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File deleted.
Post enslaved girls. Nude, in sexy clothes, working or being auctioned.
Keep it /e/
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Great, you have no contributed the bare minimum. See you on page 10!
File: 111788493_p0_master1200.jpg (497 KB, 750x1200)
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File: dic21_01_final.jpg (1.28 MB, 2083x1800)
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1.28 MB JPG
File: 20230909_194507.png (712 KB, 850x478)
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File: 20230716_175315.jpg (1.03 MB, 1489x2000)
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Any good sex slave recs? Preferably something fantasy
My favorite of all time is Natural Another One
It is criminally good. It's consensual, a girl accepts her teacher's offer to become his sex slave after her confession knowing he had a fiancée. He lets her know, very clearly, that she is property and he will treat her that way.

You will have to find a way to play it on your own. I own a copy from DMM and even I have a hard time getting it to work, it's an old game.
Why is the devil girl censored?
File: Slave girls at market.png (913 KB, 1024x724)
913 KB
913 KB PNG
Mods hate pettan.
I've played too much Victoria 3, I now find myself unconsciously wondering if it's worth to keep those girls as slaves or freeing them based on the economy percentage of my resources industry vs manufacture industry.
Last thread link

Ooh look who it is. What brings you to the Mayor's office, huh?
need help finding a pic and i figured someone here might know it, does anyone know about an image where its a girl (girls? i think it was just one, and it might have been Zelda specifically but I dont remember) getting her hair cut by another woman in order to prepare her for slavery? as in, she was getting the standard haircut for all slaves, i think she was in front of a mirror, was blonde and I think they were by a pool or bath or something? sorry for the vague details but if someone has seen it its you guys.
Need more Morgiana
New drawing, full res here:
https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=9589595 (With dialogue)
https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=9589596 (without dialogue)
It's loli. He's a pedo.
File: 108879032_p0.png (1.06 MB, 1023x724)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
File: 2b4009051b3b7b21.png (1014 KB, 1023x723)
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1014 KB PNG
File: motivate sexy armour.jpg (139 KB, 1000x655)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
What I love is the panties let you know she used to have money.
File: Monika and Gaabizeth.jpg (525 KB, 2336x2076)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
New drawing.
Full picture here: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=9656147
File: 64f1e6c550e797f4.png (1007 KB, 1023x724)
1007 KB
1007 KB PNG
File: IMG_1847.jpg (575 KB, 1288x2048)
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575 KB JPG
I want to work for an intergalactic slave network Imagine a planet, somewhat populated, you buy some land and build a mansion. Staff the mansion with 2 real human maids at whatever cost, then the rest of the staff are robots. Then you find some girl who nobody wants, some real downbeat girl living on the street and impregnate her. Pay her off with whatever bullshit girls in the outskirts of the galactic federation want, money or chemicals or whatever. Who cares, all you want is her daughter. Once she’s given birth you take the girl and raise her in the mansion. Have one of your goons go in once in a while pretending to be the girl’s father, say some bullshit about tradition or whatever and tell her to be a good girl while you’re out being some lord or a business leader of some empire or whatever, you know, something that sounds busy and important. Then when the girl reaches 15 years old BAM sell her as a pet for rich men. Imagine what people would pay for a well bred, well educated toy who thinks she’s the daughter of royalty. Fucking hell, it would pay for her entire upbringing.
somehow this is like

someone is making an argument about

what's the argument about?

oh right - sexy armor vs full mail
what are the 2 real human maids for again?

go to /b/ for just random shit pls

it's not the right mood at all
File: 1680718873332616.png (399 KB, 640x480)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
>doesn't even post an image
Better than you sir.
Are slavefriends reading that slave market gallery that gets updated regularly? It's quite nice.
>loli enjoyed
Pick one and only one
Please show the next scene where she's without the braids and glasses, I'm begging you.
Or her crying as they get rid of her glasses and untie her hair
Yeah I like the fact it has so many types of slaves, the most recent one was an isekai girl.
File: platoon leader caught.jpg (1.29 MB, 1715x2400)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Yeah that was my first thought when I saw this thread. Not a fan of the violence/gore/piercings but I've had a few favorites
>Isekai girl because there was a larger emphasis on her naked embarrassment
>Girl exposed naked at the entrance of the tavern she used to work after being falsely convicted of aiding an anti-government organization
>The nice noble girl that was falsely accused of plotting to overthrow the state and has to admit to it to save her friends
>Platoon leader that was caught and has to walk naked to the capital in front of everyone (pic related)
>Hero girl that was captured after killing a demon working for the government, so she was stripped of her hero status and sold into slavery
>Girl that was stealing from everyone is caught and sold into slavery, then forced to walk past them naked
File: 88487546788.jpg (806 KB, 1080x1486)
806 KB
806 KB JPG
Amazing series... I've never seen anything like it before. Also I noticed all the prices and decided to play a game:
>slave shopping but on a budget
>you have 500k currency
>you can buy as many or as little as you want it just has to fit the budget
I was orginally thinking 1 million currency but I think that's too easy and you can easily get everything you want
I struggled for a while to choose with my limited budget but I eventually ended up with the following:
> D148, A533, (idk why these two are so cheap), M140, H2257, E2555, O792, G6293, H2555, and A660.
I was tempted to swap out M140 for C608 for C608's utility and as a possible future investment, however M140 was an early favorite
I also really REALLY wanted the Isekai girl but at 350k I just couldn't justify it. And ofc there was a couple priced at 500k I was head over heels for but obviously I wasn't gonna blow all my money on just one...
Sadly I had to walk away without the ones I wanted the most.
If anyone else wants to try playing this game, please tell me what you ended up with and why.
Also If anyone has a better budget limit, or a better version of the game with better rules I'd like to hear it.
Happy slave shopping!
>Also If anyone has a better budget limit, or a better version of the game with better rules I'd like to hear it.
It's a fun idea but there's so many girls and numbers and prices that I have an impossible time keeping track of it.
Like >D148, A533, (idk why these two are so cheap), M140, H2257, E2555, O792, G6293, H2555, and A660.
is all just meaningless noise to me unless I looked up each one and that's annoying.
For my own picks it would be more laborious than its worth sifting between all of them to try to weigh the cost and benefit of each one relative to each other, it'd be a much better experience if we had an all in one chart where every girl is pictured with a short description of her backstory that's sorted by price.
File: 95837289495.jpg (538 KB, 1280x1791)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
Well the letters usually stand for their race (H for human, D for dark elf, O for Ogre, G for Goblin)
>all just meaningless noise to me unless I looked up each one and that's annoying
Well the fun part is reading the hentai and picking your favorites isn't it? Admittedly you have a point, that you'd have to go back and read through all of them to figure out which girl is named what number. But I also find it really appealing to refer to female slaves as numbers instead of names. Also, unfortunately, a lot of them are flat chested so the mods would freak out. If me or someone else decides to make a chart, like you said, or a compilation photo, I'd suggest showing their faces and ID only.
File: Monika Aya Market.png (861 KB, 1024x724)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
New pic.
Full res and story here: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=9862472
Yeah the price disparity means that with 500k you can walk in and out with like 7 cheap slaves but there are still several singular slaves that would wipe you out or that you'd be unable to buy at all... I would like the succubus but she's 550k, the kids seem to be 650k.
Maybe it'd make more sense to give more money but limit the number you can buy.

Yeah anyway, on a 500k budget, for me C608(cowgirl) is a must buy. Elf slave E-2555 as well. And then yeah I kinda just get funneled into the same cheap ones you also bought, like why would I not buy the 3000 mouse or 7000 goblin. Interesting you went for the fish girl though.

A better game might be being able to choose any 3 overall (that are priced), and any 1 or 2 that are unpriced or already sold. I dunno.
In that case I'd choose one of the succubus children (S-159), the muscular brown commander (H-2109), and the pretty dark elf maid (D-169).
And as for the unpriced ones... I'd go with the vampire (V-001) and second isekai girl (H-2612). It's hard to decide between the isekai girl and the spy girl though.

Couple others I found interesting but just barely didn't make the cut were the fairy and priest.

All the slaves have their charm though, I like almost all of them a lot.
>Yeah the price disparity means that with 500k you can walk in and out with like 7 cheap slaves but there are still several singular slaves that would wipe you out or that you'd be unable to buy at all
Correct. I couldn't think of a better number, I was thinking 1 mil was too much and it'd have to be at least 500k. Maybe 700k is a better price mark, but I also didn't want to get any closer to 1mil because I was thinking if they're rarest, most expensive slaves are 800k-1mil then those are probably things the average young nobleman couldn't afford, but if you could afford more than one 800k+ slave then money is probably no object for you.
>C608(cowgirl) is a must buy.
I kinda agree honestly. I was gonna buy her just for all the milk I can have in my coffee and with pb&j but then I ended up skipping her cuz I still had enough for fish girl
>Interesting you went for the fish girl though.
she's just so cute and easy to control... though admittedly she's probably too high maintenance.I was thinking over years of water denial maybe she could become 99% land dwelling, only needing to be fully submerged in water for an hour a day. But mostly I just wanted her cuz of looks
>I'd choose one of the succubus children
I was really thinking about these but they seemed a little too nympho to me and they'd probably take too much attention and would possibly kill me if I didn't sleep with them enough
> I'd go with the vampire (V-001)
Another one I really wanted but I didn't go for cuz I assumed she wasn't for sale. But you're right that shouldn't be of a concern for the game, maybe we should just make it a rule that you can schmooze the slave merchant into selling you ONE (and only one) unpriced slave in exchange for a favor
As for all the low priced ones (below 20k) I'd say to that you get them automatically and they dont need to be factored into the budget bcuz theres no point
This was a fun read https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/117524884
Girl gets turned on walking around a slave market, decides to come back at night naked and get in a cage to see what it would feel like. Falls asleep and ends up being carted away naked in the cage.
File: 3499803412.jpg (483 KB, 1280x1969)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
All straight men know deep in their heart that women being enslaved by men is the natural order
Nope. For non-incels it's just a fun kink, not a desperate last resort. Don't make it weird please.
>desperate last resort
What is this even supposed to mean? You just typing words to fill in space?
And the very fact that you enjoy the art here as opposed to just going to some garbage bdsm forum is because you enjoy the emotional and intellectual context. Because you would be elated if you were allowed to own a real slave girl and she was happy to be your slave. Denying this is sheer mental gymnastics
> Don't make it weird please
Weird? Weird how? Because you find it deviant or politically incorrect to actually enjoy the thing you're pretending is a "kink"? Are you afraid of the social repercussions and the thought crime against modern feminized society?
All of your reasoning is like that of a female. Ofc if you were a female your response would actually make sense. But idk what kinda hangups it takes for a straight Male to type this unironically
>All straight men know deep in their heart that women being enslaved by men is the natural order
Not that anon but this line made me cringe, sounds like someone trying to be deep or poetic
It is mostly true though (maybe not enslaved, but subservient to), if suddenly all men and women went to fight each other, 99% of men would beat them up
With that understanding, it's only men enforcing laws that permit women to act as freely as they do, it's not a natural state and requires order to maintain it
When that structure falls apart, we inevitably return to the natural order, violence becomes law, and women become subservient to men for protection and resources.
>desperate last resort
>What is this even supposed to mean
It seems obvious to me that they think since an incel can't have sex by definition, then buying a slave would be their last resort to have any semblance of a sexual relationship
As for why they think someone that believes that the natural order is a male dominated world is an incel, it's because incels tend to believe that, and so they think that belief makes women repulsed and therefore causing them to become incels

They have it all backwards though because incels didn't start out believing in a male dominated world
Most of them will say they believed in the feminist worldview growing up, but when they started dating women, the women were repulsed by them (or their looks)
They treated women nice, didn't cross any boundaries, but it wasn't working, women still only saw them as just friends
Why do women only seem to like assholes? They wondered
They kept wondering and searching until they discovered the truth about the natural order of things, which gave them a complete understanding of the world

The entire premise that believing the natural order is a male dominated world = incel is just false and retarded as well, lots of guys with gfs/wives openly believe that, women don't care
>Because you would be elated if you were allowed to own a real slave girl and she was happy to be your slave. Denying this is sheer mental gymnastics
>and she was happy to be your slave
Not that anon but that's a big supposition here, a lot of slaves would be resentful to their masters simply due to the master-slave power dynamic.
She no longer has freedom so even if you were very kind and caring and took care of all her needs and gave her a way better life, that she can't just leave is always something she could be resentful of.
I'm sure some people could enjoy a slave that hates them, but I'd have a hard time getting past that, as a straight male.
>Not that anon but that's a big supposition here, a lot of slaves would be resentful to their masters simply due to the master-slave power dynamic.
Im guessing that's because you're a male. Females dont think the way men do and would be perfectly happy living a life of submission and subservience if the man that owns them takes care of them and keeps them safe. This is hard wired into their DNA, the only way to defeat this would be to prevent them from ever having children. That would be another equally strong biological imperative. But short of that, especially considering a society that normalizes female slavery and Male dominance, then, sure, some days they might resent their masters temporarily, but the majority of the time they'd live happy lives.

You can see many examples of this in real life: women who protested suffrage, traditional Islamic women, traditional Christian European women in olden times, women who fall in love with and marry their rapists (yes this is an actual thing that happens), women who stay with their abusers, even those who physically beat them due to Stockholm syndrome (a primarily female phenomenon) and the strongly held belief that their abusers love them and that he used to be sweet and will return to that eventually. There are all sorts of examples of the female mind seeking subservience and being subject to the will of a strong man.

Theres even a not too small amount of women that actively pursue master/slave relationships in real life. Believe it or not but my ex willingly wanted to call herself my slave and call me "Master" for years and expected that I dictate her day to day. Admittedly I kinda coerced her into this but I could also tell that she enjoyed this relationship dynamic for a long time (we broke up for unrelated reasons) And there's many other women out there who seek this type of relationship.
File: 88644788458.jpg (199 KB, 1009x814)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
And the reason why I worded it that way was to hone in on the concept of having a young female slave who willingly does whatever you say no matter what while eliminating unnecessary factors such as
>does this go against my morals
>what will other people think
Etc. It's a perfect world scenario meant to focus in on whether the act of completely controlling a female, by itself in a vacuum and with no downsides if that is pleasurable or desirable. And I'm 100% certain for all straight men the answer is yes. And once that's established should we proceed forward with all the other social and ethical considerations
In nice weather when you go out for a walk how do you dress your slave for a walk?
Beyond the collar and leash does she has anything else like a ball gag, other restraints, vibrators etc
Garter belt, thigh high stockings, evening gloves, maid's headdress and nothing else.
The fact that women aren't bought and sold as property is sad and a sign that we live in the worst possible world.

1. We should increase the birthrate of girls. There should be 6 girls for every guy so every guy has plenty of girls to choose from and harems are standard.
2. Women should be educated only for child rearing and domestic chores.
3. Women should be bought and sold as property.
4. Women wearing clothes should be considered disgusting. It's a sin against standards of beauty and aesthetics to allow women to wear anything not necessary for their job with the exception of identification and health and safety. Weather permitting the only thing a woman should wear are shoes.
5. Raping a woman should be considered theft and property damage punishable to the highest standard of harming someone's goods.

We would live in a better world if all these standards were adopted.
Just some shoes so they don't damage their feet. Completely nude.
If she's new and tries to cover her body I'll bring a pair of cuffs to help train her to her new normal.
The only thing really stopping this from happening is democracy, women having political power, and simp men.
File: isekai kita no de mahou.jpg (821 KB, 1280x1808)
821 KB
821 KB JPG
The reason we gave women the vote was because they withheld sex from their husbands until they got what they wanted. All degeneracy in society over the last century was because women had the vote. The worst possible choice was not treating women as property from the start. Your property can't withhold sex and use that to blackmail you into giving them rights.

Can you imagine if we could go back in time and warn our ancestors? Girls should be raised at home till, I dunno, 10? 12? then sent off to school to learn homemaking until 14/15 then sold. If you want to keep your girls at home you'd better have enough money to buy them from the state and educate them yourself. We did fine as a society not educating our women for centuries, no need to have ever started. Any advancements in science, technology or art could have eventually been made by men.

The only other thing is we'd need to genetically tailor or species to increase the birthrate of girls. Other than that the rest of the list is possible tomorrow.
I would like mine to wear cute clothes. Always a collar. Chain leash most of the time. I have a few styles I can think of for the chain. Maybe manacles and shackles too.
Otherwise she can wear whatever so long as it's cute. Should preferably be closer to revealing in some way.

Honestly it really depends on the style you're going for. If naked the collar, chain, manacles and shackles would be best. That should be standard fare when naked. It also depends on the position of the slave too though. A low chattel slave like slave I would never dress up, she'd always be naked. Depending on my mood and her appearance, some restraints would be included. But if it was a slave closer to a gf I would keep dressed up in cute clothes.
It really all depends on a lot
She wears gloves, thighhighs and shoes. She's not nude without those, she's just naked.
Just a curiosity because I'm actually finding this whole discussion fascinating, where to men who have that desire to be enslaved (gay or straight) factor in to your philosophy?

And, even though I feel like the answer is obvious because this is 4ch, do trans folk factor into this philosophy of enslavement?
>where to men who have that desire to be enslaved (gay or straight) factor in to your philosophy?
I suppose they'd be good as eunuchs and harem guards. Not much else. And any FTM trans would be enslaved and made to be feminine again

But if you're asking why some men would want to be enslaved then that's because they're clearly mentally ill and degenerate. They're a tiny minority. And the vast majority of females prefer dominant men
just gonna say it
calling loli enjoyers pedos makes as much sense as calling someone a drug addict for taking sugar (placebo) pills
File: 946203774995.jpg (495 KB, 1080x1074)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
>The reason we gave women the vote was because they withheld sex from their husbands until they got what they wanted.
Im not sure that's exactly accurate. I believe that after freeing black men from slavery (the right thing to do) the intellectual men of society and politics got it in their head that women might be equally held back by less rights and that they should be free to do whatever they want. And why not? They had a strong Christian world where women rarely had to be punished or corrected because societal expectations and culture kept them faithful, respectful and submissive anyways. So they likely assumed nothing would change if the word of law matched what was already happening. So they willingly gave women equal rights and the vote because they couldn't see anything that would go wrong. I don't think it's as simple as women withholding sex because you could legally rape your wife back then and no one would have a problem with this (as it should be). So unfortunately, I do believe our male ancestors are primarily to blame for all the problems we now face.
>All degeneracy in society over the last century was because women had the vote. The worst possible choice was not treating women as property from the start.
Correct. And not only was it better for society, it was better for women as well. Women DON'T want to work every day just to live and take equal responsibility for everything at home. Women are naturally happier when a strong, wise man is in control of their lives and tells them what to do and all they gotta do is stay home, clean and cook and raise kids. Many WILLINGLY CHOOSE THIS TODAY. Which is why stay at home wives are having a resurgence with millennials and zoomers.
>Girls should be raised at home till, I dunno, 10? 12? then sent off to school to learn homemaking until 14/15 then sold.
Or just learn everything they need to know from their mother. But ban females from being taught how to read or do more than basic math.
And if anyone doubts my words, look at what types of sexual media women consume: younger women watch hentai almost as much as men. And not just yuri or softcore stuff but a lot of what men watch too. And in that world, the female character is very often raped against her will, she's often powerless and abused, and at best she's giving way more to the guy than the guy is giving to her in their sexual activities. Why? Because 99% of hentai is geared towards male viewers. And yet females are consuming it as much as men. Then there's the fact that 80% of women admit to having fantasies about being raped (strong handsome man forcefully takes her freedom from her and forces her to give him what he wants).

Then there's the fact that so many women are drawn to BDSM, and the vast vast majority want to be submissive not dominant. They want to be abused not abusers. And why wouldn't they? We all know women actually get pleasure FROM getting their hair pulled, getting choked, getting slapped on the ass. Their bodies are literally built upon the foundations of being submissive and being dominated.

Then there's the obvious: 50 shades of Grey. I don't think I really need to explain this one too much. Literally the most popular romantic/erotic movie ever made and it's about a girl who finds a rich man that wants to whip her and control her life and make her serve him. This was an extremely successful movie and the books were successful for a long time before the movie came out.

There should be no doubt that women crave subjugation and being dominated. The only reason why they don't do so outwardly is because to go against the feminist narrative is to invite social ostracism. And the one thing females fear above all else is social ostracism. And so through decades of programming, women have abandoned their nature and convinced themselves that what they want is wrong and harmful to other women.
What's sad is we very nearly had this. Dowries and bride prices were a thing clear up until the modern era and women couldn't own property until relatively recently. Hell women couldn't even have a bank account until the 1970s.

The worst tragedy was giving women clothing unnecessary to their job. Imagine if, upon entering school, a girl's clothing were burned, letting them know their childhood was over and it was time to learn their place in society. They'd quickly learn their role then.

I don't think there's anything inhumane about this. Women have become severely unhappy since women's rights. Caregiving is what makes them happy and they've lost it pursuing irrelevant careers to prove something to themselves they never needed.

Agreed. Look up the paradox of choice.
...Did the first picture get removed? It was there until recently.
I have a bottomless fetish, so if it's a more cherished slave, she'd wear a bottomless maid uniform without a skirt, something like this
While she's technically dressed, her most intimate area would be always exposed and easily accessible for both rewarding and disciplining her.
And if I'm not walking her on a leash, I can instead grab her by her pussy lips and pull her with me. It's like taking a walk while hand-holding, but instead of holding her hand, I hold onto her pussy lips instead, pulling her around by her womanhood itself. It puts more emphasis on the fact that her sex belongs to me.
>I can instead grab her by her pussy lips and pull her with me
what like grabbing her labia and pulling it? or inserting your fingers in, curling them up and pulling?
I was thinking among the lines of pulling her by her labia, but both are good variants. There's also a 3rd option of pinching her hard by her clitoris and pulling her by that too.
I suppose it would be pretty hot to start the walk by pinching her clit and lightly pulling her around by it.
By the mid-point you can pull her around a bit more roughly by her labia...and when her arousal reaches its peak by the end, you can shove your fingers in and take her back home for breeding.

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