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Basically, I just started working at this place that has few employees. There are four of us in the kitchen. 2/4 of us are responsible(me, plus and kitchen manager)

The other 2 are lazy and don’t clean up after themselves.. the restaurant has failed many health inspections and is on the brink of getting shutdown… also most new hires quit on the first day because of lack of instruction…. They’re short staffed af.
this is the chillest job I’ve had, and it pays better than most restaurant. The owners are willing to give out raises if you’re decently competent. Tips are great.

Now, I do graphic design… is it so much as a stretch to ask the owner if I could revamp their kitchen with a bunch of fool-proof signs around the kitchen that tell new employees where things go? In exchange for a raise?

Or is that tacky? I don’t know how to network.
if shits already hitting the fan I dont see a problem
just do it. Dont ask. its just a resturant job who cares if they dont like it they will take them down but if they do like they will look at you like hot shit lol
>The other 2 are lazy and don’t clean up after themselves.

Seems the most needed sign is "clean up after yourself". Make one, show it the manager, .Tell him you feel it is needed and ask him if you can put it the kitchen and let him decide where it should go. Wait one or two weeks to see if this goes well. Talk to your boss about how it worked. Tell him could make more but you would also like to get a reasonable raise.
if it makes your job easier I guess, but you're not hired to do that, it's not your job. If you want to be a good wagie then go for it, personally I'd just find another job.
dont say 'revamp the kitchen to them"
say it looks like people are leaving because they dont have proper info and that you think a few signs might help.
you might even make them first and show them and where they go.
Dont suck!

ask before you put them up - its only your house as long as they let it be - cuz its the owners house til it aint.

prepare for rejection op just cuz people are territorial
If you gonna do it with the intent of asking for money, you're wasting your time. The writing is on the wall (no pun intended) that this place is done. You should do it to make a better enviroment or working easier.
It's obvious he's not gonna pau anything for those signs

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