesn't have a choice, except maybe to go to the mines I guess. I'm very clear how a girl can end up there.
You know those japanese bonsai trees? Decades of restrictive shibari to mold a dryad girl into a beautiful natural part of a living landscape.

Treasured, Nurtured, Carefully attended to and cared for. Stimulated to see beautiful reactions. But never allowed to move of their own volition, as they are a piece of art, not a person.
Decades of service see a dryad girl passed down a family line, maybe even centuries could see her moved about a country, with her original landscape recreated. Though this would only be undertaken under extreme circumstances like potential natural disaster or something that would cause death.

She might even become a historic heritage site, returned to the original land with special dignitaries allowed to visit and experience beautiful ceremonies around her.

But she will never be free, and she will never be allowed to move, even if she does contribute to her owners earnings and prestige.
this is essentially ideal, except you didn't mention the many children you would provide me whether you wanted to or not
It won’t matter either way once she’s done, but I doubt it. Her impassioned pleas to her sister are pretty convincing.
What an idiot. She can’t “snap out of it” or “wake up,” that’s not how this works. The parts of her brain that made her who she was are gone, physically destroyed, burned away into nothing. There’s nothing left to “wake up” even if she wanted too. Hell, there’s not enough left to “want” anything.
Oh well, I guess she’ll understand it once she starts getting fried. For however long she’s able to understand anything at all.

>discovering your lobo has been wiping down the same spot in the kitchen for over 16 hours now.
You say that as if it isn’t really cute.
I have zero tolerance for bratting and barely any more for masochists. You get caught intentionally causing trouble so you can be "punished," then said punishment will be fatal, 100% of the time.
Strung up, disposed of, corpse cleaned up by their replacement.
Her lobotomized sister is making better arguments than she is. "You'll be happier" - True, inevitable. "Wake up please" - Impossible, false hope.
this is going to sound dumb coming from a slave, but i really don't like lobotomies i much prefer drug addictions induced by Master. Like a non-smoker being given nicotine patches for obeying her Master, or at her Master's leisure to twist her body into craving Master's approval.
basically i remember seeing part of one movie in school where a cop gets kidnapped by a druglord and he's trying to work out how much the authorities know about him, so he gets the cop addicted to drugs. it gets to the point where the cop just gives the drugdealer his arm like he's that addicted and dependent on him now. that bit just stuck out of how i want to be with Master. Can't remember the film name just that the cop shoots the drug dealer as he's trying to escape on a speed boat

>a slave getting more and more agitated because she can't understand where the pinball game and solitaire have gone
Your preferences as a slave don't matter terribly much, but you're right that stuff like lobotomies is still way too much. It's why I said they're better shipped off to the mines if they're going to have delusions of freedom. Personally speaking as someone who is going for the handful of personal companion slaves thing I'd also say that getting a girl addicted to drugs to be reliant on me is also not the best idea, the only real drug she should be addicted to is worship of her Master, but I can see after a few years of slavery doing this sort of thing where I tell her she's being addicted to solidify her dedication to me and its literally just a placebo. A full year to the day later I tell her she's going to have to give it up and we see what happens. Some fun cruelty, y'know. The biggest problem with getting slaves addicted to anything other than worship is that i'd rather not spend the money on such pathetic little things. Drugs are way more expensive than gruel.
Addiction is good, too. remember years ago I read a short comic on deviantart about a catburglar getting traped and force addicted by the woman who owns the mansion she tried to rob.
Addiction is too close to irl human trafficking schemes, I personally don't like it. Hard drugs including those people use in scenes to deal with pain better is a hard limit for me.
Instead I like literal brainwashing, switching values inside my brain so I literally just live to please my Owner. Preferably in a lab or sensory deprivation setting and hooked to a machine.
Thoughts on stuff like cattle prods? I lately tried out using one with voltage for human cattle in place of the whip. A friend of mine didn't really want to clean out his apartment himself, it had gotten to full on neckbeard nest, and I came up with my two girls who cleaned it out. Ive had the prod for a few weeks but was saving it for a more formal task to oversee them, and they were so terrified of the thing it was quite funny. They never slacked off to such a degree I had to punish them, but any overseer knows the value of encouragement lashes, and when I did so with this rather than something more like a yelp it was just a howl of pain and a bit of tears. Honestly a bit intense, not sure if they'll acclimate to that pain like they did the whip or not. Could possibly be a divider between more intense work assignments to have the fear of that instead of the usual whip they live with day to day. We'll have to see.
File: slaves on bed.png (746 KB, 723x1023)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
New image, full res here: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=9955253
Nude version: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=9955254
Whats your favorite slave girls
Would need to get into non-hentai examples, and a lot of porn is fake anyways, but a good one I saw that seemed to actually be a real life slave relationship was slave 1 who served this porn website called Bitchslapped. Pretty clear that making porn was just another one of her duties in service to her betters, especially since a lot of videos are just her doing every day domestic service, but a lot of what was seen of her lifestyle on camera at least is pretty inspirational to owning my own property one day.

She had this kind of glazed over servile look, but I could tell she was so happy to be enslaved she often popped a smirk or smile which she wasn't allowed to. There's not a lot I would do differently based on what Ive seen, her hair could do with being ordered to be kept a bit longer, and in some videos she's quite thin due to the slave diet and obviously she was allocated more in others to look a bit more presentable. She was rather young too, which these videos were a few years ago and Britain shut down a lot of porn production so I'd hope that if she's lived out her dream of being enslaved so early in her life she's still in service as we speak despite not having any real online presence due to not being allowed such things. A lot of slave girls really hope to get enslaved pretty much first thing in their lives but the world doesn't really shake out that way most of the time.

I'd order my slaves to be more along a sliding scale of glazed over servility and more cute fluffy girly thing, but that's just me. Im not sure if they even had anime in Britain back then, it rains every day which is literally only good for throwing slave girls around in the mud.
Any masters that dont care about organism denial etc. and just want to clap their slaves cheeks while they cum like crazy
Forced nudity outdoors is fun for everyone involved, or all of the people anyways, doesn't really matter what the slaves think. Even if cops are pretty useless its best not to do it too much close to where you live though. Which does lead to a problem of wanting to have fun more than is probably safe.

Where I live there's rural enough areas a short drive away you could camp in for a little while, not going to cause that much trouble. So if you have something similar I suggest telling your slave she's going to load up the car with a few camping supplies, and the neighbourhood will get a nice view while she loads the back up just as nude as indoors before loading herself as supplies in the back. I'd suggest a really big nature trail or something, drive over there and tell her she's hauling every single one of those behind you until you find a good place. You know what to do if she complains.

Probably best to bring only enough to have a nice day in nature instead of sleeping overnight. There's only so much a beast of burden can carry, after all. My girl usually eats her gruel and water out of a bowl, but if you want to forgo that for some extra sandwiches for you that's your right, she can sip from a stream or something, no food for a day isn't that bad.

When serving around the campsite she should be as active as a slave as possible. Obviously any living thing that gets close enough is going to need a curtsy out of respect, including animals, but if she's idle you should get her running laps around or doing dances of your choosing or something. Aren't camping trips supposed to be fun and full of activities? I'd be nice to have taught her some cute anime dances to do alongside some more of your standard stripper ones. She is owned by a weeb after all.

Even if she's completely exhausted after all this she can't get away slacking off like she's a human being all of the sudden. Remember: Where there's a whip, there's a way, and your boot still needs to be spotless.
Thanks for your work I really appreciate the story
I really wish that work was translated. It looks something right up my alley. But alas only the Chinese got one.
I got that picture just scrolling on rule 34 a few days ago. It does speak to probably anyone who would be in this thread. Not only is public humiliation fun for everyone as previously established, but the kind of person to hang out in places like this is going to have weird hangups about their time in school, so stuff like thinking back to that time having their life already figured out on either side of slavery is just wholesome in general, even if kids these days never experienced Windows XP and are thus useless.

I play off a few slave anons here who are likely similar. Life would have been a lot easier if they were boxed up and delivered to the boy they like rather than having to deal with living a free life.
File: 07_02.jpg (217 KB, 1280x906)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
>I got that picture just scrolling on rule 34 a few days ago
I have been following the artist for some time now. I just wish I knew what the moonrunes meant as having proper context may make it so much better. I mean beyond the humiliation aspect they are brutalizing these girls.
File: 111789286_p0.png (475 KB, 910x1285)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
My man. Love that guy.
File: 1692010634414745.jpg (461 KB, 824x1200)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
Yeah that's pretty intense. I have a feeling a average slave girl would crave that kind of treatment but would be unable to endure it day after day for long. Hence why you decide its going to be a special day for her to serve in nature or something when you feel like it.

Those pictures are pretty close to the setup of restraints I like too. The heavy metal collar around the neck and similar manacles around the wrists and ankles. I don't like the chains restraining them usually, the type of girls I want to enslave are the ones so worshipful that they even want to kiss the metal pressing on their skin as part of worship for something that was once touched by their Master and God, so they don't need to be hobbled to stop from running away, but then if you're garbage disposal for some academy maybe that's more of a issue.
sometimes i find the fear itself is worse than the punishmentsitself. But from what you said it doesn't sound like the cattle prod will be like that. i do have the odd curiosity towards them, i wonder how Master would react if i tried it out his taser or cattle prod, but after finishing all my chores of course.

it also allows Master to keep our arms boxtied, like a good slave should. Having to struggle with chores and lifting through the boxtie, only being released from it when Master wants us crawling on the ground is so good
Stuff like that being used to control slaves is different enough I might give you a jolt of it just to see how it works. A whip you can moderate the type of pain inflicted as part of a encouragement lash to keep the slave at top efficiency. A prod involves stabbing in and jolting them which is usually going to mean such intense and unyielding pain that if she's carrying a heavy box or something at the same time you stab into her side she could drop it and we're looking to get the work done here, torture is a entirely different thing.

If I got some big task I am going to be overseeing you working on I'll try out the prod on you a few times to figure out the best way to keep you toiling. Something like the nature trip I described would be a good time actually. As always you'll be told what you're doing the moment you are to do it. I order you around day to day and you don't need to know what days are going to involve which work unless it's necessary. So it's a nice way to reinforce what you are, y'know. Falling asleep on my floor you have no idea if tomorrow is going to hold a regular day of toil and worship or if you've got some intense service where you'll be praying to your god to allow just a crumb of mercy, which perhaps if you're a good enough girl I will see fit to grant.
you sound like you're a very seasoned Master that would be absolutely terrifying to serve but also very hot

i really like the unknown though. Master's salves would wake up either locked in our cage(s), any slaves that were lucky enough to be bedded by Master would be lapping up Master's dick, until he picks which of us is blessed enough to suck Master and drain Master's seed.
Then the rest of the day is either backbreaking labor, sadistic torture, forced dancing and humiliation, or holding strict bondage until our body gives up
File: 1669491161483612.png (744 KB, 1500x1800)
744 KB
744 KB PNG
You're never really going to know waking up on any day if this is a more relaxed day where your main duties are things that a slave usually does day to day, cleaning my home, cooking me meals, and sucking my cock. Or if you rise from that little alarm next to your head sleeping in a corner outside of my bedroom a hour before you're going to softly wake me up if I look at you with that sadistic smile from my soft bed knowing that this day is going to be even harder than usual.

That's the life you wanted to lead though, isnt it? That's why you never were truly human, and were a slave deep down and finally living life this way is what you were meant for? When you were free you used to fall asleep on a bed meant for humans instead of the hard floor, touching that little thing of yours to the idea of one day that man you have your eyes on is going to be overseeing you doing hard labor naked digging a ditch, and the lashes of his whip finally reinforce your world as one of service and worship, and you cum out your pathetic slave juices as you hope to your God that said God will allow you to serve when you finally grovel before him?

There's people who have that spark of mastery in them, and are just naturally suited to subjugating those with, well, a spark is maybe a bit much, but you've got a little hole in your soul that is longing to be filled with toil, service, and tears.
I go on walks twice a week, and today was one of the first hotter days of the year. Makes me wonder if since slaves don't really wear a lot of clothes if they can handle the heat better. Being less than even a animal and thus having no right to cover yourself would make regulating heat a bit better, but then you also are technically wearing something a bit like clothes in the real world when I take you out there. Even if those rags don't leave a lot to the imagination.

The heavy metal collar and manacles might do a thing. Would they heat up in a long day in the fields? Or in some heat-based torture session? Would nee to figure that out. When I go down to the slave market later to buy one of these things I'll tell her she's going to spend a few hours in a sweatbox to figure this out in the name of science, followed by a hard slap across her face to drive her place beneath me home in case she feels entitled to not be tortured.
You will die alone and unwanted.
File: 117028449_p0.jpg (983 KB, 708x1000)
983 KB
983 KB JPG
I like the outdoor sweatbox idea. Like that scene in Django Unchained probably.
File: The Hound Rider.jpg (2.24 MB, 2200x2700)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
Oh damn, thank you. As someone who loves his kinks to be accompanied with World Building.

And to know individuals get to experience the full blown experience of their kink, but still maintaining the ability to grow and explore themselves besides their kinkister persona.. my I might just cream to this story ^_^
It's international workers day today, where brave people fought and died for the right to be treated as a human being and work with dignity...None of that applies to slaves of course, they aren't any of that.

If you own a piece of grovelling bitchmeat, and a lot of these things are bitches, i'd suggest that you not let her be idle a single moment today. Not only does she need to clean your entire house top to bottom, but she needs to do it again if there is still a second of toil left in the day, the meals she cooks you also need to be her best work, and what's her record for the amount of blowjobs she's given you in a single day? She'd better hope she can break that.

After a long day like this it's best to show a bit of tenderness, and let her sleep with you much like picrel. Slaves don't deserve things like bedding, and often sleep somewhere out of the way on the floor, but not only is being able to spend the night so close to her Master going to be a divine moment of worship for her, but when you show a kinder side to a girl like this it just totally reinforces your complete subjugation of her existence.

Haven't seen that specific movie, but sweatboxes are a common way to torture slaves historically. Things are a bit different now that its mainly a kink/sex thing, but I still wonder how those manacles on you will effect things. A few hours is enough, ill have your feeding bowl with some nice cold water for you when you're done that ill hand feed you. Be grateful, your water isn't usually cold and it isn't pressed to your lips by your Master.
nta, but this gave us an idea and well I've never spent that long in a dogeza postilion until now it was fun and a highly enjoyable night with my master.
File: 1680395290342938.jpg (122 KB, 850x1202)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
That's a good girl, poses like that really reinforce your place in the world and are highly pleasing to your Master, you really deserved any headpats you may have gotten.

I'd further suggest trying out the Nadu pose. I don't get down with the gorean ideals of servitude being inherently feminine, but a lot of slaves are girls, and that pose is a way to rest in a way that displays your submission in a feminine way that is quite attractive to people who like to enslave feminine things. You should talk to your Master about him training you on the best situations to hold that pose according to his tastes, there isn't a lot of hentai showing it surprisingly, couldn't find a good one, but I'm sure you can figure it out and your Master will really appreciate you taking the initiative to figure out the best ways to make His life better, we really appreciate things doing things like that.
I was rewarded with headpats after we had finished

>Nadu pose
looked it up and tried it out that was kind of fun. Tried out a few idea I think master will like while I'm in this pose. I'll have to discuss this with master as soon as I can.
Good girl. Sending you headpats through the internet. You should be grateful to your Owner for allowing you to fulfill your purpose in life to serve. He'll be happy you've taken the initiative, and make sure every day you rise from wherever He has ordered you to sleep that every moment in servitude to Him is a act of worship that you are thankful to be permitted to do.
Which type of collar is your favorite?
File: 1706048729577817.jpg (590 KB, 1200x849)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
Im a big fan of heavier metal collars and manacles additionally around the wrists and ankles, as ive talked about a lot. The picrel could do with just a little bit of a thicker set of manacles, but the most important change is to remove the chains that inhibit mobility. This helps her do her actual job of toil and service way better.

This also gets at what I find the primary role of collars to be: Not only do I find them aesthetically pleasing, but the presence of these things on her body should be optimized to not restrict her ability and keep her working at top efficiency, while being a constant reminder of what she is and how freedom is just never a realistic thing for her. A slave like this should ideally have those attached for the rest of her life, and its her constant companion letting her know that she is a slave and this is what she was meant for. It's hard to deny reality when its around your neck and limbs forever.

Additionally I don't get too much into the hardcore bondage stuff. A lot of my ideals of a very high quality slave are the kind of obsessively devoted girls who are trying to figure out a way to kiss every inch of ground I have stepped on while still making pace behind me. The logic in their little slave brains being that they might get off on being bound and constrained even more, but that is secondary to trying to find the best way to be of active service to their God at every moment of their grovelling existence.
Honestly, when someone shows like emotional or social domination over me, it feels tighter than chains and collars could ever be
I like the collar as a eternal reinforcement and reminder of that domination over your life. It's aesthetically pleasing sure, but when you're owned and under the complete control of your Master, and you get dumb little thoughts of touching that little thing between your legs without my permission, the metal against your neck is just another angle ensuring compliance to my will as the thought of my supremacy over your life as is the way your heart flutters when sighting me just as much the thousandth time as the hundredth time. You almost bring your hand down there, but the thoughts of a good girl who gets headpats and might be allowed to cum out her pathetic juices earlier for pleasing her Owner will be helped in overpowering what being a disobedient slave would do. The whip bringing you to tears, but not only that, the even worse idea of letting down the Man who owns you completely. Every thought of yours filled with the person who you were put on this earth to serve. The entire reason for your existence being disappointed in you should be the worst thought imaginable, and the whip and chains are just parts of life that reinforce that reality, they are not the source of it. Not for good slaves like you anyways who are truly who I look for at the market.

Being completely dominated in such a way does help with your price should I sell you. Not that you would be allowed to know your price or anything like that, but I also wouldn't want to sell such a devoted piece of meat. I found you in something a bit like a garbage bin, and gave you a entire reason for existence. Even if your hide was worth millions to be sold to another person you are mine for life, get used to it.
File: Magi slave girls - sample.jpg (578 KB, 2500x2033)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
Collars with ID tags and address.
File: file.png (1.51 MB, 1200x1607)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Any, as long as it chokes them, giving them a permanent reminder that their very breath depends upon me.
File: 1661793244793735.jpg (123 KB, 800x1130)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Ive always loved this picture. A harem of personal slave girls maxes out at 3 for me, too much more than that and you get into more of the managing of a industrial slave estate, more than 3 of them and they are better off being human livestock toiling for your benefit rather than personally waiting on your every need. But while integrating a second into a harem can be helped along by teaching the two girls to treat eachother as close slave sisters, introducing a third is going to cause trouble for their little brains, and thus you need to set a example of how they will get along.

A third girl should come in as lower than the two sisters, and earn her way to being one. In that picture the two sisters are clothed and have less chains around them. And are in a regular service position instead of grovelling. The girls could haze her a little bit, she isn't too happy about her new life in that picture, I am sure if she's forced to lick out her new sisters a few times it'll help her acclimate to her new reality. They're going to hold the fact that the only cunnilingus they've ever had is from her for however long it takes for her to earn equality of being beneath me.

Likewise we all know what feeding slaves people food regularly gets them. Those girls holding the fresh fruits for their Master to snack on may occasionally get offered a nibble from his hand, if they've been good, but doing it in full view of the third who might have her face being held down in her gruel by the other sister is another way to just fuck her little head apart.

After these kind of rituals are passed and she is accepted as a slave sister by your other girls, it would be ideal to repeat some of the hazing you made them do to her to extinguish any lingering ideas that they aren't all equally worthless. Cunnlingus is happening for her now, and if you ordered slave 1 and slave 2 to do a freeform beating of slave 3, its only fair that you return it alongside slave 3 on each of them.
any great slave games? I primarily wanna knock up tons of slaves.
Skyrim has some nice slavery mods that I've been enjoying lately. You grab a bandit and make her carry stuff and fuck you while adventuring. You can kidnap some town girls and lock them in your house's basement. You can also have dozens of slaves in a giant estate. It's a ton of fun, and makes me actually enjoy playing Todd's masterpiece. You could also install pregnancy mods to knock them up. For other games, /stg/ over on /aco/ has a list of "slave-trainers" but they're mostly slut-trainers or VN's with somewhat dominant themes. You kind of have to shop around to find something of acceptable quality that has the themes you're interested in.
Would you bring your slave out to something like a con? Ideally in hardcore slavery fantasy she is eventually going to lose knowledge of pop culture, her life is filled with the three C's: Cooking, Cleaning, and Cock, not much else in her life, so she'll only have faded memories of back when she was a human and got to watch things instead of hanging off her Masters dick when he does so, but dreams of total slavery might not work out, regardless she doesn't need to know what a character is to cosplay it, she just puts the outfit on and follows orders.

The old standby of a slave leia type deal would work for a lot of girls. That movie is 40 years old and has been awakening people for a long time, although you might need to redo a few things with her outfit to work around things like restraints that are meant to be on her for the rest of her life. Things like slave rags in various styles would also be good. She wouldn't look too weird acting as she normally does serving you in public, trailing a pace behind, head down, not speaking unless spoken to.

You -probably- couldn't get away with her serving you naked just as she would at home. You could put some paint on her skin and say she's a dunmeri slave girl or whatever, but I doubt you're going to be allowed into the con like that. She's still going to obey regardless, there's not really a option to say no, but if you and her are ejected from the con and you need to drag her ass all the way back to Vvardenfel at least all the responsibility is on you being the only person with free will. Maybe you'd be upset and take out your frustration with a freeform beating of her, but eh, she was bundled up in the back of the car the entire ride to the city and can give your boot a good polish while drinking some coffee at a rest stop on the ride back. If anyone asks she's totally wearing clothes, just very tight, its a nerd thing, you ever play Morrowind? She hasn't either, but she's good at polishing boots.
File: 100787740_p0.png (1019 KB, 1023x724)
1019 KB
1019 KB PNG
Do you prefer depictions of domestic slavery or field slavery?
File: 1709162018660558.png (922 KB, 2103x2486)
922 KB
922 KB PNG
Both have their places. One thing I haven't seen too much in artwork is combining a bit of both. Usually you have the industrial slaves separated from the personal slaves, but there's not a lot of pictures depicting a scene of something like a Master overseeing his farm estate from a balcony while also being waited on by his personal slaves.

Ive heard this concept of a body slave a few times, a type of slave that just is never once away from her Master, is there to assist and serve him literally every hour of his life, I can foresee some sort of comic series of a young Master coming in command of a moderately sized agricultural estate of roughly 20 girls, and he has the girls compete with each other for the great honor of being his body slave instead of toiling in the fields for the rest of their lives.

Also in more realistic slavery depictions I haven't seen as much artwork about something like a slave waiting on her Master while another slave is cleaning. In general if you're a Master with a harem there's a lot of potential for the girls to compete with each other for which one is going to be doing the toil that day versus being on cock worship duty.
File: 1705121339067163.jpg (703 KB, 850x1214)
703 KB
703 KB JPG
Say you're a Master living in a world with fairly normalized slavery. It's not exclusively girls, but you're a man living a simple life with your slave girl who takes care of you and is also happy to be assigned to the same workplace that you oversee part time. Most of the pieces of meat you whip are girls, but not all.

Some lazy weekend your slave comes to you and tells you there's a girl at your front door who has asked to see you. And sure enough there she is, in full dogeza, head perked up just enough so she can be properly heard. She's completely naked, not a collar or brand or anything, and explains that she has been bought to serve a old man who had died recently, and since she had only been in service for a few weeks she was just thrown out to the street to sort herself out. She had been wandering around the past few days trying to find the best Master who she thought wouldn't torture her to death, she wanted to serve and not die without having provided value, and she had to run away from a few male slaves who were working outside, and that she thinks that you were the best choice given the limited time she thinks she has.

You ask if her if she's stolen any food or anything, and she said she was just drinking from streams and could go a week and a bit without eating to make sure she found the right man, but was very scared. You inspect her body, dirty and skinny, so she's not lying about being essentially feral for a few days. You tell her to kiss your boot while you think about it.

She isn't obsessed with you or anything, not the kind of yandere slave to show up to your door obsessed with visions of you in her dreams. She's just been thrown out in the trash and doesn't want to give up on her purpose in life to serve. What do you do? She is probably right about you being the type to not torture a free girl to death. Probably. You wonder how much she might have been watching you, and boy is her tears starting to well up down there as you ponder.
File: file.png (601 KB, 850x622)
601 KB
601 KB PNG
Take her in, wash her, feed her, give her a day or two to recover, then dress her as picrel and tell her she'll be branded fist thing morning, but make sure she's got a way to get herself out of the suit and to run away that seems like a accidental slip by me (a doghouse with a nail sticking out, a low fence with noone watching over her) and see if she tries running away. If not, then let her out, congratulate her and use her as a loyal slave. If she tries getting herself out of the suit and running away, tackle her, force her into the suit and brand her ass. I've always wanted a pet slave.
File: GM4z9oBawAAJKFD.jpg (450 KB, 1131x1600)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
>yandere slave to show up to your door obsessed with visions of you in her dreams
>Yandere slave
I do want to psyop my Master into enslaving me but am I really yandere, I wonder
>Being completely dominated in such a way does help with your price should I sell you. Not that you would be allowed to know your price or anything like that
Not them but the price can be part of the ritualised humiliation which i really like.
>on our left ear's Master's slaves, have a tag saying what Master purchased them for, or a "bred in captivity"
>On the right ear Master keeps His slave tagged with a current valuation of our meager worth.
Really ingrains the feelings of being treated like livestock, and that to Master, his slaves are little more than goods. The natural hierachy they bring is nice too, even if i think Master's placement of me will be deservedly negative. Sorry, Master your slave wants to do better.

It's cruel without a Master, i would have no purpose or guidance and just, you know, at the idea of it. But with a Master like you i'd no doubt be forbidden, even as Master's tortures push me to the edge and i beg for release. How does Master like His slaves to sleep when not lucky enough to be bedded by Master? Tucked away in a neat contained little ball, or sprawled out with restraints stretching her poor limbs to their limit
File: 1688766019178277.png (791 KB, 1947x2467)
791 KB
791 KB PNG
A loyalty test is a good idea. I feel like a slave like this would pass it easily. Her only real concern is dying, she wants to fulfill her purpose in life to serve but she was afraid of getting one of those Master's that torture garbage like her to death. She'd be perfectly happy being one of those bitches for the rest of her life, and then cry tears of joy when she gets to serve more how she was trained.

You know the famous last words "I can fix her"? Well, if you own a girls entire world, and she worships you accordingly, you probably can fix her pretty well.

I'd only have a few slaves, so if one receives the ultimate honor of warming my bed and being a piece of girlmeat to feel up whenever I please there's not going to be a lot that have to sleep elsewhere. Usually the rituals surrounding sleep involve taking off their restraints and having a quiet alarm put next to their heads. They sleep in some out of the way corner and may even get a piece of cardboard on the floor if they're really good, but the alarm goes off a hour before I am to be woken up and they get ready for the day showering and applying makeup, before waking me up and starting the day off with getting their manacles put back on them and making me my morning coffee. I don't often have a slave in bed with me due to this ritual, but those little things are so excited when they get to share a bed with their God that I sometimes have to try and calm them down since they do everything short of humping my leg when I tell them they're chosen and they just have a outburst of slave joy. You're a simple little thing, I'm sure when you're finally under the domination of your Master you'll find that life isn't as hard as it was being free.
File: 74c4f22a2eb98eca.png (1007 KB, 723x1023)
1007 KB
1007 KB PNG
Do you find fully tamed slave girls hot? Or do you prefer them with a bit of spark still within them?
Women don't exist on 4chan.
More torture talk about torture talk about it
File: file.png (701 KB, 850x850)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
I prefer them either untamed or at least not fully tamed, mostly because I like going out partway to meet the wishes of my slaves (tho usually not entirely comfortably for them).
For an example, if a girl wants to meet her parents, sure, she can, but she's going wearing stripper heels, a croptop, a miniskirt and with anal beads slightly poking out.
I got a male slave and he started begging when I took scissors to his groin? Sure, I'm not gonna castrate him, but I expect him to be able to ride two dildoes as well as any of my slavegirls by the end of the month.
A mother wants to see her family? Sure, she's going naked, with nippleclamps and meeting them in the city square.
A married guy wants to meet his girlfriend for a evening? Sure, I'll even let her take him for a few days, but he's in a chastity cage and a bitchsuit for the duration and if she takes him out of it, they both know he's getting the cut.
That little cut between your legs is still doing all of that thinking for you, I see. Well try not to get too excited, I have plans for things such as you. Be careful what you wish for, slave.

Does your little head know what the word oubliette means, slave? It's a big word I know, but remember back when I had you dig this little girl sized hole in the back yard and install a grate ontop of it? You never even questioned why, just obeyed out of fear of the whip? Well, now you're going to understand why now that you made the really good decision that your horny little head wants to be tortured.

You'll be in there for a few days. Ill decide when you're done. You can survive a few days without food, don't be dramatic. Water will be given to you, not only will it probably rain atleast once, but ill be hosing some water in a few times, might even piss down there once or twice. Be grateful.

You'll even be sucking me off right before you're lowered in. I'll only have your slave sister to please and serve me while you're in there after all. That'll be good for you, especially after the hell on earth that is those hundred lashes before that. Now you're going to need to be a good girl, because if you are your slave sister is going to cook you a nice serving of gruel in your feeding bowl for when you're raised back out, and then its back to regular duties. If not, well, not only are you getting another 100 lashes, that's not going to be fun, but she had to take over your share of the duties while you were in there. So its only fair you take over hers for double the time since you were so defiant. It'll be hard for you with all of the torture draining you but maybe think a bit harder about your place on this planet next time.

A good girl screams and cries in a pleasing way to her Master, a bad one does so in a non-pleasing way. You've been property for a while now, figure it out. I'll have no mercy on you if you're too dumb to please me in the exact way I desire
I like the idea of rankings and leaderboards. At the end of the month the best ranking gets rewards and the worth one gets punished
Also why go with ear piercings only, nipple and clitoris are way more humiliating
Slaves as pets.
File: 1638854323579.jpg (1.23 MB, 1568x950)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
>I like the idea of rankings and leaderboards. At the end of the month the best ranking gets rewards and the worth one gets punished
Top ranking gets to sleep in master's bed for the next month. Bottom ranking gets to be a toy for the other slaves.
Second-best ranking gets to be scorekeeper.
File: 1712725052558270.jpg (743 KB, 1200x1200)
743 KB
743 KB JPG
Generally speaking I think stuff like leaderboards and competition wouldn't fit into a small harem that makes out of at 3 girls which is the kind of slavery scenario I am going for. Honestly 3 might be a bit too much, but they are supposed to close knit slave sisters who never really leave my sight, competition as a method of control is counter intuitive, even if their personalities would come out after a while of which one is the completely devoted head girl and the other one cries even more than usual.

There is a middle ground between that and a more industrial estate with maybe 10 or so slaves though. Rankings would work great for that. The competition for the top spot is fierce, they are taught to worship their Master as God on Earth just like every other slave, but her being permanently wrapped around His cock isn't anywhere close to a given, so every single day spent toiling in the fields is one that hardens her resolve to be the girl that gets to accompany her reason for existence everywhere this month.

Slave's are also pretty simple things and have trouble handling emotions, so the kind of tears of joy when they are chosen as Master's personal companion for that month is overwhelming. Slaves are also a species defined from humans by being primarily made up of imposter syndrome, the amount of girls who tie themselves in knots thinking they are not worthy to even gaze upon their Owner is absurd, and being told they are spending a month not ever leaving His sight is going to maybe move the needle on that compared to that being the norm for her existence.
What's the most dehumanizing thing you enjoy the idea of or have actually done to a slave?

I acquire more than I need at any given moment, then use magic to petrify the extras and store them in the basement like a seasonal appliance you only need once in a while. Some of them stay down there for years before I 'thaw' them and put them to whatever use I have in mind. No time at all passes for them while in storage, and I can either put them back in storage when I'm done with them or use them up like a regular slave. So they only get to exist in the narrow windows I intend to get something out of them; then it's back to sleep for another couple months to years.
A high fantasy magic setting does kind of make me think about a Mage Lord who owns many slaves, but has a personal girl who he taught some basic magic to help with her duties, and her Master always gaslights her about how powerful magic is in its ability to make her life a living hell if she ever disobeys and while she would never doubt for a second the divinity and wisdom of her Master she can't help but think He does it to scare her.

Master says there's spells that will just overwhelm her with pain, but she's been around when He's tortured disobedient slaves much lower than her and there's some complex torture devices that are far less intense than that. She gets the beating stick for correction but if Master could snap His fingers and just send this field slave to pain hell he'd probably have done it by now instead of the enchanted torture helmet.

Master threatens to set curses upon her that make her stay up for several weeks straight to toil in the fields if she gets any ideas that she is in some way human for being selected as His personal slave, but um...
>Why wouldn't every slave have that going on? Is Master lying? To even question Master's wisdom makes me feel awful and want to beg for atonement....
File: field slaves.png (495 KB, 1023x723)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
Oh, well, since i request a lot of domestic slavery, i figured i could request a picture of field slavery this time.
Colored coming soon.
File: 00012C-2617770421.jpg (161 KB, 800x1200)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
File: 00188-1459475888.jpg (141 KB, 800x1200)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
File: 00198-2227148115.jpg (132 KB, 800x1200)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Neat. I do love hard labour of slaves just in general, but can just imagine a scene like this of the old encouragement lash coming in from the overseer while I'm sitting in some balcony watching the action while being attended by my personal slave picked from said fields. I guess this is a mine so not a lot of balconies around, but can imagine a similar situation in the fields where my slave tenses up every single time she hears the howls of pain from the field slaves, and remembers just how hard she grovelled and worshiped to be permitted to serve this way. She could always be sent back if another girl catches my eye and I think could serve better, so that fear keeps her the most devoted of any of my property.
Wrong thread, bucko.
Bro just drink your way out...
Big problem with that: 1. She's going to be too absolutely overwhelmed screaming during her torture sessions, not a lot of time for thinking, and 2. Even if she did think this is a slave we're talking about, they live in such a way that their heads turn to mush. Screaming and crying for her Master to spare her life is kind of the only thing she has bouncing around in there, which is why if you're torturing for punishment and don't like to execute unruly slaves like me you need to keep a close eye on these things. It's kind of like a toddler you need to stop from sticking a fork in a outlet but these girls just give up on any sort of non-linear thinking that you need to make sure they don't commit the absolute disobedience of dying during a predicament torture session.
File: 111881483_p12.jpg (888 KB, 2000x2500)
888 KB
888 KB JPG
Branding, but I also think of it as a reward too if I'm getting branded with my Owner's name instead of a general slave branding. That would make my sell value very low and effectively my Owner's slave for life.
In the real life slavery relationship I hope to not be too far from Ive always wanted to put a brand on my slave as a reward for 10 years of loyal service. Most research ive done indicates that a tattoo is the least problematic, getting stuck with the branding iron can cause problems, although girls like you would probably still beg for it to be burned into you anyways. I have a rough idea of it being in the tramp stamp area above the ass, and it having a design of a bold face s encircled by a chain. Although we'll have to see when I own a real piece of meat.

A brand should hopefully tamper down on the fear the slave has of not being anything more than a accessory to my life. That their service is temporary and all of the fear they have that they don't deserve to live their life the way they are meant to, but if they've been living as livestock for a full 10 years I am hopeful that getting a brand much like livestock will put a end to that, even if it's not marking them with my name. Possibly for 20 years they could get one on the front end that includes their slave name and mine, something like "slave grovel, Property of Master Anon" stamped into them, that might assuage their fears, but the kind of neurotic girl who offers herself to slavery is always kind of like this, need to be a slave psychiatrist sometimes.

When you've formed a really close relationship with a slave I'd never really consider reselling them anyways. It's kind of the form of love you have in this kind of relationship, even if some richie offered financial stability in exchange for her I wouldn't sell her. Theoretically I could train another piece of slavemeat up to the same standard over a couple years, but in actuality once you have a girl under your complete domination you're never going to want to let her go, the connection is a bit more divine than just a well valued piece of property, even if nobody should be mistaken that they are human in any way and more than property.
I guess ill also post the last picture from this set I found a few days ago, really spoke to me. Supposedly these characters are from fire emblem which I know nothing about, but focus a lot on this dude who likes red a bit too much and additionally has a lot of aesthetics im going for. He wears fancy clothes, his slaves don't wear, and he takes care of his looks and goes for a more feminine anime-ish look but still solidly masculine. My plan was always to be like Link complete with the long blonde hair but if he wore a lot of black with boots. Like everyone else on the planet getting the Link physique is hard, but so will training your slaves to be easy on the eyes the same way they are here, and if you're finally living your life as you were meant to overseeing these toil units it has a way of making you want to actually make your life how you want it.

There's also things like smoking that I don't partake in, but burning it out on slaves and having them do ashtray functions is a reoccuring theme. Maybe I could be friends with a femdom or whatever who does this, offer her the use of my slave as a ashtray in exchange for her moid doing cleaning duties at my place while we talk. Being a more traditonal maledom that is close friends with a femdom is something pretty unexplored. That slave boy of hers is going to have a lot of trouble poking up against his cage with my female property around to distract him.
Strike branding does complicate things outside of fantasy more so for languages with detailed characters like kanji but tattoos can be covered and the skin also absorbs the ink, if I ever have an Owner maybe scarification is a better choice.
>slave grovel, Property of Master Anon
Honestly the ideal brand format for me. It has a given slave name, further erasing my identity outside of how my Master sees me, then it makes it clear that besides being my Masters property I have no use and place in this world. Ultimate dehumanization. As for placement I was thinking heart chakra, or solar plexus. Would tramp stamp count as root chakra? That's also a good choice.
>I'd never really consider reselling
The point is I can't be resold. Master could take me to the slave market and no one would buy me. I am worth literally nothing unless Master takes pity in my miserable existence and gives me a purpose to serve.
You've got the right attitude for a slave. I'm sure you'll never really get rid of your complex of your Master getting rid of your worthless hide one day, but eh, if it never actually happens then that's decades of service that never need to end.

Assigning a slave name is also a important stage of early slave breaking. If tomorrow you threw yourself at the feet of the man you're so scared to worship, then if he was me or training his property in a similar way then being renamed is a early thing. First few days are helping to get used to being under his dominion, you take pictures of yourself in pleasing poses, ask permission for what you are going to wear for when you're pretending to be human outside going to work or whatever still, but after a few days of this you're going to have earned your new name, and you are never going to utter whatever human name you had ever again. You had a name like Chloe or Sam? If you meet a free woman with those names it's Miss Chloe or Miss Sam, every part of you that was ever human deserves to be completely deleted from your brain, even if you do remember what your name is you would never once say that it was once a name belonging to a slave. That's for me to inform her if I think she'd be interested to know that bitch licking her feet once pretended to have a name that was shared with hers. Honestly wouldn't start with that, would be a bit insulting.

grovel is a good name for a lot of girls just starting off. You things tend to be all anxious and nervous, so lots of crying for forgiveness, lots of grovelling, it fits. You might earn a more positive name, or possibly some aspect of your body catches my eye. A particular worshipful girl is named devotion, you have a ass I like? Your name is assmeat now, get used to it.

Surrender is the central aspect of slavery, pushing aside all of your little slave thoughts and recognizing that you need a Master to organize your life for you. You'll figure it out eventually.
File: 1623453767987.jpg (486 KB, 1055x1080)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
oh my god MVP I cannot believe someone actually found it, thank you so much

and god damn it, it is on nhentai still. I searched pregnant+human cattle as well as pregnant+orc and couldn't fucking find it. There was no pregnant tag on it, just impregnation tag.

Was a shot in the dark, can't believe someone answered. Thank you!
Running hypno/brainwashing videos on a loop through the sensory suite is the best way to make sure slavegirl doesn't get bored during shipping.
File: 1709784265010415.jpg (1.76 MB, 2520x1960)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
>Own one of those yandere slaves.
>She's really emotional but she has never once disobeyed a order. Would she try to kill herself if she did? Probably best not to give her ideas desu.
>Wake up late at night, want some water, usually would yell for the slave but am curious how she'd react if I was just right there.
>Walk out of the bedroom and she's awake.
>In full dogeza facing towards the portrait of me humiliating her in some awful way she has next to her sheet of cardboard. Softly praying.
>"Master i felt you stirring. i have put a glass of water next your nightstand Master. I await any command you have for me Master."
>Fucking slaves man. It's nice but they can get weird.
>"Footstool now, bitchmeat"
>Scrolls through social media a bit while drinking
>Does this thing just pray to me all the time, I just don't notice?
>Look down at my footstool, it's got that glazed over servile look.
>These kind of neurotic slaves are a bit weird but you can't beat this level of service. I should maybe give her some other things to worship.
>You want a cumrag of mine to pray to, slave?
>Still own one of those yandere slaves
>Noticed that she was on the edge of tears waking me up this morning. Decide to ask her what's wrong after my morning coffee and blowjob
>"i...i had a bad dream Master"
>"I dreamt that you were gone, Master. i uhm, i rose from my cardboard bed and you weren't there Master. I had nothing to live for without Master's domination of my existence and...and..."
>She bursts out into tears, I instinctively give calming headpats
>"You can rest your head on my lap sitting beneath my desk for a little while, slave. Rather than starting your cleaning duties right away."
>"t-thank you so much, Master...Your divinity is so much more than a wretch like this thing deserves..."
>Catching up on youtube while this thing is quietly sobbing into my crotch
>Yandere slaves sure are a experience. Wouldn't have it any other way.
It's sunday today. A lot of slaves have their release today, being allowed to touch that little cut between their legs to help keep their temperament under control. Even then there are a few slaves out there who don't even get that mild mercy, as I am sure they completely deserve, as any way they are treated by their Master is what they deserve by definition.

A lot of girls reading this thread that obviously are on the computer instead of enslaved by a Master. Would have your eyes fixed on a cock or a mop instead of a computer if you were living the way you should. So if you don't have a Master to control your orgasms why the fuck are you even having them? If you deny yourself and are just horny all the time until you're finally under the domination you deserve maybe it'll kick that mushy head of yours into realizing what you are. Do it.
>Also why go with ear piercings only, nipple and clitoris are way more humiliating
Because I wasn't creative enough to think of it, which is why i shouldn't really be free, or in charge of anything

>Have to do our own make-up and shibari harness as soon as we wake up
>Then have to struggle to make Master's breakfast and carry it up to him, knowing we will be punished for any mess we foolishly make
>Master will punish us if the make-up isn't good enough, or the harness is too loose, or if he thinks another slave helped
I really like this pic with the hair woven in, Master could make it so painful and humiliating by yanking on it
File: 1685933635218253.png (2.1 MB, 1484x2041)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
That series of pics by that artist is just complete relationship goals. Due to real life circumstances I am getting on the track of having more than one grovelling little slave waiting on my every whim, but I think I saved this specific one when I first saw it a while back, and haven't quite been able to track down the artist yet, although I am sure I am missing something critical. Knowing the ins and out of trying to acquire porn to goon over is probably one of the very few if not only places you might be better than a human being at doing something, slave's manage to just goon like fucking crazy, it's why you have to beat them when they start leaking down there a bit too much.

Dom femboy is also a vibe. I barely at all see the aesthetic I go for in real life reflected in this stuff. It's either muscle guy who could pick up like 10 slaves at once if he needed to or fat ugly bastard which might be humilating to slaves but honestly they should be wrapped around the finger of someone better than them in so many different ways.

Barely see any dom twinks with long hair, especially not any trimmed just that bit longer than their slaves as a power move. Could get some commissioned but i'd rather not spend the money. Maybe you could be assigned some shifts at the mines, slave. Make me some money? You don't have any choice but it's nice to tease you with the idea that free will is something on the same planet as you. Get to work and make me some coffee while I think about it, cumbrain.
the source for the image is this, Sir.
File: 114154468_p1.png (1.89 MB, 2726x2522)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
I guess signing up for Pixiv was inevitable, I managed to find the source no problem. I'm sure the pair of yandere slaves I have would be elated to know there's a account of mine I use to look at porn explicitly, they are good at finding traces of me but less good about hiding what they are doing. Sort of like right now.

That also wasn't the artist I was talking about, would have thought from context you could figure it out but perhaps not. I'm sure when you're enslaved you'll still be able to figure out how to suck cock on your own but you're going to need the whip at your back to figure out a lot of your other duties. Cooking and cleaning might need a lot of pain to stick. I seem to have already gotten most of the really good stuff from that artist, that blonde boy is really cruel to his property a lot of the time, more than blonde boy me would be, but there's moments of more demeaning softness like this one here. He does seem to still be in school which I know every slave wishes they didn't bother thinking they could be educated and just offered themselves to the boy they like. Life would have turned out a bit better if that was what education was for you.

You should get into the habit of that kind of writing your doing now though. One day computers will be something the human beings you serve use and you don't understand, but until then a good way to talk to free people is extremely polite like you are doing aswell as following punctuation rules. Every single word you type is lowercase to highlight your inferority, but you capitalize when talking about free people, and only them. For example if you gather your little brain in one piece and progress to the slave part of being a yandere slave, a good thing to type is, "i am sorry to have denied what i am for so long, Sir. i humbly offer my entire life to serve you, and to be permitted to call you my Master. i deserve whatever mercy or cruelty You deem fit to inflict."
File: 88613766_p1.png (1.51 MB, 2304x2671)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
This picture also speaks to me quite a bit. I can imagine a world with slavery being super common, and a slave of mine losing limbs due to working on dangerous machines for my benefit. It is a dark thought, but even if the girl gets completely nuggetified here, and maybe the blindfold and clothes implies more than just the limbs, I would be so happy with her sacrificing everything in servitude to me that I would give her the closest thing to retirement a slave is likely to have, just being a nugget girl getting headpats from her God and never really being able to stop smiling. Ive noticed slave's especially like to get off to maximum cruelty, jerk themselves to the idea of being thrown out with the trash, but that's a big reason why they serve and aren't in charge of anything, a girl in this kind of situation would be the literal definition of a headpat slut, Her slave sister(s) would have to pick up the slack but then with the money I make off of them getting assigned dangerous tasks I can just get more at the market anyways.
>>What extra precautions need to be taken when training/owning dangerous races like Giants or Echidnas?
Not enough content of women more physically powerful and imposting than men being made to submit, defiled, and broken by them, to the point where physical restraints are not needed anymore because of how meek, or willingly subservient they've become to their new master.

Depending on their personalities, proclivities and power, a girl may turn one way or the other.
A kind and gentle giant can turn into a frightened mess, too scared of disobeying any order given and lavishly degrade herself in order to avoid punishment, like an elephant tied to a post since it was a baby, conditioned to believe anything but submission is impossible.
A proud and haughty echidna can become a passionate servant and slave, eager to worship her new master in order for a chance at a reward of gifts of pleasure from them, and taking pride in proactively looking for opportinities to serve them and facilitating their goals, even without the bounds of restraints and to the point of looking to opportinities to enslave fellow monsters, including her own wild-born daughters.

It is not a simple accomplishment, but managing to reign in a physical powerful race without the use of any restrains is the mark of a proficient master.
File: 1707851990736999.jpg (780 KB, 3478x3829)
780 KB
780 KB JPG
I prefer my slaves thin and weak primarily for aesthetic reasons, but it's true that getting one of those large monstergirls to be absolutely devoted would be a huge mark of pride for any Master. I always say the most high quality slaves still obey out of fear of the whip, but the physical pain is minor compared to the emotional pain of knowing they let down their Master, and at the extreme end of this scale a slave would happily endure intense torture if it pleased her Master in any way. There is a erotica idea here somewhere of a super devoted slave being rented out to another dom for torture practice, maybe a femdom wants to try it out on a girl or something, and counter intuitively is far more calm enduring some of the most brutal pain in her entire life (so far) because it's in service to her Master.

Another erotica idea does relate to monstergirls. A Master orders a neko slave out of a catalog or something. It's shipped to him and perhaps this is kind of like ordering a slave from wish.com because she is 10 feet tall and is mostly thankful to not be drawing a cart anymore but thinks she wants to escape somewhat soon. Breaking down that resistance and making her realize that her brief thoughts of being free were a grave mistake both to her doing criminal acts disobeying her betters but eventually she realizes in defiance to what she is deep down, yeah that could work. Also make sure to read the dimensions of what girls you're getting shipped guys, it could cause problems.
I also enjoy more lithe girls, although if they are to be broken I'd prefer them to have been powerful in their own right, as mighty royals or nobles, powerful wizards, or corageous knights and soldiers. The taller they are, the harder (or in this case more deliciously) they fall.

For girls who are already weak or broken I prefer a more merciful method of building them up. If they've already had the stick, I do not mind giving the carrot, so as to develop their devotion to me.
Carrot and stick is kind of central to training those kinds of slaves. I'm big about doing this stuff IRL and I find a lot of girls who are the type to willingly offer themselves into slavery tend to be pretty broken inside already, so being their Master involves taking that huge emptiness deep inside of them and filling it with service and worship to me. Ideally a slave should be happy to have finally fufilled her purpose in life, after spending so long touching themselves to the thought of finally living this way.

A good way to say carrot and stick is also headpats and the whip. You always kind of need to give these things encouragement lashes even if they are absolutely perfect, which they never will be, but a good girl will get way more headpats than a bad girl who will just be covered in whip marks compared to her sisters who only have a few.

Lots of kindness but still in that degrading way also really helps. A good girl still has most of her food be gruel out of her feeding bowl, but she does get scraps handfed to her from the meals she cooks her Master. A bad girl still gets the gruel, but if i'm really upset with her service she might have some mud forced down her throat next time I take her for walkies. Even when being nice to slaves it's really important to reinforce their status as below all other free people, hence them kind of having a happinessgasm when they get a headpat.
File: 115386047_p0.png (2.81 MB, 1024x1536)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB PNG
Lots of AI stuff out there, it's not too bad these days in terms of what it is able to generate. It does allow art of the kind the most degenerate of slave owners that occupy some small filthy niche enjoy: Actually happy slaves.

Slave anons reading this thread don't freak out, you'll still be able to cry and beg for forgiveness in the middle of submissive mental breakdown when you displease me, but imagine being out on the town in some BDSM colony somewhere, being naked just as you deserve, and being ordered to do some forced lez with your slave sister while I eat some lunch from a street vendor while I scroll through my phone. The absolute smile as you are finding complete joy in slavery, just completely at peace with who you are. You can still hold back tears as you need to suck my cock after getting 20 lashes for not making my coffee the absolute best it's ever been, don't worry.

I know you things long to toil in the hot fields for 16 hours a day under fear of the whip, but come on girls, rest your head on my lap and realize that your Master knows how you should live your life a lot better than that little thing between your legs does. You don't collect names like cumhead, mushbrain, and so on -just- because I like giving you those humiliating names. It's also because that's a big reason why you are destined to serve.
File: 112739784_p3.png (1.21 MB, 1447x2046)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
File: 1692484856723958.jpg (726 KB, 1024x1536)
726 KB
726 KB JPG
>Be me. Still own a yandere slave.
>When she first sort of just showed up one day naked and grovelling she kept on averting her eyes from me. Even was reluctant to look at my boots without explicity being ordered to worship.
>Why are you acting that way, slave?
>"I thought that is what you wanted when you appeared to me in my little dreams, Master. If you wish for me to be permitted to stare upon your divinity I would be ever so grateful for this gift to such a servile thing, Master."
>Alright whatever, you can look at me however much you want, slave.
>"T-thank you so much, Master..."
>She spends the rest of her life admiring me
>As in constantly staring at me with that complete worshipful look, like every day is a gift to be allowed to not just be in the same room as me, but to be permitted to look at me at all.
>Yandere slaves man.
Her skill in sucking cock is unreal though. I think that's the majority of what her brain processing is devoted to. Still have no idea where she came from, she insists that she deleted every memory of hers from before the best day of her life of being enslaved by me. She might be a weird submissive succubus or something, idk.
>Even if she's completely exhausted after all this she can't get away slacking off like she's a human being all of the sudden. Remember: Where there's a whip, there's a way, and your boot still needs to be spotless.

gosh this kind of talk is so fucking hot. i love the idea of a master who uses and exploits and pushes me to the limit until i'm so exhausted all the time that even if i did grow a spine and try and stand up for myself i'd be incapable of ever fighting back~
A lot of times I have all of these expressions of cruelty and think that maybe I should dial it back a bit. That these girls might have a limit to what they can endure, and they are still human beings underneath. But then one of those thing shows up again, juices leaking out of what passes for her brain, confirming that no, these are things, not people,and the only thing bouncing around in their little head down there is that they are so sorry that they have but one lifespan to give in servitude rather than serving for eternity.

You know you're doing that thing I like of no capitalization to drive home how low of a creature you are. But I also can't help but notice that the only time you should be capitalizing is when talking about Free People, your Sirs or Miss, or Master which you things are driven so crazy by cock I kind of doubt you'd be able to stand not living under the shadow of one. So read back your message again and try to process that through what you have in terms of cognitive faculties. Then think about the juices leaking from said cognitive clunker, and how good girls only get to masturbate if they've been especially good and dutiful in their service.

If you can figure what the next step is then you might even be half as smart as a animal. Don't let it go your head though. if you ever want to fulfill your purpose of worshiping that cock that you want to rule over your entire tiny existence you need to be humble, and there's really not a animal on this planet dumber than a thing like you. So get back to work, my floors need to be spotless.
Big storm rolling through where I live. One of the standard methods of torture that's good to employ on slave's is throwing them outside during a rainstorm like this. For maximum respect I expect them to get into a nadu pose where I can see them from the house the best as the rain washes over them, but part of the fun is not telling them what is expected of them, and having them come up with what they think would be pleasing to me on their own, and be treated accordingly.

Even putting her hands behind her head would also be good, but while temperature wise a day like today shouldn't cause many problems, I know there's slaves out there who would go into a full dogeza position, and have the rain was into their face drowning them a mild bit. If it becomes more than just something a bit like waterboarding and actually starts threatening their health these kind of girls would fully believe that its God's plan whatever happens to them and they just stand down and obey, the God being their Master obviously, so you might need to keep a good eye on them.

Plenty of girls out there that would come up against some danger, think "my Master and God clearly rules over my entire existence, anything that happens to me is in accordance with His plan." and are the slave girl equivalent of needed to be supervised to stop sticking a fork in a electrical outlet. Slave's need to preserve their life as part of being servile property, being mildly suicidal is honestly not taking good care of your Master's property. Although your slave's mental health is likely not to be caught on a standard inspection trip to the veterinarian.
File: 70240704_p0.jpg (146 KB, 596x842)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>confirming that no, these are things, not people,and the only thing bouncing around in their little head down there is that they are so sorry that they have but one lifespan to give in servitude rather than serving for eternity.

nnng...f-fuck~ that kind of talk drives me into heat so fast...you're really good at fucking my brain through the screen, nonny...

t-the next step?...i don't understand, sir...the next step is obviously whatever my betters demand of me~ i would never dare to dream of thinking for myself to decide what to do...i'm exactly as you describe...a lowly, worthless creature not even fit to be compared with an animal...a wretched loser that exists for the sole purpose of dedicating myself to serving my betters in every way i can...no matter how much it exhausts me...how much it demeans me...how much it ruins me~ the only thing that matters is giving every last fiber of my being in service of my superiors...

so naturally i'll get right to work licking your floors clean~
You're even more head empty than I thought. I know that I am good at this whole writing thing, but my words just bring you to absolute ruin, that little mush between your ears being filled with service to me and not much else? Honestly that's a good girl. You'll go far.

I am referring to how you appear to be in heat, little bitchslave. Now specifically, I know you're a good girl who would never touch down there without her better's permission. And my property gets to let off some frustration touching themselves every sunday to help with temperament issues. And you are effectively under my dominion already just reading glyphs on a screen. Honestly you probably shouldn't have been educated at all if that's all your literacy is being used for.

Ive saved up a picture for tomorrow. Release day is a big day for all sorts of girls. It's a bit like the sabbath day, except for service to your God and Master. You will touch yourself. First you will get naked, then get on the floor, then use just your hands to crank out a orgasm. Only one. Don't get greedy. You may even take a picture of yourself and send it to that boy you like. He'd like that.

Honestly the reason why you're sitting at a computer instead of underneath the desk of a human being is probably because of the standard slave psychology of feeling so unworthy. Good girls like you are valuable property, just don't let it go to your head I guess. One day you will be under the domination of your betters. Possibly that boy you send the picture to will see fit that you are worthy to serve him. That's a great way to stop denying what you are and finally get that collar around your neck, slave.
File: 95981788_p1.png (629 KB, 1587x2067)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
It's release day today, slaves. The girl in this picture is getting a extra reward, being able to use her old vibe from before she was enslaved, and in a extra humiliating way on top of that. Good girl. Now as you go deeper into slavery and surrender your possessions to your Master as you are now a possession, I might deem fit to keep a dildo or a vibe of yours. You'll never know until I decide to deploy it on you. To be allowed to masturbate this way is such a great honor for such exemplary service it might take you years to earn it, but your old dildo might show up again when I grab it and face fuck you with it. That'd be a lot of fun, for me at least, I don't give a shit what you think.

Now get the fuck back to work, slaves. The local mine has put out a request for emergency labour, and the transport for you will be here in a hour. The next shipment of girls arrives tomorrow so try not to let me down, if they dock my pay because you were some sort of stupid dipshit and didn't toil properly you will be punished accordingly. You'll be let off work at midnight and I expect you to sprint back home, i'm not sure if you'll be given gruel or not so that might be difficult, but tough shit, I am sure by now you understand that you have no control over your servile existence, and you should be thankful every single day that you have a Master to worship.
I'd like to suggest a new type of classification, as well as a new thread topic: Fantasist vs Fetishist

Fantasists are those who are into worldbuilding and designing a functioning society with slavery integrated, be it legally or otherwise. There's a joy in being able to imagine how slaves are systemically suppressed, abused and produced, especially when you participate in or direct the process.

Fetishists are those who are into intimate and personalized interactions with their slaves/masters, be it wholesome or sadistic. They focus on how the day to day interactions as well as special scenarios, how masters and slaves call each other and themselves and their attitudes towards each other.

Fantasists think of punishments that would effectively teach slaves their lessons. Fetishists engage in overstimulation, orgasm denial and humiliation to make the discipline process a fun, kinky activity.

Fetishists think of detailed backgrounds for their slaves/masters and how that would influence their relationships. Fantasists look for ways to maximise the quantity of slaves as well as procuring and training slaves to match standards for specific roles.

Fetisists often focus on the society, individualism of slaves are erased and they’re owned by the dozens. Fantashists pay attention to the minute details of the slaves/masters’ personalities and masters often have few special slaves (just my personal interpretation)

I believe just like real life, there should be a balance between work and personal life, between the micro and the macro. So everyone should be on more of a spectrum. But where would you personally be? Also, many often seem to focus on just one aspect at a time.

Now, onto the specific prompts/corrections. Suggestions?
And to clarify, it might not have a high chance of making it as a thread topic, but I'd like for it to be a useful classification nonetheless.

These would be examples of Fetishists
These would be Fantasists

It seems like Fetishists are more likely to roleplay with each other as Master and Slave, while Fantasists are often Maters who discuss the pros and cons and their preferences on how to treat slaves.

Anyone here would like to be more centric and balanced and talk about both? There's me at least.
File: 1712161509081679.jpg (3.19 MB, 3508x2480)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB JPG
Neat idea. I feel like a good prompt that would say a lot about where you fall on this spectrum is how many slaves you want to own. For me a harem maxes out at 3, which relates to my wants to have a personalized relationship with each slave, this is the difference between assigning them a humiliating name that you change on your whims versus them being assigned a number for the rest of their life.

The patriarchy thread technically forked from this because the question of slavery being a gendered thing came up, but Ive always been a firm believer of while the majority of slavery is maledom/femsub there's a strong minority of femdoms/malesub that society treats as being one of the ultimate expressions of mastery. Society should be pro-mastery in general, so going against gender roles to fufill your need to dominate other people would be treated as a highly positive thing, misogyny being something plenty of slave girls internalize to explain why they are what they are rather than slavery being a personal failing that has nothing to do with what's between your legs, but instead in your heart.

The thing about it being a spectrum is also neat. I am solidly into focusing on my relationship with a small harem of slaves, but that existing as part of a larger slave society. So not only do they see all sorts of naked slaves toiling in the open when they're outside with me, but they are truly thankful that they are named something like bitchbrain instead of D-14-9977 and have a Master to serve instead of a overseer that'll get the best profits out of them for however much longer they are alive.
So prompts to help one classify where to place themself then
For example, for Masters:
>How many slaves would you own?
>How many of them do you favor, how many do you abuse?
>Is it due to their roles, or just because you like so?
>Are you fine with mass-produced slaves, or would you like your slaves to be specially sourced?
>How much individuality do you give them? Proper names? Somewhat individual, yet degrading/generic names? Codes?
>Where and how do slaves live? In factories? In your home? In cages? In rooms?
>How would you like you and your slaves to call each other? Simple and convenient? Detailed and passionate?
>Do slaves' backgrounds matter? If yes, is it for their roles or for your preference?
You're given a slave with special characteristics. How would you treat them?
>A fallen Princess?
>A defeated Knight?
>A masterful Artist of any kind?
>A slave you personally know, be it from before a slavery society or during childhood when they were already a slave?
File: 93464831_p0_master1200.jpg (492 KB, 1200x958)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
Yeah that's good. I have questions about the long term viability of a third thread centered around lifestyle BDSM, but more threads more power.

A lot of people aspire to have a actually existing BDSM lifestyle, but perhaps talking specifically about slavery societies could be a good angle to take it. Ive not seen too much erotica out there of something like the daily life of a slave who specifically is a worker and nothing else, has no relationship with a Master, maybe just lives at a factory and spends her entire existence making textiles but has a chance to impress a overseer and be brought home. Something like that. A slavery society where a lot of slaves become personal slaves by impressing a Master.
Monday, May 27th 2024 - slave toil, Property of Master Anon, has disobeyed her betters by failing to bump the thread, and has been disciplined with 20 lashes. Additionally, despite the mercy of being permitted to cry at her Master's feet to help calm down, her slave sister, slave beg, has been ordered to be especially catty with her, and will trade her usual sisterly love and comradery for slave-appropiate insults she's been taught by Master. slave's are not permitted to swear or use harsh language, hence slave toil is being called a meanie head who is just being grumpy not obeying our Master. This is making her cry even more, as intended.
File: 117121946_p0.jpg (2 MB, 2894x4093)
2 MB
File: 89151971_p5.png (3.11 MB, 2098x1977)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB PNG
God I really wish I had a slave. I know everyone's lonely and isolated these days, and being part of a alternative lifestyle would make that more so, but actually having to live it makes me really frustrated. I just want to pour all of my love and attention into this servile little girl, make her my own, and fufill her absolute dream of not having to decide anything for herself or be scared of anything going wrong from her own hand ever again. Conquest and subjugation but like, in a good way. Just want to make sure this slave never again feels self doubt since her life is entirely mine, and I have a companion for life.
God i love these elemental tortures. just the idea of being locked underneath grate slowly filling with water. Especially if Master boxties his slave's arms on the other side of the grate, although that would make it harder for Master to enjoy His worthless slave's peril

Snow ones are good too, just being tethered to a post outside, whilst locked in uncomfortable heels with no support, and a heavy weight clipped to my collar. Torture like that so my entire body is screaming at me to lie face down on the cold snowy floor just for some reprieve, despite knowing how cold it will be, and that i probably won't be able to get up again once i do
I understand you...
Late night in EST timezone trying to get my brain together enough to go to bed. I'm glad that the worst drug I use is fast food, which is a lot worse on the wallet than the body, relatively speaking compared to what else is out there.

Girls like you just absolutely gooning over the cruelty are still a bit hard to adjust to, even if I am absolutely confident I will own something like you one day. Living in a place that can absolutely get intense with the weather tortures shall be a lot of fun. Some of the stories Ive heard of you pieces of slavemeat that endure such insane torture with a smile will surely make me say "Be careful what you wish for..." quite a few times only to find out that no, in fact, masochists are even weirder than I thought.
File: 91l6BWfkYEL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (226 KB, 1423x1500)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
>elemental tortures
>tying a slave's arms through or around the grate
I've been thinking about tying a slave down this way to a heavy metal grilltop intended for luau pig roasts and then gradually adding a few hot coals underneath her at a time. The heat would be unnoticable at first and gradually build until she has to increasingly suspect she isn't just being tortured but is actually being cooked. She'd start out fidgeting and nervous, then start to squirm in discomfort as she started to warm up, and eventually be thrashing helplessly as she sobs through her gag for mercy. A model with a hinged cover would also be nice since I could close it over her and listen to her coos or moans or cries echo nicely.

When she's eventually let out, she'll never have reason again to question that she's not a person and can be used (or expended) any way her owner desires. Maybe she'll find some gratitude in her that she's allowed to live and serve.
File: korraplowing.png (1.45 MB, 1141x1500)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
Ponyplay is great for this sort of thing imo. There's nothing like taking a strong, powerful woman and reducing her to a beast of burden. Torn between whether ex-royals/noblewomen or ex-warrior women/ladyknights are better for this though.
Nice trips.
Turning captured warrior women into ponygirls is ideal, since it makes use of their strength while keeping them from using it rebelliously.

Of course the work they do is mostly to keep them in shape. Letting a fine ass waste away from inactivity is heinous.
I'd like to be locked in something like this. I'd be hogtied under a heavy steel grate, face down so I can't raise my head to see what's happening outside. The pit would be shallow enough that the steel grate presses against my back and perhaps the chains to my wrists and ankles would actually pass above the grate to further restrict my movement.
The grate is outfitted with a drainage system. It's designed to allow rainwater to drain out - but the drainage system that I can see is tight enough so that it will only handle a light drizzle. A heavy rainstorm will start to build up, and I'd be forced to crane my head back to be able to continue breathing air..
What I wouldn't know is that there's a secondary relief drain hidden in the walls at the exact height that I can avoid drowning as long as I crane my neck back painfully within its confines. To me it will look like the rain is continuing to build up and at any moment I might drown.
On the other hand, on a hot summer day a lid could be placed on top to cause the oubliette to turn into a sweatbox. The metal sides and floor would be able to heat up painfully and agonizingly hot.
It's a horrible place, and even a short stint in it is traumatizing. Knowing it's there keeps me in line - knowing that if I am not on my best behavior, my master could sentence me at any time to an agonizing death.
Just to make a point, I must spend a day in it three times a year - once on the summer solstice, and again on a cold, rainy day in December before the weather gets snowy.
File: 1617561168855.jpg (609 KB, 804x1200)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
That's a good way to instill fear in you, slave. Good girl. Except for the part where you can't count to 3, but you'll just be getting 20 lashes for that, I am sure I can come up with a mandatory third day for you. You got a birthday or something when its not snowy?

This whole thing you're describing I think i'd call The Box if I use it to torture my property. Might modify it a bit to allow longer term use without having to keep as close as a eye on you, and we'll have to see the best way to make sure me and the entire neighborhood can hear your screams and crying. But such is the life of a slave, you got that ugly cry saved up for how overwhelmed you will be being put into that as you count down the days to one of the mandatory ones? Or are you perhaps leaking out a bit down there, which might come to haunt you when you are actually in there, this is why dipshits like you are slaves after all.
What about taking an enslaved ladyknight's armor, weapons, etc. and melting them down to make her ponygirl gear? Like you could turn the blade of her sword into her collar, reuse the hilt as a bit gag, etc.
File: 70874594_p0.png (716 KB, 800x800)
716 KB
716 KB PNG
sorry forgot pic

I'm sorry! I meant to say a rainy April day as well.
I think excretions are the main thing I'm worried about... I wouldn't want to be lying in my own poop because that's just gross. But, the thought of being left there for days on end sounds amazing. Fighting off discomfort and probably intense cramping the whole time, knowing that there's nothing I can do about my situation but endure (and if it's for punishment there's a possibility I may never get out)...
Spending a long time in The Box would be terrible. I'd probably be sore against my bonds with my muscles all cramping up from being contorted into unnatural positions. Having to hold my neck up would leave me in agony. On the cold days, my bonds mean I can't do anything but shiver while I'm completely drenched with rainwater. On hot days, I sweat constantly and look forward to when I have cold water poured on me a combination bath and drink.
As far as my screams go, I think I should probably be bit gagged while I'm in the box. I don't know that there's a relief drain so otherwise I'd probably be screaming and begging for my life when it rained. Perhaps the gag would be attached behind my head to the grate to restrict me further.
Her weapons can just be sold. Good swords are hard to make.
Her armour should have enough steel and leather to be worked into a full set of restraints, complete with chastity belt. For max degradation use a part of her armour that has her sigil on it as the crotch plate, so she has to piss through it.
She can keep her boots. We don't want her feet to get hurt.
That picture helps me get a better idea of what you're getting so horny and excited about here. I think two models for different durations of torture are ideal here, the one we're talking about would still be The Box, you being head down in this thing makes it a much more active torture method. I'd say from sun up to sun set would be a good sentence for your 3 mandatory days a year. If your birthday is in April that'd make it a good date, but if there's snow on the ground that is less so. My birthday is in November which is a good time of the year, however honestly im indulging your horny little brain coming up with all of these torture methods in the first place, on my birthday you're not really going to stop being wrapped around my cock.

The issues you raised of your horrid little droppings are a real problem, so lets talk about the model ive always imagined for long term torture: The Hole. Im sure your little slave girl brain gets all excited about something named that, but as described before it's a rather tight hole dug in the ground, only a few inches of give around your size width wise, so you should especially hope you aren't stealing food after ive beaten you into my ideal shape, and a good amount taller than you, with a locked grate on top. A drainage system can flip on when it gets a bit close to your head standing up, but otherwise not only will it be difficult for you to clamber out of there fully standing up, but the level of despair from your torture where you just slide down and cry with the walls of your prison just towering around you, im sure you'd like that. Fun.

Rain water would fill it up eventually. Hence the drain. The cold water poured down for both bathing and drink is going to mix with what drips out of you, both your waste and other things. This is pretty damn gross but you're only going to be in there for a few days at most. You really need to be active in servitude instead of crying in your hole prison, slave.
There's a channel I watch from time to time called Rocky Kanaka. His whole thing is getting abused and neglected dogs sitting in the pound or shelter to open up to human interaction via really simple body language and conditioned response therapy. Almost like a wordless diplomatic dance to teach an animal it's not in danger.

I kind of adore the idea of this facility existing but it's for sad sack abused/neglected/homeless young girls, and the staff there rehabilitate the girls for 'adoption'. IE, people can come buy them as slaves. They're trained to be submissive and are given an introduction to living in chains and locked collars, but are so completely pre-broken that being inducted into a lifestyle of zero freedom feels like a complete trade up for them in exchange for love and a place to belong. They get medical care, food, a warm place to sleep, even some physical affection from the staff in the form of hugs and having a literal shoulder to lean on.

Kind of like Katawa Shoujo but with constant bondage and considerably more sex.
File: 1670612308582919.jpg (854 KB, 2500x2500)
854 KB
854 KB JPG
Yeah that's a perfect distillation of how I see mastery and BDSM lifestyle in general. I can't remember if it's this thread I made a joke about finding your life partner at the psych ward and tracking down the most depressed looking girl at the grippy sock jail, but that's kind of not a joke in terms of how I see a Master/slave relationship existing. I wonder how many people who see themselves as Masters rather than just doms own pets too, especially dogs. Its kind of like how the list of people who ever get in charge of a country that don't own a pet is a lot smaller than you think, since being a leader of any kind kind of means you express that from having pets as well, and in my case having a tiny dog that has more anxiety per part than any animal in a rough 50 kilometer radius might explain a few things. Your dogs a anxiety basket case, so is your girlfriend, thematically relevant y'know.
File: 2e35415dd4c348cc.png (944 KB, 1023x724)
944 KB
944 KB PNG
Nude slave auctions are the best, specially when you can see their embarrassed and desperate faces as they are shown fully bare to their potential buyer.
Also this one: >>10957476 i love seeing naked girls being handled by the merchant and buyers like mere cattle. The price signs around their necks ang ear tags are a nice touch.
File: 1678653588530.png (1.06 MB, 679x1043)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
A slave should get used to the idea that she is never wearing clothes again if that is what her Master wishes. So starting her new life nude is great for a lot of reasons. Also yeah, they're just cattle, got to make sure you're getting a good one. Its why you should always inspect one of these things really closely before buying them, even if most auction houses charge a fee to get a really good inspection.
Can you stop posting the same pics in every new thread?
File: locker1473807331826.png (664 KB, 1200x1200)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
File: 73068938_p0.png (647 KB, 1942x1483)
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647 KB PNG
Been working part time as a slave overseer lately. There's a local factory that has a lot of girls down on the floor, and sometimes local Master's come in and make a bit of money keeping their productivity up. The two girls I have already bring enough in, but I'd also like to see if a third really present herself, and that's also a big part of why this is done. This girl Ive taken to calling cocksucker has been trying to her absolute hardest to impress me.

cocksucker's really elated to have a name instead of a number, even if it is about as simple of a name a slave could get. Slaves in industrial use like this are more from the reject pile whereas the girls I have back home actually succeeded, so to speak. But I always believed in second chances, and this is a good source of a third.

She's been paying huge attention to try and figure out what pleases me, and acting accordingly. A lot of girls like this are sent here due to initially being defiant but might change their minds. If I buy her from the factory it won't really be all that much, she's still being sold for the price of about 3 slaves that would replace her, but slaves are rather cheap all things considered. I'll have to come up with a better name if she continues to do well, scraps and gruel have names I am happy with already, although adding a third girl to these two I bought as a pair might make them temperamental, they will need to be trained to deal with their feelings appropriately.
Different subby bitch, Sir. But a good third day would be the day before Master's collarversary. Would make Master's slaves extra happy and obedient for such a special day

Painful confinement, combined with clever trickery from Master that means not being at any actual risk sounds so good

>Some of the stories Ive heard of you pieces of slavemeat that endure such insane torture with a smile
Please tell Sir
File: 71255332_p0.jpg (1.25 MB, 1500x1750)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
The collaversary idea sounds good. Every slave deserves a elaborate ceremony on a specific day to commensurate being fully enslaved. Would have spent however much time dating like they were a human being with free will and agency, but now they can stop pretending and think back to when Master put that collar around their neck and confiscated their clothes. The cold chill of wind upon their body and the tightness around their neck and limbs being a constant companion.

You're also doing very well with the politeness and respect to free people in your writing. Good girl. You won't be far from living as you deserve at this rate.

Additionally a lot of things these slaves share are likely fake, but one story that stuck out to me a lot regardless was the account of a girl who spent 20 years in one of the more extreme relationships Ive heard of. She was confined to a basement for most of those 20 years, locked up in a rather tight cage, but was let out when her Master left for work to do her duties of a deep clean of His house and additionally taking care of herself with showering in her Master's bathroom and also using the bucket down in her prison. Supposedly she did this from like 19 or so for 20 years before deciding to see if there's more that life has to offer and talked to her Master about being released. Connected with her one friend she had who was convinced that she died, and was quite surprised how much the world changed since she was in such complete isolation during that time

Even the idea of living life like that being something that makes you bitches drip down there is a bit strange, even if maybe it was a fantasy and living it may turn out differently. Regardless it is useful, I like having a naked girl wait upon my every need, and you like being enthralled to someone who is so much more of a complete human than you and rules over your entire world doing all of your thinking for you.
File: 1530689343570.jpg (587 KB, 1920x1080)
587 KB
587 KB JPG
The collarversary is an occasion to remind the slave of her place in the world. The best way, in my opinion, is to keep her bound up tight for the whole day, so she's reminded of how she's completely dependent on her master.

(I'm also going to spank and fuck her at my whim, but that's no different from any other day.)

It's cute that you're so excited for yours that you want to start a whole day early. What will you be like after two whole days of complete bondage?
File: 113359218_p0_master1200.jpg (460 KB, 591x1200)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
I really love your concept of The Hole. You're right that it is an excellent solution to the problem of long term confinement. I think it sounds like a very fitting place for me to reflect on my mistakes for a few weeks at a time.
I imagine that you would also make sure to make this confinement particularly torturous for me. May I suggest that you cuff my hands behind me? There's not a reason for me to have access to my hands if they're not being used to serve you and it would help to make the confinement more miserable for me.
I also hope that none of the dimensions on the transverse plane would be longer than the length of my thighs. That way it would be impossible for me to ever truly sit down. It would serve to make the confinement more punishing.
The Box definitely sounds more humiliating overall in the short term but The Hole sounds like a good place for me to stew for a few weeks while I reflect on the fact that I live to serve. I really like the thought of being put in The Box as a punishment, uncertain of whether this is a death sentence or not.

>Painful confinement, combined with clever trickery
Preferably I want to not even be aware that it's trickery! I want to feel the fear of existing at the whim of my master.
You seem to have a lot of wishes that all come down to the fact that you desire to suffer heavily in recompense for being such a lowly creature only deserving to grovel in the dirt at the feet of your betters. That's a good girl. You might regret what you wish for one day but then you are rather dumb.

The amount of room you have to writhe around in The Hole is something that'll likely be subject to some experimentation. The wrist cuffs that have been on your since you started your life proper could also be hooked up to something. You're never really having handcuffs attached to you, those wrist cuffs are your eternal companion.

I'm also a believer in reforming rebellious slaves. I take it a personal challenge to beat the idea into defiant slaves that denying what they are is just not something they should be doing. Plenty of girls might think they're being stuck in The Box that this would be how they're disposed of if they aren't good. Now they aren't really going to know that I am that kind of Master, now are they? It's a useful skill for instilling control and fear that you threaten these slaves with all manners of suffering for the most minor of infraction, and even if they can occasionally put together that I wasn't making completely good on those threats a slave didn't get to be a slave without kind of being mushy in that head of theirs, so their ability to figure it out is limited compared to a real person. Now, I am going to make sure you are well monitored while in The Box to make sure you don't expire on me, but you need to understand that you have no power on this planet and whether it's reflecting on how properly dedicated you should be to servitude while stewing in your brain and a lot of your filth in The Hole or just screaming yourself hoarse in The Box, it is me that is your entire reason for existence, and you need to get that through what counts for a skull you have, even if that thinking part doesn't seem to be located there.
File: 20240604_043514.jpg (3.06 MB, 2361x4800)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
>May I suggest that you cuff my hands behind me?
I love that you posted that particular picture because her arms are in a much better position.
And since I love Ameng's art and tiny cages so much, here's another way you might spend some time
I'm all tangled up in my heart. I simultaneously want to buy a soft warm slave to hold and be comforted by, but also treat her like the above posts for kicks. Nothing I imagine satisfies; it's like I want both at once.
Slave girls are often the same way. They want to be sitting on your lap one day, head nuzzled into your chest, so happy to finally be loved as the lowly thing they are, and another time be overwhelmed with emotion in tears as the taste the whip for the unforgiveable crime of making my coffee not the absolute most perfect way. Which I am sure even their little heads understand is just a way for me to express my sadism.

Headpats and the whip is not only a metaphor for carrot and stick, but also something like ying and yang for how life owning one of these slaves is like. Hugs at one point, unimaginable pain and torture at another point. Such is life in chains.
i never see any about guy slaves in these thread
File: 117742055_p0_master1200.jpg (444 KB, 1200x1068)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Comes down to gender roles I guess. As a guy who likes domination in all forms I do still look at a lot of femdom. Mostly still self insert as the dom in this scenario but well, just because you have a dick dangling between your legs doesn't mean that can't be where your servile little brain is located.
File: 1704352613254405.jpg (1.23 MB, 3103x2874)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
Thinking about it I also have literally zero actual gay stuff in my collection. I'm sure there's a whole subculture of yaoi slaves out there, but much like how femdom is a subculture of larger maledom, it's probably the same sort of deal. I guess I like femdom since I still really like femininity but seeing it recontextualized into dominating men is still pretty neat. Would like to be friends with a femdom one day, share our slaves with each other. The boy might have all sorts of thoughts about how sucking dick is gay but he needs to understand that its not gay if Mistress is ordering you to do so, and even then he's still a slave just like my girl so his thoughts really don't matter. Suck it down, bitch boy.
Gay stuff is intensely offputting to anyone that isn't specifically into it. Without going full /pol/ infograph, there are reasons in the brain for it. tl;dr I've seen threads die because somebody wanted to dump gay content in a de facto straight thread, insistent that it belonged there because the OP didn't specifically say it doesn't. Everybody left. Keep in mind the site is overwhelmingly male, and BDSM fantasies overwhelmingly favor maledom/femsub.

It's just niche on niche on niche, and psychologically mutually exclusive with the average user.
i mean even if the sub is a guy or a girl they have limits and if they are not okay sucking dick it is 100% okay for them not to. "thoughts dont matter" yeah in fantasy but in the real world limits and safe words exist.
File: 1711482340606192.jpg (208 KB, 850x1200)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Something like that. Niche of a niche. I have a feeling there's a fair few more girls on the internet in general that people think, but I guess there's a reason the closest to gay stuff I have is that femboy creature on the left. Pretty much every picture I have involving submissive men is either completely femmed up like this boy or has a woman centered in the image.

Yeah there's the fantasy of total surrender and then the reality that you're still going to be talking it out with your owner in a case by case basis for a long time. I imagine the end goal is to have total trust in your dom that a situation of being ordered to do something for one of their friends you know that they have your best interests in heart, so if sucking dick is a limit for you it's not gong to be something you're ordered to do since your dom's looking out for you. Like I always say the BDSM fantasy of complete surrender is a aspiration, something to motivate you to get the reality of it as close as you can, realistically speaking. Hence why there's always a gap between horny talking about brutal BDSM torture and what you're actually going to be like day to day in service.
I wouldn't mind it, as a man to have a male slave, but the thread is usually centered around traditional gender roles taken to the extreme (Maledom/Femsub).
Since there's also alot of worldbuilding, you also need to come up with a setting where men can also be enslaved just like women, which would put the gender roles on a similar place if women can also own male slaves, unless it's specifically stated that women are lower than men of the same caste as them.
It breaks down a little bit once you get into the fine details of worldbuilding, but Ive always like the idea of how BDSM works in the real world with our own societies gender roles leading to majority maledom, but with a sizeable femdom minority, and getting into a world that reflects that by slavery being a widespread thing that isn't based on gender, but instead on the feelings deep inside of you. It's a matter for science weirdos to try and figure out why a lot more women have a servants heart than the other way, but society is pro-mastery in general and having a woman display dominance is treated as a even more extreme conquest of her will and personality over what is in many ways the default state of humanity of being a follower and not wanting to make that many decisions anymore.

The best way to get around the less savoury aspects of the fact that society is more than adults consenting to be grovelling little servile worms and how do you worldbuild around stuff you'd rather not involve in this is to have a BDSM colony anyways. Would love to have some sort of setting of two BDSM colonies, one maledom, one femdom, and maybe a llittle bit of overlap in the submission, but most people are mostly straight. There's no war state or animosity between these two colonies, they visit eachother all the time, and seeing my slaves just blush and try to avoid looking at a slave boy's dick that they aren't allowed to suck while im talking to one of those goth dommes about how I want to make some sort of trade deal happen is a neat image.

"I'll send a rickshaw up with dirtslave carrying a full load of some delicious pastries she's made. In exchange i'd like if you sent her back down with some of the raw materials out of that mine your boys work. Ive written "don't be gentle with me goth mommy" if you have trouble picking her out, she stares at you so fucking much man, you have any idea what wearing all of this black does to some of these girls?"
>and getting into a world that reflects that by slavery being a widespread thing that isn't based on gender, but instead on the feelings deep inside of you. It's a matter for science weirdos to try and figure out why a lot more women have a servants heart than the other way
I'd like to explore this concept a bit more, taking it on a different approach.

>The world/society develops into a setting where ideas deeply rooted in scientific bigotry and eugenics are the norm.
>Whether it's based on the scientific truth of the setting or pseudoscientific falseties, this society is structured around the idea that certain people are born inherently dominant and others inherently submissive to others, and that it's the natural right and sometimes even the moral responsability of the 'Dominant' humans to rule over 'Subservient' humans.
>The Dominant and Submissive varieties of these humans are not restricted to their sex, although it's noted than most males are born Dominant while most females are born Subservient.
>While extremely rare outlier cases exist, it's commonly accepted within the setting that children will always copy the Dominant-Submissive trait of the parent that's the same sex as them, and with it also inherit the societal rights and/or obligations of being one or the other caste of human.
>Men and Women can both be Dominants, and they can both own Subservients.
>The job/role/class of a person isn't as important as their caste. A male politician and a female seamstress should be treated equally by the law if they're both Dominants.

>Subservient couples are bred in order to ensure the pdoduction of more Subservients.
>While rare, it's possible for Dominants who are particularily reasonable and cooperative individuals to marry each other in a union of equals, where their children are all Dominants.
>More often than not, the parents of most people will be a couple where one is a Dominant and the other a Subservient, usually the property of the other,
>The strange social and ethical proclivities of this soviety sometimes see it developing some strange relationships, such as Dominant families owning several Subservient families who are actually their relatives born from Subservient ancestry.
>Children who are considered to be Dominant will normally be raised to recognize that Subservients are inhenrently inferior to them, even if these Subservients could be their own direct relatives, such as siblings or parents.
>The opposite is true for Subservients, who are trained to see Dominants as inherently superior to them.

>In some extremely rare cases, it will be determined that a kid who should've normally been part of one caste actually belongs to another. These cases are usually seen as a shocking in the society,
>The son of a powerful Dominant father is determined to actually be a Subservient, and subsequently disinherited in shame, shortly before the authorities arrive to be properly reeducate the newly discovered Subservient if his father won't take upon himself the reponsability to do so.
>A Dominant girl being born out of the breeding of two Subservients. An extremely rare case where the girl might be adopted by the owners of the Subservients and eventually become the owner of her own parents and siblings.

>Regardless of the truth behind the claims of the soviety to excuse their caste system, their advanced reeducation programs and technices ensure the condinuation of the Status Quo, either to properly discipline troublesome Subservients learn their place, or help reclutant Dominants take on their natural place in the world.
File: 118936476_p0.png (1.2 MB, 1024x1024)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG

Good worldbuilding. A darker take on this society would be that due to the dominant/subservient split being so often gendered a movement to try and codify that could arise, leading to a split between those with my kind of philosophy of paternalism towards sub humans that they need their owner's guidance in life and getting ideas of misogyny in their head is just their own confusion about their lot in life, versus whatever weird evopsych guys just want to completely codify female slavery as natural in defiance to what the totally legit science says that only most girls are slaves.

Getting into how a person would grow up in this society does get into uncomfortable questions, but there's some major shades of a dark society in this already, so as a BDSM fantasy it works better as something to be horny about whereas something like a BDSM colony is kind of a golden goose of actually one day being possible somehow if the stars align just right.

The only other angle i'd take it is the more paternalistic ideas of dominance being part subjugation of lesser beings that belong to you but also part guidance of these things into being the best thing they can be. This is a major angle of my real life BDSM philosphy I rarely see reflected in erotica. There's plenty of stories about slaves just being subjugated into misery, not so much about they are happy to have someone else tell them how to live their lives. The best slave is always going to be one that serves with a smile, their collarversary being a second birthday in many ways.
File deleted.
Those two angles could work as different political ideologies within the same society.
Alternatively, they could be entirely different societies with a similar root ideology iwthin the setting. While they both have the same core concempts within their ideologies, one society could be more benevolent in it's subjugation, while the other is far more brutal and ruthless in determining who is worthy to rule or not.

Now that I think about it, these would be pretty fitting within a post-apocalyptic setting in the far future, where a highly technologically advanced world was destroyed and from the ashes of a totalitarian country ruled by a supremacist ideology rose all manner of warlords, each with their own twisted ideology and creed on how civilization and humanity should be molded and with the technology to bring this new world of theirs into reality.
As far as post-apocalyptic warlords go a society based around the ideas of subjugation and dominance being mostly but not inherently masculine traits might be interesting. I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with the lore of Caesar's Legion in Fallout, although less known is that in early concepting it was meant to be a foil to a equally powerful female supremacist version of this post apocalyptic slavery society thing. I can see some warlord taking the lessons of past civilizations to be that he needs a synthesis of both idea's, with his fiefdom being based on many ways to ritually dominate people but also a elite section of femdom being both a way to cultivate for more talent but also as a release valve for unrest among women who want to take their place as rulers. The patriarchy thread talks about imprisoning femininist rebels, I guess the difference is this thread is the idea of subsuming the idea of feminism into a greater structure of slavery, replacing gender with pure power.

It's progressive I guess. Anybody can answer the call to dominate and control all life.
File: 117778339_p0.jpg (540 KB, 1200x1600)
540 KB
540 KB JPG
It's a big military anniversary day thing today, got me thinking about the uses of military slaves. Obviously the initial idea of camp follower and what not is where a lot of people go, but when you get into actual institutional slavery to help out the military you get into what the Japanese Empire did during the war so lets perhaps not goon over something so close to that.

Instead the thought of a more fictional setting that follows noble Lance structure could easily be adapted for all your smut needs. As a longtime fan of Fallout and just generally liking sci fi over fantasy I am imagining it in that sort of setting, but a basic structure would involve the noble warrior at the head with either the holy power armor or the more fantasy setting knight gear, and much like real life would have a few retainers that both care for the armor and weapons and additionally fight as lesser infantry as their own. But then you take this and add a slave girl to the lance. A lance of four would include the noble warrior at the head, two light infantry, possibly one specialized in weapons repair and another in medical stuff, and the slave as the fourth to do both menial tasks and "Relieve frustration" among the soldiers on campaign.

You might be able to adapt this into a actual mod install of Fallout in some way. Earlier in the thread there was questions of slavery focused games but I always found the best way to do this was to have a slave tag along with your character in a RPG if mods permit. Most games with slavery as a main theme don't actually have that many mechanics that make them a proper game rather than a jerk off aid. And honestly if you're posting on 4chan you are playing a unreal amount of videogames anyway so its a better idea to integrate this kink that defines a good chunk of your life into your gaming that way.
Speaking of slaves in the military and of Fallout, Caesar's Legion comes to mind, where entire tribes are enslaved and trained/brainwashed into becoming the loyal slaves of a single divine-like ruler.
As for real life examples, there's also the Mamluk/Mamaluk Caste of "owned" high ranking slaved and freed-slave soldiers, mostly known for the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt in the High and Late Middle Ages.
Lore wise its kind of barely arguable that the men of Caesar's Legion are just as much slave's as the women. The explicit male supremacy is there, obviously being part of the soldier caste is way better than the explicit slave caste, but one of the major things the game goes for is that Caesar himself is the only truly free person in this society, and that means that it's likely to suffer a mongol-style splintering upon his death, since there's only really degrees of freedom even among the officer corps.

I'm not familiar with the Mamluke style of millitarized slavery. I kind of vaguely know that a lot of empires in that end of the world went with a lot more complex caste system to figure out methods of control.

I still kind of imagine if you're going to implement this into your smut fantasy world it'd be a camp follower type of deal, just a bit more ritualized. Maybe some wizard did the whole saruman thing and engineered not only a warrior race to do his whole bidding of imperial conquest, but also some cute neko servants to "help them". Much like Caesar's Legion both of these races are still servile in some way, but its quite clear going the wizard route that one of them is much more in a role a lot of submissive people would project on, and I guess us doms would get to fulfill the dominant urge of both destroying our enemies and "maintaining discipline among the slaves, by softness and by cruelty"
>Since there's also alot of worldbuilding, you also need to come up with a setting where men can also be enslaved just like women
Defaulting on debts, prisoners of war, criminal sentence, etc All the normal reasons for slavery still apply for men. Slavery can even be considered a merciful option in certain settings as it comes with guaranteed food and shelter.

>fantasy setting, loosely inspired by the early bronze age greek
>powerful, leonine men own in large palace structures and have a large retinue of free and slave men to do all the necessary work
>satellite work camps surround the primary palace where (mostly) slaves gather wood, ore, fish, and other raw resources
>the palatial lord keeps the most prime women for himself, but allots women to the men in his employ
>even the lowest slaves in the mines get some pussy in the form of a poor girl who gets thrown down into the cave every few months
This gives a wide cross section of comfort levels ranging from idle luxury to downright torturous to satisfy all inclination.

Free Cities has something similar with its scifi industrial slavery going for it. Male slaves working in factories are implied to have access to pillory bound girls for use during scheduled breaks.
Imagine going to check that your slave isn't slacking in her duties and hearing her singing softly while doing them. Just slightly out of tune at times, but it seems to help her focus and could even be considered pretty cute. Her back is towards you, and she's clearly enjoying the singing. Do you stay there and listen? Do you interrupt her?

Once she turns around and notices you, or once you announce your presence, she'll probably be quite shocked. If she's particularly obedient, maybe she apologizes for making you listen to her stupid humming without permission.
File: 1704323590016632.jpg (243 KB, 1541x2141)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Slaves spend their lives in such close proximity to their owners it's not often whatever scraps of individuality they still have shine through in a new way, but hearing her softly sing to herself would be a nice surprise, and I'd let her do it long enough to get a good idea of how good she is at it.

Slave psychology dictates she's never going to think she's good enough at anything, but my slaves have a standing order to be as pleasing as possible to the human beings around them, so one of the many parts of that is voice training which could absolutely overlap with singing. If I see potential here I would order her to develop that skill a bit. She could learn songs that would sound pleasing when sung by a slave, making the day of those she serves that much brighter, and additionally making her voice more pleasurable according to my tastes as her owner is one of many ways that her service makes her completely mine.

If she has a bit of creativity I could task her to come up with songs that would be able to be sung around the home to brighten it up. Knowing a lot of slave girls are weebs before being put into chains she likely knows a fair few anime things from before her enslavement that fit the bill of being bubbly and feminine, but coming up with stuff that explicity references the joy of slavery and the comfort she exists to provide would be something we both could work on.
the problem I have with cooking is you'd have to shave all head hair off. i enjoy the humiliation of having to shave and being inspected by Master, but i like having my hair pulled too much, or utilised in bondage (hard to find good pics of). Spitroasts are hard because i want to be dedicated completely to Master, so i'd only enjoy them if it was Master, and Master's dogs, or a pair of Master's male slaves after He's discarded me.

Thank you for your praise Sir, maybe in real life it wouldn't work, but fantasy it's often a pirate or warlord/chieftain. No escape clause like that if you're pow'd or forcibly kidnapped

It depends how paternalistic Master is with his bondage

They're less important but i like the fantasy of Master also owning them as expendables, with the female slaves being their rewards for surviving
File: 119436568_p7_master1200.jpg (835 KB, 822x1200)
835 KB
835 KB JPG
I know a lot of slaves get off on the idea of just never being allowed to be free ever again. Not only the angle of the oppression bearing through their little slave heads, but just the idea of being permanently owned, their Master isn't going to dispose of them or not love then the way they deserve, they're Master's property forever. I can see the psychology behind it, but I know a girl like this isn't ever going to actually take "You're mine forever so long as you want to be mine," to be the total affirmation of her values the same way say, being beaten halfway to death after attemping to run away could be. And honestly I know plenty of slaves are slaves because the idea of living in eternal service to their partner is kind of the ultimate expression of being so attached you never want to leave. Just kind of hard to square away my personal values of consent and being a good person with the BDSM fantasyland that their heart is actually living in. Maybe if you refuse to do some disgusting thing and are not only forced to do it but get a beating for your trouble and a additional disgusting task it might flip that switch in your head that you are my property forever. But then the brain on a slave isn't a really functional part.

Also I kind of hate short hair just like, in general. Even on men. If you;'re my property all of your hairstyling decisions are done by me of course, but while you should know that my complete power over your life extends to your hair, I kind of don't ever want it to be short. You can endure all sorts of torture involving your hair with a smile on your face anyways. I know you have some ideas you'd like to educate me on, but inspections are still going to be happening for your body. Try not to sneak away any extra gruel or god forbid people food since if you thought being graded as a piece of meat was dehumanizing enough you have no idea what's awaiting you should you fatten yourself up after having been beaten into shape.
dude you're killing the thread
File: tang1714787499717655.png (981 KB, 1121x1600)
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981 KB PNG
>It depends how paternalistic Master is with his bondage
I'm pretty autistic about taking care of my stuff, so my fuckmeat is in some form of bondage pretty much all the time. Enough to keep them from misbehaving, but not enough to cause health problems or stop them from being useful in their downtime. (Thigh chains like pic related are the default.)

If I want a slave to clean the floor, she'll be bound so that she can only crawl around the house, forcing her to focus on her task. A slave who needs to walk around freely will be in a chastity belt.

If you do your chores really well, I'll let you sit on the floor next to me at supper, and feed you by hand.
File: 119436568_p0_master1200.jpg (807 KB, 822x1200)
807 KB
807 KB JPG
Neurodivergent slavers unite. Im not as into restrictive bondage, so instead I am obsessive about my slave's appearance and behavior. She's taught how to act the most pleasing way, how to do every task while looking good to me specifically, and her body is molded to my desires, every single part of her being heavily micromanaged by me.

A slave's body is a temple. A temple to her Master. Hence why her Master spends thousands of hours making sure its perfect.
Going back to the idea of Specialty Goods, I enjoy the idea of owning servants of all shapes and sizes. While I prefer them to all look beautiful, I have a high degree of tolerance for what is considered beautiful so even creatures with lots of monstrous features and even sometimes monstrous faces are good to go.

I think what I enjoy most about being a Master is the doting and the teasing and the punishing, so I'm not exactly into the punching-down side to it as much as molding someone to your liking and playing around with their personality.
I enjoy the idea of coddling a slave who is already broken and let them form an attachment of safety to me in exchange for their devotion and loyalty to me.
But I also like the idea of enslaving a wild and dangerous creature and make it understand how much more powerful I am to it despite all of its power, and figuring out ways to make them obey and become subservient to me, even without fulling breaking that firey personality of theirs, which is also somewhat attractive.

So I think in a setting where 'Specialty Goods' might exist, I'd concentrate on 'rescuing' damaged or broken slaves and shaping them into docile and dovoted creatures who delight in their adoration to me, and looking out for dangerous individuals itching for a fight, so that once they're defeated I can develop a healthy amount of fear and respect to me, molding them into useful subordinates to expand my adquisitions further.
Boys are fine too.
That image and post gives me a bit of a idea.

>Be me. Own quite a few slaves and a large estate. Got some sort of body horror demon girl on extreme discount
>Every single one of my property runs away screaming at the sight of her
>Anybody she's supposed to be serving isn't much braver
>The best she can do is clean the estate while staying out of the way of any living being
>I don't want her to get all lonely. The first day of being assigned to this duty I give her quite a few headpats when I come to oversee her occasionally
>"y-you really mean it, M-Master?"
>Makes a noise that is like the gates of hell opening to eternal horror but I think means she's happy, like her version of a cat girls nyaa
>Is so absolutely devoted to me being the only human whose ever shown her tenderness despite the...weird noises she always makes aside from the english she's been taught
>Asks her if there's any more of her out there or what a male version of whatever she is is like since I know a couple femdoms who might like a similar experience
>She says that while humans thought she was feminine even the genders they have is horrifying to humans
>Technically there is roughly 43 variants but she's the only gender that didn't get fired upon immediately
>Alright whatever. Im just glad I got to own a unique slave like you
>Absolutely bone chilling noise again that I am pretty positive means she's happy but like, especially so.
>I wonder what the other slaves think hearing this echo through the halls but rarely seeing what makes it.
>"Master Anon's property is so incredibly haunted but the girls there seem more scared than usual but unharmed"
>"He has some non-standard girls. Maybe there's like 40 slave ghosts trapped in the walls or something."
File: 118160449_p0.jpg (1.82 MB, 1280x1791)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
>If I want a slave to clean the floor, she'll be bound so that she can only crawl around the house, forcing her to focus on her task
I am more of a fan of this idea. She not only has to completely focus on her work but she needs to do it with exact positioning and grace. Any fuck up will just result in more work. And if the floor is not clean by the time I return to check on her. Well harsher measures will be undertaken to make sure she is properly educated.
File: GPycbqjawAA25LF.jpg (163 KB, 1091x1200)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Evil Women deserve love too (they were once selfish monsters who saw you and others as worthless peons and insects, but were broken and molded into shamelss masochistic sluts who cum at the whiff of a cock and now see you, their master, as their personal saviour and god).
>Evil Yandere Slave

>Aboslutely devoted to her Master to a manaical extent.
>Treats their master as if they were a god walking amongst wothless mortals, including herself.
>Completely devoted to her Master's service and worship, she derives her self worth from her devotion.
>Everyone else is infinitely below her because of the purity of her devotion to her Master, while her Master is infinitely above herself and everyone else.
>Can come to appreciate and see worth in others who she considers appreciate her Master even a fraction of how much she does.
>As such she's rarely intimidated by others, and is even proactive in obtaining new slaves to serve and worship her Master, and is even partial to free women having relationships with her Master.
>However, if she believes her own percieved position is threatened by someone or if she believes her Master has been slighted somehow she can instantly become murderous or develop manaical grudges against them, to which she will attempt to find loopholes to her Master's orders in order to enact her revenge.

>She is either perfectly obedient or incontrollably zealous in her rage.
>She is immune to almost all forms of punishment. She derives pleasure going through all sorts of punishments as it's what her master wants of her.
>The only method to negatively reinforce some behaviour into her is to play into her own delusions, and demonstrate your "dissapointment" in her.
>This can in turn make her emotionally unstable to the verge of suicide, at which point she needs to be restrained and reassured again.
God that's just absolute relationship goals. I can fix her. As soon as I figure out the submissive succubus summoning ritual. Do you still need some weird enchanted gems from the screaming souls region or was that whole thing discontinued a few thousand years?
If you're looking for a servant of this zeal and devotion in a demon and not a mortal or monster, all that you need to do is keep looking for the right one.

All demons seek a core 'Ideal' concept that they need to instinctually work towards, serve and worship that they couldn't originally find in their Creator-God. You need to find one that serves your purposes and then convince them that you're actually that "Ideal" that they're looking for, fullfilling the place that their Creator-God should've had in the first place, then bind them to your will through the contract ritual.

Angles work the same way, but it's much harder to bind them because they already see their "Ideal" in their patron, so it's only possible to bind an angel in extremly rare circumstances, such as tricking them, finding an angel that has survived the death of their God, or if there's some sort of intrinsic change in the Creator-God that breaks the "Ideal" they seek to follow.
Both Demons and Angels are probably some of the best slaves you could ever come across, if you do manage to somehow manage to come across these extremly rare creatures.

As divine creatures born for servitude, they're are unnaturally devoted to those they consider their Masters regardless of their individual personality and preferences, and their innate powers means that even the lowermost ranks of devils and angels can make for powerful servants, specially those who are willingly bound to their owners.
Any ideas for next thread?
this one is almost at the bump limit.
File: 58756069_p1_master1200.jpg (415 KB, 595x842)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
Happy/devoted slaves maybe? Happiness in slavery thread?

Lots of slaves crying in total misery in pain. Love those that are crying in total misery and pain and just fucking love that this is their life now.
Sounds good to me. Add some questions about the topic that drive people to talk about it and we're good to go.

new thread:

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